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Well, I went to Europe for a week and a half. Hopefully I was inspired enough to make an RP that has a decent original plot. XD


History is a funny thing. Months, years, as time passes, history changes. Over time, the past becomes farther and farther away, and as the lives of those who have lived during the past finally all burn out, history can be altered. Facts replaced with fiction, truth becoming lies, until the very core of history rots and becomes something new entirely, an empty shell of what it used to be.

Earth - History in Review
Humanity has suffered a great number of trials over the course of the past 200 years. In 2048, the planet itself turned on the life that inhabited it. The weather grew harsh, the ground shook and shifted, the sky plunging into an eternal darkness never once seen before. When the darkness cleared, the Earth was left a wasteland, the sky dyed a light purple, and only a few million humans remained. From this point on, the use of A.D. was discarded to mark the term of years. In it's place, Y.Z. was used, simply to symbolize the end, because Y and Z are at the end of the alphabet. As time passed, even those remaining began to die, and the remaining people began to search for an alternate method of survival. With little technology remaining, this proved to be quite difficult. However, around the year 10Y.Z., humans took to the skies.

The truth behind the events that took place during the year 10Y.Z. was eventually long lost, and the various beliefs behind what truly happened had torn the world's population into different countries that were constantly fighting with each other. Only two solid facts supported all of the beliefs. The first of these facts is that the majority of humanity had been given wings. They varied in shape, size, and colour from person to person, and it was rare for more than one pair to look exactly the same. For example, one person could have white, feathered wings, while another could have black wings similar to those of a bat. The second fact that remained constant was that somehow, someway, flourishing land floated high above the wasteland below. How this actually works, and where the land came from, however, is unknown.

One of the theories followed is the one believed by the citizens of the western skies, known as the Kingdom of Tealia, ruled by Queen Jade and her son, Prince Ryan. They believe that through science, humans were given wings. They also believe that people used their last remaining knowledge of technology to raise the land, thus explaining the random holes and lakes just beneath the raised land. The capital of Tealia is called Meredy, and it lies on the floating island in the dead center of the western skies. The west is composed of many large floating island with lush forests and large cities. Most food is produced in Tealia, and shipped to other nations. As you can imagine, this becomes problematic when Tealia goes to war with other nations, because they place all focus on the war, and no focus on sending food out to the world.

In the Kingdom of Carn, situated in the eastern skies, the land is ruled by King Dian and his daughter, Princess Juliet (who was actually named after the character in her father's favourite story, Romeo and Juliet). The people in Carn have a more religious view on the past, believing that their god, Tylonstus, gave the good people of the world wings and created flourishing, floating land for them to live on. The land in Carn is similar to that of Tealia, but it is famous for it's abundance of churches and cathedrals. Notre-Dame was lifted into Carn from the remains of Paris, France. The people here care so much for their beliefs, that when a child is born, it has the tattoo of a black rose, the king's favorite flower, placed on the back of it's left hand. The tattoo is enchanted by a form of magic known as Dation, and the effect provided insures the beliefs of anyone wearing the tattoo by sending excruciating pain to anyone brave enough to consider other ideals.

Dation is actual the Dark element of a form of magic known as Mahstion. Mahstion consists of six elements: Lionus (Light), Wation (Water), Fionus (Fire), Wionus (Wind), Dation (Dark), and Eation (Earth). Since most forms of technology have disappeared, Mahstion is an efficient way of getting things done, since everyone has the ability to control one type. Carnians refer to it as Tylonstus' gift, while Tealians refer to it as an unexplained phenomenon. Mahstion can typically be used in a variety of ways, including for attacking, healing, and much more practical uses such as helping to create weapons, or care for plants. All in all, it is a very useful, but relatively mysterious power. Some believe the floating islands are held up by Mahstion.

The third faction lives on the barren world. Wingless humans inhabit this world, using machines to travel to the islands above them. This land is referred to simply as the Underneath, and the people there loathe those with wings. It has no ruler, and they have no specific beliefs. It is essentially the slums of the world. There is no peace, no order, just poverty and destruction. The people of the Underneath are organized into gangs, each with their own individual beliefs. The most prominent group calls themselves the Raven Claw, a group of Sky Pirates that fly their ship across the world and steal from the winged citizens to give to the residents of the Underneath. Even the wingless have control over Mahstion, so confusion has arisen as to the origin of the magic.

Aside from these three dominant nations, there is also Alta, Beta, and Gregar. Alta is a neutral nation situation right in between the primary border of Carn and Tealia. It is a small country on an island similar to the Switzerland of our time in size and shape. It is very mountainous, and very green. Alta is ruled by Prince Regul, since his parents were apparently killed by Underneathers. Beta is the nation of machines. It is where all things related to scholars are conducted. Usually, Beta sells its information to other countries. It is located on a floating island in the snowy north. It is a very barren, snow covered island with metallic buildings, and is only inhabited by a few thousand people. Gregar is a small, floating nation that is constantly changing location. Because of this, the climate is constantly different. Gregar is famous for it's historical readings, and often partners with Beta for various projects.

Recently, more and more rumors of further hostilities between Tealia and Carn have been popping up. Apparently, small islands have begun to drop in both countries with little reasoning whatsoever behind it. Both countries believe it to be the work of the other, and this of course has begun to cause problems. Unfortunately, Alta is drawn into the mess as well when the capital, Meera, is attacked by Carn forces so that they could use as a base. Alta's population consists of those from all countries trying to get away from the war, and thus many rebels were killed in the process. It was at around this time that the purple sky flashed yellow. It was bizarre, and left everyone confused. However, for selected individuals, this brought new responsibilities. Few people worldwide found themselves with strange marking on the center of their forehead in the shape of a dot in the colour of whatever Mahstion they controlled. Little did they know at that time, that they would find themselves in a whirlwind adventure exploring the very truth of the world and it's past...


Nationality: (Tealia, Carn, Underneath, Alta, Beta, Gregar)
Class: (Citizen, solider, etc)
Mahstion Type:
Weapon Class: (Sword, Lance, Staff, etc. No guns, since that technology was lost)
Appearance: (Don't forget to explain the wings in detail)
RP Sample:(I'll only ask for it if I need it)

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Name: Aertan Svartel
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Nationality: Carn
Class: Priest
Mahstion Type: Fionus
Weapon Class: Aertan's sword is, if stretched out, 10 feet in length. It curves like a crescent, and is grasped in the very middle of the arch. In the middle of the black handle is a long red braided leather rope, which can be grasped and spun about in the air, and let go to spin like a boomerang.

Appearance: Aertan is a strange being to behold. His snow white hair is brushed back, away from his face while he leaves a very large clump to hang between his eyes and slowly bend to the right, the hair covering his face being a maroon red. A pair of cat-like, bright red eyes seem to never blink, and his waxy complexion leaves him a rather frightening person. However, frightening or not, he is usually wearing the same thing, and the outfit consists of a pair of black pants that fit just right, a white long sleeved dress shirt, and a black pinstriped vest. His shoes are a pair of heavy boots, with black rubber soles that are textured horizontally. On his right index finger is two large silver rings, and a skull ring on his left middle finger. He has multiple piercings on both his ears, on his left three halved hoops on his lobe, and two silver hoops on his right cartilidge. But it is his wings which are strangest of all, his large bat-like wings sporting dark blemishes on the black waxy wings. On the highest point of the frame of his wings, sits a knobbly end which has five bumps all lined up with each other. The direction they're lined up is always changing, and the reason for this is because of what the bumps really are. They are in fact, knuckles, that are the only constantly visible part of the arms that hide within the outermost bone of Aertan's wings. The arms are a very very dark red in color, with razor sharp nails, a bony and waxy build like the wings they sprout from, and have very angular joints, at places like the elbow, and fingers. The fingers themselves are twice as long as any normal person's fingers, and each arm has a mind of it's own. They cannot speak but when they show up outside of battle, they tend to cause mischief and trouble. Each of these gruesome hands have the black rose tattoo, and will make strange shrieking sounds when they burn. This is the only time in which the goblin-like arms make noise. Aertan however, also posesses the black rose tattoo, like any normal Carn-born person, and in addition, he now has a red dot in the middle of his forehead, which never ceases to annoy the sanity out of him. Both goblin hands have a black chain necklace which wraps around the palm and has a red orb that sits in the middle of the bony palms.

Personality: A reserved person, Aertan seems like a complicated enigma, his quiet ways and vocabulary consisting of "Ah" and "Hm" giving him the look as if he's constantly thinking about something. In reality, he's probably not thinking about anything, as he has a tendency to wipe his mind of most thought. This is because Aertan's extra set of hands in his wings are extremely rowdy, and very much dislike being stuck in the frame when not in battle. Thus, Aertan has to constantly think about keeping them where they are, so they don't emerge and try to pick a fight. This causes him to be extremely tired, as holding back two goblin-hands that suffer from a bad case of ADHD is a sufferable job. As a result of his constant exhaustion, Aertan usually harbors a blank look on his face, as if he doesn't understand anything that's being said. However, one emotion that he always shows no matter how tired he is, is annoyance. Usually the annoyance is directed towards his wings, but Aertan is very easily annoyed, be it a scratching sound, too much talking, too much light, not enough light, the smallest things get on his nerves. In the rare moments when he's just awoken, he is extremely pleasant, all smiles, and kinder then all. This is a slightly eerie state, as admitted by his closer friends, due to the fact that he becomes very cheerful and eager to help when he's not tired. Thus, Aertan's personality really depends on whether he is tired, or whether he is not.

History: The Svartel Family was known for being a family that was not respectable, a family that had no known respectable origins or merits to their name. This family died from the pain that resulted from their doubt in their religion, fifteen years before Aertan was even born. He was born in the dead of night in a church, his mother malnourished and dead by the time the infant was born. Before her death however, she told the priestess that the child’s name was Svartel. Aertan Svartel. Svartel was the first word Aertan ever heard, and the last word his mother ever uttered. The priests in the church which Aertan now took up residence could find no reason as to why the woman would want to give her son the name of a disrespected family, but, respecting the wishes of the dead, they gave him his name. Growing up, the people around Aertan made sure that he never had any chance to doubt his religion, to mark him as different from the true Svartel family. They told Aertan that his wings, Haeon’t, the left hand, and Geon’t, the right, as the priests had named them, were curses. They told him that in a past life, he had probably committed two sins, that came back to him as two gruesome arms that burrowed in his wings. Throughout his entire life, Aertan has believed every last word told to him, never doubting anything, as nothing has ever been shown to him that may point otherwise. Though Aertan has never doubted his religion, he has never avidly believed in it. It is Aertan’s standing in that he feels that it is not a subject that too much thought will sort out, thus he has never said anything during prayers, keeping his mind the usual blank.

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Ooooh...sweetness! =D Is what I figured the first time I saw this. I've been holding this off until I got my sign-up for the school RP done, but now...te-hee. :3

Name: Faewyn Ayre
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Beta
Class: Citizen and aspiring scholar
Mahstion Type: Wionus

Weapon Class: Faewyn's weapon, much like its owner, is a rather complicated thing. While seemingly little more than a dark brown, two-meter hardwood staff, both ends conceal small but deadly blades, one curved for slashing, the other a sharp spear tip, both of which can be unfolded to convert the weapon into a naginata or spear as the situation warrants. Furthermore, the staff as a whole can be split into two parts, which - through a bit of interchanging - can be reassembled to serve as a crossbow. The weapon as a whole is a complex mess of detachable and re-attachable parts which only Faewyn seems to be able to make sense of. Unfortunately, converting the weapon correctly takes a bit of time, so she usually only picks one mode and goes with it. For practicality, the weapon also has a detachable leather strap, allowing it to be carried much like a sling bag while it isn't in use.

Appearance: A tall, gangly wisp of a girl, Faewyn's body is slenderly built, with a thinness brushing quite close to anorectic (the more cynical say that this is because her mouth is far too busy with things other than eating) and needless to say, she has very little in the way of feminine curves. Her skin is of a very light pigment and bruises and reddens very easily. Faewyn's face is of an oval shape, bearing quite a striking resemblance to an egg, and is occupied by two wide, beetle black eyes which are further accentuated by her otherwise thin frame. Faewyn's hair is of a peculiar teal color, reaching a bit beneath her shoulders, and is typically combed up in the most peculiar hairstyles (For she experiments with these as well), although when she is preoccupied with other matters she simply ties it up into a long ponytail. The most peculiar part of Faewyn's appearance (unless she has had a creative spurt with the hair) is her dragonfly wings; small and translucent with coloring ranging from teal at the edges to cyan near the point where they connect with her back. Although they are frail and no good for flying through strong gales, they allow for remaining stationary in the air and - when not used - rest closely stuck to her back without occupying much additional space.

In the way of clothes, Faewyn usually goes for an uncharacteristically simple choice: a pair of denim dungarees with a plain white shirt beneath, although they have been modified so that her back is bare until about mid-back where the wings sprout from. Although some would consider this an odd choice for someone living in as cold a place as Beta, Faewyn seems largely unbothered. On her feet she wears a pair of surprisingly ordinary, warm boots - light brown in color and lined with fake fur. As with most things, however, Faewyn is never shy about completely changing her outfit should the urge awaken. Regardless of what she wears, however, she always makes sure to sew her garments full with pockets of various sizes to accommodate the vast inventory of items either practical or fascinating which she always carries with her. To keep track of her ever growing research notes, Faewyn has also fashioned a makeshift belt of sorts - a piece of durable rope which she has thread through the spines of notebook, keeping them all within reach and in order. She must regularly replace this rope, however, not because of wear and tear but because the length tends to run out. The collection is currently large enough to encircle her thin frame twice; and growing fast.

Personality: Talkative, inventive, open, optimistic, and at times painfully naive, Faewyn is generally viewed as an eccentric, even among her own. Her most dominant personality trait is her seemingly inexhaustible curiosity. She greedily assembles knowledge both trivial and useful wherever she finds it and hastily scribbles it down in many of her countless notebooks so as to not forget a single bit. To Faewyn, the world is like a gloriously complicated machine and she wastes no time in trying to pick it apart to see what makes it tick. Her interests range from philosophy and machinery to gardening and she is often found pestering those around her - even complete strangers - with questions ranging from what they had for lunch today to why they think the sky isn't blue and shouldn't it be blue because that's a question that they supposedly used to ask way back then and speaking of way back then did you know that...well, you get the picture. Needless to say, conversations with Faewyn can be exhausting to say the least, but her sunny and optimistic attitude makes it somewhat difficult for most people to openly hate her.

Enthusiastic though she is about her research (which, she proudly proclaims, will eventually encompass everything the world holds), Faewyn is also terribly disorganized. New experiments and research subjects absolve old ones in an endless stream that - most likely - not even Faewyn herself is fully capable of keeping track of, and her surroundings are always littered with half-finished experiments and hastily scribbled notebooks filled with so many cryptic margin notes that they are next to impossible to distinguish from the original text. Despite this, she takes great pride in her writing and is more than willing to shove it under the nose of anyone who makes the mistake of appearing even the least bit interested. (And goodness forbid that you ask her about something) Though Faewyn appears unbothered by the cold reception she usually gets from her peers, often stating that they won't be talking like they're all that once she finishes her book, there seems to be just that tiniest hint of loneliness behind her seemingly endless stream of questions and anecdotes. After all, how much fun is it to study all the mysteries of the whole wide world if there's no-one to share it with?

History: The child of an enthusiastic couple of researchers, since young age Faewyn has been accustomed to taking care of herself as one or both of her parents were often away on an extended field trip for their research, leaving their daughter to amuse herself best she could in the company of a trivially chosen nanny, and - later on - only herself. To relieve her boredom, Faewyn began to write down her musings on anything and everything she saw - the house, the patterns made by snow and frost on the windows, a pretty rock she had happened to pick up...everything she duly cataloged and analyzed in careful mimicry of the way she had witnessed her parents work, proudly displaying the results of her 'research' to her parents on the few occasions that they happened to be at home. Glad to see their own enthusiasm for knowledge reflected in their child, Faewyn's parents always made sure to acknowledge their daughter's findings, often sharing some of their own. Soon, Faewyn realized that it was through research that she could command the attention she had sought, and so she quickly grew more ambitious about her work, ranging farther, outside of the family house and into the frigid streets of her hometown, and as time passed the process itself turned just as enjoyable as the end result...if not even more so. It was then that she decided on her ultimate goal in life: to create a book encompassing anything and everything the world holds, an obsession she still holds on to.

Shortly after Faewyn turned fifteen this idyll was broken, however, when her parents embarked on an expedition to the kingdom of Carn in order to discern more facts about their religion and, specifically, the custom of sacrifice...never to be heard from again. Ever the optimist, Faewyn still lives in the hope that her parents are alive and well and have simply been too caught up in their work to make contact, a hope which she seeks to prove true by re-tracing her parents' steps...right to the heart of the religious kingdom.

RP Sample: So like...do I need it? =O

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Name: Bardrin Karson
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Gregar
Class: Soldier
Mahstion Type: Dation

Weapon Class: Bardrin's blade is a twelve-foot great sword. Because of the sword's length, Bardrin must wield it with two hands, which slows down Bardrin's striking speed. Even though he has to strike with slow speed, the blade hits pretty hard, hard enough to bend a warrior's armor though it's not the best weapon for piercing. Incase Bardrin can't use his great sword, he straps it to his back and goes to using a faster one-handed blade, a simple Long Sword that rests on his right hip. He doesn't usually carry it unless he knows that he won't need the great sword.

Both blades look almost exactly the same. The blades are both midnight black and a red outline of a pear has been placed just above the hilt of the blades. The great sword's hilt is much larger so that Bardrin can wield it with two hands and is covered in dark brown leather for extra comfort. The Long Sword just has a smaller hilt and is also covered in dark brown leather, though Bardrin only got it made that way for design instead of comfort.

Appearance: Tall and muscular is a simple way of describing the young soldier Bardrin. He didn't intend to be so muscular, but after using a great sword so much, his body built muscle to hold it up so that Bardrin could swing the mighty blade. And from being outside, practicing using the blade, his skin has gotten a nice looking tan color, but along his forearms are a couple of scars from getting cut during practice sessions. You don't see the scars much because he usually covers his forearms in black leather bracers. Bardrin's attire usually includes a white long-sleeved shirt with a thick black leather vest to cover his torso. Loose black pants cover his legs with his Long Sword attached to his waist and to protect the soles of his feet are a pair of black combat boots.

Bardrin's head is large enough to fit his body and egg shaped. His hair is kept short and is naturally spiked. Under a pair of semi-bushy eyebrows are two coffee brown eyes that are separated by a normal sized nose. His head is upon a short neck and on his back, just below his neck are a pair of large eagle shaped wings. The feathers at the top of the large wings are black and as you reach the bottom of the wings they smoothly change into a light brown color. He got the idea of his swords blade part being black and then the hilt being brown came from the coloring of his wings.

Personality: Bardrin is a very quiet person. Growing up in the land of Gregar, his parents always to him to only speak when spoken to and since then he has followed the rule his mother and father told him to follow. Even though Bardrin is very quiet, he makes friends easily. Mainly because he was also thought to be very polite to others and treat them with respect. By following these two rules, Bardrin doesn't have many friends but he keeps those friends close easily. Bardrin is also a very intelligent man. At one point in his life he had thought of traveling to the land named Beta to become a scholar, but changed his mind and became a soldier instead to follow in his father's footsteps. That intelligence hasn't gone to waste though, as he uses a lot of it to plan attack strategies with others.

Bardrin is a tough and hard-working person. Since becoming a soldier, he has tried his hardest to become a powerful and useful soldier by training during any free time that he has. Usually to do this, Bardrin chooses great people that he knows and works hard to match his or her skills and then overcome them. He also does this to try and block or overcome any weaknesses he may have, but that doesn't work out so well as he still has a few weaknesses physically, mentally, and socially.

History: Bardrin was born into a family of nothing but soldiers. His parents, Johan and Lily Karson, wanted to start a tradition by having every new Karson become a soldier once they were old enough and then began to have children. To their surprise, the couple had twins who they later named Bardrin and Alfred Karson. Throughout Bardrin's whole life his parents made him follow certain rules to keep him under their complete control, the same with his brother. At the age of five, Bardrin's father had already started to train him with different weapons and basic battle strategies. When the twins had gotten into their late teens Alfred had decided that he didn't want to follow in his parents footsteps and instead wanted to just be a regular person and move to Tealia.

The whole rebellion of Alfred soon turned into a big feud between him and the parents. After about a year of fighting, Alfred was found dead about 2 miles away from the Karson family house. Nobody knows who killed him as the killer left no signs of his identity, but Bardrin believes that the person who did send Alfred to the great beyond was his parents. Bardrin never voiced his opinion to anyone as he was told only to speak when spoken to. When Bardrin was seventeen he started the same feud with his parents as he wanted to become a scholar, only this time it wasn't Bardrin who had been murdered, but his parents. Sky Pirates had passed by Gregar and just so happened to come across the Karson home. Bardrin had been out training the day of the attack so he knew nothing about the murder of his parents until he came home about a week later. It was then that Bardrin decided to follow in his parent’s footsteps and become a soldier.

RP Sample: Just tell me if you want me to post one and I will.

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Just realized I forgot to add the History section. Sorry guys. XD;

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My sign up. It's not much, but I hope you like it.
Name: Taichi Suzuki
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Underneath
Class: Soldier
Mahstion Type: Are Underneath's allowed Mahstion? If so, Lionus

Weapon Class: Taichi's weapon is somewhat of a Damp blood colored staff that is made out of metal. A weaponsmith fortanutely made it for him. It was his gift and his curse. Taichi must have control over his emotions in battle, due to the weaponsmith's warning. "If your emotions boil into anger and rage, the staff will be too heavy to lift.If so you manage to lift it, It will not be your will controlling it." Taichi has been well aware of this warning. It may look like an ordinary staff at first but when getting attacked, the pain is critical, even though it seems it hasnt pierced anything.

Appearance: http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z177/thugondarel/Taichi.jpg
Taichi has hair as golden as the sun, with deep aquatic eyes and scars on both of his cheeks due to fatal grazes in battle. (Yes fatal 'grazes') He seems very comfortable in his red and black hoodie with blue baggy pants that cover about half of his feet. His armor is a blue metallic armor with a small silver chestplate and a matching visor and helmet. His wings, even though he has the element of light, he has been selected with black feathered wings as dark as the nights sky.

Personality: Being an Underneath wasn't easy for Taichi. This pretty much explains his personality. He is looking for a way out. Being known as a lower class being, speaks when it is needed. Calm and collective due to his weapon's rule. Not as much as adventurous, but crazy's more like it. Taichi goes through unbelievable things to reach a goal or to prove to someone that underneaths are somebody. He has formed the tragic hero role and hates deception.

History: When Taichi has come into birth of the Y.Z world, he was immediately shun by Beta's and Alta's. He was part Gregar, part Underneath. For some reason he was chosen for only one dark feathered wing but stables the element of Lionus. Growing up, Taichi's goal was to prove that even though he was an Underneath, he still was a being nonetheless. Determined, he was trained to fight with a weapon at age 15. A weaponsmith gave him a very particular red staff. The weaponsmith gave him a warning that the staff's control and power depend on the emotions of the user. If Taichi were to ever boil in an unmattered and unstabled rage. His staff would eventually be the death of him. Taichi has controlled himself well. The past three years have still been normal....normal for an Underneath that is. Now, lately the sky is flashing lightning and worlds are dropping down from the Alta's Beta's and the Gregar's and into near the land of Underneaths. A few minutes later, a white and black shaped dot appeared on his forehead. What was it doing there? Why is it there? How are lands dropping and skies erupting strangely. Who may be responsible. So many questions, but for an Underneath, questions NEEDED answers.

sample:Do you need?

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Sorry for Rosaline's lacking personality and weird attire. Her outfit will change shortly after the RP starts. When it does, I'll update the appearance section. XD

Just to clear a few things up...
Fashion: There is no definite fashion, people just wear whatever.
Technology: There is some, simpler technology such as fridges and lights, but most resources haven't been focused on weapons and junk, so guns and nukes and such don't exist.

Taichi, can you give me a sample?

And here are my two. Prone to editing, because I just wanted to throw something out there. XD

Name: Rosaline Dian (Goes by Rosa or Rose for short)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Nationality: Carn
Class: Second daughter of the King; Tylonstus sacrifice
Mahstion Type: Lionus

Weapon Class:
Rosaline does not possess any form of weaponry, since she has been cut off from the world for most of her life. Since she was just going to be used as a sacrifice anyways, she was never taught how to wield a weapon, but instead learned how to play the flute. She found, after she got good, that she could use the flute to tap into her mahstion. Like many, it was hard for her to tap into mahstion by will alone, and thus she started using the flute alongside her mahstion. The flute itself is pure black with a white pattern overtop of it depicting a rose on each side of the instrument.

Neglected from birth and locked away, Rosaline has grown up in a very harsh environment. Reflected as such, she appears that way. At first glance, you could easily tell what her living conditions are like. Rosaline was not raised on the some diet as everyone else, and is very thin and frail because of that. She stands at a height of 5'8". She has blue eyes, and long, straight hair in a colouring that almost seems like a navy blue, with dust and dirt always making the colour seem almost a mix of blue and brown. She has long bangs that are parted to the sides of her head, and she wears a white bandanna over her head with the black rose embedded on it. This signifies that she is the sacrifice of her generation. She is dressed in nothing other than a white tee shirt that is about four sizes too large for her, with a pair of really short shorts. That's fine, however, since the shirt goes down to about her knees anyways. She has a pair of brown sandals. And thats about it for the outfit. One thing that makes her unique from other citizens of Carn, is that she lacks the black rose on her left hand. This is because the sacrifice is to be treated lower than the citizens, and so it doesn't receive the same privileges. Rosa's wings, like all of those born of the royal family, are feathered, and pure white. They span approximately eight feet when she has them fully out.

Having little human contact for the past fifteen years, Rosaline is socially awkward. She is unable to hold a conversation for long, and she sees most people as something to be afraid of. The only person she really trusts and is capable of talking to is the nanny that looked after her in her cell when she was younger. Through this nanny, she heard stories of the world. This nanny was also the only person who ever told her she wasn't born for the soul purpose of dying. Quiet, but curious, it could take a bit of time in the real world for her real personality to surface.

From the moment she was born, Rosaline was told she was born to die. You see, a kingdom following the religion of Tylonstus was required to provide one sacrifice for the god once every fifty years. However, they couldn't just be any person. It had to be the King's second born daughter, on her sixteenth birthday at midnight. For the fifteen years prior, to save heartache for people that could get to know the person (which also prevented any attempts of people trying to stop the sacrifice), the sacrifice was to be kept locked up until the day of their death, the only human contact allowed being a nanny until they were the age of ten, and the occasional guard dropping off her food rations for the month, which usually consisted of only bread and water. Rosaline went through this experience exactly, and because of it she knows little of the world, just that her father hates her and that she lives to die. Oftentimes when she grew older, she would lie in her cot and cry for hours at a time, and has the time of her sacrifice drew closer, she contemplated suicide. The truth behind everything is that the sacrifice is a citywide event. Everyone knows who the sacrifice is, and what she looks like, in case she was ever to escape. When she was sacrificed, everyone from all over Carn came to see. It was truly barbaric for such a culture.

Name: Reid Davies
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Nationality: Underneath; Honorary citizen of Tealia
Class: Tealia Special Forces Agent
Mahstion Type: Wionus

Weapon Class:
Reid specializes in the use of a bow. The particular bow he prefers to use is an ordinary longbow (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/f/f4/Longbow.jpg/800px-Longbow.jpg). By combining his shots with his mahstion, he is capable of manipulating the paths of the arrows he fires, as well as their speed. He can even manipulate them so that he'll never miss their target. The flaw with this choice in weapon is that if he is cut off from the wind, Reid's mahstion is useless, and his archery skills drop dramatically. Since a bow is basically useless in close quarters, Reid also carries a kris dagger (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/9/9c/Kris_bali.jpg/198px-Kris_bali.jpg).

Reid stands at the height of 5'5", and has tall, spiky, brown hair. His eyes are green, and a pair of goggles rest on the border of his forehead and his hair. The goggles are thick, with white rims and orange lenses, and they are attached to his head through the means of a black, elastic strap. He wears the official silk scarf of the Tealian Special Forces around his neck: a red scarf with white stars lined across it horizontally, and a tulip at the end. The rest of his outfit isn't really special. He wears an open black jacket overtop of a white shirt, and he wears a pair of beige cargo shorts that go just past his knees, and are really baggy. Reid also has a pair of black skateboard shoes on, white socks underneath. In a scabbard on the right side of his waist, his kris dagger sleeps. Normally strapped to his back is a long red board at about 5'5" in length, and about as wide as his torso. It has footholds in the center, and the belly of the board is smooth and white. The board itself is made out of a durable material known as taniet. Attached to upper side of the board is the longbow he uses in a location that makes it easy to reach.. He had a brown quiver in between the board and her back for easy arrow access when need be.

Despite his profession, Reid is still a kid, and still acts like it most of the time. Sure, he can act pretty serious during missions if he has to be, but he is a very curious person who doesn't know when to leave well enough alone. Naive and headstrong, Reid tends to let his emotions get the better of him, which makes for poor performance sometimes. He finds joy in the simplest things, and when it comes to technology he drops everything he is doing to check it out. Reid is also the type of person who just can't stand by when someone is in trouble. Despite all of this, he isn't an idiot. He knows when he's outnumbered, and he's very skilled with wionus. He can even act very mature from time to time if he has to... until someone embarrasses him and he loses it.

Ever since he was little, Reid had an interest in mahstion based technology. Flying machines, refrigerators, even lights, he found it all fascinating. He originally attempted to pursue a career in work in this area, but living in poverty in the Underneath made that extremely difficult. Reid's favorite pastime was sky surfing, a sport he invented himself with the use of wionus. He found he could use wionus to lift a board into the air, and control it's height, direction, and speed. One day, the group of sky pirates know as the Raven Claws found him boarding, and they decided to recruit him. Here he got to tinker with mahstion technology all he wanted, and soon took up work as the ship's mechanic. At the age of thirteen, however, he abandoned ship and took up work for Tealia as a special forces agent. He never revealed to anyone why he decided to do this, but that didn't change the fact that he did. Recently, he was assigned a mission involving Carn's Tylonstus sacrifice...

July 15th, 2007, 8:41 PM
Name: Ivan Rosswood
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Beta
Class: Citizen
Mahstion Type: Wation
Weapon Class: Sword
Appearance: http://tn3-2.deviantart.com/fs14/300W/f/2007/033/7/a/Maple_Story__by_4nGeLpsych0.jpg
Personality: Ivan enjoys just laying back with his friends. Whenever he's not just laying around he's sparring to become stronger, and stronger. Ivan can be very sensetive
History: Ivan lives alone because his parents were killed by the denizens of the Underneath. Ivan trains to travel down ther some day to avenge his parents.
RP Sample:

Alter Ego
July 15th, 2007, 11:59 PM
Oh sure...you just forgot. xP Well, I've edited mine. Is that better? :3 I'd apologize for Faewyn's attire too, but it was meant to be weird so I won't. Incidentally, has anyone else noticed that the only female characters in the RP are played by guys and the only female RPer is playing a male character? Yay for gender bending. xD

July 16th, 2007, 10:55 AM
Gotta do yarwork, so don't forget me. X3 I'll owkr on a signup momentarily.

July 16th, 2007, 12:01 PM
Form 1

Name: Kanga Corbin Hikaru

Nicknames: KC (Casey) or Little Raven

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Nationality: Underneath

Class: Sky Pirate/ Theif

Mahstion Type: Fionus

Weapon Class: Kanga uses twin blades to do her bidding, though she is skilled at many swift weapons such as knives, rapiers and claws, she much prefers the light, but solid feel of two swords in her hands. Her swords are made of fine silver for the blade and a smooth wood for the handle, which ironically is carved into a raven’s upper body, the wings spreading out so that Kanga can get a firm grip on the handle. It has been colored black and carved with remarkable care in order to gain all the detail of a live Raven, but the eye is a very rare blood red ruby, which Kanga takes incredible care of.

Appearance: Kanga has shoulder length black hair which is specked with silver in multiple places, it also spikes out at its own accord to create some wild style that Kanga can call her own. Behind her left ear she wears a pair of black raven’s feathers and another pair is worn as part of a scraggy old necklace which lies beneath her black bandana. Her eyes are the same blood red color as the ruby embedded into her swords handle and are enough to intimidate even the most vicious of opponents. Her skin is stark white, enough for many to think she is apart of the undead and if that isn’t enough, the fairly long canines she bares aren’t exactly comforting in relieving her of such suspicions.

She wears simple attire which consists of a black crop top, which comes to a stop above her pierced belly button and just below her rib cage. A shorter leather jacket covers her skinny, pale arms and is not short of a few rips and tears. A black studded belt keeps her baggy black pants in check, which are then tucked into a pair of clumpy black boots with silver clasps. Her pants play host to a jumble of pockets and multiple chains and other leather belts which hold the sheath’s of her twin blades and a leather pouch for storing key items. She also owns a longer leather trench coat for stormier times.

Accessories include many leather bracelets and piercing, two of which are hoops that run through the top of her left ear. The ruby piercing of her bellybutton and the matching tongue piercing. A gold ring sits on her right index finger given to her by her brother, Corbin. A black Raven tattoo is evident coiling around her pierced bellybutton on the right hand side.

Personality: Out of the two twins, Kanga is the more cunning and sly of the two. She isn’t much of a fighter, but she is swift and immaculate at coming up with ideas and strategies that would not land her group in trouble, but still gain that which they had set out for. She likes the quiet and sneaky approach rather than the brute strength, charge in approach. But when she is angered, she would not think twice but to start a fight, especially when it puts someone she cares for in danger, such as her brother. She is sarcastic and dry humored, never hesitating to take laugh at or taunt an enemy. She is wise beyond her years and has probably experienced more in life than what someone three times her age has.

Though she is a thief and a rather dark character, she would not wish death on the innocent, even if they do bare wings, but she would gladly cause them some sort of misery, be it taking something valuable or taking hostage. Out of the two, she is the most caring and by far the most up beat and lively. She is the one of the two who is the less sick minded, but normally the brains behind the kidnappings and thievery. Her relationship with her brother is a mutual one, they share equal responsibilities, share half the earnings and share the work, but Corbin being the first born of the two twins is the one most in charge and though Kanga is quite the intellectual, Corbin nearly always has to keep her in control as she has a tendency to loose her temper or get a little to hyper and even a little too caring of what her brother plans.


Form 2

Name: Corbin Kanga Hikaru
Nicknames: CK or Big Raven
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Underneath
Class: Sky Pirate/ Pilot
Mahstion Type: Dation
Weapon Class: Lance
Appearance: (Don't forget to explain the wings in detail)

Will edit, they are twins if you hadn’t guessed.

July 16th, 2007, 12:31 PM
Name: Alicilante [Alicel - Ah-li-cell] Florinen Svartel
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Alta
Class: Citizen
Mahstion Type: Wation

Weapon Class: Alicel uses a whip that is a pure white in color, and shares the same iridescent sheen as her wings. The whip is triple her height, so it's not very usually unravelled all the way during use, as it's too long to handle at full length.

Appearance: Alicel (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/Rider.png) has a very plain appearance, her pale blonde hair seemingly white and her delicate frame seemingly too thin for her own good. She keeps her hair down, slightly wavy at the ends but straight otherwise, her bangs framing her face and falling in between her icy cold eyes which are usually half closed to make them seem softer and less sharp. Her lips are graced with a pale, shimmer gloss which are always stretched into a gentle smile that can calm the cries of most any child. Alicel has a crazy assortment of clothes that changes almost everyday, but it’s never too flashy, and usually consists of pastel colors, a skirt, and a plain top. Most often she is wearing a pair of gray heeled boots, and white stockings that reach her upper thigh’s. A bluish lavender skirt is usually around her waist, the wavy folds just long enough to cover part of her white stockings. Alicel’s liking for pastel colors shows in her usual cream colored shirt, with a loose collar and wide sleeves which leave the shirt loose and comfortable. When it’s cold enough, Alicel wears a pale lavender scarf which is exactly three shades lighter then her skirt, and her thin bony wrists sometimes carry the burden of two silver bangles on either wrist. Her delicate hands usually have a clear coat of nailpolish on them, though it’s hardly noticeable.

Alicel's wings are practically invisible, only seen by their iridescent sheen. By what you can see, they look to be made of scales, rather then feathers, and have no frame. They simply seem to jut out of her back, the pair of wings small and hard to notice. However, strangely, her left hand has rather ugly burn marks all over the back of her hand, so she wears a simple white or black fingerless glove to cover it up.

Personality:At first glance, Alicel is easy to understand. She’s a polite and mannerly girl who always says and does the right things.

With a laid-back personality, Alicel may seem like she has a flat string of reactions, which is almost always a quiet smile and gentle response. She always tries her best to please the people around her, whether they’re foe or friend, and even though with her whacked out sense of humor and complete lack of common sense, the joke is usually on her. She’ll laugh at just about anything that’s not funny, and usually stays silent at things that are funny. An odd person, Alicel is seemingly the ideal person, and she’s always the first to try and cheer someone up. She rarely expresses any emotion in excess, other then a calm ditzy aura, giving most people the impression that she’s not a very smart person, when the truth is that she’s frighteningly intelligent. Alicel is unbelieveably gullible, helpless in stressing situations, and mostly only good for a laugh at her expense, or for moral support.

Even so, Alicel is a strange girl, who rarely puts all her trust in anyone. Her personality bounces off all sides of the walls, and perhaps the only insight to her true personality is her icy cold eyes. In reality, Alicel is an excellent actress, changing her personality and appearance so that she is more easily accepted by the people she meets. In reality, Alicel is a monster. She is envious of everyone around her, and is a very calculating person who can find to way to be jealous of just about everyone she even glances at. A good way to understand Alicel’s true personality is to find the opposite of her fake one. She loves to antagonize people, has absolutely no sense of humor, and is far from a dream girl. She doesn’t hesitate to make someone miserable for her own ego, and has a very low self-esteem which is more dangerous for others, then herself, due to her ruthless and selfish goals. Arrogant at heart, Alicel goes about judging people by first impressions, even though she gives everyone the impression that she always gives the benefit of the doubt.

Her short attention span, coupled with her rude bluntness, can make a very frustrating combination when Alicel isn’t pretending, though, this is a rare instance.

History: Alicel grew up surrounded by green. As a child, her questions as to why her left hand was so mangled were answered with the point, "Your parents both had the same hands. Don't worry about it." However, this sparked a curiousity in Alicel. Her parents didn't have left hands like hers. They were unblemished and as perfect as the rest of her skin. But only a child, she left the subject discarded, and never brought it up until she was finally old enough to understand what that meant. At the age of 13, she confronted her 'parents' about their past statement and was told that she was indeed, not truly of the Florinen family, but an ancient family who had fled from Carn and Carn's religious ways. She was told that the family she originated from was the Svartel family, a twisted family that was insane, and even after they fled from the Carn practices and changed their names, they still burned any child's left hand, to remind them of their ancestor's suffering.

Alicel was consumed, and looked up everything and anything about the Svartel family, even taking a short break to Carn to look around in the libraries there. She is very easily the most knowledgable girl in the world about the 'extinct' Svartel family, but was ultimately unsuccessful in finding the only other Svartel in the world she had read about, finding only a destroyed church in the site where he was said to reside. After her failure in finding the other Svartel, Alicel dropped the subject entirely, living her life as a Florinen, and blocking out any thoughts of the Svartel Family, trying to concentrate on the present. However, in reality, Alicel's root of jealousy and envy for everything and anything sprouts from her knowledge that she is ultimately a descendant of a ridiculed family who had to discard their name to live normal lives. Embarassed that this was her origin, she could no longer relate to anyone around her, and resorted to envying them.

July 16th, 2007, 6:48 PM
Jyukai: Accepted, on both accounts.
Alter Ego: Obviously accepted, since your one sign-up is the size of my two combined.
Lex Rextron: Reserved. I still need to see a History.
Taichi: I'm sorry, but you're declined. You have potential, but your sign-up was lacking, and if you had taking the time to thoroughly read the first post, you would have known Underneath citizens have mahstion. That shows me that you aren't capable of thoroughly reading something and taking in all of the required details.
AnimeHero: WAY too short and detail lacking. Declined.
Shiney: Reserved.
Iruka: Accepted.

Anyways, I may start it tonight, I may start it in the morning. We'll see how I feel. XD

July 16th, 2007, 10:26 PM
Name: Bob "Bobby Roze" Rose

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Nationality: Carn

Class: Fighter/Footpad

Mahstion Type: Eation

Weapon Class: Bobby's light sword has a fairly thin blade, perfect for a one-handed use. He uses it in sync with his Mashtion to warp the blade slightly depending on the circumstances. Such as curving it, or adding a coating to it, making it appear like a short hiking stick. Attached to the pommel is a short wrist strap, which allows him to occasionally strike or move in ways that are hard for traditionalist fighters to anticipate as well as being easier to work with having only one hand.

Appearance: Bobby looks normal at a first glance, but under severe scrutiny, is quite an unsettling individual. His dark brown hair is mostly unkempt, if clean, hanging at a few inches long however gravity or wind leaves it. His hazelish eyes, brown near the edges, going to dark green, then bright yellowish green near the center are always bloodshot, and he seems to have a blank gaze more often than not. His skin is tanned on his arms legs and face, but a nearly pasty white underneath his clothes, with a great deal of sores on his arms and back. He always wears similar outfits of short sleeved shirts and denim slacks that hang somewhat loosely, kept in place with a black cloth belt with a brass buckle, with a very simple square design. Over which, he occasionally wears long coats that have a slightly longer left sleeve than right in dark, but bold colors, particularly earthy tones. And almost always, the same durable work boots that go halfway up his calf. Another prominent feature is his left hand, or lack thereof. A long-healed scar, his left arm ends abruptly in a stump where his wrist should be, the violent scarring left at the stump hinting at a very violent removal, as opposed to a clean cut. If someone were to examine his wrist bones with Mashtion, they'd find the marks of a brutal attempt to saw the hand off left on the bone. This is why his left sleeves are long to hide the lack of a hand, and the stump itself is wrapped in studded leather. His wings, not quite as large as the royal family's stretch to just under seven feet, with large soft brown feathers the same shade as his hair, almost like an owl's wings. Their only really defining feature are a few tinges of russet in with the brown, fading in very well, and only really visible in bright light.

Personality: Bobby's admittedly bitter when it comes to the world. He's admittedly spiteful, and will go to nearly any length to "settle matters and grievances" as he sees it. Among his few passions in life, vengeance is foremost in them, as is spite. His hand is signal enough of that. He rarely gets sleep, and can snap at people at little provocation, or just as likely mumble things that make no sense. He occasionally hallucinates, but they rarely get in his way. He's disdainful of his fellow countrymen for their self-restriction, but shows no true love or trust for anyone else, either. Mostly, his distance is just a shell to hide his anger, and sadness. Not to mention being utterly alone.

History: Bob grew up as a successful heir apparent to a semi-wealthy family in Carn, and seemed perfectly groomed for a a high ranking scout position. However, as he grew into adolescence, he, as most teenagers do, began to question what had been previously unquestionable beliefs. This meant many long nights of excruciating pain from his tattoo. However, ever pain was a prickling needle to both his anger, and his sense of spite. This in itself drove him half mad, both with pain and anger until at last, it came to the point where he had to do something. At the time, his mindset was to show everyone, that they didn't DARE try to control his mind. In a mere hour alone with a hack-saw, he had removed the tattoo of the black rose on his left hand. By removing the entire hand.

Finally free from being forcibly controlled, he was ready to resume life as normal. However, his parents resented him for what he had done, his military tutors refused to teach him, and after a lot of social pressure from their peers, his parents finally disowned him. Feeling betrayed by everyone, dumped alone into the world with no friends, he quickly set to murdering in the night, stalking in dark corners for the money for his meals, eventually earning enough for a trip to Gregar, where he spent nearly all his time unsuccessfully searching through religious writings for hopes of a key to improving his life. He's working on saving up for another, but his cynicism is slowly getting the better of him.

Jack O'Neill
July 17th, 2007, 3:10 PM
[OOC: No guns? You're doing this to spite me, aren't you? No matter. It's only a matter of time before Aleks here finally figures out just what makes a Kalashnikov rifle tick.]

Name: Aleksandra Ivanovna Zaitseva

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Nationality: Underneath (ex-Carn)

Class: Scholar, part-time sky pirate

Mahstion Type: Lionus

Weapon Class: Aleks is a knife enthusiast and has been known to carry at least three different blades: an authentic United States Marine Corps KA-BAR (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8f/USMC_Ka-Bar_traditional.jpg) utility knife and Hanyang Arsenal sword bayonet (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/53/HY1935_bayonet.jpg), both dating from the A.D. period, and a reproduction Gerber Mark II (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/58/Gerbermkii.jpg) dagger.

Appearance: Aleks is a woman of average height and weight, 5'7" and weighing in at exactly 120 lbs, with bright sapphire-coloured eyes, a fair complexion, a thinly-built frame, and a 34" bust; her straight platinum-blonde hair drops down slightly past her shoulders. Her cherubic and demure countenance, however, is contrasted by her choice of clothing. Her daily attire is an exacting reproduction of a Soviet Naval Infantry battle dress uniform (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/58/Soviet_naval_infantrymen_DN-SC-91-02252.jpg): camouflage-patterned shirt and pants, blue-and-white striped undershirt, black leather belt with gold buckle, black leather boots, and black felt beret.

Remarkably, Aleks lacks the wings and black rose tattoo that mark those of Carn heritage. She severed her own wings in order to blend in better among the residents of the Underneath, while she had the tattoo disenchanted and removed in a lengthy procedure that nearly killed her in the process; she still bears the scars of those procedures on her back and the back of her left hand.

Personality: For most intents and purposes, Aleks is the personification of cold, analytical thinking taken to its utmost extreme. Completely indifferent to the world around her, all she is concered about is sating her endless curiosity by accumulating as much knowledge as possible, by any and all means necessary. She views the world around her as a laboratory of infinite size, with the people and things in it simply as additional test subjects for her experiments. Her interests, while widespread, tend to lean towards machinery and martial pursuits; she is particularly fascinated by the military history of the A.D. period, especially where arms and armour are concerned (one of her current pursuits is attempting to figure out the operating priciples of firearms).

Due to her utter lack of empathy, Aleks finds it extremely difficult to communicate with other people. When she does speak, she does so in an extremely direct and straightforward (some would say rude) manner, with a distinctly dispassionate air about her; however, she tends to get extremely annoyed at even the slightest sign of ignorance, inattentiveness, and/or anti-intellectualism on the part of other people. She does have a (rather caustic) sense of humour, though her detached demeanor makes it near-impossible to tell whether she's actually joking or not.

History: Aleksandra Zaitseva made the mistake of being an atheist in a totalitarian, fundamentalist theocracy. While the Zaitsev family had always been notorious for its scientific mindset and its desire for religious and governmental reform (and suffered for it accordingly via the dark enchantments on their black rose brands), Aleks was perhaps the first individual in recorded Carn history to openly renounce the existence of the "deity" Tylonstus. Her heresy couldn't have come at a worse time, seeing as she made her proclamation right before the very outset of the Tealia-Carn conflict. Seizing the opportunity to make an example out of her, a Carn Royal Guard unit had her arrested, subjected to a mock trial, and imprisoned for "treason"; while incarcerated, she was subjected to various abuses and tortures, not the least of which was watching her parents getting executed before her very eyes. Despite this, she stoically soldiered on until she managed to escape during a Tealian black-ops raid on the prison camp holding her.

After fleeing from Carn, Aleks first settled in the nation of Beta, where she had her black rose tattoo removed (at great risk to both herself and the personnel performing the procedure) and assumed the guise of a simple scholar named Maria Ivanova. As Maria Ivanova, she took extremely quickly to her studies, eagerly consuming any and all knowledge she could get her hands on; she was particularly intrigued by human history of the A.D. period, specifically warfare and weaponry. When Carn Royal Guard agents eventually caught on to Aleks' presence in Beta, she simply made her way down to the Underneath, cut off her wings, and fell in with a group of sky pirates based out of what used to be Moscow, Russia.

RP Sample: [Do I still need one?]

July 17th, 2007, 6:33 PM
OOC: Shiney, accepted.
Jack, accepted. You might get a chance for guns later. It depends if we make it that far in the plot. XD

"If there is evil in this world, it lies in the hearts of men." -Tales of Phantasia

December 31st, 199Y.Z. - In an airspace near the capital of Carn, Nephistos
"Reid! How are you doing? Run into any problems yet?" The headphone boomed into the brown haired boy's ear, startling him to the point where he shifted his stance on the airboard uncomfortably as if the sound had awaken him from a trance. He brought his right hand up to the goggle of the same side, an readjusted it so it fit snugly over his eye, before pressing a small switch on the side. On the right lens, he could now see the number 9500 displayed in LCD number on the bottom left. The goggles were an artifact of long ago, something rarely found in this day and age.

"I'm at 9500 feet, just 500 feet above Nephistos. Winds are at a reasonable speed of 45km/h, and the sun has set. I am left with only the lighting of the city below. I have located the pedestal of which the sacrifice, Rosaline Dian, will be sacrificed on in twenty minutes. Security is strong, and since it's Carn, I can assume most of them specialize in Dation. My objective is this: Retrieve the sacrifice before she is killed, and transport her back to Meredy safely. My mission is a failure if the sacrifice is killed, I am killed, or either of us are captured, correct?" The boy replied, almost robotically, as he took a seat on the edge of his board and removed a pair of binoculars from the right pocket of his jacket, and gazed out over the lit up city at his target. Nephistos, being the capital, was a pointlessly large city, and was the premier stop for anyone who followed Tylonisity. It was made up of many gothic style churches and the residential areas were made up of many expensive looking houses in many different styles. Almost like someone had taken a bunch of pictures of old architecture, and melded them into one picture. The target location was none other than the King's favorite place, the ruins of Notre-Dame. They were located right before the King's large, Medieval style castle, complete with four towers and a moat. Little remained of the cathedral other than the base. The towers had crumbled and collapsed years ago, and it was almost creepy to look at. In fact, this city would normally be considered beautiful. However, with what was about to take place, beautiful was hardly the word to describe it.

"Yes, exactly. However, your rest location has been altered. It was originally Alto, but Carn successfully took custody of the nation a few hours ago. It would not be wise to stop there. Now, you'll be resting on the Autonomy, a ship of the sky pirates, the Raven Claws." If Reid had a drink he probably would have spit it out at this point. He had originally served as a mechanic on that very ship, but snuck away a few years ago. This was abandonment to them, but if they were working in conjunction with the Tealian Special Forces, perhaps they would refrain from harming him... "It seems we have a common goal with them this time, though I suggest keeping Ms. Dian close to you while aboard that ship. I'm not exactly sure why they want this sacrifice stopped. Be careful, Reid. Also, do NOT forget to hide your scarf. If they were to find out it was the work of Tealia, they would surely charge into another war with us! With that being said, I will see you when you get back!" The headphone cut off, giving Reid no time to protest. I guess there's nothing to do now but wait... He thought to himself as he waited for the time to tick by.

Cell of Tylonstus, 11:50pm
"Madam, are you ready?" An old, raspy, female voice called from outside the thick, steel door. The girl stirring in the darkness did not reply, and the woman walked in anyways. She was an elderly looking woman, dressed in a plain white robe with a hood over her head. Her grey hair spilled out of the sides of the hood down to her sandaled feet, and her feathered wings taking a similar grey colouring. She approached the darkness, and grabbed hold of an arm within. As the arm was pulled into the light, it was shown to be a dainty one, with perfectly manicured fingernails, and skin so pale it was nearly white, like it had never seen sunlight before. A girl followed the arm. She was, to put it quite bluntly, a mess. She had dark blue hair that almost looked brown with the amount of filthy present in it, and you could even see the dust present on her soft face. She was dressed in a white shirt that was at least five sizes too big for her, falling down to her knees, and stained brown, and even her beautiful white wings were covered with a light dusting of brown, the odd few feathers missing here and there. She put up no fight, but rather followed without instruction out the door and into the real world for the first time in her life. The woman then entered a large brown carriage, beckoning the girl to come in after her. As the door was shut, and the carriage finally began, the two finally began to talk. "Are you sure you want to go through with this? If you want to run away now, I won't make any attempt to stop you..." The woman asked.

However, the girl shook her head from side to side in response, and finally opened her mouth. "I'd have nowhere to go. I know nothing of the world, and I have no real family. I was born to die, that's my purpose in this world."

"I see, and you really believe that?" The girl nodded her head. "Then I won't ask again... Ah, we're here..." Rose opened the door on her side, and stepped out to find herself just before a pedestal, masses and masses of people behind her. Some were cheering, some were booing, it all depended on how they interpreted this offering. A fairly large man wearing nothing but a white dress shirt and black dress pants underneath a robe approached the girl. While he was bald, he had a very long, black mustache that curled just above his lip, and he held a large golden staff in his right arm. He took Rose's hand and led her to the top of the pedestal, where he pressed a button on the staff which triggered a sharp, dagger like blade shooting from top.

"People of Carn!" The high priest's voice boomed as he threw his arms in the air, quieting the large, noisy crowd below. Sitting in a large throne before the crowd was the King himself, there to see his second daughter's blood spilled. His first daughter, Juliet, was not present for she was against the whole thing in the first place. She had visited Rose from time to time, and didn't want to see her only sister killed. The bishop put his staff on an angle, so that the blade was just before Rosaline's neck. The girl showed no change in emotion, a blank look still on her face with her arms tied behind her back, and her wings pinned back. "I give to you, the fourth offering of Tylonstus, Rosaline Dian, second daughter of King Dian!" The King gave a large grin at the mention of his name. He was a large man, muscular wise. In fact, he was quite the giant. He had large white wings, and long black hair that flowed down his black, a large crown on his head. He was dressed in your usual kingly robe, made of purple and dark blue materials, and a huge sword was seen at his waist for any soul unfortunate and stupid enough to try and attack him. The King raised his large, bulky hand to signal the sacrifice, and the sound of a life ending was heard.

However, it was not Rose's life. The priests staff fell out of his hands to the ground, as his body fell soon after, a large wooden arrow protruding from his chest. The crowd instantly became silent, not exactly sure how to respond to what was going on. Some began to flee for the exits, while the Carn soldiers began making attempts to scout for the killer. Rose just stood there, in shock about what was going on. Was someone trying to save her life? Her life that had no meaning? In the midst of the chaos, something took hold of her shirt and pulled her backwards off the pedestal, and onto the ground. When Rose opened her eyes again, she found herself looking up at the face of a boy. He had spiky brown hair, and a pair of goggles rested on his forehead. "Uh... sorry. Didn't really have any other way of getting you down without being seen, you see. Can you fly if I untie your wings?" Rose shook her head, indicating a negative response. "That's right, I guess you wouldn't have learned, being trapped in a cell all your life..." She could tell this boy was wingless, and she was very curious as to how he'd snuck in. Her question was answered however, as he threw a red board on the ground and cut the rope tying her arms together. He then proceeded by pulling a badge out of his coat pocket and showing it to her. "Teal Special Forces. My name is Reid Davies, and I'm a B class Wionus user. Now, if you'd please get on the board after me and hold on tight..." He stepped onto the board, and she stepped on behind him, wrapping her arms around his torso. Getting out of there was going to be a gamble...

Reid closed his eyes for a second, and the sound of wind rushing below them was heard. The sound intensified, and the board began lifting up into the air until it they were visible to everyone, including the King, who took out his sword in an outrage. Reid, on the other hand, paid it no mind and took off, leaving a storm of chaos in his wake. The two flew for about six hours, and the entire time the girl didn't speak, no matter how many times Reid attempted to make her do so. Eventually, they reached halfway to the ship, just barely at the border between Carn and Tealia. The sun was rising, and the world below them was a breathtaking sight, covered in fluffy white clouds. They were close to Alta at this point, maybe fifty kilometers to the north, and that was as close as Reid was intending on going. He was to meet the ship 3/4 of the way to Meredy, which meant he still had at least a three hour flight ahead of him. That was when things went awry, though. As if out of nowhere, the sky flashed yellow for a few moments, forcing the two to double over in pain. It was excruciating, especially in their heads. As you can imagine, doubling over on a board 9000 feet in the air was never a good thing, especially when you're knocked unconscious. The two plunged towards the ground below, no way to save themselves...

OOC: So, your characters don't have to become unconscious, mine just are due to fatigue. Now, who's going to be nice and save my characters? Maybe even dress Rose up in some decent clothes? XD
Don't forget you'll get the dot after the pain. The only mahstion type that's colour shouldn't be obvious is Wionus, and the colour for it is green.

July 17th, 2007, 6:58 PM
OOC: Why, Alicel will, since she lives in Alta. ^^ So I have dibs. ;3 Post coming~!

IC: "Oh well." Aertan sighed, closing the book he'd been holding open like the other stand-by priests who were there to help guide the Princess Rose's spirit safely to Tylonstus. The others had long dropped their books in the mess, as everyone tried to find Princess Rose. If anyone hadn't expected something to be done, it wasn't Aertan. Thus, when everyone started panicking and shouting and yelling, Aertan stood rooted to the spot, roughly brushing aside anyone who threatened to topple him over with his wings. Putting the book neatly on the floor Aertan ran a hand through his hair, before calmly walking through the crowd, parting it by picking up the people in front of him and placing them aside with Haeon't and Geon't scaring off anyone who dared say anything in protest. Aertan's home and church was not far from the pedestal, and the walk was short before he found himself standing before the Priests and Nuns who had raised him, all of them asking questions hurriedly, but with an air of dignity.

"The people passing by told us the Sacrifice escaped."

"That's correct." Aertan replied in a blank voice.

"You did nothing to find the Sacrifice?"

"You came straight back?"

That's correct. Aertan said nothing though. For what reason should he subject himself to wearing himself out more over a girl whom he'd only seen once? Tylonstus could surely wait until the girl was captured.

"Please, refrain from showing your hands to the public eye." Father said patiently. Aertan blinked and nodded, whipping Haeon't and Geon't back into their rightful places. As if leading a procession, the Father turned back into the church, Aertan, and the others who had greeted Aertan following him into the church. The large heavy mahogany doors shut behind them with a heavy thud, the church lit only by candle light, a policy that one could not bring creations that were not of Tylonstus into his home. Aertan walked silently past all the wooden benches, matching the grand door in which he had passed and called the doorstep to his only home and hosue. However, rather then following the Father behind the podium, at the grandest organ Aertan had ever seen, he turned and walked into a room off to the side. Nothing in particular ran through Aertan's mind, other then there would be trouble when the people came asking him whether he'd seen the kidnapper. Other then there would be trouble when the people came asking him whether he'd had any hand in the job.

Setting his fingertips on the doorknob to his small and dusy room, Aertan's eyes widened in surprise, something rare and shocking in itself. As if electrocuted, Aertan immediately withdrew his hand from the doorknob, and slapped his hand to his forehead. His red eyes dilated and un-dilated, as Haeon't and Geon't emerged from Aertan's wings, also writhing and trembling. The rose tattoo's on the hands burned and glowed with a bright blackness, but strangely enough, Aertan's tattoo did not glow. A firey red dot emerged behind Aertan's maroon colored bangs, noticed only by Haeon't who peeled the red lock of hair away from Aertan's face to get a better look, as Geon't continued to shriek in pain, though the tattoo no longer glowed with as much malice as before.

"I am not a curse."

"I am a blessing."

To cry is a virtue

To live is a SIN

"Alicel!" Ella called to me, "I think it's about time you went to bed, don't you?"

"That's alright Ella," I yelled back at my adoptive mother, "I want to finish watering the carnations!"

No. That wasn't true. It was long past dark, and the carnations had long since closed their petals to the outside world. What I would give to do that myself. Wearing my white nightdress that resembled a sundress in much too many ways, I took light steps around the garden in which I had cultivated. Cultivated before I had lost myself. Cultivated before I had lost my name. Florinen. It was a beautiful name, not fit for such an ugly girl as myself. Svartel. That's what I was. A girl from a ridiculed family who were so fearful they couldn't even protect their own pride. The flowers were beautiful. The flowers had no worries. The flowers here, had no name to live up to. They had already fulfilled everything. Squatting down beside the rosebushes I'd planted earlier today, they were actually mere mounds of soil, mixing with the earth around them. I reached out to pick up a clump of dirt with my fingers, which glowed like moonlight against the sheer blackness of the night. I stood up once I had the freshly watered soil on my hands, and let it fall back to the earth. Back to where it belonged.

"Alicel, you should go outside without your robes on you know." Reks, my adoptive father smiled at me, "You'll catch a cold!"

I smiled and said, "Don't worry about me, I'll be just fine."

"Ah, look there. A blood red star, perhaps?" Reks looked up at the sky.

I stared at him for a moment before turning around to look up where his head was tilted, but squealed when I felt an enormous gust of wind worthy of a tornado lift me right off my feet. Reks twisted his gnarled wooden walking stick in such quick circles that his hand was a blur, and when the tornado moved off to the blood star, I landed roughly back on the stone walkway. Looking up I realized why Reks had used his Wionus Mahstion. That was no star. It was no blood star. It was something else. Lifting up his other hand, the tornado moved with even greater speed as it moved to catch the falling star.

"The wind tells me that there are two people."

I laughed nervously, as the wind never said anything to Reks. He just liked to point out the obvious and credit it to the wind. It was unmistakeable, to see the two people and the red thing we'd mistaken as a blood star floating in the middle of the winds that crashed against against each other. It was only what a former mountain rescuer could do, and as I smiled, a splitting pain that felt like it had cracked my head open crossed me in a split second. Reks looked down at me when I held a hand lightly to my forehead which burned. Reks turned and called for Ella while I recovered from my sudden migrane.

"Ouch." I muttered quietly and bitterly to myself, loud enough for me to hear, but quiet enough so that Reks wouldn't question why there was so much malice in my voice.

"Oh goodness!" Ella said as she peered down into the tornado which had since grown smaller to keep the two off the ground, "What is this?!"

I knew immediately by looking at the girl. The Carn sacrifice.

"We should bring them to town." I stated quickly. It would be trouble to house an escaped sacrifice. A pain.

"Now," Ella said scoldingly, "If we did that to people we rescued, you wouldn't be here right now!"

I narrowed my eyes in a death glare as Ella and Reks turned back into the house to deal with the new guests. How dare that witch mention my roots to my face. I knew it was a careless slip of the tongue, but it was all I could do not to break the nearest irrigation system and crush the Florinen household. Instead, I marched inside and held my tongue, heeding Ella's every command. Blankets, one of my nightdresses, a brush, a rag, a bowl of warm water for the sacrifice's dirty hair. Ella loved playing nurse. I simply played my part, getting the only guest bedroom ready and spreading two thick blankets used for winter on the floor for a makeshift bed, and placing a normal blanket on top, fixing a pillow at one end, and tucking in the blanket on the other.

"The bedrooms are ready." I said, and Ella smiled, nodding. In five minutes time, the sacrifice already looked respectable enough to pass. But not by my standads. She was still wearing her T-shirt and grimy shorts. I resisted the temptation to cover my nose and mouth with my hand, and also the urge to puke when Ella stated that the nightdress I'd gotten was a tad too big. What, was she going to let that filthy sacrifice wear it?

No. I pressed my hand against the side of my head. Charity, Alicel. Charity. Besides. It's not like I have to wear that nightdress again. She can have it. That will pass for charity. Yes... that would pass for generosity, not vanity.

"Alright." I smiled and went to retrieve one of my older nightdresses I'd slightly outgrown.

I didn't know why I was being worked back and bone to accomodate a sacrifice but I bit back words, and bit my tongue down until I could taste the metallic blood of holding back my bitter complaints. After I finally placed the two glasses of water for the sacrifice and her apparent savior, I glared down at her as Reks used his gentle skills with his mahstion to lower her and the boy into bed. What a girl. Sacrifice to princess in the Florinen house all in one night. What a bundle of ridiculous luck.

And now, the Florinen house would get itself neck-high in trouble with Carn.

"That girl is the Tylonstus Sacrifice." I finally said.

"Hmm?" Ella said, "Well, that's alright, what happens in Carn has nothing to do with what happens in Alta, am I right?"

A naive look at life. But so be it. If the Florinen family name was scathed, I could simply revert to being a Svartel. A Svartel in Alta was a clean Svartel. And in Carn, I coud don a different name. Not Florinen or Svartel.

A new identity.

"What's that dot on your forehead Alicel?" Reks pointed his cane at my forehead as I watched Ella pull up the covers to the girls chin before moving to the makeshift bed to help the boy rest in a more comfortable position then the one that he'd ended up with when he'd crumpled the sheets I'd smoothed out so painstakingly.

"What dot?"

Alter Ego
July 18th, 2007, 1:25 AM
Lance Penderson was speechless. For anyone who knew the first thing about the crotchety old veteran, this would have been enough of a sign to deduce that something was terribly, terribly wrong. Lance Won't-freakin'-shut-up Penderson had always been the one to get the last word. Even on the battlefield where one of his lungs was impaled by a spear had he managed to slur out a stream of profanities about his enemy's mother, even after consuming enough alcohol to stun a donkey, long beyond the point where his brain had kept up, he had managed to mumble something incomprehensible, and no-one had yet to manage the feat of having him shut up about his war wounds - especially the left wing which ached like you wouldn't believe - but now...

The old man rubbed his eyes in disbelief, staring at his grimy fingers and trying to will them into looking like ten in a desperate attempt to dismiss the bizarre sight in front of him as another figment of his alcohol-addled mind. Much to his dismay, the fingers remained disappointingly in focus and a quick search through the pockets of his dirty bomber jacket confirmed that his spare comfort bottle remained firmly corked. The being in front of him - this wisp-like girl with her teal hair, wide, innocent puppy dog eyes and the belt of notebooks wound a full two times around her waist which seemed almost as thin as the length of rope holding the journals together - was indeed as real as everything else in the world. Yet she had done what was supposed to have been impossible: she had listened. Not only that, she had paid attention. For what must surely have been several hours, this peculiar apparition had just sat there and listened with an expression of intense concentration spread across her child-like face, everything from his war-time memories to his personal grudge list and regular moans she had listened to, and as if this wasn't enough she had asked for clarifications, specifics on the countless ailments - both imaginary and real - he had moaned about and to top it all off she had even offered him an ointment of her own design, which - she promised - should clean the wound right up, all the while scribbling down notes without even glancing at the words she put on paper. Normally, Lance would just have reached for his bottle and drunk himself out of the situation, but...well, this was a child, wasn't it? He may have been a foul-mouthed and miserable wretch, but somewhere at the back of the dark and unexplored reaches of his mind - albeit probably pickled in watered-down counterfeit vodka like the rest of his mind - his pride was still alive; he would not suffer the indignity of being outlasted by someone one fourth his age, especially someone with as flimsy a name as Faewyn.

This called for strategy, and when the stranger made a bad turn with the pencil - immediately spawning a small bruise on one of her knuckles - the old man lunged at the opportunity with the fervor of a drowning man spotting that last straw of grass which might just - by some unfathomable stretch of faith - support his weight.

"Gel, 'ave ya' 'ad dat fo' long?!" he exclaimed, pointing dramatically at the tiny bruise.

"Hmm?" Faweyn blinked, examining the abrasion with polite curiosity, "No, I just got it."

"No, no, not dat!" the old man croaked in what he himself considered pretty damn good fake astonishment, grasping the finger with his grimy hands, "I mean, d'ya get does a lot?"

"All the time." the girl replied airily, "It's just a little bruise."

"No!" Lance barked, "No, it ain't gel! Dat's wut a lot of 'em think, but it ain't! Dat dere's the first symptom of antioxymoronisilicosis! If ya' don't get dat treated right away it'll melt away all yer neurons fast as ya blink!"

"Really?" Faewyn gasped, here eyes widening in awe. Inwardly, the veteran sighed in relief. The hook was in place, now he'd just have to reel it in.

"I wouldn't tell ya no bull, gel!" he replied, vigorously rising up on his feet - and feeling the slight backlash of pain from the left one of his ragged, gray-feathered wings for doing so - and grasping one of the girl's arms to tow her along, "Don't talk, it'll only make it spread faster. Then you'll get all 'ese 'orrible spasms an'-"

He was cut off short as the sky suddenly flashed yellow, the thin girl flinching and nearly tumbling over. This was just too much for the old man. That ailment he had talked about, it was just made up, right? It wasn't like the bizarre concoctions of his mind were coming to life now, RIGHT?! No, of course it wasn't; all of it was obviously caused by this odd stranger, as soon as he put some well-needed distance between himself and her everything would go back to being normal again.

"See?!" he cried, "It's startin' already, gel! Don't move a muscle, I'll take ya' somewhere where 'ey can 'elp!"

With that, Lance promptly picked the girl up in a fireman lift, amazed by just how light she felt, and sprinted across the fields towards a house he knew in the distance. Yes, the Florinens had a thing for playing good Samaritans, didn't they? No doubt they'd take in the strange girl-child without question. At least...he hoped so. After all, this could really be serious, and he certainly didn't want a dead kid on his conscience at this point of his life.

The guilt welled up more and more in the old man as he came closer and closer to the building, his heartbeat quickening in panic. What if he didn't make it? What if the girl really died? What if everyone would think it was his fault? So flustered was he with these thoughts that he barged in without knocking, immediately charging through the front door and into the guest rooms.

"Quick!" he roared as loudly as his worn lungs would permit, "This gel' went all weak and faint like an' I didn't do anythin' to her but she just went like this when the sky flashed an' I thought I'd better bring 'er 'ere 'cause ye know more about 'ese thins' 'an I do an'-" he paused, his eyes finally catching up with his mind as he saw all the housefolk gathered in the room, just before his eyes shifted to Rosaline and Reid.

"Wat?" he rasped, despair etched in his features, "Wat' the 'ell is goin' on 'ere?". Faewyn, meanwhile, was observing the whole situation in her usual placid manner, offering everyone a friendly smile, seemingly oblivious to the fact that her head was lolling upside-down over the old man's shoulder, pencil and notebook still grasped in her hands. She was practically dying to say something, but in her current condition that wouldn't be good, would it? The spasm had really only hurt for a moment, but what if it was recursive? Her forehead did feel a bit sore, but without a mirror she couldn't check. Ohh...how she wished that she could write this all down right now, but that wouldn't do either. Hopefully the nice woman hanging from the ceiling would heal her quickly; Faewyn had a feeling that whatever she had just felt would be very important for "Faewyn's Complete Guide to Everything" and she didn't want to forget a bit.

July 18th, 2007, 9:25 AM
The clang of steel rang out time after time as the guard forced me to back up slowly, step by step. I had a small goldpurse clutched in my teeth from my last murder, but the guard had found me before I could get away. I had to keep him occupied before he could give the alarm. But he had seen me that meant I couldn't let him walk away alive...

He used a full straight sword with both hands, and automatically assumed that would give him an advantage, especially on a straight wall. I had to finish this quickly, before another patrol came, and he was good. I saw him preparing for an overhead strike, and quickly fell to my knees, bracing myself, allowing me to block the heavy blow as it crashed down. Surprised that his blow hadn't cut me in two, I forced myself up quickly, striking him in the face with my studded "glove" for my stump. Now, it wasn't as good as a gauntlet, but iron studs hitting you in the face have always hurt. He stumbled backwards, and the balance of the battle shifted catastrophically.

Now constantly trying to recover from my chain of fast strikes, he was the one who was moving. A sword that big and heavy was harder to block quickly. If he let his blocking slip long enough to attack, I'd run him through. My time was running out, I had to hurry. This close to the Alta border, patrols were very regular. Taking a risk, I stepped forward, making a lunging strike. Immediately, he brought his arms and blade down to block me, and I grinned as I stepped forward, turning as I did so. I caught the quillons of his blade against my edge with the blade braced over my shoulder, giving me more leverage than two hands would've, flinging it off into the night as I spun around, my blade flying over my shoulder, around my torso, and straight into his throat. He seized as a small trickle of blood began flowing from my strike, but no scream. I hadn't hit his jugular, but his windpipe. I couldn't afford a shout.

Strangely, as I did so, I felt a sharp pain in my head, not much worse than my usual headaches though, and the guards eyes moved to my forehead with shock. Then they lost their focus, glazing over as life fled from him. I drew my blade out, not bothering to wipe it off. I only kneeled long enough to pluck up a loose stone from the top of the wall, and set out into the night on near silent wings. I began to focus Eation into the stone, smoothing one surface continually, until it was as smooth as a mirror. It was a mirror. In the middle of my forehead, almost, but not quite obscured by my hair was a small dot, a deeper brown than my hair, nearly black. And it seemed to sparkle slightly, almost like a rich ore...

July 18th, 2007, 10:12 AM
OOC: Lex, accepted. Yay for short crappy posts. XD

Some say dreams feed off of a person's memories and project these memories back into a person's mind when they sleep, the person's state of mind affecting whether or not the memories are twisted into something surreal. Others say dreams do not exist at all, but rather they are figments of man's imagination, produced for no reason at all. Whether dreams are real or not doesn't really change the messages they try to relay to us. Anyone who has ever had a deja vu before could tell you that.

"Honey! What did he do to you!? Where are your- OH MY GOD!" The feminine voice cried out, not even fazing the boy before her. It was pouring rain amidst a lush forest, and it was difficult to see that the boy was crying. Another voice boomed, "You understand what this means, right? We have to..." Everything went dark, the boy left alone in eternal darkness. Then, all he could hear was voices, voices everywhere...

"Okay, who let a drunk in my roo- ...Aw, crap." Reid said in a tone that demanded attention, although coming from a kid that was hard to obtain. He looked around frantically, letting out a sigh of relief when he saw Rosaline sleeping nearby. Even still, they were in a strange house, with strange people all around. He made an approximation based on his location when he fell unconscious. "Is this... Alta?" He got out of the neatly made bed, and stood before the group, grabbing his board from nearby and placed it on his back. "My name is Reid Davies, I'm with the Tealian Special Forces... I'd show you my badge if I could find it..." He repeatedly checked his pockets over and over again, his face turning redder every time. Crap, it must have blown away when we fell... This was actually more problematic than it seemed, because chances were nobody would believe this kid was with the Tealian forces. "A-anyways, thank you, but we really must go, I have to get this girl to a rendezvous soon..." He walked over to the bed with Rosaline in it, and noticed a peculiar yellow dot on her forehead. Of course, he wasn't aware he had a green one on his. "I will have the Tealian forces send a reasonable reward to this house, but due to the circumstances surrounding Alta right now, I REALLY need to get her out of here."

July 18th, 2007, 10:53 AM
OOC: LUL, I'm so confused as to what's going on, so forgive me if this post seems to have no direction. < <;;

For the entire day, Alicel had busied herself with gardening, keeping a peeled eye for soldiers. But as usual, the town which could be reached only by a very unpleasant path had few visitors, and the Florinen family, (thanks to Alicel's short visit,) in as good graces with Carn as someone in a conquered country could be, was not intruded upon by anyone of Carn descent, other then the sacrifice. But Ella had called her inside with a basket of carrots and potatoes and celery earlier today, to help with dinner. But they were then intruded upon ever more by a man from town, with a girl over his shoulder. Alicel stared with light surprise at the girl who smiled at her from the man's shoulder. Was that position the best note-taking position for her to be in? How strange...

"Lance, breaaaathe." Reks said smiling as he took a few steps to the door, "It seems that tonight is going to be rather busy, as we have two kids who just fell out the sky!" Laughing to himself, he moved past Lance, "Would you like some vegetable soup? We have some leftover, I'll heat it up. I'm sure everyone's hungry at such a late hour."

"Oh, Alicel, will you help your father? He'll end up blowing the stove away, like last time. Then it'd be best for you to dish out lets see... seven bowls? Well, maybe just five, seeing as the other two are still sleeping." Ella said holding up five fingers to Alicel, who smiled and nodded, hurrying to the kitchen and starting a fire underneath the stove.

"I'll get the bowls~" Reks said, lifting his cane.

"No!" Alicel stopped him hastily, "That's alright, I'll get them. You go and... find more blankets for another bed, how's that?"

Reks smiled, "Sounds peachy!" And he clunked away to search through the closets. Sighing in relief after saving seven bowls, Alicel lined them up neatly around the table as she pulled out a metal ladle, and stirred the soup which had sat covered where it was for the past hour. Making sure it wasn't scalding hot, Alicel quickly dished out five bowls of soup, and placed four on a tray, before lifting it and carrying it into the guest bedroom, which seemed to be the new congregation room.

"Well it's very nice to meet you Reid, this is Alta, and you need not go to the trouble of finding your badge, nobody here will doubt you for a second. You are, after all, with the Carn Sacrifice, for whatever reason." Reks was saying after Reid had finished talking, introducing everyone as common courtesy, "I am Reks, this is a friend, Lance, and seemingly a friend of his, the girl over his back, and this is my wife Ella. Ah, and at the door now is Alicel-" However, his wife quickly interuppted him at this point.

"Oh, but, are you sure you want to leave right away? The poor girl's still sleeping!" Ella was saying, not quite through playing hostess, as she moved over to place the tray in Alicel's hands on the now cluttered nightstand, "After all, we should at least let her change into some proper clothes before you leave. Or perhaps have a bowl of soup? Alicel's gone to the trouble of heating it back up."

"If the boy wants to leave Ella," Reks said, carrying a huge mess of blankets, "Then we shouldn't hold him back. Perhaps he's in hurry to meet the Taelian forces."

"Or maybe he's being pursued by Carn soldiers." Alicel muttered to herself sarcastically, saying the only logical and obvious point that Ella and Reks seemed not to register. But she quickly replaced her sweet mask. What a dawdling family. The kid and the sacrifice wanted to leave, but Ella was still insisting on them staying. It wasn't as if Carn soldiers came knocking on our door everyday, but this was a special case. But Ella seemed to have come to ends with her unavoidable predicament.

"If you would like," Alicel said sweetly, "You can have that nightdress, so she'll have something a little nicer to wear once she wakes up."

July 18th, 2007, 11:16 AM
"Err... Alright Bardrin, let's get this right." Bardrin raised his mighty great sword with both hands. This simple task was getting harder and harder as the day passed by because of the weight of the metal weapon. His arms were sore from swinging the blade repeatedly at the giant trees in the forest where the soldier trained for two weeks of every month. So far he had been able to chop down three trees with nothing but his great sword in one day, but he was hopping for at least two more before the sun hit just below the horizon to end the day.

The brown blade reflected what little light made it's way through the thick brush of leaves the trees carried. "I think I have about three more hours before nightfall hits," Bardrin grumbled to himself. He looked at the damaged three that stood before him. "We're going to cut this one down and then quickly finish off the one that sits to it's right." He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Suddenly his eyes snapped open and he lunged forward at the tree.

Bardrin swung the blade, hitting the tree and cutting into the right of the light grey bark. "Not good enough. Hit it harder," Bardrin thought to himself just before he hit the tree trunk. The soldier jumped up and hit the tree in the same motion, this time with more power behind the swing. He could hear the sound of wood and metal striking each other as he made a quick combo by pushing himself up by using a nearby branch and then striking it higher up. Bardrin threw the great sword to the ground and flipped off of the branch and onto the ground below. To his amazement, he had landed before the blade and got to watch as the sharp end quickly stuck itself into the soft ground.

Before picking up the sword, Bardrin looked up at the tree to see his work thus far. Not much of deference, but you could see two deep gashes in the side of the large oak. "This time I should be able to slice completely through." Bardrin coughed and pulled his sword out of the ground. Time to finish off the three, but first he had to focus. Once again he closed his eyes and took in a deep breath. Like before, his eyes snapped open and he ran as fast as his large body would carry him at the wooden plant.

Bardrin jumped just a few feet away from the tree and continued to run up the tree's trunk until he reached the section with the largest gash. "You're finished!" Bardrin launched his final attack, but before he could make his final attack a sudden shock through his head made him roar out in pain. He threw the blade off to the side and went to push off of the tree. Another shock of pain went off in his head and before he could reach the ground, Bardrin fainted and hit the ground flat on his back.

Four Hours Later

"Mr. Karson sir. Wake up Mr. Karson sir."

Bardrin opened his eyes slowly and looked up to see a woman he knew from the town he lived in. Her name was Anavilia Pupitson, but everyone called her Anna. She was a very old lady, some guessed she was the oldest in the town and that wouldn't be hard to believe as she was almost eighty-nine years old. Bardrin sat up almost as slow as he opened his eyes. There she was with a bowl of water by her right side and to her left was her grandson Joseph who was holding another bowl, only this one held tons of nuts and berries.

"Here Mr. Karson, have a glass of water," Anna said. She snapped at her grandson and he pulled a glass cup out of the bowl he was carrying. The old lady pulled a clean white towel out of her pocket and wiped out the glass and then dipped into the water to her right. Bardrin took the glass of water and thanked the nice woman. He quickly put the rim of the glass to his lips and chugged down the cool water.

"It's good to see that you are all right Mr. Karson." Anna took the glass from Bardrin and handed it back to Joseph. "Me and young Joe he saw the whole thing. We were just coming back from the river when we noticed you training as you usually do. We didn't want to walk by incase that great big sword sliced one of us in half so we decided to rest and watch you for a bit. When you went for that last strike we noticed that you threw down your blade and right after that your body turned over and you fell strait down.

"Joseph ran out before me as I'm not as fast as I once was," the old lady continued. "For a second there we thought that you had died because of the fall you had just experienced. Joe here checked for a pulse and any broken bones, but nothing bad seemed to have happed to you. We debated for a few minutes if someone should go get help for you, but neither one of us wanted to leave you out here in the woods so we sat here for about four hours. It wasn't until a few minutes ago that we noticed that you were starting to mumble in your sleep, so we thought that was a sign that you were coming back to your senses. It took us about five minutes to wake you up, but we did it." Anna smiled at Bardrin after she had finished the story.

"Thank you Ms. Anna," Bardrin said weakly. He was currently having a rough time breathing, but that usually happened after he hit the ground from that high up from the ground. "I think we should head back to town as it's now dark. Even though I can see really well in the dark I need to sleep a little bit longer to rest up my sore body." Bardrin slowly got to his feet with the help of Joseph.

"Uh... Mr. Karson. My grandmother forgot to mention one more thing," Joseph said as he backed away to his grandmother's side. "About four hours ago, when he came to check on your condition, there was a black dot in the center of your forehead. I've never seen anything like it, but if you would like to see then you can take a look at your reflection in the bowl of water right here." Joseph picked up the bowl and handed it to Bardrin.

For a second Bardrin thought that Joseph was joking, but it didn't take him long to realize that he was telling the truth. Right in the center of his forehead was a perfectly round black dot. Bardrin rubbed at it thinking that it was nothing but a piece of dirt or something, but it wouldn't come off. "Where the hell did that come from?" Bardrin asked himself.

July 18th, 2007, 6:11 PM
"REID! WHERE ARE YOU!? WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" The same voice in his ear from the night before boomed into his ear suddenly, and like before it made Reid shift his posture uncomfortably. "YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MEET THE SHIP TEN HOURS AGO!" Reid once again sighed, and readjusted the earbud in his ear, before speaking aloud before the group.

"Ten hours? I didn't realize it's been that long. Sorry, I had a little detour. Seems I'm in Alta now, actually. I'll take my punishment when we make it safely back to Meredy..." In a worst case scenario, he'd be locked up for a week or two for screwing up, but since Reid worked under Commander Milo, she'd probably cut him some slack. "So, shall I prepare to leave and then head to the rendezvous, or would the commander rather have me do something else?"

"Ah, good to see you're still alive. The commander was starting to have doubts." Reid rolled his eyes at this statement. Commander Milo treated him like her son, if anything she was in withdrawal from not having him around to preach to. "The commander would like you to wait at your current location for the Raven Claws to pick you up. It probably won't be until morning until they arrive, so I suggest picking a place to stay where Carn troops won't find you. Anyways, ending the transmission!" The earbud went quiet, and Reid looked to the group before him once more.

"So, uh... it seems we'll be staying the night. However, are you sure you want to house us? I'm under the understanding that Carn has control of Alta right now. If they were to find Rosaline here, I can't guarantee your safety..." Rosaline began stirring in her bed, and eventually sat up, a blank stare on her face as she attempted to process what was going on, and where she was. She looked panicked for a moment as she realized she wasn't wearing her usual outfit, and looked to Reid.

"Where's my flute?" She said meekly, and Reid shrugged casually as if it wasn't a big deal. "I need my flute, my flute is me. It's all I have..."

"Fine, fine. Has anyone seen her flute? It was probably with her old clothes..." His head shot up like he had an idea, an ingenious idea! "COULD ANYONE GIVE HER A BATH!?" Any normal person probably would have died laughing at that random outburst. It was almost an offensive way of wording it, as if she was some sort of filth that needed cleansing. Well, she was covered in some sort of filth... "I mean, uh, she's probably very beautiful when she's not covered in so much dirt and grime... Also, is anyone here capable of teaching her how to fly? She has no clue how to use her wings... And is there a town nearby? I need to look into picking up some supplies." Question, requests, more questions. You'd think he'd shut up at some point. This wasn't a charity.

July 18th, 2007, 6:53 PM
OOC: Shameless amount of powerplaying/bunnyig, but to get things done, I have permission to drag Rosaline here and there. < <;; ... And there and here. We can let Tere-chan deal with the flying. :3 So Faewyn (sp?) has something to do.

Alicel immediately headed for the door when Reid asked if anyone could set a bath for the sacrifice, but she was not as quick as she'd hoped. Ella's vicegrip was already on Alicel's shoulder, dragging her back as she said with a sweet smile and honeyed grin, "Why, of course! Alicel will set the water immediately, and in the meantime, she can wash the nightdress the poor girl is wearing at the moment and give her a new set that's more fit for walking about in. How about your purple skirt and white shirt Alicel? You haven't worn those in awhile! After all, you said yourself that purple doesn't compliment your eyes!"

Alicel masked her face of utter contempt behind a face of kind happiness, "Of course! I'll go start the water now."

Ella smiled back and said, "Thank you, you're such a help."

'No frickin' ay.' Alicel thought ruefully as she walked with a light step out of the room but proceeded to march ungracefully through the halls, muttering to herself after the door to the guest room swung back in place. Water for a bath, and soap and more water and soap for the laundry. Dropping the plug into the drain at the bottom of the tub, Alicel waved her hand up and down as water gushed into the tin tub to her right and the smooth granite tub to her left. She never bothered to use the faucet because the water never gushed out fast enough for her.

Clunking back to the guest room, Alicel poked her head through the door, immediately smearing a smile across her face, "Water's ready."

"Good!" Ella said, lifting up the girl who was still on the bed with ease, and setting her in the doorway like a ragdoll, "I'll go pick out an outfit, how's that??"

"What?" Alicel said, looking around the girl, "That's alright, I can get it-"

"But what if she accidentally drowns??"

"... What?" Alicel repeated, "I have to-"

"You said she's a sacrifice right? Look at her!" Ella said her eyes shining with dramatic tears just to get Alicel to do it without complaint, "The poor girl probably doesn't even know what a bath is!"

Alicel raised an eyebrow, "And if she does, that statement was probably really offensive Ella." Sighing, Alicel put on yet another mask over her original sweet one which was being eaten away by her utter frustration, and took the sacrifice's hand and mostly dragged her to the water room. Maybe if she'd lived as a maid before she'd come to live with the Florinen's, this would be quite so awkward. But, keeping true to a kind sisterly aura, Alicel smiled and said, "I'm sure you'd rather bathe in the granite tub rather then this puny tin one, so uh... I assume you... know what to do..."

She was losing the mask. It was slipping off like jello! BUT... It wasn't as if Alicel was going to tell her, "To take a bath you take off your clothes and get into the water."

"Ugh." Alicel slapped her forehead and hung her head over the steam of the tin tub, the water in the laundry basin at a much higher temperature then the actual bathing tub itself, "I'm going to die of embarassment."

'No! If I look at it this way... She's technically just a sacrifice. Certainly not worth all this embarassment. But nonetheless, I'm sure anyone would feel strange watching someone else take a bath...' Alicel sighed and swallowed her pride.

"So, you er... take off your clothes," She said stiffly, pointing at the tub, "And uh, just soak in the water. You can use soap to get off the grime, and this one over here is for your..." Alicel couldn't help but pause as her stomach flip-flopped at the grime in the sacrifice's hair, "Beautiful navy hair." She finished lamely, mentally slapping herself.

Letting out a huge breath, Alicel felt like she was about to drop dead with exhaustion. What a troublesome sacrifice.

"SO you do that! I'll be back in like, two seconds!" Alicel said, escaping from the room and vowing to shoot Ella for escaping the job. Taking her time to walk from the hall to her room, Alicel slammed the door open hard enough so that there was a quite visible dent in the wall from the doorknob as she trudged over to her closet and pulled out a dark blue skirt that respectively reached the upper arch of Alicel's kneecaps, (the last time she wore them at least,) and an off-white shirt that had a loose collar that sat freely around the tops of her shoulders and around her collarbone. The shirt had never been something Alicel had liked, as exposing her neck was also against Alicel's rules. The shirts sleeves ended a third of the way to her wrists and the small pieces past the elbow were wavy and elegant.

"Sacrifice doesn't deserve such a stylish outfit." Alicel said quietly to herself, "But whatever."

Tossing them into a pile and gathering it all up, along with a pair of socks, Alicel now hurried back, realizing that Ella's statement that the girl could drown was very much valid.

And a good half hour of scrubbing later, (so many years of grime. Alicel could've puked.) the girl was worth presenting.

"Whew!" Alicel said, as she stabbed the white nightdress, T-shirt, and shorts that Rosaline had originally been wearing in the tin tub with a stirring stick, "Well that took a long time. Let's go see if the others approve, okay?" She said, having successfully regained her composure. Tossing the laundry stick over her shoulder without a care of where it landed, Alicel might not've regain all of her composure, but enough of it.

"Where's Ella?" Alicel asked when she'd dragged the sacrifice into the kitchen.

"She took that Reid boy to town. He needed supplies, remember?" Reks said over a glass of warm water, a strange looking flute sitting on the table in front of him.

Alter Ego
July 19th, 2007, 12:57 AM
OOC: Flying instruction from Faewyn? Well, it's Rosaline's funeral. xD Faewyn's the type to answer or explain anything you ask about, so why not? :3


As the strange boy woke up - announcing that he was a special forces agent - it became even harder for Faewyn to sit still. After all, she has yet to interview an agent and the sheer amount of information that the boy might have been able to procure was staggering. Lance, on the other hand, was not nearly as ecstatic. He didn't need this, he really didn't. Associating with special agents and hunted sacrifices and goodness knew what else was going to give him nothing but trouble and he knew it. Besides, he knew better than to accept anything served by Alicel...especially when she had that look on her face. The others may have mistaken it for genuine happiness, but Lance had experienced enough to notice the ferocious beast snarling behind the bars of that toothpaste-commercial smile and knew that he didn't want to be there when it broke out.

"Nah, nah, don' bother yerselves on mah account." he replied hastily, placing Faewyn on the floor as fast as he could without hurting something, "I should really be goin' already. Lots ta do, busy busy, ya' know?" he began backing off slowly but deliberately, as if a coiled viper had taken up residence in the room and would lash out at the first hasty motion. Noticing the slightly anxious look in Faewyn's eyes, he briefly paused his retreat to clear away the emergency lie:

"Jus' have some soup, gel." he whispered quietly, "It'll clear 'at right up."

Much to his relief, Faewyn nodded, apparently having swallowed the second lie just as unquestioningly as the first.

"Right 'en." Lance remarked, bowing clumsily as a form of courtesy, "I'll be on mah way 'en. Good day an' all." with that and a last wave to everyone in the room, he walked out with carefree calm right to the point where he was sure no-one would hear or see him, after which he ran off as quickly as he could. The Florinens may have been ready to put their necks on the line for complete strangers, but he sure as hell wasn't. He didn't need this. What he needed was a drink; a big one, right about NOW.


Faewyn, meanwhile, brightened up considerably as Alicel arrived with the soup tray. Carefully placing her writing implements on the floor, she grasped a bowl with both hands and - seemingly oblivious of how hot the soup was - took a fair drink of the liquid and quickly gulped it down. It was hot, really hot, and would most likely leave her tongue stinging for a long while, but Faewyn seemed unbothered by the prospect. After all, this was the cure to the terrifying antioxymoronisilicosis; it probably needed to be like that to kill off the disease. As soon as she had swallowed her gulp, however, Faewyn immediately placed the bowl down on the floor and grabbed her notebook and pencil again, nonchalantly turning her feet into lotus position and balancing the notebook against the small grove formed between her legs. As soon as the notebook was in position, Faewyn's pencil hand darted off into action, beginning to fill the blank paper at a breakneck pace.

"Thank you." she trilled, beaming at the others, "It was so hard not to get to say or write anything, I've got to write this down right now in case I get antioxymoronisilicosis again because I can't write my book if I'm not allowed to move my pencil and I don't think I'd like to lose my neurons either. I'm Faewyn, by the way, Faewyn Ayre; very nice to meet you, you were Ella, Recks, Reid, and Alicel right?" she nodded at each person in turn as she named them, instinctively flipping back the filled page in her notebook and starting out on the next, "I've got to get this right because otherwise it would look really silly when my book gets famous and it turns out that you're called by someone else's name. Wouldn't that be silly? What's in the soup? Is it the ingredients that cure antioxymoronisilicosis or is it because it's scalding hot?" Having finished her first stream of questions, the girl finally took a breath again the intake of fresh air slightly soothing her scalded tongue as she left a dent in the speech department which Reid effectively filled by requesting a bath, a change of clothes, and flying lessons for the as-of-yet-unnamed girl (Faewyn made a mental note to confirm the name a bit later). Alicel was immediately volunteered for the first two, duly ushering the still unnamed little thing out of the room before any more questions could be asked.

"She's...never flown?" Faewyn asked, her eyes wide in astonishment as the full brunt of what she had just heard struck her, "Ohh! I can help with that!" she volunteered enthusiastically, "I've got lots of notes on flying here, just a minute!" hastily scratching down the last of her current notes, Faewyn turned to consulting the multitude of journals around her waist, tracing their worn spines with her right index finger as if the simple feel of the notebooks could tell her of their contents, all the while mumbling quietly under her breath; "Let's see...fashion (A.D.)...FAQs...flamingos...flooring inspectors...I know it's here somewhere. Ah-hah!" she suddenly leapt up with a triumphant expression, detaching one of the countless journals in a well-honed motion and holding it up like a trophy - her index finger placed at a specific point between the pages - "Flying." she remarked matter-of-factly, lowering her hand again. Reid had left without her noticing - a slight disappointment, but not nearly enough to dampen Faewyn's spirits. Noting that the action seemed to have moved into the kitchen, she decided to do the same, arriving just in time to see Alicel walk into the room with the unnamed girl in tow.

"Ohh...how pretty!" Faewyn - never one to avoid displays youthful exuberance when she could help it - exclaimed, clapping her hands. It was true, compared to the ragged, vaguely human mound of dirt that had left the room the girl in front of her was like a completely different person. Well, the solemn expression was still the same, but the bath and the new clothes had made a world of difference.

"Hello." Faewyn said brightly, extending a hand to the still unnamed one, "I'm Faewyn, nice to meet you. What's your name?" Just then, she came to think of what Ella had said before, speaking up again: "Oh yeah, I almost forgot. You aren't used to handshakes, are you? Don't worry, there's nothing to it; just reach out your hand, grab mine and then shake it up and down a little. It's how we say 'hi'."

July 19th, 2007, 9:53 PM
Rosaline, well... she was confused as hell, but refrained from saying anything that may accidentally insult the strange people that for some reason, were being nice to her. It was a perfectly natural reaction from someone who had the social experience of a dog that had been abandoned and beaten by people it attempted to take scraps from. After taking that thing - a bath was it? - everything felt foreign to her. The way things felt when she touched them, the feeling and look of her skin and hair. She couldn't help but wonder if that was what beauty was. Why, her hair was even styled now, with the bangs brushed off to the side! And she was wearing normal clothes! Clothes with colour of all things! She was thankful to the girl - Alicel - but couldn't help but get the feeling Alicel didn't like her. She was quickly thrust into contact with another girl, Faewyn, who offered a strange gesture to her, her hand. Rose extended her hand towards Faewyn's curiously, and cautiously took hold of it. Meekly, she shook up and down, introducing herself. "My name is Rosaline... but you can call me Rose if you want." She had noticed her flute earlier, and picked it up and put it away within her outfit. "Umm, where's Reid? I wanted to play my flute for him after you teach me how to fly..."

"Damnit, they have wanted posters out already?" Reid spat as he looked up at the old cork bulletin board in the center of the village. The drawing of his likeness was pretty pathetic, but they had a photograph of Rosaline up. "Hopefully they cleaned her up well... Hey Ella, you know about girls, right? Well, I was going to get some food and other supplies, but I was also thinking of getting Rosaline something. She's been locked away for a long time, she doesn't really have any material objects other than her flute... I just don't know what to get her. So, I kind of need some help..." His face turned a bit red as he looked the woman in the eyes. It wasn't like he was trying to make a move on Rose, it was just he felt sorry for her. "Of course, I could just leave it, she probably wouldn't care either way anyways..."

Alter Ego
July 20th, 2007, 3:30 AM
"Alright then." Faewyn replied to Rosaline's introduction, her smile widening, "Rose it is, gotcha." as soon as the handshake was finished she once again consulted the partly filled notebook and deftly jotted down 'Rosaline (Rose)' along with a quick description of the girl and a side-note about the flute before speaking up again.

"He probably went to get something." she remarked in response to the younger girl's inquiry, "Being a special forces agent has got to be a really busy job, but I'm sure he'd love to listen when he comes back." there was not even a trace of doubt in the way Faewyn said 'when he comes back', even though she honestly didn't have a clue of what kind person Reid was or where he had gone; to her mind the boy's timely return was intuitively obvious.

"Bet he'll be really surprised when he sees you..." she babbled on happily, the whole scene playing out in her mind's eye, "...especially when he sees you flying too." Yes, the flying...the only reason Faewyn wasn't bombarding the poor girl with questions was because her mind was preoccupied with the one thing she was even more passionate about than gathering information: sharing it. Her speech finished, Faewyn proceeded to examine Rosaline's wings. Cleared from years of dirt and grime they had now returned to their beautiful pure white color, but just as obvious as their potential splendor was the neglect they suffered from. Not having been flapped a single time, the wings looked as tawny as the rest of Rosaline's body, hanging limply from her back. Faewyn shook her head just a little bit, her long ponytail swinging back and forth in unison, not even her optimism could make flight in that condition a likely scenario. She was, however, far from considering giving up, quickly consulting yet another one of her notebooks, flicking through the pages until she reached the heading of 'wingcare'.

"Alright." Faewyn said simply, walking past the girl before turning to face her back and dropping to a crouch, placing the open notebook on the floor next to her, "Rose, I'm going to need you to stand still and tell me when you get a kind of stinging feeling in your back. This may hurt a bit, but it will get better, alright?"

Taking the girl's silence as that of consent, Faewyn slowly traced the area where Rosaline's wings connected with her back with her hands, turning to consult the rough sketch of a winged human's back that had been scribbled on it, stopping now and again to double-check the mess of footnotes and arrows that had been scrawled on top, "Let's see..." she mumbled under her breath, "Lower wing muscles...that should be right about...yeah, this should be it.". Finally settling on the spot, she proceeded with a kind of makeshift massage, trying to make the somewhat rough movements relatively painless. If Rosaline really hadn't used her wings at all, then the only way to get them back into shape was to revive all the neglected back muscles...one at a time, and needless to say: body parts that had been left to their own devices preferred to stay that way. Hopefully Rosaline didn't have a too low threshold for pain.

"Oh, and could someone fetch a chair or stool or something for her?" Faewyn added, casting a brief glance at Reks and Alicel, "This could take a while."

Sal Kar
July 20th, 2007, 7:17 AM
hey sweet, mind if i join? if not thats cool.

Age: 29
Gender: male
Nationality: Underneath
Class: Young Pirate
Mahstion Type: Eation

Weapon Class: Kazetikon, a bow that sucks the soul out of anyone that kazu kills, the more souls the sword has the more powerful it becomes. Its made of the bone of fallen soldiers, the string is made out of plants that his kin stole from one of the floating cities. They say when he shoots the bow, you can here the dieing wail of your allies in place of a whistling arrow.

Appearance: Kazu is quite tall, infact, hes taller then everyone he knows. he obviously doesnt have wings, being from the underneath. Hes got scars covering his body due to his long years of servie with the space pirates.

Personality: Kazu seems to have a split personality, while in battle, he goes into a blood lust, sometimes killing other around him. When ever off battle, he always has a tense feeling about him. He doesnt like being ordered around, even by his elders and higher ranks. He usually off battle spends time thinking off new strategies to use against his flying sucsessers.

History: Kazu's family was taken from him when he was age 3, it was a cold night, beta, was attempting an attack on there beloved village. His parents were drafted as most of the army had already fallen and that seemed like the only hope. When they left him, they said "wait for us here kazu...." and so he waited, he waited for days, he refused to eat. But finally, he knew his parents would never be coming back. So he dedicated his life to the total eradication of all winged people!

July 20th, 2007, 8:28 AM
Ella was positively elated. It was like all her organs suddenly bubbled up to her throat, as she tried her very hardest not to let out a girlish squeal that was something that may have been normal for her if she had been twenty years younger. Instead, she regained her posture, smoothed out her skirt with her hands, and cleared her throat, thinking of what a girl who'd been locked up all her life would want.

"Well," Ella began, "You have to take into account that the girl has been locked up for her entire life, thus, her preferences are probably not the same as a normal girl. But, if I were you, I would get her something every prisoner wants." Ella grinned and glanced back at Reid's wanted poster, staring at it for a few minutes before doubling over in laughter. Such was the amazing skill of Carn! What a hideous portrait! Nobody would guess the young man standing next to her was the beast on the poster. Ahhhh, well.

"You've already given her freedom, haven't you?" Ella asked holding the edge of her wicker basket against her side, "I think, something that has a key to it might be a wonderful present. I've never known anyone like er..." Ella glanced at the wanted poster and the people also looking at it, "Her, so I can only guess. You know her better then any of us though, perhaps you can think of something that might go with her personality. We can stop by the randoms store after you get what you need. Ah, I need to stop by the butchers myself..."

- - - - -

"Right away!" Reks said waving his cane and a bar stool clumsily slid over, propelled by a short gust of wind. Alicel automatically pressed her skirt down when the stool whooshed past her. Her mind was hardly on concealing her underwear though, as she watched the sacrifice with no particular emotion in her eyes. While she stared at the sacrifice, Reks' eyes opened to reveal a pair of sharp blue eyes, which glared intensely at Alicel, who wrenched her gaze away and reluctantly sat down. Reks' eyes closed again and he smiled, "There now. Let's not interrogate the girl tonight, maybe tomorrow morning." He said this as if the other two weren't even in the room, which made Alicel slap her forehead in embarassment.

So much for discretion.

It was true though. Inside, Alicel was being ripped to shreds by the effort of trying not to ask Rosaline if she knew anything about Svartel. She doubted she did, as she'd been locked up, and while she'd been bathing, Alicel had taken the distinct note that she had no tattoo on her left hand, a fact that Reks and Ella had obviously overlooked. She wouldn't know anything more then what she needed to know: She was to die for her religion. In truth, Alicel had pitied the girl at first sight. There was very little about her to be jealous of. But now that she was clean, she was a sight for sore-eyes, that was sure. Pressing the heel of her palm into her cheek, Alicel couldn't help but feel immense jealousy for her wings. They were pure white and feathered- certainly an angel's wings. Not like her own, which were near impossible to see in the dark. And her hair was a rich color, not straw and sandy like Alicel's. Clenching her hand into a fist, Alicel averted her gaze, and tried to think of something else.

Anything other then the princess who sat a mere five feet away from Alicel.

- - - - -

"And did you see him? His face? What he was wearing?" The man asked, and I sat there, silent for a very very long time. When I could see that his patience was about to reach the bare limit, I finally uttered my answer with pure contempt in the single syllable.


The man seemed extremely frustrated, as he glared at me. But no glare could match my own at the moment. I had a splitting headache, Haeon't and Geon't were extremely interested in ripping off this man's head for annoying me, and I was in a situation I dearly wished I wasn't in. I sighed as he asked more pointless questions.

"Why did you, make no effort to capture the boy when he was right next to you? After all, the other priests were in the air the minute the boy took Rosaline away, why did you not pursue him?"

"Those are my reasons."

The man looked as if he were about to strangle Aertan in frustration. But I said nothing to provoke him further, so he suggested one thing, "To clear your name in suspicion of treason against the Great Tylonstus, we request that you go off and search for Rosaline along with the others."

"I see." I muttered glancing at the knuckles on his wings which were spinning around like tops, trying to get out, "But I might point out that it has been a full day since she escaped. She could very well be in territory in which Carn-born residents are not welcome. Thus, I will not lower myself to their standards, simply to find a sacrifice in which I care not in the least for."

The man clenched his fist and narrowed his eyes, "Fine," he said through clenched teeth, "Just report it to someone else, and we shall handle it from there. You are to leave immediately." He stated in a more professional way, standing up, "It was stated that he flew towards Alta, and so, that is your destination."

Alta was the place that weird girl who had come looking for me lived. I had successfully dodged her by asking the librarian to give her the wrong address as to where I lived. Why I needed to be in the public records as a rumored Svartel was beyond me. So that everyone and anyone could come and gawk at me? Well, I wasn't a show dog, but I would certainly take on the task of hunter if they would stop bugging me about it. And just to spite that rude old fag, I decided that even if I found her, I would state that she as in a different location. In this way, she would be indebted to me so that if I ever needed something from her, I could easily get it. And if I found that capturing her had something in it for me, I would do just that. Not an enemy, not an ally... Aertan smiled a rare smile at the back of the old mans graying scaly wings, his grin waxy and far from happy.

Perfect. It was time to seek out that girl, rather then avoid her.

Standing up, he flinched and fell ack into his seat.

Once this headache was gone, at least.

July 20th, 2007, 8:59 PM
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Sorry for another crappy quality post. I'll stop putting them off 'till 1am. XD

"Uh, thanks?" Reid replied with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Ella hadn't exactly told him enough to decide upon a gift very accurately. Sure, he had been with her for like... eight hours, but she barely talked at all, so it was difficult to decide upon a gift. Then again, how hard could it be to buy for the girl who had nothing? But wait! The flute! Maybe he could get her something for her flute! She always had it with her, and she treated it like someone would their one true love. It was her heart, her soul, her faith, her trust. He looked around the small town, and eventually he caught a look at a music store. "I'll just be a second, Ella. You can probably go to the butcher while I'm gone." And with that, he wandered into the store. From the outside, it didn't look like much. A run down shack with a sign on it, if you will. The interior, however, was neat and organized. It had instruments from alto saxophones, to xylophones, with accessories for each instrument located nearby. He quickly located the flute section, and found TWO perfect gifts. He quickly purchased them, and went out to meet Ella again. "So, are we ready to head back now? I've gotten what I came for..."

Rose winced over and over again as Faewyn massaged - if you could call it that - her wing muscles. Occasionally, she would make eye contact with Alicel, only to sense some form of hostility, and turn away. It was obvious that Rose had forgotten Faewyn's instruction, for she was not informing the masseuse when it began to sting... which was like every three seconds at this point. She didn't care though, she had her flute, and she really wanted to play for everyone. To feel needed, like she was good at something, that's all she wanted. That's all she'd EVER wanted. But she felt drawn to Reid especially for some reason. Sure, he was younger than her, but it was the first contact she'd ever had with a guy that was nice to her. Being socially deprived, perhaps she was naively crushing on him without knowing what crushing actually was. "Say, FaeWYN." Her voice jolting at another burst of pain. "What are boys like?" Her regularly pale face turned somewhat red at the question. She wasn't exactly sure why she was asking. Curiosity? No, curiosity killed the cat. But still, it was pretty much pathetic that she knew nothing of guys. It really made you wonder what she DID know.

Alter Ego
July 21st, 2007, 3:10 AM
Faewyn simply continued with her work when Reks mentioned interrogation, nonchalantly propping Rosaline up on the provided bar stool - that summoning technique sure was handy, she made a mental note of asking about it later. Perceptive of physical events she might have been, but when it came to noticing intangible things - such as Alicel's glaringly obvious envy - she was truly blind as a bat, accepting most things purely at face value. The old man had been nice and spoke in a friendly manner so the girl thought little of the odd choice of words and found herself a bit puzzled by Alicel's discomfort. To Faewyn's mind it was a simple fact that if you wanted to know something you asked; things like subtlety and unspoken rules had never quite stuck with her.

"Boys?" the girl echoed rather loudly at Rosaline's question, effectively ensuring that anyone in the vicinity who might have missed the question the first time around didn't do so now. The younger girl might not have known it, but she had gone and opened the proverbial Pandora's box; she had asked Faewyn a question and there was no taking it back now. "Well, there are many kinds." she begun enthusiastically, slowly working her way up the right one of the sizable wings. This called for far more precision than the parts at the back, since even a single injured bone or a few lost feathers from the wrong places were all it took to create a serious accident, and since her own were insect wings - currently innocently pressed against her back - Faewyn didn't have much experience in this field.

"I'm really going to need a heads up when it stings, you know." she added as an aside, "Now boys, well...they tend to have this strange thing for never showing when they're hurt. It's called manliness, I think; they do it because otherwise the other boys will make fun of them, but sometimes they make fun of each other anyway and don't mind it." the tone of Faewyn's voice betrayed slight puzzlement over this information. Truth to be told, she had just thought of boys as people, and the ones her age usually thought of her more as a harmless loony than a representative of the fairer sex, so while she had a number of personal histories she had very little in the way of knowledge about boys in general, "And...well, sometimes they act really weird. Like this one time when I was mending this one guy's wings after an accident; he just went really red and-" she paused, tilting her head thoughtfully, "-well, it was sort of like you right now. Maybe it's a side-effect?" on this note, she quickly scribbled a small parenthesis about it on the notebook before resuming the treatment, apparently satisfied with the right wing as she proceeded to repeat the procedure with the left, "Anyway, boys are usually really shy about asking for help or advice from girls too; it's part of the manliness thing. They also talk different depending on whether there are girls around or not, it's all very complicated. Some of them are really nice and hold up the door and stuff while others just sort of grunt and try to look the other way, some of them make really strange jokes, and some call you really pretty things and offer you things but those are called...umm..." she paused for a moment, searching for the word, "Oh yeah, 'dirty no-good letches', that's the word; apparently they're like oil slicks or something, so you should avoid them because...well, you might slip and hurt yourself, I guess. I haven't met any yet, though. But yeah, that's basically what boys are like." Faewyn nodded in confirmation of her own statement, "So, anything else you wanted to know?" she asked enthusiastically. It wasn't often when people bothered to ask for her opinions - in fact, they tended politely ask her not to give them - and she didn't want the thrilling feeling of getting to explain something to end just yet.

July 21st, 2007, 9:16 AM
OOC: *facepan* ... *dies of embarassment*

IC: Alicel slapped her hand over her mouth, trying to suppress an overwhelming amount of giggles as Reks nodded, "That sounds like an accurate description. But you failed to mention that if a boy likes a girl there are two major ways he can express it. He can be extremely kind, or he can be extremely cold, I personally believe that that," Reks glanced at Rosaline, "Was the main question at hand."

Alicel let out a short burst of laughter before covering her mouth with her hand again, turning the brightest shade of red and letting her laugh trail off nervously before quickly excusing herself. What a way to let down the barrier. But seriously, that had to have been the funniest description ever. It was accurate, indeed, but describing the enigma of boys all in one go was just funny. Especially the part with Faewyn as the wing-fixer. Alicel may not have ever found herself a boyfriend, as Ella always said, "You have to love yourself before you can love someone else," (which wasn't usually the case,) but Alicel had hung around her friends enough to know every single basic to flirting with a guy. At least, a typical, stupid, bumbling, retarded guy.

Stepping out into the cool night air, Alicel took a deep breath and patted her cheeks. Laughing was such an ugly thing, and she'd let herself do it in front of not one, but two strangers. Sighing, she sat down on the front step and stared down the walkway towards town. Tapping her chin, Alicel watched the lights burn bright as the customers finished up their night shopping for candles and lamp oil. Such an old and sleepy town.

- -

"Noooo problem!" Ella said cheerfully, convinced that she'd helped him choose to the fullest, "I'll only be a minute!"

Turning about to head towards the butcher shop she sweatdropped. Oh that was right. The butcher shop was open at night.

"Silly me," Ella said, turning around on the spot to face the path that led to the Florinen residence. After a few minutes, Reid returned, finished with his shopping and Ella clapped her hands together.

"Wonderful! The butcher's was closed, but that's quite alright. Let's head back, shall we? And, excuse me for asking, but, you have a mark...? Right here?" Ella poked her index finger into her forehead, just above the middle of her brow as she started to walk uphill towards their home.

- -

'Are you really going to go after that girl?' Haeon't asked, as Aertan pulled on a black pinstriped vest, the wings detatching and re-attatching onto his vest, 'After all, it's not like you had anything to do with letting her escape. They just think you're weird because you didn't panic-'

'AHHH GREAT TYLONSTUS, YOUR SACRIFICE JUST GOT KIDNAPPED! Mercy me!' Geon't interuppted sarcastically as he waved himself around in the air, pretending to panic.

"It'll be a chance to see the rest of the world, won't it?"

'Mmm, yes,' Haeon't said moving his long blackened arm down in front of Aertan, 'But shouldn't you get this mark checked out first?' His long sharp claws carefully peeled away Aertan's bangs, making sure not to cut his own host. However, Aertan simply stared at the mark with intense curiousity before muttering something to himself, shrugging it off. Pulling his black pants over his boots and rolling back the sleeves of his white dress shirt, Aertan flicked one, two, three, four coins into both Haeon't and Geon't's hands, keeping four for himself.

"Twelve coins should be enough for two nights stay in an inn." Aertan mused to himself, "If I don't find her in two days, I'm calling this search off."

Geon't let out a cackle of laughter which echoed throughout Aertan's head, 'So much for saving the Princess!'

"If I find her," Aertan said plainly, trying to steady himself as his ears rang and his head rattled, "That's technically not saving her."

'Thought you were going to make her in your debt?' Geon't asked, calming down for a split second.

"Depends on who she's with. You honestly believe that people in Alta want to send back a sacrifice? Think for a minute with your non-existant brain Geon't," Aertan pushed open the door to the church and took off, beating his wings and perching himself next to the church bell, facing Alta, "Those people are conquered people. Conquered people, don't usually admire their conquerer's."

Geon't was lifting and bending his fingers as he tried to figure out what Aertan had meant between all the 'conquer's, but only managed to let out a yell of surprise when he found himself pluging towards the ground and then back up into the air, and then back to the ground, the cycle never ending, but at the split moment he was eye-level with Aertan, he shrieked in Aertan's mind, 'I HATE IT WHEN YOU FLY!!!'

Alter Ego
July 22nd, 2007, 11:27 PM
OOC: Hmm? I dunno' about the others but I wouldn't die of embarrassment if I could draw wings like that. Or if I could draw at all, for that matter. :3 Anyways...IC is kind of short since I have no Rosaline material to go on, but meh...


"Really?" Faewyn's eyes widened at Reks' addition, the girl quickly finishing up with the current muscle and proceeding to write down the newly obtained tidbits of information. Just then, Alicel excused herself - accompanied by a burst of laughter. Faewyn followed her departure with an expression of polite puzzlement, not grasping whatever Alicel had found so hilariously funny but not wanting to claim that it wasn't funny - after all, this certainly wasn't the first time someone had found something amusing in her behavior or made a joke that went completely past her. An average person might have been offended by such a gesture, but Faewyn took it in her usual placid manner. Nothing wrong with making people happy, right? The other girl was soon out of sight, however, and so Faewyn turned her attention to the more crucial matter at hand, casting a curious glance at Reks.

"How'd you tell whether they like you or not, though?" she inquired, eventually turning back to her work even though her questions continued, "I mean, can't they act really nice or cold to you without liking you? Almost done, by the way." she added to Rosaline, working her way up the right-hand wing. Just a few more muscles and this part would be over, but whether it would work or not remained to be seen.

July 23rd, 2007, 8:09 PM
OOC: Sorry for the delay. Lost my internet temporarily, but I'm back! Okay, I'm kind of hoping to get things rolling soon, hopefully tomorrow, so any loose ends need to be wrapped up. (i.e. Rose's flying lessons. You can just write a little bit about them if you want, AE.)

IC: Reid automatically dismissed the supposed mark on his forehead as a result of plunging one thousand feet towards the Earth, failing to remember the similar one on Rosaline's forehead, or Faewyn's, or Alicel's. So, apparently little details weren't his specialty, he had other things on his mind, after all. For example, why wasn't the town absolutely crowded with Carn search parties? It wasn't everyday a sacrifice that had been harbored for sixteen years was kidnapped, you'd think they'd do a bit more than throw up a few wanted posters. Why did they still want her anyways? The sacrifice had to be made at midnight on her sixteenth birthday. That time had passed, it wouldn't do them any good to sacrifice her. Unless, there was some alternate reason they needed her disposed of. Reid decided not to dwell on it any further, and they soon arrived at the quaint little house on the hill. Before going in, Reid stuck the bag he had at his side into his deep coat pocket. The gift could wait until later. After all, there was no rush, right? Right?

As he walked in, he found an unknown girl receiving a wing massage from Faewyn. She had stunning, richly coloured navy blue hair, and her wings were of the purest white. She wore a white shirt and a navy blue skirt... which didn't really seem appropriate for flying, but whatever. Reid stood there for a moment, dumbstruck by the girl's calm yet beautiful appearance, before it finally clicked. That was Rosaline? The pile of dirt that had been with him for the past little while? That was her? It was amazing what someone's first bath in sixteen years could do along with a new outfit. Reid watched a bit longer, noting that she was in pain. Well, not using your wings for that long would probably bring upon some pain with a simple massage, but she'd have to bear with it for now. After all, she may actually have to use those soon, since Reid had a suspicion something was not right. Reid changed his mind. It was technically still her birthday, and it would be the best day to give her the presents. After all, he had an excuse. Since he was approaching from behind, Reid thought it best not to startle the two, so he said something. "So... you look, uh, good, Rosaline." He was slightly red, but that could always be dismissed as a fever or something. "So... Happy Birthday!"

Rosaline didn't reply. Perhaps it was because she didn't think of birthdays as a happy thing, or maybe she just didn't understand the meaning behind a birthday. He quickly forked over the bag, before muttering something about going to bed, while in reality he was going to mope about it. She examined the bag, and eventually pulled out the contents. She found a case for carrying her flute in, a small black tube made of felt, that she could easily throw over her shoulder, and a necklace. The necklace had a music note on it, carved out of garnet, her birthstone. It was simple, on a silver chain necklace. She was, at this point, very confused. "Uh... why did he give me this and run off? Is he what you call a 'dirty no-good lecher"?" She was obviously confused by Faewyn's explanation.

Alter Ego
July 25th, 2007, 12:42 AM
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As for the flying lessons...well, that's up to you. If you're really in a hurry to move on to a grand plot advancement we could always postpone them and have Rosaline learn that skill later on, maybe with an escape through flight (In which someone else would most likely carry her) to grant a first experience or something. As I said: it's up to you. :3


Faewyn couldn't prevent the appearance of a small, knowing smile on her face as Reid stepped in and addressed Rosaline - and, incidentally, completely ignored everyone else - blushing much in the same way as the princess had just a few minutes ago. Was this part of what Reks had described? The kind of thing that a boy could do when he liked a girl? Or was this one of those people who were like oil slicks? Faewyn was honestly a bit confused, but then again...Reid hadn't exactly looked oily or anything, and...well, just watching the scene had given the girl this strange bubbly feeling and an impulsive need to go 'aww'. She didn't know why she had felt this way, but Faewyn's policy had always been 'it's good if it feels good'.

"Well..." the girl replied to Rosaline's question, finishing off the right wing, "I'm not sure if you can tell straight away, but I do know that what you're supposed to say in cases like this is 'thank you'. Anyway, I'm done now." she got up from her crouching position, examining her handiwork as she stretched her limbs a bit. Faewyn had been so absorbed in her work that she hadn't even noticed how it got dark outside, "There are some exercises you can do to keep your wings in shape, but first..." her eyes glinted, "Rose, would you like to try using them?"

July 26th, 2007, 4:10 PM
OoC// Hmm, this post might move kind of fast, and might be kind of crap for quality. Be warned. But it's a post that's essential to be read.


Alicel had trailed after the pair who had just gotten home, deciding that it was starting to get too chilly to sit on the front step once they'd arrived. Slipping past Ella, Alicel retreated into her room for a moment, a little peace and quiet. It seemed that home had been too hectic for her tastes lately, and the pounding silence in her bedroom was nice. Save for the voices that were floating in from the kitchen through the small crack underneath her door. Apparently Reid had just given Rosaline a birthday gift. That was right, the sacrifice was supposed to occur on her 16th birthday, according to the book she'd read in Carn. Sitting down on her bed and staring at the vanity across from her, she sighed and ran a hand through her hair- with all intentions of brushing it again. But she paused, staring for a moment or two. In the silence, she heard someone knock on the front door and Ella call that she would get it.

What is that? Alicel thought, 'That... that blue dot? That horrible blemish? That ugly thing on my forehead?!

Alicel let out a high pitched girly shriek, but she wasn't the only one. Ella let out an equal shriek of terror, though her's was a little more justified then Alicel's.

"Move." Alicel heard a smooth voice say from the front door, and pushing aside all thoughts of the ugly mark on her forehead, patting her bangs down over her forehead to keep it hidden from sight, she rushed out of her bedroom to see a strange man standing in the door, his arms folded and two hideous purple arms reaching for Ella, just barely being held back by an invisible force. Ella, the only Florinen who was not in posession of a mastion, stood stock still, staring at the razor sharp claws that looked so eager to rip her face off.

"I'm looking for a girl named 'Alice' or something along those lines." He said, staring straight at Alicel, who had just rushed into the hall.

The girl in question halted in her approach and the man gave a smile which hardly warmed his sharp features, the strand of hair between his eyes looking as if it had been dyed red with blood.

"But I guess I found her." The two purple arms shot out at her, extending to show a complete arm, rather then only from the flexor up, the man stepping into the house to accomodate the distance between himself and Alicel. But just as they were going to grasp themselves around Alicel's shoulder's, the arms retreated as quickly as they'd shot out, wrapping themselves around the man who's great wings deflected a condensed tornado back at Reks, who quickly dispersed the attack.

"Who are you?" The man said, raising an eyebrow, though not sounding particularly interested in the answer the man might produce. From behind one of the wings, the purple hand shot out again, swerving around and dodging the bursts of wind that Reks was directing at it. Alicel held her hand out to the kitchen, but in her frenzy of panic as the disgusting and slimy looking hand stretched faster and faster toward her, no water came to her aid. Ella scrambled away and stumbled into the kitchen, looking as panicked as someone who was utterly defenseless would feel.

"Faewyn!" Her words tumbled out much faster then she was normally able to speak, "It's too late for lessons, get Rosaline out of here! I think there's only one, but be careful, the pumpkin patch in the back, it's under the cover of the mountain ridges!"

Without another word, she hurried into the laundry room which was connected to the end of the hallway, and the kitchen. It was the farthest path around the man who had arms for wings.

"Let go of me you slimy... THING!" Alicel was screeching as Geon't gripped her even tighter at the insult. Reks had stopped throwing tornado's at the hand, for fear of hitting Alicel as well, who was pounding at the fingers around her neck.

"Thanks for the delivery." Aertan smiled and Haeon't waved farewell to Reks, who moved to pursue him, but a great blaze of fire erupted at the doorway the minute Aertan stepped out of the way, keeping Reks, who controlled wind, at bay. Had Aertan known that the sacrifice was actually inside the building he'd just set fire to, he might've caused more damage. But as it was, the payment of the visit was only a burnt doorway and Alicel herself.

"You disgusting thing! I'll come with you-" Alicel gasped as Aertan headed back for the village, "Just don't touch me!"

"I suggest you stop insulting Geon't, or his grip'll get tighter." Aertan smiled, and Alicel glared at him as his words held true, "Endure it. He's just had a bath after all, so though he might not look it, he's quite clean."

The hand quickly let go of Alicel and turned around, threatening to choke Aertan as well. But before Alicel could scamper away, the other hand already had her from around the waist, dragging her along in the air as Aertan calmly walked back.

"Let go of me! Let go of me you ugly disgusting- MRRNMF!!" Alicel shrieked into the night, before the other hand slapped itself around her mouth.

"He says to shut up." Aertan stated flatly.

Looking utterly repulsed, Alicel condemned herself to silence, in hopes that the hand might remove it's unsanitary self from her face.

OoC// In case that was confusing, Aertan's got Alicel to figure out where the sacrifice is, and Faewyn can be Reid and Rosaline's guide through Alta or whatever, and you guys go escape while I do my thing over here. How's that sound? Peachy? Not-Peachy?

July 27th, 2007, 11:22 AM
"Seriously, what am I doing? Snap out of it!" Reid scolded himself as he splashed water on his face in the washroom in the room he was staying in. It was small, yet quaint, and easily reminded of Reid of home, much to his displeasure. The past was something better off forgotten, in his opinion a least. Why remember what you don't need to push forward? "I don't need any sort of emotional attachment to anyone. Once I've completed my mission, I won't see any of these people again, and that includes Rosaline! I'm an idiot, a poor soldier indeed." He figured that at the rate things were going, they weren't going to meet their rendezvous - nothing had gone without a hitch that day, so why would that be any different. If something was to go wrong, they'd have to head to Azern, a desert town on the Underneath, just below Alta. Carn soldiers wouldn't last five minutes down there, since the constant winds and blowing sand make it nearly impossible to fly properly. Of course, and Wionus user could deal with the winds in an instant, but Carn was seriously lacking in Wionus users, and they'd never bring themselves to hire one of the many Underneath inhabitants that use it.

Meanwhile, Rosaline had been occupied by the feelings she recieved when she moved her wings. She had honestly never flapped her wings her entire life, and it felt so relieving. However, the odd feather came loose and fell to the floor, but that too was to be expected. Eventually, there was a knock on the door, and Ella left to see to it. Even this was a new experience to Rosaline. You don't get up to answer the door in a dark, dirty cell, you sit and wait for food to be thrown underneath the door so you can survive for another day. Rose was enjoying pure bliss... until she heard Ella shriek at the front door...

Reid heard the commotion as well, and quickly picked up the board / bow combo off of the ground beside him and threw it overtop his back, pulling the bow off and knocking an arrow. Now, he had to prioritize. He could either get Rose out of there, or he could go and save Ella from whatever it was that was attacking her. But he knew, everything made sense now. The lack of Carn soldiers, it meant that Carn was sending the best trackers they had out on the case. Most likely, they were here looking for resources, or perhaps a guide. Either way, if they found Rose here, it would be game over. Stealthily, he peered around the corner into the hall, arrow at the ready. In the case that this was some sort of attack, he couldn't just run around like an idiot. It would mean certain death. The commotion was obviously coming from the staircase, so heading down the stairs was not an intelligent idea. Instead, he unlatched the window at the end of the hallway, and made his way climbing down some vines on the outer wall of the house. By the time he snuck in through the back door, they were gone. But, so was Alicel. Rose automatically returned to Reid's side when he came in sight, and the two looked over the damages, and those who remained. "...Rose, we're going. Faewyn, I trust you can guide us to the edge of Alta? We can't stay here, we're going to Azern." It was cold, but was he supposed to do? Alicel would be safer if he didn't get involved.

Alter Ego
July 27th, 2007, 12:08 PM
As Ella suddenly burst into the room, stating in a panicked voice that they had to leave right now, Faewyn was a bit bewildered at first. Only one of what? Safety? A small frown spread across her childlike face as she carefully deposited her notebook on the belt and tucked the pencil behind her left ear. Was someone in danger? Of all those present, she was probably the only one who hadn't realized that they were dealing with none other than the sacrifice of Tylonstus nor what this implied, and so she impulsively reached for her staff, preparing to protect the woman who had been so kind to her from whatever it was that there apparently only was one of. Just then, however, Reid barged in as well, Rosaline immediately skittering over to the boy's side as he proceeded to demand escort to the edge of Alta without as much as a 'please'. A normal person would probably have taken offense at such lack of manners, but Faewyn was quite used to people addressing her like that...well, the ones who bothered to address her at all, that was. Besides, she had promised to teach Rosaline how to fly; that promise would be hard to keep if she didn't know where the younger girl was at.

"Alright." Faewyn replied, looking slightly more determined as she nodded towards Reid before darting off in what she hoped was the right direction, "This way. But..." she hesitated, casting a worried glance towards Ella, "They'll be okay, right?" the girl asked Reid with just a hint of anxiety in her voice, "I mean, whatever is there won't hurt them if we're gone, right?"

July 28th, 2007, 11:52 AM
Reid looked at his feet. This wasn't exactly what he needed, especially another detour to Azern of all the godforsaken places. "I can't make any guarantees for their safety, since I don't know who was just here or why, though I imagine they'll be safe as long as the attackers get what they want. Besides, Faewyn, it's not like I'm asking you to come all the way to Meredy with us. We only need an escort to the edge of the island, you can come back here after that." It was shocking that nobody had yet to ask why so many lives were being put on the line for the life of one, single girl, who would most likely die regardless. Yes, regardless. Chances were that her immune system and such were fairly weak from how she was raised, and Reid had taken the mission knowing full well the chances of her survival were only about twenty percent. Even if they got her to Meredy in one piece, what would happen then? Reid had his suspicions, but he prayed that they were incorrect.

He was quickly snapped back to reality when the room lit up, flute music playing in the background. Reid raised his head, and little balls of what was apparently materialized Lionus flew around the room in sync with the music, colours changing from time to time. The song was something he's never heard before, perhaps it was a song long lost? Maybe something unearthed from ancient times? When Rose realized he was staring at her, she stopped suddenly, the light vanishing at the same instant. "Sorry, I find playing soothes me when I'm stressed... I didn't mean to..."

"Wait, you can use Lionus?"

"Yes, everyone in the royal family has mahstion, though it varies from person to person. I learned what I can by myself, but I can't do anything without my flute..." Reid made careful note of this, for she might not be completely useless in battle if the need ever arose. He quickly made his way to Ella and Reks, extending a hand to them both.

"I'm sorry for everything that happened, and I'm thankful for all you've done for us." He started, with no intention of leaving without easing their pain a little bit. "Don't worry, I'll make a call and have the Tealian military send a search party out. We'll find her." He couldn't help but think, If they don't find us first... at the end. "So, Faewyn, Rosaline? Ready?"

July 28th, 2007, 12:51 PM
OoC// lulz, I gave myself nothing to do. So apologies for this super crap post. I'm all creatively worn out, since my fanfiction is taking up all my paragraphs. *Shot*

IC// Ella smiled wearily, shaking Reid's hand and said, "Thank you. But I'm sure Alicel can handle herself, she has good negotiation skills."

Reks, who had only just limped over took Reid's hand as well, adding, "Besides, I hardly think Carn will do anything drastic to her."

For what reason, Reks did not state. Saying that Alicel was truly of Carn descent might not have been a happy statement in this present situation.

"Travel safely." Ella said, before turning back to the house, helping Reks back up the hill.


"You filthy FILTHY THING." Alicel shrieked, bound tightly to the thick trunk of a tree as Aertan lit a lamp, ignoring her to the fullest, "How dare you! How dare you!"

"How dare I?" Aertan snapped, finally getting annoyed at Alicel's attitude, "You should be glad that that fat pompous inspector didn't get to you first, otherwise you'd probably be in a mucus bath by now to get you to talk. As it stands, you are tied to a tree, and far from a mucus bath."

"Close enough to a SAP bath though." Alicel snapped.

"That tree does not produce sap this time of year."

"Excuse me Mr. Gardener, but will you please explain to me why you took me? Why me, of all the people in this town?" Alicel asked, still halfheartedly struggling against the rope which was obviously not going to give.

"Because I can blackmail you. You want to know about the Svartel's, right?"

Alicel stiffened, "How did you know that?"

"The guy you were looking for told me an annoying pest from Alta had gone looking for him. You see? If I tell you where said Svartel lives, you'll do what I ask quietly, am I right?" Aertan smirked at Alicel, who narrowed an eye, before huffing and sticking her nose in the air.

"You wish."

"Well, that wish came true." Aertan said, "My name is Aertan. Might I ask what I should address you as?"

"Hostage? Personal servant? Or maybe Prisoner of War? POW might be shorter." Alicel replied sarcastically, "You may call me Alicel."

"Well now, that's a much nicer name then 'hostage', I would think." Aertan smiled, "You'll simply be accompanying me to the Underground as I travel through Alta. You are a citizen of Alta are you not? You can direct me not to say anything that might gather attention to the fact that I am a Carn Priest."

"What, other then the fact that only someone from Carn would walk around with arms sticking out of their wings?"

Geon't made a move to strangle Alicel again, but Aertan stopped him, saying, "They won't be out all the time. You know the way to the Underground, yes? You will list the most likely places for a sacrifice to go in Alta, and after we have checked those places, I will go to the Underground."

"Right, you think you'll be welcomed with warm arms in the Underground." Alicel said sarcastically.

"Perhaps." Aertan smirked, "But whether I am welcome or not makes no difference to me. Whether I catch the sacrifice or not make no difference to me. And whether you live or die makes no difference to me. So I'd say don't push your luck when I'm not in a good mood, okay little girl?"

"Of course, Master." Alicel spat, struggling with renewed vigor against the ropes.

Alter Ego
July 30th, 2007, 10:31 AM
"Oh! That's so pretty!" Faewyn trilled at the small light show that Rosaline's playing had created, "Rose, how do you-" she was cut short, however, when Reid inquired whether they were ready or not.

"Ready." she replied, nodding at the boy as she concluded that questions would - unfortunately - have to wait until later, her expression far more determined than before as she turned to address the Florinens, performing a polite bow in their direction, as was the custom in her hometown, "Thank you for everything." she chirped, "Once I'm done with this I'll find Alicel too, promise. I'm used to searching for people anyway." the last part came out in a slightly more melancholy tone than the rest, but the girl was quick to cover it up with her usual energetic babbling, grasping both of her new companions by their respective wrists, "Let's go, then." she trilled, "Through the pumpkin patch and onward. The sooner we get to the edge the better, right? I don't mind Meredy either, but there's somewhere I've got to go." she paused in mid-thought, as if suddenly recalling something, "Oh yeah, going to Carn isn't such a good idea right now, is it?" Faewyn added in a melancholy tone, "I guess it's Meredy, then. That way I can go visit my uncle too." she nodded, as if to confirm her own plan, before resuming the pulling with newfound enthusiasm, "Now let's go-o-o!"

For the briefest of moments, Faewyn's thoughts had touched on something akin to sadness, and although the others didn't know it - the child-like burst of energy was nothing more or less than her natural counter-reaction to the gloom. All life was an adventure, after all, and no-one had ever gained anything by moping. This she told herself over and over again, all the while trying to get Reid and Rosaline out on the road. Faewyn had never been one to take inactivity well.

July 31st, 2007, 7:57 PM
OOC: Obligatory pervert character introduction GO. XD

"I wonder if it's too late to get a different guide..." Reid softly said to himself in a sarcastic manner. Rose glanced at him momentarily, but dismissed his behavior as a guy thing. The two left the house after the eccentric young lady, Reid practically dragging Rose behind him as she continued to wave at those who had kept them safe. She was certainly... thorough with things she did. Reid couldn't help but let out an exhausted sigh as he surveyed the land around them. This path was certainly leading them through the boonies, which in turn was a good thing he supposed. It was dark, and late. Or was it early? He couldn't tell anymore. Despite the time, they HAD to reach Azern by sunrise or he'd have problems getting in. Which reminded him...

"Before we reach Azern, you guys should probably know it's one of the few Underneath cities that is inhabited by those with wings. Because of that, they don't exactly take kindly to the wingless. If we're going to reach our destination without me getting kicked out, we need to do it before sunrise." His eyes wandered to the ground again as he readied himself for what he was to say next. "We'll be staying with my parents. Azern is... my hometown." Rose went to ask about the obvious problem with what he had just said, but he just cut her off so that she couldn't. "And Faewyn, like I said, you can turn back at the edge. I don't need to get you anymore involved than I have already." He suddenly tripped on a root sticking out of the pathway, but regained his composure before contacting the ground.

There was suddenly the overpowering smell of cologne in the air, which was odd considering they were in the middle of nowhere. Reid just stopped walking, and raised his left hand in front of his face, before waving it outwards, which created a strong gust of wind that completely ripped a bush of it's leaves, revealing a person behind it. The person was covered in a black robe with a hood covering his face. "Rod, you can stop trying to hide. Your cologne is painfully obvious."

"Heh, I guess after dorming together for two years, you've gained a knack for spotting me." The cloaked figure, apparently named Rod, replied as he stood up and removed the hood, revealing a black haired teenager, around the age of eighteen, with straight raven black hair that was tied into a small ponytail that drifted down to his shoulders. His eyes were emerald green, and he had a pair of sporty sunglasses on. His wings were reminiscent of a hawk, with similar colouring, and he stood at about 6 feet tall. "Heh, sorry for hiding. But, HQ decided someone needed to keep an eye on you after you missed the first rendezvous. So how about it? Can I tag along? It'll be like old times!" He was like a puppy that had been given a new toy. His eyes were practically begging, it made Reid a little sick.

"Umm, Reid? Who is he?" Rosaline asked as she moved behind the smaller boy, watching Rod's behavior attentively.

"Who am I? Who are you, sweet cheeks?" Rod replied as he tilted his sunglasses down so that he could see her clearer. "Damn Reid, you're sure a hit with the ladies. Not that you shouldn't be, you learned from the best. I am the original player of the Tealian Cadet Academy!" He pointed to himself confidently, and Rose just looked at him awkwardly. There was a short moment of silence, but Reid eventually spoke up.

"Hey, big player, didn't you pay most of those girls?" Rod almost fell over and his glasses came off on ear. "And that's Rosaline, the sacrifice. You should try using your head and not your hormones for once." Rod had finally regained his composure, and readjusted his glasses, though a shocked look still remained on his face.

"Wha? SHE's the dirt of a sacrifice you had to pick up? Daaaayum. Now I'm regretting not taking the job!"

"EXCUSE ME!?" Yay, it was officially Rose's first outburst, though Reid wasn't surprised that Rod had been the cause. "Reid? How does a immature, arrogant, hackjob of a boy become a soldier like you?" Reid just shrugged in response, and Rod let out a depressing sigh, before noticing Faewyn.

"Hey pretty lady, what's your name~?"



Reid couldn't help but let out a snicker as Rose whipped a perfect oval of a rock at the back of Rod's head. "Ahem, should we get going now? Faewyn, I trust you're capable of showing the way? Oh, and shutting up Rod when required?"

"HEY! Reid, I thought we were friends!"

"Friends? I don't recall becoming friends with a pervert like you~"

"...You're so cold."

Alter Ego
August 2nd, 2007, 9:29 AM
Even as she continued leading the small group through the Florinen pumpkin patch with seemingly never-ending enthusiasm, Faewyn couldn't help feeling just a bit down. The Florinens had been nice to her, yet she had clearly caused them trouble - well, technically it was Rosaline's presence, but the girl didn't think of herself as much better seeing as how she had been there and not managed to help - and now the people she was going to travel with were being all quiet. This wasn't right, not right at all; traveling was supposed to be fun and exciting.

"Someone needs to sing a song..." Faewyn mumbled for herself, but wait; didn't that attract attention? Yeah, it probably did and it had been made quite clear that additional attention was not what they needed at the moment. Faewyn sighed quietly, settling for a compromise of a humming a cheerful little tune under her breath. It did make her feel a little bit more upbeat, but not nearly as much as a proper sing-song would have. Before the girl could continue her musings on the subject, however, something caught her attention - specifically, her nose, which wrinkled slightly at the nauseating wave of cologne stench heading her way. The girl didn't have to wonder about this peculiar phenomenon for long as Reid soon uncovered its source: a guy he apparently knew. Faewyn turned to examine the newcomer curiously as the dialog ensued, soon gathering from his behavior that this was apparently one of the people who were like oil slicks (Although she hadn't known that oil slicks smelled like that). The girl would have introduced herself - it wasn't every day someone asked for her name so nicely, after all - but was effectively cut short when Rosaline lobbed a stone at the stranger, apparently called Rod.

"Oh, I can show the way, no problem." the girl replied to Reid's question with an enthusiastic nod, "But I'll have to ask him-" she nodded at Rod, "some questions before shutting him up. I don't have that much information on dirty, no-good lechers." she said the term in the same cheerful tone as the rest of her sentence, as if the meaning of the words completely escaped her, "But Rose, you did that all wrong." Faewyn added thoughtfully, consulting her notes, "According to auntie Miriam you should use a high-heeled shoe, a sharp kitchen implement, or a ten-foot barge pole. It doesn't say anything here about stones..." she paused, quickly scribbling in the newly acquired piece of information before nodding at Rod, "I'm Faewyn. Nice to meet you Mr.Lecher, now let's go." she addressed the last bit to everyone, "The sooner we get to Azern the better, right? Does anybody feel like singing a song on the way? It always makes me feel better." without waiting for an answer, she then strode onward in what she was pretty sure was the right direction. The prospect of entering a town of very introverted winged folk didn't really trouble her. After all, they were going to meet Reid's parents, right? In his hometown, no less. Parents were always nice and the same went for hometowns so there was simply nothing that could go wrong.

August 2nd, 2007, 10:13 AM
"So miss? Where would you assume they went? You know Alta like the back of your hand, don't you?" Said the leering man, his features sharp and slightly crooked. Just the sight of his ugly face made Alicel want to puke. He had been unsuccessfully interrogating the girl for the past few hours, and much to Alicel's relief, Aertan had not stated her greatest weakness: Ugly, dirty, disgusting things. But the man himself was all of those things. Almost enough.

"I don't know, they could be anywhere. Can't you give me any information about what he looked like, or where he was from?" Alicel snapped, and the man twitched horribly, as though irritated about being reminded he had absolutely nothing to work with.

"JUST PICK A PLACE." The man roared, and Alicel cringed when she noticed a few droplets of saliva fly from his mouth. Closer and closer to her face... Alicel began to panic against the ropes that bound her tightly to the cold metal chair, but the disgusting liquid never impacted her skin, thank god. Looking up, an equally disgusting hand stood in front of her face, and Alicel breathed a quiet sigh of relief, before glancing at Aertan, who stood behind her.

"This is fine Jetane, I'll take it from here." Aertan said, his eyes glowing a bright red in the dark room lit only by the open door behind Jetane. The man, Jetane, narrowed his yellow eyes at Aertan before sweeping out of the room, a black cloak billowing after him as he stormed away, knowing Aertan was at least ten miles ahead of him in catching Rosaline. Aertan glanced down at Alicel who determinedly looked away. Who knew if those freaky eyes had hypnotic powers?

"So? Will you answer me Jetane's question?"

"...I'll tell the hand." Alicel stated.

Aertan blinked and turned to look at Alicel completely, "Haeon't?" The left hand glanced at his master, as much as an eyeless hand could, before Aertan finally said, "That's the same thing as telling me."

Alicel scrunched up her face in concentration before responding, "Fine." The boy said he was Taelian, didn't he? He must've had invisible wings then, "They're... probably headed for Az-Azern."

"And if they're not there, we can just make sure that Haeon't rubs a little saliva on your face, right?" Aertan laughed, and pulled out a handcuff, putting one around Haeon't and one around Alicel's wrist, "I'll need to fly, so I can't have Geote carrying you. Sorry, but you'll have to fly too."

Alicel blinked. The chain was certainly long enough for her to stand a good five feet away from Aertan at all times. This was good.

"So," Alicel started but was practically dragged from the room when the ropes suddenly fell to her feet and Aertan walked out of the door, "Wait a second! Wai- UGH YOU ARE SO RUDE."

August 3rd, 2007, 9:44 PM
OOC: I don't mean to sound pushy, but can we get to the edge soon? There's only so much material I can come up with walking down a path. XD

"You guys are meeeeeaaaaaaan." Rod let out a sigh of submission, signifying that the group had taken enough shots at him to make him shut up about it... for now at least. Much to Reid's displeasure, the lecher went on to talk about much more personal things before the group. "So, Reid. How are Lila and Adroc doing these days? I mean, I know we're going to see them when we get to Azern and all, but don't you keep in touch with them?"


"What about your sister?"


"Have you heard anything about your bro-"

"Finish that sentence and you'll get more than a rock to the head." Reid was obviously frustrated at the fact that Rod was trying to pry about his family, and Rose couldn't quite figure out why. She had always pictured a family as being warm and caring and always there for you. How could Reid possibly not like to talk about them? That's what made her naive, however. Despite her age, she was still hopelessly oblivious to the true nature of the world. "Mom and Dad are always worrying about me, so I don't like to talk to them, and Ailia hates me, despite me being her older brother. I have no reason to really talk to them..." Rose also found it fascinating that Reid had a sister. It gave them something that they had in common. Though, Rose's sister was older, and royalty, but it was close enough! The night was beginning to lighten up, and the travelers were beginning to become exhausted, especially Rose who had a very frail body to begin with.

"Faewyn, are we theeeere yet~?" Rod called up to their temporary leader. "We're dying back here!"


Meanwhile, at the castle of Carn, many ideas were being thrown out there by the high priests to the King, that would most likely appease Tylonostus in case Rosaline was not to be found. "Your Highness, we have finally come to a conclusion about your alternative. You must offer Juliet! She's your only remaining daughter, it will have to do or else Tylonstus will punish us heavily!" The king had little choice but to agree, with the supposed weight of his Kingdom on the line .

Alter Ego
August 8th, 2007, 8:12 AM
OOC: Ahh...sorry, I was actually waiting for you to take the lead since I didn't know what they're supposed to see at the edge. So yeah, improvising...sorry for the delayed post, I've had stuff to finish all around so I forgot that I never finished this one. >.<


Faewyn tilted her head in curiosity as Rod proceeded to question Reid about family matters. He hadn't kept in touch with his family? At all? Once again, a small frown spread across her face.

"But...that's such a terrible pity." Faewyn couldn't help letting the words out, and decided to follow them up with some more instead of awkward silence, "I mean; about your family. Don't you ever miss them?" she was prying, far beyond all bounds of common courtesy, but it wasn't like Faewyn had been aware of such boundaries in the first place, "Family...a family is something precious. Something you should treasure. I mean, it's not like I've seen mine a lot, but I tried. I still try. Every time they came, every time there was even a chance for all of us to be together, I'd do my best to make it happen. You have no idea...no idea what it feels like when people you care about just disappear, when no matter what you do you don't hear from them, when you don't know if-" Faewyn's voice cracked, although the difference was barely audible, and her breeze-fanned plume of hair - let loose on an impulse a while back - effectively concealed her expression, the pencil in her hand, however, was being squeezed with far more force than necessary, the frail wood eventually giving in and snapping.

"Two years..." the words were little more than a whisper, and the others had probably missed them, but for once Faewyn found herself unable to continue talking, simply shifting to a brisker walking pace and shoving the remnants of the pencil back into one of her many pockets as the awkward silence she had hoped to avoid fell anyway. A few hours into the march was enough to clear her head, however, and soon her soft humming returned. By the point when Rod decided to whine, the girl was already acting as if nothing had happened, turning back to face the group with her usual smile.

"Oh, not far at all." she replied cheerfully, continuing to walk on even as her face remained turned towards the group, "In fact, it should be right about-whoa!"

Suddenly, the girl tripped over one of the seemingly endless little hills in the terrain, disappearing out of view - but unlike usual, there was no 'thump' of bottom connecting with ground. Soon after, Faewyn emerged however, her insect wings letting out a faint buzzing sound as they flapped in a blur of motion, suspending her through the flight back to the ground, concluded by a pinpoint landing on the same spot she had fallen from.

"I think we're here." Faewyn announced nonchalantly, folding her wings into their previous resting position on her back after having landed, still standing precariously close to the death plunge and - for reasons known only to herself - slowly rocking back and forth on the tips of her toes, "That's about as edgy as edges get."

August 10th, 2007, 12:11 PM
"How come nobodies cares about my family?" Rod chimed in, apparently uninterested as to whether or not the others wanted him interrupting. "I mean, I'm from one of the richest families in Tealia, the Kniles!" Reid rolled his eyes, completely not caring about Rod showing off to the ladies. As unlikely as it seemed, this was anything but false information. Aside from the Queen's family, there were ten other families in Tealia that were personally supported by the Queen's own wallet. The Kniles were a family consisting of many well know military generals. In fact, Guy Kniles, Rod's father, was the current general of the Tealian army. In his own right of mind, Rod was expecting the two girls to be all over him after revealing his lineage. He didn't think any girl could resist good looks and money.

"Well my family is the King and Princess of Carn, so there." Rosaline replied coldly, ruining Rod's parade. Apparently his own beliefs had just been proven wrong. The clean sacrifice still stood close to her Reid, and Reid still close to her. Rod couldn't help but wonder if there was anything going on between them.

Eventually, after a delivered shock from Faewyn disappearing from view, they had come across the edge of Alta. The other three couldn't help but stare in awe at Faewyn's wings. It was really a wonder that those with insect like wings could fly. All Rod, and Rose really know were feathered wings, after all, but Reid looked away. "So, as you can all see, the lights below us indicate the location of Azern. It's a city in the middle of a desert, so stay cautious during the descent. The winds could change at any minute, and the area is famous for sandstorms."

Realizing Rose wasn't paying attention, he grabbed her hand and re-explained it to her, leading her to the edge to show her. Rod took this opportunity to throw a question Faewyn's way in a whisper. "Are those two a pair or something? They seem awfully... attached?"

"Okay, so because of the wind, Rose is going to ride with me for now. Hopefully we can give her proper flight training during the day outside of the city." Reid threw his board on the ground, and stepped onto it, taking Rose's hand and positioning her on the board beside him, hands firmly on his shoulders. "Rod, you're an excellent flier. If anything happens, I can count on you to deal with it."

Without saying another word, the bottom of the board began glowing green from the wind mahstion Reid was producing, and it lifted off of the ground, and slowly drifted over the edge. It began gaining speed as Reid angled it towards the ground, and no sooner than they had left, they had landed in front of a large brick building on a street of sand. Normally, this would be when the ground would be cast with orange light from the sun, but sand dunes surrounded the city, and Alta was right overtop, so very little light got in.

After Rod landed after them, he ruffled his wings and tucked them away. Reid walked up to the wooden door of the large brick building, that was shaped similarly to a townhouse, and knocked. It took a moment, but a woman with blue eyes and wavy blond hair eventually opened the door. She wasn't that old, maybe around the age of thirty-four, with a petite, yet frail body that seemed like it would get sick easily. Actually, her body was almost like that of Rosaline's. She was dressed in a white gown, with slippers on. Reid and the lady just stared at each other awkwardly for a moment, but Rod eventually broke the awkward silence. "LILA! How ya doing?"

"Oh, Rod! So this is... Reid?" The woman, apparently named Lila finally spoke, and stepped out of the door a ways and got onto her knees, hugging her son. At this point, the woman's monarch butterfly wings, that were hidden from a head-on view, began to open and close, obviously responding to the Lila's mood. Reid just hung his head over her shoulder, not really responding at all. "Reid... your father... the Raven Claws took him because you abandoned ship!"

"What?" Reid asked, his right hand clenched. "They took dad? Oh brother..."

"Is that all you have to say after four years? Really big brother, you're useless." A high, girlish voice chimed from behind Lila, a small girl no older than twelve years old appeared. She looked almost like a miniature version of her mother, with wavy blond hair that went down to her feet, and big blue eyes. She was dressed in a white gown as well, and it seemed like she had just gotten up. She too had monarch butterfly wings, although they were much smaller, and incapable of flight just yet.

"Nice to see you too, Ailia. Glad to see you hate me as much as always." Reid broke free of his mothers grip as he walked by the two winged family members and stormed upstairs. The sound of a door slamming was heard, and Ailia hid behind her mother.

"...I don't hate you..." She said quietly, though loud enough for Rose to hear. She bent down to the girls height, and patted her on the head, before standing back up. Rose knew something was up, because Reid had no wings, but these family members did. Though she didn't dare have the nerve to pry about something like that. Maybe she'd get lucky and someone else would pry again...

August 10th, 2007, 7:32 PM
"Well I'm glad we were so close to this town." Aertan said, smiling as he looked around the desert town, wearing a cloak over his wings which were folded as flat as a pair of bat wings with arms could be. Alicel trailed behind him, a white choker around her neck with a hollow glass ball hanging from it, a ball of flame dancing inside the glass. As she had been informed, the fire would explode and engulf her the minute she tried to run away. This idea, did not appeal to Alicel, especially after she'd been proven the fact by Aertan placing a duplicate on a rabbit, which eventually became a quick dinner for Aertan. Disgusted by the idea of eating something that had been an example as to what would happen to her if she strayed too far from the white and red haired male, she refused the stew, instead, ruefully flicked at her necklace. But that wasn't the end of her suffering. Her iridescent, practically invisible wings could not support fast flying. But nooo, Aertan's wings were strong and practically impossible to hide, tough and not delicate, so he flew at like, a billion miles per hour. Not exactly wanting to become as charred as the rabbit earlier, Alicel had made sure not to fall too far behind, but that in itself was an effort.

Thus, Alicel, tired and exhausted from trying to keep up, stood next to a completely unaffected Aertan. Patting her windswept hair down and patting her cheeks, pink from wind and beating sand, huffed and snapped irritably, "So we're here. Now what? We don't even know if they're here or not!"

"We wait a few seconds for me to find the right building." Aertan said, looking up and down the street, "It shouldn't take long."

"The right building?" Alicel snapped in annoyance, "What the-"

Geote burst out from underneath Aertan's cloaked, threateningly flexing his fingers as though he dearly wished to rip Alicel's mouth right off her face.

"He says shut up, I say shut up, let's all shut up." Aertan muttered distractedly as he examined the buildings, "I think... it's a little further down. No more talking."

"Why-" Alicel started but Geote snapped his fingers around her mouth and she stopped making noise, hoping the purple thing would get away from her.

Aertan nodded at the other hand, whom he'd introduced to Alicel as Haeon't, the more pleasant of the two arms, and smiled. Haeon't stretched out as lightning fast as Geote had earlier, to catch Alicel. But this time, he didn't catch a girl with iridescent wings. He caught a girl with pure white wings, angelic and feathery, though with a few feathers at slightly odd angles from lack of use.

"Rosaline!" Alicel shrieked, twisting out of Geote's grasp.

Alter Ego
August 11th, 2007, 12:22 AM
OOC: Oh dear...now you've pushed a certain someone over the edge. She won't happy and go-lucky for like...two posts. o.o


"Well..." Faewyn replied to Rod's question, casting the duo a look so discreet that it undoubtedly caught the attention of everyone within visual range, "Reid did give her a very nice birthday present and they seem to be close like that, but-hey, wait up!"

Faewyn's wings may have been good for a lot of things, but when it came to diving, her delicate insect wings just couldn't compete with large, feathered ones. It was a choice of either folding them and hoping that they would unfold before she went 'splat' against the ground below or continuing to flap them and descending in a slowish - if rather dignified - manner. Having chosen the latter, the girl didn't arrive at the scene before the moment of awkward silence had already been broken by Rod.

The girl peered curiously at the scene from behind the others. It wasn't every day you encountered insect wings, but here there were no less than two pairs...and judging by what was being said they belonged to the better part of Reid's family, the last part of which was...missing? The girl's tranquil smile slid off as Lila explained the situation and Reid gave a response which was...well, mellow was the nicest way to put it. Faewyn's expression grew even less pleased by the boy's continued behavior and eventual departure. Not many things got her truly angry, but treating people who cared about you like that...she didn't like it, not one bit.

"He's not getting it, is he?" she remarked to no-one in particular, poorly disguised distaste audible in her voice, "Family reunions aren't supposed to go like that; they're supposed be fun. Why-why does he have to act like that? Why does he treat you so bad?" her voice escalated to a slightly higher pitch as she directed the last question to Reid's family, "It's just not right, it's-"


Faewyn's question spree was cut short at Alicel's exclamation, the girl spinning around just in time to catch sight of a disgusting arm...thing, grasping a hold of Rosaline.

That was it. Normally, Faewyn was a tranquil, cheerful person who wouldn't harm a fly, but she had her limits and they had been more than exceeded this night. First Alicel and the Florinens had gotten hurt, then Reid's horrible treatment of his own family and now this. The girl didn't let out a single sound, not a single thought crossed her mind, not a single muscle on her face did as much as twitch. She simply reached for her staff, spinning the weapon around for half a revolution while simultaneously flicking out the spear point - now pointed down - and ramming it into Haeon't with all her might, placing her right foot on the edge of the spear-tip for good measure.

"It's a terribly rude thing to do." Faewyn remarked in a cold, impassive voice, slowly turning the spear in her hands back and forth while continuing to weigh it down with what little mass she had in the hopes of enlarging the tiny mark her attack had left on the bizarre creature and hurt it enough to make it loosen its grip, "To hurt someone else's friends and not even have the decency to introduce yourself or explain why. Please step out and let both of my friends go." her eyes focused straight at the point where she assumed the arm's owner to be, and even though she technically saw no-one her glare was no less fierce for it. "Right NOW."

August 11th, 2007, 8:39 AM
Haeon't shrivelled backwards, writhing as black goo oozed from the punctured purple skin, twitching as Geote relinquished his grasp on Alicel, also in imminent pain. Aertan, however, seemed wholly unaffected, staring with an interested gaze toward the girl.

"Your friends?" He stated lightly, "A girl, who's only just escaped from death no less then 24 hours ago, is your friend?" He let out a small laugh, but quickly waved it off, saying, "But that's exactly what hunters do, is it not?" Walking forward as Haeon't wound began to heal, Aertan bowed politely to the furious girl and said, "My apologies for not introducing myself to prey. I am Aertan, of Carn, and as one of the priests present during Princess Rosaline's sacrifice, I was assigned to capture her and bring her back. Unfortunately, I am quite more able then my colleagues, so I was first to find her."

Alicel moved forward only enough to not get blown to smithereens, unsure as to how to face this new Faewyn, unsure as to how to tell them that her guess that was meant to lead him away from them had led him to exactly where they were. So she kept silent, instead, holding a passive expression which refused to look at Faewyn or Rosaline.

"Now, it would be of great luck if this girl," Aertan gestured toward Alicel, "Was a friend of yours. Would you like to inform me whether you have ever seen her before?"

"Why the heck would they have seen me before you arrogant twit-" Alicel began, frustrated with Aertan's insane amount of insight.

Aertan shook his head, "I didn't ask for your opinion, Svartel."

Alicel's expression turned horribly foul and she took a step backward. Gaping with no retort, Alicel felt her fingers twitch, as though hoping any sort of water source might explode from this desert city. Indeed, there already seemed to be weak flames dancing around his feet, and the spot where Faewyn had attacked Haeon't looked horribly charred.

"So," Aertan continued, as though Alicel had never spoken, "Friends? And if not, would I have your permission," He added sarcastically to Faewyn, "To take back the sacrifice for Tylonstus? Or should I have to wait a while longer for your blessings?"

Alter Ego
August 11th, 2007, 10:02 AM
Faewyn didn't reply immediately to Aertan's words, silently observing and trying to take in everything going on in front of her: the retreat of the wounded arm, the black goo it splattered about, its rapid recovery, the unbothered expression on the stranger's face...all the time, she grasped her spear with quite considerable force, one thought coursing through her mind over and over again. This was wrong...this was all wrong. All she had ever wanted was to enjoy life, to see new places, meet people, make friends and above all just be happy...why couldn't people settle for just being happy? She stared blankly at the black goo her spear was drenched in, as if seeing it for the first time and for a moment she just stood there, silent, her head hanging so that her expression was unreadable. If Aertan had taken this as a sign of forfeit he had another thing coming, however, "Rose..." the girl whispered quietly, "Please get out of here. Find Reid; he'll keep you safe."

"Sorry." she replied at last, walking over to stand straight between Aertan and Rosaline to cover her retreat, "But I'm afraid that you'll have to wait for my 'blessings' a bit longer. You see, Rosaline is my friend, as is Alicel; it doesn't take me twenty-four hours to call someone that. And more importantly..." she released her right hand from the makeshift spear, curling the fingers together as if attempting to maintain a hold of an invisible sphere in the palm of her hand, small gusts of wind suddenly spawning around her and seeping into her palm, a small collection of sand particles dancing wildly back and forth. 'Mama, papa...' she mouthed the words soundlessly, 'I know I shouldn't be using this, but...' a lot could go wrong with this particular piece of mahstion, horribly wrong; the tiny piece of flesh missing from her right thumb was enough of a reminder of that, but if she was to have any chance of scaring this guy off she had to try, "...I am Faewyn Verdance Ayre, and I won't lose another person I care about to the likes of you." suddenly, the miniature storm in her palm churned violently, and something went screech, a strong gust of wind striking against a nearby wall, leaving a thin but considerably deep gash into it. Faewyn flinched ever so slightly, tightening her grip around the sphere and forcing it to settle, her hand already trembling from the effort...so little time and it was already growing out of control? Still, if this person was with the people he claimed to be then this should at least get some kind of reaction, "Know the technique?" Faewyn continued in a conversational tone, struggling to lift the tiny maelstorm and point it towards Aertan, "It's called wind dagger; my mother's very own discovery." her voice trembled with anger, "Propels dirt with enough speed to bore through your skull. Now of course I can't quite control the direction yet, but I reckon' if I stand close enough to you and release it all at once it won't make much difference, it'll probably hit a couple of places that don't grow back too." she steadied herself against the staff, "So I'll ask you this once: are you prepared to risk this for a sacrifice you can't even use anymore? Rose's birthday is almost over, and even if you get past me you'll still have everyone else to deal with. There's no way you'll make it in time."

It was a foolhardy gamble and probably wouldn't work, especially seeing as how Faewyn was hardly an intimidating person either, but at this point the girl was just about out of options. Hopefully, hopefully this oh-so-perceptive person would have enough sense to link a supposedly unique technique to its owner, especially when the person copying it had the original owner's name in the middle of her own. Even a tiny piece of information about her parents' fate would make this more than worthwhile, regardless of what would happen afterwards.

OOC: Okays, since this point probably requires clarification: Verdance is the name of Faewyn's mother, and her parents - in case someone missed it - went missing when poking into things they shouldn't have been poking into over in Carn, so I figured that Aertan might have been in a position to have heard about them? Use it or don't; I'm fine either way. Oh, and of course Faewyn is trying to use mahstion way beyond her skill level, so it will probably backfire one way or the other. :3

August 11th, 2007, 10:53 AM
"I personally don't blame him for hating us. You see, when he was-" Lila quickly found herself interrupted as Aertan took the stage, snatching up Rose in one extension of his ghoulish arm. Rose was taken by surprise, and didn't even start making an attempt to break free until she saw the tattoo on the hideous excuse of a limb. All in the meanwhile, Rod made little to no attempt to help. In fact, he was hiding around the side of the building as it all took place. While Rose expected Reid to save her, it was Faewyn who stepped up to the plate, stabbing the arm that held Rose ever so tightly with her spear. The arm shriveled away in response, black goo oozing from the wound on the purple skin. Now, Rose was free, but about ready to throw up at the sight. There was NO way that was blood.

Rose quickly made her way to Faewyn's side, touched by the girl's sudden declaration of friendship. "I may be the sacrifice. That's all I've ever been to you people!" Rose shouted at Aertan from a safe distance as she brought her hands to her chest. "But I'm not anymore! I've seen more today than I've ever seen in my life, and I've got... friends now! Reid, Faewyn, Alicel, all of them! That's why... That's why there's no way in hell I'm going back with you!" She brought her hands back down to her sides, clenching them tightly. Faewyn proceeded to explain the attack she was about to use. It was obvious that it's use would reap some dyer consequences.

"Ugh, how naive can you be, Faewyn? Seriously, telling the world what the attack does isn't exactly going to help you be any more victorious!" A voice called from behind the group. Reid was hovering about twenty feet in the air, bow at the ready. "Cancel the attack, I'm a Wionus user as well, and I can tell there's no way you're capable of controlling that!" His concern was genuine, but Reid wasn't exactly sure if Faewyn would cancel it just because he said so, or if she was even capable of doing it at all. Reid's focus shifted from Faewyn to Aertan, as he flew in with his board to close the gap, before effortlessly firing an arrow at the black rose on Haeon't. "I'd suggest you leave, priest. There's no way I'm- no, there's no way WE'RE losing everything here. Companions, family. I know it's only been a day, but that's long enough to not want to lose anything." Reid took the time to glance at Lila and Ailia when he mentioned family. "I almost never miss, you know." He continued, knocking another arrow and taking careful aim. "Leave or I can have this arrow through your eye in a matter of minutes. Besides, we've also got that loose cannon on our side." Reid couldn't help but throw a Faewyn reference in there.

August 11th, 2007, 11:34 AM
OoC// I would take it up, the Verdance thing, but David just sort of killed Haeon't in a way, so Aertan has to obsess over that. I'll put Aertan thinking over what you said later on, when he's talking to the Father. I'm pretty sure the Head Priest's in most churches should know the name Verdance, even if the second-in-command might only know the name and not the details. :3

IC// Aertan's eyes widened, and he yelled out in surprise, suddenly losing his cool when the arrow soared through Haeon't's tattoo, "NO-"

An unearthly scream of pure anguish and pain rang through the air and the glass sphere around Alicel's neck began to grow, the flame inside it dancing more vigorously then ever as she stared with fear in her eyes, panicking to the point where tears and noise could no longer even bring her to scream at Aertan to make the mini-bomb stop. At this point, all she did was scramble to try and rip off the white choker, which stuck to her skin like glue, practically melded with her pale skin. She didn't even noticed Aertan who looked as frightened as herself, Haeon't continuing to shriek with pain, Geote grabbing his twin with his own tattoo glowing an eerie black as Aertan turned a ferocious gaze onto Reid.

"WINGLESS BRAT!" Aertan roared, his pupils practically invisible as they turned into slits from his anger, completely ignoring Princess Rosaline as he let out a yell, grasping his head as a headache completely engulfed him, Haeon't's tattoo healing at an incredibly slow rate as Geote desperately shook the other hand around in a futile attempt to make the tattoo heal faster. The flames that had been dancing around Aertan's feet burst into power, snaking itself around their master, before splitting into seven different pillars of flame which all streaked toward the buildings around Aertan.

"STOP!" Alicel shrieked, reaching out a hand at Aertan, a wave of water drenching the Carn Hunter and causing the flames around him to become mere gusts of steam, while the rest moved to engulf the flames that now danced around the buildings. Furious, Aertan spun around, pointed at Alicel and yelled in a slightly hysterical voice,


The glass sphere shattered from the force of the flames that exploded, most of the shards embedding themselves in Alicel's face, while the second bout of flames ravaged yet again, the Wation user immobilized as she doubled over, clutching her left eye while the shards that flew toward Aertan lodged themselves into his right wing, Geote's tattoo unharmed, thus, the glass shards falling out as though they'd just hit a concrete wall, rather then a waxy wing.

From behind the protection of Geote, Aertan stared out at Rosaline, saying in a slightly calmer voice, "A sacrifice? That's all you were? Think, you selfish girl. If you're not sacrificed, who's next in line?! WHO ELSE IS A DAUGHTER OF THAT STUPID KING?! DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT JULIET!?!?"

Haeon't spurted another pint of black blood, and taking up Reid's suggestion to leave, seeing as Haeon't was no longer in any condition to fight, Aertan took to the skies and disappeared, leaving a now unconcious Alicel behind as she was no longer needed. The hunt, for Aertan, was over until Haeon't's tattoo was re-drawn.

Alter Ego
August 11th, 2007, 11:51 AM
"I..." Faewyn heaved a sigh of relief as Reid arrived at the scene, taking charge of the threat side "He already knows what it does.". Still, she welcomed the excuse not to go through with her mad risk. This was easier said than done, however; particles set into rapid motion had a nasty tendency to stay in motion. The girl shut her eyes in concentration, still doing her best to cover Rosaline just in case. What was it her mother had told her? She had to...oh yes, reverse the spin and keep doing that until the particles slowed down to a harmless rate. Squeezing out the last of her willpower, the girl proceeded to do just that, the vortex of motion slowly subsiding in speed until she eventually decided that it was as weak as it would ever be, finally releasing the technique altogether. As soon as she had done so, however, a sharp jolt of pain passed through her hand and she couldn't help letting out a small shriek, a trickle of blood starting to flow from the cut that had appeared between her thumb and index finger. The dust particles had missed, but at such velocities even being grazed by the air current hurt. Faewyn's scream was nothing compared to the one Aertan let out, however. Unable to even properly register the situation, the girl simply acted on impulse, grasping a hold of Rosaline and diving for cover, just before something went boom.

"A sacrifice? That's all you were? Think, you selfish girl. If you're not sacrificed, who's next in line?! WHO ELSE IS A DAUGHTER OF THAT STUPID KING?! DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT JULIET!?!?"

Faewyn slowly struggled to her feet as Aertan's frantic screams brought her back in touch with reality, just in time to witness the ghoulish man make a hasty retreat. The girl's relief didn't last long, however, as she suddenly noticed the body lying unconscious on the ground.

"Alicel!" Faewyn charged forward, ignoring the fact that she was exhausted from her overuse of mahstion, cut by the fizzled spell, and covered all over in dust from the ground and the explosion, kneeling down beside the unconscious girl and quickly searching for a pulse before turning to the others, "We've got to get her inside, quick! Someone please help I don't think I can carry her on my own." their mystery assailant had revealed none of the information Faewyn had hopped for and had left a lot of questions open, but right now none of that was important. The important thing was to get her friend treated...the girl's glance spread across the wounds the shards had left on Alicel, and she gulped rather loudly at the sight, they had to get help fast.

August 11th, 2007, 1:01 PM
"Quick, bring the girl inside!" Lila exclaimed in regards to the unconscious Alicel as she ran in through the door to her house, followed by her daughter, who's tiny wings flapped pitifully from all the excitement. All in the meanwhile, Rosaline collapsed herself from all of the excitement, Aertan's final words still ringing through her mind. Would they... would they really kill Juliet? The only person who ever took time to visit her of their own will, the princess of their country, would they really just throw her away because the useless life of another wasn't? She eventually regained a standing position, although she still had the facial expression like she had seen a ghost.

Lila eventually came back out, and despite her petite physique, she lifted Alicel and brought her into a room just off to the left of the front door, setting her down on the bed. Ailia came back out afterwards, and addressed the group. "Mommy is a doctor. She wants you and your friends to come in now, Reid!" Reid, Rose, and Rod (who had apparently reappeared just as everything had concluded) did as they were told, and were directed into the room where Lila was treating the girl's wounds. There was once again an awkward silence, though this time it wasn't broken by Rod, but by rather Rose breaking out into tears.

"This is all my fault. If I had just refused to let you take me in the first place, nobody would have gotten hurt, and Juliet certainly wouldn't be at risk of dying!" Her concerns were understandable, but she was being a bit too critical of herself. It wasn't wrong to want to live, especially after the conditions she had faced her entire life. "I need to go back, I need to go save Juli-" Her speech was quickly ended by a backhand slap across the face by Reid, who looked more than frustrated.

"Would you think about what you're saying? What would that fix? What would sacrificing yourself help any? That won't stop the war, that won't make Alicel feel better, and it certainly won't save anyone!" Whether he had lost it from stress or not was unsure, but there seemed to be something more personal than that. "It's that kind of thinking that lost me my wings!" He stormed out of the room, leaving the girls with Rod, and Rose crying even harder.

"Don't get angry with him." Lila stepped in, with the comment directed at Faewyn more than anyone. "He tried to save his older brother from a group of wingless folks one day, and they tore his wings from his back. By the law of the city, we weren't allowed to let him live here anymore. That's why he hates us. He thought he could save his brother by giving himself instead... Poor thing, I thought he may have recovered by now, but I suppose not. They call people who lost their wings "Fallen" around here, and they're frowned upon more than normal wingless..." Realizing she may have said too much, she got back to working on Alicel's wounds.

OOC: Cheesy past, but ah well. XD

August 11th, 2007, 1:38 PM
'You're mother told us your name was Aertan Svartel.' Said the kind priest who had taken care of me for my entire life, his normally light voice heavy with disapproval, 'Do you know what that means?'

I shook my head.

'It means, that you are from a family of deserters. Do you know what that means?'

I shook my head.

'It means that your family betrayed Tylonstus. Do you know what that means?'

I shook my head, but spoke this time, 'I don't know what a family is. I don't have a family. I don't need a family. Whatever my family did has nothing to do with me. Because I'm not one of them. My rose hasn't burned once since I was born. I'm not a Svartel.'

No. I wasn't a Svartel. I had red eyes. Not the signature amber ones. My tattoo didn't burn at my hand until it was a completely useless lump of flesh. I believed whole heartedly in Tylonstus. He was great. He was wonderful. He was just as important to me as the man who I considered saved my life by teaching me how to control the cursed gifts lain upon me by Tylonstus, as punishment for what my family did. Hanging my head, the Father smiled and put a hand upon my head, brushing aside my blood red bangs.

'That's right. You are different.' I looked up hopefully, and saw the same smile, the same voice, the same Head Priest I'd known for 10 years of my life now, 'But regardless, you will be sent to the King, as all Svartel's. You must prove to him that you are not a Svartel at heart. You carry punishments for things you have never done. You carry sins that are not of your own doings. You must show him this.'

Geote and Haeon't, no larger then my own hands and arms, peered at me, the eyes in the palm of their hands questioning me.

"It's okay Geote, Haeon't, we'll show them that we believe in Tylonstus 100%!" I told them with a smile. Geote whipped himself around on the joint of his wrist, haughtily snapping, 'As if'. Haeon't bobbed up and down slowly, nodding in approval.

But there was nothing I could do when Geote and Haeon't had their tattoo's drawn on them. They had never believed in Tylonstus. They had always thought themselves to be simple gifts. And so in the great castle, Geote and Haeon't shrieked and writhed with pain as their tattoo's burned, punishing them for their lack of belief. I embedded the belief inside of them. I could do that. I made them believe in Tylonstus like I did, and Geote and Haeon't stopped making a ruckus. I apologized for them. I apologized for me. I apologized for living, now ashamed of being a Svartel. Ashamed of who I was.

Why was I being punished so cruelly by fate? What sin had I committed in my life?

But she told me not to apologize for fate. And that destiny was destiny, and Tylonstus was wise, and would forgive me so long as I walked the right path. I would use my wings, to protect, and not destroy. I felt like all my sin had been washed away. That was the first time I'd seen her. And the last, to date. Juliet.

I had volunteered to be at the sacrifice, in hopes of seeing her. But I didn't. She was not present. I scolded myself for thinking she would be. Rosaline was her sister. Her dear sister. I had heard that Juliet's abscence was because she disapproved of this. I was ashamed to have volunteered to be at the barbaric scene. So when the boy kidnapped her, I was beyond relieved. Juliet would surely smile at the news that Rosaline was alive. But when the Father sent me a letter saying that Juliet would be sacrificed in her place, I could place no mask on.

Juliet was far more valuable then Rosaline. Why should she be sacrificed? There was no reason. Absolutely no reason. Tylonstus was wise, and forgiving, was he not?

Was he not?

He wouldn't mind waiting a few extra days for his sacrifice.

Why Juliet?

Why not that pig of a King himself?

Why Juliet?

Why? Why?

Tylonstus was forgiving. Wasn't he?

"AAAGGGHHH!!" Aertan bolted upright, clutching his left hand in agony as it burned, trying to silence his cries as he reassured himself that Tylonstus would bring great agony to the King if he sacrificed Juliet.

"Is our little Tylonstus suck-up doubting his great God?" Said a leering voice.

Aertan ignored it, Geote and Haeon't staring at where they knew Aertan's face was, though their eyes had long been sewn shut with cursed thread, along with their cursed tattoo's. Haeon't seemed to have healed enough to move, and Geote had obviously sucked out half of Haeon't's toll, as his own arm seemed to tremble with the effort of movement. Never had his hand burned until today. He was not a Svartel. He could never bear such pain, 24/7. Finally catching his breath, Aertan looked around.

“Jetane.” Aertan said flatly, addressing the other man with a curt nod.

“I heard they’re gonna kill off poor Juliet.” Jetane hissed, a lecherous smirk curling onto his face.

“That’s Princess Juliet to you, worthless hunter.” Aertan retorted.

Jetane waved off the insult, “Not if she’s the sacrifice.”

Aertan started, standing up from the bed he’d been on top of, Geote with his hands around Jetane’s neck, getting progressively tighter as Jetane scrambled and gasped for air.

“I saved your butt!” Jetane gasped, “You owe me!”

Aertan’s eyes flashed threateningly, but he willed Geote to let go. Jetane took large gulps of air as he was released, his eyes watering as he snapped, “So much for gratitude.”

Geote made another move and Jetane sprang to his feet, “I jest! I jest!”

Aertan stared at Jetane, “What are you doing? Where am I? How did you find me?”

“We’re in Carn.” Jetane stated flatly, “In my church. I found you in the town that you told me that girl you had with you was from. Looked pretty much half dead and hysterical, from the looks of it. Your tattoo was glowing like what I’d never seen before.”

Aertan glanced down at his hand, though not long enough to see the damage done to it. He was in no mood to see something that would prove yet ever more to him that he was of Svartel lineage. Especially not the trademark mangled hand. He would examine the damage a few weeks later. In the meantime, where were his gloves...?

“Did anyone find Rosaline? Did anyone catch her?”

“Nah, no leads. Your hostage escaped, apparently.” Jetane nodded, “Juliet’s gonna be sacrificed soon enough. Just depends on how patient our dear King is.”

“The hostage? Not really ‘escaped’ if you know what I mean.” Aertan replied, and Jetane snorted, saying the he’d wished he were there, before Aertan continued, “How much time does Juliet have?”

“Don’t ask me. I’m a hunter, not a calculator.” Jetane shrugged, “Kirden of your church is coming to pick you up in a few minutes. Sit tight, and don’t let that tattoo burn. You’re a racket when it does.”

The door shut behind Jetane, leaving Aertan to contemplate how much time he had left to save Juliet in the dark.


Alter Ego
August 12th, 2007, 8:17 AM
Faewyn merely went with the flow as Reid's mother took charge, following the woman who was now hauling Alicel inside for treatment. The girl's eyelids drooped, giving her the visage of a sleepwalker as she crumbled down into a chair in the corner, proceeding to do the only thing that could calm her strained nerves; writing. The still fresh cut stung as it came into contact with the pencil, and the line of bruises on her fingers that she had managed to inflict on herself simply by grasping the staff so tightly did little to add to the comfort, but Faewyn was numb to such things at this point, seemingly writing on pure instinct while her eyes remained firmly glued to the unconscious Alicel, the pencil in her hand mechanically repeating the same motions over and over again, the the thin trickle of crimson mingling with the lead and seeping into the paper, quickly smudging the message each time she wrote it. There was so much she wanted to say, to ask, to do...but she just couldn't seem to act on any of it, merely continuing with the one thing she always knew how to do until she finally managed to leave a permanent mark; a childish scribble at the very end of the bloodstained page, just barely legible beneath the smudges:

'It will be alright.'

The girl studied her handiwork carefully, repeating the message under her breath and then heaving a sigh. This simple act seemed to have calmed her quite considerably, as if putting the reassurance on paper had somehow guaranteed its truthfulness. Placing paper and pencil aside, Faewyn finally looked up, just in time to catch Rosaline's outburst and Reid's reaction. Lila was quick to cover for her son, probably remembering Faewyn's last outburst on the subject, but the precaution was quite unnecessary. The girl just didn't have it in her to have another fit, she was already sick and tired of being angry. She hated it, she loathed it, and yet...yet she had done it again. And every time she did...someone got hurt. The others might not have known it, but Faewyn did; every time she used that bad things happened. Every time, it didn't matter what she had intended to do; the end result was always the same. It wasn't Rosaline's fault, it wasn't Reid's fault; in a way it wasn't even Aertan's fault. No, those were just circumstances. Faewyn had done the only thing her mother had ever strictly forbidden and it had taken its tool. It was her fault. A single tear slipped from her right eye and ran down her face, the memory surfacing in front of her mind's eye.


"Mama, look!"

It was mother and daughter day. Once a week - or at least once a month, one had to be a bit flexible - that was what her mother had decided to be the minimal time they needed to spend together to prevent severe psychological trauma and warped family relations. Faewyn always looked forward to those days; a full day with only her and her mother. No rushing out after a new lead, no staring at empty seats during dinner, no endless hours spent sitting at home alone and counting cracks in the floorboards. Just her and mama, together, learning about the world and how to use mahstion - for Verdance Ayre had never been one to tolerate unproductive use of time. To a regular child, such a thing would have seemed more like a tedious chore than a reward, but Faewyn valued these precious few days like nothing else, eagerly delving into the secrets of the art in the hopes of impressing her mother with her talents and maybe, just maybe, one day mama would smile and tell her that she was ready - that she had learned enough to go with them, that she would never be alone again. It was this hope that spurred her to go beyond her assigned exercises, to carefully study her mother's experimental notes - dictionary in hand to make sense of the words, and it was this hope that led her to that damned spell. 'Wind dagger', she had recited under her breath as she scanned the notes, 'Countless tiny particles kept in high-velocity rotation around the wielder's body, to be used as either a shield against incoming attacks or as projectiles weapons, the force of a tornado perfectly focused and contained.'. Surely...surely if she mastered this, mama would have no choice but to see her as mature enough to go on a journey? For once, Faewyn had welcomed the next two weeks' delay in mother and daughter day, spending every minute she could on practice. Much to her dismay, she had found that even after weeks of intense training she could barely manage focusing the spell around one hand - let alone her whole body, as the description in the notes had specified - but it was a beginning, and perhaps when she showed her how much progress she had already made on her own, mama would help out with the rest? That mother and daughter day had fallen on none other than Faewyn's fourteenth birthday, and her hopes were soaring high.

Hope, it turned out, was cheerfully paving the way for disaster. The girl had barely begun building up the spell when she caught sight of her mother's face, the way the color had drained from her cheeks, the look of complete shock and anger on her normally serene, and - to Faewyn's mind - incredibly beautiful face, the terror in those normally tranquil dark blue eyes with their seemingly endless depth. The moment Faewyn had caught sight of her mother's reaction, the spell had fizzled, a sharp pain had cut through her hand and the rest of the ordeal was a blur of sound, color and motion.

When she came to, she had found herself at her uncle Kain's house, a thick bandage with a decidedly reddish tint to it covering her sore right thumb and about half her hand. She had caught a quick glimpse of her uncle's face and his black, raven's wings before her mother was there. For a few awkward minutes, mother and daughter had simply looked at each other before the young girl was shocked by the tightest hug she had ever received. Faewyn's initial surprise was soon topped, however, as she got to feel a gesture she had never felt before - a stinging backhand slap straight across the face.

It was the first and only time Faewyn's mother laid a hand on her.


Faewyn snapped back out of her reverie, noticing that Rosaline was still crying. The rest of the memory was nothing to dwell upon: an utterly glacial trip home, a solemn vow to both her parents never to touch the spell again, and a large bruise across her face that prompted an investigation from the child welfare agency. It was a close call of epic proportions, Faewyn had been told later, a sheer miracle that she hadn't killed herself trying to wield mahstion of such magnitude at her age, and a stroke of dumb luck that her medically skilled uncle had been there to re-attach the severed thumb before gangrene had set in. The slap had been the most shocking thing in Faewyn's little life, but in retrospect she had come to realize that it was concern that made her mother do what she did, and who knew? Maybe the way Reid had been acting was concern too. His own kind of...well, male concern. Boys weren't good at showing feelings, right?

"Rose..." Faewyn mumbled softly, walking over to the girl and placing her left hand on her shoulder - for the right one was still a mess - "This doesn't mean that Reid doesn't like you, you know. I think..." she paused, "I think he did it because he was worried, it's...well, it's a complicated thing. But please...please don't cry. None of this is your fault; you haven't done anything wrong. Besides, we should try to be happy..." she managed a weak smile to help her statement, "I've heard that having sad and worried people around you makes it harder to recover. It's a psychoso-well, it's a matter of feeling positive. As long as you think and feel like everything will be alright then it will have a better chance of becoming that way, see? And right now..." her glance traveled to Alicel, "Well, I think we owe it to her to try to help her heal, wouldn't you say?"

August 13th, 2007, 8:30 PM
"You really know how to impress a girl, I'll give you that much." Ailia cheekily commented at her older brother when she finally stumbled upon him, atop their roof. He was sitting their quietly, thinking, as the morning began to draw later. People were beginning to emerge from their houses to wander the streets towards their jobs, and a police team was directly down below investigating the scene of the earlier battle. Law enforcement was about as intelligent as a moth flying towards a bug zapper, however. Chances of them cluing in on the origin of the mess was unlikely. When the girl spoke, Reid almost fell down the shingled stage out of surprise. However, he didn't make contact with her, and just pretended she wasn't there. That is, until the small girl crept up beside him and jumped onto his lap, rending him unable to move. "You know, the reason you keep people far away from you is because you're afraid of getting like this, isn't it? You just can't seem to shake what happened that night and move on. Wanna know how I know? I'm going to be a psychi-eye-ah-triste when I get older!" It was obvious that she couldn't properly pronounce the real career name.

Reid couldn't help but give a little smile at his sister as she spoke. She meant well, but it wasn't really working. "It's been a long time since I've talked to you, isn't it? I mean, I could easily write to you guys or something, but I never want to... I'm a horrible big brother." He let out a deep sigh as he readjusted his goggles, and motioned for his younger sister to get off. "Well, I'm going to take a nap. Tell the others they should do the same, we're going to leaving tomorrow morning, and we're exhausted still." Ailia nodded as she got up and climbed a small ladder down to a porch, before rushing back downstairs. Reid just fell asleep on the roof in the morning sun.

"I know it's not my fault... but still. I can't sit here and let my sister be killed because I ran away!" Rose argued, still crying despite Faewyn's attempts to comfort her. She wasn't mad at Reid or anything, she figured he had his own reasons, but her sister concerned her more.

"Princess Juliet's birthday isn't for another month. If they're going to sacrifice her, they'll do it then in an attempt to uphold some degree of tradition." Rod said just as Ailia entered the room.

"Uhh, guys~?" Aila chimed into the fairly serious discussion. "Reid says you should get some sleep 'cause you're leaving in the morning. Though if you want, you should check out the shopping in town. Azern is famous for it's many jewelry shops, and wing ornaments are very popular here! But... Reid won't be able to go with you, he'd probably be beaten down, stripped naked, and thrown into the desert."


"Sorry mom!"

Alter Ego
August 14th, 2007, 10:08 AM
Faewyn would have argued right back at Rosaline, but before she was given the chance, Aila had cut into the conversation, bringing up the prospect of shopping.

"Ohh...I'd love to do that!" Faewyn exclaimed, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it was almost daybreak and that they were all in serious need of rest and recovery. When it came to the prospect of seeing a lot of shiny and pretty things she had all the self-restraint of a magpie...and about as much common sense too. A slight jolt of pain in her hand brought her a bit closer to reality, though, "But...I think that maybe I should find a shower and a towel first." she cast a contemplative glance at the bloodied mess in her right hand, "And maybe a bandage too." she conceded at last, but her glance was still hopeful as she turned back to Aila, "Did Reid say anything about when we'd go, though? I mean...maybe we could squeeze in a quick round in the morning before we leave?" she paused, finally having a faint moment of epiphany and realizing that maybe this wasn't exactly sensitive towards Rosaline's plight.

"Cheer up, Rose." she added in the girl's direction, "You heard what Rod said; they want to make the sacrifice at the right time, so she's not in danger yet. If Reid got you out of there I'm sure he can do the same for your sister. And if he can't then we will." Faewyn said this without the faintest trace of doubt in her voice, giving the younger girl a small pat on the head, "One thing I do know is that brooding won't help anyone. I think the best you can do is try not to think about it for now, get a good night's sleep and gather your strength so you'll be in shape to help Juliet out when the time comes."

This she deemed to be the end of the matter, turning back to Aila and her mother, "Do you mind if I use your bathroom for a while?" she added, "I'm probably a bit of a mess at the moment and I wouldn't want to get the bedsheets dirty.". Though she hadn't even properly realized it herself, Faewyn had just about reverted to her usual cheerful persona. To the others this sudden change might have seemed odd, but the girl had always been like that: she could get angry and, yes, even depressed, but only if there was very good and immediate cause for it. Everyone was safe for the moment, the bad person was gone, and Alicel was back, so she saw no reason to act down; brooding had never been Faewyn's strong suit anyway.

August 14th, 2007, 2:17 PM
The sunlight that beat against Alicel's eyelids was incredibly uncomfortable. Surely, opening her eyes would be simply inviting more stinging pain. Lifting her hand to shield her eyes from the sunlight, she flinched when a sharp pain shot up her arm. Opening her eyes as her hand dropped back onto the bed, she found that she couldn't open her left eye, or at least, couldn't see much other then black. Finding that it was a bit awkward to breathe through her nose, Alicel was about to furrow her brow, but that hurt just as much as moving her arm. It took Alicel a good five minutes of thought to figure out just why everything hurt as much as it did. Remembering every detail of the exploding necklace, she rolled her eyes a little, wondering how she'd forgotten something like that.

"Hnnn..." Alicel mumbled in an clearly irritated tone, pissed that she couldn't move without everything hurting like hell. Feeling like a hopeless invalid, and a useless pile of flesh, Alicel let her unobscured eye roam the room. Two people she recognized. Thankfully, Rosaline and Faewyn, and not Aertan and his buddy. Satisfied with the fact that she wasn't with Aertan at the moment, Alicel began the grueling task of sitting up. Swallowing any sort of sound that might indicate that Alicel was in extreme pain, she successfully propped herself up [her legs seemed to be fine, thank goodness] on her pillow though with quite the extra amount of effort.

"I need a mirror." Alicel said, wanting to see the damage that stupid bomb had done, "Please." She added with difficulty. Please always made it sound like a request. And this was not a request. Alicel NEEDED a mirror, "Where am I?" The question as to her location, of course, was second to the question of what had been done to her face, perhaps her hair, and the rest of her once perfect skin, which was undoubtedly no longer perfect.

"Er...." Alicel stared at the lady and the little girl, unable to say much more. She was not accustomed to addressing people when she was in a state of such apparent lack of preparation.

August 14th, 2007, 7:58 PM
"Actually, Reid's facing enough hard time in prison as it is, I doubt he'd be able to accommodate your rescue mission." Rod said gloomily, different from his usual persona, as he looked at the group, specifically Rose. "The Tealian forces are very strict when it comes to operations, and he's already two days past the deadline. And for some reason, Tealia REALLY wants to get a hold of Rosaline. Why else would they risk sparking the imminent war by snatching up their sacrifice? The way I look at, Reid is most likely a goner when we get back. Yup, they'll probably have him locked away for life, or worse." Rod shot a glance at Rose, who looked away with the knowledge that Rod was blaming her for the fate of his friend.

"What? That's horrible! And here I thought Tealia was better than Carn!" Lila chimed in once more at the mention of her son's fate. "Though I guess when it comes down to it, no nation is perfect. But still, you guys won't let him get locked up, will you?"

Rose remained quiet. So this wasn't essentially a rescue mission? There was a chance Tealia could want to use her for something as well? Was the world truly against her staying as a living, breathing person? She wasn't really sure, but she supposed pushing forward was the only way to push forward. "Don't worry Fae... Is it okay if I call you Fae?" She said to Faewyn, her first attempt to form some sort of friendship pact with a person. "I'll be okay, despite your suggestion, I just need to think... I think. But- OH, I think I can heal wounds if we have problems later. I practiced a trick a lot in my cell when I'd fall and cut myself. I couldn't allow them to remain, or else chances were almost certain they'd become infected." She pulled out her flute, and began to play a song that reminded one of the fluttering of a butterfly. Despite the fact that she was playing, her attention was focused on a large gash in her right arm that she had acquired on her right arm. Lionus began focusing around the area, and as the song ended, it dispersed. In the place of the wound was the flawless skin Rose had owned prior to the conflict.

"One mirror!" Ailia chimed as she came back into the room after disappearing, carrying I small hand mirror. Thoughtlessly, she chucked it onto Faewyn's stomach. "You're at my brother, Reid's house~ Oh, and Faewyn, there's a washroom down the hall, and to the right that you can use~"

Alter Ego
August 15th, 2007, 5:30 AM
"But...that's unfair!" Faewyn exclaimed as Rod mentioned imprisonment, her eyes wide, "I mean, he didn't plan to fall down from the sky, get chased by that creepy guy or anything else. They've got to see that he couldn't help it. If we come and tell them about everything that happened they'll understand, right? I'll get it all written down." she brandished the fresh - and still unfinished - journal, "They can't argue with the facts, can they?" alright, so maybe she wasn't exactly well-versed in the ways of government institutions. Faewyn's parents had always emphasized the value of collecting and preserving knowledge, not all the complex political games revolving around its use, and as such she couldn't quite fathom the concept of punishing someone who did their job as best they could...or that this mission could be about something besides saving Rosaline. To her mind, government's were meant to punish bad people and reward good people, not the other way around, "Don't you worry one bit." she replied to Lila, "I'll make sure they understand what happened." one of these days she would have to get back in touch with reality...she really would.

Just then, Rosaline spoke up, apparently feeling a little bit better and timidly requesting the right to call her by a nickname, "Fae is fine." she trilled merrily, "Fay works too, it means 'fairy' you know; both are a lot nicer than most of the things people call me." she followed the healing spell in fascination, watching curiously as the gash on Rosaline's arm vanished, "That's almost like the stuff uncle Kain does." she remarked, "Except...well, he doesn't do any music. Maybe you could use that do something about those big gashes on Alicel's-" she paused in mid-sentence as the girl sprang to life, demanding a mirror. Ailia was quick to oblige, although her aim left something to desire.

"Here you go." she replied, beaming at Alicel as she held the mirror in front the girl's face, "It's really not so bad. Well..." she conceded - hopeless optimist though she was, she wasn't much of a liar - "...considering the circumstances, anyway." Then again, Faewyn's own face was currently covered in dirt and her hair was a complete mess as a result of the blast and consequent emergency dive. Maybe Alicel would at least be happy to know that she wasn't the only one not looking her best at the moment.

August 15th, 2007, 2:19 PM
If Alicel was delicate, she would've fainted. If Alicel's face wasn't stinging in pain with every movement other then her mouth, she would've screamed with a full expression of anguish. Instead, she took a sharp breath and looked determinedly away. Indeed, there were bandages across her left eye, as she could've assumed, and indeed, she did have a gauze on her face, indicating that there was most certainly a cut there. She stared at Rosaline's spotless arm and resisted the urge to squeeze some air out of her to play her flute and heal her face and eye. Instead, she sat gloomily and brooded over how she would make sure the cut looked nice in the future. Perhaps she could simply readjust her bangs so that they covered the left portion of her face. At least she'd turned the right side of her face away from the explosion... a very wise move.

"Well..." Alicel began stiffly, trying to keep calm, even if she couldn't keep pretty, "I suppose your right." She deflated, glancing at the mirror Faewyn held up, "Either way, it sounds like everyone's headed for Tealia. I think that's a bad idea, from what I've heard. I mean, it's a lose-lose situation, right? Tealia can't have anything good in store with a Princess of Carn, even if she's er..." Alicel searched for a less blunt way to state it, "...A religious icon." She cursed herself mentally, "And if Reid's going to get locked up, I say you should head for a different country. One that isn't looking for Rosaline."

She looked around as best as her neck, which refused to move at the moment, would allowed, and assessed Reid's home. It wasn't horribly shabby, like she'd imagined, but it certainly wasn't quite as luxurious as the Florinen household. Sure, the chandeliers there weren't exactly made of diamonds, but everything there seemed to gleam. Here, not so much. Perhaps it was the sandy storms outside that gave Alicel a feeling that there might be more dust in the bedroom then met the eye. But perhaps not.

August 15th, 2007, 3:03 PM
"You're naive, Faewyn, you really are. Facts won't justify anything, especially when the facts are coming from a group of random teenagers." Rod replied to the immature ramblings of Faewyn, the serious tone to his voice still present. "Tealia isn't full of people who'd resign they're bias opinions to a bunch of kids claiming they have proof, but no way of displaying it other than in a book. I know Reid, I've known him since we were kids. If you have an intent of taking Rose away, he won't let you. He'll end up taking her Tealia with him anyways, whether he truly wants to or not."

"I'm going there." Rose spoke up again, apparently her mind set. "I need to reason with the Queen, even if I'm risking my life. It's the only way I'll have a chance of saving my sister. Besides, even if something happens to Reid, you guys will be there to help me bail him out, right? I know you guys are worried about my safety, and I'm flattered, but this is something I need to do. OH. SORRY ALICEL!" She had finally realized that Alicel was wounder, and that she could heal her. Major brain fart on her part. She walked over to Alicel's side, and concentrated on the head wounds, her flute in her hands. She played the same song as earlier, and white lionus energy attached itself to the girl's wounds. When she finished, the energy dispersed, leaving non-punctured and healthy skin in it's place. "I'm sorry if that stung a little... So, are we going shopping after you two get cleaned up?"

Alter Ego
August 15th, 2007, 11:56 PM
"But that's not right!" Faewyn protested, staring in disbelief at Rod, "What good does locking Reid away do for anyone?! And I've seen Tealian people pay huge amounts of money for facts in books, why wouldn't they value mine? I write these just like mama, you know, and none of those military people ever argued with her books."

Just then, Alicel dropped the second bombshell: namely, her own suspicions as to what the Tealians wanted with Rosaline. The girl in question seemed adamant about going, however, and Faewyn eventually consented, nodding, "You can count on me." she replied, "I'll talk to them too, and maybe visit my uncle as well." the last point seemed largely irrelevant to the whole issue, a fact which apparently only dawned to the girl a few minutes later as she added, "He's a doctor, you know, and he said that a couple of people there owe him favors. Maybe if I ask him he could...umm...pull some ropes?" nope, idioms weren't really her strong suit either, "Nothing to lose, right?"

Somewhat gloomy though the discussion might have been, Faewyn was quick to perk up at Rosaline's final suggestion.

"Oh, I'm in!" she trilled, clapping her hands and receiving a sting in the cut to remind her that she still had other issues to address. Mindfully placing the mirror well within Alicel's reach, she gave both of her newfound friends a smile, "I'm going to go take a shower then." she announced, "I'll be right back."

With that, the girl proceeded down the hall and to the right, as she had been instructed to do earlier, soon disappearing out of view.

August 16th, 2007, 4:46 PM
OoC// My posts are getting shorter. :x

Alicel IC// Alicel grinned a genuine smile, examining her skin that was once again perfect and flawless. What a wonderful mahstion, lionus. Much more useful then wation. Snatching up the mirror, Alicel took her time to examine her face, and slowly pulled the bandages and medical tape off. She was quite satisfied.

"Thank you Rosaline!" Alicel chirped, as she pulled the bandage off her left eye. She frowned slightly when she closed her right eye. Things were slightly blurry. Maybe she'd have to change her hair anyway. Because there was no way she was wearing a monocle or glasses. Or anything to that extent. They were tacky. Putting down the mirror, she tapped her lips with her now healed index finger. She'd have to repay Rosaline. So, Alicel decided, she would go with, for company. She was an excellent cook, and quite organized anyway. They'd have no trouble if they ended up having to run from Tealia, a premonition Alicel had already decided was unavoidable, based on her own reasons. To repay Reid's family for taking care of her... Alicel bit her lip.

"It didn't sting at all." Alicel added, remembering suddenly what Rosaline had last said, "And shopping sounds quite fun. I'll need a new dress... after all, this one is sort of..." She looked down at the once white sundress, the straps torn and barely clinging to the rest of the dress, "Dead?" Alicel laughed, before trying to fix up her hair in the mirror, so that it covered her left, blurry eye.

Aertan IC// "Her birthday isn't for another month." Kirden said quietly, her hands clasped in her lap, her face concealed with a veil, "You have plenty of time Aertan. Do not fret. I'm sure there is a way to console yourself. Princess Juliet should be proud that she's going to be sacrificed for Tylonstus. It is a great privilege."

Haeon't and Geote slapped themselves over Aertan's ears as his temperature rose, his cheeks coloring. Kirden was never graceful with words, and this was a situation that certainly proved it. Sighing, Aertan commanded Haeon't and Geote to remove themselves, which they did, obviously against their will. Kirden's flat emotionless violet eyes pierced through the veil attatched to her coif, as though she hadn't even noticed that Haeon't and Geote did not approve of her words. She was an avid believer in Tylonstus. To the extreme point where a curse of Tylonstus was not worth even noticing. She sat stock still, and Aertan did as well.

"I see. Thank you." Aertan said stiffly, with difficulty, seeing that Kirden wasn't about to go anywhere until she was sure Aertan wouldn't attempt to capture Rosaline simply for Juliet's sake, but instead, for Tylonstus', "This eases my mind. In my shock, I did not take her feelings into consideration." Aertan blinked. No. He hadn't. He'd lied about the ease of mind. But he hadn't lied about the last sentence. Juliet... was not the type to praise for killing to save. She would approve of protecting to save. But, sometimes, protecting included killing. Juliet had always been rumored to rather like Rosaline. How would Princess Juliet react, if Aertan sent Rosaline to her death for Juliet? What would Aertan do, if Juliet hated him for it? Aertan's clenched fists began to tremble, but he kept his face equally blank as Kirden's. She stared, and yet, she wasn't truly looking at Aertan. This was Kirden, a pitiful shell of an existence, who dedicated her life to Tylonstus, gave her soul and emotions to Tylonstus, and gave her grace and beauty to Tylonstus. Aertan had never particularly disliked her. She was quite an idol, such an avid follower. But, at the moment, Aertan felt both great hatred toward Kirden for lack of consideration towards the people around her, thinking only of Tylonstus and shunning everyone else. And also a surge of thankfulness. Kirden, by opening his eyes to the fact that he had spent no time considering Juliet, and only his own goals, showed him that he might've lost a very important relationship.

"Very well then." Kirden finally said in a bored voice, "Shall we return?"

"No." Aertan replied, "I must capture Rosaline. It is impudent to keep Tylonstus waiting."

"Your curse. The tattoo's of purification have been destroyed. They must be retraced or bad luck will certainly befall you. Tis the will of the might Tylonstus." Kirden retorted stubbornly.

"I have something to do. I will simply bear with bad luck in the meantime." Aertan stood and bowed, "I shall return in due time. I expect that Rosaline will be in my company the next time we meet, Kirden."

Kirden stared silently for many minutes before finally saying, "You tread in dangerous waters. Tylonstus does not forgive the reckless."

"Svartel's were never favored children of Tylonstus."

August 16th, 2007, 7:23 PM
OOC: Sorry it's short, not a lot to do with Reid sleeping and Rose waiting on you two. XD

Despite the ludicrousy of it all, Rose still had one last hope in mind for helping her sister. Aertan. Unless it was a rather harsh ploy to get Rose to come with him, it was Aertan who had made her aware of the truth, which meant he may actually care. If she could somehow reason with him, convince him to cooperate, then perhaps there was a way they could save the princess. Rose's thought were cut short when she overheard Ailia ask her mother about a small green dot she had somehow received on her forehead. "I've been wondering about those dots too... I have one, Reid has one, and so do Faewyn and Alicel. Come to think of it, so did that Aertan person..." Upon reflection, it's noteworthy at this point to came to the realization that Rosaline wasn't afraid of speaking to people like she was back when she met Alicel and Faewyn. "Ah well, I guess we'll find out later. I'll meet you guys outside!" The sacrifice girl made her way to the front hall of the house, and stepped outside, patiently waiting for the others to hurry up.

Alter Ego
August 18th, 2007, 6:27 AM
'...and then we decided to go shopping, Reid didn't join us out of fear that the townspeople would beat him up, strip him naked and throw him out into the desert (it is apparently a local custom) so he took a nap instead.'

Faewyn placed down the final full stop with a measure of satisfaction, carefully re-reading what she had just written. Yup, it was all there: the escape from the Florinen house, the trek across Alta, the confrontation at Reid's parents' house, the aftermath...everything. This day's bizarre little story had now been successfully recorded. Reid's name would be cleared and Rod would see how wrong he had been. And now...now she had earned herself a shower. Mindfully double-checking that the door was locked - for she had been told that this was what you did with a no-good dirty lecher in the house - before slipping out of her dust-covered attire and into the shower, cranking up the temperature of the water to help rinse the dirt.

This day had been quite...eventful, she had to concede, what with having teamed up with a hunted sacrifice and a secret agent and having been chased across Alta - and come close to being killed by - a man with an additional pair of hands sprouting out of his wings and everything, but when all was said and done it had turned out well. She had made new friends, all of them were safe for the moment, and they were about to go shopping. Having come close to accidentally maiming herself, now probably being blacklisted by a country of religious fanatics, or having a deep cut on her hand did nothing to change any of those things. A wide grin dominated Faewyn's face as she stepped out of the shower, pulling on the discarded outfit again. This had been a good day, and the evening was going to be a turn for the better.


"Over here!"

As she approached the front hall, Faewyn gave a cheerful wave to Rosaline as she spotted her, skipping over to the younger girl. Faewyn's hair was still dripping wet, but she had scrubbed the dirt away and the cut on her hand now bore a neat bandage on it.

"Sorry if I made you wait." the girl continued, "Soo...are we ready to go?"

August 18th, 2007, 10:54 PM
"Definitely." Alicel said, sliding off of the bed and brushing off the skirt of her dress. It didn't do much, but at this point, Alicel was just happy that no permanent damage had been done. Dresses were easily replaced. She marched out of the house, and tried to quell the feeling of impending doom that Aertan would suddenly pop out of nowhere. Placing her hands on her hips she looked around, turning her entire torso as she tried to find a proper store. First things first, she needed a new dress. Not bothering to wait for Faewyn or Rosaline, Alicel made a beeline for the first clothing shop she spotted, and expertly flit through the selections, varied as much as the colors of the rainbow. But that was just the way things worked.

Alicel need only look at the colors. Stopping at the first black dress she saw, she whipped it out. Immediately putting it back where she'd found it, she decided against dressed with too much lace on them. Or any lace at all, for that matter. Alicel had decided that she'd choose a black dress when Rosaline mentioned that they'd be out shopping. It was easier to hide stains, dust, and dirt on black clothing. It didn't take Alicel long. She was one of those people who would pick out the perfect thing within minutes. But putting her hand at her side she frowned. She hadn't exactly taken her purse with her when she'd been kidnapped. Did Rosaline or Faewyn have money? It was a rare instance, but Alicel actually looked at the price. It wasn't incredibly painful. She'd pay them back later.

After picking out a pair of belted black boots and a pair of white tights, Alicel was satisfied with her new outfit. With no qualms about mooching off of Rosaline and Faewyn, she brushed off the tad bit of black soot on her silver bracelets before waiting for the other two girls to arrive. Faewyn needed some new clothes too. They were so dirty! Rosaline could do with a new outfit too. New clothes were good! It gave a taste of variety. Sitting down on one of the chairs next to the door, Alicel ignored that stares that she received for her tattered dress. It wasn't as if anyone else was wearing something made of satin, even if their clothes weren't ripped. Just meant that Alicel had more backbone then they did.

OoC// Not sure how clothing stores work, but, you know. Whatever.

Alter Ego
August 19th, 2007, 2:48 AM
"Wait up!"

Faewyn's call effectively fit into the category of too little, too late. By the time she had found her voice, Alicel was already halfway inside the closest clothing store. Oh well, at least she had perked up, which was never wrong.

"Come on, Rose." Faewyn called cheerfully, grasping the younger girl's hand and towing her along as she followed Alicel's lead. The moment they stepped inside the store and Faewyn caught sight of the colorful abundance of clothes within, she released her grip, however, her eyes glowing covetously. She always reacted like this when confronted with a store more impressive than her local supermarket. The family shopping trips had always been about the purely practical, obtaining the necessities and absolutely nothing beyond that save for a few tastier food items, 'superfluous' had always been a bad word in the Ayre household, so getting to enter a store that seemed to be all about being superfluous was a rare treat for the girl. She had done it once before, and walked out with an empty purse, looking like a clothing rack had imploded on her arms. Since then, her mother had taken over shopping for the clothes.

"So many pretty things..." Faewyn mumbled, a dreamer's look still etched on her face as she examined the rows of colorful clothes in front of her, "Alicel, which one of these do you think would-"

"Ahem." the discreet but suitably noticeable, and slightly reproachful, little cough re-directed the girl's attention to a nearby woman who seemed to be in her mid-twenties, her dark blue hair tied up in a tight bun and her uniform and the length of measuring tape she held identifying her as a store clerk, a pair of greyish white, dove's wings at her back twitching slightly as she gave their little group critically, quite clearly not approving of their dirtied attires, "I certainly hope you can pay for that." she remarked dryly, focusing a pair of gray eyes at Alicel and, specifically, the wares she was holding. Well, as far as one could speak of focus when one was as badly cross-eyed as the clerk was. To top it all, the right eye seemed to have sunken a bit lower on the face than the left, distorting her otherwise rather attractive appearance, and...well, that frown of hers wasn't doing her any favors in that department either, "This is a store after all; if you break or dirty anything you'll have to buy it."

August 20th, 2007, 10:32 AM
Despite being the one who suggested the idea in the first place, Rosaline was basically dragged to the shop by Faewyn, who seemed scarily enthusiastic about the excursion. Rod followed after them, fully knowing that they probably had no money. If any of them were expecting Rose to have money, at least, they'd be pretty dumb. How would a girl locked away for her whole life have money?

When they arrived at the store, Rose was overwhelmed. She had never seen such a place before, with clothes and jewelry everywhere. The girls split up quickly and efficiently, looking at various things, though with strange looks from the store clerk who seemed a little less than pleased with the current state of their appearances, and commenting as such. Surprisingly, Rod stepped up to the plate. "Excuse me, ma'am? These fine women are with me. I ensure you anything they break or "dirty", I can pay for. Though I'd prefer you don't through such inappropriate comments while you aren't the most civil of people yourself. Judging based on appearance. How immature." In the meantime, Rose was busy looking at all of the clothing. She really had to return the outfit she was wearing to Alicel, so it wouldn't hurt to get something else. In the end, she retrieved a long sleeved, light blue traveling gown that would go down to cover her feet. The gown would be tight enough that it would show off her feminine curves, and it had a gold chain located around the wait on an angle. The style was really old, but she still liked it. She also picked up some white stockings and a pair of brown sandals to go with it, along with a pair of earrings with light blue jewel studs. She also purchased a dark blue cloak that tied just below her so she could easily remove it if she ever needed to fly while wearing it. To top it all off, she purchased some silver chain jewelry designed to run from the tip of each wing to the shoulder along the top. Of course, she'd need help getting dressed into all this later.

Just as Rose had finished picking out a fortune's worth of clothing, Rod spoke up in the middle of the store, addressing the girls. "Tonight, I have a special treat for you guys. So, I need you guys to get swimsuits or whatever." Rose cocked her head in confusion. She wasn't exactly sure what a swimsuit was...

August 20th, 2007, 3:37 PM
OoC// HAHAHA, I'm such a girl. D: I end up posting a super long post when it involves shopping, naturally. *shot*

IC// Pointedly ignoring that woman's words and blatantly showing that Alicel felt that she wasn't worth her attention, Alicel examined the dress and didn't even flinch when the lady directly addressed her. It was similar to hers, before it'd been torn up. With a square collar and extremely geometrical style around the straps and neckline, it looked like a plain black dress. Though, the hem of the skirt seemed to be punctured with holes to look like it was lace. Thankfully, it wasn't lace. Alicel had strictly refused anything with lace; it was too itchy. Standing up and putting her items on the chair, she decided she needed something to pep up the monotone outfit. Really bright accessories, of course.

Alicel was just searching through a hanger of brightly colored necklaces when Rod announced that they needed to pick out swimsuits. She straightened and put her hands on her hips, "I'm not going to say no to a free outfit and swimsuit." Of course, it was never an innocent treat when a guy requested that three girls picked out swimsuits. But, still, shopping was no sin. However, she ended up moving away from the necklaces and over to the hair accessories. Plucking a bright neon blue scarf headband out of the row, she puckered her lips in thought, then nodded. But wait. Alicel paused, glancing over at Rod. He was paying for everything, wasn't he? No need to hold back.

Thus, her completed outfit consisted of a dress, white stockings, her belted boots which were laced together with belts all the way up to her knees, while the other boot was belted only up to her mid shin. The blue neon scarf headband, whose tail would sit on her right shoulder, was accompanied by three silver rings on her left hand, one on her index finger, another on her middle finger, and the last on her pinky, while a two thick silver bangles sat next to each other on her right wrist. A white cropped mantle that was cut to the small of her back and held together at the base of her left shoulder with a ring styled brooch would be what she wore when it got cold. It'd be easy to stuff it into a bag when it wasn't cold.

"Well, my outfit is done." Alicel turned to Rosaline with a smile and said, "Swimsuits are things you wear when you swim! Basically you can move around in a big body of water or you just sit there. Trust me, it's good exercise, and it also feels really nice when it's hot outside." She grabbed the ex-sacrifice's wrist and said, "Who knows, maybe Rod has a nice treat for us, like he said. But we have to look our best, because it'll be tough going from here on out, right?"

She picked out a two piece for herself, a bold cobalt blue, black, and white suit, with a bottom piece designed like shorts, while the top was a cropped halter top, striped three times diagonally with the three respective colors, the bottom striped in the opposite direction.

"See this material? It doesn't get see-through when you go swimming, and it's light weight, so you don't get weighed down when it absorbs the water!" Alicel said, not realizing that Rosaline probably didn't understand a single word of it. But when it came to shopping, Alicel was an expert, and a dreadfully excited person, cheerful and peppy.

Alter Ego
August 21st, 2007, 2:42 AM
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"I've got some money..." Faewyn began innocently at the clerk's inquiry, but before she could finish Rod had stepped in, informing them that he was paying this time around and adding in a few choice words about the clerk's behavior.

"Well suit yourselves, then." she snapped indignantly, "But if I get any trouble from your lot you'll be out on your ears!" with that, she stalked off in a huff of righteous indignation.

Faewyn stared curiously after the departing woman for a moment, but then her mind was brought back to the more pressing concern: shopping. She didn't have that much money, but if Rod was shouldering part of the cost it was still something. Okay, so she needed something to wear while traveling - seeing as how she had ditsily forgotten her satchel of spare clothes back at the Florinen household - and according to their benefactor she also needed a swimsuit.

"Okay..." the girl mumbled, gently searching through the seemingly endless lines of clothing and accessories, at times picking something up to examine it closer or get a feel of the fabric, "Let's see...". Very soon, however, Faewyn realized that she had a problem. It wasn't like she couldn't find anything she wanted. To the contrary; she had trouble finding anything she didn't want. She had to restrain herself, though; she wasn't on an infinite money supply, and neither was Rod, but still...the girl gave a slightly melancholy sigh as she had to put back her latest find, a beautiful crafted silver bracelet which was far too large to ever fit her thin arm. The purse with her savings was practically burning a hole through her pocket; she needed to pick something that would look good on her but wouldn't be too much of a bother when traveling. It had to be durable, at least somewhat resistant to dirt, and she needed some kind of opening for her wings too. By the sound of it, she needed a whole wardrobe, but with the current budget she had to make every choice count, and to do that she probably needed help. She could have asked Rod, of course, but him being a guy and a dirty no-good lecher - if a pretty generous one - ...well, even Faewyn realized that there was a conflict of interests in there somewhere. Alicel seemed to be completely at home in the store, however, currently engaged in explaining the intricacies of her swimsuit to Rosaline. When in doubt, consult the expert - this piece of advice from mama had held true on numerous occasions and Faewyn saw no reason to doubt it now. The others seemed to be finished too, and she hadn't even gotten started.

"Umm...Alicel?" Faewyn inquired, walking over to the other girl, "Could you help me a little? I...well, I'm not very good at picking clothes." she conceded, "And I don't want this to get too expensive for Rod, so could you help pick something that looks nice but doesn't cost too much?" she procured one of her trusty notebooks and a pencil to accompany it, "Oh, and maybe tell me a bit about clothes too?" she added hopefully, ready to write down notes.

August 21st, 2007, 4:49 PM
Alicel spun about to face Faewyn with a grin.

"Of course!" Alicel said, "A few tips on clothes... well, even the BEST outfit looks horrible if it doesn't fit. Clothes have to compliment your figure! Conform to your curves! And the colors don't have to match. They have to go. If you wear green and purple together, that sounds icky, right? No no no, you have to open your mind to the possiblities!" Alicel rambled excitedly, "If the green and purple are worn in a proper way, they can flow and look quite appealing, and it pops out more then a match-y match-y outfit. And when it comes to prices, if the man is paying, he can't tell you no." She winked at Faewyn, "But to control that, check the price, and hang onto it, look around, and see if you can find something similar, but cheaper. It's also a good idea to hang out in the sales rack, so your never even tempted to buy something expensive."

And these were the words of the shopping guru. Indeed, she'd probably spewed out a little more then Faewyn was expecting, but turned back to the clothing racks, "I couldn't exactly help you pick an outfit, because I don't know your preferences. But, judging by what you're wearing right now, let's get you a pair of nice fitting cargo pants. One pieces don't look good unless they're jumper dresses. They should fall straight to the floor from your hips, no flares or anything. As for shirts... Well, that depends on what kind of cleavage you're comfortable with. I think a printed tank-top would work fine, although a shoulder collared shirt over it would always be a fashionable if not logical sweater."

Shaking her head, Alicel flit through the racks at mach speed, hardly even glancing at each, and pausing only a second longer when she found a pair of cargo pants.

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August 21st, 2007, 6:15 PM
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"Okay, ladies~ <3" Rod finally spoke up once more, tapping the new watch present around his left wrist. "We really should be heading back now, it's one already. You guys haven't slept in forever now, so we should hurry back so you can nap before tonight~" Rose let out a sigh in response. Was he now so cheery because of his watch, or because of thoughts of seeing them in swimsuits? "So I'll just go up and start paying~ Bring up whatever swimwear you're getting~" With that, he took the ever growing loads of items from the three teens and made his way to the front counter.

"What's cleavage? Do boys like it?" The white winged wonder asked in a very sheepishly naive manner. At this question, a few women who were also around the area began s giving the girl weird looks, causing her face to brighten dramatically. "W-what? What did I say!?" To save herself anymore embarrassment, the confused sacrifice hid herself behind the opposite side of the swimsuit rack, browsing nervously. This was probably one of the first times in her life she was embarrassed, and apparently too much attention triggered it. Eventually, after a few more moments of looking, she found a light blue bikini that matched the other clothing she had just purchased. Rejoining the other two, she handed them the bikini. "Can you guys bring that up to Rod? I need to step outside." she said abruptly before running out, her face still bright red.

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August 25th, 2007, 3:06 AM
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"Really?" Faewyn's eyes widened in awe at the lecture, her pencil dancing across the notebook as she followed the other girl's words. Okay, so fitting above all, matching colors weren't a must (This was good news, seeing as how she wasn't quite clear on what did and didn't match in the first place), look for similar clothes, keep prices in mind...yeah, she had all of this written and memorized. Too bad she could only give guidelines, but...Faewyn's smile widened, the cargo pants were certainly a hit. Anything with that many roomy pockets was a sure winner in her eyes. She kept Alicel's advice in mind, though, and shuffled through a number of them - albeit not nearly as quickly and efficiently as the fashion guru herself - eventually settling on a dark green pair, and - just to put the color theory to a test - a dark purple tank top to go with them. Dark was good; it hid dirt, even Faewyn knew this much.

It was then that Rod spoke up, suggesting that they call it a day.

"Oh, just one minute!" Faewyn called, rushing off to the swimsuit rack and cycling through it, eventually settling on a simple dark blue one-piece. Most of the others seemed to be made for people with a bit more to show off, anyway; she had never been particularly gifted in the most coveted area of female anatomy. Rosaline soon posed a question about the meaning of 'cleavage', but before the older girl could even open her mouth, her younger complement had darted out in embarrassment, requesting that they take her purchases to Rod. Oh well, this could be explained later; not that Faewyn realized why Rosaline had been so embarrassed, but she was sure the young princess had her reasons.

"Okay, I'm done!" the girl trilled, rushing off after Rod. Just as she approached the counter, however, something caught her eye. Standing on one of the nearby shelves was a sizable, brown messenger bag, made of an unknown lightweight yet durable material, which - according to a sign next to it - was also designed to minimize impact to the items inside. Faewyn's eyes gleamed as she picked it up, trying it on and noticing - much to her delight - that the strap fit neatly between her wings, the bag settling against her lower back as if it had been meant to be there all along. It might not have been the greatest of fashion statements, but the girl was experiencing a strong and acute case of impulse buying, quickly adding the bag to the counter just as Rod was about to pay, "Oh, and this too." she added sweetly, "Don't worry; I'll pay for this one." with that, she placed a small pile of crumpled notes in front of the cashier before proceeding onward, picking up her own share of the purchases and skipping contentedly towards the exit, her newest purchase swinging back and forth against her back.

"Alright, let's go-o-o!" Faewyn could not have been more cheerful and hyper, or more annoying to those fully aware that it was the middle of the night and wanting to sleep through it like decent people.

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August 25th, 2007, 7:36 AM
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IC// Taking a quick sweeping glance inside the bag she held, Alicel made sure that she hadn't forgotten anything, and counted the rings and bracelets on her fingers and wrists. She'd change into her clothes after she'd taken a shower or bath. Healed or not, she was still sort of sooty and dust-ridden from the explosion and encounter from the morning, and she didn't want any of that on her new outfit. Looking up when Faewyn called to leave, Alicel nodded, before catching sight of her swimsuit. Glancing back at Rod, she was suddenly curious as to why they'd been asked to buy swimsuits. He certainly seemed okay. After all, he'd bought a new outfit, put out that clerk's fire for Alicel, and well... paid for her new outfit. Alicel nodded to herself again deciding he was okay.

"Why do we need these swimsuits Rod?" Alicel asked, standing in the middle between Rosaline and Rod at the cashier, and Faewyn at the door.


The city about him bustled about as if it weren’t there. People practically saw right through it, while for him, he could see nothing else. For awhile, he’d envisioned Juliet standing up there, with a blade pressed to her throat, while he simply stood here, where the crowd would be, watching with a flat gaze as she’d barely even notice him. But after thinking of ways he could stop the blade without branding himself as a traitor all over again, the scene suddenly shifted to something more familiar. But only slightly. Instead of Juliet it was Rosaline, and he stood to her left, holding an open holy book and watching with eyes that could care less about the fate of the girl before him.

Aertan’s eyes opened. With a great sigh, he pulled himself up and sat with one leg dangling off the edge of his bed. Speedily standing up, Aertan stormed out of the small room he’d rented for the night, and out into the small town that was nestled smack dab between the town where he’d taken Alicel captive, and the town in which he’d last seen Rosaline. If he set out now, he’d get there by the morning. What an advantage of having heavy powerful wings. Even if they were impossible to hide.

So this was it. This time, he’d save Juliet for sure. He had a month. More then enough time.

August 25th, 2007, 3:01 PM
"Catch." Rod addressed Rosaline as he threw two bags at the princess, the girl barely catching the two without tripping over her own two feet. Rose had been waiting outside for the three, and was still quite red when they left the store. Rosaline carefully examined the contents of her first bag. That was the stuff she bought, but what about the other bag? She was about to ask, but Rod answered it for her. "I thought I'd get Reid a wardrobe change as well. You give it to him though, as thanks for saving you. We'll just say you owe me until you have money to give me in return, kay~?" Rose was a bit hesitant at the thought of giving Reid something when he was angry with her earlier in the day. What if he was still angry?

"Um... okay. But now I'm curious too, what do we need the swimsuits for?" Rose replied with obvious curiosity amidst her voice. The group was beginning to walk back now, with Rod in the lead, a bag of his very own at his side. Other than the bath she had been given by Alicel, she wasn't exactly sure why you'd get wet, or need clothing for that matter. "Like, what else is water for other than drinking and bathing?"

"HOT SPRING!" Rod shouted enthusiastically, throwing his left hand, the hand without a bag, comically into the air. "There's a sweet hot spring right on the outskirts of town! Now, usually you wouldn't wear a swimsuit to such a place, but it's a unisex establishment, and it's one huge hot spring, so I didn't really think you guys would want to go in naked. Most people don't, though it is allowed. I thought it would be a good way to relax after traveling so far, though we have to go at night because we won't be able to sneak Reid out of the city otherwise. The place is usually empty at night anyways, despite all the... extra surprises."

"I don't even know what a hot spring is, but it sounds fun!"

"Yeah! Rose knows how to live! Take everything on head first without any knowledge of knowing what you're getting yourself into!"

"Uh... thanks?"

"Yes. Thanks!" Rod chimed up some more, as they finally approached the door to Reid's house. "Now, you guys should all go take a nap or something. Lila told me she'll be making dinner around six, so be up by then. Oh, and don't bother changing into your new outfits until tomorrow morning before we leave. That way we can all be shocked by each other's fashion sense~ We'll probably go to the spring around 8, so I need to figure out how we can kill an hour after, though knowing you guys, it'll take you just that long to teach Rose how to put a swimsuit on..."

"HEY!" Rose shouted in argument as she kicked their escort in the shins, causing him to hold them in temporary pain.

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August 27th, 2007, 10:10 AM
Faewyn had been largely preoccupied with being upbeat in general during the trip back, humming a cheerful little tune for herself and occasionally glancing at her purchases. It was a pleasant sensation, to finally have something really new, not just an object picked up on the road or a hand-me-down. Oh, the girl loved those too of course, but there's was something special about owning things that were truly brand spanking new. When Rod mentioned a hot spring, however, Faewyn was elevated to an all new level of hyperness.

"HOT SPRING!" the girl chimed in with his outburst, beaming at the desolate streets, "Hot springs are awesome!" she babbled on to Rosaline, "I mean, I know it sounds about as smart as boiling yourself in a big kettle, but once you learn how to get in right, it relaxes muscles like you wouldn't believe and it feels absolutely..." she made some vague gestures with her hands in search for the right words, "Especially if it's cold outside. Well, you'll understand when you experience it. Ohh...this is going to be so much fun!" she clapped her hands enthusiastically, even though the actual event was still hours away.

"I'll see you at dinner, then!" she called to the others, skipping into the house as soon as the door was opened. She soon returned, however, wearing a slightly sheepish expression on her face, "Umm...where are the guest rooms around here?"

August 28th, 2007, 6:28 PM
OOC: I'm going to jump right ahead to the hot spring. We don't need to waste any posts with dinner.

Rose sweatdropped in response to Faewyn's enthusiasm. No matter which way she looked at it, that girl was totally high strung. Though, it was rather surprising to see her using her energy for something other than writing in her book. Rose had been meaning to ask about it, but in the end decided it really wasn't any of her business. Faewyn energetically ran into the house, basically guaranteeing the knowledge-less princess that she'd have a good time that night. Soon after though, the girl came back out, asking about rooms. In the end, Rod ended up have to get Lila, who ended up having to escort Faewyn and Alicel to spare bedrooms, while placing Rose in Reid's room temporarily while she set up another guest bedroom for the night. Rosaline didn't think too much on the fact that she was sleeping in Reid's bed, but rather dozed off seemingly instantly after she shut her eyes. She awoke some time later, to the smell of turkey in the air. Realizing she was starving, she headed downstairs and enjoyed a turkey dinner with everyone, including Reid who was still apparently off in his own little world.

"WE'RE GOING WHERE!?" Reid's voice echoed throughout the tall building at approximately seven thirty. Using their spare time wisely, Rose and Alicel had just gotten back from Alicel teaching Rosaline how to fly, and came back to this scene. Apparently Rod had waited until the last minute to tell his friend their next destination. Some time after this, Rod lead them out of the city by air, Reid now flying on his board because the city had somewhat of a curfew. Out a ways from the city, was literally a large hole, about 75 meters in diameter, filled with steamy, hot water. Like Rod suspected, it was empty, excluding the the small wooden shacks on either side of the spring that were used for changing. Rod and Reid entered one, swimsuits in hand, leaving the other one for the girls. Rose was first into the girl's shack. It certainly was... old. Some of the benches were falling apart, and the walls were beginning to peel. And what was that smell? Those weren't the least of her worries though. "Ah, so much skin is showing..." After she had gotten changed, she finally realized that wearing a bikini was basically walking around in underwear... only not. "At least I'll be in the water..."

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August 28th, 2007, 7:39 PM
Alicel tapped her chin as she examined herself in the dirty mirror, "I think I've lost some weight." She said, pouting. Normally, most girls would jump for joy, but if one was too skinny, that was just as unattractive. Either way, Alicel waved the strange smell of old rotting wood away from her nose as she threw the towel she'd brought along with her over her shoulder and stepping outside, folding her towel a safe distance away from the pool and placing it down on the ground. Stepping lightly over to the edge of the pool, she let herself sit down and hold both legs over the steamy water, being sure to put in her right foot only to test the temperature. It was a tad too hot for Alicel, being the cold water type herself, but if anyone decided to mess with them tonight, they had some scalding hot water to drown in, especially with a Wation user in the mix. Satisfied with this thought, Alicel slid into the water and sat on one of the seats built into the wall of the spring.

Cupping a small puddle of water in her two hands pressed side to side, Alicel watched as little trickles of water danced out of the smaller puddle, and arched over the surface of the spring itself like a skipping stone. She put on her own little personal water show with the steam in the air and the water, entertaining herself as she waited for conversation or something else to occupy herself.


A very handsome young man walked into the inn, smiling as he charmed the young lady handling the customers. He had molten gold eyes that were both warm and cold at the same time, a slightly tanned complexion, and very messy black and white hair that gave him a tough look, while the smile on his face gave him a gentle one. He was dressed very simply, in a black long sleeved shirt, with a wide collar and a pair of black slacks. His boots were oddly familiar, as was the red dot on his forehead, just barely seen through his white fringe. Sighing as he locked the door behind him, two purple hands sprouted out of his heavy black wings, the one on the right bearing an eye on the palm.

It was quickly replaced with a circular mouth lined with sharp teeth, the mouth sucking in the air around the young man, his diguise practically eaten.

Aertan sighed, and sat down on the bed, pulling out a pocket knife and heating the blade so that it glowed red. In this short period of time in which the blade glowed red, Aertan hacked at the thick metal wires sewn into Haeon't's palm, sealing his mouth and eye shut. Geote watched guard through the edge of the window. They'd reached their destination in two days flat. But Aertan wasn't about to engage in a battle exhausted. A good night's sleep, and then he'd do any catching up. In the morning. But first, he wanted to free Haeon't from Carn's laws. Haeon't and Geote had nothing to do with Carn anymore. His purpose had nothing to do with Tylonstus.


Haeon't's bright icy blue eye swirled about in new found freedom, blinking and seeing perfectly through the dark room. Geote's blood red eye caught sight of Haeon't's blue one, and he bobbed about in glee, forgetting about being watch-out. Sleep overcame Aertan, and a pair of eyes stared out of the edges of the corner of his rented room- a blue one and a red one.

Alter Ego
August 29th, 2007, 9:35 AM
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"THE HOT SPRING!" Faewyn had called back enthusiastically at Reid's exclamation, though fortunately the boy hadn't dignified it with an answer. In all honesty, her excitement over the upcoming trip had been so strong that the last few hours had passed in a flash; she vaguely remember having gone to sleep in one moment, only to be wide awake and enjoying a turkey dinner the next. Oh, she had quite profusely insisted on helping Lila with the dishes afterwards, though with her sheer energy in the same space as potentially fragile plates and glasses she had been kindly informed that she had done quite enough soon after. And now...now they were there, not even the decadent state of the changing room seemed to dampen Faewyn's spirits as she slipped into her swimsuit, already envisioning the upcoming fun.

"Well, that's sort of the point with a bikini, Rose." the girl replied to her younger friend's remark, "Come on, you'll feel a lot better when you're in the water." with that, she enthusiastically grabbed the princess' hand and led her down to the spring where Alicel had already gotten down to business.

"Now Rose..." Faewyn explained energetically as they approached the steaming water, "The trick to enjoying a hot spring is relaxation. Just let your body slide in there nice and slow. These are always shallow enough so you don't have to swim, so remember: no sudden movements, no struggling, like this..." she demonstratively sat down by the water's edge, dipping her toes daintily into the water before slowly lowering the rest of her body into the water after them until she connected with the bottom, eventually down about waist-deep in the warm water, stretching out her arms with a contented sigh, an absent smile playing on her face.

"It's been a while since I came to one of these last." she mumbled to no-one in particular, eyes still shut, "We have them all over Beta, you know, them and a lot of snow." she cast a glance at her surroundings, her face already reddening a bit from the temperature, "It's just too bad that there's no snow drift to jump into here. There's something special about settling down in a hot spring after having played in the snow. It..." she hesitated for a moment, once again having accidentally touched on the sad feelings, "...it was a family tradition." she finished, succeeding in regaining a bit of her previous upbeat feel as she turned back to Rosaline, giving her a wide grin, "Anyway, get in, Rose; the water's great."

August 30th, 2007, 7:53 PM
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"Er... hey." Reid murmured to Rose, his face bright red, as he approached the girl, attempting to avoid visual contact with her body. It was actually kind of cute in his own way. Despite how he had been acting lately, he really was still a kid at heart. The boy was wearing a dark green swimsuit, with no particular design to it, the length covering to just below his knees. "I'm... sorry about earlier, I didn't mean to lose it. I'm a soldier, I should be able to control my emotions..."

"That's okay, Reid, you have your reasons, I underst-"

"CANNONBALL!" Was heard far from above before Rod's body plummeted into the hot spring in the general area group, causing the warm water to drench the two, dry social butterflies not quite in the water yet. When the boy surfaced, he received multiple rocks to none-to-pleased duo of mahstion users. "OW! OW! OW! I JUST WANTED TO TRY IT ONCE BEFORE I GOT MY WINGS WET AND COULDN'T FLY UP THAT HIGH!"

"I DON'T CARE WE WEREN'T IN YET!" Reid shot back at his annoyingly playful friend, before stepping forward, only to slip. In an attempt to keep himself up, he grabbed Rose's arm, but incidentally brought both of them into the water with a loud splash. The two eventually surfaced, and Rose made her way over to the girls in hopes of getting that relaxation she was promised, Reid following without choice as the girl dragged him after her, leaving Rod all alone.




"No." They boy replied as well, his right eye twitching in irritation. "Just shut up so we can relax. I'm starting to think you brought us here so you could look at the girls in swimsuits and goof off. It's not proper for a soldier like yourself to do such things like flirting with girls on a mission."

"...You're one to talk."


"Uh... are all guys like this?" Rose asked in the direction of the other two girls. "I'm not even sure what they're arguing about... This is nice, though, it's calming. I wish I could sit here forever~"

August 30th, 2007, 8:06 PM
Alicel grew progressively annoyed before she finally snapped and stood up, pointing a rigid finger at Rod, "YOU. SHUT UP AND RELAX." She turned her extremely frustrated glare upon Reid and pointed at him as well, "YOU. SHUT UP AND RELAX." Grumbling and issuing fluent curse words under her breath, she sat back down in the water and stared determinedly at the wooden changing shacks, as though they might calm her down. There was no way she'd get any relaxation now.

"Not all boys are like this Rosaline," Alicel snapped irritably, "We're just unfortunate enough to get a pair of annoying babies who can't swallow the fact that nobody wants to sit with them, and the fact that one is shamelessly and annoyingly flirting like it's Valentine's Day." Huffing, she blew a strand of damp hair from her face, before fanning herself with her hand, gritting her teeth hard to resist the urge to continue her annoyed rant.

"So." She said, pointedly ignoring Rod and Reid completely at this point and exuding a dangerous purple aura of displeasure, "Are we just gonna march right into Tealia or what? Do we have a plan or are we just gonna wave to the guards and say 'bye-bye' as they march Reid off to prison for taking his merry time and sitting around arguing about the stupidest stuff in a hot spring?"

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August 30th, 2007, 11:49 PM
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Faewyn flinched at Alicel's outburst. Most of it had been in good cheer thus far, but this girl was seriously angry. No, NO! They shouldn't be angry, not now, not when this was perhaps the last moment for just relaxation and fun that they'd have in a long while. They-they should have been happy!

"Ummm..." the girl began hesitantly, not able to fully zone out Alicel's obvious temper, "Could we please try not to fight?" it sounded like a feeble request, but it came from the heart, "I-I think there will be enough bad words without us picking on each other too. So...please?" she cast a pleading look at the others, "Please try to get along?" she sighed quietly, leaning back. Well, it couldn't be helped; with the serious business having been lifted up on the table her mood had pretty much been spoiled already.

"And...Rod, you can sit next to me if you want." she added. Okay, so he may have been a no-good dirty letcher, but Faewyn couldn't help feeling a bit sorry for the boy. He had been very nice to them too, so she didn't have the heart to just shut him out while the rest of them were together.

The girl paused for a moment, trying to figure out a response to Alicel's demand before speaking up, "Well, I'd like to go and ask uncle Kain for help if I get the chance. Even-even if he can't make them do anything he's really good with Mahstion. I'm sure he can help us with an escape if we need one. I..." Faewyn paused, shaking her head, "I don't think there's much else I can do. Reid..." she locked eyes with the boy, "...if you know they're just going to treat you horribly there, why would you want to go in the first place?" she didn't get it, she really didn't, "I mean, we could go somewhere else; like Beta. Kain said that we have a deal for not selling information of some sort to Carn in exchange for Tealia not dragging our country into their politics. He called it an, umm..." her brow furrowed in concentration, "...a crotch-grip, I think?" as with most expressions of that kind, she spoke it with the complete innocence of a child simply repeating what she had heard, "Anyway, I really don't see why you have to go."

September 1st, 2007, 9:27 AM
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"You told them?" Reid shot a glare with no emotion in his voice towards Rod. "Then I have no will to say anything here. My burden is my burden alone, I don't need you guys involved." He proceeded to get up in an attempt to leave, but Rose pulled him back down into the water, shaking her head. "What?"

"You don't get it, do you? Your burden is my burden too. I'm the reason you're in trouble after all. The others wouldn't still be here if they had no intention of helping you!" Rose finally spoke up. It was really irritable that Reid kept such a lone wolf attitude, especially at his age, and Rose had finally had enough. "You're wanted for your failure, I'm wanted for being me, and before long the rest of them will be labeled as wanted under the condition that they were our accomplices. Stop acting like you're the only person here!"

Reid was certainly... shocked. Not once in the past couple of days they had spent together had Rose spoke in such a manner. "W-we're going straight to Tealia. If I'm away too much longer, we'll have a majority of Tealia's forces on our tails. Not to mention, I still have one last resort. I can talk to Prince Ryan." His voice grew a bit shaky when he mentioned that name.

Rod spoke up, only to be interrupted. "You mean..."

"Yeah, my brother."

"WHOA WHOA WHOA. Prince Ryan is your brother?" Rose spoke up in complete shock. Not only did it not make sense, why would he hide such a thing from them? All the things Rose had ever heard about the Prince were positive, so it didn't make sense as to why Reid never spoke of it.

Reid had a look of distaste on his face in regards to the shocked response, and let out a mellow sign before moving on to give his explanation. "The late prince died a few years ago, and the Queen was unable to have another child. You know that popular ancient belief that everyone in the world has a doppleganger, someone who looks almost exactly like them? Well, my brother looked scarily like the prince. So, they just up and took him. He mailed us frequently after that, but slowly, he began to stop. I joined the Tealian forces so that I could get to the bottom of why."

There was a long pause of silence from the boy as he waited for everyone to digest the information. "Anyways, if my secret weapon is still where I left it, we can leave by 8am tomorrow and reach Tealia in four hours. From there, it's as simple as getting to, and infiltrating the castle without getting caught."

Rod sighed. "That's where I come in, isn't it? I know a secret passage for getting into the castle because I used to go in and hit on the maids."

September 1st, 2007, 8:00 PM
OoC// Adela, new character, only gave an image because we're already so far into the RP that she's mostly just a support. Besides, it's not like anyone ever reads that part anyway. A picture suffice's here.

Name: Adela Ciaccio
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Nationality: Tealia
Class: Tealian Forces Unit
Mahstion Type: Dation
Weapon Class: Bow and Arrows
Appearance: Adela ( http://journal.suteki.nu/wp-content/uploads/2006/11/childom-02.jpg)'s wings are invisible, or at least, they would be if they weren't covered in a fine layer of white glitter. When she walks, the glitter will fall behind her like a trail, but this can be stopped if she wills it, and the glitter will not fall.
Personality: Adela, at first glance, seems like a very hyperactive girl. She’s all smiles, always makes sure that she seems nothing less then girly, and seems to have the shortest attention span on the face of the planet. She seems to take nothing seriously, and is always more then glad to go see someone, relay a message, or do a favor, as long as she can annoy someone in the process. Even when she’s sad, or angry, there’s usually a smile on Adela’s face, something she’s trained herself to do. Though seemingly bubbly and innocent, Adela is usually the culprit behind cruel pranks or jokes, rumors or backstabbings. Mischevious to a fault, Adela loves to cause people misery, and loves to make them suffer. Merciless in battle, she will usually take a measured judgement of her opponents ability, and if they are considerably weaker then herself, she will taunt them with her vocabulary that makes her seem as if she’s twice her real age. Two-faced, Adela is extremely selfish and self-serving, as she prefers to ignore people who might cause a problem in one of her master plans, all of which are extremely intricate and laid out to the last detail with some leeways where certain things don’t have a 100% chance of happening.

But because she puts on her façade of a cheerful and ditzy child, most people don’t even think to blame her when a tragedy happens. In fact, she’s rarely even informed of the results of her pranks, leading her to be forced to seek out answers on her own. Her true face is a sneak, a patient schemer who’s out for personal profit, and someone who resents the people who really are the way she acts: Happy.

History: Since birth, Adela grew used to being with people at one moment, and at the next, completely alone with no one else around. Because she wanted people to be happy when they were around her, she masked her resentment for being left behind all the time, showing her malicious face only when people left her alone. It was in this way that she would scheme for hours on end, sketching up elaborate plots that seemed to have no goal, no end, and no reason other then revenge. She made one for every single situation she could think of, knowing that she couldn't demand that her mother, none other then Commander Milo of the Tealian Forces, stay at home with her, she even drew up a plot that would keep her mother from going back at all. She kept all these plots hidden inside a music box she'd received from her father as a gift, a lockable one in which she wore the key about her neck at all times. When she'd finally schemed to the point where she could add nothing further, she burned every last plot, and picked up a bow and arrow, the two things that were once present in every single plan, and trained her hardest to become a skilled marksman. Regardless of how much she resented being left behind, after a few years of stubbornly staying put with no results, Adela changed her plan and decided to chase. Training to join the Tealian Forces, she knew that her time with the people that mattered to her would increase only by a sliver, if even, but this way, she wouldn't be alone, at the very least.

Alicel fell silent when Rosaline started to lecture Reid. She looked at him only through a side stare, with an expression as if she’d tasted something foul in her mouth. And she sort of did. The sour taste in her mouth that always came around when a subject she hadn’t noticed was brought up was certainly not something she enjoyed. It was true. Reid had placed nearly nothing on herself and Faewyn, as far as she knew. He was looking out for them, she knew, but at the same time, didn’t that mean he didn’t think they were competent enough to take care of themselves in a tight situation? Didn’t that mean that he didn’t want any burdens, extra baggage, or whatever they might be called? Spiteful thoughts ran through Alicel’s mind as her envious and self-degrading personality started to eat at her, something that hadn’t happened since she’d met Rosaline. Rosaline, the girl with nothing. Nothing that even Alicel could find jealous of. It was in this way that she could ignore Faewyn’s intelligence. Rod’s wealth. Reid’s interest in Rosaline.

But now, Rosaline had something of value. He meant essentially nothing to Alicel, but she had someone to lean on. Someone who would always wait for her. She was pretty too, and carefree. She didn’t seem like she cared about the way she looked, unlike Alicel, who was constantly obsessing over it. She could do things and not over analyze it. Ask questions without knowing the possible response. Sliding down in her seat, her nose hovered right over the surface of the water as she blew bubbles very slowly, watching them boil up to the surface. Reid, his brother a stand-in for Prince Ryan, and a great, hospitable family. Rosaline, the princess of Carn, granted her life all over again. Faewyn… well. Faewyn said her mom invented that super destructive thing, right? That was an accomplishment. And her Uncle didn’t seem all too bad either. But what was Alicel? Someone with a fake surname. Her real one treated like dirt by everyone in her home country. She was the baby smuggled out of Carn so that she wouldn’t get tattooed. The girl who was born into a family which resented their lineage, but always fell into the trend one way or another.

Alicel sat up straighter. She couldn’t fall into the trend though. She didn’t have the things needed for the disfigured left hands. But… she sank lower again. That didn’t mean that Svartel blood was undeniably flowing in her system.

Jealousy overcame her, and Alicel stood, reaching over to grab her towel and exited. Maybe after a good night’s sleep, she’d forget all about anything. Maybe in the morning, Rosaline would be the same sacrifice she’d met a few nights before, ragged and filthy. No- Alicel shook her head. Rosaline was getting a second chance at life. And Alicel had been the one who volunteered to help keep Rosaline’s miracle a miracle, and not a curse. Sighing, Alicel draped the towel over her head and waved her hand once as she walked toward the rickety changing rooms again, “I’m going to dry off.”

Drawing the curtain behind one of the separated sections, she stared down at the neatly folded new outfit with her icy blue eyes, before pulling the towel over her face so she couldn’t see it anymore.

The evidence that things were changing.

Alter Ego
September 2nd, 2007, 7:43 AM
OOC: Heh, looks like I'm the only one not running three characters at the same time. I don't know what lies ahead plot-wise, but would it be okay if I tried to squeeze in a second character of my own? I sort of have one in mind and really feel like playing him now. x3

Name: Syon Antéche

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Nationality: Underneath

Class: Mercenary/Assassin

Mahstion Type: Eation

Weapon Class: Syon's weapon is, and has been for many years, a sword affectionately dubbed "Misfortune" (and responsible for his notorious phrase "Oh, he just ran into a little stroke of misfortune"). The blade is only about 60 inches long and ominously black in color, but it has a well-honed point and one end is curved and meticulously sharpened to make it lethal both in stabbing and slashing. The metal of the blade indicates significant use, but still holds strong, even as the simple, wooden hilt and the name engraved on it have all but faded away.

Appearance: Although not particularly tall or imposing appearance-wise, Syon has a certain air about him that makes most people think twice about crossing him. Perhaps it's the casual manner in which his left hand tends to rest at the scabbard at his waist, maybe it's the eerie calm he tends to exhibit even in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds. Whatever the case, he seems to exude a kind of quiet confidence in his abilities, and while he's hardly a broad-shoulder jock, having gotten through the better part of his life by street fighting and swordsmanship has left him with a significant amount of muscle tone. His skin, while tanned and worn rough in many places, still speaks of a fairy light pigment of origin, and with the exception of a sizable scar running straight between his dark blue eyes and down the left side of his nose it bears no visible flaws. His hair is pitch-black and usually arranged in a set of drooping spiky bangs, reaching to about shoulder-length at the back.

Syon's taste in clothing stands in contrast to his otherwise non-flamboyant manner. Despite the impracticality, he usually wears a pair of black slacks with a matching pair of black leather shoes and a dress shirt to go with them. At times he even wears a black suit jacket, a short-brimmed black hat with a blue feather on it and even a tie to round it off, although his scabbard never leaves his side, even on these occasions. When traveling, he usually covers these up with a nondescript tan traveling cloak, a wide-brimmed felt hat of the same color effectively obscuring his features. Finally, and most crucially, Syon always wears a worn old silver locket around his neck which he protects with ferocity the likes of which few possess and, much like the scabbard with his sword, never allows it to go far from his person.

Personality: If Syon's personality were to be compressed into one word, that word would probably be "Gambler". Unlike most people, his gambling is not restricted to Poker tables and slot machines, however. Syon relies on chance to the point where he has been known to make life and death decisions by the toss of a coin. He is also deeply superstitious, navigating his path through life with an intricate codex of omens, games of chance and a personal code of honor (his rulebook, as he calls it) which he follows with a religious fervor rivaling a Carn fanatic. Syon is always ready to indulge in a bit of gambling, often with ludicrous stakes, and always honors his bets. Should his opponent choose not to - or worse yet: try to cheat - however, they would soon find themselves making a short but definitely memorable acquaintance of his sword. Gambling is basically Syon's life, and to him cheating is one of the lowest acts anyone can resort to.

Despite his seemingly chaotic behavior, Syon usually carries himself in a calm and composed manner, never seeming to panic or lose face, regardless of how dire the situation is. His "Everything or nothing" attitude to fights makes him a fierce opponent and is largely what has kept him alive in his chosen profession, and kept many of his more cowardly enemies off his back. For all his faults, Syon doesn't seem to share his fellow underneathers' spite for winged people, usually treating everyone he meets with the same light politeness and casual half-smile, even if he ends up killing the very same people soon after. To his mind, past and future are largely irrelevant distractions; to him, the only thing that matters is the here and now.

History: Born into the lawless urban jungle that is the Underneath, Syon hardly had what anyone would call a pleasant childhood. At the tender age of nine he lost his parents to a lesser pirate gang's raid and was forced to flee, eventually finding himself a place amongst a small colony of children sharing backgrounds similar to his own. For the next few years, Syon and his newly found companions scratched out a living for themselves by scavenging, pickpocketing and every other means at their disposal. It was during these days that the boy first realized just what an unorganized and senseless place the world really was and it was then that he decided that since the world was doomed for chaos regardless of what happened, he might as well seek to claim as much for himself as possible. After this epiphany, Syon grew increasingly reckless and violent, no longer focusing on simple survival but seemingly reveling in the havoc he could wreak, his crimes soon escalating from loitering and petty theft to full-scale robberies, vandalism, muggings, and even outright murder.

It is not known how the seemingly feral youth grew to be calm and composed mercenary that he is now, and when confronted about the matter Syon nonchalantly remarks "I ran into lady luck and..." he tends to give the scar on his face a meaningful tap at this point, "...she left me with something to think about.". Regardless of this cryptic epiphany of his, Syon made a significant lifestyle change on the day he received his scar, halting his mad rampage and instead using his reputation as a cold-blooded killer as leverage to launch himself into the career of a professional killer. Eventually, Syon's fame spread even to the upper world, and soon he found himself in the mood for a change of scenery, his Underneath heritage making him a valuable tool for the unscrupulous who wished to dispose of troublemakers without having too many fingers pointed back at them.

But yeah, if this little fellow doesn't fit your grand scheme, Archsage, I can just drop him. Your call. :3



Once again, Faewyn's call was in vain. Her friend had already excused herself, and obviously not in a good mood. Some of the things Reid said must have triggered this, but the teal-haired girl couldn't figure out what. Sure, hearing that Reid's brother was a royal double had been a bit of a shocker, but then again...they were already traveling in the presence of real royalty. Faewyn felt sorry for Reid, to have lost a loved family member like that, but Alicel concerned her even more right now.

"I'm going to go check up on her." Faewyn announced to the others, rising out from the spring and walking towards the shack without bothering to dry herself, only to stop and turn around for a moment "Oh, and Reid; Rose has a point, we're already involved in this so you really don't have to hold back on our account. Just-just try to trust us a little, alright?"

With that, she turned around again, a cascade of droplets flying from her hair.

Faewyn was still dripping wet when she entered the changing shack, noticing that Alicel currently had her back turned, her mind seemingly somewhere completely different right now.

"Umm...Alicel?" the girl asked cautiously, walking over to her friend and gently placing a hand on her shoulder, "Is something wrong?"

September 2nd, 2007, 8:00 PM

Alicel practically jumped through the roof in surprise when Faewyn grabbed her shoulder, letting out a shriek as if she'd just seen a ghost. Collapsing to her knees she pressed her hand against her chest, trying to still her heart that'd skipped one too many beats, breathing heavily as she said, "D-Don't scare me when I'm thinking Faewyn!" Scrambling to her feet again she whipped the towel off her head and flushed, embarassed to have been caught in such a feeble moment, and grabbed Faewyn's shoulders, turning her around and marching her to the other side of the room.

"I'm changing now, so stay here!" She said, like a kindergarten teacher, trying to shove all thoughts of envy from her mind as she picked the towel up from the ground and wrenched the curtains around the segment again, making sure there was absolutely no part that felt even the slightest bit damp other then her hair, (which couldn't be helped) before putting on her new outfit. Sighing as her heart slowed down, she whipped out two pins and expertly pulled her hair into a messy and fast up-do, so as not to get the back of her dress soaked. After finishing the long process of belting her right boot, she folded her swimsuit into the towel and then pushed the curtains aside.

"So anyway." Alicel said, clearing her throat, "Yes, I'm fine. I was just er reminded of something unpleasant."

Her composure was long lost, and Alicel was painfully aware of this. And while she was obsessing over the fact that she probably would be embarrassed for the rest of the night, she completely forgot about what had landed her in this situation in the first place. It was something that Alicel had never noticed before, her jealousy for everything around her lessened when in the presence of her newfound friends. Jealousy had begun to spring from Alicel like a fountain when she discovered that she had been lied to by the Florinen's, the only people she had ever really conversed with, due to the fact that they didn't live in town. But Alicel had one thing that was just the same as the others; they had her friendship and she had theirs.

Friends was a strange concept, Alicel decided. Pondering on it didn't seem to make her happy, so she pushed the subject aside.

September 3rd, 2007, 11:21 AM
OOC: This post is probably going to be pathetic. School starts tomorrow and I'm suffering from writer's block, sooo...

"Eh? What happened with her?" Rod questioned Alicel's sudden need to leave, just as Faewyn followed in pursuit. Even more questions arose as a shrill "EIIIIIiiiiIIiiiIIIIiiiiiIII!!!" was heard. Rose slunk off towards the cabin after this, mentioning she'd better check it out. "You know, you probably just added another twenty years to your sentence if anyone finds out you leaked the truth about Prince Ryan. Why'd you bother, man?" Rod's concern was sincere, yet unfortunately true. Reid had placed the ultimate trust in those three not to spill the beans. If they did, both the one who did, and Reid, would be locked up.

Reid shook his head, grinning as he stood up and out onto the dry land once more. "My brother will help I think. Real prince or not, he holds that title, and he still has some degree of influence in the Queen's decisions. Hopefully I can get to Commander Milo before we're caught, she'll help. Though I'd prefer to not see Adela again." The two proceeded to the old shack, where they got changed into their regular attire and waited outside for the others.

"Are you guys okay..?" Rosaline asked as she entered the girls' cabin, and seeing they were fine, she got changed into her usual clothing. She wanted to save her new outfit for the morning. "Do either of you know how to put jewelry on your wings? I might need help in the morning if anyone could..." She was apparently oblivious to the fact that Alicel was not in a good mood.

OOC: Like I said, crappy.

September 5th, 2007, 5:20 PM
“Jewelry?” Alicel asked, ignoring the first question as she sat down on one of the benches to loosen one of the buckles on her boot, “On your wings?? I wouldn’t know anything about that, since ornaments hanging in mid-air isn’t really my thing.” She fluttered her transparently iridescent wings, “I’m sure it’s easy to see how to put it on if you just look at the way it’s shaped anyway.”

She stood up, again after changing two buckles that were digging into her ankle, and took a few steps toward the hotspring doors, deciding that this would do for the time being. Alicel peered out into the hotspring and noticed nobody there. So that would mean they were meeting Reid and Rod outside, at the entrance. Pulling her head back from the steamy fog, she turned to Faewyn and Rosaline, saying, “Well, I think we should head back now. It’d be bad if we tired out really fast tomorrow, don’t you think? Or… wait, was Reid planning on leaving… tonight??”

That'd be a bad and good idea. The cover of night was always good for avoiding the other hunters who were out looking for Rosaline. But Alicel was tired, regardless of the nap from before dinner. She wanted to sleep for a long time. Who knew when the next time she'd get a good night's sleep would be after they're forced their way into Tealia? Who knew how long she'd have to keep her eyes peeled for people who were far from Alicel's definition of 'ally'?

~ + ~ + ~ + ~

"Babyface is sure taking his time." Kallen grumbled, twirling a strand of long brunette hair around her index finger, a bitter expression on her face as three girls loitered in the dark research room, the place littered with books and data. In fact, one of the girls even sat on a huge stack of books, which held her light frame with ease, "How is anything supposed to get done without her here?"

"Babyface?" She grinned, "That's a funny nickname!"

"It suits him." Said the raspy female voice from the darkest corner of the room.

"Doesn't it?" The girl who sat on the books chirped, her face and intricate outfit illuminated by the candles, "But I dunno, Mom always said that he did everything real fast and well, which is why she sent him off to Carn to get her. After all, it's not a trivial job, is it?"

"Well, I'm not one to doubt Commander Milo, but I think she made a big mistake." Kallen snapped, "No offense Adela."

"None taken!" The girl giggled as she hopped off the books, "After all, he's taken more then two days longer then his limit! I think he's got it in for himself anyway. But the fact that he's taking this long means that he's still got her with him, right? Otherwise he would've come back and told us that he'd failed and Carn had their sacrifice back! Unless he's too scared, which is always a possibility. After all, I don't know anyone in their right mind who'd come back empty handed!"

Alter Ego
September 6th, 2007, 3:08 AM
"Umm...well, okay."

Alicel's sudden scream had pretty much managed to shock Faewyn, at least enough for the girl not to protest as she was promptly told to stay put. Alicel had certainly been a bit...on edge there, but by the time she re-emerged she did seem to be holding up a bit better, explaining that she was just reminded of something unpleasant.

"Oh, I see." Faewyn replied, nodding, "Sorry, you just seemed sort of...well, angry when you left so I wanted to check if everything was okay. I didn't mean to scare you. Sorry." there were so many things she wanted to ask right now. Like had she really been alright, and what the horrible thing she had reminded her of was, but something held her back. It was a rare occasion, but somehow Faewyn felt like, for once, just plain asking wasn't the best way to go about it.

Just then, Rosaline barged in to break the awkward moment, however, throwing in a question about wing ornaments.

"Oh, I can help with that." Faewyn chirped cheerfully, glad for an excuse to drop the topic that seemed to be bothering Alicel so much, "Well, I mean it's not like I've ever used them myself but I'm sure it can't be that hard to figure out, right?"

It was about then that the girl realized that she was still in her swimsuit.

"I'm going to go change." she announced, soon disappearing behind the one of the curtains, her discarded outfit in tow, only to reappear shortly after, once again donning her own clothes. After all, it was supposed to be a next morning thing.

"Umm...maybe we should ask?" Faewyn suggested as the question of their departure time came up, "I think Rod said it was tomorrow, though...or did he?" the girl scratched her head, "Well, at any rate we'd better go find the boys again. Let's get going, alright?" with that, she grabbed what little belongings she had taken with her and proceeded towards the exit.


"Lance Penderson, dearest of all my friends, are you absolutely certain about this?"

The veteran shuffled uncomfortably on his spot. He had been right about that girl, dead right. Trouble had come in her wake. The problem was, he had apparently not moved fast enough to avoid, perfect evidence of which was the black-clad gentleman in front of him and the oh-so-sharp blade at his waist, which - he had kindly demonstrated - he was able of drawing at uncomfortably high speeds.

"P-positive!" he stammered, glancing at the locket he had been asked to inspect. Indeed, there was no mistaking that teal hair...even though he had been quite definite that the strange girl he had met had beetle black eyes; not blue ones. "Sure as ah'm standin' 'ere, I saw 'at girl just the other day!"

The stranger didn't answer at first, merely keeping those disturbing dark blue eyes below his posh black hat fixed at him for a few more awkward moments. This guy was all about posh, all the way from the fancy suit and the hat to his manner, but he was certainly posh in the most dangerous sense of the word. The kind of posh that had people disposed off never to be heard from again on a daily basis. At last, the male relinquished his stare just a bit, a hint of a smile appearing on his face.

"And you are equally 'positive', as you so aptly put it, that this girl and her friends are headed for Tealia?"

Lance nodded, "Heard 'em myself!" this wasn't the heroic thing to do, he knew, but sometimes you had to prioritize survival over heroics. Besides, he had just paid off one hell of a bar tab for this 'little chat'.

"Then it appears I have no further use for you." the black-clad individual remarked calmly, shutting the locket and carefully putting it back around his neck, his hand reaching towards the blade. The old man gasped at the sight, bringing his hands up to shield his face just in time to absorb...a bundle of notes?

"A small 'thank you' for your time." the stranger explained calmly, seemingly paying no notice to the other's cringing as he strode past.

"Wait!" Lance called without even fully realizing why. The stranger's attention had been caught, though, so it was too late to back out now, "Ah-ah was jus' wonderin', what's with those posh clothes o' yers? D'yah, plan on proposin' to her or somethin'?" oh, he had really put his foot in his mouth this time around, that wordless stare was definite evidence...he was done for, he was!

"Yeah." the stranger remarked at last, a tiny hint of a smile once again crossing his features, "Something like that."

Without another word, the stranger turned around and walked off, leaving the old man to forage his hard-earned money from the ground.

"And she is with the Carn sacrifice too..." the man mused for himself, his smile widening a bit more, "Fortune really does play a strange game with us, doesn't it...Verdance?" he cast a fleeting glance at the picture in the locket before setting a course for the nearest town with available air transport, "It looks like I'll be taking that job after all..."

September 6th, 2007, 6:44 PM
OOC: And just for the sake of screwing everyone up speeding everything up: RANDOM JUMP IN TIME.

IC: Reid was woken abruptly by a blinding light, one of which he mentally mistook for for sunlight. His assumption was painfully shot down upon opening his eyes, and became blind momentarily. When his vision refocused, and the light faded, the young boy's eyes met with Reid, whom of which was laughing uncontrollably with a lionus powered flashlight in his hand. Chances were he had tricked Rose into providing him with the energy for the little prank. As their stare unlocked, Reid came to notice the new attire that his companion was wearing. He had graduated from the dirty old robe he had been wearing since they met, and was now dressed in a pair of black pants, accompanied by a black dress shirt over top a regular white shirt, the top few buttons unbuttoned so that you could see the white underneath. A snappy pair of brown skate shoes covered his feet, and his raven black hair was pulled back into a ponytail once again, though this time the bangs were pulled back, making a red dot on the boy's forehead clearly visible. Reid had almost forgotten about the dots. Everyone in his group had them, so clearly something was going on that needed to be investigated. They would probably find out when they hit Meredy though, that city had about a hundred different newspapers after all. Complimenting Rod's outfit was a silver, chain necklace with a charm in the form a silver lightning bolt at the end. That lightning bolt was the symbol of Rod's family, so the boy supposed he was sporting it because they were re-entering Tealia. "Hurry up and put on the contents of the bag Rose gave you last night and meet us downstairs ASAP. You need to get your surprise mode of transportation going so we can get out of here pronto." The fashionable, hawk winged teen said before running downstairs to talk with the others.

That was right, Rose had given him a bag after the hot spring the night before. Something about payback? Reid slowly but surely got out of his old creaky bed, and forced himself over to the bag that was sitting by the door. The boy slowly removed the contents, examining each item carefully. The first item he removed was a pair of baggy, navy blue cargo pants, that were accompanied by a beige belt. The second item was what appeared to be a plain black muscle shirt, but a closer inspection proved otherwise, as on the back in the location that would usually have holes for wings, were two blue shapes embedded in the material that resembled wings. Reid smirked a little at this. He could tell Rose hadn't picked the stuff out, Rod had, just by the overall style. But that was okay. Upon closer examination of the bag, he found a pair of black skater shoes, and a silver necklace similar to Rod's, but it had the same wing symbol for it's charm that was on the back of his new shirt. Content with the attire, the boy proceeded to put it all on. He found that since his arms were free because of the muscle shirt, he could move them easier, and while not a fan of cargo pants, they were quite roomy. He even found the skater shoes overly comfortable. What remained from his previous outfit, however, was the pair of goggles on his head, and the red Tealian forces scarf around his neck, which he hadn't worn since before rescuing Rosaline. His board strapped to his back, and his kris dagger located sharply in it's sheath on the right side of his waist, he made his was downstairs.

The first person Reid noticed when he got downstairs was Rosaline, who, too, was sporting new clothing. She was wearing a long sleeved, light blue traveling gown that emphasized her womanly curves. Across her shoulders was tied, dark blue cloak that went all the ways down her back, the object tied just before her neck. Around her waist was a gold chain that was positioned on an angle, and she had a pair of light blue, gem, stud earrings on. However, the most eye-catching feature of the girl's new outfit were the thin, silver chains that ran across the upper portions of her wings. The two stared at each other for a moment, most likely not sure what to say to one another, before Rod intervened. "Now everyone come outside so you can see how Reid is getting us to Tealia so quickly~"

They stepped outside into the darkness that was seven thirty in the morning, to find themselves confronted with an odd contraption that appeared to be capable of flight. It was red, and fairly large, about the size of a small barn, and it had large wings and what appeared to be an exhaust at the back. Inside of it were three rows of three seats per row, with a spot for a navigator at the front, and an energy source at the back. Overall, it kind of looked... slapped together. "This thing is my own creation." Reid said with obvious feelings of self achievement in his voice. "It'll get us there in four hours flat, but only wionus users can power it, so that means Faewyn or I. At the same time, someone needs to pilot the aircraft, and the rest can just relax. Any questions?"

OOC: There will be another jump to Tealia once we get in the air, so keep that in mind when you make your next post.

September 6th, 2007, 7:18 PM
Alicel, normally the early bird, was rather miffed that she'd woke up so late, thus giving her less time to get dressed and make sure she looked presentable. However, deciding that time hardly mattered, she stood in front of the mirror with a calculating eye for five minutes before finally deeming herself presentable, taking in the curls of her hair, which seemed to be slowly straightening out. Perhaps it's because she'd been going through more rigorous things other then weeding the garden and hanging the laundry lately. Delicately, she pressed the neon blue headband on top of her head, leaving her bangs covering her blurred left eye, but pulling the bit of hair that framed the right side of her face back. Another five minutes of staring later, Alicel walked out of her guest room, and looked about her imperiously.

She ate breakfast silently, wondering when the next time she'd get to see home would be. Absent mindedly, she'd spent most of the time she'd been 'eating' just tapping her spoon on the edge of the bowl, but had somehow managed to finish just before Reid came downstairs, which marked the time of their departure. Standing up, she clapped her hands together and thanked whoever made breakfast for breakfast before hurrying herself after Rod and Reid. She was met by an awfully ugly contraption that looked something like a flying... thing.

"Questions?" Alicel repeated, putting her hands on her hips, "Yeah, just a few! Will it stay together for more then five minutes, let alone four hours? Is this an Underground contraption? Is it Tealian??" She said, giving it a disbelieving stare, about to ask why it was so tacky and ugly, but catching the note of pride in Reid's voice, she craned herself back to see the thing better before waving her hand.

"Feh! Forget I asked, at least I don't have to fly. How do you get in?" She asked, completely drawing up a blank about any sort of flying technology or the sort, because the village she'd grown up in was a less advanced plot of land that stuck to old fashioned ways of relying on mahstion.

Alter Ego
September 8th, 2007, 10:15 AM
Reid might have thought that he had been up at the crack of dawn, but by the time the others began stirring, Faewyn had already been up and about for a good half hour, cleaning up after herself, making the bed she had slept in, checking and double checking that she had packed everything, and of course updating her journal. The girl's energy really was something else, and she could easily go with seemingly no sleep at all for three days straight as long as interesting materials were forthcoming.

In this case, there was plenty of interesting things for her in her new outfit alone. The dark green cargo pants and dark purple tank top were hardly what most would consider an extraordinary outfit, but for Faewyn it was the prettiest one she had ever worn, and she was enjoying the sensation for all its worth, unable to resist glancing at a mirror now and again and occasionally stopping to marvel at just how nice it felt to wear something that had never been worn before. Topping it all off was the messenger bag, still her absolute favorite of the purchases, which she couldn't help playing with every once in a while.

Yes, it was a brand new day and Faewyn was indeed as hyper as could be, cheerfully greeting her friends as she skipped down the stairs, but when they arrived to the secret mode of transportation, she seemed to reach an all new level yet again.

"Really?!" Faewyn exclaimed as Reid remarked that it was his own design, the girl's eyes widened in wonder and adoration at the sight of the complex machine, seemingly oblivious to the fact that it looked rickety to say the least, "Oh, how does it work? How much weight can it support? Where did you get the materials? Where did you learn to build something like this in the first place? Do you think you could teach me? Can I pilot it?"

Pencil and paper were procured at the blink of an eye. Apparently, she had yet to learn that there was such a thing as too many questions, "Ohhh, this is going to be so much fun!" she exclaimed, turning to the other girls, "Don't you think so too?"

Ohh...this was going to be a long trip, a long trip indeed...

September 8th, 2007, 3:56 PM

The waitress downstairs stared with shaky legs as one of the inhabitants of the rooms upstairs seemed to be in excruciating pain, hollering and screaming. The sound seemed to have put the small restraunt in a frozen state of time, everyone staring at the staircase where the sounds of what seemed like merciless torture floated loftily down into the bar, where the clinking of glasses and jolly chatter had ceased entirely. Meanwhile, the banging continued, as something collided with the rickety metal frame of the bed. After the most torturous, most anguished, most horrible scream of pain had stopped ringing in the patron's ears, everything was silent, the terrified waitress taking a tentative step onto the first stair, her heel making a 'thunk' sound that seemed to echo throughout the bar. She took a deep breath and held it, before walking at a slow pace up the stairs to investigate. At the top of the flight, she finally calmed down, but it was short-lived as a disgusting purple arm shot out of a once tightly locked door and turned it's palm toward her.

Another scream, though this one rang more clearly as the waitress turned on her heel and flew down the stairs and out of the bar. Her terrified expression caused most of the rest of the bar to flee as well, leaving only the bartender, who had a heavy wine bottle at the ready as he stared determinedly at the staircase. However, it wasn't long before he finally decided that nobody was coming down, and proceeded to clean up. Indeed, nobody would've come down for another good hour. The tattoo on Aertan's hand smoked, as the skin around it turned a blackish purple, both from being charred from the burning and the bruises that were slowly emerging after he'd slammed it into the bedpost over and over again to try and cease the pain.

Haeon't and Geote stared at the hand, hovering above it and glancing at Aertan every now and then, who was silently staring at the hand. The burning of the tattoo seemed to have ebbed his doubt in Tylonstus somehow, and he now pressed prayers and hymns into his mind, pushing away the dream that had haunted him for the past few nights. The dream of the sacrifice that seemed to loom right over his shoulder. Aertan's eyes shifted for a split second when his index finger twitched, and Geote's eye switched places with a fanged mouth, which sucked out a silvery liquid from the tattoo. Writhing for a split second, Geote shook himself back and forth before retreating into Aertan's wings.

'They're leaving today.' Haeon't's eye slid from the hand to the dot on Aertan's forehead.

"I know." Aertan croaked, not moving his eyes from his left hand.

'You're not allowed in Tealia.'

Aertan blinked. That was right. He'd forgotten about that. If they made it to Tealia, then there was nothing left to do. Even so, Aertan's hand felt like a dead weight, and even if he'd wanted to move, he probably wouldn't have even so much as rolled off the bed. If they made it to Tealia, then there was nothing left to do. If they made it to Tealia, then everything was done.

September 8th, 2007, 7:37 PM
OOC: SUPER TIME JUMP. Sorry, I'm a little anxious to get things rolling again. XD

"This is a well crafted piece of Underground technology, it's as reliable as Rod on a shopping trip." Reid murmured in irritation towards Alicel's questions. The machine was built similarly to a crop dusting plane of a time long past, with the main differences being that it could carry at least nine people, and was about three times larger, just barely fitting in the street. Reid kicked the machine, and a rope ladder fell from the top of the machine, nine feet upwards. "That is how you get in. Nice outfit by the way." There was no doubt about it, Reid was in a very cheery mood, and that was easy spotted by noting the fact that he had just given out a compliment randomly. It wasn't long after that Faewyn drowned him in questions that he hastily tried to answer. "By channeling wionus in through the generator, the wionus becomes amplified and propels the machine forward, with the wings allowing it flight. It can hold approximately one thousand five hundred pounds. I got the materials from a scrapyard near here. I've been fascinating in machinery ever since I was a kid, I just kind of picked it up. Maybe some time. And sure you can pilot it, I'll act as the energy source. You guys get on, I have something I need to do first." And with that, Reid went back into the house, short of breath from all the talking.

Waiting for him when entered the house was his mother and sister, who looked their relative over with worry. Ailia was the first to speak up. "Don't get yourself killed, mom would be sad, and I'd never forgive you, big brother!" That was a typical 'I'll miss you' speech from Ailia. It meant that she really did care, she just wouldn't directly admit it. It was pretty obvious that the stubborn trait ran through their family.

"Yeah, I'll miss you too, you little pest."

"I never said I'd miss you, big brother."

"Sure you didn't."

"So you're really going then?" Lila chimed in, her hands clasped together before her chest, her eyes watering. Reid nodded, a serious look on his face. "Remember this then. Your life is yours to live. You've made some invaluable friends, don't lose them. And please, come home. I don't know what I'd do without either you or your father."

"I will mom, I promise." With that said, the boy turned his back to his family, and left the building. Reid then proceeded to climb the ladder, and stepped into the leather interior of his aircraft. At the very front of the interior was a joystick with a seat before it, Faewyn's seat. Then there were nine leathered seats present, and a seat at the back before a peculiar hole. Reid took his position there, and pressed a button which caused a glass roof to slide upwards from within the machine. Reid then placed his arm in the hole, and the sound of intensifying wind could be heard. "Everyone put your seatbelts on!" Reid wasn't sure if they heard or not, but Rod and Rosaline had done so. "3...2..." The machine began shaking violently, and as he announced 1, the machine blasted forward, slowly lifting off high into the air. "Faewyn, don't forget our destination is Meredy.

Along the way the saw many small, floating islands and a shocking view of the Underground below. The land down there was for the most part barren, other than the small sections that remained of the once great "ocean". Around the four hour mark, the landed just outside Meredy, on Tealian territory, and entered the city. Meredy, being the country's capital, was very beautiful. Being located in the area that used to be North America so long ago, the city wasn't as heavy on spiritual sights as it was a tourist town. Usually, wherever you went you could hear music, and people laughing, walking, and playing on the stone cobble pathways. However, that wasn't occurring at the moment. In fact, for 12pm, it was unsettlingly quiet. Glancing back and forth at the Victorian styled homes lining the street of the residential area they had entered, there wasn't a person in sight. "It looks like someone was expecting us..." Rod said in a troubled manner towards Reid.

"Yeah, stay on guard. Especially you, Rosaline. If they act like I think they will, you'll be their first target. You can also probably bet that guy from the other day is on our tail still..."


September 8th, 2007, 8:50 PM
After giving Reid a confused and spluttered thank you, Alicel climbed onto the strange contraption, and though against all her will, she was quite excited. Sure she'd seen things from a height before, but, her wings always tired out while she was flying, and she paid more attention to that then anything else. As the mismatched group of runaway's flew to Tealia in Reid's homemade flying machine, Alicel craned her neck over to the glass and stared down, extremely curious as to what exactly was down there between the islands that she'd lived upon and always known. However, her time to contemplate this lasted only four short hours, and by the time they'd landed, Alicel decided that next time, she'd pay closer attention to the ocean, which had seemed like just a big blue puddle between the clouds. It was definitely something she wanted to see.

Turning to get off, she was just stepping off the ladder when Rod commented on how quiet it was. Alicel, having never been in Tealia, was extremely discontented and grasped the ladder tighter as Reid told everyone to stay on guard; Rosaline in particular. Alicel's hand was but three inches from the whip around her waist when she heard a shrill giggle, and almost in the blink of an eye, they were completely surrounded by soldiers. Looking toward the direction of the giggle, she caught sight of a little girl, certainly no older then Alicel herself, who had her hands clasped in the lap of her dress as she grinned.

"Welcome back Reid!" She said in a cheerful voice, bowing slightly before pointing at Reid, "You were gone for so long! It made me..."

A lightning bolt of black streaked from her index finger and engulfed Reid's head and face, her middle finger reaching out to match her index finger as another streak of Dation did the same to Rosaline, the little girl's cheerful voice turning malicious and sarcastic, "So very sad."

With that, a soldier grabbed both of Alicel's arms and another pressed a stun gun to the base of her neck.

Alter Ego
September 9th, 2007, 2:21 AM
OOC: Yay plot development! :3 I'm not sure if there's supposed to be some kind of struggle here, but I'm assuming not.


For Faewyn, the trip to Meredy was nothing short of awesome. After all, it wasn't every day one got to be aboard a vessel pieced together from junkyard parts which was still capable of ferrying people through the air, let alone getting the privilege to steer it. Considering the girl's excitement over the whole affair, she actually did a pretty good job at it - well, maybe excluding the steep near-nose dive and consequent pull up she made just to see if she could and the two times she came a bit off course because she was so busy admiring the scenery, but still: the ship arrived at Meredy in one piece, and Faewyn was as happy as could be. That had sure been something; now that was how you should travel the world. She'd have to make a note of learning how to build one of her own (After all, Reid had sort of promised to teach her).

When they arrived in Meredy, however, the girl couldn't help getting a slightly eerie feeling about it.

"But...I though someone in Meredy was always having fun..." Faewyn muttered, staring at the empty streets in wonder, "I mean, there was always so much noise and commotion when I visited here and-"

It was at that point that Reid announced his own suspicions, encouraging everyone to be on their guard, but before the girl could do much about that, a group of guards appeared, led by a girl who claimed to have been very sad about Reid's absence, right before zapping him and Rosaline with some kind of peculiar black energy.

"Hey!" Faewyn exclaimed, frowning in suspicion as she reached for her staff, "That's no way to treat someone who just-" before she could embark any further on her naive little speech, however, Faewyn suddenly felt a hard but clearly well-measured hit at the back of her head, a last glimpse of someone rushing towards sailing past her vision before it faded completely.

September 9th, 2007, 4:41 PM
OOC: We're getting captured. I can guarantee this post is going to get some "WTF"s. XD

"Adela, what are you doing?!" Reid shot his remark at the young girl as he barely managed to stand after being shot down to the ground by the Dation attack. Rose was out cold, however, the fact that she was weak against Dation users being the key factor. Reid was lucky, and was barely capable of withstanding the attack of the girl who stood before him. He was knocked face first into the cobblestone onto the ground from the impact of a scabbard to his head, and passed out to the sound of Rod's voice.

"You should really watch your back..."

Reid awoke some time later in what appeared to be one of the more secure holding cells. He grabbed his head groggily as he rose to his feet, an unnatural weight lifted from his back as he did so. "Crap..." He muttered under his breath as he realized his bow, board, and knife were gone. Though, why wouldn't they be? He was being contained after all. Also, present on his right wrist was a cold, black metallic wristband. He knew what this device did, it prevented the wearer from using any type of mahstion. The boy cursed under his breath once more, but his attention was suddenly turned to a person standing before the cell door. The cell was made for a maximum security prisoner, completely white in colour, and devoid of any needs other than a toilet. There was also a barrier at the entrance that no Mahstion could pierce. Beyond that barrier was a figure he recognized. "Rod! What are you-"

"Naive, aren't you? Don't tell me you think I'm here to help you." The teen replied in a very maleficent tone of voice. Reid had no words for this. What was going on here? "You see, Reid, I've been playing you all along. In fact, I've been playing you, Tealia, and Carn ever since the night you bailed Rose out of that ceremony. Now, I bet you're wondering why, aren't you? You see, I've stumbled upon a source of ultimate power. I guess I'll tell you the story since you're out of the way now. Though I'll be taking the girls along with me, especially Rose. I need her life..."

Reid's fists clenched with anger as the boy stepped closer to the barrier. "What the hell are you talking about!? What is her life going to bring you!"

"Well, you see, one week I traveled to the Underground to pawn of some military goods, when I accidentally fell into some strange ruins below the surface. After a bit of exploration, I came across a large, red rock shaped in a perfect cube. Intrigued, I touched the rock, and I suddenly felt an overwhelming power. The rock then proceeded to talk to me. 'Bring me the sacrifice of Carn, and I will provide you with enough power to rule the world' it said. Of course, since it was a talking rock, I couldn't help but believe, and here we are." Rod continued to laugh maniacally. It was almost as if his mind was becoming corrupt. Just what was that rock?

"And what do you need the other two for? Where do they fit into your little plan?" The trapped boy asked, his mind slowly wandering in search of what to do now. If he could somehow get a hold of Adela, he might be able to at least get Rod arrested.

Rod smirked in response to the question, before beginning to walk away, down the long hall of cells to a staircase. "Oh, you know me. I just love girls. They'll make fine bride candidates when I take over the world!" And with that said, the sound of Rod's footsteps walking down the stairs was heard. Thankfully, he still had four levels to descend before reaching the others.

"ADELA! SOMEONE! ROD IS A TRAITOR! HE'S TRYING TO TAKE THE GIRLS!" Of course, this wasn't going to sound too convincing from someone who had been labeled as a traitor himself.


"Mmm..." Rosaline began stirring on the cold cement floor, eventually bringing her torso up to get a decent view of where she was located. It was a dark, damp cell, with smelly cots and crappy plumbing. Because of her upbringing, she felt right at home. Examining herself thoroughly, she found a strange black wristband on her left wrist, and her flute was missing. Scattered on the floor beside her was Faewyn and Alicel, but no Reid or Rod. "Hey, hey, are you two all right!?" The sacrifice called out to the two girls as she shook them, full well knowing that she couldn't heal them without her flute.

September 9th, 2007, 6:15 PM
Alicel groaned, still groggy and sort of numb from the stun gun, trying to shut out Rosaline's voice, "Mmmmm..." She mumbled, settling into a more comfortable position. But since she didn't answer, someone else took the liberty of answering for her.

"I believe that both are quite alright."

Alicel's eyes shot open, her ears trained and listening for that voice that she'd escaped for a day, but was now suddenly accustomed to all over again. Sitting up as fast as her numb body would allow, she stared into the direction in which the voice came, but saw nothing with her good eye. She was silent for awhile before deciding that it was her imagination and assured Rosaline she was fine, "I don't think they got me with anything but a stun gun." She said, rubbing the slight burn on her neck, "Where are we?"

Her imagination wouldn't leave her be though, "We're all prisoners of Tealia. Isn't that wonderful?"

Alicel whirled about to face Aertan, who had a half healed gash on his forehead, the blood that had flowed from his cut long dried. She knew her face first registered digust at the sight, but in the second instant, she'd put an arm out as if it would block Rosaline from the wounded hunter.

"Don't bother." Aertan rubbed the back of his neck, "Even if I caught her, there's not much I can do about getting her out."

Alicel continued to hold her arm up as she glared at him. She let her eyes drift to his left wing, where Haeon't normally hovered. But there was nothing but a claw jutting out of his wing bone, so she assumed that something in the room caused Haeon't to be stuck inside his prison as well, "Rosaline," Alicel said, "Are you okay? Has he done anything to you? Did that weird girl-"


"Whatever." Alicel spat, "Did she do anything to you?? Where's Reid, and Rod???"

"Rod?" Aertan's spiteful voice came, "He's gone. Or, well, I suppose he'll be coming back soon. I wonder how you'll twist your way out of this one- It's not like you can mahstion your way out of it." Haeon't's finger extended out of the dark corner and pointed at the black wrist band on Alicel's wrist before she snarled, "What are you talking about?"

Aertan seemed to be pondering on whether he'd share his story of being deceived, but decided against it, Haeon't shrinking back into the shadows again, "You'll see."


Adela's neck instinctively turned when she heard her name echoing from the prison as she stood on a chair outside the door, shooting up arrows to see how long each one would take to come back down to the earth. She listened with a bored expression on her face, as nobody was around to see this less-then-cheerful take on her features. Rod, a traitor hmm? She stepped off of the chair and collected her scattered arrows, replacing them in their rightful place and then marching over to the door that led down to where everyone was being held captive, and wrenching the door open. Adela raised and eyebrow and waved away the musty smell before descending the stairs to face Reid's cell.

"Hi there!" Adela grinned pretending she hadn't heard the serious degree of accusation Reid had placed upon Rod, who was of much higher birth then himself, "Did you say something about Rod and Princess Rosaline??"

Alter Ego
September 10th, 2007, 3:38 AM
OOC: I admit; you got my WTF. :3 Ah well...at least Rod remains an idiot, what with having divulged his whole scheme to Reid and all. And you have to admit that's an unexpected plot twist. xD


"Erm...I-I'm alright..." Faewyn managed to mumble out, slowly rising into a sitting position and clasping the back of her head where, she was sure, one mammoth of a bruise had now taken residence, "Head feels a little sore, though." she conceded. A quick inspection revealed that her staff and the messenger bag were now gone, but apparently her journals hadn't been deemed worth the bother, and a quick double-check of her clothes also informed the girl that they had missed a pencil. A small comfort, but it was something.

Faewyn would have asked most of the general questions, of what happened, where they were, and where the boys had gone, but Alicel already had it covered. It was then that Aertan caught her attention, and much like her friend Faewyn immediately stepped in to shield Rosaline. Seeing the wound on the person she had felt such intense hatred for last night softened her manner a little, although not by much. After all, they were all trapped in the same cell, but the hunter still wouldn't even give a straight answer...

Wait, answer? A sudden realization dawned on Faewyn and she turned her full attention to Aertan.

"I have a question for you." she announced, fully aware that she would probably get a scornful remark in return. She didn't care, though, forcing eye contact with the hunter without even the slightest flinch in her gaze, "Is this-is this the kind of place where they took my parents too?" her eyes gained a fierce edge at this point, although with the bracelet on Faewyn was hardly intimidating by any stretch of imagination, "And don't...don't try to tell me that you don't know anything about it. You're one of them; the people who make others disappear without a trace, I know that you know. Tell me, tell me what happened to Lin and Verdance Ayre!". It was entirely the wrong time and place for this. They should have been trying to cooperate, to come up with some way to escape and figure out what's going on, not picking on old grudges. But to Faewyn, this was her greatest - and perhaps only - chance to finally find the answer to the question that had been eating at her for so long. She just couldn't let this chance slip.

September 10th, 2007, 2:14 PM
Aertan raised an eyebrow after being addressed on a subject that entirely had nothing to do with the present situation they were in. Actually, that girl had mentioned something about Ayre earlier too. It'd completely slipped his mind when he'd returned to Carn for that single night to ask the Father exactly who they were, and even if he'd been up to it, Aertan wouldn't have been able to give her and answer. Resting his cheek on the heel of his palm, he stared warily at Faewyn, and tapped his temple with his index finger, "I don't know anything about those people. Unfortunately for you, I'm not exactly a real hunter- I was just a lowly priest who represented my church during that thing-"

"Rosaline." Alicel snapped.

"Princess." Aertan countered, determined not to use her name, nor 'sacrifice' since it was now associated with Juliet, "During the Princess' sacrifice. And since I was near the scene of the crime and was suspected of having glimpsed the perpetrator's face, I was sent off on a wild goosehunt. Except, my church was formerly accquainted with..." His face twisted slightly as though the name were distasteful now, "Rod."

Alicel stormed forward without hesitation now and gave Aertan a good slap across the face, "Stop bad mouthing him!!" She shrieked and Aertan simply cracked his neck in response.

"If I can continue, after I captured you," He waved a bored hand toward Alicel, "Rod gave me reports of where Rosaline was, so I wasn't exactly on a wild goosehunt like everyone else. I'm a priest, not a hunter. Just very capable of being a hunter. I'm doing this for Princess Juliet, not for money. But," Aertan shrugged, "I can find out what happened to them. I can find out exactly where they are, whether they're alive or dead, whether they can be seen or are hidden in the deepest depths of Carn. I can find every last bit of information on them, if you hand over the Princess."

Alicel slapped him again, causing the half healed wound to start bleeding again and she snapped, "Keep dreaming! Rod is apart of the Tealian military, he wouldn't tell you more then the rocks on the floor! And Faewyn would never sell Rosaline out for a cheap promise!" Her eyes flashed as she turned to face Faewyn, "Right?!"

Jack O'Neill
September 10th, 2007, 8:38 PM
The warden of the Tealian military prison strode purposefully through the cell block. Two guards trailed shortly behind him, carrying the unconscious body of Aleksandra Zaitseva on their shoulders; they briefly stopped directly in front of Aertan, Alicel, Faewyn, and Rosaline's collective cell.

"How much further must we heft this good-for-nothing Underneath whore? Any cell will do. Why not throw the puta in with this lot?" the first guard said to his companion as he glanced over at the cell. "They can use someone to rape."

"Them? What about us?" the second guard complained. "I haven't had any since the beginning of the month, and she's passed out, just the way I like them."

The warden halted his stride and spun around to face the two lagging guards. "Shut up. You maggots complain like a pair of high-school girls on their period," he uttered as he got a key ring from his belt, walked back, and unlocked the door of the cell directly across the hall from the four other inmates. "Just toss the slut in the cell right next to them."

"Yes, sir," the two guards replied in unison before unceremoniously throwing Aleks into the cell, who awoke shortly afterwards to the sound of the cell door slamming shut with a resounding clang. The warden and his two lackeys departed without a word.

Aleks took a few moments to get a sense of her surroundings. Iron bars showing the first signs of rust, leaking pipes, concrete walls and floors in the same uniform shade of gray... The only difference between this prison and the Carn concentration camp she used to live in was the absence of propaganda posters (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/e6/Les_mrtvych_v_Katyne.jpg) and the rules and regulations bulletin (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/9/90/Concentration_camp_rules.jpg/450px-Concentration_camp_rules.jpg). She stood up and gazed through the bars at her new neighbors. "You four have no idea how lucky you are," she droned in a concise monotone. "As bad as this prison may appear, it is nothing compared to a Carn penitentiary. Whatever goes on behind these walls pales in comparison to the sheer brutality perpetrated by the Carn Royal Guard. You name the method of torture, I've been subjected to it. I can even show you the scars if you want. You're all getting off light, trust me."

September 11th, 2007, 6:48 PM
OOC: REALLY crappy post. An essay killed my creativity. ;.;

"Really? You find this place bad? It feels kind of homey to me..." Rosaline chimed in densely, apparently not quite clued in to the fact that not everyone was raised confined to a cell deep underground. "In fact, this place is quite nice compared to my home. At least there's natural light!" The girl waived her hand to the barred window nearby. Despite Aertan and this new girl showing up, Rose had managed to stay in good spirits. After all, moping wouldn't help very much at this point. The news about Rod too was troubling, though hard to believe from a current enemy, but she had better questions to ask. "You. You want to save my sister, don't you? Well we do too! Why don't we join forces and bail her out. That way nobody has to be sacrificed, and we need all the help we can get!" She was naive in thinking Aertan would just agree with the ramblings of some 16 year old girl, but it was worth a shot.

"This ISN'T the time to be acting like a kid, Adela! Why would I lie about something like that? I'm being charged for being unable to deliver the target on time, not for betraying the country or anything!" Reid was having a fit at the girl before him that was taunting him with childish remarks. "Listen, you can believe me or not, but it'd be best you did. Because when Rosaline goes missing in five minutes, I won't be the one getting blamed. It'll be YOU. I know we've had our differences in the past, but your mom trusts me, you should too!"

September 12th, 2007, 7:36 PM
Adela blinked. Well, certainly she hadn't known Reid very well before; only that she hated him because her mother treated him more like her child then Adela herself, but he was extremely pushy. And he certainly knew how to hit the sensitive spots, first with her position in the military, and then with her mother's attitude toward Reid. She screwed up her face in concentration as she tried very hard not to strangle Reid for mentioning how his mother trusted him, and managed to say in a very forceful and un-cute way, "FINE." before wrenching the keys off the wall and unlocking Reid's jail cell. She couldn't care less about Rod's betrayal, but if he was about to put the job she'd spent so long trying to get in jeopardy, then there was no way that she would stand by and listen. But then again, she'd probably get in trouble for letting Reid out as well...

She stared at him with great distrust, and had half a mind to lock the door again, but she spun the key around and pocketed it safely, not bothering to remove the black wristband on Reid's arm as she said, with a malice dripping from every syllable "If you're lying, I'm going to cut off every one of your limbs and make sure that nobody can find your head once I'm done."

With that she stormed up the stairs and halfway up the flight, turned and looked meaningfully at Reid, jerking her head toward the corridor that she swiftly passed through to reach the place where the Princess was being held. She had no interest in whether Reid escaped or not- the Princess was the only one officially under her charge, Reid was under Kallen's name, and if he escaped, well. She'd lose her job, and there would simply be one less person to torture on a daily basis.

Stepping into the hallway, she glanced around, and narrowed her eye when she saw the new prisoner in the cell. She'd have a few things to say to those ridiculous guards who took care of the less important hostages. And first thing would be proper protocol, and official documents to move the prisoners of Tealia. In the meantime, she whirled about, looking for any sign of Rod, all the while regretting more and more that she'd listened to Reid and left him behind.

Jack O'Neill
September 12th, 2007, 9:27 PM
"You are one messed-up little girl," Aleks replied to Rosaline in her patented brusque monotone. Her eyes focused themselves on the black rose sigil on the back of Rosaline's left hand. "So, a Carn national, I take it? Figures. You were probably born in the gulag, for all I know. If not, then they've made a significant advance in brainwashing techniques in the years since I've left. And all that without even having to lay a hand on you. Me, on the other hand? Five straight years of torture, and all they succeeded in doing was adding a few new scars to my back."

Aleks was just about to take off her shirt and show off her scars when she noticed Adela striding into the cell block. The two traded disdainful glares with each other. "So, even Tealia's resorting to conscripting children into its ranks," she mused out loud, with a slight hint of disdain in her otherwise passionless voice. "Both sides will do just about anything to win, I suppose."

Alter Ego
September 12th, 2007, 11:44 PM
Faewyn's fist clenched as Aertan finished his little offer...

"That's not fair." she remarked in an even voice, "That's not fair at all..." she would have given up anything to find her parents, but Rosaline..? No, the girl shook her head to dislodge the obnoxious thought, no, she couldn't betray her friend; she wouldn't. Aertan was lying; lying, lying, LYING!

"Don't bother." the girl remarked sourly as Rosaline suggested that they join forces to save princess Juliet, "Someone who would make an offer-an offer like that could never care about anyone that deeply." she gave Aertan a disgusted glare, "If he did, he would never have said what he just did."

It was then that she noticed the new prisoner in the cell next to them, one who had just spoken up and remarked that the place wasn't too bad, all things considered, explaining that she knew every method of torture around.

"Do you know of anything that could make him." she jerked her head towards Aertan, "Talk?" she inquired darkly, not fully sure of whether she really wanted an answer to that or not but preparing pencil and notebook nonetheless. Before Faewyn could get any kind of reply, however, the girl from before walked into the room in a huff.

"Hey!" Faewyn called out to her, "You're that one from before, what are we being held here for, anyway?"

September 13th, 2007, 6:01 PM
Adela grinned at Aleks and giggled, "Aren't you just a riot?" She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes afterwards before addressing both the girl who'd asked her why she was here and Aleks as she extracted her bow and arrow, "Don't speak unless spoken to in the presence of a superior. Haven't you ever heard of manners? Well I suppose not." With a mockingly piteous glance at Aleks, the floor about her feet began to seem as though a puddle of black were surrounding the floor around her, just in case she couldn't react fast enough to an attack. Rod was, after all, just as capable as herself. If not even more capable. And then there was Reid, whom she'd foolishly let out and left behind. He was at a great angle to attack her now from the darkness of the corridor that connected the two prisons.

Tugging at the silver woven string on her bow with the arrow between her forefinger and middle finger, she prepared herself for any attack, half expecting one to come, and half not.

"I like that proposition. Every bit except there's a little bit about me that would be publicized if I assist in going against Tylonstus and Carn. If you can find a solution for that, I will assist. If you cannot, then I will also refrain from helping." Aertan smiled at Rosaline, pointedly ignoring Adela's order and also ignoring Aleks, who seemed to have not realized or completely not cared that Aertan was possibly completely disinclined to see her shirtless, "But I'll change my offer then. Save Princess Juliet, with or without my help, and I'll find the information for you to the best of my powers. Now before our little soldier who's guarding us from the boy traitor blows her cap, let's settle down and make sure that none of you get kidnapped by Rod. I'm quite sure thats the whole reason that Little Miss Dahtion is standing outsid-"

"Shut up!" Adela barked losing interest in what Aertan was talking about after he'd begun talking about Rod, and Aertan slid a disdainful stare toward the back of Adela's head, shutting up nonetheless. Because judging from the strange, extremely rude, and rather socially handicapped statements of the new girl, she'd end up finding a way to irritate Adela better then he could, and that was good enough.

Jack O'Neill
September 14th, 2007, 11:35 PM
Aleks spat at the mention of the name Tylonstus. "Where is your false god now?" she uttered with some hint of sarcasm in her monotonous voice. "Where is Tylonstus to deliver you from this prison? Where is Tylonstus to strike down the godless Tealian scum?" She spat once more. "Face it, your so-called 'god' has abandoned you. Only you can help yourself now. I learned that a long time ago, and it's time you did too."

After concluding her semi-heretical tirade, Aleks turned her attention to Faewyn. "So, you want to learn all about torture techniques, little girl?" she asked bluntly. "As one scholar to another, I'll give you the information, but only if you let me look at your findings in return. You seem to have lots of data packed in that notebook of yours to begin with. Maybe there's something in there that I may be interested in."

September 15th, 2007, 5:37 PM
OOC: OMG sorry I haven't posted, my connection has just been god awful. x.x; Err, Jack. Rosaline lacks the black rose sigil. Time to get the dark side of the plot rolling...

Rosaline sighed, she hadn't thought about the possibility of him refusing due to being publicized. "Fine, I'll think of something. But join us until then, at least." It was becoming hard for Rose to form words due to the constant chatter of the arrogant new girl who seemed to be more militaristic than anyone she had ever encountered in her short life out of her cell. "First of all, learn who you're addressing before you throw an insult such as 'a messed up little girl'. I am the second princess of Carn." In other words, this was a fancy term for 'sacrifice', but she didn't want to refer to herself as that anymore. "I have a right to be 'messed up'. Spend all but one week of your life locked in a small underground cell without so much as a way to bathe, and then come back and call me that."

"What, the little girl let you out? That's too bad. I guess I'll have to deal with you myself." Rod said with a cold and lifeless voice at the young boy who had just caught up to him. Unequipped, exhausted, and still wounded from being captured, he didn't appear to be much of a threat at all. The boy didn't reply. He just watched as his friend-gone-enemy drew an unusual weapon, a weapon of the likes he'd ever seen before. It wasn't a bow, nor a sword, nor an axe, or anything of the sort. It was made of a black metal, and shaped oddly so that it extended to point at it's target. It also had a trigger. Reid had seen this type of weapon before... or at least something like it. Was it in a museum? Was it forbidden resurrected technology? Rod rested his index finger on the trigger, and Reid became ready to dodge. As Rod's finger slowly pressed down on the trigger, Reid made the gesture of jumping out of the way, but was froze stiff as a loud BANG went off, a sharp pain consuming the boy's mind, radiating from his right leg. His eyes wide open in shock, he fell to the ground. "How'd you like that? That's a mahstion powered handgun. Much more efficient than your little bow and arrow, I'd have to say. You see, the gun concentration mahstion from the user's body, and released it in an unthinkable fast, compacted form, which of course just blew a hole through your leg."

Reid, short of breath, grabbed his knee so that he could slowly bring his bleeding leg into a visible state. It was true, he could feel it, that energy bullet had pierced his leg and shot right out the other end. "Bastard..." Reid muttered as he raised his left hand, covered in blood from examining the wound. The green dot on his head suddenly began to glow, as it expanded until the boy's entire body was green in colour. A sharp wind suddenly blew through the small corridor, distracting Rod momentarily. By the time he had focused on Reid again, he was dead, his body falling to the floor in a bloody mess, the gun clinking as it hit the hard floor. The last thing Rod had seen was Reid, all green with red eyes, floating in the air, before the wind shredded his skin.

"Insolent fool." 'Reid' said to himself in an inhuman voice, before his feet touched back on the ground, and his body returned to it's normal complexion, the bullet wound still present. Reid struggled to keep from passing out as he picked the bloody body of his friend off the floor, and limped down to the others.

Rose was the first person to notice Reid's return, and broke down crying when she saw the bloody mess. Reid looked at the group with lifeless eyes, before collapsing into unconsciousness, unable to give them any answers yet.

September 15th, 2007, 7:12 PM
OoC// Hmm, wasn't sure if ALL Lionus users could heal, or if it was just Rosaline. And David's connection is currently sucking, so I couldn't ask on MSN. Soooo, I'll edit if not all Lionus users can heal. xD; And this post is EXTREMELY unorganized; I'm sorry. ;A;

IC/ Adela's dation retracted into her feet in the blink of an eye as she rushed over to Rod, who was hardly recognizable as Rod instead of just a bloody mass of flesh.

"What the heck have you been-" Adela started, her voice squeaky and terrified, before being cut off by Reid falling unconcious, "H-Hey!! What do you think you're doing?!" Frantically she nudged an unconcious Reid off of the dead body of Rod, her hands and knees slapping against the thick crimson liquid as she dropped to her knees and bent down in front of what she'd decided had once been Rod's face, listening for breathing, before she grabbed his wrist and felt for a pulse. But of course, there wasn't one. Then, crawling over to Reid on all fours, even though the trip was only a few inches away, she grabbed his wrist and felt for his pulse, and though not exactly at a healthy pace, it was there. Leaving an imprint of Rod's blood and her fingertips on his wrist, she stood up, spun around and stared at Princess Rosaline.

But Adela dismissed the option of taking off Princess Rosaline's mahstion bracelet. Even if Adela could easily overcome the girl with her advantage with dation, she would rather not deal with the trouble. Flinging her hand about, she climbed the stairs and sent the sentry directly outside the door to fetch a healer. Seeing the young girl covered in blood, the man didn't hesistate, nor question himself as to why he was taking orders from someone more then half his age, unlike usual. As she hurried back inside, she snatched Reid's wrist into her hand again and with the help of a claw-like dation formed hand, she pulled him to the other side of the cell, where he would be furthest away from Rod.

"Stop crying!" Adela snapped at Rosaline, as she scurried back to Rod, and nudged his body to face the ceiling with her toe, before giving one quick sweep of what was left to deem him safe to leave dead. No lingering mahstion tricks.

Aertan, momentarily stunned by the sudden events, had wholly forgotten the girl's comments on Tylonstus. This had perhaps, been a good thing, though as he replayed the scene in his mind, he fell again upon the subject of Tylonstus. As if reacting to the sudden drama, the tattoo on Aertan's hand began to burn with a fiery passion yet again, as he threw himself into the corner of the cell, gritting his teeth as his right hand clutched his left, his thick powerful wings locking themselves shut around him, silencing his cries of agony.

"Wh-" Alicel choked out, her voice quivering as her pupils turned into pinpricks, staring only at the bloody mass that could somewhat be recognized as Rod, "Who..."

Maybe she hadn't been surprised when they'd been caught. They'd been expecting that. She shrieked as she fell back onto her bottom, unable to tear her eyes away from the goriest sight she'd seen in her entire life, his flesh free for the world to view. Gagging, Alicel covered her face with both hands, though her eyes were frozen. Everything was wrong; all wrong. Svartel's were never supposed to be happy. So how had she fallen under such a wonderful illusion? One that seemed to have fallen apart too many times to be true?

As Aertan beat his fist against his wings, which had automatically closed themselves around him in reaction to the searing pain, he felt an unfamiliar feeling against the burning sensation. An even hotter liquid seemed to be oozing out, and he identified it as the same substance that Adela, Reid, and Rod were now covered in. A true Svartel, as was the tattoo-less one outside his cage of wings.

"I SAID BE QUIET!" Adela shrieked at Alicel, who had been overcome by racking sobs of terror behind her hands, the horrifying younger girl picking up her bow which had earlier been discarded, and staring expectantly at the door, which seemed to open on cue, as a girl with bleach blonde hair that draped all the way down to her thighs and pale skin that glowed against the dark of the prison emerged in the doorway.

"My services are needed?"

"Shiraume!" Adela stood up, glad to see her friend who had hid in the shadows during their conversation about Reid earlier that now seemed lightyears away.

"Oh dear." She said monotonously, staring at Rod, "It seems they aren't needed anymore."

"No," Adela shook her head and pointed behind her, "Reid is still alive."

Shiraume descended into the prison, and stepped into the blood without care of getting her pure white dress and shoes dirty. It was a simple matter, as the Lionus danced from Shiraume's hands and over the wound in Reid's leg, "Please present a short report as to what has occured to the Queen."

"M-Me?" The weak-kneed sentry pointed at himself.

"Indeed." Standing up, Shiraume turned with a more melancholy expression then her usual emotionless one, "I am unable to completely heal this wound at the moment. It seems he was hit with mahstion at a very high velocity, and with my powers it may take some time to make the hole close up. Just as well, Adela, it would be wise if you were to examine the scene. Perhaps it will reveal to us how Reid, with his mahstion bracelet on, managed to kill Rod in such a thorough way. It would always be wise if you were to go change, as well Adela. Your clothes will smell of blood forever soon if you do not do so."

"That's fine." Adela snapped, stepping up as the sentry remembered his deed, and hurried off, "I'll go look through the corridor."

Shiraume nodded, and glanced at the inhabitants of the cell behind her, and managed a small smile, "My apologies for such a scene." before a dozen strands of lionus began pulling at the flesh around Reid's leg, forcing the wound to close.

Alter Ego
September 16th, 2007, 7:34 AM
OOC: Oookay, I'm going out on a bit of a limb here, but my reasoning here is that since Faewyn shares her mahstion type with Reid and both came from the same source she would feel something when the other one goes all berserk about it. If this assumption is unreasonable/disruptive I'm open for edits. :3


Even though she technically didn't need it with Aertan's new proposal on the table, Faewyn was still up for an exchange of information. After all, it wasn't every day she met a scholar, let alone one who was actually interested in her work.Torture had to be included in a proper guide to everything too, and who knew what other kinds of things this woman knew? Oh, she was a bit on the rude side, but Faewyn was used to that sort of thing, and this new person had at least stayed on negotiating terms with her thus far. Before the girl could say anything in response, however, the dot on her forehead - a feature which she had all but forgotten about by now - suddenly sprang to life. It wasn't like the searing pain of when she had first gotten it, but it stung nonetheless, pulsing as if it held a life of its own, and Faewyn instinctively covered it with both her hands, shutting her eyes as the drone of a storm ran through her ears. Something was going on, this she knew without really understanding why, something big.

Well, it didn't take long to get an answer to that question: the sensation subsided in a split-second, and in its place Faewyn suddenly became aware of Rod - or, to be specific, the gory, bloodied mess that once used to be Rod - was flung down the hallway, soon followed by an equally bloodied but slightly less torn up Reid, the boy giving them an unseeing glance before toppling over. Needless to say, this was somewhat unsettling for the others in the room. Rosaline had burst out crying, and by the looks of it Alicel and that rude warden Adela weren't too far from that point either. Even the usually stoic Aertan seemed to be feeling discomfort. Faewyn, however, merely gaped like a fish, her eyes fixed on the bodies of the two boys she had come to think of as friends, one of which - as a hastily summoned healer soon informed them - had already perished. The sight itself wasn't nearly as unsettling for the girl as it was for her friends, however. Oh, she was sad to see her friends in such a state, of course, but the blood and wounds really didn't bother her that much. Faewyn's uncle was a doctor, after all, and her mother being the practically minded person that she was hadn't objected when the girl demanded to see Kain at work. She had seen many a cut, tumor and intestine; the only really uncomfortable thing about this scenario was that she had grown attached to these particular victims.

Faewyn wanted to say something comforting, but what could possibly be comforting in cases like this? Lacking an answer to this question, she instead placed a hand on Rosaline's shoulder and the other on Alicel's, wordlessly hugging each as hard as she could. In all honesty, she knew of no better way to comfort anyone that didn't involve speaking. Sometimes all you really needed in this type of situation was to know that there was someone out there who still cared about you, and even if they found it embarrassing and objected it would at least serve as a small diversion. The girl then rose up to her feet, wiping the last traces of shock from her face and replacing them with a look of determination as she turned to address the healer. She seemed to be the most reasonable one of the lot, not to mention the only one who wasn't teetering on the brink of utter despair.

"Excuse me." Faewyn said in as firm a tone as she could muster, her eyes fearlessly locked with Shiraume's even though her voice trembled ever so slightly. She knew what she had to do, and by golly she was going to do it too, "I need to get a closer look." yes, Adela would probably screech out that there was no way she was going anywhere at this point, but Faewyn honestly didn't care, "My uncle, Kain, is a doctor and my mother, Verdance, is one of the world's leading specialists in offensive Wind mahstion." it was a desperate name drop, but both had made at least some kind of reputation for themselves in Tealia; hopefully it would be enough to persuade these people that she knew what she was talking about, the tremble was slowly spreading through her body and her face was even paler than usual, but Faewyn's expression betrayed no sign of weakness and she didn't relinquish the eye contact for a moment, even as a small tear began working its way from the side of her right eye and down her cheek, "There may be something I can tell you about those wounds, but I really need..." she swallowed hard, "I really need to examine them up close. You don't have to remove my bracelet, but please...if there's anything I can do for them I need to do it. Those two are my friends."

September 16th, 2007, 9:43 AM
Adela, standing at the opening to the corridor, glanced at Shiraume, who ignored it, and stared at Faewyn. Her nearly white lavender eyes seemed bored and unimpressed by the mention of the names, though when she spoke, it was quieter then even her normal hushed voice, as she addressed Adela, while watching Faewyn with a careful eye, "Adela, was it wise to place such a girl in a cell with residents of Carn?"

Adela seemed to just barely make out what Shiraume was saying, and called roughly, "Well why not?? Why does it matter?? Can we please talk about this later?"

Shiraume sighed and put her hands together before her lap, closing her eyes and falling silent. As she thought and thought, the lionus still danced about in graceful tendrils, weaving Reid's wounds together as she seemed to be concentrating on something totally different. Finally, she opened her eyes just barely, and mumbled something inaudible to anyone but herself, before stepping forward and holding out an expectant hand towards Adela, who seemed not to understand the gesture. Shiraume's eyes slid slowly toward Adela's pocket, and the younger girl started as she realized that Shiraume wanted the keys, and fumbling about in her pocket as she returned to her original spot right next to Rod's head, pulled out the ring that held many an assortment of keys.

Opening the door to the cell, she monotonously uttered, "I ask that only Faewyn exit the cell." She glanced meaningfully toward Aleks, "And you have only the smallest sliver of time before you are to return to the cell; Guards and Mahstion Inspectors will arrive soon, and though I wish only for my patient's swiftest recovery, I would very much prefer it if I was not accused of treachery for it. You may depart, Adela."

Turning around, the girl in question ran through the corridor more quickly this time, so she wouldn't be distracted again. She wanted to get to the scene first. Before those meddling inspectors arrived. It was hardly hard to find it, what with the trail of blood. She was rather amazed that Rod could've held all this blood himself. But then again, practically every vein and artery in his body had been cut to bits. Or something like that. As she came upon the place where the fight had obviously ensued, for the sheer magnitude of blood splattered across the dungeon, she found nothing particularly out-of-place, other then the discarded... thing.

She stared at it. Judging by how much blood it was in, it was obvious that this tool was not Reid's. So where had Rod gotten it? She'd never seen Rod with it, before he left, or after he left to retrieve Reid. Adela was silent, before the sound of voices caused her to tear her gaze away. Quickly, she pulled off her bandanna and wrapped her hand in it, carefully poking the device with her clothed forefinger, before deciding it was probably safe and picking it up, placing it delicately in her messenger bag swathing the strange object with her bandanna before looking around for anything else that she didn't want the inspector's to touch, and also putting herself in a proper position so that she didn't look as if she were well aware of what had happened.

Glad that the blood had still not dried and filled up the spot where the gun once was, Adela left no visible trace of the disturbance she'd caused the actual scene, and when the man clad in pure black along with a handful of other people showed up, Adela immediately forced herself to start bawling as she cried for her mother, the people rather taken off guard. Eventually, one of the people escorted the crying child outside of the dungeon, and it was all Adela could do not to laugh at how influential a crying child could be, when faced with adults that thought she was harmless, and just a ray of sunshine in the wrong dungeon.

Shiraume did not wait for Faewyn to exit, instead, nudged her quickly out of the cell with lionus, before slamming the door shut again, as it locked automatically.

"You have two minutes, at best." Shiraume stated bluntly.

Alicel also dearly wanted to leave the cell and use her mantle to cover up Rod's body. Though he was branded a traitor by everyone she'd spoken to so far, he had never done Alicel any wrong, or never got the chance to. He was still one of the first friends she'd had. Unresponsive to Faewyn's comfort, she continued to cry, her shoulders heaving, though her sobs silenced. Her fingers were turning red from the force in which she was pressing them against her eyes and forehead, as she ignored Shiraume and Adela's words, ignored Faewyn's request, ignored the deals that seemed to still go on even after the terrifying events.

From behind the wings, the screaming had completely stopped, though the wings themselves began to tremble. Haeon't and Geote were both trying to force the wings apart, though Aertan had more control over the wings then they did, and thus the attempt was futile. There was no way Aertan would show that nosy Alicel girl the evidence of who he was. No way he would reveal to Princess Rosaline exactly why he couldn't join them to save the person he'd been trying to save all this time. Because of some stupid family heritage that had suddenly turned around and slapped him full force with the stupid family tradition.

September 18th, 2007, 4:15 PM
OOC: Yay, new foes~ Anyways, I'm going to end Act I here. AE, you can discuss Faewyn's findings at the beginning of Act II. ^^;

Name: Cress Alberto Tylonstus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: Carn
Class: 7th Apostle
Mahstion Type: Lionus / Dation
Weapon Class: None

Appearance: The apostle's are very different than normal Carn citizens, for a number of reasons, all of which will be outlined in this form. Cress is a very feminine looking young man, standing at a height of about 5'8. His arms and legs are thin and scrawny, as well as his torso, and his face lacks the roughness the face of a young man should have. His hair is long and straight, reaching down to his waist, and is divided in half by colour. The right half of his hair is black, while the left half is white. Now, this is where things start to get bizarre. His eyes possess a blood red colour, and appear almost as those of a cat, with the slitted pupils instead of the rounded ones meant for human use. His ears are long and pointed, like those of your elf stereotype, and extending themselves from his hair line are two long, pitch black horns that curve and reach to the back of his head, pointed upwards. When he smiles, his inhuman fangs make their appearance, and they have a tendency to stick out from between his lips at times. To complete this unnatural appearance, his hands are almost like sharp claws, with sharp, nearly unbreakable nails shooting from each finger. This is how he defends himself, rather than utilizing a weapon. Cress's has four wings lines vertically down his back, instead of your usual two. One pair is white, and one pair is black. His small feet are covered with a pair of white running shoes, and he wears a pair of baggy, black pants, that are held on by a gold string that wraps around his waist. He wears two pieces of clothing over his torso, neither of which cover his stomach or the center of his chest. The first piece is a long sleeves shirt of sorts, that is black in colour with the ends of the sleeves weaved with gold leaf to make them appear golden. Overtop of this is a bizarre sleeveless piece of clothing that resembles a jacket. It is white in colour, and reaches almost all of the way down to the back of his feet, the material parting into two pointed pieces just before his butt. Embedded in the center of the back of this bizarre jacket is the black rose Carn is famed for. Around the neck of this jacket is black, puffy fur that gives off that "bad ass" kind of feeling. To complete his outfit, Cress wears a pair of black, fingerless gloves which leave room for his claws to do the talking.

Personality: Out of the seven apostles, Cress was the most recently created one, and is regarded by the others as the youngest, despite a majority of them being younger physically. He has a strong dislike for the other six, because they love to boss him around and treat him like dirt. Cress strongly dislikes violence, but due to the purpose of the apostles, he has no choice but to fight most of the time. He has very little faith in Tylonstus, his lord and supposed creator, and has more than often expressed as much, usually getting himself maximum punishment because of it. Despite this, he finds joy in doing his job, no matter how dirty it is. Other than this, there isn't much to Cress's personality. Probably because he has yet to live long enough under the right circumstances to exhibit much more.

History: Apostles are not human. They do not look human, and they are not born like humans. In fact, apostles are born from science, a term that defies all that Carn is. You see, an apostle is created when two users of different mahstion are fused together into one being. The new being has no memory of its past two lives, and it's appearance has some physical and personality similarities with the two humans (with ages between 8 and 20) that it's derived from. However, the DNA of the final product is corrupted by the fusion of mahstion energies in their bodies, usually giving them parts to their appearance that seem demonic, or animal-like. If the two mahstion types oppose each other, the apostle is more likely to appear less human. Due to the nature of fusing two mahstion types into one entity, the apostle also receives an immense power boost, allowing them to be stronger, smarter, and insanely faster than your average mahstion user.

Production of apostles began approximately eight months prior to the escape of Princess Rosaline, when a man by the name of Eugene Kylan developed the theory, and presented it to the king. The king initially refused the proposal, due to Carn's disbelief in the use of science, but eventually allowed the use of the new discovery after Eugene proposed the use of apostles as a military unit. With a power such as the power an apostle would have, Carn could be unstoppable. And thus, the first apostle was born, and then the next, and the next, and so on. They were given the titles of Apostle as a way to hide the fact that science was being used. A title such as that made them sound like they were born of the god; nobody would question it. The apostles were then confined to a military base in Alta after Carn took the small country over, and to this very day have been awaiting orders. Cress was born four days after the escape of the Carn sacrifice, Rosaline, and was quickly trained in how to utilize his powers. It was only until recently that he had received his new orders...

"Number 7. A word?" A deep voice beckoned the young, demonic looking boy who was sitting on a bench within a long, metallic corridor. If it was your first time looking at him, you wouldn't believe he was male. Short, thin, long hair, feminine face, it almost seemed unnatural. However, not as unnatural as the rest of his body. The boy got to his feet, and walked toward the origin of the voice, his long hair drifting in the air behind him. The boy didn't speak as he looked in an emotionless state at the militaristic man dressed entirely in a black army uniform. "I would like you to inform Number 1 that your unit has been assigned new orders involving the case of Miss Rosaline and Tealia. Also, General Eugene requests that you "acquaint" her group with what it is they're dealing with. Have you any complaints?"

The emotionless look on the boy's face faded, a scary smirk taking it's place, fangs bearing. "No, none at all. Piece of cake...!"

Act I. END