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May 23rd, 2004, 5:22 PM
This is one of my RP's on an another forum. Up to ten people can join.

In the year 3000 the world was finnally peaceful between pokemon and humans. Thier hearts had became on and Ho-Oh finnally saw peace. Ho-Oh descended upon earth and all was fine. He began to sleep his long sleep. But the people in the world returned to thier anscestor's dark senses. They thought that no one could stand in thier way. The hearts of people became creul and cold...

Ho-Oh finnally awakened from his long tiring sleep. The whole world was ingulfed in flames, trainers hurting and killing pokemon. Ho-Oh descided that he would destroy the humans in one month. All humans will be destroyed and the world will belong to the pokemon once again. Shall you capture more pokemon and leave earth or shall you use your last days to persuade Ho-Oh? Or shall you do nothing and be ingulfed by Ho-Oh's rage?




Destroyer Or Preserver:

H,L,P,T: (Stands for Looks, Personality, History and Talent)

Sample: (To see how good you are.

After enough people have joined we will begin.

NOTICE: This is going to be a serious RP. All posts must be at LEAST 50 letters. If you can't do that DON'T JOIN.

hyrule center
May 23rd, 2004, 5:27 PM
name zare

pokem0n unown all of the alphabet

hlpt blue shorts greenshirt
nice mean when he has to be no bad history talent training unown

sample ho oh you do not have to kill people
ohh wait i can not make each and every single post 30 letters

May 23rd, 2004, 5:29 PM
Err... you'll have to fill out your form a little better than that.

hyrule center
May 23rd, 2004, 5:30 PM
how can i fill it out better

May 23rd, 2004, 5:37 PM
Sound cool, ill join

Name: David Eddy

Pokemon: Charizard


History:Joined a rebellion against Pokemon destroyers at age 10 with Charmander, which later became Charizard. Fought many battles saving Pokemon lives.

Looks: Red spikey hair, wears a tattered black robe with red lining.

Personality: A lot like a loner most of the time, and not much is known about him.

Talent: Battling Pokemon

Sample: It was a cold night, david sat down on the cold, hard rock, as if waiting for something to happen. To the west, he caught a glimpse of a village on fire. He called upon his Charizard to see what had happened. By the time he got there, dark clouds began to pour and rain drenched down upon him.

"Where are all the villagers, and what caused this fire?" he said to Charizard, before searching the closest building"

May 23rd, 2004, 5:43 PM
Your in LP. If you want you can put a little bit more of a sample so others can get a feel of your character. LT067 you need to edit your post and describe your character more.

May 23rd, 2004, 5:45 PM
cool, so how many people are you hoping for before we start?

May 23rd, 2004, 6:10 PM
Why not Ill join this for fun:
Looks: Look at avatar
Personality: Always feeling alone and awaits a nice challenge. Never likes people and prefers to stay far away from them.

Flygon trainer
May 23rd, 2004, 6:14 PM

Flygon, Sableye, Blaziken. all pokemon are black

Destroyer Or Preserver:
Depends on who finally gains my loyalty
History: You'll be lucky if she tells you
Personality: Normally silent, only truly talks to her pokemon. Is evil, a liar, and a thief.
Talent: mentally communicates with her pokemon, and has limited Psy powers
Looks: all black, wears black armor as well


Eclipse silently trained her pokemon, each were killers, trained to murder. a flash of movement caught her eye, and in a flash, her Blaziken had a young Team Rocket member by the throat, aginst a tree. "Talk. and talk fast" Eclipse said in a cold voice. She had no time for idiots like them, and she awaited her answer

"I was ordered by the boss to steal your pokemon. and I will make sure that I sucseed" he responded defiantly. the poor moron. you don't say things like that when you're trapped. Eclipse waved a hand, and the Blaziken used it's claws to slice the large veins running through his neck. he was dead in seconds.

May 25th, 2004, 11:16 AM
All in except for LT006. We'll start after she fixes her profile or another person joins.

Flygon trainer
May 26th, 2004, 4:24 PM
OOC: lets just start now.. people can join later...

June 3rd, 2004, 4:30 PM
Sorry I haven't been online. You can start now.