View Full Version : Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen: Never Ending Cheat on How to Obtain Deoxys

July 8th, 2007, 9:42 AM
Remember that this cheat is FAKE and in no shape or form will allow you to obtain Deoxys. Maybe someday someone will post it on YouTube and make people think that it is a real cheat.
Make it sount real, don't say that after you leave Candy Land, you enter route 4323345143311434 and you find Prof. Rowan from the Sinnoh region and he gives you a Missingno. V3 to use to catch Deoxys. Don't do it, that doesn't sound real at all!


Pick your charactor as a boy and name yourself DNA and name your rival RMCII. Go to Prof. Oak's Lab and talk to RMCII five times, then leave. Go to the nearest patch of grass and Prof. Oak will tell you what ever he usually says at that point. Instead of taking you to Prof. Oak's Lab, he takes you to RMCII's House. When you walk into RMCII's House, immediatly walk out. Press the start buttun and one of the options on the menu is POKEMON even though you don't have any pokemon yet. Click on that option and it will say that the pokemon in your party is a poisened Charmander. Look at Charmander's stats and it says that Charmander's OT is Oak, its ID is 00001, and its ability is Water Absorb, but it says what the ability Blaze does.

What happens next? Only you can decide! Continue from the point that I finished with and make it sound as real as possible. You can make things sound glitchy if you want.