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July 14th, 2007, 12:36 PM
Plot created by: Alter Ego

In the beginning there was nothing but a man, a pristine little mountain valley and loads upon loads of really old money. But as it so happens this is all it takes to make history, at least if the man is none other than King Reginald the thirteenth of Riven, an avid social climber who had moved up from twentieth to first in the royal inheritance line under the course of three months, his predecessors disappearing in a series of freak accidents ranging from leaky boats to inconvenient lighting strikes, as is customary in Riven politics.

Knowing full well the hazards faced by monarchs reigning a kingdom which went through an average of thirteen kings a year - not to mention the usefulness of having a spellcaster or three on your payroll - King Reginald decided to set up a new power in the country to help stabilize his own position: the Enchanters' Guild, an organization for assembling the fragmented community of magically skilled in the country and uniting them to educate new ones. With royal funding and enforcement, the organization quickly grew in both size and power, and with his most trusted associates in charge, the ambitious new ruler believed his position - both on the throne and in the history books - to be firmly secured, although only the latter turned out to hold true as he soon perished in a tragic meteor strike, only one week after having granted an official position of power to the first head enchanter.

The organization that Reginald had set up far outlived its creator, however, and the Enchanters' Guild soon grew to be a new leading political power in the country, as it only took two abrupt changes of rule to prove that telling hundreds of trained magicians to kindly step back and give up on their privileges wasn't a very bright idea.

But of course, even an organization as strong as the Enchanters' Guild changed with time, just as the sovereign monarchy of Riven turned republic and dagger and poison were replaced by the not quite as satisfying but far less messy practice of smear campaigns. The Guild - or rather; the Riven Academy of Thaumaturgical Science, as it is now called - remains strong to this day, however, and what they have lost in political influence they have gained in profitability. Even with the rapidly growing popularity of technology and the trendy new phenomenon of electricity in particular, enchanters - or thaumaturges, as they prefer to be called - remain a valuable asset, and with the decline in public funding, the university has taken to hiring out thaumaturges in training as problem solvers for issues both unusual and mundane, paying the students a commission based on the difficulty of the task, an arrangement of mutual benefit. After all, who would say no to miracle-working power, prestige and money?

On the setting

Riven as a whole really has three things that separate it from the world as we know it:

First, technology isn't quite as advanced; electricity is considered cutting edge (and still isn't commercially available) so obviously the conveniences related to it are out of the question. They do have indoor plumbing, though, so don't worry about that. Real life countries don't exist here, but there are others besides Riven. For simplicity's sake, they aren't listed here, though; so suffice to say that everyone is a citizen of Riven. This does not, however, mean that your character can't have originated from another region.

Second, magic exists in the world, stemming from a peculiar location usually simply called 'the Rift'. For the purpose of this RP, the only relevant fact concerning the Rift is that the only allowed form of magic is enchantment, the art of re-arranging the environment or people's perception of it. Enchantment can't create or destroy matter, only reshape it, and the effects are always temporary. Enchantment magic calls for three things:

- Imagination, to picture the change you want to make vividly in your mind. This determines the complexity of the spells you can use.

- Willpower, and the ability to believe in the changes you make to force them into reality. Lack of will leads to spells failing or misfiring and lack of belief weakens the spell's effect.

- Concentration, to maintain the changes made. This determines the duration of the desired effects.

Many spellcasters have also been known to use complicated hand signs, incantations, and suchlike, but this is usually either for a placebo effect or to put on a show for those who don't know. Also, please note that junior apprentices don't start out with the knowledge of how to use magic; they'll get to learn that as the RP progresses.

Third, there are monsters. Rumor has it that they emerged from the use rift energy, but all official sources have strictly denied this. Regardless, the fact remains that the critters are all over the place. Monsters come in many shapes, typically twisted forms of regular animals or mythical creatures. Although they apparently come in all shapes and forms, monsters in general feed on magical energy, and are naturally attracted to those who wield it. They are, however, too timid to attack larger groups of humans, hence why there usually aren't any found in the academy or the cities.

The events of the RP will take place on the academy campus and surrounding area. The campus itself is located in a verdant mountain valley in the northern part of Riven and features two three-storey dormitory buildings (one for males, one for females), and the main building where classes are held. In lieu with old practice, both dormitories have their own dining hall at the bottom floor as well as separate floors for junior and senior apprentice, while all other indoor facilities are housed in the main building - a sizable tower with various extension buildings of equally varying ages built around it. The campus also features a recreation field - for physical exercise - and a lake, constantly filled by a small mountain stream. A - largely overgrown - forest also stretches out at the eastern edge of the campus, and the surrounding mountains house a complex network of natural tunnels. Both of these areas contain monster populations, however, and as such the forest is off limits for junior apprentices without teacher escort and the tunnels are barred from everyone except faculty.

Where you come in

You - as an RPer - will be either a new student (Apprentice) at the academy or an experienced student who has recently been elevated to the Senior class. This division will be made based on an assessment of your RPing skills, so please don't try to apply for one or the other. A very select few will also RP teachers. Again, this is a choice that is made through assessment of skills, so teachers: don't call us; we'll call you.

Now, on to the reason we have such divisions: this is a school RP in more than one sense. Not only will the RP characters be trained, but you - the RPer - will also receive comments and criticism on your writing from the teacher RPers, so please be prepared for it and act on it. If you think your writing skills are beyond all criticism then go away; shoo. This RP is solely for those who want to improve their RPing, regardless of how experienced they currently are.

The Rules

1. Attitude decides. As long as you genuinely want to improve, all that is expected is legible writing in a four-line quantity to start up. However, if you continuously disregard the teachers' advice or take offense at corrections then you may well be booted out of the RP. Remember: our teachers are not paid, they are people who are taking the free time out of their lives to help you, so please respect that by making good use of what they give you. Teachers: this doesn't mean that you can flame and bash to your hearts' content; make it constructive and say it as nicely as you can. Let's see mutual manners and good atmosphere, shall we? :3

2. Follow all RP section rules. If you are new to RPing or feel unsure about the rules, please go check them right now.

3. No character control. This is very simple: no-one makes anybody else's character do anything unless the character's creator has said it's OK. NPCs (Non-Player Characters) are free game unless otherwise noted.

4. When in doubt; ask. This RP was made to help people with their RPing, so don't be shy about it. The teachers will be giving as much advice as they can, but if something is unclear or you feel that you haven't been given enough to work with then ask for help either in the OOC discussion or by PM. Also, the teachers might not always have time so you may also wish to ask the non-teacher RPers that have been deemed experienced (I.e. the ones playing the senior apprentices); just remember that they're not bound by contract to help or anything, so please make your requests politely. ^^

5. You may join once the RP has already started, but in that case please post your sign-up in the OOC discussion to avoid clutter.

Sign-up Sheet

Full Given Name:
Nicknames (Optional): (Just in case your character likes to be called something besides their real name)
Age: (Teenage and up, please)
Appearance: (The more details, the better. Pictures are only allowed if they are your original art and even then they need to be supported by written description. Also, do remember to include the clothes as well, otherwise your character might feel a bit...awkward. The academy has no uniform, so don't hold back. At least one paragraph, please.)
Personality: (Try to include likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, quirks, habits, fears, hopes, and ambitions. If you've got all that covered then you should have enough in this field already. Remember, flawed characters are loved characters. Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus will be taken outside and shot. :3)
History: (Just a general idea of your characters' life before the academy and maybe a word or two on why they chose the profession. Also, for certainly practical reasons I won't go into, the magically talented need to have lived in Riven at some point of time. It's an ethnic mish-mash, though, so origins may differ.)
Other (Optional): (Just in case there's something about your character that you didn't get to express above.)
RP Sample: (Pick a situation; any situation. Also, note that this field might just make the difference between Junior and Senior apprentice, so give it your best shot and write for all you're worth.)

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Here comes the world's longest sign-up! XD

Full Given Name: Ace Bladia

Nicknames (Optional): N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Appearance: Ace has a muscular build; his arms are rippling with muscles due to excessive weight lifting, other assorted forms of working out and partially because of good genetics. His lower torso has a rippling six pack; He is slim and slender and has barely any fat on him. His face however, is very child like compared to his body, he has a round shaped head, that is connected to his body by a muscular and thick neck.

His skin tone is fair and is quite lacking any tan. The inner parts of his eyes are somewhat catlike and are a vibrant yet calming shade of deep sea blue. He has a petite nose which is quite inconspicuous and an equally diminutive mouth, which correspondingly means he would have the small lips to match his mouth. His eyebrows are full, thick and masculine and are a dark, chestnut brown colour.

His hair is the same dark, chestnut brown colour as his eyebrows and it is easily described as a 7 pointed star. His hair is spiked into seven major spikes, each of these spikes is a lengthy 20 centimetres, two of the spikes are facing downwards, while another two are sideward and the remaining three are upward, the spikes that aren’t directly in the middle, point slightly diagonally, which gives his hair the before mentioned 7 pointed star look. His hair is straight and exceedingly easy to manage, as most Kippsukian born folk’s hair is. (Refer to History for more information about Kippsukia). This is why it is possible to spike up hair that falls below his neck.

Ace’s garments look rather like a traveler’s outfit, around his neck he wears a thin and small deep sea blue cloth scarf that matches his eyes and covers only the bottom of his neck, as it is designed not for warmth, but merely for aesthetic purposes. He wears a pale and aqua shade of blue loose-fitting T-shirt with a medium sleeve that goes up to his elbow and has an X-shaped zipper at the end of the sleeve on the left side and is sleeveless on the right side. This shirt extends all the way down to the middle of his pelvis. Across the chest, there is printed a giant black spade. Along the midriff are two blood red stripes.

On his right arm, there isn’t much except a pale blue wrist band with a small red diamond printed on to it. His left arm is much more decorated, on his shoulder he wears a furry shoulder pad that is a cream colour and a brown leather gauntlet, which on the edge of where it ends is slightly puffy and is a flamboyant and vivacious yellow. On the palm of the hand, there is a red heart shape that covers most of the palm area. The fingers are replaced by shimmering gold claws, so the gauntlet is actually designed for fighting and slashing.

He sports imperial baggy deep sea blue pants, (Imperial pants are puffy and permanently tucked and sewed into socks) which are the same matching shade of both his scarf and his eyes. There are two zippers across the kneecap area, they can be used as storage space, which serves as the pockets that the pants lack. His right sock has a black club (In cards) printed on the front of it. His sneakers are pure white on the top, a plain red at the bottom on the rims and on the heel is a blue luminous ball embedded into each shoe.

For those of you who also want a picture after 7 paragraphs of description, click here (http://img368.imageshack.us/img368/8171/ace21hl5.png)

Personality: Ace is a bit of a madcap, he is foolhardy and all of his decisions are big risk, big return choices. Despite these, he is surprisingly patient. He is confident in his skills, which often leads to doing dangerous things that are completely unnecessary to avoid something he doesn’t like. He dislikes being treated impolitely and is a man who commands respect. He often uses violence to do this and often gains a reputation for himself by taking down bullies who mess with him.

Despite this, he doesn’t try to act intimidating and is rather friendly and usually is quick to join a group rather than be alone. He values friendship, whether they are Senior or Junior, he doesn’t like the whole idea of cliques and doesn’t care about how others think of him. Ace isn’t a serious person and when the situation is casual, he is usually joking around and laughing. He has a well developed sense of humour and likes to laugh around with his friends. He acts uninhibited and often overlooks how others would think of him. He also disregards trivial matters such as popularity, acting like the stereotype and doing what everyone thinks is cool.

His two main loves in life are combat and cards, whether it be card tricks, card magic, card games, the casino, he just loves cards and everything that has to do with them. Due to this, it has had a major effect on his fighting style and his weapon. He has a strong mind and can not bottle-up, but hide his emotions from the world with his poker face. He has also picked up on hiding what he is thinking from the world through this face as well, a trick he picked up through card games.

When it comes to combat, he enjoys getting stronger and more powerful physically and mentally. He shapes up his brain and dexterity through cards and his raw power through fighting and weight lifting.

History: Ace was born in the country of Kippsukia in the village of Girardoth. Kippsukia was a rather small rural country, which is made up of many small villages, that didn’t get along and were often fought. Through that, the entire country was at battles between each other. However, since these were just unallied villages, the battle weren’t of high stakes, they all fought with honour and simply for the sake of wagering money, showing their power and to make themselves stronger.

Due to this, anything could be a weapon, whether it is a broom, staff, or even a gardening tool, like a pitch-fork, rake, or in Ace’s case a scythe. As an older child (around twelve), when he was supposed to be working with the scythe, he often took long with this job, much longer that it usually takes. His father soon realized that he spent a lot of time training with the scythe as a weapon. His father Jason was a blacksmith and a mighty warrior, he valued weaponry and always led the village with weapons he forged to defeat rival attacking towns, as Girardoth was always attacked and didn’t choose to start fights.

After watching the skill that Ace showed with his scythe filled him with a peculiar yet powerful inspiration. After a few weeks of intense work, he had forged a completely steel scythe designed for fighting, it was beautifully crafted, with a razor-sharp edge, it had a point on the bottom for stabbing as a spear, so the weapon could be used as both. Where the blade came, was connected to a hollow steel circle with steel X crafted in the shape of an X. At the other side of this, extended four petals, each petal had a different design, a heart, a diamond, a club and a spade. All the steel was a sleek and shiny shade of aqua blue, while the card suit designs were black.

Jason gave it to his son, telling him that it would be his weapon from here on in, that he would first test it out in the battle that loomed tomorrow against a rival town and that the only thing the weapon lacked was a name. Ace had noticed the card suit theme, which his father obviously made crafted for Ace. Respectively, he named the scythe ‘Blackjack.’

Ace had trained with it all night, developing new moves, with names like ‘straight flush’, ‘roulette’ and ‘riffle shuffle.’ He had fought valiantly and brought his father pride. His father was fatally wounded in batle though (injured enough to never fight again and was lucky to even be alive,) which caused them to decide to give up on the dangerous fighting lifestyle and move to Riven. However, that one major battle that Ace fought filled him with warrior's pride, he felt a bizarre emptiness inside himself and he realised he missed battling.

When he had heard of the Riven Academy, it sounded like a beautiful dream to him, being paid to do tasks that often involved fighting and learn magic along the way. He had bid farewell to his parents and set off to the Riven Academy of Thaumaturgical Science.

By the time he was fifteen, he had become adept with magic and become a Senior student.

RP Sample: Skyru felt his greasy sweat dabbed all over his face, his usually collar-length flat and straight hair was frizzing slightly, it was clear that the humidity had taken its toll on him. He was hoping to find his brother, who had ventured into the labyrinth a few days before Skyru had. His brother Jayden had entered with a goal to defeat the legendary monster that was said to reside within the labyrinth’s core.

The labyrinth was an old and nameless structure, its walls were covered in a thin layer of gelatinous slime and the ground was covered in impure water all the way up to Skyru’s ankles, the liquid substance on the ground had traces of the wall slime in it. Worst of all, the labyrinth was intolerably humid. He had his lantern out in front of him so he could light up the pitch black place. The only sounds that could be heard were faint and eerie echoes that couldn’t be made out.

After hours of aimless wandering, he had taken out an apple from his backpack to eat, it was faintly slimy and was vaguely wet, but all of his food was, so he had consumed it without hesitation. He continued his desperate search; he had turned his lantern to a wall to find it was dabbed in dark red splotches; they smelt the harsh stench of flesh and it was clearly blood.

A bizarre tingling sensation had filled Skyru’s body from head to toe, the blood was fresh, from at least hours ago. The echoes could’ve been the noises of Jayden’s pain. His expression grim, with hot and angry tears forming in his eyes, Skyru ran forward. As he ran, the labyrinth had gradually been increasing in brightness, in the end there was no need for his lantern and he had arrived in a strange room which was presumably the core.

This room was like a dome and there was a ladder at the end that had led to the exit. The walls were illuminated by countless candles that were burning wraithlike blue flames, lighting up the room in a blue hue. On the floor, a green circle was painted with a star within in. It was clearly the mark of the beast. The room was lonely, so bare and chilling. The humidity had seemed to fade away from existence, to be replaced by a ethereal vibe that made Skyru’s hair stand on end.

Skyru felt goose bumps forming on his skin; a sinister and hideous laugh had filled the room.

“Ah, it’s time for my next meal already,” uttered a terrifying and macabre voice that had echoed in a spine-chilling manner.

The mark of the beast on the ground had seemed to illuminate and the rest of existence had seemed to fade away and all that remained was the mark of the beast and a psychedelic background. A three headed dragon like creature had seemed to form into existence from the colours, blood drooling from all of its sharp and ferocious mouth’s, Jayden’s blood.

All of Skyru’s fear had vanished, something wicked had opened inside him. Rage had fueled him on to fight. Nothing mattered to him at that moment, nothing but solely the death of the foul beast and the retribution of his brother.

“I swear to you, I will avenge my brother! You shall be slain!” Skyru had exclaimed with tears rolling down his sweaty cheeks and into his dirty hair.

He drew out his oversized broadsword with no intention but avenging his brother, the power that was running through his sore body was incredible! He firmly grasped his weapon and charged into battle fearlessly and with an iron and unwavering resolve.

July 14th, 2007, 2:01 PM
Can I get a reservation for year seven Jyukai?

July 14th, 2007, 2:20 PM
Full Given Name: Dahlia Karyna Lindbergh .
Nicknames (Optional): Dahli (Daah-lee), Karyna (Kah-ree-nah), Kary (Kah-ree.)
Gender: Female.
Age: 19
Appearance: Dahli is pretty; and this is what she knows. Dahli is petite in size, standing at a accustomed size of five and six inches. She scales the size of 98 pounds. Dahli’s skin is a raw shade of tapiocca pudding, pale and creamy-looking. It goes well with her attributes. Dahli has a fair tone of fair, it is a flaxen color of champagne. It ringlett’s down to her mid-shoulder, and is always well-kept, sometimes in a ponytail also. Dahli’s bangs are parted in the middle and are towed off to the side of her heart-shaped face.

Dahli has an hour-glass figure. She is quite skinny, and she is like that because she doesn’t eat that much as she is supposed to, and because she is well exercised. Dahli adores running, and walking to different places, and that is why she always takes a different route that is longer on the way to her classes, but that is why she is usually tardy. Dahli also can do a cartwheel, a feat that in her old town was a way to criticize people, and to put people into gifted classes in her school also (But of course it’s also the intelligence level.) And so, Dahli has a odd quirk of not eating to much, though has caused her small, petite body.

Dahli was built for endurance. Not strength. As so, her muscle aren’t much that of a body-builder, but stronger then ‘he who sits at the television watching reruns eating barbecue potato chips.’ All those years, they have increased Dahli’s sense of reflex and flexibility also. Sports fits Dahli’s athletic look. Dahli is a healthy girl, though one case of viral pneumonia that seemed to go almost right after it started. Only visited by the common cold, flu, fever, and upset stomachs every once in a while. A habit that Dahli has always had was her tendency to pick or bite her nails. So, they always seem to be flat, without a manicure, but still a speck of dirt once in a while.

Dahli has eyes that she is usually teased for, and this is the only attribute that Dahli despises, but yet, makes them seem like they are actually unique, and beautiful. Yeah, as if. Dahli is a Heterchromiac, and for you vocabulary grubbers, it means that her eyes are two different colors. Her right eye is a cerulean color, that always gleams against the sunlight, that Dahli is usually gloated in. And Dahli’s left eye is a dull almond color, and it always seems like one big pupil. The answer for this is that Dahli has retina deterioration with this eye, and can only see a blur with it, though she refuses, to get glasses, and be called “three-eyes..!”

Dahli’s nationality is principally Swedish. With her pale, though gleaming complexion, her tender facial expression, and her fair blonde hair, the tone of champagne, it’d be easy to tell. Along with this nationality and ethnics, come a few attributes of genetics. Dahli also likes to celebrate the country’s holiday, St. Lucia. Dahli, as the oldest of her siblings, wakes up early in the morning and puts her flaxen hair into circled braids, and a white blouse-dress. Along with a wreath that graces Dahli’s graceful complexion, with red berries amongst them, she then creates a breakfast for the other of the family, lucky Dahli. Anyways, she took that with her and now wears it every once in a while.

Small appearance quirks of Dahli are that first, Dahli has a bump on her nose, after her ditzy self ran into the wall, when she thought it was open. Also, Dahli has many freckles that are like an army speckled all over Dahli’s body, mostly because Dahli’s long exposure in the sunlight. She has also broken her right arm, and she had to learn to write with her left arm, which has now made her ambidextuous. While also, Dahli’s body is quite flexible and she can go into splits, as she likes to show off. She also spends time pampering herself in the washroom, and it has become a second home for Dahli.

Dahli’s attire is most likely like an academy uniform or a school uniform. The topwear she usually wears is a white under-tee that is pure and never stained by Dahli’s circumstances, it also has a collar that holds a necktie that is a crimson tone. The also is plaid and kept neat when put on. Over those is a dusty ashen over coat, which is made from a wool-like piece of fabric, it nests over Dahli, keeping her warm. She wears a skirt that has the same fiber as the tie, a scarlett color with a plaid texture. The school’s badge in a gold textile is sewed onto Dahli’s attire. On her feet, she wears onyx mountain boots that are capable of hiking long distances.

Besides what she wears for classes, you can find Dahli with basic long jeans, khaki shorts, and anything else a teenage girl can get her hands on. You will usually see Dahli with her blue denim jeans that are worn and slight sun faded. Dahli’s jeans are more then loose for her. Making them seem like too-big bellbottoms. Never worrying about a belt or anything else similar to hold them up. Her upper apparel include many different T-shirts and blouses. Dahli likes more vibrant, or more darker colors, both she likes. Most of her T-shirts have different logos on them or slogans from famous script writes. One of Dahli’s favorite blouses is her has a cascade of colors, from a pale blue to a pale violet. As for footwear, she wears the typical boots as her uniform, a few sandals and flip-flops, though she mostly wears her pale pink colored sneakers.

As they say, accessories are a girls best friend, Dahli’s to be exact. In her dorm, she keeps a box that is oak and locked with a key. In it are Dahli’s most prized accessories. Though, Dahli always wear her puka shell necklace that is bleached and hanging around her neck. And sometimes, a pendent is around her neck also, it is a shape is a paint splash, and is an opal, with a multitude of beautiful colors, it is on a silver chain that is oversized for Dahli. Silver bangles graces Dahli’s small, skinny wrist, and jingle with the tingly sound of small bells, and sometimes, a charm braclet is also on Dahli. With seven charms; a watermelon, a auburn cat, an apple, a witches hat, a silver ring, a wine glass, and a book.

Personality: Dahli can have her world described in two words: childish and complex. If not for this, Dahli wouldn’t be herself. She is full of curiosity and innocence, vibrant and warm. Dahli loves games that keep her full of energy and excited. She takes the hard way out always, and the longest, which is a bit of a quirk for Dahli. A glass half-full person, with the fact that Dahli is also not cynical. She is not easily frightened, and is collected in odd situations, just not the fact that Dahli is excited when something odd happens, a squeal of “I have to go write this in my diary..!” That is, if Dahli lives. She a strong girl, and can endure some pain, though she always has a tad of pain at Dahli’s legs, due to the walking to class, then finding out she’s late and running like a cheetah.

Dahli likes many things. Sweets, which keep her awake, are just one of them. Dahli also adores supernatural things, and lots of different magical creatures. Her favorite is the unicorn. Though, people in a lower class than Dahli aren’t that appealing to her, so she tends to aim sarcastic and rude remarks at the lower classman. And the people with her are usually on good terms with Dahli, if they aren’t rude to her, while she also respects the teachers, but not on a higher level of authority than herself. Dahli is very self-confident, and always thinks about herself more then others. And in a form of this, is the way that Dahli pampers herself, primp and clean.

Impish and optimistic, Dahli is a reincarnation of these two words. She’s sly, knavish and will usually order people around using this prodigious ability of hers. Dahli teases and makes people think less of their selves, while her frequency of sarcastic remarks will only make the first-impression of her worse. Dahli is one of those people that can turn the world upside-down with a small hint of a smile, grin, smirk, or just her lips turned upward in a happy position. She's blindly optimistic and never takes a chance to make the scenario more clement, sunnier. She's upbeat and perky, and tries to make the best of the situation, another recitation. In precise, Dahli is hyper, acts like a toddler, is buoyant, and not aghast to bellow.

Dahli is just as hotheaded as everyone else is. Her temper can be easily broken and she would cause a straight-on riot. Steaming mad, mad, just angry, Dahli’s emotions always seem to be one of these. She is constantly pushing herself to her physical limits and indeed that of the academy's. Headstrong, courageous and plucky, Dahli is very energetic and enthusiastic, always on her feet (or bouncing on the balls of them) and this seemingly boundless energy is quite contagious. Most of Dahli's friends, after spending a good hour with her or so, will soon be looking at things with her view; that the world and all its contents are just one big playground. And whenever questioned about what she does and why she does it, she can prove to be quite irritable, often snapping: "Because I can! What more do you want from me?!" For some odd reason, possibly grandeur related, Dahli is quite stubborn and does not like to be questioned on her decisions. It's either her way or the high way, for lack of better words. This has proven to be her downfall on more than one occasion, but she constantly gets back up. There's seldom anything stopping her.

Dahli isn’t particularly one to speak up in a crowd, unless she has something important to say. However, her idea of “important” isn’t normally the same as everyone else’s. Her personality is full of tomboyish quirks, such as an extreme love for the outdoors. She finds it fun to explore and search out any artifacts that may be of use, hoping that one of them might actually be worth something to her training or to the battle at hand. But besides that, her biggest and most noticeable quirk is the strong belief that she is actually a male stuck in a female human’s body. She denies that she’s a girl at times, and she’ll probably never accept that she actually is female. This usually calls for some humor between ther classmates, labeling Dahli as a he-she, a boy, a male, or even worse, Dahrion, a boy’s name. Though she believes this, she doesn’t tolerate any teasing about her, not even if it’s a strong belief.

History: The Lindbergh family was a prestigious family in the town of Gίven, which was known for the different arts and crafts, while Dahli’s family was in the center of it. Her father was a famous blacksmith, her mother was a weaver, her older sister was a sculptor, her younger brother was a writer, and Dahli was a drawer. Though, Liechen Academy, the town’s school, was based off the creativity, and intelligence of the person applying, while the children separated into ‘cliques’ depending on if they can do a cartwheel or not. Dahli, who was creative, intelligent, and could do a cartwheel, was a bit pampered. In the class of Alpha, which was the highest. Due to this “high life.” Dahli had nothing to worry about, she had friends, she had family, she was happy

Though, her father was almost never home, due to the fact that he had lots of work to do. Though, this guilt was lashed about by her father when she always brought Dahli things, preferably shiny things and different artifacts. And that was how Dahli had become this spoiled, childish, yet complex girl. Though, once again due to her father’s work, the Lindbergh family had to move to the enchanting town of Riven, Dahli had been fascinated by everything there, and soon, everyone began to know Dahli, and always say a hello or hi.. Attention was drawled on Dahli, and she loved it, though her school had not been as nice, it was no matter that Dahli could do a cartwheel, though still got into the prestigious class, and still had been pampered. Soon enough, scouts from the Riven Academy of Thaumaturgical Science had been assigned to give Dahli the chance of being able to learn there as an apprentice, Dahli, being a ditz who didn’t think: accepted.

Other (Optional): (Just in case there's something about your character that you didn't get to express above.)
RP Sample:

Wasuremono Aiko
Wasuremono Residence - Academy Grounds - Training Ground 7
"Okaa-chan! Aiko-chan is leaving the residence!"

These were the first words Aiko bellowed out to her beloved mother. It was morning, and the sun's rays crashed down upon the residence of the Wasuremono's. It was proving to become an optimistic day. But never was it melancholy in this cottage, as the two ones who dwelled here were glass-half-full, optimistic persons.

Aiko skipped - skipped?! A genin, or even ninja shouldn't do that - anyways, was walking down the cobblestone path. Today, Aiko decided to become barefoot, and placed her sandal sinto her pouch. The stones greased against her feet, but Aiko didn't mind; she was to busy in her own mind to notice the seering pain. In her (empty) head, Aiko was thinking about the outcome of the teams.

Who will Aiko-chan's sensei be, and what about Aiko-chan's teammates?

These questions were working inside the depths of her head. As Aiko soon arrived at the academy grounds, she took a deep, deep breath. Then prayed for her to have super~duper teammates, and a good sensei. One more thing she prayed for was the gender of everyone. Please let someone be a girl! She recited that all over her head and wished it would come true. Or else, she'd be stuck with, guys! Nose picking, diaper pooping, rude, ugly, cootie central, boys ~! And Aiko glanced at the paper, it read;

Team 2
Led by Manuhie Hong

Kinuten Sagi
Wasuremono Aiko
Shesu Missiro

~Meet at Training Ground 7!~

Aiko took a deep breath and read it over again, her sensei was Maa-nu-hee Hong, and teammates were Kii-nu-ten Sagi, and She-suu Missiro. And she realiazed, that those names weren't meant for girls. And those were pretty weird names, who has a name like Hong-chan? Sagi-chan? Missiro-chan? Or Aiko-chan. Oh wait, that was her. The names finally worked into her head leaving a heartbroken Aiko.


The scream Aiko created was screechy and could make anyone in a miles radius cover their ears. While only just noticing the silly stck figure drawing that appeared on the poster. Aiko giggled at it and said, sensei is bad at drawing, before realizing she drew that way too. Aiko blushed a bit then a shade of pink but soon walked to training ground seven.

When Aiko arrived there, there appeared to be a bunch of jonin, Aiko didn't know what they are doing. "If Aiko-chan has an all boys team, I would have those two boys who were sitting, somewhere. And she just appeared by them too, Aiko grinned a rainbow and replied;

"Aiko-chan is here!"

July 14th, 2007, 7:41 PM
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Full Given Name: Sanzatelane Coatl Erutenmine
Nicknames (Optional): 'Sanza' [SAH-nn-zah]
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Appearance: With a petite build, Sanza stands at the height of 5' 4", weighing in at only 106 lbs. Her arms and legs are much too skinny, her chest is flat and her curves are only bare minimum. But even with such a small and unintimidating frame, Sanza still maintain's a very high poise, always standing tall with her head head high, sharp blue eyes calculating and much too wide. Her porcelin skin is extremely pale, though unlike one would believe, it isn't sensitive at all, and is actually pale to the point that one might say it glows. With hair the color of straw, Sanza makes up for her less-then-beautiful hair color, by making sure that her hair is always perfect down to the last strand, setting the body to be progressively curlier as you reach the tips, which end at the small of her back. Her bangs are cut straight across, just barely above her eyes, along with a few uneven strands to make it look less pencil-cut. She always spends a good hour every morning, painstakingly examining herself in the mirror and fixing anything that might not look perfect. Sanza's make-up is always light, but visible, as a little touch of pink or orange to glow on her cheeks, lip gloss to shine her lips, and occasionally the vibrant green, purple, or blue on her eyelids, just incase she's not having one of her 'perfect' days.

Sanza is always wearing the latest fashions, and in one month, she can wear practically the same outfit every day of the week, simply in different colors. Although, there is one recurring element in her wardrobe, and that is that she never wears full-length pants. Capri's and shorts are perfectly fine for Sanza, but during the cold months, she wears either long skirts, or a shorter skirt with woolen tights. It's Sanza's policy to never wear full-length pants. Her current outfit is a form fitting halter-top with a silver ring on the base of the neck, made of a delicate satin. The top is long enough to cover her mid-section, barely ending above her mid-thighs, while a black pleated skirt pokes out from underneath, the pleats lined with white. On her feet are a pair of strange shoes (http://notsoraggedyane.typepad.com/my_socalled_expat_life/images/chanel_boots_closeup_resize.jpg), round toed with a black tip and white body, however, the middle is open, covered only by one black strap that is parallel to another, which is connected to the white 'boot' part of the shoe. The slouchy boot is only ankle high, tied in the front by a black satin ribbon, the two and a half inch high heel black and pointy enough to poke a rude man's eyes out.

But no stylish outfit is complete without accessories. With a thick silver bangle on her right wrist, and three smaller silver braclets on her left, both threatening to fall right off her skinny arms and wrists, Sanza has no problem with showing off her perfectly french manicured fingers, short enough so that she can do things without being troubled by them.

Personality: Sanza, though seemingly perfect in appearance, is extremely vain and narcissist in personality. With the worst personality of the year, Sanza is completely self-serving, and looks down on everyone around her, regardless of status, appearance, money, or abilities. As a teacher, she is strict, and though blunt at times, always manages to have a stroke of luck and not step too out-of-line with her criticisms. She has no problem with using her appearance to get what she wants, and even less of a problem using her bad attitude to get it. Sanza has a short temper, and can be very easily compared to a stubborn mule. Poke and prod said mule to move or put in more effort then mule wishes to put in, mule will shake off all cargo, regardless of how precious. Sanza has a horrid habit of giving up on something in the middle of it, as she has no qualms with leaving something incomplete. This normally gets on the nerves of just about everyone around her, however, she doesn't let it bother her, as though the stupid and less blessed morons around her may exceed her greatly in number, she sits high on her ego, knowing that they don't exceed her in value.

However, when Sanza first meets a person, she likes to give off the impression that she is an extremely kind and caring person. This usually ends up with the people who know her well avoiding the suddenly cheerful monster that replaced the real monster. The only thing Sanza cannot live without is compliments. Much too high on her throne, she is seemingly immune to humbling, and quickly brushes off anything that may mark her as anything less then the ideal image of perfect. Even if the ignorance of the mark may not be done in the most graceful way, she has various abilities, and her last resort plan is to completely ignore the person who tried to make a mark on her perfect reputation, until they stop insisting that she's made a mistake.

History: Sanza was once a true vision of purity, her personality, was flawless, even if her appearance was a little shabbier then everyone else's. This was an honest Sanza, who called herself by her middle name, Coatl. Coatl lived in this model image, through her entire life, until she turned 18. At this emotionally tender age, Sana fell into a deep and hopeless love with a thaumaturge who was hired out to help in her town. Though the stay was short, and it wasn't long before the man left, leaving Coatl to think about him daily. Convinced she would never see him again, she slightly gave up on her love and continued to live with her facade. However, two months later, with a great stroke of luck, the thaumaturge returned to her town, and it was then that she hurriedly confessed her great love for him. He simply laughed it off and told her that he would never like a shabby girl like her who couldn't perform even the most basic enchantment. Crushes in her romantic aspirations all at once, this hit as a crushing aspect, Coatl's hatred toward the man who so quickly discarded her twisted her over a period of time, and when she announced that she would be attending the Riven Academy to become a thaumaturge, everyone was shocked beyond speech. Switching her middle name back to just being a middle name, she took on a new personality, a hateful, spiteful one, but also yearned to become the most beautiful creature any being would ever lay it's eyes upon.

After joining, she excelled at enchantment, and was unusually promoted very quickly. All the things and changes that had happened to her, she was determined to show and rub into the impudent man's face, however, try as she might, she couldn't find the man, and it eventually slipped her mind. At this point, she was on the brink of her birthday to age 20. Meeting a friend named Jilken who was friends with her even with her evil and selfish side, she spilled her story, without the slightest bit of embarassment or sadness. After she told Jilken of the story, she stopped searching for him, and as irony would have it, after she stopped looking, she found him. However, she had lost her desire for revenge, and simply ignored him as she passed him by. Neither really recognized the other, and that was the way Sanza preferred. She would best him at everything without involving him.

Other: Sanza has a certain hatred towards men, but due to her irritating personality, you can't really tell that she's particularly snappish towards the male population.

RP Sample: [Taken from Bleach: Rise of the Demons, different forum.]

A pair of wide eyes stared out of the window unblinkingly, not seeming particularly interested by the sight before them, or their surroundings. The expression that coupled these eyes was as flat as the eyes, with lips that lazily hung slightly open, a nose that was still and looked as if the owner had stopped breathing. It was a rare moment where a happy grin wasn't spread from one side of Tōya's face to another. In fact, Tōya's mind was completely blank as he listening to Dokutsume ramble on and on. He was right. It had been a long time since the last fight in which he'd been released. He was right. Tōya had flatly avoided releasing him during the few missions he was sent on. He was right.

There was more action at the desk as a captain, rather then the battlefield as a shinigami.

The door slid open, the movement silent as Tōya's thoughts whirred back into motion, and hitching up a smile, the boy rushed onto the handrail of the fence that stood around the corridors of the second floor. Pushing himself onto the rooftop, he pushed away the echoes of Dokutsume's hiss of a voice, the malice that dripped like sweet honey from every note. Stretching his arms towards the sky, Tōya took a deep breath and lay back on the warm tiles the arched slightly, perfect for a nap. However, Tōya had found the tendency, or, paranoia, to not close his eyes when someone might possibly run into him. As such, all entrances to his bedroom were closed when he slept, and Dokutsume muffled and crammed into a trunk that sealed sound within it's confines. For some reason, Tōya was beginning to find himself more and more alone after the alliances with the Vaizard.

It probably wasn't due to the alliance itself, but his interaction with other's had began to slowly deteriorate.

However Tōya had finally finished the pile of paperwork that seemed to be cranked out of a machine daily, a pile of paperwork that never seemed to finish itself. However with a little help from a sympathetic vice-captain, the paperwork was finally done, and Tōya had had something to distract him from Dokutsume's voice in the morning.

The day was going good.

It was just a little too quiet.

And Tōya was a little too bored.

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July 14th, 2007, 9:44 PM
Full Given Name: Ventus Virtus Volcurn
Nicknames (Optional): People usually call him Ven but his closer friends call him T.V. which stands for Triple "V".
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Appearance: Ventus has a some what slim body that reaches to about 5'2. Yea so he is a bit small and a little skinny but not to the point where you can clearly see his bones poking out. Although you can easily see his veins at some points of his body such as his right arm and the top right side of his neck. His arms and legs are a bit harry but really, what teenage boy's arms and legs aren't harry. It is for this reason why Ven likes to wear long pants. Ven has long eye lashes, nicely curved eyebrows and dark brown eyes that shine nicely in the light. His hair is pure black. It too shines in the light but much nicer than his eyes. His hair has a little bit of spike and a bit of a fall out tone that falls to a few inches above his chin. In the front, Ven's hair is spiked out while in the back it falls down. There is one streak of hair that Ven has highlighted dark green. This streak of hair curves in front of his left eye. Ven has lots of freckles but not to the point where they cover his face. Above his lip, you can clearly see hair beginning to grow into a mustache. Ven's skin is a mixture of black and white, making it a light brown tone. His feet are a bit big so he likes to think of it as an extra push when he swims. His hands are kinda small and his fingers are slim but not long. His hands are the only part of his body where you can easily see his bones. Oddly, when Ven moves one of his fingers, one of his veins lap over the bone. Ven's ears are like the rest of his body, small. They don't fall away from the head like some do. Ven's forehead is probably the biggest thing on his head. The last thing is Ven's nose. It is curved and is said to make Ven look cute which annoys him to death.

Now for his cloths. On his head, Ven wears a dark green headband that has skinny black zigzags running along the middle of the headband. He wears this to match his dark green streak of hair. On his hands, Ven wears black, sleeveless gloves that have an ocean blue circle in the middle of the gloves where the top of his hands would be. Around his neck, Ven wears a necklace that has a clear white sphere that resembles wind. It was passed down to him. Ven's shirt is dark blue and short sleeved. Around the middle of the shirt, there is a white swirling line that also has a small line of black in the middle symbolizing yin yang. On the back of the shirt there is a black swirling line with a small white ling in the middle also symbolizing yin yang. Ven also wears a long-sleeved vest that stretches to his waste. This vest is black and has a white outline. Like it was said before, Ven wears long pants. He wears dark blue jeans that look to have faded near the knee. They also have a chain along the right side near the pocket. They fall all the way down until they fall on his shoes. This makes seeing his entire shoe impossible. The part of the shoes you can see are black with grey along the soles. Near the middle there are curved designs that go all around the shoe until they hit the point where they start.

Although Ven wears all this, he usually puts on a black cloak that covers him almost completely. Another thing to add is that Ven has the bad habit of slouching although he tries not to. Basically, Ven is mostly covered and doesn't show much of his body.

Personality: Ven's personality is similar to what his name means; wind. He is the kind of person who fallows what others do. This is usually because he has a hard time thinking for himself but this doesn't mean he'll do something he doesn't feel is right. When ever he is in a team, he never volunteers to be the leader. He says that he is much better at fallowing directions rather than giving them. He just flows with what he feels is right. He is easily convinced to do things which conflicts with how he doesn't do things he doesn't feel is right so he constantly fights with himself. This drives Ven crazy and causes him to become confused at times. This can usually distract him from something he had been focused on. Ven goes to his friends when he starts to fight himself. This is part of the reason why he just flows with others. At times, Ven believes that there is another side of him and that is the one fighting him so Ven, at times talks to himself which causes him to gain attention from others. Ven likes to wonder about the impossible and what life would be like if something were different. During times, he likes to draw or write stories of what he's wonders about. Ven and his family are a bit superstitious. They believe in good and bad luck. A stone is passed down the family that is said to bring them good luck. Ven has a little dis belief in this, for ever since he gained the stone for his twelfth birthday, he began to have the conflicts in in head. One thing Ven is glad about is that no matter what decisions he makes, he always feels that he made the right choice.

Ven likes to think of others before himself. No matter what kind of danger he may be in, he always puts his friends or teammates first even if they haven't been nice to him. He believes that if you do good, it will come back to you, but even so Ven doesn't do nice things just so he gets something in return, he also does it to be a good person. Ven rarely makes enemies, instead, he tries to make friends. Ven has a saying that he often says which is that there is power in numbers but there is no reason for numbers if they are not one...*More MAY come*

History: Ven lived in a place called the Tasogare Town which slept in the country of Makura. For some reason, the sun rarely shown it's light upon this country. The country could not grow plants because they would not get all the nutrients they would need so the country's government set up a treaty with another country so that they could ship some of their vegetables and fruit. Do to the lack of light, robberies were very common. One day, Ven complained to his mother that he didn't like it in the village and wanted to move to another country. His mother told him that she had been trieing to save enough money so that they could move to another place but they wouldn't be leaving any time soon. The very next week which was Ven's twelfth birthday, he was on his way home from school. He noticed thieves coming from his house. Ven ran into the house and looked for his mother. When he found her, she was half way dead. Ven was so scared, he didn't know what to do but cry. His mother held something in her hand. When she opened it, there was a white sphere. She told Ven to hold on to it no matter what. Ven wondered if that was what the thieves were after but before he could ask, his mother died.

Being twelve, this memory was a little easy to not remember but deep inside, Ven still remembers. After a year, his father came to take custody of Ven. No matter how much Ven didn't want to believe this, he still wondered if what happened to his mother was meant to happen so that he could escape this horrid place. Ven's father lived in a place called Rivon. When Ven arrived, he had many wonders of what future this place holds for him. About a year later, Ven thought of joining a place called The Rivon Academy Of Thaumaturgical Science. He figure that if he learns what he can learn here, he may be able to do something useful is someone is in great peril instead of sitting and crieing. It was at that moment where he chose to join the academy. Being the superstitious type, Ven thinks that he was able to make this decision on his own because of destiny.

RP Sample: "Ah, the sun always makes me feel so sleepy." Ven said as he peacefully laid on the damp grass that wasn't too wet nor too dry. The grass didn't look anywhere close to being old and crumbled, it was just right for a sunny day like this. The wind began to pick up and blew through both the grass and Ven's hair. Ven suddenly began to hear voices near by. Ven slowly knelled forward and turned his body half around. "Oh, the kids have just gotten out of school. What-" Ven had noticed a rather immature boy bullying a younger boy. "I am just not fond of kids who push others for fun. Should I do something? Yes, I must go and help. But then i'd most likely cause the younger boy embarrassment but if this bully continues to do this, the young boy will be scared." Ven began his daily conflict with himself. "Ow, leave me alone!" The younger boy pleaded. "That's it, i'm helping." Ven decided as he lifted himself firmly up off the soft grass. He marched over to the bully. "Excuse me, is everything here all right?" He asked. The bully replied before the younger boy could even open his mouth. "Yea, we were playing a game, that okay with you?" The boy said without the littlest respect. "I don't like to make enemies but I will if I must. I saw you bullying this young man a while ago. Now apologize and leave him alone." Ven commanded. "Your not the boss of me, I don't even know you. So back off." The bully said as he shoved Ven back. This created some attention from the other kids that hadn't yet left the school. Ven finally convinced himself that the bully would not stop unless Ven could show him that he meant business. "Ok then, have it you way." He finished as he tried his hardest to concentrate. Suddenly, the ground beneath them, covered by a side walk lifted. You could easily tell that the kids were frightened by the way they shivered like a Chihuahua just taken out of a pool full of ice. "Run, he's going to hurt us!" They yelled as they fled away. The earth then went back to the way it was. "Are you ok little boy?" Ven asked the young man who had been bullied. He was shivering also. Wasn't very surprising since kids aren't used to seeing such things. Ven attempted to calm him down, it took about half an hour to do that. After, the boy thanked Ven and ran home to assure his parents of his safety.

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July 15th, 2007, 2:04 AM
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Also, Omni; there's not point at all in reserving since you can join at any point of the RP anyway and no-one except Zaiku (and me, once I get around to the sample) has even finished their sign-up yet. We're pretty much bound to wait so more people get a chance to post/finish their sign-ups, anyways. :3

Oh, and just as a reminder for everyone: this is not set in the world as we know it, so real life nationalities and countries don't exist (Avoid those terms altogether, please), though of course you can just invent a similar placebo country if you feel like it. :3 Aaand...I think I'll stop drabbling now. Sorry, but as the plot and setting writer I get these little stickler urges. >.<

And one more thing: remember that it's not the size of the profile that matters; it's what you write in it. ;D

Full Given Name: Barian Beowulf von Wemeren
Nicknames (Optional): Grayfang in certain inner circles, but otherwise Barian has no need for nicknames, although a certain associate of his insists on calling him 'B.B.', much to his annoyance.
Gender: Male
Age: 28

Appearance: Standing at an impressive 1,8 meters and weighing a respectable 76 kg, Barian often gives a more intimidating impression than he intends to. His body is fairly muscular, not a bodybuilder's or anything but enough to prove that he's no pushover in a brawl, even though his overall frame is not that sizable and the somewhat narrow shape of his fingers and face create something of a contrast with the rest of his body, and his proud pose - back straight and head held high - further serves to accentuate it. Barian's hair - while not dyed as popular rumor suggests - is gray in color, consisting of countless bangs formed in shapes similar to bat wings which give his face a slightly sinister appearance, especially when coupled with his eyes - a piercing blue pair that usually bears an unnervingly impassive look. His skin has been worn rough and tanned substantially darker than the usual light Riven pigment, a testament to countless hours spent under the glare of the sun, and the minor scars found on various parts of his body serve as proof that he didn't spend that time goofing off. His nose is fairly small and ends in a sharp point, and even his ears have a slightly pointy shape to them; features for which Barian was thought of as an elf for a time by the more gossip-happy students of the academy, although Barian has always dismissed any notion of a connection between himself and such fairy tale creatures as utterly ridiculous.

When it comes to clothing, Barian is plain to say the least. His typical attire consists of a simple black shirt, a pair of same-colored trousers and a pair of gray shoes with soles so worn that they can be felt through. Well, that is to say that it started out with a shirt. Over time, Barian has grew frustrated with the way sleeves got in the way of his fighting style, and eventually made the choice to remove them, resulting in a garment whose name he didn't know and honestly didn't care to find out about. The top of the garment also ends in a thick turtle neck that hides Barian's neck from view. While this change was viewed by the less knowledgeable as an attempt to show off his physique, anyone who has been around Barian knows better than that. The only thing he wears in the way of accessories is a simple silver chain with a sizable fang attached to it, an object he wears even while sleeping for reasons he has yet to share with anyone. Barian also wears a pair of black gloves which he usually only removes when a technique he uses calls for it. At times, he has also been known to put on a brown, hooded traveling cloak to make himself look slightly less conspicuous.

Personality: Something of an introvert by nature, Barian usually only speaks when he sees a need to do so and tends to put his words very bluntly. When something is wrong, he's the first to say it and tell the offending party precisely why it's wrong and how the situation should be corrected, much to the annoyance of certain associates. To his mind, there is no reason to mince words and deny facts and he is equally plain in speaking his mind when asked to, whether or not the other party approves. He's also got a bit of a taste for sarcasm and irony, but beyond that most forms of humor are beyond his grasp. Barian is also used to observing his environment - a habit that has grown on him during his time on the field - and is just one of those people who's eyes always seem to be following you. He's genuinely unaware of the unnerving effect this has on those around him, just as he fails to understand why so many people take offense at his remarks. Needless to say, he's a bit of a stick-in-the-mud socially, not so much out of actively avoiding company as out of a complete lack of understanding for small talk, and although even the direst battle situation usually leaves him completely undisturbed, the same can't be said for large social gatherings (something he avoids whenever possible). As long as there is something to discuss or get done, Barian is on the ball, but when it comes to just talking (particularly about himself) he's at a loss and usually tries to brush the situation aside, a habit which has left him with very few friends. Barian is, however, a reliable associate, and can be counted on to deliver what he promises. He also has a strong personal sense of right and wrong and will not hesitate to act on it, regardless of what others think of his actions.

Barian's attitude is reflected in his spells as well. While most enchanters focus on flash and extravagant displays, his brand of magic is almost a direct opposite: small, focused, purposeful effects backed by an ironclad presence of will to compensate for the slight lack of imagination. Barian's specialty is self-transformation, one of the most demanding fields of enchantment, and since his own body is the only material he needs to perform these spells he has no need for weapons or other tools to perform his tasks. His signature form - the one that earned him his nickname - is that of a sizable, wolf-like beast, occupied only when he truly wishes to kill his opponent, although rumor has it that there is one even more powerful technique which has yet to leave witnesses to tell the tale. The shapeshifter himself has yet to comment.

As a teacher, Barian is a bit of a difficult case. He is very demanding, particularly of talented students, tirelessly pointing out flaws and suggesting improvements while rarely giving more than a scarce few words of praise, and the blunt way in which he gives his comments is a frustration for many of the less confident. On the other hand, he's also very devoted and diligent about his job, and does care for his students - albeit in his own, gruff kind of way. The problem is that, try as he might, Barian just can't seem to find the right words to express his feelings on something that isn't a correction.

History: The last offshoot of a faltering noble family, ever since he was a small child, Barian was raised on the tales of the legendary Rift Knights, a band of spellcasting warriors sworn to defending the rights of Riven's royalty as well as the country itself. When the monarchy waned and crumbled, however, so did the status of the Von Wemerens, and thus the young Barian was also subjected to some of the more bitter tales of the era by his grandfather (the last von Wemeren to be officially knighted). Spellbound by the old man's tales, Barian quickly decided on his chosen career, much to his far more modern parents' distaste. Proudly declaring himself a knight-to-be, Barian took to developing and following a strict personal code of morals - much like the ones the real Rift Knights followed - and with all the youthful pride he put behind his assertions, it didn't take long for him to get into fights with the other children in his neighborhood, quickly diminishing his circle of friends and leading him to a proud sort of solitary living. As soon as he came of age, Barian applied for the Riven Academy, set on proving those who had mocked him wrong, and although his spells were hardly top-notch, the sheer fervor with which he wished to realize his goal served to fuel them and he eventually graduated, a fully licensed thaumaturge.

Still set on his goal, he then proceeded to enlist for a military campaign currently waged in the neighboring country of Tegnor, proud to maintain the family's warrior tradition. One mission led to the next, and for a time Barian was truly happy, earning himself a formidable reputation for his fearless fighting style and even finding the kind of connection with his war comrades - most of them older than himself - that he never could seem to make with his own generation. As the years went on, however, he grew increasingly disillusioned with the 'glory' of his country's war efforts - witnessing first hand many of the atrocities that being committed and the suffering they spread among the innocent - and after losing a close friend (and nearly his own life as well) in an ultimately futile skirmish, he had had his fill, wordlessly embarking on an attack of vengeance before retreating from the field altogether, never even bothering to collect his wages.

Upon returning to his homeland, however, Barian found that all the honorary mentions in the world apparently couldn't earn him as much as a janitor's job, realizing the unfortunate backlash of not accepting the 'bloody money' from his mercenary days. He still had no friends in the city, and although his family took him in, they certainly didn't avoid reminding the prodigal son of what his foolish ambitions had caused. The time that followed was the darkest in Barian's life and as days of unemployment stretched to weeks and eventually months, he came very close to a mental breaking point. It was then that he caught wind of a teacher vacancy at the very academy he had studied at. Moved by a mixture of desperation and nostalgia, he applied for the job, and - much to his relief - got it. Since then, Barian has lived on the academy campus, always making sure to cut any dreams of a military career amongst his students off right at the root.

Other (Optional): N/A

RP Sample: (Copy-pasted from Ancient Dynasty, because laziness is contagious and I don't like sitting here with an empty sample field.)


The somewhat thin and abnormally pale lips curled up slightly in contentment, long, nimble fingers moving in a complicated series of motions as they reorganized the the cards spread out across the table, their identical backs moving around in an almost eerily smooth manner with only the faintest of rustles giving away their motion. He knew that this process was pointless, that it wouldn't impact the end result in the least, but there were certain rules to this art which one had to follow.



The man's gaze shifted ever so slightly to identify the person who had entered while the hands continued their work as if nothing had happened.

"Yes, Vincent?" perhaps it was just the executive's imagination, but Slythe's voice sounded far more detached and serene than what was normal to him and the fact that there was but a single little lamp illuminating the room didn't exactly ease the sensation, casting peculiar shadows across the pale bussinesman's features as it did. Still, Vincent reminded himself, making people feel uneasy was what Slythe was all about, no doubt this was just some new technique that the Viper leader wanted to try out before meeting his guests.

"The time for the ceremony is now, but only five of our guests have arrived. Should we proceed without them?"

"No." Slythe replied airily, continuing to shuffle the cards as he did so, "Let them wait for a bit, I want everyone to be present."

Vincent nodded, "Understood." he replied, "I'll dispatch a few men to-"

"That won't be necessary." Slythe replied, briefly lifting up a hand to silence the executive, "They are on their way here as we speak. I can sense it."


The executive raised an eyebrow, "Sense it?" he echoed taking care not to make his scepticism too open, "With all due respect, sir-"

"Did I say sense?" Slythe replied, "I meant to say that I recieved an observer report on them. My apologies, I have a lot on my mind."

'My apologies?' Vincent had serious trouble masking his shock at this, when Slythe apologized to his employees about anything something was definitely wrong.

"Sir?" he asked, "Are you feeling quite allright?"

"Never better." the Viper executive replied, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have certain matters to attend to before the ceremony begins."

"But sir-" Vincent insisted, "I need to tell you about one of our contestants, Kyoko, she's-"

"I'm certain that you'll have covered that quite well in the report you sent me earlier." Slythe interrupted, "And when I asked you to excuse me, I meant to say that you are dismissed. Return to your duties."

"I-" Vincent began, but then thought the better of it, bowing curtly, "Yes, sir. I'll keep you informed."

"I'm sure you will..." Slythe replied, barely sparing a glance in Vincent's direction as the executive backed out of the room, closing the door behind him.

"Keep me informed..." the Viper executive laughed quietly for himself. It was a hollow, eerie laugh that spread across the room, lingering there barely noticeable, like the faint remnants of a lethal gas, as he spread out the cards across the table, carefully selecting eight of them and placing them in front of him.

The faint smile returned, "...I already know precisely what's going on..."

And sure enough, he could tell every card before he even flipped them face up, quietly naming them as he flipped them up in order, his smile growing slightly wider at each correct prediction.

"The Empress, the Strength, the Moon, the Star, the Hermit, the Fool, the Chariot and of course..." he was almost grinning from ear to ear at the last card, "...the Hanged Man. All the pieces are coming together, and soon..." he reached out his right hand complacently, selecting one more card from the pile and placing it in front of the others, "The wheel of fate turns..."

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I mispelled it? :x Well. That's okay.



Anyway, updated the Students and Teachers list on the first post. I personally think everyone's got a good sign-up. :3 (Those who are done anyway.)

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July 15th, 2007, 10:20 AM
I mispelled it? :x Well. That's okay.



Anyway, updated the Students and Teachers list on the first post. I personally think everyone's got a good sign-up. :3 (Those who are done anyway.)

Ummm...yeah, it's still misspelled. D: The correct one is R-I-V-E-N (though not in all caps). Rivvon is some random forumite here. Ahh...the pains of a plot writer. xD

Anyways, I do have to agree: sign-ups are looking very promising thus far.

So FINISH THEM peoples. >O Okay, so maybe I shouldn't be saying that with my own still lacking a sample, but still. xD

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R-I-V-E-N. lulz

I don't see why you bolded the I though. D: I put an "i" there didn't I? Or what is it, RIven? @[email protected];

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Full Given Name: Illyabera (Ill-E-ah-ber-ah) Jannet Evangard
Nicknames: Illya
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Appearance: Illya is around 5"6 inches and has a rather slim build. Along with the slim build, she's rather dainty in physical strength, so her fights are usually verbal or deal with magic. Illya's skin is slightly above pale while she has a regular sized bust; but she's not one to brag about her features. The one thing that she does like to pamper about herself is her light-colored blonde hair, which extends to her waist and almost looks beige in light. Illyabera's eyes are a chestnut brown.

Being high maintainince, Illya likes to dress that way as well. When it comes to attire, her motto stands that "A well made girl is an efficient girl." To keep her hair away from her face, Illya decorates her hair with two gold disc-shaped clips which pull her hair back and leave her bangs out in front. Illyabera's favorite colors are any shade of purple and gold to go with it. Her top is a violet sleeved button-down (gold buttons) vest which meets at her matching violet skirt. The vest is collared and the shoulders of the sleeves are covered with a cloth that reaches an inch from her elbow. Illya doesn't believe that girls should wear pants. Ever. If it gets cold, wear plum colored stalkings. Her shoes are normal one strapped, white, heel-less Mary Janes. Besides her hair clips, the two other accessories on her person is her light purple bow that is one inch below the collar of her vest and her white gloves that she wears because she's a super germaphobe. The gloves also help her to channel her magic.

Personality: Illyabera at first glance is not a very approachable person. If you are the same age as her (16,15), it's best not to approach her. Illya likes to be in control of things around people the same age as her. She can be considered as bossy and downright mean if something is not going the way she likes and she feels she can gain the advantage to get her way. This is only good when she's unrivaled. Because she's skilled in magic, she can back up her threats, but if she's attacked by a group of people she begins to feel intimidated. Because of this, she's never had a friend her same age and sometimes prefers it that way because she feels that friendship can restrict her own personal freedom. "Rivals are more exciting anyway" is her mindset. Slowly, they could involve a arch-rival relationship or an odd kind of friendship, but the case is rare. Deep down, Illya is scared of getting close to anyone.
When it comes to people that are younger than her, she can be amazingly helpful and encouraging. For her, it's like being the motherly influence that she never experienced. People who are older than her she never argues or bickers with, mainly because she feels intimidated by older people. If the older person though does not keep through that gift of dominance that she gives them though, she'll begin to hold them in less esteem. Flippancy isn't something that she'll tolerate by anyone older for the reason that those people aren't people that she'll look up too. Besides helping those younger than herself, Illya doesn't love anything else. She's not flirty or very giggly around anyone. She's had a few people in the past though who have accepted her coldness though and are around her age. She denies them as friends but treats them like sidekicks and rants her feelings towards them. When it's someone younger though, she likes to be the one who listens. She's not that good with people, but that just might be the closest she'll get to a person. The one thing that she hates regardless of age is teasing. Even if she despises the person, she'll defend them from any kind of mocking or prejudicial verbal abuse. This is somewhat hypocritical due to the fact that she'll coldly lash out if someone is annoying her, but she hates for others to do so. Especially someone older to someone younger. Of course, this doesn't mean she'll like you or anything; she just hates to watch people getting picked on unless she's doing it.

Pride is her major fault and 'spacing-out' is another. Overconfidence and flippancy are her most hated attributes in a person. If she doesn't like you, she probably will never like you. Anyone who demeans her will instantly be asking for trouble; whether it's a fight or even revenge. Criticism is hard for her to swallow, but she'll try her best at doing so (with 50 questions on why it's wrong). Over her prideful disposition, she's forgetful; but not in a clumsy way. She'll fully exaggerate into the lengthiest lie ever to cover it up. Overall, Illya is competitive and assertive, but has a secret soft side way way way down. But that's reserved for younger people.

History: Illyabera was born in Riven the bastard daughter of a rich countess. Her mother had had an affair with a Enchanter while she had already been engaged from birth to another rich Duke. Unfortunately, the Enchanter died a few months before Illya was born in war. The fact of her pregnancy was soon found by the Duke, and under stress, the countess died in childbirth. Illyabera was taken in under the title as the true daughter of the duke along with the riches of the countess, even though she constantly pushes herself to be the perfect d (http://s3.amazonaws.com/danbooru/b2ff684cce622390084c15db7f0e5c43.jpg)aughter for the Duke because of her own embarrassment of her mother. The only people she's ever really met are the nobles that have come to her foster father's dinner parties, noble guests, and the young maids and servants along with the cooks. Her only 'sidekicks' are her two young maid twins Hisui and Elli (She likes to send them letters). Illya had always been interested in magic, but the Duke was the one who sent her to the Guild. Feeling the need to prove to herself to the Duke and to advance herself in magic, she joined the Enchanter's Guild.

Other: Illya's been locked up most of her life being taught privately and enjoying the luxury of just being rich. She doesn't understand friendship to begin with because she's barely had any, so half of the cold things she says she doesn't really mean. Her favorite possession is a stuffed white rabbit called Karrot.

RP Sample: *Copy pasta from The Third Chime* a.k.a, best RP ever.


After being blindfolded and taken away, she had waited at least half an hour in the darkness that covered her eyes. Finally, it was time to take off the blindfold. She had never thought that this would be easy, the stillness seemed to ring threateningly in her ears. Her hand, which seemed to be moving uncontrollably grasped the scarf to untie it from her eyes. I've got to be calm...I can handle anything... she reassured herself. Her once unregulated breath nor became regular. She could handle whatever was coming...she was Salem Suki! What couldn't she handle?

With this, she uncovered her eyes and let the scarf drop to the ground. Darkness. Nothing but darkness loomed around her. Praying that her eyes would adjust quick enough, she clutched the black pendant around her neck tightly. She waited, not making a move, until she could see some of her new environment. She could make out certain heaps composed of something here and there, grass..a few bare trees...and what seemed to be a rather large puddle of something in the middle of where she was.

Sighing out of sheer nervousness, she began to walk towards the middle of the field (or what she thought was a field) until she was near the puddle. She peered into it, but because of the darkness, she couldn't see anything but a pool of blackness. The sudden impulse of human curiosity began to overcome her as she edged nearer to the pool, hoping to see what exactly it was made out of. Unfortunately, that didn't help either. She gave a small grunt of annoyance and placed her hand into the liquid. The second she did that, she knew exactly what it was. It was blood. She was in a forgotten graveyard...or place of some horrific battlefield. A split second after she touched the pool of blood, she felt a strong, burning sensation rose up her spine. She had felt this before. The same time she had felt a spirit go right through her. Within another moment, she felt as if the puddle was dragging her under; into whatever depths it went into.

Terrified, she screamed, and held onto a root of a tree while inside the blood, unknown currents seemed to pull her farther under. Her screams to her great surprise seemed to be returned by the echoes of snapping bones and clashing metal. [The heaps were moving...and they were moving towards her. The corpses' white glowing eyes seemed to swagger towards the pool, which she was using her energy trying to escape from. Their swords and spears brandished, a skull grin on their faces. Salem then knew for a fact that if she climbed back onto land, she would be slaughtered by the undead. Her only choice was to be consumed into the pool of blood. With that, she swallowed her fear and let go of the branch and blacked out; letting the blood and burning sensation consume her whole.

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Leh gaspyeth. I haven't signed up yet. Now, what to do for a name... let's see, I spy with my little eye... Okay, that'll do.

Name: Eran Camerith

Age: 17

Nicknames: "Cheeseface", "Egghead", and "Scumbag". Obviously, he doesn't want to be called any of these things, but...

Appearance: Standing at about six feet, Eran has a fairly imposing height, balanced by his fairly boring brown eyes. His hair is a tawny, gingery color, and his face is pockmarked with small scars from his last outbreak of pimples. Fortunately for Eran, said acne is in the process of clearing up. His inability to permanently get rid of his pimples through the use of enchantment is a constant source of annoyance to him, particularly around others his own age. In terms of clothing, he wears a long, heavily embroidered robe made from black fabric and trimmed with golden tassels, handily purchased from a vendor using money from his outside job, along with a set of serviceable trousers. When on a journey or a similar assignment requiring a more athletic set of clothes he exchanges his robe for a simple brown homespun shirt and occasionally a brown cloak to go with it. He hardly ever wears any sort of protective armor, preferring instead to rely on his skills with illusionary enchantments in order to hide himself. He does, however, keep a cheap dagger up his sleeve at all times as insurance, being the paranoid person he is. His shoes are nothing special, being of common make. His eyes are constantly rimmed by a pair of gigantic, horn-rimmed spectacles. Physically, he is actually fairly weak in comparison to others, relying on enchantments for self-defense.

Personality: Eran is only a nice person to be around if you happen to be older, wiser, more powerful, have something he wants, or posess some combination of the four. He has an ego that, were it a physical creature, could probably swallow the land of Riven itself with no problems, and a superiority complex that causes all seventh-year or younger students in the academy to wince whenever he walks into a room. Unfortunately, this superiority complex did not come with any great wit for insulting others, so as far as that goes he is easily outmaneuvered. His more dangerous attributes include his desire for vengeance against anyone whom he believes has slighted him and an almost obsessive-compulsive level of paranoia. This, coupled with a natural gift at crafting short-term, non-physical enchantments makes him a particularly venomous individual, and not one to be trifled with without a proper level of preparation. Eran has few qualms with manipulating people or events to his favor, and doesn't posess any strong loyalty to persons other then himself. He doesn't have very strict morals, believing that in all situations the ends justify the means, and tends to have a certain objectivity about other people, not considering their emotions. All in all, he's really fairly selfish.

Eran does posess a few redeeming qualities, however, but he isn't likely to let anyone around the academy know about them. He has a soft spot for animals, particularly birds and dogs, as well as a gift for entertaining small children. He enjoys reading, playing the lute (which he isn't all that great at), and listening to musical performances. He also has a knack for putting jigsaw puzzles or similar constructs together, possibly stemming from his skill in the field of geometry. When he does get past his natural paranoia enough to open up to someone, he tends to be fairly sincere, and doesn't often lie outright, an ironic quality considering that most of the enchantments he is able to work are simply illusions, producing little to no physical effect.

Eran is frustrated by his own failures. While he is gifted at creating effects that aren't entirely physical with magic, for example, making himself appear to be a monster for short periods or making a bar of lead look and feel like gold, he cannot produce any physical change in an object without incredible effort on his part. His anger at his own failures often compounds and results in a temper tantrum of sorts, which usually culminates in his locking himself in his room for long periods of time, drumming his heels on the floor.

History (Oh, come on. I really hate history sections.): Born into a well-to-do family of merchants, with a hard-working and somewhat greedy father and a really, really ditzy mother, Eran grew up in a fairly comfortable environment. When he reached an age at which he could work, his father immediately indentured him into the service of a nobleman. Eran detested the serving life, believing that he was destined for greater things, and so one night he slipped away, carrying a fair amount of the nobleman's silver with him. At some point in the nobleman's house, he had heard that the Riven Academy had an opening for a student of about his age, and he was determined to take advantage of it. Curiously, the school's head accepted him instantly, perhaps recognizing Eran's natural talent. Within the next four years, Eran had advanced to the senior class, where he is currently located. Unfortunately for him, certain impediments are keeping him from furthering his career, but he has openly stated that he will try to remain at the school for a year or so afterwards once he graduates, probably in order to pick up everyone else's secrets.

RP sample (Taken from "Rise of the Privaron", by Asch): Still smiling, Ryouta turned to the black-haired shinigami who had just leaped up the building, carrying an unconscious girl. Before he could even begin to wonder who she was, however, a dense mass of reiatsu appeared, followed by what he could in all honesty describe as the ugliest looking arrancar he had ever seen- granted, he had only seen a few arrancar, and most of those from a distance. He barely waited to hear the orders of the girl beside him- now wasn't the time to make plans or draw up strategy anyway, now was the time to fight, and hopefully terminate with extreme prejudice. With a graceful, fluid motion, the cat-like shinigami slipped his arm beneath his uniform, grasping his zanpaku-to. Against an enemy of this size, he had learned, the best way to get yourself injured was to make the first move. As his eyes narrowed to feral slits, he tightened his grip, just as he heard the two shinigami of the group who seemed to be the leaders draw their blades and activate their initial releases. "Don't want to be left out of the fun, now do we?" he muttered, before leaping towards the arrancar in what he hoped to be a surprise move, pulling his blade from its sheath as he did so.

The gamble, however, did not pay off this time. Hissing angrily, the snake like beast swung its arm at Ryouta's gut, neatly knocking him several feet into the air. Wincing in pain, the shinigami pulled himself out of his fall, neatly executing a quick backflip that returned him to his original position on the skyscraper. "He's... strong." he muttered, as he dropped to one knee, panting. With noticeable effort, he pulled himself to his feet, as his smile narrowed to a near-glower. "Looks like I've got to make an adjustment..." he muttered, before grabbing the folds of his shinigami uniform and throwing them aside, revealing the tattered sweats and sleeveless shirt beneath. "Heh, didn't expect to have to go all out against my first opponent- guess I underestimated arrancar, nya?" He asked.

The arrancar was circling him slowly now, sizing him up as if Ryouta were a mouse, and he was some kind of barnsnake, preparing to strike and swallow his prey whole. "Die!" the monster hissed, lunging forward at speed that seemed nearly impossible, one massive arm poised to pound the gunk out of its target. As it landed however, expecting to feel its fist pounding into flesh, it instead felt the bite of concrete. Confused, it turned its head upward, only to see a still wincing Ryouta drop down, sword in hand, and use its head as a springboard to leap over the edge of the building.

Ryouta's move, however, was far from suicidal. As he fell, he muttered to himself, "Extend your blade to the heavens, and tear apart the cosmos! Come out," he muttered, as he reversed his head first dive and drove his sword into the wall, "Natsuhiboshi!"

Instantly, the blade of the long, keenly sharp katana Natsuhiboshi had been until that point transformed, instead becoming a yard-long, double-hand-width broadsword. Along with this change, a small stream of glowing, blue sparks shot from the blade's handle as it began to draw energy from the earth. The particles themselves immediately began flowing into Ryouta's body, replacing his lost vigor and slowing his rate of injury. With a toothy grin, the shinigami planted his feet on the skyscraper's wall, pulled out the blade, and at the same time leaped, propelling himself back towards the top of the skyscraper with mighty bound, just as the arrancar turned away from the edge.

Because of the arrancar's rash choice to count Ryouta out of the fight, it suffered its first injury. Turning away from the edge, it left its back exposed to the returning shinigami. It was too good an oppurtunity to miss. As Ryouta leapt over, he swung his blade in a quick arc, cutting a shallow gash along the arrancar's shoulder. Hissing, the beast lashed its tail at Ryouta, which he narrowly dodged.

Jeez, this thing moves faster then I thought... the shinigami thought to himself, I really might die if I don't shape up. My only hit so far has been a lucky shot!

There. I boldified everything, now are you happy?

July 17th, 2007, 12:08 AM
Full Given Name: Mokona “Soel” Modoki

Nicknames (Optional): Soel [ Soh-el ]

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Soel stands at 172 centimetres and weighs an approximate of 65 kilograms. He is tall but also lean, although has small areas of built up muscle across his arms, chest, and legs. The contour of his face represents an ellipse at best, but is also rounded across the jaw line, giving his face a sturdier look. He his eyes are large and are of a full brown colour. His nose is thin along the bridge and becomes rounded across each nostril. Each ear is curved almost straight back but is lifted up from the sides of his head, in proportion to the other details of his face. These are also partially covered by his black messy hair.

His hair is of a very dark colour and covers the majority of his head, to the point of being long enough to frame his face. Each fringe in the hair derives from the top of his head in a counter clockwise rotation. However, being messy and extremely unmanageable, it is often hard to tell. The direction of his hair differs across each side but covers his head appropriately to not looking obscure. The colour of his hair is an extremely dark black, thus appearing clumpish and very messy from a distance. His hair is Soel’s main asset, and he treats it as such.

Soel’s main attire often involves long trousers, a collar shirt, and high top shoes. Following the convention of the usual academic uniform, he has dressed himself accordingly, unaware of the school’s lack of need for uniformed students. Thus, over his torso, he adorns a long sleeve white collar shirt, which remains unbuttoned, revealing the undershirt underneath, and has each sleeve rolled up to just above his elbows. His undershirt is also white in colour, short sleeved, and has no collar. Soel’s trousers cover his legs appropriately, but also appear quite loose, giving them a baggy or slightly bigger appearance than they really are. His trousers are a dark grey in colour and each leg reaches just past his ankles. Each foot is also covered by a white ankle sock and matching brand sneakers.

Soel’s final accessory making up his attire is an item that he received when he had turned thirteen, and has worn ever since. A single spherical earring pierced into his left earlobe. The small ball is blue in colour and spans a diameter of 1 centimetre. It is infused into a gold bearing that holds the blue jewel in place.

Personality: Soel is a well-mannered and kind person but is also very serious and takes his relationships with others in the same manner, very seriously. He has admitted social problems, and is trying to become more outspoken, but often tries too hard and is often crushed emotionally and fails socially. He unfortunately takes the words of others too personally, which often leads to fallouts in new relationships that he has established. However, because of this social ineptness, he strives to solidify any existing relationship he has become involved within, and thus strengthens the bonds between him and his current friends and family.

Among close friends and relatives however, Soel’s personality often detours from his initial serious but placid attitude, and he becomes more approachable and open. When his feelings for his friends and family are established and there is a mutual liking between him and others, his personality becomes almost bipolar, and he can sometimes, again, get carried away. He almost always has the best intentions in mind, but can have obscure or inappropriate ways of expressing them. This could present him in a manner that can appear both oblivious and sarcastic, but not to the extent of insulting others to make himself appear more likable.

Soel is generally a kind and well-mannered teenager upon first meeting, and he also takes many situations seriously, to the point of acting above his age and maturity to sort out whatever situation he has become involved within, however, underneath his initial attitude and disposition, once he has established bonds and close relationships with those he cares about, he becomes much more open and genuine, which may or may not be a good thing.

History: Soel was born into a complicated bloodline of mixed magic users. His mother’s heritage derived from ancestral magic that resided in the region of Riven. His father’s magical abilities however, had originated from one of Riven’s opposing nations, causing a rift in his mother and father’s families’ ties. His father was ostracised from the family, forcing him to leave Riven, his wife, and his only son. From this, Soel became the remaining region’s heir to the Mokona name, which was also shared by his mother, being her maiden name.

Born into a magical family, Soel was brought up with the expectation of maintaining and hopefully exceeding the proud family name. To secure his growth as a magician, as well as a suitable heir, an induction ceremony was held in his name. The ceremony was conducted on the thirteenth year of his life and was also when he received his most valued possession. An enchanted earring in the shape of a small sapphire ball was pierced into his left ear as a sign of being a true descendant of the Mokona family. The earring itself also possessed some magical power, but it cannot be utilised until its wearer has magically matured. A matching ruby earring however, would be presented to a descendant of female orientation but being the only child of the current generation, and male, Soel received the sapphire earring and grew up as the lone heir.

Despite his curiosity, Soel was told little about his father and his corresponding heritage, and was raised under strict family law. He was taught simple spells and enchantments, but much to his displeasure, the majority of his bringing up, was focused on the history of his ancestors and the Mokona family. After turning fifteen, his magical abilities were beginning to slow, and his official inheritance of the family was drawing ever closer, thus increasing the pressure for him to become more efficient, magically.

Soel has now advanced to the first senior class of the academy, with the hopes of becoming proficient enough as a magician to inherit his family’s name.

Other (Optional): None

RP Sample (Taken from “The Pokemon League”, by Phanima): The selected trainers were scheduled to arrive within the hour and Miles was becoming anxious awaiting their presence. He was obliged as a member of the Sky Island’s trainer board to assist the arrival of the new trainers and to basically become their guide to the island and the upcoming tournament. However, he was also a participating trainer of the Sky Island Pokemon League under the invitation of the National League, and the concept of becoming the sole carer for his future opponents bothered Miles. He didn’t understand that out of all of the other officials under the management of the Pokemon League that he was chosen to guide and assist his own competition. However, despite his moral objection, he found the concept intriguing.
Since he worked for the National League and didn’t have much time off work, he didn’t have a lot of friends, none to be precise. The simple aspect of mingling with other trainers and Pokemon around his age and experience interested Miles. He soon found himself looking forward to becoming the group’s guide when he thought about the different personalities of the trainers and the breeds of Pokemon that he might see. Plus, their time together would also give him and his future opponents a chance to study one another for the soon-to-be-announced tournament.

Miles rested against the counter of the reception desk centred in the stadium’s entrance. He sighed as he thought about the upcoming tournament and his following duties. His main priority was to greet the new group of trainers and become their guide to the island and competition, something he had not intended on doing when he first volunteered. However, the longer he thought about his position, the more he became interested and excited. The island’s first official Pokemon League was going to be a big celebration and it was Miles’ job to make sure that the tournament proceeded as planned, so his main priority was to make sure the tournament’s contenders were comfortable. Realising and accepting his thoughts on the matter, Miles suddenly realised that an hour had passed and he was due to meet the new trainers. Regaining his composure, Miles made his way to the entrance’s front doors to then see a small crowd heading his way. Opening the doors, Miles stepped forward as the crowd approached the stadium’s main threshold.

“I guess a welcome is in order,” Miles began with a smile, as the group arrived. “I’d like to welcome you all to the Corona Heights Stadium, the official Pokemon League tournament for Sky Island. You will be spending the duration of the tournament here in the stadium’s facilities. There are the trainer cabins to the east of the complex for accommodation as well as a variety of Pokemon related services around the main arenas. Of course, there are a number of Pokemon arenas situated throughout the stadium where you and your fellow trainers will participate in Pokemon battles during the tournament. Festivals and other activities as well as stores, restaurants, and hot springs are also available for your leisure outside of the stadium, in town.”
Miles paused as he looked over the silent crowd. Hearing no objections, he continued with his introduction. “I apologise for my frankness but before we can proceed, I must ask all of you to follow me into the stadium and register yourselves for the tournament.”
Ushering the crowd into the stadium’s main entrance, Miles lead the group of trainers to the reception desk where he had been standing a mere hour ago. The receptionists then stood in their places to greet the group as they began their registration for the tournament.
Seeing the last of trainers completing their registration, Miles then led the group pass the stadium’s entrance and into an open area decorated with cabins. “This is the trainer hub,” Miles continued as the group entered the clearing filled with wooden cabins, “this area is open during all hours of the day so feel free to come here to rest or just kick back and relax. Beds, kitchens, and bathrooms are all available in each cabin, so feel free to make yourselves comfortable.
“I apologise in advance, as there are only so many cabins and a number of you will have to share. However, I’m sure you will find your stay comfortable nonetheless.”
Miles paused again, as the group of trainers examined their new homes. Smiling, he continued. “That’s pretty much everything for today,” Miles proceeded scratching his head, “if you have any further questions feel free to ask. Just make yourselves at home and enjoy the rest of the day off. Oh, there are also some festivities beginning down in the town within an hour or so, so if you feel up to it, you are most welcome to come down and celebrate. Otherwise, I hope you find your new homes comfortable and that you enjoy the rest of your day off.”
Finishing his final sentence, Miles heaved a relieved sigh before facing the group to bid farewell. Bowing, Miles regained his composure and left the clearing to the care of the trainers.

The afternoon was drawing to an end as the evening begun its shift over the island. Miles had finally completed all of his duties for the day and intended to enjoy his night down in the town. He had heard that there was going to be a parade down in the town’s main plaza and had every intention of going. Before he begun to make his way down however, he decided to check up on the other trainers to see if they had all settled in.

Entering the clearing east of the stadium, Miles spotted several of the other trainers scattered about the place, some talking, others interacting with their Pokemon, and some just relaxing.
The lamps encircling the clearing had also begun to light as he stepped into the field. Some of the cabins’ lights were lit possibly housing one or two other trainers who were still settling in.
Miles decided that he would just check into his cabin to store his belongings before going down to the night’s parade. The atmosphere of his surroundings was peaceful and Miles felt truly comfortable as he made his way across the clearing. Several of the trainers gave him a small wave as he passed them by, which he acknowledged returning the gesture with a warm smile.
Finally reaching his assigned cabin’s steps, he noticed that it had already been entered. “That’s strange,” he started, looking through the open door and into the blacked out abode, “I thought I was assigned a single cabin…” Miles entered the cabin and began feeling the inner walls to initiate the lights. Stumbling in the darkness, he felt the switch and flipped it on before succumbing to an object on the floor and falling onto his face. “Ah--” he exclaimed, as he felt the cool wooden floor make contact with his face, “uh…who left a bag there?”
Pushing himself onto his knees, Miles looked over his back to see a backpack lying against the wall from where he had tripped. “Huh? I wonder who that belongs to?”

July 17th, 2007, 3:29 AM
Full Given Name: Kiahi Keiki Hikaru (She doesn’t mind being called Kiahi or Keiki)

Nicknames: Kai (Used if people do not know how to pronounce her name)

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: As her name suggests, Kiahi Keiki does resemble that of a fire child. Her fly away shoulder length hair is coloured an unusual orange colour, well to say colour would be a mistake, colours would be the correct term to use as an array of different streaks of orange, red and yellow create the mass of hair atop her head. Her eyes stand in complete contrast as they are a deep emerald green colour and her exotic look is completed by the tanned colour of her skin.

Her hair is sometimes pulled back into a pony tail, but even then the multiple strands have a find of they’re own and stick out in all manors of directions, and if it is not pulled back, Kiahi normally pulls a dark orange band around her forehead to keep it as much at bay as possible. Her tanned skin is not marred by scars or cuts, but simply tattoos of different origin, some coloured black and some coloured a blood red. The most noticeable of these are the two black, lined tattoos on her left cheek, the crimson, tribal dragon curving its way around her bellybutton and the array of tribal lines coiling its way up her left arm.

Her usual attire normally consists of orange and black colours in order to match with her unusually coloured hair. Her favourite being an orange crop top which comes to a stop below her rib cage and is generally free flowing compared to the other skin tight crop top she wears beneath it which is coloured black and comes down lower than the previous mentioned crop top, but still doesn’t manage to cover her bellybutton and tribal dragon tattoo. Kahi normally likes to keep her upper half covered by the same style of top, give or take different colours of orange and a short leather jacket to cover herself during cold times.

Her bottom half normally alternates more so than her top half. One day she could be wearing a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans, a black skirt (but only if it accompanied by a pair of thick black tights), three quarter length jeans or boardies (long shorts) or even an abnormal pair of jeans which has one leg longer than the other. But fortunately, her chosen foot wear does not alternate as much; it normally consists of either a pair of black vans with orange laces, a pair of clumpy boots, either black or brown in colour or on a hot day a pair of brown, leather sandals.

Kiahi is a fan of accessories and so she has many to flaunt. Two racks of bracelets running up both forearms, all bracelets coloured brown, black or different shades of orange. An orange bandana, sometimes worn sometimes not, but would cover a shark tooth necklace and an eagle feather necklace if worn. Multiple piercing such as her bellybutton and tongue, each pierced with the same shade of orange gem and the rack of hoop piercing at the top of her left ear. Her abnormal attire is never complete without a jumble of pouches, chains and leather belts.

Personality: Some find Kiahi rather abnormal, not only in appearance, but personality too. Having only just grown out of her teen years, she still acts a little carefree and adventurous, not at all like one would expect an adult to be like. Having been a student not long ago, makes her a little immature and a bit of a trouble maker, even after having supposedly outgrown her own student years, she is not at all ready to give up on her carefree and troublemaking ways.

She believes in having fun as much as possible, even if the task isn’t made to be that way, some would call her a little unbearable, but she seems to get along great with anyone who either shares the same views of her, or has the patience of a saint. She’s childish and still has the loves that she had as a student and is never willing to give it up. She loves the outdoors, loves physical tasks and certainly loves to let everything pass her by every now and again and just chill or hang out with friends.

But unfortunately, Kiahi has her limits and isn’t at all willing for anyone to take advantage of her for too long. When she knows she is being played, like a fire she can loose control completely and let it be known that her bark IS worse than her bite and she is not afraid to show anyone this. She is very capable of loosing her cool when things don’t go the way she planned and she is not afraid to let her opinions and worries known. She is not at all afraid to speak her mind, no matter how high up the person she is talking to is.

So, yes Kiahi has her ups and downs, though she is a more a care free and feisty spirit than she is a strict and boring one. She likes to have her fun, but knows when to stop when she or others are in danger. She can be a little stubborn and sarcastic when she wants to, and even a little sly and cunning when it comes to getting her own way, but she is never short of a prank or two.

History: Kiahi is a traveler, she’s seen more than what many old folk have seen in they’re life times. Needless to say, she did not attend the academy when she was younger, instead she was taught all the basics and more on the go with her parents when she was younger. Her family was not well off at all when it came to money and they had very little to buy food and supplies with, let alone a roof to live under. They would travel to many places, picking up stray jobs along the way and basically just surviving, though the amount of adventures and sights they had seen along the way was unbelievable. Kiahi was bale to live, before she had even reached her teen years and from her teens onwards she had learnt and understood more about the world than what any academy could have taught her.

Now at the age of twenty one, she is left to fend for herself as her mother and father have decided that they have seen all they had wanted to see and have taken to calling the land of Riven they’re home for a time. Kiahi who was not ready to take to settling down being as young as she was, took up a job in the academy, offered to her because of her wide experience around the world and her understanding of thing that went on in it. She strives now to raise enough money to buy equipment so that she can continue to travel the world.

She has lived in Riven for quite some time now, only wandering so far so as she could return the same day. Kiahi is restless and strives to achieve her goal in order to achieve an even bigger goal. Her teaching life is dedicated to showing her students that getting a good education is not all that matters, but experiencing life can be even more so. Adventure is something you make and find, not something you gain.

Other: Kiahi is not too fond of water.

RP Sample: “I wouldn’t have said anything if you were going to be like this about it!” Kiahi exclaimed, picking up the handmade doll and grasping it tightly in frustration. The doll she held was a tribal one, stitched in the shape of a dragon with the same markings as Kiahi herself had running up her arm. It had obviously taken some time to make, carefully made with strong skin and thread. A small watery pearl formed in the corners of her eyes and her orange hair seemed to loose its natural glow.

“Maybe you just should have gone instead! Without saying anything! It would have been easier! Why do you have to go!?” The young man pleaded, the water dripping in a constant flow down his black cheeks. He muttered something else in a language Kiahi was only slightly familiar with and grasped his head, not understanding what was happening at that exact moment.

Kiahi and her parents were leaving the company of the tribal people at the end of the day; they were moving on to somewhere else so that her parents could continue research and videos on the different cultures of the world. Kiahi took it hard, but it seemed the young tribal man, Chahta took it even worse. Kiahi and her family had been studying his tribe for a while, given permission to do so of course and were honoured to have been accepted as temporary members in the tribe. Kiahi had become close to the young man to the stage where Chahta had deemed her a friend.

He had taken the time to explain tribal ceremonies to Kiahi, given her the tribal tattoo’s exclusive to his tribe and even given her a private tour of the land, never had he had a friend as close to him that was deemed an outsider. In return, Kiahi had told him all about the things she had seen on her travels with her parents, including everyday life of her own kind, which turned out to be nothing compared to the tribe’s in Kiahi’s opinion, but Chahta seemed enthralled.

But today brought a dark cloud over they’re times together, she had made the fatal error of not telling the young man in advance and dumping it all on him at the last minute. He could not get over the fact that his only non-tribal friend would be leaving in a matter of hours. To make up for it, Kiahi had tried her hand at making a stuffed dragon for Chahta, but it had only been tossed to the floor in despair when she broke the bad news to him.

“I’m sorry Chahta…I didn’t realise you would be this upset.” Kiahi mumbled, the tears coming forth a little more violently now. “I wish I could stay, really, but like you and your tribe, I have to stick with my family, I can’t not go. I told you I wouldn’t be here forever.” She trembled now; her stuffed dragon’s stitches were being strained in her hard grasp. “I’m sorry.”

Chahta shook his head; he obviously wasn’t willing to accept this fact. He took a step back, then another and another before turning completely and dashing away. Kiahi went to yell out, but the lad had already fled so far in so little time. Her hand that she had unconsciously raised to stop him, fell limply to the opposite side of where she held the stuffed dragon, now frayed and damaged by her grasp.

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Iruru, (that's your nickname, is that okay? ^^) joo are teacher hands down, but because I had to go to the trouble of CPing, all teachers do. *shotshot*
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"HI TERE-CHAN!" Said Bijyu, waving frantically like the crazed mad-woman she knew she was.

"Why, hello, Jyukai!" Said Alter Ego, refined and poised as usual.

^ LULLLLL FUNNEH!! *cough* Right. So that's a problem I saw in your RP sample.

Alter Ego: Pffft. I don't even need to say it since I added you before you posted your sign-up. *LUL*

Phanima: NUUUUUUU OMG OMG OMG *sigh* You're not gonna get ditched in Year 8 but we have 3 teacharz. D: UMMMMMM... Accepted, Position Pending x_x;; WHAT SAY YOU, TERE-CHAN!? (LUL I seriously need to stop depending on you. xD)

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Full Name:Rene Elizabeth Sanders

Her hair is a mix between Light oarnge and Light brown.The length is a little longer then down to her neck.And she has her signature strands of hair in the front that go down to the length of a short sleeve.Her eyes are a light green color.Now her outfit.How do I explain this?I'll try.The collar is almost like her neck(as in shape)The shirt is a tank top that is red with a white line within a yellow line going down the side.her shorts are the same.She wears oarnge tennis shoes with a red middle and tounge.She is also wearing a sunvisor that the top is red and the real visor part is yellow.And another signature of hers are the big bandages around her arm.One is sporting the black Mokona Modoki,and the other one the white Mokona Modoki,from her favorite manga Tsubasa.And before anyone yells,"Plaugerizer!"(I think thats how it's spelt)or something.(Since Sakura is wearing a outfit just like that on the cover of Volume three)She sewed it herself beacause she loved the outfit.

Personality:Though many call her a tomboy(plays video games,can kick butt at them,and likes many things more guys then girls)she does have a crush on Syaoran(many people think manga guys are cute) like).She is good at sewing as you can see.Other abilites includedrawing(manga style0,acrobatics(though she doesn't like gymnastics)and reading.(as in can read books fast without skipping parts or not paying attention;can read higher level books and understand them)

History:She was born in Texas,though her family moved to Colorado when she was little(How they could afford it,I have no idea)She was raised in a way that she loved any kind of pysical activity at all.She has a brother,17,named Darren.She has two sisters,Haley,12, and Drea,14.


RPG Sample:
This is kinda gross..but.:

Drea thought she saw something out of her window.it can't be...she thought to herself.But yeah.It was.it was a dead body.Whitney bit down on her finger.No.It can't.No.No way.
She decided to check it out.
Putting on her slippers and robe,she hurried outside.The body was next to the pool with the blood ozzing out.The item the boy,as she now saw,was a wrench shoved into his mouth.But that couldn't be right.She thought.It looks so carefully placed.Like it was put in after the boy was dead.Her eyes followed down the length of his leg.A note was stuck into his leg with a blooied breadknife.She picked it out.
And screamed at what it said,
"What are you waiting for?Die first Drea!"

Okay,I added stuff to the history.I thought you said something like "there are no real locations" but I don't think you did now.I haven't checked.And I changed the sample so it was better.

July 17th, 2007, 2:29 PM
OOC: I'll join. I've got a lot to learn about RPing.

Full Given Name: Timothy Tyde Tinkle

Nickname: Tinklywinkly

Gender: Male

Age: 17


Timothy has a very pale complexion, rivalling the very white of his teeth. Indeed, as some might presume, his ghostly skin rarely mingles with sunlight. Despite its occasional sickly appearance, Timothy affectionately tends to his skin, applying various conditioners and products to ensure it remains healthy. He is very particular when it comes to hygiene. Atop his head, a prickly, pink Mohawk courses the centre of his cleanly shaved scalp. He has favoured that hairstyle since he turned old enough to get it with no resistance from his parents. Scarlet contacts sit over his naturally born blue eyes. He would absolutely have to kill himself if he did not get contacts to go with the hair. In absence of lipstick to the contrary, his thin lips gleam a bright red tone. He has no cheeks to speak of, as his face is overwhelmingly bony. Similarly, body wise, Timothy is so skinny that he is often branded anorexic at first sight. Criticism does not bother him in the least however. He knows there are others out there that would sell their souls to have a body like his.

Timothy only ever wears tights, specifically, the kind of tights your average professional ice skater adorns. Like the tint of his fingernails, his costumes are most often pink, although he would occasionally sport red tights. Several sparkling stars run down his attire in two lanes, from nipple to toes. Underneath his skintight outfit, Timothy wears absolutely nothing. He believes that is how the costume was made to be worn. His bony arms and legs are concealed within his tights. When in costume, the only visible skin is that of his hands and face. He wears a special pair of skates with the ability to transform between blades and wheels to suit the terrain beneath him. Last, but by no means least, the word ‘sexy’ is embedded in huge, sparkling, gold letters across his back.


Timothy is a very proud individual, holding every single one of his accomplishments close to heart, regardless of how trivial they may appear to other people. Mess with his precious gold medals, and you will have a caffeine-induced metrosexual all over you like mustard on a hotdog. Otherwise, Timothy is usually calm, and since he hates getting his nails dirty, he does his best to avoid physical confrontations. Timothy is athletically gifted, playing well at almost every sport he ever attempted. Surprisingly, for someone as frail-looking as him, he boasts outstanding physical prowess. You would not want to exchange blows with this tight-wearing, ice skating dude. His most noticeable weakness lay in his social abilities. To many he often comes across as snobbish and arrogant. At times, Timothy would behave this way on purpose, as he secretly harbours a fear of intimacy and commitment. He is not willing to get too close to anybody and thus pushes away those who try to. Some of his other significant fears include the colour orange, four-legged tables, and grass (the more cleaner and tidier, the scarier). Contradictory to this, Timothy is poop scared of getting dirty. He squeals at the touch of filth on his bare skin.

The biggest dream come true for Timothy would be to perform at the Olympics. Between his studies and school activities, he works at achieving that goal. His powerful ambition has a negative aspect as well, as it often causes him to take losses very hard. In everything competitive he does, winning is imperative, even if it means he must resort to unethical means. On top of all this, and probably most important to Timothy, is his drive to be unique.


Because of his ill-looking appearance, Timothy’s caring parents mollycoddled him as a child. As genuine as their intentions were, their efforts often left little Timmy feeling smothered. As such, he ever so often would try to distance himself from them. As he got older, Timothy realised that it was easier to run away, and would leave for days on end. His parents would flip out, and time and again have Timothy brought home via police escort. This led to the perception of him being a problem child. His parents eventually grew sick of his rebellious behaviour and washed their hands of the boy when he turned sixteen, shipping him off to an acclaimed academy they hoped would make something of him.

Timothy had mixed emotions about leaving home for the school. He both cheered and regretted that he finally managed to distance himself from his parents, but at the same time looked forward to proving who he was. One thing deadest in his mind was the return home. No matter what happened during his stay at the academy, he would go back to his family a successful man!

Other: Timothy never broke his childhood habit of sucking on his big toe.

*** RP Sample ***

“Is that it?”

Lili frowned spitefully at the apathetic question. She had just relayed her deepest, most perplexing thoughts to Josie, and all her fellow classmate offered was an offhand question that belittled Lili’s interest in the reoccurring dream. Maybe sharing such sensitive information was not the brightest idea. “Well, yeah. You make it sound so obvious,” she pointed out.

Her brunette friend and age-mate fingered through the various crop tops on display. Plucking off an amiable top by the hanger, Josie placed the item above her chest to better observe its size in relation to her body. Large mirrors were strategically placed within the small clothing shop so she did not need to move far to find a reflection to judge by. “What do you think?” She asked for her friend’s opinion, whose face soon appeared over her shoulder in the mirror.

“I like it,” Lili commented honestly. The crop top looked like it would fit around Josie’s waste perfectly, perhaps a little bit tightly but she knew that was how her friend enjoyed her clothing. “I love the flora design too. Blue is a pretty colour, but I’m thinking red would suit you better on this one.” Josie smiled satisfactorily. Lili, although she did a good job hiding it, was still uneasy with her own thoughts about the dream. “Hey, I helped you out. You could at least tell me what you made of that dream I keep having…”

Josie rolled her eyes. “Like you said earlier, it’s pretty obvious.” Apparently not, if Lili’s blank expression was any indication. “This mystery guy in your reoccurring dream is your lover! He’s your soul mate, Lili. Why else would you constantly dream about him?” She put a comforting hand on her friend’s shoulder and smiled. “Aw, I think it’s cute,” she added, before walking off to find a red crop top to exchange for the blue one.

The interpretation of him being her soul mate had never entered Lili’s mind. Unlike Josie, the blonde hardly believed in that kind of stuff. In the dream, a strong emotion raided her body whenever she made eye contact with him. Most notably heat would rush through her veins. While she never experienced something like that in reality, she felt safe signing off the possibility that it was love. How could she nurture deep emotions for someone she was not even sure existed? “You’re not making any sense,” she said, following Josie to a rack of jeans. “Think about this logically would you? I mean, I don’t even know if he’s real. And I’d think a dream about my soul mate would leave me feeling … well, anything but terrified!”

“Maybe you’re terrified about being in love.” Josie, skimming through expensive jeans, did not see Lili roll her eyes. “I happen to think it makes a lot of sense,” she continued. “Think about it. At the very beginning of the dream, you say you experience a state of nothingness, right? That could represent how dull your life before he walks into it. And when he does, he literally sheds light on how beautiful it’s supposed to be. He makes you feel truly alive for the first time!” She briefly paused her browsing to look Lili dead in the eye. “After that, it’s up to you to make sure he doesn’t leave you. That’s when you go chasing after him in the dream. You have to fight for him with all your heart. Because if you don’t, well, we know what happens when you fail to catch up…”

When it was put like that, Lili admitted the interpretation seemed plausible in the very least. Nevertheless, reservations formed in her mind. For one, her every day routine became tedious once in a while, but describing her life as ‘dull’ without the presence of this guy in it was a little farfetched. “That’s one way of looking at it. But I don’t know if I can agree with you entirely. My life isn’t that sad as it is.”

“Oh Lili. You just haven’t realised it yet.” Josie smiled while Lili wore a look of confusion on her face. “Hey, I’m not asking you to agree with me. You asked what I thought of the dream, and I gave you my opinion.” The brunette hung the clothes she had picked out over her shoulder and then gripped Lili’s wrists with each hand. She tugged her gently, playfully spinning the girl around in an attempt to cheer her up. “C’mon. You can’t blame me for being a hopeless romantic,” she sang.

Lili could not help but beam at how carefree Josie always was. “Or maybe you’re just hopeless,” she teased before escaping her friend’s grip. Josie stuck her tongue out in response.


July 17th, 2007, 2:49 PM
Manaphy: 8D! I'm so glad you joined!! You'll want to add more to your personality though, and it would be good to bold the topics, like "history" and "Appearance" and stuff, that way it's easier to read. ^^ I'll let AE decide the rest of what you should fix on your sign-up, since it's somehow become his job. xD Pending, Year 7

Shaydeh: Mmm.... Let me take some time to do some research about your positioning. Pending

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
July 17th, 2007, 4:05 PM
Full Given Name: AJ Lee Valentine
Nicknames: None
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold hoop in his left ear ( Not Gay!) About 5'7, 145 lbs

Personality: Apparently by veiw, AJ is a badass. AJ plays the 'Good Cop, Every person counts. Doesn't matter what happens to me' card. He also tries to make sure that no one has to get hurt in a bad situation and this will also go for the bad guy, he has tried to keep this trait ever since learning that a long line of murderers and crooks were his descendants, he will try to make everything right and make up for his descendants sins. He is an overall nice guy but does get fed up pretty easily by annoying people, he has a very great level of sarcasm and has the greatest comebacks for when he is insulted, which would seem out of character for a guy like him. He has a pretty decent sense of justice, and not to mention the fact that he loves adventure.AJ isn't someone you really want to anger, but to anger him you have to actually try since it takes alot to actually anger him. Considering getting fed up and actually getting angered are totally different. He is serious and strict in battle but will also have a sense of humor to lighten up all the tense moments, this makes him a good companion. Even when your on his nerves he will try to help you out, but as said before he is not good to be around when angry. And that is pretty much AJ, the 'good cop who wants everyone to be safe'

History: AJ was born in a small Northern town, The Town had a small defence and was raided by Rouges all the time, this made it a very unsafe place to live and raise a child. So AJ's father decided to move to a more safe town in the Western area, This town was also small, but secluded from Rouges because a large mountain hid it, the Town was more of a valley. When AJ turned seven he recieved his first spear and was told that every third day of the moon he would bring home the fattest fish from the Valley's Lake. AJ liked this responsibility and took it well. When AJ turned ten he was given his first Hammer and was told he would help the Village men with Repairs and such, AJ agreed to this as well. When AJ turned thirteen he was given a Blade and was told he would now hunt with the Village Men. When AJ turned Seventeen however, He left the village, had become a strong young man by helping his village and an intelligent one to, he said off to a school in the north.

Other (Optional): Likes To fight... OR just Debate

RP Sample: AJ Was about to start on his way into Pallet when the group was suddenly surrounded by not only cultist but by a few soldiers, AJ looked around the forest they were surrounded in, There were at least a hundred surrounding the group, only five or six of them had guns though. A Solider dressed in a flak jacket and bullet proof padded clothes stepped up, He was wearing a gas mask and was holding an AK-74 which he aimed at AJ.

" You are under arrest in the name of Overlord Dillon, You have the right to remain silent, if you resist you will be eliminated." The solider barked at the group.

AJ smiled and started to speak calmly, " Isn't that's whats going to happen anyway?" He asked the Solider, Little did the solider know what AJ was planning.

" What happens to you is none of my concern, Now Cooperate." He said moving forward, AJ Sprung into action and got behind the Solider holding him from behind. Another solider with a Shotgun shot the solider that AJ was restraining by accident on reflex. AJ ducked down as the body went limp and grabbed the AK-74, Barry just looked at AJ knowingly as the other team members seemed a little shocked, Barry grabbed for his Grenade Launcher and sent a powerful shot into the crowd, killing some random Cultist.

AJ started to fire the AK-74 at the solider who had killed the other solider and shot the guy dead, AJ Grabbed for his SPAS 12 and aimed at a cultist that was charging him. Without a second thought he pulled the trigger, A loud boom was heard as the cultist fell back.

AJ now tried to locate another solider, He located one with an AJ-74. AJ started to charge the solider, but was distracted by the large number of Cultist swarming him, AJ was pissed.

AJ reached for a Incendiary Grenade and pulled the pin, " Fire in the hole!" And he threw the red grenade into the crowd in front of him, AJ dived back to avoid the flames, AJ winced as the rifle he was holding jabbed into his chest.

The Crowd went up in hot flames, one by one the Cultist started to drop in the fire. AJ smiled weakly as he looked around, he saw Lamont just standing there as the madness went on, he saw that his team was battling with the Cultist.

AJ located the Third Solider again and aimed for the soldiers abdomen but misfired and blew the guys right leg off. The guy collapsed and AJ Ran toward him, He was moaning on the ground, AJ decided to be merciful and Pulled the trigger of the SPAS, aimed at the guys head. And the solider never woke again.

AJ took the spair ammunition of the AK-74 and tried to locate the next Solider, Target locked. AJ smiled as he aimed the light weight AK-74 at the solider.

A searing pain enveloped AJ in his right leg, a bullet had just skimmed his leg and blood was starting to stain his pants. AJ winced and anger started to flow through him, AJ turned around quickly and without aiming started to fire at the solider that had hit him. The solider was hit with the remainder of AJ's clip, 24 bullets into the guy and he collapsed under the immense firepower unloaded onto him. AJ ejected the empty magazine away and put a new one in, AJ turned to the other solider and frowned. Pulling the trigger on the fourth solider, the guy simply fell to the ground in a puddle of crimson fluid.

AJ took the spair ammo from both soldier's and looked for the last two, He saw one about to shoot Rocky and AJ rushed into action but it was unnecessary as Rocky hit the solider between the eyes with his Walther P99, the guy dropped and Rocky picked up his AK-74.

That was Five soldier's down with one to go, AJ saw him a few feet away, with an AK-74, AJ aimed his weapon at the solider and fired. AJ destroyed the AK-74 that the soldier had been holding, AJ then put down his gun and pulled out his Katana, The solider smiled and pulled out a large knife.

AJ ran at the guy and they had a stalemate, AJ pulled back the slender blade and swung it down on the soldiers arm with the knife, it cut through the guys arm like butter and left him in shock, AJ decided to finish it, he raised the blade once again and took it to the guys neck. There was a dull plump and AJ left the corpse.

That had been the last solider and AJ was tired, He let the other's finish off the random Cultist.

That was from my RP

July 18th, 2007, 9:38 AM
Miki-taaaan: Wheee, OH MY GOD.

I'm getting lost in your long sign-up. ;A; Accepted. I don't know where to put you. >.< Sooo... Well... I guess I have to place everyone today, don't I? :// Well, we'll see once I finish placing everyone else. :<

Fallen Angel something of... whatever (Can I just call you Fallen?): Your history is... two lines long. ^^;; Pending Year 7 I'm sorry, but that's just not enough.

Edit-ching: Okay, we have a total of 12 RPer's.

My decisions:

Alter Ego

Year 8:
Phanima (thank you thank you thank you, you are so awesome.)

Year 7:
Fallen Angel Messiah_of Black Roses (sorry if I got that wrong)
Manaphy1128 (But you still need to add to your sign-up. History, and such.)

If nobody has any opposing opinions, we can start. ^^

July 18th, 2007, 10:36 AM
Full Given Name: Vahn Ishozan
Nicknames (Optional): Blade
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Vahn normally is one to strike everyone as the oddball, or the one that stands out like a sore thumb. Sometimes he can be normal and look like everyone else to blend in, but he feels the way he looks is the only way to bring himself out to people. Anyway, he stands about 6'2'' but he isn't usually the one standing. Thin Black hair coming down to his shoulders, highlighted red. His face shows age more than anything else, assuming everyone says his face looks like hes 25, but the rest younger. He has a long thin face stubbled by unshaved-ly-ness and icy blue eyes hidden underneath his hair that is almost always in front of his face. as for the rest of him, Vahn is extremely fit, but not muscular enough to look like an idiot. Wearing a black overcoat with a concealing collar around the neck, he wears either a black under shirt or a white one. As for pants, he's normally wearing (again) black, sometimes he may feel like he wants some chains. Vahn also wears a large pair of army boots.
On his finger he wears a ring that was given to him by his dying mother, on the inside of the ring "Fear Not The Darkness" is etched in. Around his neck Vahn has a necklace made by his former village's blacksmith. The necklace is made of Pewter and it has small sapphires engraved on the surface.

Personality: Vahn usually likes to keep to himself with no confrontation at all, but when things are going well, he can tend to warm up to certain people. Being extremely introverted, Vahn does not like people that can ramble on an on without stopping to take a breath, and tries to stay away from that as much as possible. Vahn is very arachnaphobic, for some very odd reason. He shot his friend in the leg once because there was a spider there. Being the person that he is and the past that he has, Vahn is not afraid of many things, but what is truley afraid of is seeing another person die. Like I said before, hes extremely quiet and to himself, so he may seem like he hates the world, but he just has the mere idea that the world hates him.

History: As a child, he was raised by his trainer, a monk named Gaza. Ever since he was 14, he had known no other life besides fighting what's wrong and helping what's right. But that awful time came when his father went into a psychotic break and killed his mother. The villagers did all they could to restrain him, but he was determined to kill her. Eventually he got the oppurtunity, and after that, Vahn had been traumatized. On her deathbed (the ground) his mother told him to never be afraid of death or dark and always fight for what he believed in, then she gave him the ring I mentioned earlier. After that, he lived in the village for a few months before leaving to train under the sage of Ice in a town not far from where he was then. He did so nd spent the next three years training and disiplining himself to learn the ways and the power of ice. learning everything he can about ice enchantment type magic, he felt that he learned all that he could and set out to this academy when he heard about it.

RP Sample: He walked toward the open desolent space before him. He had no idea what was inside, but his insane daredevil instinct told him to find out. Seth entered the doorway and felt an unexplained driplet of liquid drop onto his forhead.
Why the hell am I here? His subconcious mind was talking to him, Because Im an asset to this mission, because I can go where others can't with my mind. He was answering himself in his head. Oh god, Im going crazy.. talking to myself..He walked up the winding staircase that was in the center of the mansion, but what looked like to be a nuclear bomb shelter there was so much in the house. Seth had payed no attention to the driplet of liquid that was still running down his forhead, and he probably wouldnt have if he didnt rub it off and realize that it was red.
Seth spun around and looked at the wall that was above the door he waled in through, and there it was. A giant berserker feeding on a poor old man that had the misfourtune to walk into the house. The Berserker jumped off the wall and started to stalk him, sort of in a circle. Sssoooo... You've found me, eh? Doing the bad thing that I got cought for last time..Ssssss...The Berserker licked its lips and hissed. He was giant. Seth had seen him before. Black in color, looking like what just came out of a 6 year old's video game. But Seth knew this was no game...The Berserker wanted flesh, and apparently the old man hadn't had enough. Wait a sec, your Ssseth...aren't you? The young boy that can take folkss like uss and turn ussss in... He was talking to Seth inside of his head, torturing his mind. Yeah. Yeah, I am Seth, and you are gonna die if you don't tell me what Kat did with my sister. He said, knowing the Berserker would know something about Kat. Ohh.. so you heard about that, eh? Yess..I'm not sssupossed to ssay anything.. pity that...The Berserker was toying with him, in his own head. Seth had had about enough of it. Hey.. turn around Seth said to it, and stupidly enough, it tured around. Realizing it shouldn't have about a split second later, it turned back around only to find Seth standing there, Knife shoved in the Berserker's neck.
Well, that was satisfactory at the very least. Seth said to himself, wiping the blood off of his arm and dagger.

July 18th, 2007, 5:33 PM
could you save me a spot Jyukai, I'm also going to get Saint into this so save him a spot to, he needs this.

((I'll finish this when I'm at home.

**edit** I'm home!

Full Given Name: Laurence Maxamilion Foxworth (weird name...)
Nicknames (Optional): Wolfy
Gender: Male
Age: 21

Appearance: Wolfy, loves dark cloths, it compliments his violet eyes. Black shoulder length hair is kept somewhat in place by the array of rubber bands that he has collected, the total count of rubber bands so fare is 52 even though it doesn't look like it when you look at his strait soft hair. A deep Mediterranean tan and farmer's muscles really make accent the fact that he isn't rich, dirty nails show the fact that he works in his parent's corn field.
He enjoys portraying his samurai heretige by wearing black and silver samurai gloves, (gloves that reach his elbow but stops just above the fingers. they have a blood red dragon that stretches from his palm to his elbow.) The rest of his ansamble is fairly simple, Black skin tight, leather pants, with black combat boots that reach his knees. His shirt is always changing, no one knows how or why but he never has the same shirt on, (ever). His left shoulder and arm are covered by a black cloth, the reason being the Scar that runs the whole length of his arm, the story behind it is grotesque and he prefers not to talk about it, it pains him from time to time but not as much as the scar on his back, shaped like a dragon. The story behind this scar, he is not as ashamed to tell. He also carries a walking stick everywhere he goes, it's made of ebony with an Ivory snake curled around the top.

Personality: Dark, yet light. He's the nicest guy in the world until you ask about his past or his scar. This sudden change in personality is known to scare most and drive many away. Other then that he's full of smiles and always willing to help anyone who needs it. he's a bit dim at times, that only means that he's thinking of other things so people have to learn to not be offended if he doesn't answer right away. He loves animals and plants, and he hates anyone who doesn't respect nature as they should. Even though, he himself is known to kill things that don't need to die.

History: He was born not far from the school, in fact he lives just a hop and a skip away, his family farm provides most of the food that they serve. He grew up on the farm, just a normal kid a normal life, he didn't know he was different until some people from the academy started showing up asking his parents if they wanted him to go to the school. At first they refused saying that their boy was to important to leave, but he heard the tone with which they said it and he knew that there was something different about him. That night at the dinner table he asked his parents what was different at first they didn't answer but then when they told him he didn't understand, he had thought that everyone was just like him, He begged to go for he wanted other friends besides his dog Rufus and his cousins who only showed up every other year. So his parent's agreed and he is now going to the academy regularly, he lives at home since it's convenient even though he's not sure if he should for he longs to know what the school is like at night.

Other (Optional): Wanna know what makes him different? He's blind and mute. shhh it's a secret. I'm going to have his cousin Cloud fallowing him around, he needs an interpreter. I'll add Cloud's Sheet if it's nessesary

RP Sample:
Running his hands over the wall, Wolfy counts the tiles. 34 the same amount he had counted the day before, he turns as a sound catches his attention, a slight scurrying, a mouse or a small bird perhaps, he listens as the sound becomes desperate, the animal was stuck. He fallows the sound to the other side of the family barn, he had played in this barn ever since he was a boy he knew every board every tile, every speck of dust. he feared nothing, all he wanted to do now was satisfy this curiosity. When he reached the source of the sound, the creature had silenced felling his presence, since he could no longer hear it he inhaled as deep as he dared, the smell of hay burned his lungs yet he smelled that familiar musty oder that always accompanied a mouse. "There is no need to fear me little one." he says to the tiny animal that had started moving once again, knowing very well that it didn't understand him. Reaching forward he wraps his fingers around the furry animal. It's fur was so soft that it was like touching the silk sheets that his mother washed every week, he coos to it as he stands up placing it in his palm.

He notices then that his fingers were wet, bringing them to his face he sniffs them, blood... the poor mouse had been attacked. Most likely by his mothers cat, stroking the tiny being in his hand softly he
heads to the house were he had the tools needed to help tiny creators in pain. he knew that his mother would greatly object to a mouse in the house, taking the mouse in his left hand he allows the cloth that covered his scar to also cover the mouse. Entering the house he smells his mothers famous corn bread, and his mouth watered, the mouse in his hand sniffed the air. Walking quickly he passed the family room and headed up to his room, climbing the ladder with one hand was something he had mastered back when his scar was fresh. He heads to his bed and reaches under it, careful not to squash the mouse under his weight.

When he had gotten all of the things he needed he listens carefully, his dad was always coming up the ladder without him knowing it, when he was sure he was alone he places the mouse on the quilt and runs his index finger over it's entire body until he found the source of the blood. A large cut on the mouse's right hind leg, working fast he cleaned and bound the wound. when he was done he placed the mouse in a small cage were it would be safe until it got better. With a sigh he started putting all his stuff back in the box were he kept it, "you're mom's not going to be happy when she sees that you have a mouse in your room she'll kill you." a voice says next to Wolfy's ear, he drops the box in his hands with a start. "I'll get that."

Turning slightly pink Wolfy allows his cousin to clean up the mess made, "Thanks Cloud." he says as he takes the box, he knew his cousin's voice anywhere. "How long have you been in here?" he asks, he didn't know how Cloud was always able to sneak up on him.

"I was in here before you were." Cloud says placing a kind hand on his cousin's shoulder. "You're a real gentle soul Cuz, don't ever change." Cloud hugs his cousin, it was an honer to be the one accompanying his favorite cousin to the academy, he had to beat up five other cousin's to get the spot. "Let's get down stares before your mother figures out why you didn't come to dinner right away."

Together they walked over to the ladder and climbed down were Corn Bread, steak and steamed vegetables waited for them, Wolfy knew that the mouse would simply adore some of the food. He was also glad that his cousin shared his fondness for animals enough to not tell.

((there. um do I need to put Cloud's Sheet, I mean he's not a main char or nothin'?))

July 19th, 2007, 9:03 AM
Can I request a reservation until later tonight? Was away for a about a week so missed the start up of the RP xD;

July 19th, 2007, 9:14 AM
Ho-kay, so I guess we're extending the sign-up date to tonight.

JBC, Saint of Hope, Niiiiwa-chan, please have your sign-ups finished by tonight. ^^

July 19th, 2007, 11:54 AM
Full Given Name: Daisuke Sin Tawanari
Nicknames (Optional): Sin or Daiki


Appearance: Daisuke has an athletic build at a height of 5'8". He doesn't have that much of muscle as some buff guys do , but he is one of the fastest in the athletic team at his old school. His legs are nice and strong , and the same with his own arms.

He has blood red eyes and Navy blue hair , giving him a mysterious but kind look at the same time when looked at. His teeth are nice and white , though his canine teeth really do represent what people call fangs. Blue stripes on his cheeks , three on each side , are what give him the most mysterious look. The stripes are in a pattern that start from the top to the bottom. The top one is the biggest , as it is cut off in the middle because it hits the beginning of his eye , and continues right after. The middle is medium sized , and the bottom is the shortest. His hair is nice and semi-spiky.

His upper body part physically consists of: A light six pack , a nice toned chest , and a large birthmark on his stomach that represents the Omega symbol. He wears a black t-shirt with an unzipped black hooded sweater on top. The vest has a shield with two swords crossed behind it that is split in half when unzipped. He wears a forehead protector also bearing the Omega symbol. It has cloth of a cool Navy blue color and the metal is a nice platinum.

He wears armlets on both of his arms , with a black diamond on the right arm and a white diamond on the left. His arms are nice and toned and not as muscular as you might think. He doesn't like being a buff guy that's why. (Has arms like Ichigo of Bleach.) His weight consists of a respectable 50kg.

Personality: He is very quiet around other people and isn't seen at many events that are really crowded. He dislikes having to speak in class , people who don't respect the dead , and non-athletic or non-physical classes. Despite his dislike of non-physical classes he is smart and always pays attention. He is a person who always pays his respects to the dead and takes it seriously when someone doesn't , though , only when they do something wrongful like break a gravestone or vandalizing a cemetery. He doesn't like getting attention so when he is chosen to speak in front of the class or when he has to do a vocal assignment he always has a glare in his eye. It's quite understandable by the rest of his friends.

He loves running and exercising a lot. Unlike lots of people he has a lot of endurance and speed that he uses to his advantage. He also loves fighting and dangerous stunts. He is very crazy and wild when it comes to fighting and he loves the excitement of a near death experience. And although it doesn't seem like it , he is into another thing: Girls. He is sometimes asked by girls if he would like to go out with them but he always turns them down because they're not his type.

Modest , daring , and friendly are also a few ways to describe him. He does what someone tells him to do , if it's alright. He is always reliable and is never the kind to have his mind off track. He doesn't care what happens , he'll always do something even if it harms him. He usually acts like this when someone is in trouble or if someone needs help. He can make a lot of friends if he wanted to , even if he is a quiet person. He doesn't have any bad qualities about him , and he would never try to hurt a person's feelings unless they seriously tick him off. He already has friends , but only two. They are known to hang out around the halls during lunch and are even seen laughing at rare moments. Something is always there for them to discuss and they never get tired of talking.

His strengths would probably be making friends , education (mainly history) , and the ability to not do what another person would do , like drink alcohol just because someone else did it and they say it's alright. Speaking of it he completely hates alcohol. He would never do what someone tells them to do unless it's an errand. That's another reason why he's a good kid.

His weakness is being short tempered. He always gets into a fight after one single insult that actually gets to his mind. He goes on an hour long rage that is so wild his two buddies , Sakura and Joshua , have to hold him back for that hour. When held down he goes on a silent rage and doesn't speak until he finally calms down.

History: (Just a general idea of your characters' life before the academy and maybe a word or two on why they chose the profession. Also, for certainly practical reasons I won't go into, the magically talented need to have lived in Riven at some point of time. It's an ethnic mish-mash, though, so origins may differ.)
Other (Optional): (Just in case there's something about your character that you didn't get to express above.)
RP Sample: (Pick a situation; any situation. Also, note that this field might just make the difference between Junior and Senior apprentice, so give it your best shot and write for all you're worth.)

Finish later Jyukai. Gotta get off.

July 19th, 2007, 3:05 PM
Let's post sign-up updates in the designated thread JBC. That would be the OOC thread. If you'd delete your post, that'd be great. ^^

Omeg- I can't call you that, I'm sorry, but I've always associated that with... something else. Can I call you Envoy or something? Anyway, if you could finish your sign-up before tonight, that'd be great.

Also JBC, if Saint of Hope is going to join, he needs to do so before tonight. :< Just informing you. As for uh... the cousin, unless you're going to RP him as a character, you don't need a sign-up.

July 22nd, 2007, 2:04 AM
Finished my sign up now. Sorry it took so long. Been working for the last few days, non stop. Got to take a little peek at the thread, but nothing more.

Alter Ego
July 23rd, 2007, 7:16 AM
OOC: Okays...since Jyukai is indisposed for a currently unknown period of time and certain people are getting anxious - and since I promised to do an introductory type thing anyway - I'm very impudently kicking this off. Don't hate me, Jyukai; hate them. *Points at random people* =O


"Still no word?"

Even though the male's voice sounded leveled and calm there was just a hint of tension behind it, and Cecil knew very well that that was never a good sign. Despite his fierce appearance, Barian had proven himself not to be such a bad person, but he was also fiercely punctual and expected no less of anyone else - especially his colleagues.

"No, sir." the aide replied meekly, adjusting his horn-rimmed glasses nervously before wiping the sweat off on the light brown mop of hair covering his head, "Apparently miss Hikaru was called into a meeting with the disciplinary committee. Something about violating lesson protocol, sir."

Barian sighed irritably, flicking aside one of the countless bangs hanging over his face, "And Sanza?"

"I..." the aide flinched guiltily, casting his glance across the room in hopes of finding something to look at besides his superior's grim expression. Much to his dismay, there was very little to meet this need, however: Barian knew how to be ordered and practical to an extent that drew normal people mad, and his office reflected this; nothing but a simple wooden desk, a few equally plain chairs and a bookcase with folders and all the other paperwork that was required to keep the place running in a plain stone chamber - one of the few not to have been touched by the renovation project; not as much as a potted plant or personal photograph to lighten the mood. This was a place for business and business only, and Cecil knew he was avoiding it, "I...may have had a hand in that, sir." he admitted at last.

"How so?" Barian inquired flatly.

"Well..." the aide shuffled on his spot, "You see, sir, she was daring people to find something wrong with her hair, and..." he sighed, "I-I went and blurted out that she had missed a strand, sir."

"You..." Barian echoed monotonously, "Told Sanzatelane Coatl Erutenmine that there was something wrong with her?"

"Yes sir."

"When you knew that she was late already."

Cecil felt like sinking through the ground, "Sorry, sir; it was a slip of the tongue."

Barian sighed, "What, oh what am I going to do with you?" he asked rhetorically, shaking his head as he paced back and forth across the room. Well wasn't that just grand? It would take more than the force of a hundred elephants to tear Sanza away from a mirror if it got into her head that something about her wasn't perfect and if she was throwing a tantrum it could take hours. Just like that the student orientation group had shrunk to one member: him, and just when they had received a fresh batch of juniors too. Barian knew what that meant all too well: it meant that someone was required to give a speech, and he was now the only one available for the job. How convenient...Barian's eyes narrowed, too convenient. He may not have known the newest addition to their staff for long, but he had seen enough to know that this...Kiahi wasn't the kind to be held down against her will. The shapeshifter wouldn't have put it past her to have faked the meeting just to escape on one of her many treks around the campus. Heck, she could even have done it just to have a good laugh at the academy's most anti-social teacher holding a speech for the whole darn student body.

"Sir?" Cecil inquired cautiously, giving his superior a light tap on the shoulder to snap him out of his musings, "We've been holding this up for fifteen minutes already and the students are getting anxious."

Barian sighed in forfeit, "I know." he replied in a hollow voice. It seemed like he had no choice in the matter, something had to be done and it had to be done now; before he had a student riot on his hands, but he wouldn't forget this wrong in a hurry, "I'll do it." he remarked impassively, striding towards the door, "I take it, orientation is held in the main auditorium as usual?"

"Yes sir." Cecil replied, "Good luck. Oh, and sir?"

"What?" Barian inquired flatly, turning around in the doorway.

"You may want to wear this." the aide threw over a worn, gray overcoat, "How to say...the new students may find your scars a bit...unnerving."

Barian simply nodded in response, wordlessly slipping the coat on as he walked out of the room and into the hallway. Did they ever pick the wrong guy for the job. Kiahi would have been a far more natural choice - she was always so full of energy, and well-liked among the students too, and Sanza...well, at least she enjoyed being in the spotlight. But he...Barian scoffed, he was the creepy guy you skulked around and kept on good terms with just in case he might do something nasty; speaking in elaborate hellos and pretty nothings was not what he did. Still, he was now duty-bound to do this, goodness knew someone on the staff actually had to do their job.

'Alright then.' he told himself as he pushed open the small side-door that led to the auditorium, feeling the collective stares of everyone present as he stepped in front of the rows of seats, occupied by a collection of students all ages and social classes; some familiar and some new, all of them seeming dissolved into the big gray mass that was the academy's student body 'Let's try to keep this short.'. The auditorium itself was not that much different from most auditoriums of the world, occupied by a small stage with a lectern at Barian's end which was faced by rows upon rows of aligned seats, each of them with a retractable little table at the back for note-taking. The seats themselves were covered with turquoise carpeting, pleasant enough to accommodate longer sitting sessions but not comfortable enough for a nap, a set of stairs on each side and one at the middle splitting the seats into two columns.

Walking up behind the lectern, Barian turned his gaze over the crowd, giving them the usual piercing stare as he prepared a spell in his mind, quietly muttering its name for enhanced effect. This type of magic wasn't his strongest suit and considering that whispers were already going back and forth across the crowd he didn't want any mess-ups.

"Distortion art: voice of strength."

When he spoke up again, the sound of his voice had changed quite drastically, altering from a quiet mumble to a deep but clearly audible voice that resounded across the room, "Alright, settle down." he said impassively, "We are behind schedule so it would be in everyone's interest to sit down and stay quiet. For those of you who are new to this institution: I am Barian von Wemeren, resident master of transformation arts, and I have been assigned to be the speaker of this orientation session."

OOC: Okay peoples, here's the deal: everyone navigate your characters to the auditorium (located in the main building) within your first IC, possibly with some first impressions of the speaker if you feel like it; whether your character is already in the crowd when Barian arrives or barges in at the last minute to interrupt is up to you. Basically, I just want to see everyone in the same general area to begin with. :3

July 23rd, 2007, 1:14 PM
It was clear that today was not a good day. Screaming and screeching, the arrogant piece of puke that had dared to tell her that she'd missed something- anything at all, had set her off raving and in utter anguish. So she'd been a little frazzled that morning, what was it to him?? SO SHE MISSED A STRAND OF HER HAIR WHEN SHE'D BEEN FIXING IT EARLIER. WHAT WAS IT TO HIM?!?!? Staring intently at her reflection in the grandly embellished mirror, she looked positively furtive as she glared at her hair, as though daring it to look any less perfect. It was a full five minutes before she relaxed her tense muscles, bending back and away from the mirror with a smug smile.

"There now, doesn't that look so much-" She was cut off in her speech and stared blankly a strand of hair which dared slightly bend out of the smooth flow of her hair. It was then that a shriek that was comparable with a posessed banshee echoed throughout the room and the hallways around it, practically shattering the mirror until she finally simply yanked the rebellious strand out of her head and let it float peacefully to the ground. The minute it touched the cold marble tile a black heel came crashing down on it- once, twice, three times, four, five, until her stomping was so fast that her foot seemed a blur.

Once she was satisfied with it's destruction, Sanza straightened and huffed, brushing the rest of her hair off her shoulder and staring primly at the mirror, which was slightly off angle at her frenzied break-down minutes earlier.

“Perfect.” Sanza stated, snapping her fingers for stylish effect, and finalizing her smug smile on her face once again, though without the shriek of utter frustration following it this time. She stalked proudly through the halls and though visibly shorter then practically everyone around her, Sanza bore the air of a very very imposing person who was about to take crap from anyone who wanted to continue breathing as a normal human being. This dark radiating aura followed behind her like a purple cloud of gloom and misery, though Sanza took no notice as she confidently strode into the main auditorium. Catching sight of Barian wearing that incredulously un-fashionable overcoat to hide his scars almost made Sanza burst into uncontrollable laughter. But such an action would surely muss her hair, thus, straightening at her place in the door she waved at Barian, as though mocking him. No, not ‘as though’. She waved at Barian, fully aware that she was mocking him.

Sitting down on a recently vacated stool, she ignored the fact that whoever had left the spot empty might return, and crossed her right leg over her left, and folded her arms as she waited for the rest of Barian’s speech. For once in her life, Sanza consented to sitting in the audience and simply radiating her beauty quietly, for Barian was about to make a speech, and Sanza wasn’t exactly in a pish-posh mood after being insulted.

OOC: Did that make sense? :< I hope I didn't do anything wrong. Or like, envision the auditorium incorrectly...

Đ a r κ
July 23rd, 2007, 2:36 PM
"No, no, no, no!" Ven yelled as he sprinted around his room, looking for his socks which seemed to be playing hide and seek with him.

"No, I can't be late. This is my first year here and I don't want to start with a bad reputation...Where are you!?" He shouted at the ceiling as he plunged his head upward. As Ven brought his face down, he noticed something white sticking it's head out from under his bed. He moved like lightning towards the floor. He could tell it was a sock by it's curved front. He pulled it from under the still unmade bed and shook it as if he were trying to choke it.

"Good, now where is your evil little twin?" Ven asked as he scanned the rest of the room to find the sock that Ven now knew as the evil torturer. He looked but could not find any sign of the other sock. He was very close to giving up on his search.

"This is really bad. If I go with only one sock on, i'll look like a weirdo and if I go without socks, i'll still look stupid. Aw man, this is horrible." Ven moaned as he sat on his bed with his head hanging down from his neck. As Ven sat down on the bed, his body weight pulled the blanket towards the center which uncovered Ven's second missing sock. Ven looked and his eyes almost fell out of their sockets as he noticed the sock.

"YAHOO!" Ven shouted as he grabbed the sock and jumped on the bed, making it even messier than it first was. Ven quickly shoved his feet into each sock, almost creating a hole in them and jumped right in to his shoes which he was grateful, could not hide on or under the bed. As Ven ran out of his room fully dressed and ready for the introductory, he grabbed his headband which was lying on his drawr which held his clothes. He wrapped it around his head as he walked out the door, while still tieing the headband he noticed two junior girls pass in front of him.

"Hey, that must be the loud mouth we just heard, hahaha." They whispered as they passed by, staring and giggling at Ven.

"Aw man, looks like I have a new nickname...Loud Mouth. I wonder how fast that'll spread? Well, at lest I won't embarrass myself any more, now that I have my socks." Ven said as he tried to lift his own spirits while running down to the auditorium where the introductory was being held. As he approached the entry door, he silently opened them and quietly walked to a vacant seat.

"I hope i'm not stealing someone's seat. No, I guess it's fine. Then again, they might be seniors...Well, they wouldn't start anything with the introductory taking place so I guess it's fine." Ven began his fight with himself like always as he sat down. People had began to look strangely at Ven because while he was arguing with himself, his body had been also choosing either to sit or stand which made him look as if he were dancing or trying to at least.

July 23rd, 2007, 3:44 PM
((Yay I'm really glad that not much happened I was afraid I was going to have to read like 10 posts. ok let's get my boys in here *cracks fingers*.))

"Late our first day... how can we be late our fist day!?" Cloud shouted right in his cousin's ear. Wolfy only closed his deep violet eyes smiling as he leaned on his walking stick. A cool breeze blew his hair to the side, nothing his cousin could say about being late could bother him, he was going to the academy, his happiness was so strong that not even his mother could bruise it. "It's your fault you know. you and that mouse."

Stopping suddenly Wolfy turned to where his cousin's voice had radiated from, opening his useless eyes he gave his cousin a glassy stair, even though he couldn't see Cloud, Wolfy knew that his cousin was shifting his weight uncomfortably, the sound of shifting dirt was unmistakable, you're only here because of me. he signs leaning his walking stick against his chest so that he could use both hands, And besides you were the one who just had to have my mother remake breakfast.

"You guys know that I'm..." Cloud's voice trailed off, "your right your right, I shouldn't blame you for my bing picky." He sighs then places his hand on his cousin's shoulder, "Let's get inside before we get in trouble."

Wolfy nods, He loved his cousin and knew how he acted when he didn't get what he wanted, being a vegetarian seemed to have changed him more then the family anticipated. Wolfy and Cloud continued walking threw the courtyard towards the auditorium where they could hear the majority of the voices. Wolfy wondered what the grounds looked like as they walked over cool soft grass. Cloud he signed stopping so suddenly that it took Cloud a few steps to notice that he no longer was accompanied.

"What's wrong Wolfy?" Cloud asks taking two steps back towards his cousin.

Do you think they'll accept me?

"Of course they will, and if they don't I'll make them." Cloud joked, making Wolfy smile. "Don't worry so much, we have each other isn't that all that matters?"

I guess. is all that Wolfy signed before starting to walk again, Cloud keep a hand on his cousin's shoulder as they transitioned from grass to a laden path, the stones under his feet were hard yet soft, and they smelt musty overpowering the smell of the fresh grass, Limestone. he signs to Cloud.

"Right cuz, Limestone. Clean white-" He stops suddenly, "Sorry, I forgot you don't know what color's really are." there was the unmistakable ring of Pity in his voice.

Wolfy's grip on his walking stick tightened, he hatted being reminded that he was so different, he knew he was of course. He just hated hearing it, Don't worry about it Cloud. he signs walking away from his cousin, fallowing the sound of voices.

Cloud stood behind watching Wolfy walk, he knew his cousin was mad. He wished that there was something that could be done, such a sweet person shouldn't have to live without knowing the beauty around him. "Wait up Wolfy." Cloud called trying hard to keep his voice from cracking, when he caught up with him he was really glad that Wolfy couldn't see him crying.

Wolfy knew however, the smell of tears hit him like a punch in the face, he didn't mention it however, he knew that his cousin was sensitive about it. A voice had caught his attention and he was concentrating on it, the voice distinguished it's self as Barian von Wemeren, the master of transformation arts. Placing his hand on Cloud's shoulder, Cloud takes Wolfy's hand off his shoulder and holds it in his own, "Stairs. Up, three of them." Cloud says pulling Wolfy along. Wolfy managed the stairs then walked threw the doorway into a room filled with people, the smell of perfumed, and some, unbated people collided with the smell of the oak wood that made up the walls. Voices drowned out Cloud's rhythmic breathing, Wolfy squeezed Cloud's hand he was starting to panic slightly, to many smells so many sounds. It was so unlike back home where the sound of a pin dropping could be heard from clear across the house. Cloud allows his Cousin to cling to him, he understood what he was going threw, he didn't like all the people he could see much less smell and hear. "I'm sure they'll quite down soon." Cloud said as calmly as he could trying to comfort his confused cousin. Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. he thinks as people started to quiet down, Cloud stayed close to the door holding his cousin against him. He may have been younger then Wolfy but he was taller and looked older.

Wolfy calmed down when the speaker continued, he didn't listen however he just tried to get a feel for the room. By the echo he could tell it was large, by the warmth, it was closed and well lit. Handing his walking stick to Cloud he places both hands on the wall, the wall was warm and the wood was clean, at eye level a soft cloth wrapped, what he assumed, must have been the whole run of the wall. Fallowing it he hoped that no one was watching him, for if they were they would ask questions or worse whisper. His overcoat catches on a loose nail that jutted from the wall with a loud Ripping sound. Standing completely still Wolfy listens, hoping that no one had heard the sound of ripping cloth, luckily no such whispers could be heard he did however catch one girl giving her friend her new phone number and placed the number in his memory.

Reaching down fallowing the rim of his coat he finds the nail and unhooks it, he runs his fingers over the new hole in the leather, dad's not going to like that I riped his coat. he thinks to himself. His father had only let him take the coat because it was cold, the smell of close perfume catches his attention and he notices that he was standing right in front of someone, not just someone but a woman. A woman with recently moistened hair and new clean cloths. With what he could smell and hear he concluded that he was standing before a woman who cared a lot about her looks, stepping back he trips over the back of his father's coat and ends up on the floor in a very strange sitting type possession. Rubbing his backside he tries not to look towards the woman, hopping beyond hope that she wouldn't notice that he wasn't looking at her because he couldn't' see her.

Cloud saw what had happened and came to his cousin's aid, "Are you OK Wolfy?" he asks ignoring the woman who sat in the stool before him. Wolfy only nods, he was embarrassed not the best first impression to give anyone much less a woman such as this.

July 23rd, 2007, 5:17 PM
"I hope it's started now, I mean seriously..." Giving an irritated sigh, Illyabera continued brushing her hair while glancing angrily towards the mirror above the sink in the area of her dorm. She'd been waiting for what; about an hour, sitting on stupid stool for the same introductory speech she'd heard a year ago. After the first forty-five minutes, she'd gone up to the girl's bathroom to groom herself to pass the time. It was stupid; she'd rather be back home enchanting something to show Elli and Hisui, or just sleeping in. Putting her brush down on the sink she exhaled. But then again, what would Duke Evanguard think of her then? If she was going to make him proud, she'd have to give it the extra effort; even if that meant waiting an hour to listen to some boring teacher, attempting not to scare the already frightened little juniors...they'd find out eventually how things worked here. A sudden opening of the main bathroom door produced a timid looking redhead of around her age.

"Illya! You just said you needed to borrow my brush for a second..." Placing the brush on the sink with a less than gentle movement, Illya turned towards the girl.

"Could you wait a second? Do you need it at this very moment?"

"Well, n-no but I'd like to get everything back into my room before Mr. Wemeren begins to talk." Illya cocked her head, her brown eyes focused on the girl.


"Yeah, the orayatorial...thing is starting soon so-" The redhead gave a small noise of surprise as the brush was thrust at her and the door opened as Illya ran past. They couldn't have already started! Right when she'd left! And of all the teachers it had to be Mr. Von Wemeren...well, it's not like... that didn't matter but... Well, of all the teachers, he seemed kind of cool; for all she knew, he could have known her real father! But the chances of that were few. She might as well just put it out of her head right now. On her way towards turning a corner; she just about slipped; catching a few funny looks from another group of girls. Giving a low growl and them an evil glare, she continued on her way. Those idiots; they'd miss the orientation anyway.

Finally at the side door to the auditorium, she slipped through the door as quietly as she could and made her way to the seat that she had sat in before. Or she thought she was in before. No no, she had definitely sat there. Someone was sitting in her seat. Well now what the crap was up wi- Illya held her mental tongue as she began to identify the person in her seat. Why was a teacher sitting down here?! She should be up there giving the speech when it should have been given! If it had been anyone else other than a teacher, they would have been out of her seat on the spot, but this kind of thing just had to happen to her. Inwardly fuming, she took a seat behind her own, shifting her eyes among the crowd and waiting for the same endeavor of a reassuring speech to commence...again.

July 23rd, 2007, 10:30 PM
It was his second year at the academy, and with high hopes of another successful year, Soel prepared himself for the morning’s first event, orientation. It was academy custom to organise an orientation function for newly graduated and applying students, as a means of easing the new students into their new homes, schools and lives.

There were always many applicants that registered for a position at the Riven Academy, the region’s most famed and sporting school of magic. Fortunately, many of these applicants were accepted, whether they had a strong foundation and knowledge in magic or not. However, on rare and unfortunate occasions, several students were also turned away from the school. Soel himself had been one of the academy’s near-miss scenarios, where his future hung in the balance of this very event of applying to the school.

Having come from a popular magical heritage, Soel had many expectations to live up to, but because of this, he carried about himself a form of reverence. This was mainly because of his family’s name, and not because of his abilities and skills. It became especially apparent in his case, because for a descendant of the Mokona family, his magical powers were extremely limited and underdeveloped. This was the means of his struggle in enrolling into the academy, because even for a novice magician, his mindset and at that time his skills, were minimal. This however did not prove to be the dominant problem in his enrolment, as his family’s history, his father’s especially, was also influential in the school’s decision. Being born into two revered magical families, his mother’s from Riven and his father’s from an unknown region that was known to oppose Riven, Soel received blessings from both families, thus carrying his father’s tainted name. This proved to be the underlying factor of his wavering acceptance into the Riven Academy.

However, it was now time for the new school year and after graduating into the first senior class of the academy, his thoughts of the previous year and its events were put to rest for another time.

He had left his room and the boys' dormitory early in order to get ready. He was very fond of sleep, and would have continued to do so in bed, if he could, but something had awoken him and was keeping him awake. There was an obscure throbbing in his left ear, but the pain was subdued enough as to not bothering him extensively. He did find himself worrying over the strange sensation however, before realising he was running late.
Occasionally fiddling with the blue earring that hung from his left ear from where the throbbing had started but had now subsided, Soel steadied himself as he slipped into his comfortable worn sneakers and finished dressing himself. His short black hair remained its appearance as being unmanageable and messy, but suited his teenage appearance. Brushing himself over before rolling up his sleeves to the ends of his elbows, Soel looked himself over for the last time and left his dormitory room.

Today was orientation, and even though he was a senior, all of the academy students were expected to be in the auditorium for the event. It was to set some form of “role model” for the new students, as stated by one of the staff, but Soel took the statement to heart as another attempt of torturing the student body. However, despite his initial reaction, he was personally looking forward to meeting several of the new students and to hopefully be just that: a role model.

The corridors of the boy’s dormitory were still crowded by several male students who had yet to gather at the auditorium. Soel decided not to instruct them, as he had trouble voicing his opinion and more often than not, ended up embarrassing himself with nothing to say. Carrying on alone, he soon reached one of the many entrances that led to the stage where the orientation speech would be held.
The auditorium was a large room with a ceiling that rose well above two levels. Soel was unsure whether or not there were any other entrances other than the few on the ground floor, as he had yet to fully explore the academy grounds, but decided to think little of it at the moment. He was late and was to assemble with the other students in the hall where they would be addressed by the staff and introduced to the new students. It was a part of a routine carried out by the school that still had Soel asking himself questions, despite his previous year’s experience in adjusting to the academy’s customs. Hopefully, the new school year would help answer some of these questions.

Sliding open one of the west entrances to the auditorium, Soel slipped inside the already crowded room where a teacher known as Barian stood up upon the stage.

Beowulf? Soel thought to himself as he stepped into the isle, seeing one his teachers from the previous year standing on stage. Why is he giving the speech?

Soon realising that he had been standing in the middle of the isle for more than a minute, much to the calls of other students who had been gesturing him to sit down, Soel embarrassedly retreated to the end of the hall and found a vacant seat in the back row. Sliding next to another student who gave him a rather rude stare, Soel returned his attention to the stage where Barian Beowulf von Wemeren was preparing to engage the mass of students and staff.

July 24th, 2007, 12:42 AM
In Ace’s masculine hands were a brand new deck of bicycle playing cards, for the past twenty minutes, he had been absentmindedly and effortlessly shuffling them, which caused the light and soothing sound of cards to faintly fill the air. He was sitting on a seat in the rather average looking auditorium of the Riven Academy. He was placed somewhere near the front, as he had been there for quite some time and had patiently been whittling the time away by fiddling with the decks of playing cards that he had always carried with him, no matter where he went.

Ace was soon to begin his first year of being a senior student at the Riven Academy, which exhilarated him significantly, as he was now able to undertake more exciting and more difficult missions, which the mere mention of it had stirred his blood and pumped him with adrenaline. Of course this meant a better pay, which again was an additional benefit. The other thing about being a senior that had thrilled him was the fact that he could now freely explore the forest, which apparently, was the abode of monsters. The thought of the creatures that could reside within the depths of the forest had fascinated him quite a lot. Ace was also looking forward to fighting with the foul beasts and getting a chance to REALLY implement his magic.

It wasn’t much longer until Mr. Von Wemeren had walked on to the stage; he was apparently to be the one who would give the orientation speech. To the spiky-haired teen, it seemed a tad bizarre, yet quite amusing that the teacher who disliked talking the most would be the one to give the speech; he had been wearing a coat that covered his arms, presumably not to daunt the new students with the scars that lined them. When the teacher had said a few words and just started his speech, Ms Erutenmine had taken a seat.

Out of respect, Ace neatly tucked away his deck of cards into his storage and fixed his magnificent blue eyes on Mr. Von Wemeren, listening intently with his hands free from the cards that seemed to be always in his hands.

July 24th, 2007, 4:15 AM
“Don’t know why we have to do this anyway, never got along with kids, Never!” The lava haired woman yelled, grinding her teeth in frustration and walking down the grounds path towards the tall building where she knew multiple kids to be sitting, waiting for her to arrive. She needed this job though, needed the money so she could go back to what she loved, it wasn’t like she was going to be stuck teaching kids forever, it was only a year…maybe two, or three. She grabbed her abnormally coloured hair and groaned. “I’m gonna be here for the rest of my life!” She sobbed, pitifully.

Suddenly, she was hit over the head roughly by a small, but dangly tail. She glared at the small face that appeared next to hers, but was glad for the comforting, familiar weight hanging across her shoulders. There sat a small ferret, brown and white in colour with large amber eyes, a dark mask of fur around his eyes to give of a sort of intimidating look and small ears. Kiahi’s glare turned into a soft smile as she raised a hand and lightly petted the ferret on the head. “I was wondering where you got off to, Yuki.”

The Ferret’s rumbled in his throat and pressed tightly up against her cheek as she continued to walk down the path towards the building. Multiple times she had to flick the ferrets wagging tail from her face, but she honestly didn’t mind as the ferret was the only one who was really this close to her. Granted, her best friend was an animal, but she found this better. It was loyal, wouldn’t argue with her and certainly wouldn’t abandon her. It was a comforting companion to have and she was willing to look after it for as long as they both lived.

She opened the doors into the main hall and noticed that they had been deserted. She raised an eyebrow and figured that she was running a tad late. Not that she cared, but still it was some of the students first day and she didn’t want to make herself out to be worse than them on arriving on time. She walked casually through the hall, taking in that which she had already seen and scratch at her nose. She didn’t know why, but she always had the urge to sneeze as she walked through the main hall, she was use to the atmosphere of her own office. The place was too old and dank for her liking, but it couldn’t be helped.

She pushed against the main auditorium doors and watched as they opened with surprising ease. As she walked through them, she closed them yet again and finally turned around to see what she was dealing with for the next year. Multiple young faces stared back at her and she had the sudden urge to poke her tongue out at all of them. But her professionalism got the better of her and she straightened at walked over to a vacant stool, staring out at the students.

Yuki still remained sprawled snugly across the length of her shoulders, almost looking as if he were going to drift off to sleep any second. Kiahi nudged him with her shoulder and watched as the young ferret’s eyes popped wide open and alert. She mumbled “If I have to get through this, so do you.” She could have sworn she heard the ferret groan as it lay its head back down, only this time wide awake.

July 24th, 2007, 8:35 AM

That glimmering, pink toenail just looked so tasty. It enticed the teenage boy insanely, bidding him unable to tear his gaze away from the overpowering temptation. He licked his parched lips eagerly. While he was all but ready to bend over and wrap his mouth around the fattest extension to his right foot, Timothy had long since promised himself to bring his -- unhealthy, some might say -- childhood habit to an end this year. But one lick would not hurt, right? Just one. The great battle between his excited nerves and his determined mind was tearing his little confused heart apart. “Oh!” He squealed a high-pitched squeal in frustration. “One last time!” He decided.

With his mind finally made up, Timothy lowered his torso and lifted his right foot closer to his face. “Flexibility never came in handier!” He chimed, as his nose hovered less than an inch away from his craving. Nostrils tingled at the cherry-scented nail polish painted on his big toe. He parted his lips slowly. A slippery, stimulated tongue lowered from his mouth. Anticipation overfilled his heart; to the point he felt he would explode if he waited any longer! It started out with a few subtle licks, and then his tongue worked faster and faster. The addictive flavour jumped about in his mouth as little kids would jump in a jumping castle at a birthday party. In no time, he managed to get his entire toe to fit into his mouth. “Heaven,” he said through a mouthful of toes, excess saliva dripping out the sides.

Meanwhile, a trio of girls arrived at the doorstep of his room. They were identical in every fashion; all brunette, all brown eyed, stood the same height, and wore the same white gowns. Rare, perhaps, but not surprising, seeing as they were born of the same mother merely seconds apart. April, May and June had rushed to their friend’s door to remind him that Riven Academy’s preliminary assembly was already underway. Normally, they might have considered knocking but there was simply no time to waste! “One! Two! Three!” They counted in chorus and, on ‘three’, rammed their shoulders into the door simultaneously.

The loud bang of the door being broken off its hinges alarmed Timothy to say the least. The boy, who had still been enjoying his uncanny delicacy, toppled over his chair in shock. He landed with his back on the floor, and his legs contorted painfully. On the plus side perhaps, his foot was still halfway into his mouth.

The triplets gasped in surprise at what they had just barged in on. “Tinklywinkly! What on earth do you think you’re doing!?” All three of them pressed their fists against their wastes. Timothy tried to respond, but his tangled position and occupied mouth had only permitted him to mumble something insensible. “How many times have we told you not to finish the cherry nail polish without us!?” They complained indignantly. For his selfish deeds, the girls had the right mind to leave him right where he was. Nevertheless, their kind hearts would not allow them to do such an inconceivable thing, not right at that moment anyway. Maybe after assembly they would think of a suitable punishment. For now, they prayed they could get him untangled quick enough to get to the auditorium before it was all over.

“Girls! Let’s get working!” May ordered. She usually played the role of leader amongst the triplets.

“Yes, ma’am!”

Timothy jammed his neck to one side, trying to force his bones back to their original positions. He grunted at the pain.

“You totally deserve that!” June told him off.

“Yeah! And you owe us another bottle of nail polish!” April added.

May sighed. “C’mon girls. If he hasn’t given us the other three hundred and fifty-two bottles he owes us, what makes you he’ll give us this one?” The girls’ faces saddened at the realisation. This toe-licking habit of his had definitely got out of hand. Too many times had they lost good nail polish to it. But if May knew Timothy, his obsession would only get a lot worse before it got any better.

The only male amongst them, clad in pink tights, painfully popped his shoulder back into place. “You’ll get your nail polish after you replace my door! What kind of monstrous behemoths break down my poor door like that?” he sobbed overdramatically. “And I just got a new, adorable, kitty handle too…”

“You just be happy we got you untangled in time. Imagine what would’ve happened if someone else came to your room!” April pointed out. This was not the first occasion the girls spared him from embarrassment. “It might’ve been even worse than that one time you were so excited to try on those new pants you just bought, and you ended up getting your zip stuck to your--"

Timothy cut her off with a sigh of despair. “Don’t even remind me, April. Zippers are the devil’s creation! It took twelve painkillers just to get rid of the pain.” He further emphasised his point with a moan. The horrific incident had occurred such a long time ago, but every vivid detail of it had been burned permanently into his memory. He placed a hand over his crotch reassuringly. “It was terrible. You girls are lucky you’ll never have to endure something like that.”

The triplets giggled all at once. The next few minutes passed in silence as the anxious students walked as fast as they could towards the auditorium. None of them dared to be late for the opening speech. Timothy secretly prayed for some sort of delay in the schedule. He had been so preoccupied that he would have probably forgotten assembly altogether if his three close friends had not reminded him. Right next to shaving his leg and chest hair, he added a mental note to thank the triplets.

Finally, one large entrance to the main hall was moving into view. “Hey, girls! I’ll race ya there!” June challenged her sisters, sticking out her tongue playfully.

“You are so on!” They accepted.

Timothy shook his head, unimpressed, as he watched the girls break into sprints. If it was a race they wanted, it was a race he was going to give them! His slow response granted them a head start. Timothy felt compelled to engage his secret weapon in order to win. Using an open palm, he slapped his right buttocks as hard as he could. The sting, though painful, lasted only a few seconds. While his behaviour would seem queer to the untrained eye, the effect of the smack would make it all worth it in a second. In essence, his one-piece outfit was directly connected to the shoes on his feet. Admittedly, Timothy had no idea how it worked, but whenever he slapped his right buttock, four miniature wheels pushed out from beneath the soles of his special shoes.

Moments later, the girls heard the familiar sound of rollerblades cruising along the ground. They turned around to see a grinning Timothy blazing right towards them. “Ladies first!” He shouted as he sped passed, soaring straight into the auditorium.

Inside the crowded hall, Timothy hauled his skates to a stop. The wheels made a screeching sound against the wooden floor, which he hoped no one noticed. He slapped his right butt cheek once again, this time, to get the wheels to retract into his shoes. Hoping not to cause too much of a stir, Timothy edged towards the closest empty chair he could find. He seated himself smoothly. His right leg swung over his left for more comfort.

“Quite interesting,” he said, taking note of the man standing centre stage. It looked like Mr. Barian Wemeren was going to give the speech this year. What in the hell is he wearing though? Gray? The man had no fashion sense whatsoever. “Dull colours for a dull man, I suppose,” he commented to no one in particular. The boy seated next to him had heard his criticism nonetheless. He looked Timothy up and down with an amused smirk on his face.

“Dude, what are you … gay?” He chuckled.


“Some people are so insensitive,” Timothy said casually as he examined his nails and blew gently on the polish. The other boy, red cheek clutched delicately in one hand, scurried off to find a safer place to sit. “Silly seventh year,” the senior giggled impishly.


July 24th, 2007, 9:18 AM
Dahli always would do something at the wrong time.

Including now. Dahli had just been doing a honest-toperfect cartwheel, when some rude faculty worker had just barged in on her, and worse, a male. And the scene of the crime, Dahli's plaid skirt had just revealed her polka-dotted panties, all lined with purple. She gritted her teeth, and them had walked over to the unsuspecting male, a grin of absoulute pleasure plastered on her once-crimson face. She recieved the male's hand, while stroking it gently, like how she would to a cat. And then: "OWWWW! Miss Lindbergh, what do you have to say for youself? You know that you are supposed to respect people of the opposite gender, especially your faculty members! What do you have to say for yourself?!"

"Umm..sorry you're being a pussy-pants?"

The man's anger had gotten the best of him once again, just blabbing on about the wonders of blabbing and how Dahli should respect the other gender, and for once, get her nails cut! Dahli stared back at her nails, a gleaming white, and glanced back at the faculty member. Oh, Dahli knew! That man was a prosecutor and Dahli was the defense attorney! Dahli nodded her head, now what was that word again? Objunction? Jection? Ob? Dahli had then seen a lightbulb go off her her almost-empty mind.


Oh Miss Dahli, oh Miss Lindbergh, what have you done? Insulting a faculty member isn't on your list of fun, well maybe the pinching is. "Eh, so Mr. Faculty Member~" Dahli excitedly squealed in a high pitch "What brings you here to the home of Dahlia Karyna Lindbergh?" As she playfully stuck her tongue out at the embarrased faculty."

"The assembly."

Dahli nodded. Oh yes! The assembly which was to greet new students and the old ones, but why now, when Dahli was just planning on doing a cartwheel, Dahli gritted her teeth, maybe it was that male teacher! Maybe he's so quiet so many evil pranks go on in his evil-mastermind mind! Dahli nodded at that proposition.

Dahli then had an expression that looked like Dahli had just been hit on the head with an anvil! If that guy came, that would mean that Dahli was late! Dahli had ran out of the room, her champagne-toned hair following along with Dahli, and with Dahli schedule, the assembly room, it was seven turns to the right, three turns to the left, and passing six other different turns, or if you just went straight, but what was the fun in that, and Dahli had a point, or else, nofunophobia would've taken over Dahli.

Dahli dashed into that assembly room, being terribly late, by a few minutes, and she just barged in on Barian's speech, which was pretty loud, who knew that quiet evil genius could talk that loud. All eyes were on Dahli, she she had walked through the middle of the scarlett carpet like a model, or a movie star. And then, Dahli had just taken a vacant seat near the other teachers, ignoring the "colds looks, and bad talk." about her, and her young age. She just intentively nodded as she listened to the remainder of the speech.

Scarlet Weather
July 24th, 2007, 9:28 AM
The inside of the wineshop was cool and calm. A few particles of dust drifted to and fro throughout it, but all was still. The patrons had all gone home, waiting for night to come once again in order to begin their merriment. The only remaining humans in the building were the owner, who was methodically polishing glasses, and a young man who resembled a lump of fabric more then anything else. The robe he wore was fine, black silk with golden embroidered designs along the sleeves, which were wide enough to easily conceal a small dog. In one hand, the sleeper clutched a half-empty bottle of wine, in the other, a book of references. He breathed in and out softly, allowing sleep to rid him of any trace of the alcohol he had ingested during the last night.

The sleeper stirred at last, groaning. The wineshop owner, and old, gray-haired man dressed in a red vest and pressed white shirt, turned from his work for a moment. "Good morning," he said, placing both the glass he had been polishing and his rag on the table. "Did you sleep well?"

"Not so looouuuddd." The youth replied, pulling himself to his feet in a manner that was somewhat less then dignified. He pulled a hand to his forehead, and attempted to take a few, staggering steps. "Uh... what a headache..." he moaned, waving an arm in front of him as he walked, attempting to feel his way around the room.

"You're a mess," the owner commented, placing a hand on the shoulder of his customer. "What did you say your name was again, kid?"

"Eran." The name dropped from the boy's lips like a bullet. "Eran Camerick-urgh!" The last sound was due to a sudden fit of retching that caused Eran to double over. "Urgh... how much wine did I drink last night?"

The shopkeeper shook his head. "Only about half a bottle, but it was vintage. That wine's older then your parents' parents. I slipped up and mislabeled it earlier, and I'm very sorry."

"No need to- urgh! Be- upgh! Sorry!" Eran retched unsteadily, reeling about. "But I'm going to kill whoever advised me to celebrate in a wineshop."

The owner laughed, then stopped, realization striking him. "Hey- didn't you say you had someplace to be in the morning?"

Eran nodded. The initial purging was now completed, for the most part, but he still felt a bit unsteady. He managed, however, to straighten up and adjust his glasses, which had been forced into a crooked angle along his face during his ignoble slumber of the previous night. "Yeah," he answered, mumbling. "Yeah. I've got to be at the Academy for the orienteering speech this morning at about... nine thirty."

The wineshop owner glanced at a clock hanging from the wall. "You'd better hurry then. It's nine o'clock, and the academy is a good forty-five minutes from here, though you may make it in forty if you run."

The bottle of wine, which had remained in Eran's left hand throughout the entire conversation, nearly slipped from it then. "It is?" hie mouth hung open for a moment, but he snapped it shut quickly. He wheeled quickly, and rushed out the door, silently and murderously cursing that graduated senior who had advised him to enter the wineshop that night. Already, an elaborate plot was unfolding in his head. A laxative fluid or a vomitive of some sort slipped into the man's wine? Poetic justice, perhaps, but not quite nasty enough for Eran's exquisite tastes. A bottle of vintage wine heavily laced with sleeping potion left on the unfortunate's doorstep, followed by placement in a compromising situation of some sort? It would make sense.

The minute Eran left the wineshop, the glare of the sun hit his eyes, sending lances of pain through his skull. As he ran, he felt his foot splash through something wet. So it had rained last night then. He rolled his eyes. If his memory of the route to the Academy served him right, he would be passing straight through a long stretch of merchants and vendors advertising their wares. Eran groaned. If a single salesman laid hands on him, especially in his current state, they might receive an interesting present- a thin, cunningly hidden dagger tucked into Eran's right sleeve driven through their hand, for example.

All the vulnerability of the last few hours was worn away as Eran ran doggedly forward despite shortness of breath, a massive hangover, and the still-nagging disorientation he felt. He was no longer a sleepy, drunken schoolboy. He was now a fierce, angry wild beast with a malicious nature, and an attitude comparable to that of a spitting cobra. Nobody would dare to stop him, and if they tried, well, it was their funeral. It was, ironically, at the very moment that Eran finished thinking this himself that he felt the hand tugging at his robe. Snarling, he whipped around, only to come face to face with two of the village children: Joseph and his younger sister, April, eight and six years old, respectively.

Instantly, Eran's countenance softened, and he allowed the faintest whisp of a smile to grace his features. "What do you two want today, eh?" he asked, trying to sound gruff but failing entirely.

"Please, sir-" Joseph began, before his younger sister cut him off. "We wanna see more magic, mister Eran!" the six year old shouted, clapping her hands delightedly.

Under normal circumstances the happy children might have coaxed a rare smile from Eran's face, but April's shout had intensified the already heavy pain he had been going through over the past few minutes so the two had to be content with an oddly contorted grimace. Shaking his head, Eran tried to explain. "Please you two, I'm running late, and I have a headache. Maybe I can show you a trick later, okay?"

"But mister Eran!" the two children chorused, revealing a few conspicuous gaps in their teeth, "you always do magic for us!"

Eran sneaked a quick glance to either side to ensure that nobody else was watching, then looked at the children and nodded. Gleefully, the two clapped their hands and squealed, which unfortunately redoubled Eran's pain, causing him to wince. "Not so loud, okay?" he whispered, placing a finger to his lips.

The two children nodded, repeating the ssh gesture, and then sat down. "What're you gonna do today, mister Eran?" Joseph asked.

Eran racked his brains. He was suffering from the aftereffects of half a bottle of vintage wine, so clearly, whatever he attempted would have to be small. Digging into his pockets, he searched for some sort of coin he could use. Finding nothing, he sighed dejectedly, before noticing the bottle of wine in his hand. facing the children, he asked, "How about... making a rose come out of this bottle?"

"Yeah!" the two children shouted, before noticing Eran's wince. "Sorry... yeah." They replied, this time in a much more subdued tone.

Eran nodded. "Okay... here goes."

Waving his hand over the bottle, Eran allowed his face to be a mask of concentration. Thankfully he wouldn't have to maintain the illusionary rose or make a physical change, or he would have completely failed. After a few minutes of waving his hand, he pulled it back from the bottle's neck and snapped his fingers. Almost immediately, what appeared to be a pale red rose shot from inside the bottle and lingered a moment, before vanishing as if it had never been there, which, in reality, it hadn't.

The children applauded, their eyes shining. Eran smiled gratefully. "Now, you two, I have to go. I'm very late for a meeting at the Academy."

Joseph turned to him. "Did you say you needed to get to the Academy?"

"Well, yes."

The tyke's face lit up. "Daddy's going there! Daddy could give you a ride!"

Eran was confused. "Your father owns a carriage?"

This time, it was April who spoke. "No-ooo," she replied, shaking her head and pointing to a large mule cart seated nearby, filled with produce.

Eran sighed and shook his head. It wasn't much, but it was better then nothing. Still, the idea of it. He, the great Eran Camerick, being carted to school with a group of watermelons, on the first day no less! Still, the alternative, running all the way in a robe that was now dusty, stained, and wet around the hem didn't sound very appealing either. Nodding to the children, he walked to their father.

A few minutes later, the produce cart rolled to a stop in front of the Thaumaturgical Academy, depositing Eran there. Brushing himself off as best he could, the student pushed open the doors to the academy and slipped through the rooms to the auditorium, praying that nobody would catch sight of him in his current state. As he entered the large room, he stopped in surprise. Beowulf? Giving a speech? It was as absurd as it was impossible, yet there the grizzled old enchanter was, speaking across the audience in a booming voice. Shaking his head, Eran quickly made his way to a seat in the back row and deposited himself in it, praying that he hadn't missed more then a few minutes of the oration.

Alter Ego
July 25th, 2007, 11:07 AM
Barian felt like giving a long, tired martyr's sigh, but considering that the voice amplification spell was still on and he was still in front of an audience he decided against it, hiding his frustration behind his usual mask of impassiveness, watching both of the people who should really have been doing this nonchalantly sitting down in the audience instead. Kiahi looked bored with the whole ordeal, looking much more like a student than the teacher she was...Barian could sympathize with the sentiment - he could certainly think up far more productive uses the time of both him and everyone else in the room - but the attitude she was keeping was a completely different matter. When oh when was she going to grow up and realize that this job wasn't just another children's game - to be indulged in or discarded on a whim? And speaking of attitudes...Sanza certainly wasn't keeping her glee over his predicament a secret, waving at him as she was. To this, Barian decided to react in the only way he had knew to have any effect on the vain woman: complete indifference. He was just going to allow his glance to travel past her, focusing on anything and everything in the room besides Sanza while he got this damnable speech done.

Just as Barian was about to speak up again, however, a small swarm of interruptions assailed the auditorium, starting with a black-haired stranger - presumably one of the new juniors - apparently losing his balance and falling to the floor, although what seemed to be a friend of his rushed over to help. This little spectacle was soon followed by none other than Dahli barging in considerably late and effectively drawing all the attention to herself. Barian felt like giving a reprimand but - being somewhat familiar with what kind of person he was dealing with - realized the futility of such things and decided against it. This was, after all, Dahlia Karina Lindbergh - possibly one of the most impulsive procrastinators he had ever known; why she out of all people had been chosen for the student mentor program was beyond him. Nonetheless, Dahli had decided to sit down and keep quiet for the moment, so any further provocation would probably only make matters worse. Fortunately, this seemed to be the end of this calamity and so Barian seized on the chance to speak up again.

"Now that you all seemed to have settled down." he remarked in his usual impassive voice, "I'd imagine that you're expecting some kind of formal speech, perhaps a long-winded recount of this academy's history and values...but to be frank, I have no interest in wasting the time of anyone here with such things." this might not have been in accordance with tradition, he conceded for himself, but then again: he had never claimed to be an orator, "Suffice to say that you have all gotten where you are by your own merits and for that you are to be commended, but make no mistake..." his piecing gaze swept another round across the audience, "You are far from done. I would urge all of you - particularly the new senior class -" he seemed to focus particularly on Timothy and Eran at this point, "To focus on your studies and work hard if you wish to be deemed worthy of graduating. Magic may be the work of your imagination, but it must be tempered with focus and discipline."

He took a brief pause before continuing, "Now, for the benefit of those new to this institution and those who have a convenient way of forgetting: there are two areas on these grounds which are not to be entered lightly. The first is the forest at the eastern edge of our campus. This area is out of bounds for all junior students unless accompanied by a faculty member. Seniors, as you know you are permitted to access this area for training purposes, but I would strongly suggest that you do so in groups. As you know, the monster population within is very much real, as is your chance of meeting an untimely end, so prepare accordingly. The second forbidden area is the network of caverns in these mountains: this area may only be accessed by senior staff members and thus it is out of bounds for all of you." his stare grew even more stern at this point, "Kindly do not even think of exploring that area. Some creatures of the underworld are far deadlier than anything you can imagine, and the caverns themselves are a natural maze that has claimed far more experienced magicians than you. Finally, for those of you interested in the mercenary side of our academy: all applications and job requests are to be handled at my office here in the main building. Only those who have mastered the basics of enchantment and proven their worth need apply."

Barian paused to take another breath, procuring a list from his pocket and placing it on the lectern.

"Now, as you may or may not be aware of, each student of this academy has been assigned a supervisor from the staff. Should you encounter any problems or questions during your stay here, your supervisor is the one you should turn to; they are also in charge of evaluating your progress and relaying messages to and from the faculty, so please treat your supervisors with appropriate respect. I will now call out the names of your supervisors. Once the assembly is over, gather at the office of your supervisor and they shall direct you from there. If you are in doubt as to where these offices are located, don't hesitate to ask a senior student or staff member for directions."

With this said, the enchanter then proceeded to call out a number of names from his list, his mind slowly wandering from the monotony of his task and into a number of trivial thoughts until snapping back by the end of the list.

"Timothy Tinkle, Vahn Ishozan, Morofua Momoshiro; you are with Kiahi Hikaru. Ventus Volcurn, Illyabera Evangard, Eran Camerith, and Tamilia Gandrealas, your supervisor is Sanzatelane Erutenmine." 'poor things...' "Ace Bladia, AJ Valentine; your original supervisor is unfortunately on sick leave, but in the mean time you have been assigned to student mentor Dahlia Lindbergh. Finally, Rene Sanders, Mokona Modoki, Laurence Foxworth, and Edward Heiderich; you have been assigned to me and I expect to see you in my office forthwith. Alright, assembly dismissed."

With that and a small wave of his hand, Barian dispelled the voice enchantment and exited the stage just as plainly as he had entered. So much for the speech...now he would just have to see what kind of students he had been saddled with. One thing was for certain, though; should some of them choose to come in late they would soon find out what rules he played by.

OOC: Awwright...since Dahli is sort of young to be a teacher I ascribed her the title of 'student mentor' (I.e. Teacher in training). Hope that's okay with you. :3

July 25th, 2007, 11:51 AM
Sanza would've been shrieking with laughter, but it would've ruined her hair, and her first impression. Standing up she swiftly exited the auditorium listening with great satisfaction at the click clacking of her heels as she headed to her office. Indeed, her office was not quite as inviting as it had been before she'd taken up her post, as she'd replaced all the warm colored and old-styled furniture with extremely geometrically styled furnishings, all colored either black or white. The only exception was the greenish blue shine of the glass desk. Even the floor had been replaced with black tile. Of course, this was all on Sanza's stubborn insistence. It was a very cold room, quite literally. Not only was the theme uninviting, but Sanza seemed to be content when the air conditioning was cranked to the maximum. It helped her hair stop from frizzing.

Sanza hoped that her new and old students were intelligent enough to decide that if Barian's students were to report to his office, they were supposed to report to her's in just the same manner. Sitting down in the white armchair that was hiding behind her black bookshelf rather then behind her desk, she crossed her legs again, knowing full well that her legs were the only thing visible from the door.

Yes, a good introduction should do. She needn't tell them her full name, it was much too long. Sanza would do, as usual, and for those who thought they were too important to keep their mouths shut about any overlooked detail would find out with great remorse that Sanza was not a happy run-of-the-mill pretty teacher. She was a demon of demons, and would make that clear the minute anyone dared mention that the room was cold, or that her hair was out of place, or that one of the pillows on the opposite white couch was askew. They would now learn, that Sanzatelane Coatl Erutenmine was not a force to be reckoned with.

Sanza sat and wondered how best she should introduce herself to the new students. Kindly with a sweet smile? In a disgruntled way that showed that she had no interest in them? In an evil way that showed they had absolutely no right to say anything remotely degrading about her in her prescence? Or, perhaps, in the usual way? Sanza shook her head. The usual way was not for meeting students. Kindly, with a sweet smile and honeyed voice should do the definite trick.

Đ a r κ
July 25th, 2007, 1:21 PM
"It's over all ready? That was pretty quick. That's the way I wish all introductions were." Ven thought as he slowly stood from his seat. He looked around and noticed that the teacher he had been assigned to was already gone. He had planned on following the woman to her office but that was not an option anymore. It would have been difficult even if Ven had the chance to follow, seeing as so many students were scattering here and there. It was like a herd of sheep trying to run away from a sheep dog. Ven finally brought up the courage to ask one of the seniors where to find his teacher's office. As a student came by, Ven tapped him on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, would you mind telling me where I could find miss Sanzatelane Erutenmine's office?" Once being stopped by Ven, the senior took a moment to listen but once Ven finished his sentence, the boy laughed.

"Hahaha, your that weirdo, the one who was yelling in his room and then you come here and can't decide if you want to sit or stand. Wow, your some kid, hahaha." As the older boy laughed, a senior girl walked up to him and gave him a strong slap across the back of his head. She seemed angered at him and once she opened her mouth, the boy seemed a bit scared for his life.

"What is wrong with you, didn't I tell you this morning before coming here to be nice to all the new students?!" The girl's face seemed shrouded in evil darkness for some reason. This gave both Ven and the senior boy goosebumps. After she finished, the boy fell down and kneeled on the floor to beg forgiveness. Ven was freaked out for a moment.

"And he called me a weird kid." Ven smiled as he amused himself, until that was broken by the senior girl's angered face. He stood utterly still, awaiting her loud roar.

"Hello, I'm sorry for him, I told him to be nice today but as it seems, he doesn't know how to follow directions." She said as she gracefully pulled out her hand to soon meet with Ven's. He was quite confused at the moment but shook her hand, as to not anger her any more than she was already.

"You said you wanted to know where Sanzatelane Erutenmine's office was, right?" She asked. Ven shook his head, still frightened by this girl.

"Once you leave the auditorium, go left until you see a normal sized building and that's her office...good luck." She directed while pointing her finger towards the auditorium's exit door. Ven thanked her and took off like a bullet, not wanting to waste anymore time than he already did. He did not want to repeat what happened during the introductory, but he still wondered why he was wished good luck. He paid no mind to it as he tried to focus on the matter at hand.

July 25th, 2007, 3:47 PM
“Hmm, so I ended up with Beowulf,” he muttered, rising from his seat as the assembly swiftly ended. “Then there’s, if I can remember; Heiderich, Rene, myself, and Laurence.”

Standing up in his place, the messy black-haired teenager looked around the vast auditorium with the hopes of identifying the whereabouts of his new supervisor and fellow to-be-supervised students.
It was fortunate that Heiderich had been called alongside him for supervision, solely due to the fact that they were both seniors and had met previously.
He had now however, conceded the chances of recognising Heiderich along with the two first-year students, of whom he had yet to meet, minimal, amongst the mass of other students and staff crowding the disassembled auditorium.

Hmm, maybe I should wait for them, since they might not know the way to Beowulf’s office. Soel began pondering as he neared one of the many exits of the room. But I don’t know what the other two look like, and I don’t think I should risk being late, especially with Beowulf as my supervisor.

The intermediate magician was struggling to come to a decision about whether to wait for any straggling first-years who appeared to be lost and assist them, and hopefully discover if any of them may be Rene or Laurence, or instead, leave directly for Beowulf’s office and minimise any possibility of being late, and thus avoiding any punishment that the grey-haired supervisor may enforce for being so. He also knew that Beowulf was a teacher who followed the rules and opposed those who didn’t. Despite his lack of social interaction, the grey-haired teacher still held respect and to some extent, fear, among the student body and to even some of the staff for being a very skilled enchanter. Soel was no exception to this case and held a lot of respect for Beowulf, but like others, held back when conversing with the teacher.

Returning his thoughts to the current situation, the magician had finally exited the hall and was standing amidst a dispersing crowd of students who had also begun grouping together before departing.

I don’t recognise anyone. He thought despairingly, looking over the crowd. I guess most of the seniors have already left for their own supervisors, but then most of the first-years should still be making their way there, or finding their way there at least.

Several minutes passed and despite many of the students’ scheduled meetings with their respective supervisors, there were still many students littering the corridors. They had obviously been assigned to a more laid back personality among the staff, or that they didn’t care, but either way, they were proving a distraction to Soel’s search for the others in his own group.

He was definite that Heiderich would be able to find Beowulf’s office without any problems, but was unsure whether or not he’d be waiting for Rene and Laurence. Soel had decided to himself that he would try to stay and find them for as long as he could, but he was becoming progressively late and he was sure that Beowulf did not liked to be kept waiting. In spite of his efforts, he had not recognised anyone to be the two first-years he was looking for, despite his asking of several students. Finally retreating, Soel decided that it was best to report to Beowulf and not risk punishment, especially from a rather rough-around-the-edges teacher who was proficient in enchanting magic.

“Sorry guys, but I got to go,” he said to himself, as if he had been speaking to the two first-year students.

Hopefully they’ll be there when I get there.

Reassuring himself, the messy black-haired teenager turned and headed down the corridor towards Beowulf’s office in a hastened pace.

OOC: I'm sorry Alter Ego, I tried to cut down on indenting but there's still one or two in there. T.T

Jack O'Neill
July 26th, 2007, 12:31 AM
2nd Lieutenant Edward James Heiderich had a terrible time readjusting to civilian life, even with an entire year to familiarize himself with the trappings and intricacies of life at the Riven Academy of Thaumaturgical Science. To him, it was somewhat like high school all over again, minus all the constant womanizing; in other words, it was tedious, repetitive, and just plain boring beyond all measuring. Year 7 had come and gone without incident, with Edward passing his required courses and electives with some manner of distinction; Year 8 was now upon him, and he expected a rehash of the same old boring routine.

With that on his mind, Edward exited his room and made his way to the auditorium to (re)attend orientation, as was required of all students at the academy. He evoked the specter of the real-life Schutzstaffel with his current choice of attire: black combination cap, khaki shirt, black tie, black jacket, red armband, black pants (complete with the distinct bulges around the thighs), and black jackboots. However, it was the small things that distinguished this proud officer of the Riven Armed Forces from an actual Nazi; his armband bore a pair of kanji instead of a swastika, his rank insignia was distinctly American in terms of appearance (a single gold bar perched atop each shoulder, as opposed to the embroidered collars common to German uniforms), he wore an Colt M1911A1 instead of a Luger or Walther P38 in his belt holster, and his combination cap was completely unadorned.

Edward reached the auditorium without incident and right on time, taking his seat just a few moments before Mr. von Wemeren began his oration. It was at that point that Ed's brain switched off, so to speak; he had to endure the same old spiel the first time around, so what was the point of tuning in for a repeat broadcast? He snapped back to reality as soon as von Wemeren started calling out the supervisor assignments, giving mental commentary on these allocations as they were announced.

"Timothy Tinkle, Vahn Ishozan, Morofua Momoshiro; you are with Kiahi Hikaru."

"They've got Kai for their squad leader," Edward mused. "That ought to be an...interesting experience."

"Ventus Volcurn, Illyabera Evangard, Eran Camerith, and Tamilia Gandrealas, your supervisor is Sanzatelane Erutenmine."

Edward's train of thought continued on its journey. "Wow. Pity those unfortunate souls stuck with that shrill harpy of a teacher. Had she been in the army, Sanza would've been fragged a LONG time ago."

"Ace Bladia, AJ Valentine; your original supervisor is unfortunately on sick leave, but in the mean time you have been assigned to student mentor Dahlia Lindbergh."

"Cadets leading other cadets. Terrific. We all know how that'll end," Edward thought. An incident came to mind in which an entire squad was wiped out due to the actions (or lack thereof) of a newly-commissioned sergeant named Niedermeyer; he was fragged for his incompetence by the only survivor of the unit, a Lance Corporal Blutarsky.

"Finally, Rene Sanders, Mokona Modoki, Laurence Foxworth, and Edward Heiderich; you have been assigned to me and I expect to see you in my office forthwith."

Edward's train of thought derailed violently upon hearing that announcement. "...Well, yippie-ki-yay, mofo. I've got von Wemeren as my squad leader. I've had worse drill instructors and platoon leaders, so I think I should be fine."

As soon as the assembly ended, Edward rose up from his seat and proceeded directly towards von Wemeren's office, making his way through the gargantuan throng of students cluttering the auditorium and its adjoining hallways; it was a messy affair, but he managed to reach his destination without any further altercations. All the lieutenant had to do at this point was wait for his comrades.

July 26th, 2007, 9:42 AM
Tamilia Gandrealas sat on the soft , comfortable grass, inhaling the scent of the ocean water. It felt so nice, the breeze coming from the ocean. It was one of her favorite past times , and she had felt particularly good this morning. Even though she woke up really early she still felt like she had gotten all the sleep in the world. Though something was bothering her, Tamilia couldn’t place her finger on it but something was amiss.

“Oh well , I’m sure I’ll remember later.” Tamilia said falling back on to the grass she had grown to love so much.

Tamilia then abruptly sat up not being able to be comfortable on the grass anymore. Now it was really bothering her. Was it something she forgot? Or did she lose something? Her head sat on her legs as she was now searching through every inch of her brain to try and think of what was bothering her , and much to her dismay, she couldn’t.

“ Hey sis you’re gonna be late!” Her brother called from the door of their house, a sense of tease in his voice.

“Late? Late for….OH GOSH!” Tamilia jumped up so fast she nearly scraped 3 feet of grass off the ground. She nearly crashed through their front door to get to the kitchen which is where the clock hung above the sink.

9:07 a.m.

“ Oh no! I’m going to be so late!” Tamilia said now rushing past the door that was now slammed shut.

It was now 9:23 a.m. and Tamilia had stopped her mad rush towards the school. She was walking like she had all the time in the world to get there, when in reality she only had 7 minutes.

“ It’s going to take 15 more minutes to get there so why rush if I’m going to be late anyway..” Tamilia said now completely relaxed as if her being late on her first day wasn’t that bad.

When she had finally arrived at her destination she noticed that the grounds were still crowded with students.” Strange I thought I was late.” Tamilia said now strolling through to the auditorium. “ Our clock must be busted or something,” she laughed as she glanced at the clock in the hallway.

9:48 a.m

“What the? Ugh. I won’t even bother.” Tamilia said now quickening her pace to get to the auditorium. She took a quick glance in and noticed they hadn’t even started yet! Tamilia was now so confused that she had to sit down and rest her head. She felt tired now and had to fight the urge to fall asleep in her chair. “Stupid clocks, messing up my day..”

Tamilia closed her eyes , falling asleep for a short amount of time.

“-Tamilia Gandrealas , your supervisor is Sanzatelane Erutenmine."

“Eh? “ Tamilia said now opening one eye , only to realize they had nearly finished the speech. Yawning, and now opening the other eye she realized they had called her name.

“Wait a second , who is that? Supervisor, what supervisor?” Tamilia said now fully awake and fully aware of the looks of pity being directed toward her. “Why are you staring at me like that?” her question directed to the kid next to her.

“ Be brave , young one be brave.” He said now standing up ,for the speech was over.

“Well now what?” Tamilia asked to no one is particular.

“ Go to your supervisor.” The kid replied now running towards the exit.

“Sanzatelane, hey I pronounced it on the first try,” Tamilia said now laughing and walking away only to follow the students unaware of where to go.

“Once you leave the auditorium, go left until you see a normal sized building and that's her office...good luck."

“Hm..I guess that’s where I’m heading,” Tamilia said overhearing the conversation between the students. “ Let’s try to get off to a good start.”

July 26th, 2007, 3:35 PM
Wolfy turned his face towards his cousin’s steady breathing. The sound of feet passing them on either side made concentrating difficult and he had the feeling that he had failed to listen to something important, hopefully Cloud heard. He prayed as a girl with heals stepped on his right hand. Making a face as though to scream he bites his lip, the good thing about being mute was that this was never necessary. Yet because he had been raised to think he was normal, he did it anyway.

Cloud runs a finger over Wolfy’s bloody lip, “Let’s get to Prf. Beowulf’s office before someone else steps on you.” He says helping his cousin up. The last of the students were parading threw the hall as Cloud lead ((it might be right but I don’t like it…)) his cousin by the hand. He had memorized the map given to him by his uncle, he knew that the only way for Wolfy not to get lost was that He himself knew exactly were they were at all times. “Let’s hope that they told Beowulf why I’m here. Can you imagine…” he said with a laugh, “The look on his face when he realizes that he has one student to ma-“Stopping in mid word and mid step once more he adds in a sad voice. “Sorry.”

Wolfy sighed a soundless sigh, His cousin really worried too much when it came to what came out of his mouth. Maybe Cousin Eddie would have been a better choice. Wolfy thinks to himself; a girl giggles at the sight of two guys going down the hall holding hands. If only she knew what it was like to be me. He thinks getting closer to Cloud.

Cloud reaches the door that had Beowulf in gold letters inscribed on a place near the door knob; taking his cousin’s hand he places Wolfy’s fingers on the plaque. “This is Beowulf’s door. Just in case I can’t help you get here sometime.” Wolfy nods, he had listened and tried to count how many doors he would have to pass to get here, but with all the student’s talking he could only estimate.
Taking his hand from Cloud’s grip he places both hands on the door, memorizing it’s every detail. The crushed Pine smelled like the forest outside, the polished surface had a slight imperfection that only Wolfy’s trained hands could find, that was what he needed to find when he looked for this door. Turning to Cloud he signed ‘I think I could manage without you.’

Cloud smiled, “Alright, if you think you can.” Stepping to the door he wondered aloud, “Is Beowulf even in there?”

Pulling back Wolfy tilted his head as he tried to listen for voices inside the room, none penetrated the solid wood door. Wolfy shook his head and signed, ‘I don’t hear anything.’ A smell catches his attention, fallowed by steady foot steps, ‘He’s coming though.’

Cloud turned to see Prf. Beowulf walking towards them, “I guess I pulled you faster then I thought.” Is all that he said before the professor was within earshot, then as loud as he possibly could he shouted. “Hey there Professor!” Wolfy recoiled at this outburst, his ears would be ringing for hours.

((BTW Prf. that's the way we abbreviate it here where I live.))

July 26th, 2007, 7:10 PM
"Oh my god, this must be some kind of joke; I'm definitely not in this lady's class!" Was what Illya would have exclaimed if she was stupid enough to. With a slight jaw dropping stare, she watched was her future teacher and her clicky-clacky shoes walked out of her seat and out of the auditorium. Things just weren't going her way today. Not to mention that she'd never even heard of any of her new peers. Well, maybe that was for the good, the last class she had was a little strange, including the Heiderich fellow with all the weird....whosawhatsits he had. Hell would probably freeze over before she came on good terms with her teacher, but maybe she could get a bit of amusement from the other kids in her class. Illya blinked. The auditorium was just about empty.

"Crap! Everyone's just about gone already! Focus Illya! Fooocus...!" Quickly but nonchalantly rising from her seat, Illya slid between the crowd and out of the auditorium. She knew exactly where Ms. Sanza's room was (she'd crossed it before to class last year and heard some odd screeching) but she wasn't in a rush. She couldn't be the first one in for fear of conversation with this lady, but nor could she be the last one in for fear of a reputation of being late under a first impression. Just as she was deciding to set as a pace for herself when she saw a kids a bit younger than her asking directions to the same class she was headed to. She heard the male senior laugh.

"Hahaha, your that weirdo, the one who was yelling in his room and then you come here and can't decide if you want to sit or stand. Wow, your some kid, hahaha." Illya snorted. Of all the lowest things; to pick on a young junior who's probably bewildered already about the school... But luckily, some other senior girl had given him some directions and the junior began to bolt off. God, this kid would embarrass himself.

"Hey watch it there kid! You're going to trip over yourself; we're going in the same direction anyway so slow down a bit and take a breather, will ya?" Illya wondered if she'd even be heard but hey, if he wanted to be there first, good luck to him.

Scarlet Weather
July 27th, 2007, 2:53 PM
Several students in the room could have sworn they heard the air crackle as Eran abruptly stood up at the end of Beowulf's speech, turned, and marched out into the hall. His frustration and anger began spilling out as he muttered under his breath. "Sanza? That overgrown excuse for a fashion statement? Why her? I wanted to learn physical transformation! Illusions are useless. I want to be able to change things!" He continued rambling on in this manner until he reached room number twenty-three of the boy's dormitory. Knocking the door to make sure that none of the cleaning staff were inside, he inserted his hand into one of the pockets inside of his robe and began fumbling for his key. When his hand felt nothing, he growled and began cursing under his breath. He had lost his key in the wineshop.

Eran racked his brains, trying to remember if there was any way to get into the room. If he had been able to physically change the shape of objects he could have changed the dagger in his sleeve into a key for a moment, but that would have been a chore on his best of days, and with his current headache and exploded temper, maintaining the change was nigh unto impossible. He would have to wait to change out of this damp robe until tomorrow. Still growling and cursing, he broke into a run, hoping to reach Sanza's office before she locked him out. A sudden thought struck him, however. Turning back to the door, he removed his dagger from its sheath and slipped it into the lock. After a few expiramental jiggles, the lock yielded. Eran shook his head. The largest school of its kind in the world, and Riven Academy of Thaumaturgical Science had only two tumblers in the locks for its doors.

Racing in, Eran stripped the robe from his shoulders, hurling it on his bed, and hastily pulled on a simple, homespun shirt sitting atop his nightstand. Wordlessly, he transferred his dagger into the lining of his shoe and bolted from the room's doorway. Idiot teacher though Sanza was, he knew from experience that being late for orientation with your personal teacher essentially meant instant death. A few minutes later he collapsed against Sanza's doorway, panting like a dehydrated Labrador. Slowly, Eran thanked every single god he knew of, individually and by name, that Sanza's office was such a short distance from his room.

Alter Ego
July 30th, 2007, 9:41 AM
Barian was in no particular hurry as he left the assembly room, preferring some well-earned privacy to arriving at the office in the smallest time possible. After all, there were new students around, so someone was bound to get lost simply by virtue of not knowing his surroundings...or having stopped to help someone else in that situation. He would give his students a small break this time around...the faintest of smiles played on his features at the thought; it would be the only break they'd get.

Barian's expression soon returned to the usual blank as his office came into view...and what's more, someone was already there; two people, actually, whom he identified as the boy who had stumbled during the assembly and the one who had helped him out. The latter was apparently the talkative one of the duo, judging by the loud greeting and his friend's flinch at the noise.

"Greetings." he remarked in an even voice, "I take it, this would be Laurence?" he added, nodding in Wolfy's direction. Seeing as how he seemed to be the less secure one of the duo, it hadn't been a hard deduction to make, besides, he was positive that he hadn't seen someone like this boy around the grounds - those slack and strangely vacant-looking eyes with their differently colored pupils were enough of a sign of that - "Glad to see you've chosen to arrive in a timely fashion. Go on in, I'm giving the others a few more minutes to find their bearings." he added in Wolfy's direction before turning back to Cloud, "I don't believe that you're on my list, however. Don't you have a supervisor to report to?"

Đ a r κ
July 31st, 2007, 7:54 PM
As Ven ran towards Sanza's office, he noticed a girl yelling at him. This caused Ven to change his attention to the girl who seemed to be warning him to be careful. Then, while Ven's attention was away, he tripped over a rock. Ven landed on the concrete which seemed to be ten times harder than it usually would. Like anyone's reaction would be, Ven had pulled out his hands to break his fall. Ven pulled his head up to look at what had made him fall and he saw the rock that looked as though it had an evil look.

"Great, now rocks are out to get me. Whats next, am I gunna stop breathing do to lack of oxygen?" Ven sighed as he heaved himself up off the ground. You could tell how hard the impact was, seeing as how red his hands were. As he lifted himself, he brushed off as he walked over to the woman who cautioned him. Ven actually found this girl quiet attractive but he paid no mind as he figured she was a senior. As he walked up to her, he had remembered that he didn't want to be late to meeting Sanza. Ven pulled his head away for a moment to think and then he pulled it back and asked the girl a question.

"I believe you said we had the same teacher, correct? Well maby we can walk to her office together, that way neither of us will be late." Not even waiting, Ven had already began to walk towards Sanza's office. He wasn't about to wait for a whole answer, if she wanted to go with him, she would if not, then it's her lose. While walking closer, Ven noticed a boy breathing heavily outside Sanza's office. He ran quickly to him to check if he were okay. Ven paused and looked back at the girl who failed to move yet.

"Hey, there is some kid at Sanza's office, I think he might need help, hurry!" Ven commanded, not wanting to waits a moment. He rushed over but felt a chilling feeling as he began to get closer to Sanza's office. Ven could tell there was a creepy aura around the office but he didn't know why.

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July 31st, 2007, 8:38 PM
OoC// No I don't. Lulz. A solution finally got through my incredibly THICK head.


It was no surprise. People passing by who had been here before, people who had been her students before, they probably didn't even blink when they heard the shrill shriek that was distinctly that of a banshee's, followed by the bang and slam of a door. If it weren't practically 50 below zero in the building that was Sanza's office, she would've melted everything in her sight, as she practically wrenched the door knob of the main doors off. She looked quite perfect, with her shirt folding in all the right places, her skirt hanging straight and elegant, while her boots had shifted into a much better position then before. Her hair was perfect. Utterly perfect.

But her face was now sharpened like the tip of a pencil which had been meticulously pushed into the pencil sharpener for hours, and though she stood quite a few heads shorter then some of the passing students, the aura she exuded was enough to make her seem a few dozen heads taller then them.

"My students." She started with a maliciously livid voice, impatient and frustrated from waiting, "Get the hell inside. Now."

Of course, Sanza, being Sanza, would've laced her last few statements with more colorful and quite fluent words, but, seeing as she was a teacher, and she already set a bad enough example with her completely off and crazy personality, she'd been forbidden to utter too many curse words in one sentence. Quite the let down for her, but to keep a job and shove it down that stupid enchanter's throat, she reluctantly held her tongue.

But her actions conveyed her words all too well. With a deft snap of a skilled wrist, the door slammed shut with a force to be reckoned with, and she re-entered her office, giving her students a good 5 minutes before the nice facade would fade out, and they would have to meet her personality straight on, no barriers, no blockades, no speed bumps.

1000 miles per hour, her temper would flare.

August 1st, 2007, 6:56 AM
OOC: Lol, great idea XD


Illyabera attempted to stifle a laugh as the junior tripped over a rock. This junior obviously didn't care what others thought about him or he was just extremely clumsy; or both. For a quick second, it passed her mind that maybe Riven accepted some juniors out of entertainment. No, that was mean.

"I believe you said we had the same teacher, correct? Well maybe we can walk to her office together, that way neither of us will be late." Illya blinked, he'd caught up to her. And then again he began to pass her. Oh well, it was the first day, she should be following his example and speeding up. The junior was still talking though and mentioned someone who needed help by Sanza's door.

"Eh?" Still going at the same speed, she noticed an older scrawny looking guy half-dead. She might have seen him before last year. Narrowing her eyes, Illya cocked her head. This was a senior right? An older senior! How unprofessional...no senior pride. Things were out of order; teachers sitting in the auditorium and now a senior acting like a junior all over again! She would have to sh-

"My students. Get the hell inside. Now." Before she could even glance at the teacher, the door slammed shut again. Crap. If she was upset now, how would she be if she got in there last? Or even second to last? Now, it seemed the only way to somewhat get on her good side was to get in their first, against what she thought earlier. She began to speed up, passing the junior, but making sure that she didn't trip over herself or 'look' like she was in a rush. Making it to the door, she pulled her glove snug on her hand before touching the doorknob and looked down at the panting senior.

"If you want to get anywhere, you're going to have to get up." Flicking her hair with a smirk, she turned the handle and opened the door- Holy crap it was cold! Unlike the other rooms, everything seemed to be in black and white. A slight shiver went up her spine. That wasn't her concern right now though. She needed to make the best impression she could. Turning towards the glass desk, Illya gave a small bow. "Hello Mrs. Erutenmine. I'm Illyabera Jannet Evanguard." Rising up again, she gave a bright smile, "It's great to have you as a teacher, I've heard so much about you."

Scarlet Weather
August 1st, 2007, 9:12 AM
Eran winced as his fellow students approached. First there was the seventh year. The kid had to be a seventh-year student, since Eran didn't really recognize him. Then there was the other senior, Illya. He couldn't remember much about her either. He'd have to remedy that. One of the big rules of staying on top of the game at Riven was that the student who had the most blackmail fodder usually won. It never occured to Eran that his relationship with his classmates could possibly exist on a level outside that of a confrontational nature. All he cared about was coming out on top. Well, that and finding a way to transfer out of Sanza-the-demon's class.

"My students. Get inside. Now." Sanza snarled. Eran, in spite of himself, was taken aback by her appearance. Somehow she was emitting an aura of menace that made her almost physically seem much taller then she actually was. Eran felt his frustration at getting saddled with this particular teacher fading. Her aura was at least as menacing as his own was when he was trying to intimidate others, and she could probably crank up the intimidation factor a few more notches. Maybe he could learn a few things from the illusions master.

As he stepped into the office after his fellow senior, Eran balked. Yes, he did now have a bit more respect for Sanza, but that didn't mean he was going to walk in there and immediately start kissing up to her, which was what Illya had done from his point of view. He smirked mentally, but tried not to let any emotion show on his face, even when he saw the room's black and white decor and felt the blast of frigid air. Showing emotion meant it would be easier for Sanza to get under his skin. While Eran had no qualms about manipulating others, he considered manipulation of himself an unforgivable act, and defended himself from it at all costs.

Sensing it was time to introduce himself, Eran drew himself up to his full height and attempted to look dignified, which was a tad difficult when suffering from a lingering hangover. Trying not to let his obvious pain and exhaustion show, he announced "I'm Eran. Eran Camerick." He decided to leave his introduction at that. If he continued on, he risked revealing his hangover, which would be hard to explain away.

Đ a r κ
August 1st, 2007, 10:29 AM
The second Ven had heard the shrieking voice of Sanza, he had goosebumps all over his body. It was like the wrath of Satan for that one moment. Ven did not hesitate to immediately stand up straight and walk into her office. His face was so startled that you could almost see all of his eyes bulging out. Ven took a moment to take in the room's style. It was a bit creepy but Ven had gotten used to it pretty quick.

"Actually, I kinda like it. This room is awesome." He said, adding in the awesome part, hopping to get on Sanza's good side. Ven found a chair and sat in it and waited for a conversation to break the silence. The boy who had been breathing heavy a minute ago had started by announcing his name to everyone.

"I'm Eran. Eran Camerick." The senior exclaimed. Ven wasn't very impressed. He didn't see the point in that if everyone's name was announced at the introductory. Not wanting to be a stick in the mud, Ven stood up as the other boy sat down. He planned on giving his own introduction.

"Hello, I'm sure you know; I'm Ventus Virtus Volcurn. I lived in Tasogare Town which sleeps in the country of Makura. If you know of his place, I'm sure you can understand how I used to live. I finally got out of there when-...well my father came and took me, lets just say that..." Ven lowered his head for a moment but quickly retreated to his seat. He tried as hard as he could but couldn't keep a tear away from falling down his face. He moved his arm to wipe away the tear so fast that you could only see a blur. He then awaited for the introductions to commence.

August 1st, 2007, 3:16 PM
Tamilia had been leisurely walking towards Sanza’s office when suddenly the door flung open, looking like it could fall off at any moment. She raised an eyebrow at this. “Is THAT my supervisor?” Luckily Tamilia kept that thought inside her head as she proceeded to walk to her new and hopefully sane teacher.

Sadly her hopes were in vain as she heard the teacher speak.

My students. Get the hell inside. Now." Sanza growled.

Tamilia visibly stiffened as she heard, what she thought was the devil itself in those few words she spoke. A cold chill ran through her body.

As the door slammed shut, causing Tamilia to break out of her trance, she slowly worked herself over to Sanza’s office. All the while debating over whether or not it’s worth losing her life to stay there. Deciding it was best not to defy Sanza’s orders she slowly opened the door, poking her head through just to make sure it was safe. She was hit by the cold, freezing air. It didn’t bother her much because she always used to keep her room cold anyway.

Tamilia saw there were already three people there. This meant she had come in last. One boy had introduced his name to be Eran Camerick, and the other Vitus Volcurn. She didn’t catch the name of the girl.

She cursed herself for having such slow feet as she immediately changed the expression on her face to one of a somewhat happy expression. “ Hello Mrs. , I’m Tamilia Gandrealas ,it’s nice to meet you." She faced Sanza , only somewhat ready to accept the fate to befall her.

August 1st, 2007, 3:19 PM
“I don’t believe that you’re on my list, however. Don’t you have a supervisor to report to?”

The question perked his ears, causing the eighteen year old to pause and digest what he had just heard. It was a bad habit that he had grown into that whenever something was said or referred to, he would assume it was in relevance to him. This was an uncharacteristic self-involved habit that Soel was willing to break, but had difficulty in doing so.

He had come to a stop after hearing the familiar voice he had witnessed only minutes ago within the school’s auditorium. The question that he had overheard, and its accompanying voice, belonged to Beowulf. Hearing this, Soel realised that he was not the target of the teacher Thaumaturge’s question. He also found himself only metres away from Beowulf’s office, and was not as late as he had predicted.

Turning the corner, Soel finally laid his eyes on the entrance to the staff Thaumaturge’s office, where both Beowulf and two other students stood. He then noticed something out of place with the pair of male students who stood beside his new supervisor, and soon realised that Beowulf’s earlier question was directed at them.

They look like juniors. He began thinking to himself as he approached the office. One of them must be Laurence, and I haven’t seen Heiderich yet and who was that other girl? Rene, I think. I don’t see her anywhere.

Walking up to his to-be supervisor and the two other students, Soel gave the group a small wave and introduced himself.

“Hi, I’m Mokona Modoki. I was announced to be in your group at the assembly. I’m sorry if I was late.”

August 2nd, 2007, 1:10 AM
(OOC- All I can really say is sorry to my students ;-; If you still want me to grade your posts and such, by all means I’m open for them now, if not I’m sorry and I understand)

Kiahi watched as the crowd started to disappear with they’re assigned teachers, she didn’t understand why they were so strict on them; after all they were only kids wanting to enjoy the experience. She cleaned her nails, concentrating hard on ridding them of every stain and spot as the students marched out. She could see her students watching her, waiting for her to say something; but she didn’t even bat an eyelid at them. It got to the point where all that was left was her class and they began to fidget, waiting to see what they’re teacher would do.

A long moment of silence past and after she had made absolutely sure that her nails were perfectly clean, she raised her eyes to meat those of her class. She blinked and took in they’re appearance, anyone would have thought she was looking in to they’re very souls. After a moment she grinned and scratched behind her head pathetically. “Sorry,” she giggled “I didn’t know everyone had gone!” She continued to giggle to herself, knowing full well that the students hadn’t found it funny in the least, but she didn’t care.

She continued to giggle until she coughed and hiccupped one after the other. It was then that she got up from her chair and walked over to the door opposite of where she was sat and behind the students. She opened it with a creek and sauntered out, bidding the class to follow her. “Come, come, we don’t have all day and the stench of this hall is driving me mad. It was bad before, now it smells of rotting oak and teen sweat. Make haste!” She yelled as she disappeared behind the door and listened as the scramble of feet followed her.

She climbed the steps of the tower to the very top and after some hard climbing and some swinging (across a broken floorboard, which Kiahi had been meaning to have fixed for a while), she opened her office door and waved them all inside. “Make yourselves comfortable, don’t touch anything and watch the floorboards, some of them aren’t as strong as they use to be.” Her office was quite bright, but a little run down, it was home to many artefacts, some rear and some mealy for decoration. There were swords, shields, cowboy hats, riding equipment, suits of armor, dragon statues and so much more decorating the room. It seemed to glow, but no one knew if it was from the natural light of the sun that bore through her bright, glass window or the weird hovering light in a cage at the other side of the room. It was a big square office and at the very opposite end were her chamber doors.

Yuki flew from his master’s shoulder and landed square on the desk and then propelled himself into his basket, before curling up and drifting off to sleep. Kiahi smiled and turned to her class. “That’s Yuki, a ferret if some of you were unsure and of course, I’m Kiahi Hikaru, some of you know me some of you don’t. But let it be known, that I’m not one for displeasuring tasks, I’m here to make your stay as fun and exciting as I possibly can!”

August 2nd, 2007, 10:20 AM

“How professional,” whispered Timothy, sarcastically. For the mere fact that he had never experienced an awkward moment like that involving Ms Hikaru, he was willing to let it slide this once however. To her credit, she did manage to get those fingernails in tiptop shape after all. Timothy, and the rest of his forgotten classmates, finally rose from their rears and followed the absentminded teacher to her classroom. After a series of fretful giggles and hiccups, Ms Hikaru commented on the foul smells parading the hall.

Guilty beads of sweat surfaced on Timothy’s brow. He only realised that in his unexpected rush to reach the auditorium earlier, he had somehow forgotten to apply deodorant. His armpits felt wet and sticky. There was no doubt in his mind that he was largely responsible for the discomfort his teacher and the rest of the students were undergoing in the hallway. He pinched his armpits closed and refrained from lifting his arms too high for the rest of the journey there. His attempt at saving face made him resemble a walking cardboard box. But it was all for a good cause; he was potentially saving lives here. Timothy sighed. The remorseful student regretted that he could not strut his stuff like a supermodel on the catwalk as he usually did.

Cautiously up the fleet of stairs and elegantly over the renegade floorboard, the gang finally arrived at Ms Hikaru’s classroom. Timothy surveyed the room with a glint of confusion in his eyes. “Argh … what are you keeping all this junk for, Ms Hikaru?” Timothy queried, shaking his fingers furiously as he tried to rid them of ancient cobwebs that had been hidden behind one of the shields. An olden day cowboy hat seated a desk in the corner of the room attracted the eager boy next. He picked it up and placed it on his head. The height of his Mohawk made the hat look awkward to say the least. “Aw, cute! Just like in those cowboy movies!” He giggled, striking a few glamorous poses here and there. “I’m think I’m gonna keep this on for a while if you don’t mind, Ms Hikaru.”

Timothy did not bother waiting for a reply. Instead, he found himself an unoccupied desk and sat behind it. The sight of Ms Hikaru’s RAT in motion caused Timothy to shudder fearfully. Ferrets were such filthy creatures. Out of respect of the teacher, he decided to keep his opinion to himself. Ms Hikaru told the class that she planned to make lessons as fun and exciting as possible. Timothy cheered loudly to this. “Yay! We cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!” He spoke on behalf of the class. “I must say though, your classroom is very strange. Did you run out of space in your basement at home or something? I mean, you’ve got some pretty neat things in here but what’s with the dragon statues and that weird cage dangling up there!?” He was quite interested in what motivated her to ‘design’ the room like she had.

This place needed a serious makeover.

Jack O'Neill
August 2nd, 2007, 11:56 PM
2nd Lieutenant Heiderich casually strolled out of the men's lavatory, zipping up his fly as he took a glance at the sterling silver watch wrapped around his left wrist. "I actually seem to be making really good time," he said to himself. "Even though that break took longer than I expected, I should be back just in time to greet the teacher and my erstwhile classmates."

As Edward turned the corner, his eyes immediately fell upon the group of people gathered around the entrance to von Wemeren's office. "Oh crap," he thought to himself. "Looks like everyone else made it here during my absence. Modoki's here, along with whom I would assume is Foxworth. Of course, von Wemeren's here for the party. But who's that other guy, and how come Sanders hasn't shown up for duty?"

Edward walked up to his would-be squad leader and the three students gathered by the door, halting to deliver a formal salute. "Second Lieutenant Edward Heiderich of the Riven Armed Forces reporting for duty," he barked in as enthusiastic a tone as he could muster. "I apologize for my tardiness." He kept saluting for a few seconds before bringing his right hand back down to his side, a somewhat nervous smile playing upon his lips; he was still getting used to the fact that civvies weren't under any obligation to return his salute.

Alter Ego
August 3rd, 2007, 12:25 AM
"That's quite alright." Barian replied calmly at Modoki's excuse, "First days are always a mess, so-"

He paused in mid-speech as Heidrich appeared on the scene, making a typical army-fashion greeting, complete with the standard salute, a gesture which immediately stirred a bit of nostalgia in the former mercenary. That nervous saluting...he recalled having stared in confusion at a different young lad repeating it much the same fashion: instinctively, as if unable to grasp the concept of someone not returning the gesture...and of course, with it came the memory of the same cadet lying face-down in a ditch, his body riddled with the very same bullets he had fired at an opposing enchanter. Barian forced the memory aside, he had made a decision to leave that life behind. How ironic that the one military enthusiast had been assigned to him.

The enchanter curtly returned the salute, "At ease." he replied calmly, "And for future reference, mr. Heidrich, you needn't salute your teachers; this isn't cadet school. Now then..." he turned to address the students in front of him, "Ms Sanders has yet to make her appearance, but there's only so long one can wait. Come on inside. You too." he added in Cloud's direction, "We'll sort out your matter here." with that, he pushed open the door to his extremely spartan office, revealing the bare stone walls, the unadorned oak desk in the center, the nondescript filing cabinet in the corner and the plain but serviceable wooden chairs. A single window in the wall behind the room seemed to be the only thing one would have been interested in for anything but practical purposes. After all, Barian's office was in one of the older towers that had been there before the rest of the academy was built around it, and as such it still had quite the view of the field below and the vast, seemingly impenetrable forest stretching out behind it.

"Do sit down." Barian continued, paying absolutely no attention to said view as he walked over to the filing cabinet, apparently in search of leaflets or forms of some kind, "We have some paperwork to address."

August 3rd, 2007, 8:05 PM
OoC// Not sure what the paperwork is AE. So I took the shotgun and shot. I probably missed by a mile, but oh well. Nothing a little edit won't fix. >D

IC// This girl was quite flattering. The first one here, the first one to give her a compliment since that nasty incident with that stupid boy who'd insulted her hair; Many props.

Sanza had proceeded to prop herself up against her desk, narrowing a criticizing eye at her students. None of them were the best looker's in town, and seemed like the boy was one of the best drinker's in town.

"Why thank you," Sanza smiled pleasantly at the first girl who'd arrived, her smile breaking her condescending expression, "I'm sure it'll be a pleasure being your instructor. Please, by all means, do not be frightened by my personality, it will surely become a normal occurance by the end of today. My name is Sanzatelane Coatl Erutenmine. It's quite long, so feel free to address me as Sanza, and no other nickname." She tossed her hair over her shoulder and pointed at the Illya.

"You, are Illya." She repeated for herself, turning her gaze and manicured finger onto the boy who smelled of stale alcohol (a smell Sanza could pick up from miles away, as she herself was an able alcoholic, though could hold more then 10 bottles of fine wine without flushing in the slightest bit,) "You, are Eran. Then, you, don't sit on my chairs without permission please. If I am standing that is hardly invitation for you to sit. If I am sitting, then I will look it over. You, are Ventus."

"And lastly, you are Tamilia." She did not look at Tamilia, merely pointed as she said in an obviously irritated voice, "I am not married. I quite single, and I will thank you to help me keep it that way, and to also never bring up the subject of my marital status again."

She turned her finger upon Ventus once more, "Also, there will be no crying in my prescence. I am not a kindergarten teacher, I do not care in the least bit what your father did or where you came from. What I care about is what you can do now, what you can do here, and what you can do out there." Finally releasing her index finger, she waved her hand to indicate 'out there', and returned it to it's spot against the cold glass desk, "There will be no speaking of pasts in my presence. It is an automatic obligation for me to divulge mine to you, and quite frankly, you, nor anyone in this office, has any business in that department. Am I clear, or shall I repeat that for you? I will state this, however, once and only once. I do not like being insulted. I feel that if you don't hear me the first time, you find my words not worth listening to. This will offend me."

Sanza stood up straight, away from the desk now, "I will not be kept waiting. I will not tolerate weakness, nor criticism's of the way I run things. And you will learn, that it is extremely unwise to criticize my appearance." Sweeping around her desk, she pulled out of a black steel drawer a pile of papers.

"Now let's get started. Please fill these out. They concern what you can do, what you have done, and what you don't know. As you may have already learned, I specialize in the field of illusions. However, specialization does not mean I am insufficient in other fields. Thus, I'm required to tell you not to hesitate to tell me if you wish to learn more proficiently in a field other then my specialization. However, I'm not forbidden to tell you that I could hardly care less about your plans. If they don't fit in with mine, that's too bad for you."

She sat down and spread out four identical pens, black with green ink, all on top of the papers.

Đ a r κ
August 3rd, 2007, 9:01 PM
Ven could instantly tell that this Sanza didn't play by anyone else's rules. What she said dried up Ven's Tear like a lightning bolt. Ven's face showed that he didn't feel respected at all. He just wanted to get up and tell her off which would be easy for him seeing as he is a quite witty person but he knew that she wouldn't be the type to just sit there and take what Ven had to say.

"Great job Ven, now you got on her bad side. Today just doesn't seem to be my day. First, I can't find my socks, then I get embarrassed twice in a row, I trip over a rock and now this...Hey, maby I can impress her with my skills. Yea, that'll show her that i'm not some screw up." Ven quietly thought while standing out of Sanza's chair. He stood next to the other student's awaiting Sanza's orders.

"Please fill these out. They concern what you can do, what you have done, and what you don't know." Ven looked down at pieces of paper spread on top of Sanza's desk. Before moving, he waited a little while to make sure she was done with what she was doing, he did not want to have any more mess ups. Knowing that there was nothing more, Ven walked towards her desk and examined the paper. He kneeled forward and took one of the pens to begin writing. The first question was "What can you do?" Next to that, Ven began to write exactly what he could do.

"Lets see, I can bend the earth's surface to my liking, take the water vapor in the air and combined that with the cold air to create ice, make an illusion that a meadow looks like a lake...and I can break-down metal and reform it into a weapon." Ven thought as he wrote all this down. He finally ended the first question and went to the second, "What have you done?" This confused Ven a little. He figured that this could mean a few different things. One, if could mean what have you used your abilities for, or it could be asking what have you done in your life. He then remembered Sanza telling him she doesn't want to hear about my past, this came to Ven as a hint.

"Fine, but if i'm supposed to write about my past, then your going to hear what I have to say to you...Lets see, what HAVE I done?" Ven asked himself. He couldn't remember many things he did with his abilities really. He then remembered a few things; "I did help those people who's house was on fire that one day by using ice to stop the fire. I did trick that one kid into thinking that he was falling into a ten foot deep lake but I don't think i'll put that down, hahaha" Ven jotted down as he amused himself. He finally went to the final question; "What don't you know?" Once after reading the question, memories popped into Ven's head of things that happened in the past. He immediately wrote things down.

"Well, I don't know how to fully concentrate which usually makes my enchantments to fail. I don't think Sanza wants to hear about my split personality so i'll leave that out. Okay, I also do not know how to use my enchantments completely correct; at times, I may re-form the earth and it can end up disappearing before it gets even a foot into the air. I think this may be a lack of willpower so I would like to work on that a bit." Ven finished by putting a final period at the end of the sentence and neatly place the pen on the sheet of paper. He then stood up straight awaiting any further orders for with this teacher, any move could be a mistake.

August 4th, 2007, 3:15 PM
Wolfy fallowed the sound of his cousin's breathing into the office, it smelled of wood and old books, he liked it. "My name is Marten," Cloud tells the professor, "I'm my cousin's interpreter. I was called to the academy by my uncle who felt worried about my cousin's condition."

Wolfy stepped forward and felt for the professor, he caught a hold of the man's crisp shirt, it was a soft fabric that felt pleasurable to his finger tips. Wolfy wondered what the professor's reaction was, the only thing he could tell from this was that he was a strong and cool headed man for he did not react violently as most people did when Wolfy examined them.

"My cousin's a Blind mute." Cloud explains as Wolfy pulls back and says threw him, 'Professor would you give me permission to examine your face to know what you look like?' smiling he reached his hand out hopping that the good professor will accept it and allow him to know what he looked like.

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August 8th, 2007, 6:12 PM
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Eran stifled a groan as Sanza began tearing into the students. He knew she was probably saying something of great importance, but at the moment all he could hear was "Blah-blah-blah... Sanza... nickname-blah. Blah-blah, Illya-blah," and so on. He perked up a moment as she said "And you are Eran," but sank back into his bored reverie when he realized she wasn't congratulating or threatening him. He resisted the urge to answer Yes, my name is Eran. We've established that you miserable shrew. Now get to the point, dammit.

"I don't care what your father does, who you blah, blah, blah...."

Eran clenched his teeth. Her voice seemed to drone on like an incessant fly buzzing in his ear, and it didn't help that his head was now ringing like a broken telephone receiver. Why couldn't she just shut up for half an hour and give him some peace? It was as if she was purposefully attempting to magnify his already great suffering from the night before. All respect for this woman outside a proffessional setting was now gone. From this moment forward, Eran vowed that he would completely surpass her to the point that he would no longer have to pay attention to anything she said. It was at this point that he sensed her lecture was drawing to an end, so he graced the irate teacher with a quick nod. Anything to end this whole thing so that he could retire to his room and sleep off the alcohol a bit longer before class actually began.

Eran blinked as Sanza held out a few sheets of paper and quills. What were these things for again? Thankfully, his memory of the previous year at the Academy kicked in at that moment. These were the progress forms you filled out at the beginning of each year. Eran grabbed for one immediately and slammed it onto the table before scribbling onto it furiously, not caring what his handwriting looked like. As far as he was concerned, this meeting was no longer of import and he ought to finish his business and get the heck out as quickly as humanly possible before his hangover seriously affected his judgement.

By the time he had finished, the untidy scrawl on his parchment read as follows:

I am an eighth-year student at the Academy, and have passed through my initial year with flying colors. I am already fairly well versed in the field of illusions. As far as that goes, I am fairly well covered. I can create any form of illusion that requires a visible change, and I am adept at changing the feel of an object so that to the naked hand it feels like something completely different. This is my most useful ability, as I have found that in certain objects I can raise or lower the temperature to a degree. I have as of yet to actually use these powers for anything really practical, as much of my enchantments have been limited to the confines of the Academy and a few select friends.

As far as physical changes go, I am completely unable to change my own body in any way, and changing the actual physical form of an object requires much more effort then it should for me. I have trouble reshaping objects or increasing their density or weight, though I can change the material structure of certain metals without a great amount of difficulty. This is my main concern at this point in my development.

Understandably, I still have limitations. While I can craft visual illusions from air, it helps me to have a mist or a spray of liquid of some sort nearby in order to strengthen the image. In addition, I cannot change how an object feels without first coming into contact with it, no matter how briefly. I can't keep up any transformation for more then five minutes without straining myself. As for diversity in my illusions, I don't really lack. I'm quite capable with coming up with new and exciting tricks on my own. I simply require your assistance with sustaining them.

After quickly proofreading the note, Eran passed it to Sanza, satisfied with his short bio. Something stopped him as he held out the note. Was it his imagination, or was that a loose strand of hair?

Deciding that at the moment silence was golden, Eran wisely buttoned his lips. If he really wanted to, he could always change her reflection in the mirror later and watch the fun from a safe distance.

Alter Ego
August 10th, 2007, 10:59 AM
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Barian didn't cease his search as Cloud spoke up, although he was taking in every word, giving a curt nod in acknowledgment. What the boy soon said changed that, however:

"My cousin's a Blind mute."

The thaumaturge paused his work, turning back to face the duo, and although his expression didn't show any change, his mind was at work. Blind and mute? That was bad...that was really bad. Not only would visualization become a chore like none other; the boy wouldn't be able to make proper use of concentration chants either. That was two amateur fields right out of the window. Were he not so good at keeping his poker face, Barian would have frowned; he was used to having the problematic cases handed to him; but this...Laurence was in a league of his own. Still, he had accepted the boy as his student and would have him learn like any other. In fact, if he wanted the youth to become a truly functioning thaumaturge then he might have to teach him a bit more...

"Understood." Barian replied curtly, "As for your request...please give me a moment." he usually wasn't one for intimidating his students with the more complicated parts of his art, but in this case the only witnesses were two seniors, the translator, and someone who wouldn't know the difference. With this in mind, the thaumaturge extended his right hand towards the boy.

"The rest of you may wish to look away if you're not acquainted with transformations, by the way." he added as a startling transformation began overtaking his hand, the fingers smoothly molding together into a formless lump of flesh, the surface of which was soon disturbed by the a number of protrusions which soon formed the outline of a male face, Barian's face, rising out as a few locks of gray hair sprouted from the top and a pair of blue eyes - albeit not quite as attentive or piercing as the real pair - materialized in the empty eye sockets, the formless protrusion at the mouth's spot forming a pair of lips and a row of teeth to go with them, "Here." he remarked simply, extending the now striking likeness of his face towards Wolfy. 'Chimera technique...' the old thaumaturge mused for himself as he shuffled through the papers with his free hand, 'I wonder if my students have the stomach for it.'

"Now since you are technically a guest here." Barian continued, nonchalantly addressing Cloud and handing him a pile of forms - the top two of which bore the label 'Thaumaturgy License - B Rank' and the names of Mokona Modoki and Edward James Heiderich, respectively - as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened, "Please hand these out for me, and help your cousin fill his one once he's done. These forms concern your progress - or lack thereof - within the field of thaumaturgy as well as your goals and wishes for this semester, so please take your time and fill them out. The information your provide will be taken into account when planning your lessons. Also, for you two." he glanced at Soel and Heidrich, "Those are your thaumaturgy licenses and written proof of your accomplishments thus far. They grant you permission to perform your craft within school grounds without supervision and in the outside world if you have the appropriate authorization. They also authorize you to perform missions for the academy, so I can not stress this enough: Do. Not. Lose. Them."

August 10th, 2007, 7:03 PM
Wolfy ran his index finger over the transformed hand that was given to him, that sounded nasty he thought to himself. He felt a slightly off shape nose, slight indentations were the finger bones still lingered, This must be a proud man... he added to himself. As he ran his middle and ring fingers over the eyes ever so gently he wondered if the man who's hand he was identifying had skin so clear or if he had imperfections like Cloud did.

Releasing the hand he said threw Cloud who stood in the back of the room where he must have been handing out the papers, 'You're a fine looking man Sr. and may I say you have an air of a king. Such a man I haven't met in a long time.' He stepped back groping behind himself for his cousin's waiting hand.

Cloud had pulled Wolfy towards him, making sure they were out of direct earshot. only then did they lean against the far wall, "A bit much don't you think?" Cloud commented on his cousin's statement.

Wolfy shrugged his strong shoulders and smiled to where his cousin's voice had come from, 'I really think that.'

"Good for you." Cloud says sourly, "let's get these things filled out."

Like a small child Cloud whispered the questions to Wolfy who answered as quickly as he could. Wolfy wanted to get to know the teacher more, he felt as though something in their future was tugging him forward, something was whispering, He's gonna be important, get to know him well.

Cloud and Wolfy filled out the forms in almost complete silence, Wolfy's only hope was that everyone else in the room didn't just stare at them, as people had a habit of doing when ever he "talked".

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September 15th, 2007, 5:29 PM
'Way to go Tamilia, you made her angry.' Tamilia lowered her head,not wanting to look at the teacher. The woman wasn't even looking at her! She heard her ramble on and on about something that she didn't care about. Tamilia had long since tuned her out by now and the cold air in the room was making her sleepy. She fought back the urge to yawn in Sanza's face. Her attention shifted to what Sanza had pulled out of her desk. Papers? They made Tamilia even more sleepy than she already was.

"Now let's get started. Please fill these out. They concern what you can do, what you have done, and what you don't know. As you may have already learned, I specialize in the field of illusions. However, specialization does not mean I am insufficient in other fields. Thus, I'm required to tell you not to hesitate to tell me if you wish to learn more proficiently in a field other then my specialization. However, I'm not forbidden to tell you that I could hardly care less about your plans. If they don't fit in with mine, that's too bad for you."
Luckily for Tamilia she did want to get better in illusions. Unluckily for Tamilia she couldn't really do all that much. That's why she had come to this school, to learn and get better. She stopped herself from nearly snatching the paper out of Sanza's hands. Honestly Tamilia didn't know why she was mad at the teacher. Her attitude seemed bad but it didn't bother her one bit. She tried to think about what she could do and what she had done in the past. To be honest, Tamilia felt like a terrible person from the techniques she used. She normally created nightmares from her illusions and tore the victim apart mentally. It's not really something a girl like her should be doing. Especially some of the things she could come up with. They were very..disturbing. She can also change my face completely if she tried. Being as lazy as she is she only tried once. She could also bend clay into different shapes.

'Let's see here now, I have made sculptures out of clay. I have also changed my face to look like a friend of mine and walk around outside without being accused of imitation. Nothing much else. Now what I can't do. I know I can't hold my illusions for more than 5 minutes. I also can't bend anything harder than clay. If I can't picture something in my head at the time then I won't be able to transform it oe be able to transform into it. I acn't change any part of my body except my face and hair.'
That was it. Tamilia handed the paper to Sanza, not caring how extremely short or messy it was. After this day was over she would be very tired and would be out like a light. Falling asleep here was not an option so she would not be able to rest her eyes for a long time. Meaning she was already fed up with her new teacher.

'Tch. Ms.Perfect. '

September 16th, 2007, 11:21 AM
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