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July 12th, 2007, 3:47 AM
PM me if you would like to join. Try not to clog up this thread with useless posts/questions.

Okay, I've been reading some stuff down at this forum, and I'm learning how to Poke-hack. Basically, what I need first, is to replace the three starter Pokemon with three completely new Pokemon (and their evolved forms, naturally). They will be Dark, Fighting and Psychic. And yes, I will deliberately change the Dark/Psychic immunity to fit the triangle.

Round One Rules

So, onto the sprites. I'd like you to make sprites based on the three types: Fighting, Dark and Psychic. They don't have to be made from scratch, but I don't want recolours, either. Styles are whatever you may like them to be, and remember, they must have only 15 colours (without the white background). Additionally, you need to include the back view of the Pokemon (as though one were using it). You are to include the whole palette within the image that you post. This is round one, and the second and third rounds well require you to make evolutions of that Pokemon

Points are out of thirty, and there are ways to gain extra bonus points.

I'm also looking for judges to help me with this. PM me if you wish to be one, though I can't guarantee a place, sine there will only be me and a few others.


The criteria shall be as follows:

Style (out of 10):

This covers types of shading - whether it is consistent with the usual GBA-Pokemon style - and types of colours used. Remember not to use Paint-based colours and also learn how to shade Pokemon-style if you haven't already.

Originality (out of 10):

Yes, this is the part they may be the hardest for you. This is judged on how many different parts you used or other Pokemon, or whether you used any at all. If we find it's all freehanded, then you lots of good points :>. Also based on the kind of animal/object/bug you're modeling the pokemon after.

General Appearance (out of 10):

So, you thought you could get away with a block of shaded Pokemon? Well, think again! (lol). We'll also be judging on the general appearance of the Pokemon, obviously.

Extras (bonus points):

You can extra points if you do the following:

- Provide a decent Pokedex description (Weight, Height, Description, etc)
- Provide an alternate palette (for shinies)
- Provide a good name (nothing cheesy, please!)


Okay, now the positions will be placed. There are up to four places for each type of Pokemon, though I may change it if I get enough demands to change it. The first two of Round One will be kept for the Second Round, and out of that, there will only be finalists. I have reserved spots for certain people from the original forum this was on. I moved it due to the fact that there weren't enough Pokefans at FESS, and therefore not enough contestants.

Fighting type:

4. [reserved]

Dark Type:

4. [reserved]

Psychic Type:

4. [reserved]


1st Prize (of your section):
Name in Credits (opening sequence, hopefully)
Have a Gym Leader named after you (or an NPC if you wish)

2nd Prize (of your section):
Name in Credits.
Have an NPC named after you (or a place)
Have your sprite used in the game, one way or another. You may modify it if you wish, and give it a baby form/evolution.

3rd Prize (of your section):

Name in Credits
Name mentioned in-game by an NPC.
Have your sprite used in-game, one way or another. You may modify it if you wish, and give it a baby form/evolution.


Sprites must fit in dimensions of 64 x 64, both back and front.

Points to remember (in summary):

- Dimensions are 64 x 64.
- Style, Originality and General Appearance.
- 16 colours, including background.
- Have fun
- Don't show your sprite to others. Don't come crying to us if your sprite gets stolen.
- If we find that your sprite has come from somewhere OTHER than your own creativity, you will be disqualified from the competition. However, we'd have to question you first; to make sure you're not being framed >_>;;
- Remember, back and front views.

Good luck to you all.


1. Me.
2. aznswordmaster1
3. Aitherion

Sorry, judging closed. These people are from another forum which the contest was originally posted.

July 12th, 2007, 4:21 AM
Oh, a spriting contest ^o^ Haven't seen one of them in a while around these parts.

However, this thread will have to be closed, as permission to run a sprite contest is required from either Signomi or myself, as outlined in the rules.

Moreover, since this thread is for personal gain, it is not likely that such permission would be obtained from us, as contests are just for the sake of it.

And if you want Fakemon for your hack, I suggest you at least design them yourself, and use your own creativity.