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July 16th, 2007, 1:55 PM
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Rose Isle. To many, this name would incite pleasant feelings. But to the sailors of the world, the name Rose Isle brings to mind feelings of anxiety and fear. Why you ask? Because this island, throughout history, has brought calamity and pain to those unfortunate enough to visit its shores.

The history of Rose Isle is short but frightening. It was discovered about one hundred years ago by the crew of the S.S. Jubilee. From their reports, it was discovered that there was a strange and ominous labyrinth constructed on the island. The outer walls were overgrown with moss and decay. They also reported that a strange smell wafted from the entrance of the labyrinth. Though the crew of the Jubilee were known as some of the hardiest men alive, they refused to enter it. So after a short visit, they quickly sailed away never intent on visiting again.

The next recorded visitors to the island was the luxury liner the "Sundancer." After several days of rainy and turbulent sailing, the crew of the Sundancer decided to give their passengers a break on the nearest island. After an hour or so of sailing, they came upon Rose Isle. Though the rumors had spread across the world, they thought little of them. So they docked on the shores and set the oblivious passengers loose on the island. A family of four, known as the Deckers, ventured further into the island than the rest of the passengers. They came upon the labyrinth, and being the adventurous family that they were, they actually ventured into the labyrinth. But little is known what happened to them after that. A few hours later, the crew of the Sundancer went out to collect all of the passengers. Everyone was accounted for except the Deckers. The whole island was scoured, except for the labyrinth. They screamed their names but got little response. None wanted to go inside and look for them. But then, they heard a scream which was followed by a flurry of franctic-sounding footsteps. Emerging from the entrance came the youngest Decker, bruised and bloodied. They grabbed the boy and asked him where the rest of his family was. But all he did was scream and stare off into space.

And from that day on, no one knew what happened in there. The young Decker lived the rest of his life in an asylum, scarred by whatever happened in that labyrinth. The same happened to whoever was unlucky enough to visit the island. The labyrinth seemed to eat up whoever visited its walls.

This is the reason the Pokemon League of Hoenn decided to hold its biannual Trainers of the Future Showcase here at Rose Isle. It would be the ultimate test of a trainer's virility, intelligence, and skill as a trainer. Any trainer would be accepted as long as they were aware of the perils they were likely to face. They were to find their own way of transportation to the island and registration would occur upon their arrival. Whoever could find out the secrets of Rose Isle would win a fantastic prize and would go down in the history books. This enticing offer, the League hoped, would bring out the best in the Pokemon world and make for the most entertainment...


Alright, this premise for an RPG excites me more than my last one. But, like any RPG, there are rules. They are:

1.) No God-Moding Please.
2.) At least four lines of text please. I hate hate hate skimpy posts.
3.) But I love love love detail. Use it and I'll be happy. :)
4.) No death of one's character or Pokemon. Unless it really fits.
5.) Please refrain from using curse words and sexually strong words. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.
6.) Have fun. That's what RPs are all about right?
7.) No Legendaries. At all.
8.) If someone has registered with a Pokemon already, you cannot use it.
9.) More rules may be added if I deem them necessary.


Taken Pokemon:
Gyarados (Please remember there are TWO A's in Gyarados.)

Ahh.. the all important form. Use it.

Character Form:
Character's Name:
Character's Age:
Character's Hometown:
Character's Title(if any.. like Sir, Dr., etc...):
Character's Appearance(BE DESCRIPTIVE!):
Character's Background/Personality(BE DESCRIPTIVE!):
Et Cetera:

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon:
Pokemon's Nature/Gender
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality:
Et Cetera:

July 17th, 2007, 7:34 PM
You bet I'm signing up!
Character's Name: Radd Daring
Character's Age: 22
Character's Hometown: Alto Mare
Character's Title: Cool trainer
Character's Appearance: Radd wears a blue sleeveless T-shirt and has a chain necklace with an old pokeball on it. He has sunglasses on his forehead, but he never actually wears them on his eyes. He wears black jeans, and blue and white jordan shoes. He has your basic blonde anime hair, sorta DBZ style, except more laid back. He doesn't exactly have a muscular body, but he's built to say the lease.
Character's Background/Personality: Radd began his career of extreme record breaking at a very young age. He was inspired to become an extreme record breaker when he first saw a pokemon league match on TV. Radd set off to become an extreme record breaker at 12 years old. At first many people turned him down because of his young age, but eventually came across an extreme record breaking orginazation that wasn't the smart, and allowed him to join. He quickly became famous by the side of his Ditto. Like most celebrities, Radd let the fame go to his head, which is why he's so obnoxious, rude, and selfish.
Et Cetera: Radd decided to take the challenge just to set another record for more fame. He also loves ramen.

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon: Ditto
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any): None
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Ditto was captured for the use of extreme sports, for example, if Radd is diving from mid-air, Ditto could transform into a parachute, or a trampoline. Ditto enjoys transforming, and trains hard to perfect it, for one mistake could cost it's and Radd's. Ditto also loves playing pranks on people he doesn't like. His pranks change depending on how much he knows about you, and how much he likes, of dislikes you.
Species of Pokemon: Zangoose
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any): None
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Zangoose came to Radd one day after hearing passing trainers talk about how much of a daredevil he was. Zangoose seeked out Radd and was captured after a fierce battle with Ditto. Zangoose was stubbron at first, and had no respect for any of them. After awhile Zangoose gained more respect for Radd, and Ditto, but still shares a bit of a rivalry against Ditto. Zangoose, much like Radd is obnoxious, and rash.
Species of Pokemon: Gyarados
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any): None
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Gyarados was captured doing a gyarados attack on the sail to Rose Isle. Since Radd just captured it, not much is known about it's personality.

Et Cetera:
Ditto: Ditto hates smart-allicks.
Zangoose: Zangoose hates new recruites.
Gyarados: Nothing is known about Gyarados, because it was just captured.

July 17th, 2007, 9:01 PM
You bet I'm signing up!
Character's Name: Radd Daring
Character's Age: 22
Character's Hometown: Alto Mare
Character's Title: None
Character's Appearance: Radd wears a blue sleeveless T-shirt and has a chain necklace with an old pokeball on it. He has sunglasses on his forehead, but he never actually wears them on his eyes. He wears black jeans, and blue and white jordan shoes. He has your basic blonde anime hair, sorta DBZ style, escept more laid back.
Character's Background/Personality: Radd began his career of extreme record breaking at a very young age. Most people would think that a celebrity Pokemon's Nature/Gender: like Radd would be sorta selfish, and obnoxious... those people are right :cool:.
Et Cetera: Radd decided to take the challenge just to set another record for more fame.

AnimeHero: Okay... a few things. You're character does sound interesting, I just need more meat in your sign-up. Where's the history? Where's the personality. I need more than a celebrity and a record-setter. And the Pokemon need more as well. More meat. PLEASE? So... Pending!

Now, here's my profile:

Character's Name: Annalyn Regina Gerundt
Character's Age: 22
Character's Hometown: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Character's Title: Doctor
Character's Appearance: Based on appearance, she could pass for the stereotypical cheerleader. Her hair is the shimmering golden blond is that kind of color that poets would write about. She avoids styling it, prefering to let it keep it simple and straight. Her eyes are but two fragile blue crystals set perfectly in her oval-shaped head. Her eyebrows are finely tweezed and arched and her soft, luscious lips are always adorned with coral pink lipstick. Annalyn also wears a pair of circular glasses that sit on the very brim of her nose. It is rumored that she doesn't actually need these glasses but wears them for appearance purposes only, but she refuses to answer these rumors. Her body is lengthy and curvaceous and she stands at the unusual height of 6'1". Like any proper lady, she refuses to reveal her weight, but it can be estimated she weighs around 120 pounds. Upon graduation from medical school, she received a matching set of pearl earrings and necklace, which she still wears to this day. Her clothing suits her profession perfectly. For her shirt she wears a simple white button up long sleeve shirt with a white cami underneath it. She also wears always ironed black slacks and black high heels. She carries with her a black leather purse in which she keeps a notepad, sneakers, money, proper identification, and her various makeup accessories.
Character's Background/Personality: Originally, her parents and grandmother were employed at the Jubilife Medical Center, but found themselves lost in the metropolis. They also wanted a simpler life for their three year old daughter, so they decided to leave their practice and move to Snowpoint City, where they would eventually open a small practice. Her mother, Dr. Grace Gerundt, specialized in human medicine, while her father Dr. Archibald Gerundt and grandmother, Dr. Alicia Gerundt, specialized in Pokemon medicine. The Gerundts settle into their simple life, finding themselves tending to injured travelers who would lose their way in the frigid wilderness that surrounded Snowpoint City. And it was here in Snowpoint City that the young Annalyn flourished. At school, she found herself doing very well in her classes, often getting one of the higher marks amongst her peers on tests. She also grew fond of snowboarding and became quite adept at it. But like any arctic area, they would often experience massive blizzards which would lock up the young Annalyn in her home. And here, while passing the time watching television, is where she fell in love with Pokemon. She would often watched the televised Pokemon Contests from various locations around Sinnoh. It was her dream to become a Pokemon Coordinator one day. So, when she finally reached the age of ten, she embarked on a journey with a Pokemon her father had caught her, and would visit any Contest Hall she could find. Her Pokemon were finely trained using techniques she had learned from the Snowpoint City Gym Leader Candace. Though she was only eleven when she entered her first contest, she managed to place second, defeating other, more experienced coordinators. The words prodigy were thrown about when people described her. She finally won her first contest in Jubilife and from there she went on to win in Eterna City, Solaceon Town, Veilstone City, and Sunyshore City. Finally, she went on to the Grand Festival held in Hearthome City, where she was to perform in front of huge crowds. But she excelled under pressure. She quickly made work of the Appeal Stage and then aptly defeated any trainer who faced her in the Appeal Battles. Finally she reached the finals, where she beat the woman who had defeated her in her first contest and made the young Annalyn, who was only thirteen at the time, the Grand Champion of Sinnoh. She had achieved her dream, but only a month after her win, she began to feel empty again. She needed a new challenge. So, hearing that Gym Battles were entertaining, she decided to embark on the Sinnoh League Challenge. She made quick work of the likes of Roark and his colleagues, even handily defeated her mentor Candace. Upon reaching the League Tournament, a costly mistake cost her in the semifinals and she went home in third place. Now she was seventeen and Annalyn decided to take a break from Pokemon and pursue her other dream as a child: become a Doctor. So she entered the Jubilife Medical School program, intent on majoring in both Pokemon & human medicine. Though it was difficult, she eventually graduated in the Top Five of her class with a degree in both medicinal fields. So she returned to Snowpoint City, and joined her family's practice, where she spent her days until she heard of the Rose Isle Royale. For some reason, she felt compelled to go. She had never heard of the place, and it sounded like a new challenge. So she packed up her Pokemon and her purse and headed to Hoenn. Personality-wise she is a pure A-Type. She's organized, consistent, intelligent, always ready, and perky. Though she likes to relax with some skiing, battling, or dancing, she often feels there needs to be some form of a result out of any activity she is doing. Though a bit bossy at times, she can hold back and not be the leader if she feels she is getting on the nerves of the others.
Et Cetera: During one of her more adventurous moods, she got a tattoo on her left ankle of the Caduceus, the symbol of Medicine.

Species of Pokemon: Abomasnow
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Brave/Male
Pokemon's Nickname: Abanow
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Before Annalyn could start her journey, she had to have a Pokemon. So, on one of her father's days off, he set out into the wilderness that surrounded Snowpoint with his Yanmega to catch his little girl a Pokemon. They were only gone an hour or so when he returned with a tiny Snover following behind him. He walked the Pokemon over to its new trainer and introduced the two. Though their relationship was a little cold at first, they quickly warmed up after some training with Candace's Abomasnow. Eventually they left Snowpoint City and set off for the Pokemon Contests of Sinnoh. Quickly Annalyn realized Sover was a physical powerhouse through its use of moves like Ice Punch and Wood Hammer. Only recently did Sover evolve into an Abomasnow whilst doing a walk with Annalyn up near Snowpoint. It picked a fight with a group of Sneasel and found itself on the losing end of the fight. Then without warning it evolved and made quick work of the Dark/Ice Types with a series of Brick Breaks. Annalyn preferred to using Abanow in her appeal battles, as it wasn't very graceful in making appeals due to its bulky nature.
Et Cetera: None

Species of Pokemon: Octillery
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Rash/Female
Pokemon's Nickname: Ollery
Pokemon's Background/Personality: While watching television as a girl, Annalyn came to admire a man who trained a powerful yet graceful Octillery. From that point on, she had hoped to train her own Octillery one day. So, by chance, while swimming in the sea outside of Sunyshore, she was attacked by a wandering school of Tentacool. Frightened and unable to use Sover in the ocean, she called her help. And by chance, she was rescued by a Shock-Wave using Octillery, who did away with the Tentacool. Grateful and relieved, she pulled out a Poffin Block and handed it to the Octillery as a thank you present. As she swam to the shore, she noticed the Pokemon was following her. Then she reached shore and the Octillery sat in the shallow end, staring at her. Eventually she asked it if it wanted to battle and it nodded. However, her Sover made quick work of the Pokemon, and she captured it. Like Abanow, Ollery isn't the most graceful of Pokemon, preferring to rely on pure power in their appeal battles. It isn't all that smart, but it makes up for it in drive and loyalty.
Et Cetera: None

Species of Pokemon: Scyther
Pokemon's Nature/Gender Jolly/Female
Pokemon's Nickname: Syter
Pokemon's Background/Personality: While visiting Goldenrod City in Johto for a Medicine Conference with her parents, Annalyn decided to visit the local Bug Contests held nearby. She entered the contest and embarked on capturing a strong Bug-Type Pokemon. At first she caught a mighty Beedrill but then she caught sight of a Mantis-like Pokemon: Scyther. She chased it and quickly damaged it using Ollery's Flamethrower attack. After capturing it, she released the Beedrill, which was quickly caught by a nearby participant. But upon further inspection of the Scyther, she found the female was kind of underdeveloped for its species, but she fell in love with the Pokemon's charm. She had always been found of Bug-types and Scyther was the epitome of this charm. Though she did eventually lose to the boy who caught her Beedrill, her Syter became an important member of her team, becoming her main Appeal maker. It could dazzle with a series of Swords Dances, Silver Winds, and Double Teams. Despite being with her for a shorter amount of time than her other Pokemon, Annalyn and Syter have the closest relationship.
Et Cetera: None

July 17th, 2007, 10:45 PM
Character's Name: Aaliyah Life
Character's Age: 15
Character's Hometown: PetalBurg City, Hoenn
Character's Title(if any.. like Sir, Dr., etc...): Miss.
Character's Appearance: Aaliyah has a dark brown complexion, to begin with. Her long hair is a silvery white color and is usually worn down. Aaliyah`s outfit conists of a strapless, back and white, striped shirt. On her left arm, she wears a black arm band near her should and a white wrist band on her wrist. On her left arm, Aaliyah wears a black wrist band on her wrist and a white arm band near her shoulder. Aaliyah also wears baggy blue jeans that usually cover up most of her white gym shoes. Her expression on her face typically reveals her aloof, softspoken personality.

Character's Background/Personality: As a child, Aaliyah was nothing more than a little street urchin who was only accompanied by a Weavile, whom she came to love and care for..like family. She also had to mush to thank the Weavile for, including finding little Aaliyah a family.
It started out as merely another walk, when Aaliyah`s Weavile had wandered off and accidentally cut a fairly old woman. Aaliyah had rushed over to apologize for the accident, and when she was forgiven, was about to leave with her Weavile when the woman stopped her and the Weavile and offered to adopt them.
Aaliyah was almost stunned with shock at this and accepted, though she didn`t sound too excited. Shortly after her being adopted and all, Aaliyah named her Weavile Memory(pronounce Ma-mor-ree, not mem-er-ree) as to help her remember the great favor her little Weavile had unintentionally done.
Eight years later, Aaliyah was now thirteen and leaving home with her loyal Weavile. Her caretaker didn`t mind, and Aaliyah had always wanted to see the world. About a week or two later, the young trainer had come across a vaporeon and pikachu with serious wounds; most likely from being in a fight with a larger pokemon that after defeating them had just left them there. Quickly, she had taken them to the nearest Pokecenter, and instead of her keeping them, they had followed her and young Aaliyah had taken good care of them, naming the vaporeon Dream and the pikachu Dante.
Aaliyah is quite aloof, and often prefers to only put her pokemon in their pokeballs, when she feels they are in great danger. Other than, she`ll let them walk on ground outside their pokeballs.

Et Cetera: Aaliyah`s hair is a natural silvery white.

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon: Weavile
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Shy/Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any): Memory(pronounced Ma-More-Ree)
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Memory had found Aaliyah when she was younger on the street curb, and decided to keep her company. He wasn`t always too keen on being around humans, but he had a good feeling about Aaliyah. And he was right when she had hugged him just for keeping her company. Ever since then, Memory has stayed by Aaliyah`s side through thick and thin, from the time she was a little street urchin, up to the present.
Memory is often shy and doesn`t warm up to new people very quickly.

Et Cetera:Memory the Weavile still finds it funny how he helped Aaliyah find a home by merely scratching a woman on the hand.

Species of Pokemon: Vaporeon
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Bold/Female
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any): Dream
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Dream had often been traveling with her pikachu friend, Dante. Unlike Dante who found being a wild pokemon slightly bothersome, Dream had always loved the thrill of going on adventures and hitchhiking rides on ships when noone knew. All was fine until she and Dante had been surrounded by a group of Umbreon in the night in the middle of a forest. She had been confident at first, but her self esteem had been dropped when she and Dante were badly beaten and left there uncouncience until morning. That`s when Aaliyah came across them and techically adopted them.
Et Cetera: After traveling with Aaliyah for awhile, Dream`s high selfesteem was brought back.

Species of Pokemon: Pikachu
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Serious/Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any): Dante
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Dante had been traveling with Dream the Vaporeon who found being a wild pokemon the best thing ever. Dante, however, disagreed. He never complained, though, only made smart little remarks and had his doubts. And, his doubts were put to realization when Dream and Dante had been left in the forest by those Umbreon. After being saved by Aaliyah, Dante seems to be much happier with this trainer then he was by himself with Dream in the wild.

Et Cetera: ante can be very jealous of Dreams boldness sometimes.

(Sorry if this seems a little sloppy, it`s late over here.)

July 17th, 2007, 11:23 PM
Character's Name: Pat
Character's Age: 17
Character's Hometown: Viridian City
Character's Title: Kanto/Johto Champ, though he prefers to be just called Pat.
Character's Appearance: Black shoes with a white tip, and a red tongue, and light blue pants, and a black shirt that extends over the area of where his belt would be. He has black wrist bands, though his right one is a little torn. He has a handkerchief around his neck that is a normal Dark Blue, no designs or anything else. Light brown eyes, and a black hat symbolizing the top half of a Pokeball atop light brown, free style hair. He stands at about 6"2', and he is on the thinner side, weighing at about 112 pounds. Though he may look a little weak, he is rather strong when it comes to fighting. He would rather not look like your typical average 17 year old Douche bag frat boy, like anyone else he knows. He wants the look he has to scream dark, so douche bags will stay away from him. It is impossible to see him with a chord coming from his pocket connected to two headphones that are in his ears, as he keeps an iPod in his pocket along with a butterfly knife he uses for escape situations.
Character's Background/Personality: At age 11, Pat began his Pokemon Journey in Viridian City, going out to Route 1. A Pidgey rose from the grass, attempting to attack him. Pat threw a Pokeball at it, catching it with ease, causing his first Pokemon to be a Pidgey. Ever since then however, Pat has had an incredible skill of Pokemon Battling and Training, barely losing any battles he gets in. When he began his journey, his attire was completely different. White shirt, red hate, black shoes. Due to him barely being able to lose though, people began hating him, though he was never rude about when he wins a battle, never over confident in any situation. When he competed in the Kanto League, he came in third in the Semi-Finals, causing less hate on him for winning. He came in that place at age 12. By age 13, he decided to travel and compete in the Johto Region and League. Extreme hate was dawned upon him for coming in first in the Johto Championships. Living throughout life like this, he is okay with loneliness, though he may tend to lash out at someone. This all makes his personality a rather a Lonely nature. He loves getting in any competition there is, no matter what the risk, always giving him a reason to smile.
Et Cetera: If you prefer to a female as a 'whore' around him, it will anger him and he will lash out at you.

Species of Pokemon: Charizard
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Boastful, Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality: When it was just a small Charmander, it often overused its power, picking on any Pokemon it could pick a fight with, overpowering most that came its way. Lived around Cerulean City. Pat saw it after winning his second Gym Badge. He battled it with his Pidgeotto, catching it with ease, then training with it later on during the day, it evolving into a Charmeleon. During the 4th Kanto Gym Battle, Charmeleon was losing. Not wanting to let Pat down, it evolved into Charizard, to win the match and become a vital part of Pats team.
Et Cetera: Rather Reliant.

Species of Pokemon: Absol
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Lonely, Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality: After Pat won the Johto League, he decided to go out on a Night in the town, in Viridian City. He went to a building, wanting a soda. Glares were everywhere at him upon entering the building. Someone got infront of him as he walked, telling him to get out once. Pat ignored the person, walking straight past him, then buying a soda. The person knocks it out of his hand, and now both people wanted to fight. Two more people came up, all three unfairly overpowering him, throwing him out of the place, and into an alley. The three were walking towards him cracking knuckles, but an Absol rose from a Dumpster, threatening to use Razor Wind, protecting Pat. The two have been best friends ever since.
Et Cetera: Most reliant member on the team.

Species of Pokemon: Gyrados
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Lax, Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality: Before Gym 1 in Kanto, Pat knew he couldn't possibly win with a Pidgey. A Magikarp salesman tricked him into buying a Magikarp. Amazingly, the Magikarp somehow had alot of battle experience, so he did'nt complain. Before the Gym Battle, Gyrados evolved into a Gyrados. The Pokemon in ferociously strong, causing it to be a little to confident from time to time, but it knows when to quit.
Et Cetera: Really Powerful.

Species of Pokemon: Espeon
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Timid, Female
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality: While Pat was 12 and in Kanto, he was in Celadon City. Though the big City, there was a small, Timid little Eevee looking for someone to be its trainer, or even just a friend. Everyone kept rejecting it, few even laughing at it and kicking it. Pat looked down at the Eevee, who was hungry, tired, and crying. Eevee looked up at Pat, as he crouched down, it got scared of him, but he began petting it, and it tackled him, making a Pokeball fall out of his pocket, touching it once, being willingly caught. Eevee's true power shone in Johto. It evolved into Espeon before the Johto Championships, causing it to be a good member of Pats team.
Et Cetera: Scared of huge Pokemon, but never backs down from a fight, though it has'nt had a nice chunk of battle experience yet.

July 18th, 2007, 12:40 AM
I'm going to rewrite a rejected character for this one, because I liked him so

Name: Timothy Menhod (Min'od)

Age: 20

Hometown: Hamlin town, Hamlin Island

Title: Just Mr.

Appearance: Tim is not overly tall at 6'0, and does not have a very commanding figure. His head is shaven, with only hints of blond stubble beginning to show, and his eyes are a bit odd; his pupils are very milky, and his iris' are a very light gray, and discerning between the two can be hard, which can look a little disconcerting. He is quite skinny at 107lbs, and he doesn't look at all muscular. He dresses smartly in a black suit and crisp white shirt, sleeves rolled to the elbow, and a black silk tie. On his head, he wears a tilted-back black trilby, and he wears clean white trainers with green tongues on his feet. He does not have any tattoos or jewelry, save for a plain silver ring on his right thumb, which he fiddles with when bored or awkward

Background/Personality: Growing up on Hamlin Island, the starting point into the Orange League, Tim was always surrounded by interesting and skilled trainers, which is where his love of Pokemon, and Pokemon training became apparent. He grew up in a traditional-ish family, with his parents and his older brother, Kyle. He always looked up to his brother, and was insanely jealous when he left at ten to become a trainer. He was a strange child; sometimes you could never shut him up, and other times he would be reserved and quiet, not talking unless necessary. At the age of ten, he was taken by boat to Professor Oak's laboratory to receive his first Pokemon, and officially begin his journey, he received a Charmander, who has become like (another) brother to Tim. He successfully gained the Kanto badges, and was favored as the next Champion. He never faced the elite four, and with a 'fight the system' attitude, returned to his hometown instead. He has collected badges from Johto and Hoenn, and is the reigning champion of the Orange League. His personality can be somewhat changeable; one minute he will be jokey and happy, the next he will be quiet and shy. He has been known to voice his opinions when prompted, and while he does not posses the largest vocabulary, he is pleasant to talk to, friendly and charming.

Et Cetera: He has never heard of rose isle, or the many rumors regarding it's past, and he loves Ska music with a passion


Species: Charmeleon
Nature/Gender: Brave/Male
Nickname: Kanabias (usually just 'Nabe')
Background/personality: Nabe was Tim's starter pokemon as a Charmander, and is very attached to it's trainer. Headstrong and overly confident, Nabe has an all-out attack style of battling, which is only broken up by commands to dodge and defend, as Tim would rather not see him injured. Can be very stubborn, and it is for this reason that it never evolved further, he didn't want to be ridden around the skies like a big flame-tipped airliner.
Et Cetera: Happens to look quite good in a trilby, much like it's trainer

Species: Fearow
Nature/Gender: Adamant/Male
Nickname: Kemf
Background/Personality: The first wild Pokemon Tim ever caught, Kemf can stir up somewhat nostalgic feelings in it's trainer. Swift and decisive when battling, it will usually try to tire out it's opponent before ending on a spectacular diving combo-move of some sort. He is quite a laid-back Pokemon, choosing to remain in his pokeball as much as he can, but he wouldn't be considered solitary, as he is a very friendly pokemon
Et Cetera: None

Species: Mightyena
Nature/Gender: Naive/Female
Nickname: Hev
Background/Personality: Obtained when Tim returned home from Kanto, to find that his neighbor's Poochyena had given birth. They suggested that Tim take the egg, as he was a skilled trainer, and would take good care of it. It evolved during a battle with a wild Ludicolo, and was very proud. She can be a bit of a tom boy, eager to prove herself to Tim, and because of this she often fights with Nabe. Tim compares this to sibling rivalry. On the battlefield, she is crafty and quick thinking, and Tim often finds himself taking credit for a de facto strategy she has employed.
Et Cetera: Shares her trainer's love of Ska, as Tim played her lots of music when she was an egg, like mothers who play their children Mozart

Species: Slowbro
Nature/Gender: Lax/Male
Nickname: Johan
Background/Personality: Caught somewhat accidentally as a Slowpoke, Tim never meant to throw the pokeball at it, and was surprised when it allowed itself to be captured. He soon realized this was because Johan can put up with almost anything, and is incredibly lazy. This can be infuriating, but Tim finds it hilarious. Very defensive in battle, he prefers to protect himself rather than attempt to harm the opponent. He evolved when fishing with his tail, as Slowpoke do. Tim had no idea it was an evolution, and thought Johan was under attack. Only when his Pokedex recognized him as a separate species did Tim stop trying to pull the Shellder from his tail
Et Cetera: None

PKMN Trainer Max
July 18th, 2007, 6:55 AM
Character Form

Character's Name:Max

Character's Age:14

Character's Hometown: Mikan Island[orange islands]

Character's Title:Orange League Champion,Johtoo Champion,Kanto Champion,and Battle Frontier Champion.[doesnt like to show off his winnings.]

Character's Appearance:Max is about 5 ft 9 inches tall and ways about 150 lbs.He wears tatered blue jeans and a black shirt.He also wears a black bandana around his neck like a neclaces.He has black and blue hair that spikes out in all directions.He also wears blue sneakers.

Character's Background/Personality:Max grew up on Mikan Island in the orange islands.The local island leader Cissy,was a water pokemon master.Max admired her and used some water pokemon as well.He learned her strategy and skill by vistiing her every day.Having grown up on an island with water pokemon he loved to swim,and explore the deep oceans with his pokemon.Max would never let anyone harm another pokemon,he would fight to protect it untill he dies.He loves making new friends,and rivals too.

Et Cetera:Max has a kind on bond with the water.He can hold his breath for an incredible amount of time with ease.


Species of Pokemon:Fraligatr

Pokemon's Nature/Gender:Adament/Male

Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):N/A

Pokemon's Background/Personality:Max recieved Fraligatr as an egg from Cissy.She bread the egg just for Max to have a water pokemon.This was also Max's First Pokemon.He is very adventurous and brave.He loves making friends like Max.

Species of Pokemon: Dragonite

Pokemon's Nature/Gender:Relaxed/Male

Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):N/A

Pokemon's Background/Personality:Max found Dragointe as an injured Dragonair on Mikan Island.He nursed it back to health and they have been friends ever since.He is a very funloving pokemon.It likes to play,and goof around but when it has to it gets serious.

Species of Pokemon:Scyther

Pokemon's Nature/Gender:Calm/Female

Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):N/A

Pokemon's Background/Personality:Scyther is a very calm and colective pokemon.She doesnt like to mess around,or explore.She mainly like resting and battleing.She saved max from a rampageing Gyrados on Mikan Island.They share a love for the water.

Species of Pokemon:Mantyke

Pokemon's Nature/Gender:Hardy/Male

Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):N/A

Pokemon's Background/Personality:Wailord loves battleing and exploring the sea.Max caught him on his journey.Max loves Mantyke as is,so it now hold an ever stone.

July 18th, 2007, 8:16 AM
AnimeHero- While your profile is still lacking, I think you can improve as the RP goes on. So, you can join. Accepted!
Roxy- Yeah, I wrote mine really late as well. I was just reading it and I found so many things I want to change. Oh well. I like your character. Accepted!
HiroScout- I was pretty iffy on your character. The story is kind of generic but you seem like a good RPer, so I'll let you join. Accepted!
chomp- I've always enjoyed your RPing skills. So of course I'll let you join. Welcome! Accepted!
Pkmn Trainer Max- Eh... I'm sorry dude. No detail. Unorganized. Confusing Wailords with Mantyke. Denied.

And I redid my profile to more of my standards. People can still join! So hurry up and apply!

mew three
July 18th, 2007, 8:37 AM
Name:Red blackbird


Hometown:Cinnabar island,Kanto


Apearance:Has realy Spiky red hair that look as red as the fire on Charizards back.He has Strong blue and green eyes that look like they glow inthe knight.He has quite pale skin with no freckles.He wears a Shirt with a picture of deoxys on the front.He wears just normal jeans that are a little dirty.He wears very shiny trainers that look like it has fire going down the side.He looks like a very healthy and strong boy.

Personality:Is very funny,sometimes sarcastic,is very
cheerful when things go good,is serious when hes in trouble.Can be sassy at times but overall a fun person to be with.

Background:Blizzard first wanted to be a trainer ever since he watched a pokemon battle on T.V. It inspired him to be the greatest pokemon trainer ever.When he was little,he would go fishing in the sea with his dad.His dad was a very strong water pokemon trainer.When fishing,he looked into the water and saw all the pokemon down there swimming about.It made him smile so big(lol like this :D).

Etc:Red has a tattoo of Mew on his right arm.

Pokemon species: Tentacruel

Gender: Male

Nature: Naughty

Nickname: Hydro

Background: Red captured tentacool while fishing with his dad.He caught it on the fishing line,brang it up,and caught it with a pokeball.It was Red's first ever pokemon.

Personality:Is very Naughty,is quite hyper,fidgets around with stuff around him,gently hits people with his tentacles because he feels like it.

Pokemon species: Rhydon

Gender: Male

Nature: Hasty


Background: Was born in a cave that had water dripping from the ceeling.He got so used to water that he could learn the move Surf.

Personality: Is very hasty,likes long adventures and likes to explore.When he see's somthing that he can do to help his trainer then he will do it straight away.

Etc: Can go in water so he knows the move surf.

Pokemon species: Venomoth

Gender: Female

Nature: Calm

Nickname: Venom

Background: Red caught Venom in the forest when it was injured.Straight after he caught it to the pokemon center,and thats why it loves Red so much.

Personality: Is very calm and relaxed,likes to fight alot but likes relaxing aswell.

Pokemon species: Machoke

Gender: Male

Nature: Hardy


Background: when he was little he used to lift heavy things every day and thats why he has much bigger muscels than normal Machoke.

Personality: Is very hardy,loves to battle all pokemon even if they are bigger and stronger than him,is very very very loyal.


July 18th, 2007, 11:44 AM
Sending young trainers into a cave of death, from which only a mentally damaged person has returned. I like it XD

OK Super Gender-Bending Sign Up Sheet Go!

Roisin (ROW-sheen) Haruka




Goldenrod City, Johto.

The glamorous fifteen year old known as Roisin is a girl of such beauty that many boys have fell for her upon first sight. Her luxurious and shining; long blonde hair falls just above the back of her thighs. Her golden fringe hangs freely; just above her eyebrows which she usually parts in the middle and carefully lays each of the strands of parted hair behind her ears. Her Bright Blue and sparkling sky Blue eyes are really bought out by her bright Orange and Yellow tight dress which falls at her knees. Her dress has a White collar that is pretty much always open; revealing her White-Gold chain with a Firey Orange Gem encrusted within. Underneath the short dress she wears a pair of very dark Blue cycling shorts like her Coordinator heroine, May. Also like her idol, she wears a Bandanna -but unlike Mays'- hers is Light Orange like the pale stripes on her dress. Her pure white running shoes sparkle in the sun as she walks and match her white Co-ordinater style gloves, with black tips on the end.. She stands at a healthy 5”4' and weighs about 168 pounds. She has bright White teeth and long black eyelashes. Also despite all Roisin does to make herself look as glamorous as she is, she resents make up and hates to wear it thus revealing her small scars on her right cheek and above her left eye. She has a light brown bag that hangs from her shoulder too her hip.

You'd expect a girl that looks as 'plastic' and beautiful as Roisin too be a complete snob and resent her underlings, but you couldn't be farther from the truth. Having not always been so beautiful she has a very happy and bubbly personality and will make friends with anyone and everyone. Also despite her looks and 'happy go lucky' personality she is actually rather intelligent and highly gifted with a powerful brain and memory; purposely dumbing herself down and then suddenly surprising people with her genius when she needs it. But Roisin isn't a super human with nothing but good qualities; her bad qualities are less often seen than her good ones but they play a prominent role in her young life. She is a very insecure person due to experiences in her past and the slightest insult to her and she goes of like a rocket. Also her tendency to hold grudges and seek revenge on people is a bad side of Roisin that she performs discreetly, just like her worst quality. Her worst quality has got to be her Machiavellian, or manipulative side, which makes her a complete control freak -like a lot of intelligent people- and often causes arguments. Her worse sides of her personality aren't seen as often as they are discreetly preformed. All her Pokemon she treats as family. this is deep down to compensate her loss of a family when she was very young (see below)

Roisin was born in the shining white metropolis known as Goldenrod City. When she was a 3 year old girl she was caught up in a horrific road accident which killed many people, including Roisins' Mother. This is where her life spun out of control. Her once warm and loving Father became very stern and angry. He blamed his daughter for the death of his wife and turned too drink. When Roisin was 4 years old her Father became very abusive and mentally unstable, he would kick her out of the house late at night where she roamed the streets alone, afraid and cold. One fateful day Roisins' Father took his own life and Roisin was finally free but know there was a problem, she had no place to live.

After a couple of weeks, during one of her nightly cries, she heard a high pitched squeaking next to her. As she looked to the side to try and locate the source of the squeak, she found a Beautiful Red and Green Dragonfly trying to cimb onto her shoulder. The little Dragonfly also seemed to be crying. It turned out to be the rare Pokémon known as Yanma. The young girl Picked up Yanma andembraced her, thus beginning a long friendship. Over the next Year the two friends entertained each other and were there for each other. They were best friends. When Roisin was 7 years old she was found by Johto Social services and placed under care of her Mothers Dad, her estranged Grandfather, Juan in Sootopolis City, the famous Coordinator and Gym Leader. And until she started her Journey with Yanma they lived in Juans Mansion with all the Water Pokémon. She decided to give up Pokemon Contests after losing her first contest. And has started too persue her true talents; the way of the Gym. She is testing her skills as a Trainer on the Rose Isle Royale Challenge.


Nickname: None
Nature: Calm
Gender: Female

Yanma is a very happy Pokémon that has been with Roisin since she was Six years old and as a result the two share a very close friendship. Yanma has adapted most of Roisins mannerisms, the good and the bad. Yanma will do anything to make people laugh. Yanmas suprisingly amazing strength is practised daily and have been improved vastly. The little Dragonfly has her own Pokéball but perfers to stay on Roisins shoulder. Roisin and Yanma have always considered each other as Siblings and Yanma will sometimes completley mimic her Trainer to reflect that. After being bullied and thrown out of her swarm (like Roisin) for being weak; she is reluctend to evolve into a Yanmega.

Nature: Naive (Very)
Nickname: None

Gender Male

Spoink was the first Pokémon that Roisin actually caught by herself, and has been a powerful member of her team used for both battling and companionship. If you ever met a more joyful and happy-go-lucky Pokemon then it'd be a surprise. He is a very hyperactive little Pokémon that never stops bouncing, even to the point of exhaustion. He is very sociable and childish, also very fun/loveable and a great friend. Spoink has a very powerful range of psychic attacks that he learned from experience. The very Young Pokemon is very Naive, which is his only downfall.

Nature: Adamant
Nickname: None
Gender: Male

Heracross was once a leader of a Swarm of Heracross inhabbiting the Safari Zone. He's Old and wise with great Battle and Life experience. Roisin found Heracross unconcious in the Safari Zone, he had been usurped by a younger and stronger Heracross for posistion of Alpha-Male. Roisin captured Heracross and after getting him Healed at Lilycove city the two became great friends. Heracross acts like a makeshift Father for Roisin, he's over protective and an amazing battler, Roisin has used Heracross for many Battles and he Rakes in the Wins easily.

Et Certera:
Roisin has all Eight Hoenn Badges, (With help from some of Juans' Pokemon) the 'Trainers of Tommorow' Challenge to Roisin is a chance to prove herself with the Pokemon that she has caught and raised.

Is Pokemon Capturing allowed?

July 18th, 2007, 12:32 PM
Uhh... ok. Here we go:
mew three- Umm... can't say that you're entry fits what I'm looking for. Denied
Jimz- Haha.. you're character is similar to mine when it comes to appearance and personality. Though I normally deny characters who are similar to others, I'm going to allow it. And, by the way, there aren't going to be many Pokemon in the Labyrinth, so I don't know about capturing. But it could work. Accepted!

Oh, one more thing. If someone before you has been accepted, please don't use a Pokemon they have registered with. So Jimz and chomp, could you change some of your Pokemon. For Jimz, that is your Ditto. I'm sorry to make this request, I just want variety. Haha...

July 18th, 2007, 12:35 PM
Uhh... ok. Here we go:
mew three- Umm... can't say that you're entry fits what I'm looking for. Denied
Jimz- Haha.. you're character is similar to mine when it comes to appearance and personality. Though I normally deny characters who are similar to others, I'm going to allow it. And, by the way, there aren't going to be many Pokemon in the Labyrinth, so I don't know about capturing. But it could work. Accepted!

Oh, one more thing. If someone before you has been accepted, please don't use a Pokemon they have registered with. So Jimz and chomp, could you change some of your Pokemon. For Jimz, that is your Ditto. I'm sorry to make this request, I just want variety. Haha...

Nooo not my Ditto, It's my main team member. (And personally I'll admit I've been to lazy to read other peoples sign ups so I didn't know about your Character... Want me to make a new one? I'll change Ditto if you want too, but only if I have too, If I have a choice then...


Edit: Wow Porygon-Z, I read your Sign up Sheet and it makes mine look like... Well not that good XD The only similariates i saw in appearene was Blonde hair though...

July 18th, 2007, 12:41 PM
Ahhh... I hate to make you change it. But, maybe if you PM animehero and see if he'll change it. Please?

July 18th, 2007, 12:42 PM
Doesn't Matter, I had a Back Up Pokemon... *Mutters something about corn sadly*

Well after reading this post you now know of my Mental state.

Edit: Edited. Yanma is more Practical anyway ^_^

July 18th, 2007, 1:03 PM
Awwwww, I don't want Charmeleon to evolve though. *Puppydog eyes* It means I have to go and edit my personality and everything
*mutter mutter evolution tree mutter Charizard mumble expletive*

I'm putting my reply here to reduce spam: Charmeleon will not evolve. Promise. Hand on heart. I'm not a big fan of Charizards

July 18th, 2007, 1:12 PM
Awwwww, I don't want Charmeleon to evolve though. *Puppydog eyes* It means I have to go and edit my personality and everything
*mutter mutter evolution tree mutter Charizard mumble expletive*

Good Luck XD

Porygon, I take it we're including the Journey to the Island and Jorney too the Temple, that's enough time too capture 1 or 2 Pokemon? Also can you give me some critisizm on my Sign up please? The only Critque I got in my acceptence was that It's similar too yours XD

July 18th, 2007, 2:07 PM
Awwwww, I don't want Charmeleon to evolve though. *Puppydog eyes* It means I have to go and edit my personality and everything
*mutter mutter evolution tree mutter Charizard mumble expletive*

Haha.. you don't have to change it. I'd prefer if you didn't evolve Charmeleon so I didn't have two Charizards. C'mon everyone! Still looking for applicants. I'm going to start tomorrow afternoon by the way. So be prepared.

July 19th, 2007, 10:42 AM
OOC: Sorry, I don't mean to double post, but I'm going to start. People can still sign up though until we reach thirty posts.

All participants are going to start on this ship. This is the only way to get to the island. And PLEASE remember to use detail. No one line, no bad grammar, no words spelled wrong. PLEASE!)


The water was pretty choppy as the ship carrying Annalyn made its way from the port in Slateport City. It was about an hour travel from Slateport to Rose Isle, and she had been traveling about a half hour so far. The breeze was pretty strong and the sun was hidden behind a wall of clouds. Annalyn was wearing her normal outfit of a white button up long sleeve shirt, black slacks, and black high heels. She stared to the southeast where the captain had said Rose Isle was. When the island first came into sight, she wanted to be the first to see it. Standing next to her was Syter, her female Scyther. It too rub its two scythes together with the intent of sharpening them.

There was a gentle drizzle falling which was making her white shirt intent. Lucky for her, she was also wearing a white cami that would hide any "exposure" the rain might cause. Then, the speaker sounded with the captain's voice saying, "Due to the choppy conditions, our travel time will be extended by fifteen minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience. In another announcement, will all participants in the Hoenn Trainer Showcase please report to the lower deck. One of the tournament officials would like to speak with you." Then a little beep sounded and the announcement ended. Annalyn sighed. She really wanted to watch for the island.

"C'mon Syter. Let's go. They want to see us," she said. Syter nodded and followed her as she walked to the door. They walked inside to find an overweight woman dressed in a magenta pantsuit sitting at a simple fold-up metallic table in a fold-up wooden chair. On the table there were numerous papers laid out in front of her. There were also an assortment of various pens in various colors. The woman had an obviously fake smile on her face. The rest of her face expressed angst and sickness. She's probably suffering from motion sickness... "Hello there Miss..." Annalyn read the woman's name tag, "Joaquin. The captain told us to come here to meet with the tournament official. I'm guessing you're that official," Annalyn said with a slight giggle.

But the woman wasn't having it. She was obviously incredibly ill. "Before anyone can... participate in the Hoenn Trainer... Showcase, they must sign a contract, a waiver for any inj.... ury suffered, and to sign away the... rights of your image f... or the use on telev... isio..nnn.." she said and which was then followed by a moan. She pushed forward three sheets of paper; one yellow, one pink, and one white. "Can I use any pen?" Annalyn asked. The woman nodded and then placed her face into her hands. Poor woman... Annalyn thought as she started to read the forms. Oh... this is going to take a while...

July 19th, 2007, 11:03 AM
Radd sat on the edge of the ship looking out at the horizon. He couldn't wait to land on that island, and watch as the paparazzi crowded around him with cameras and microphones. "After I win this thing, I won't have to work another day in my life!" Radd began. He patted his Zangoose's head and looked towards the skies. "None of these losers will beat us! Even if it means wiping out all the competition. His ditto, which was on his shoulder currently began to smeer evily. All three of them began to smeer, which broke out into a disturbing laugh, thus attracting alot of attention, thus disturbing Radd and his pokemon... :paranoid:

July 19th, 2007, 11:31 AM
OOC: Woop

Slateport City; what a hole Tim thought to himself as he watched the docklands fade slowly into the distance. It was drizzling a little, and the wind was blowing past him at a considerable rate, which made the ship sway noticeably. He was dressed in his usual attire, smart yet casual, he never failed to look suave in his suit and shirt, usually topped off with a trilby style hat, but he was holding this, for fear of it blowing away. The wind whipped over his shaven and damp head, making him rather cold as he stood on board the deck of the ship taking him and the other “Trainers of the Future” to this Rose Isle place. He had asked someone in his hotel about their destination, and they had just looked worried at him, and then they scuttled away. Was he missing something here; history had never been his forte, but if there was anything major about this place, he should know. He decided that he should probably go and register, get it out of the way early on, and it gave him an excuse to get in from the wind. As he opened the door, the intercom system crackled fuzzily into life;

“Due to the choppy conditions, our travel time will be extended by fifteen minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience. In another announcement, will all participants in the Hoenn Trainer Showcase please report to the lower deck. One of the tournament officials would like to speak with you” Perfect. Now all he had to do was find his way to the lower deck. He followed a maze of rickety stairs and passed a steady line of seasick people grasping at the walls before he arrived at his destination on the lower deck of the ship. All there was to be seen there was an ill looking woman he presumed was the ‘Official’ sitting at a folding table surrounded by paperwork. She was attempting to communicate with a younger trainer, who was struggling somewhat with the mound of forms she was signing. Tim walked over calmly, placing his hands slowly on the table, to attract the attention of the ‘Official’

“Is this where we register for the ‘Trainers of Tomorrow’ Showcase?” he asked, raising his eyebrows and staring sincerely at her. The blood had drained from her face, and instead of risking opening her mouth, she waved at a pile of forms and handed him a Biro. He sighed and began to skim through the paper. He picked up the ballpoint she had handed him, and replaced his hat firmly on his head, sighing, “Blah blah blah… Television appearances, blah blah, injuries suffered, fair enough” he scribbled his signature on the three coloured pieces of paper and handed them back to the woman, who was clutching her face in her hands, moaning gently. He placed them tentatively on the table next to her and walked to the other side of the room; he wanted to meet all the other “Trainers of the Future”. The girl who was already there was looking hopelessly at the woman, who was now dangerously sea sick, and Tim was trying to work out where he recognized her from, then it hit him; Annalyn Gerundt, Sinnoh Grand and League Champion. Tim’s hopes were lifted on the recognition of her; if this was the calibre of the people who had come, it was going to be very interesting, whatever it was the Hoenn League had set up for them on this ‘Rose Isle’ place

“Hello, I’m Tim Menhod, it’s a pleasure to meet you Mis-Doctor Gerundt” he corrected himself, remembering something Cissy, one of the gym leaders of the Orange Archipelago had read in a magazine about her getting a medical degree.

July 19th, 2007, 11:34 AM
Aaliyah stared down at the choppy water, as if trying to see through it and look at the many pokemon that probably inhabited it. Her Weavile, Memory, who stood left to the stripey-shirt wearing girl, felt worried. The choppy waters made him worried. He wondered how Aaliyah could stand it.

Aaliyah`s other two pokemon, a vaporeon who goes by Dream and a pikachu known as Dante, didn`t seem to be bothered by it. Nor were they or Aaliyah bothered by the drizzle. So, when the man spoke over the speaker, Memory was the only one who seemed startled. "Seems like we need to go to the lower deck," Aaliyah said cooly, stating the obvious, "C'mon, let`s go."

With that, the young trainer whipped around and walked inside, Dante and Memory staying close to Aaliyah and Dream being reluctant of going inside away from the light, gentle rain and fresh air. Once inside, Aaliyah noticed Annalyn and the forms. Dante shook his head in dissappointment at Dream who wore an expression that screamed 'I want to be in the rain.' Memory payed no mind to the vaporeon and pikachu and just kept his attention fixed on his trainer.

July 19th, 2007, 11:52 AM
As the drizzle continued Radd began to scratch his spikey hair. Zangoose's hair began to get wet, and it began to become irritated. "Ditto, transform into an umbrella." Radd commanded. Ditto began to frown. Once again Ditto had to take the hit for Radd, and Zangoose. As Radd began to grasp Ditto umbrella, Ditto decided to play a prank by transforming into a spike ball. Radd shrieked in pain as Ditto, and Zangoose began to laugh. "Ditto return!" Radd said, ticked off. :laugh::badsmile:

July 19th, 2007, 12:28 PM
OOC: You ignored my last post Porygon-Z :'(

"No Wait! Stooop!" came the shrill voice of a 15 Year Old Roisin Haruka. Her voice was beeing muffled over the bellowing sound of a Cruiser Ships' Foghorn. Roisin and her Pokemon -Yanma- were charging down a busy cobble-stone street in Central Slateport City. There was a slight hint of Sea Salt in the air. The Sky ahead was Overcast and Grim, like it was about to rain, or atleast drizzle. "Waaa- Oh what's the point, we've missed the Ship anyway..." Roisin shouted as she nearlly collapsed on a nearby bench.

"Yam-Yam," the little pokemon encouraged as she perched upon Roisins' slender Shoulder. Yanma Nudged Roisin under the Chin which made her Smile and pet the young Dragonfly Pokemon. Yanma suddenly decided to Take off from Roisins shoulder, she started to hover over too a nearby Sea Merchant. He was short and Bald with a Big black mustache.

"What's up Yanma?" asked the girl as she stood p from her bench and followed the Green and Red Bug Type Pokemon...

"Come one come all! Rafts for sale! Give us 'ya money we'll give 'ya a Raft! Ye'll have yer' oar, Maybe even a Water 'Kmon! Buy a Raft today!" Shouted the Merchant, who upon closer inspection looked rather like a Penguin. Yanma and Roisin echanged Looks between the Penguin-Man and eachother.

"You can't be serious!" Roisin said to Yanma. The Dragonfly Smiled and giggled, then nudged Roisin forwards towards the man... When they had go onto the beach they approached the Merchant. "Errrmmm... How Much're the Rafts?" Roisin asked, feeling a deep pain in the pit of her Money supply.

"100PokeDollars ma'am," the Merchant said, with a hint of triumph in his voice.

"Oh is that all? Why?"

"Well I am not liable anything that may occur whilst Sailing whether it may be drowning Freezing or becoming Stranded," The Man said really fast.

"Oh right... Well Yanma, time to make a new friend! We need a Water Pokémon to help us in case we ermmm... Drown," Roisin chortled rather Calmly. And hey ventured down the sea front.

-15 Minutes Later-

"Ugh! The only friendly thing we've met is a Krabby and I doubt he can pull us to shore!" Roisin moaned as she sat down on a Rock. Yanma once again perched on her Shoulder.

"Yam-Yam!" Yanma shouted. He saw two Pokémon fighting, one had a Clear advantage, there was a Pink and White Spiky Pokémon that had the Advantage against a randomly Splashing Magikarp. "Yamm," Yanma screeched excitedly.

"Yeah that's make a great new friend! Whether it likes it or not." She smiled as she whipped out her Pure White Pokédex. She opened it up and the screen immediately displayed a Picture of the Pokémon. “Corsola, the Coral Pokémon. Corsola are nearly entirely made out of Coral Shell, They Shed their Shell when they get to Big and grow a new one,” said a cool, smooth Female voice.

“Yanma, go on, Sonic Boom!” Roisin encouraged. Yanma was off like a Rocket and within seconds of Taking off she was already Beating her wings so fast that she could break Glass.

“Yam-yam-yam-yam-yam!” She shouted as she used the Sound to shock Corsola. Corsola didn't even get a chance to attack back, The Net Ball had already left her hands and had collided with the Pink Pokémon. In a Stream of Red Light Corsola was Captured.
“Yay! We caught a Corsola, Yanma!” Roisin cheered.
“Yam Yam!” squeaked Yanma, The Pokémon and Trainer exchanged a High Five.

“I'd introduce Corsola and Spoink but Spoink'll probably bounce out to sea by the time he even says Hello...” she muttered too herself. “Anyway let's go!” Roisin said to her Pokémon. And after purchasing the luxury raft Roisin set Sail, Yanma on her shoulder like a Pirates Parrot.

July 19th, 2007, 12:54 PM
OOC: Jimz, I just noticed you edited it. I'll PM you with my critique of your sign-up outside of the RP. And yeah, there may be time to catch a Pokemon or two. But this isn't going to be such a smooth journey to the island...

And Annalyn isn't the League Champion chomp. She came in third place. She was the Sinnoh Grand Champion though. You got it half right.

Animehero, please improve the quality of your posts. They're not contributing anything to the story. Pretty please?


Annalyn watched as the other trainers filed in behind her. They seemed to just skim over the forms and sign them. One trainer in particular, who looked quite dapper in his suit and hat, seemed to barely read it before he signed it. Oh my... I just want to make I know what I'm getting into... She read the final form and then proceeded to sign all three pieces of paper. She piled them neatly with their corners matching neatly and placed them in front of the sickly woman. "Oh.. before I forget. Each of you needs to... take... a number... and keep a hold of... it... now if you'll... ex.. cuse me.. I need to use... the lad... ies room..." the official said before quickly bolting from her chair into the nearby door with the female symbol on it. The sounds of her retching and vomiting could be heard in the room. Annalyn had never been fond of vomiting. Of everything she has faced in her time as a doctor, she has never been able to deal with puking and rodents. So, to drown out the sounds of the woman, she decided to strike up conversation with the man who had called her name.

"Ah... yes," she said, "Jim, it's so nice to meet you. And it seems you know me already." She reached out and shook his hand, and with her other hand, she moved her bangs away from her eyes. He seemed like a capable man, and from his tan, he appeared to be from the south. She looked him up and down. Annalyn had the nasty habit of analyzing the people she met to the point where it seemed as if she was staring. She quickly caught herself and grabbed a PokeBall from her belt and pointed it at Syter and returned the Mantis to its ball. "Syter... there's no need for you to be out," she said as she placed the ball on her belt again. Then she turned her attention to the man in front of her, "So Jim, what accomplishments have merited you coming to this--" Annalyn began to ask just as the ship was rocked violently. A large explosion roared outside and the screams of the other passengers followed.

Then, over the intercom the captain's frantic voice rang, "Umm... please don't panic... it seems were under attack by a group of disgruntled... Gyara... OH SHI--" His voice was cut off, and then followed by a discomforting silence.

"Oh my. Hey, there, young lady, can you check on the Tournament Official in the bathroom. I'm sure that blast didn't help her sickness. Jim, how about you and I go out and see what's going on out on the deck, shall we?" She grabbed the man's arm and ran out the door, up the the maze-like stairs and onto the now burning deck. It appeared to be that several Gyarados had surrounded the ship, and were viciously attacking. They were throwing about powerful Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, and Hyper Beam attacks.

"Oh dear..." she said as she grasped a PokeBall on her belt and prepared to attack.

July 19th, 2007, 1:03 PM
They were throwing about powerful Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, and Hyper Beam attacks.

"Oh dear..." she said as she grasped a PokeBall on her belt and prepared to attack.

Thanks and stuff.. Wow, How'm I going to avoid Gyarados on a Raft? And I have no accomplshments to participate in the Contest T_T Oh well I'll think of something XD

July 19th, 2007, 1:23 PM
Character Form:
Character's Name:Xairmo
Character's Age:15
Character's Hometown:Blackthorn City
Character's Title(if any.. like Sir, Dr., etc...):Does trainer count?
Character's Appearance(BE DESCRIPTIVE!):He's around 5'6, dark brown hair, hes always cladded in black- black shirt and black jean shorts, brown eyed, skinny to average weight class, always wears black and white converse.
Character's Background/Personality(BE DESCRIPTIVE!):He's very shy, EXTREMELY SARCASTIC, doesn't like to be approached or talk to anybody except the people he knows, and hes extremely determined to become one of the best trainers out there.
Et Cetera:

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon:Dragonite
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Relaxed/ female
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):Sora
Pokemon's Background/Personality:Xairmo's first pokemon and best friend given to him by Clair when Xairmo was only 3
Et Cetera:

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon:Nidoking
Pokemon's Nature/Gender: Brave/Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality:The first pokemon caught by Xairmo on his journey through Kanto. He's saved Xairmo in battle many times over.
Et Cetera:

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon:Electivire
Pokemon's Nature/Gender:Lonely/Female
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality:Apokemon given to Xairmo on his journey in Hoenn by his brother, back then it was only an elekid though. It became fully evolved in a trip back to Blackthorn
Et Cetera:

Pokemon Form-Up to Four Pokemon Allowed:
Species of Pokemon:Umbreon
Pokemon's Nature/Gender:Quirky/Male
Pokemon's Nickname(If Any):
Pokemon's Background/Personality:Feisty! Always ready to battle, often annoys the other pokemon in Xairmo's parts. The second pokemon that Xairmo ever received.

July 19th, 2007, 1:25 PM
Just when Aaliyah was done signing the forms and about to face Jim, she heard the giant explosion. Memory, who was never really fond of the trip on a ship to start with, freaked out and almost reached for Aaliyah`s pants leg to cling to.

"Pika, pika?!" Dante yelled in surprise. Dream was silent with the anxiety and, surprisingly, joy of this probably being the start of a thrilling adventure. Aaliyah ran outside onto the burning deck, freaked out. "Oh geez," she mumbled, staring up at the Gyarados. Dream`s eyes widened and Dante looked frustrated. Memory seemed frozen in place.

July 19th, 2007, 2:13 PM
OOC: Was calling me Jim deliberate? Or did I make a spelling mistake somewhere?

Tim was about to strike up conversation when the boat shook violently and the intercom burst violently back into life, and the captains panicking voice could be heard over the angry roars of something unseen

"Umm... please don't panic... it seems were under attack by a group of disgruntled... Gyara... OH SHI--" At this, Annalyn said something about helping and pulled him after her to the top deck of the ship. He skidded to a halt bfore he reached the deck of the ship, realizing it was on fire. The wind tore past him, and he almost lost his hat. He took it off again, placing it in his right hand, as his left reached for his miniaturized pokeballs. He pondered his choice for a moment; his Charmeleon would be a bad idea, as would his Mightyena. He grasped the remaining two balls, now full size, and tossed them into the air. A Fearow rose from one, flying high into the air, and gliding on the wind, and a Slowbro flopped from the other, scratching itself and yawning. He watched the Gyarados throw Hydro Pumps and Flamethrowers at the ship, and sighed.

“Kemf, Aerial Ace!” he shouted to the large bird, which screeched and dived at one of the Gyarados ferociously, knocking it down into the water with a bone shattering crunch. The Fearow screeched in victory and rose back into the air, while the Slowbro sat on the stairs, looking absent-mindedly at the flames. “Johan, go ahead and use Water Pulse to put out all that fire would you?” he cooed to the Pokemon, which seemed to sigh before opening it’s mouth and letting a gentle stream of water loose, extinguishing much of the deck fire. “Now use Psychic” he told the grudging Slowbro, who stood on it’s hind legs, and began to wave it’s front paws gently in the wind, a strange energy emanating from them. One of the Gyarados began to slowly rise out of the water, roaring and thrashing around. Johan held it steady with his Psychic abilities, before tossing it into another of the angry water dragons. They collided with a dull thump and one sank into the water, unconscious. Tim’s Fearow was banking and diving, attempting to dodge the flamethrowers and water guns the attacking Pokemon were firing at him.

“Feeeeearow!” it cried as flames singed one of its wings. Without command, it dived at the Gyarados, aiming a powerful Drill Peck at the pokemon’s fleshy underside. As he flapped back into the air, circling the ship slowly, the Gyarados fell back, bleeding heavily from the gaping wound in its chest. Johan was sitting again, looking back at Tim expectantly, it’s big vacant eyes fixed on his face, awaiting orders. Kemf flew around the ship, soaring on the wind

“Now Johan, use Psywave! Kemf, use Wing Attack!” he shouted to his Pokemon. The Slowbro opened his mouth and shot a strange beam of Psychic energy from its mouth, and the Fearow fell screaming from the sky, cutting through on of the attackers with another powerful attack. It wasn’t very successful though, as the Gyarados only received a glancing hit, and tried to bite the Fearow as it flew back higher. The Slowbro’s attack pummelled into that same Gyarados, hitting it on the side of the head, and knocking it back slightly. It roared and turned on the Slowbro, who looked scared, and began scrambling back off the deck, but not fast enough to avoid a Hydro Pump, which slammed it into the guardrail. “Annalyn, you don’t think the Hoenn League set this up do you?” he shouted over the noise of the battle, “And my name’s Tim.”

July 19th, 2007, 2:53 PM
"Ahh... Sorry, you said Jim earlier. Nice to meet you again Tim. But I have more pressing matters to concern myself with," she said as she threw two of her PokeBalls forward. Syter once again appeared, doing a slight dance as it appeared. From the other ball appeared a red octopus Pokemon whose suction cups clasped onto the singed deck. "Ollery, quickly, use Ice Beam and freeze the water around the ship. We can't let it sink. Syter, use Double Team and then dart around the Gyarados. They aren't the smartest Pokemon. But don't attack! Just fly around them!" She said, and turned her attention to the hurt people who were laying around the deck, burned and injured. "Time to use my medical degree," she said as she reached into her purse and pulled out a first aid kit.

As she tended to an elderly woman nearby who had been struck by some debris, she looked to her Pokemon. The water around the ocean was finally freezing, which locked the ship into place. The Gyarados were busy chasing Syter, which pulled the attention off of Jim's injured Fearow and the ship itself. "They couldn't of set this up. Why would they want to kill us before the competition began. I think we probably just disrupted the Gyarados' nest or something. But now we have another problem. This ship isn't moving anywhere anytime soon. We need to get to that island. And even if we call for help, they won't get here for a while. Maybe we could flag down another ship..." She nodded at the elderly woman and stood up, looking for any nearby ships. She walked to the edge and looked across the horizon. "Hey! What's that!?" Annalyn strained her eyes and saw a young woman with a Yanma on her shoulder floating along in a shabby little float. And it happened to be heading the direction of the island.

"Have your Fearow fly over to that little girl. Here, have it carry this note to her," Annalyn said as she reached into her bottomless pit of a purse and pulled out a pen and a pad of paper. She quickly scribbled a note asking for her help and to help escort them to the island. "Here's the note." She said as she handed it to Jim. She looked back to Ollery, who had turned its attention from the ocean to the Gyarados and was quickly picking them off one by one with Hyper Beams of its own. "Well... we took care of that--oh no," she said as the ship began to shake once again. From the front of the ship, a skinny tentacle seemed to be grasping on the ship. "I recognize those tentacles. Quickly send the note Tim. We need to get off this ship. It seems were a magnet for attacking Pokemon." The source of the tentacle pulled itself up on the ship, revealing itself to be a large Tentacruel. Soon, it was followed by two more Tentacruels.

"Hurry everyone, get back from them. Ollery, Psybeam quickly. Fire for the lead Tentacruel." Ollery reared its round head backward as it gathered purple energy near its mouth. It fired it forward in a straight beam, which struck head on with the Jellyfish Pokemon. It stuttered backward, but only for a quick second. It charged forward and fired a series of poison needles, which struck the Octopus Pokemon hard. "Oh no. Ollery, your poisoned." She ran to her Pokemon and pulled an Antidote from her purse. She quickly sprayed it on Ollery before the poison began to set in. "It looks like were in for another battle."

July 19th, 2007, 3:32 PM
Tim saw the girl on the tiny raft, she wouldn’t last ten seconds with the angered Gyarados. He ran to the edge of the ship and called to his Fearow, who was still circling around the boat

“Kemf! Get down here and give this to the girl on the raft!” he waved the note as the large bird swooped down to retrieve it. With the paper firmly grasped in one of his talons, he glided gently down to the ramshackle raft which the girl and her Yanma were perched on, landing gently in front of her, and holding his talon in front of him, while inspecting his mildly burnt wing with his beak, preening the singed feathers back into place gently. Back on the ship, Johan was being advanced on by a Tentacruel. He roared his lazy roar as it tried to sting him, and bit down hard on the tentacle. The Tentacruel tried to retract it’s appendage, but Johan stood firm, the tentacle grasped in his mouth, a determined look forming on his usually blank pink face. The Tentacruel fired off a round of poison laced needles, and the Slowbro quickly turned as the majority of them smashed against his shell. His turning jerked the Tentacruel forwards, throwing it off balance. The Slowbro shook the tentacle vigorously in it’s mouth, and the furious Tentacruel smacked it with it’s free one. Johan let go of the Pokemon, and bounced off the deck twice before landing, on his feet, a large bruise forming on the left side of is body.

“Johan, use Iron Tail!” Tim shouted to the Slowbro, who was now once again being advanced upon by one of the Tentacruels. He leapt into the air, spinning around and cracking the Pokemon with the shell attached to his tail. The Tentacruel responded by firing off another round of needles, which sprayed over the deck, splintering on the wood and embedding themselves in Tim’s arm, which he brought up to shield his face. He cried out in pain, clutching at his new injuries. Upon hearing this scream, Kemf screeched in alarm and took off from the raft, recognising that his trainer was under attack. He flapped onto the deck and saw Tim holding his arm, and the spines protruding from it at various angles. Johan was cornered by one of the Tentacruels, which was trying to throw the Slowbro from the boat. “Johan, use Psywave!” Tim shouted, “I hope you’re all good swimmers” he added under his breath, glancing at the people on the deck and emerging from lower floors. “Kemf, go and help out Johan” he told the Fearow, who looked over at the Slowbro, ducking and diving to avoid the powerful tentacles. He flapped into the air, and dived low over the Tentacruel, distracting it for long enough to allow Johan to dodge between the tentacles and escape from the angry Pokemon. The Slowbro ran to its trainers side, and Tim noticed the Pokemon’s large bruise. He produced a potion from one of his pockets, bent down to the Slowbro, and gave Johan a liberal spraying with it before replacing the bottle and standing up.

“I think we may have to abandon ship!” he called to the passengers and crew within earshot, “As a ‘Trainer of Tomorrow’, I would at least like to remain alive until then” he said, chuckling at his own tasteless joke. “What was on the note Annalyn?” he asked the girl, who was treating her Octillery’s poisoning

July 19th, 2007, 4:08 PM
OOC: Xairmo... no. There's a reason but I don't have time to write it. Denied.

"Just to please come over here and grab at least the participants of the tournament. We need to get there soon or they might cancel it. And after all the fun we've had so far, we wouldn't want to miss it!" she said, as she watched the clash of tentacled Pokemon occur in front of her. "Ollery, Psychic!" she quickly commanded. The Octopus suddenly began to emit a strange aura and her eyes glowed with the same coloration. The several Tentacruel surrounding Ollery were lifted into the air, and began to spin around. Meanwhile Ollery was twirling its head around, controlling the motion of the spinning Tentacruel. Then, it lifted its head, which caused the Tentacruel to go higher into the air. Then it flipped the Tentacruel upside down and brought them down with incredible force into a nearby steel beam sticking out from the damaged ship. The impact knocked them out and then their lifeless bodies slid back into the ocean.

"Please let there be no more attacks. I don't think my Pokemon can handle it anymore," Annalyn said to herself, looking at her bruised and heavy-breathing Octillery. Syter finally returned to her side, looking to its trainer for some acknowledgement. "Good job girls. I think you can rest in your PokeBalls for a while." She lifted their PokeBalls into the air and returned them to the spheres. Annalyn walked over to Tim and spotted the poison needles lodged into his arm. "Oh my. We need to get those out. Tentacruel's poison is some of the deadliest in the world. Lucky for you, we've got a doctor on board," she said with a smile as she grabbed the man's arm. Once gain she reached into her purse and pulled out a syringe and some human antidote. She attached the vial to the syringe and then pulled the man's sleeve up, exposing his arm. "Now be still. The nurses usually do this, but I do have practice." She prodded his arm with her finger until she found the proper vein. "Remember, this'll sting a little..." She slowly slid the needle into the vein and then by pushing the back of the syringe down, injecting the antidote into his bloodstream. "Since we treated it early, I don't think it'll pose a problem. Lemme know if you begin to feel anything, okay?" She placed the used syringe and vial into a napkin and put it back in her purse.

Annalyn walked over to the edge of the ship. The ocean around the ship was frozen, but the signs of melting were starting to show. "That girl needs to get over here fast. If this ship gets dislodged from the ice, were sinking. And what are we going to do with the other passengers? We can't fit them all on that dinky thing. Do you have a phone on you or anything? We need to call the Coast Guard..."

July 19th, 2007, 4:28 PM
"Why don`t I have my vaporeon go over to that girl and help her?" Aaliyah asked Annalyn that made her seem like she came out of nowhere, though she only had walked up to Annalyn. Memory shook his head. There were so many flaws in that suggestion. If only he could speak human.

"Vapor?!" Dream yelped, an agitated look on her face. She twitched her tail. She clearly did not like the sound of that idea.

"Oh, be quiet," Aaliyah commanded her Vaporeon a stern, yet aloof voice. She turned her attention back to Annalyn. "So, what do you say?"

July 19th, 2007, 4:31 PM
Radd heard a blast coming frmo the other side of the boat. He saw a giant blue serpent like pokemon and began to grin evily. "Gyarados! Just the kind of excitment I've been looking for!" Radd said almost laughing in excitment. Zangoose began growling. He was yearning for a fight and he had finally found one. Radd dashed over to the commotion and ordered his Zangoose to use shadow ball. His mongoose pokemon fired a ball of pure dark power at one of the Gyarados. "Ditto! Your turn, Transform!" Radd comanded as his pokemon took the form of the Gyarados. It dived into the water, and clutched onto the Gyarados throat with it's jaws.

"Ditto, Hyperbeam! Zangoose, Shockwave!" Radd continued. Ditto, still in the form of the Gyarados, fired a beam at the pokemon. It appeared to be a critical hit. Zangoose followed up with a shock wave, and the Gyarados let out a shriek of pain. The Gyarados began to go under in pain. "None escape! No mercy is accepted!" As Radd said this, he flung a poke'ball at the serpent pokemon. A beam of red light shot out of the red, and white ball, and drew the Gyarados in. The ball fell into the water. "Ditto, fetch it." Ditto, which was still in the form of Gyarados, picked the ball up with it's tail, and flung it into Radd's hands.

"You'd think a guy like me would have a Gyarados before now!" Radd said laughing.

July 19th, 2007, 5:20 PM
((Sorry to interupt, but this RP interests me... So, Porygon-Z, I have a question... When you said that people were still allowed to join until you got 30 posts, did you mean in the topic overall, or as the actual RP? Because if it's the latter, I'd still like to join. :xx))

July 19th, 2007, 5:20 PM
Pat was in his home Town and Region; Viridian City in the Kanto Region. While walking through the streets at night with his headphones in his ears. Some people drive up to him in a truck, however he tried to ignore everyone, all saying, "Dude major party! Come along!". Everyone in the truck were obviously all very drunk, so Pat just keeps walking, thanking God Arceus that he does'nt have the mind to drink and party all night, and getting a hangover the next day. A gust of wind went through the city, blowing around advertising papers and newspapers everywhere. Once it stops however, there is a paper on Pats face, to he gets it off. The paper says, Rose Isle Royale- Held in Hoenn! Master Trainers come!. He has nothing better to do, and it sounds interesting, so Pat decides to enter. He flies on Charizard to the port at Vermillion City, highly doubting Charizard can make the overnight fly to Hoenn, so he takes the over-day boat to the Region. Reaching it the next day, he calls out his Gyrados to start traveling on the ocean to try and find the Rose Isle Royale place. He reaches an area the could be the Rose Isle, seeing some trainers there signing up for it, apparently. He and Gyrados rush to the place, Gyrados going at a very high speed.

July 19th, 2007, 5:48 PM
With his uninjured arm, Tim pulled a cell phone from a pocket inside his suit. He flipped the sleek modern mobile open and glanced up at Annalyn and the other trainer who had run over to them

“Doubt I’ll get any signal, but it’s worth a try” he shrugged, plugging the emergency number into the silver keypad, “It’s ringin…Hello? Yes, can I get the Coastguard please? Yes… yes hello, Coastguard? Yeah, our boat is under attack and sinking.” He cupped his hand over the mouthpiece and glanced around the deck, “About twenty, plus crew. Our coordinates? I don’t know, we’re about ten minutes out off Slateport, headed towards Rose Isle…No, we’re not on Rose Isle, why? Look, it doesn’t matter, Gyarados are attacking us and we are sinking, could you please send a helicopter or a boat or something? Great, how long? I told you, about twenty plus crew. Yeah, a Vaporeon and an Octillery, and my Slowbro knows Surf. Only a tiny raft. No, we’re not even within seeing distance of Rose Isle, it’s still about an hour away. Really? Great. I’ll tell them” he flipped it shut, “Help is coming as soon as it can. He says to try and stop the Gyarados and Tentacruel and whatever else will show up from damaging the boat further, and any Pokemon that can swim should try and keep it afloat.” He turned to the girl with the Vaporeon; “If the girl in the raft needs help, Kemf can carry her, she doesn’t look very heavy. You’re Vaporeon needs to be keeping the boat in one piece” Someone on the deck had caught one of the Gyarados, and was laughing about it. Tim ran to him, “Hi, I’m Tim, nice to meet you, could you possibly use that Ditto of yours to keep the ship from sinking and or breaking apart. Thanks” he turned to look at the deck; there was a chunk of the floor missing, revealing lower levels, and debris was scattered around it liberally. Wasn’t there a lifeboat? He scanned the sides of the boat; nothing. He shouted to Annalyn “Can you see a lifeboat or something?” he looked over to the pitiful little raft; it wouldn’t hold half of the people on board. He knew he had signed up for an ‘adventure’, but he hadn’t expected it to start before they had even arrived at their destination, and now here they were: on board a sinking ship, fending off angry Gyarados and beating down some wild Tentacruel.

“Slooooooowbrooo” he heard Johan yawn, flopping down onto the deck, tired from the battle, and tired from just being lazy. Kemf had landed on an aerial that jutted from an upper deck, smoothing down his feathers and shaking his head in that weird bird way. The ice was visibly melting, he could feel the ship sinking , and the Coastguard weren’t showing up; so Tim began to panic. Crisis thinking wasn’t his strongest point, and his only real idea he had was flying off on Kemf. Maybe Annalyn could come, she looked light…

“As a serious suggestion; anyone that can leave the boat and survive should. Any water types that can hold your weight? Get on them. I, myself have a Fearow that can carry me safely, and a Slowbro that knows Surf, so I plan on abandoning ship ASAP and waiting it out until the Coastguard arrive.” He called out to anyone that was listening. This statement also summoned Johan and Kemf from their various positions on the boat to him. He hated to be so pessimistic, but the situation was getting more hopeless by the second. "For those that do not, there is a nice man here with two big Gyarados' and a little raft over there, you can use them"

July 19th, 2007, 8:59 PM
Aaliyah nodded, then turned to her vaporeon, Dream, and her pikachu, Dante. "Dante, I want you to use Thunderbolt on those tentacruel, Dream, use Helping Hand." With that, Dream and Dante nodded, whipped around, and faced the Tentacruel.

Dream used Helping Hand on Dante, increasing the pikachu`s attacks. Dante then used Thunderbolt to cause the Tentacruel to give out, seeing as they`re part water type, and if they don`t give out, maybe paralyze them.

While Dream and Dante were trying to fight off the Tentacruel, all the while, avoid the wrath of the Gyarados, Memory tugged Aaliyah`s pants leg. He wanted to help. "Hmm..."Aaliyah thought of how Memory could help. "I know!" Aaliyah suddenly had a stroke of inspiration as she noticed out of the corner of her eye that Dante was being squeezed to death by a Tentacruel and Dream`s efforts weren`t helping much.

"Memory, use Nasty Plot, then use Metal Claw. Mmkay?" Aaliyah told her Weavile. Memory nodded, then stimulated his brain to think horrible thoughts to raise his speed attack power. Nasty Plot had come into effect. Then, Memory used Metal Claw to free Dante and weaken the Tentacruel. To finish it off, Aaliyah commanded Dante to use Iron Tail-which he did- then for the trio of pokemon to return to their trainer.

"Okay, guys, we need to get out of here. Dream, I don`t think you`ll be able to hold my weight, so we`re just going to have to ride on one of the Gyarados," Aaliyah stated.

July 20th, 2007, 7:30 AM
As Radd stared out out the wrath of the Gyarados, he shook his head. "I've already caught one, there's no point in being here anymore!" Radd said as he began to walk of. Girls in peril, pokemon getting the life squeezed out of them, Radd simply walked past this. He decided that anyone stupid enough to get involved into something over there head, then they deserve to die! Plus it'd just mean he'd win by default!

July 20th, 2007, 7:52 AM
OOC: I didn't think Roisin was really ready for the challenge so I added this to her Sign up (Click the Spoiler.)

Nature: Adamant
Nickname: None
Gender: Male

Heracross was once a leader of a Swarm of Heracross inhabiting the Safari Zone. He's Old and wise with great Battle and Life experience. Roisin found Heracross unconscious in the Safari Zone, he had been usurped by a younger and stronger Heracross for position of Alpha-Male. Roisin captured Heracross and after getting him Healed at Lilycove city the two became great friends. Heracross acts like a makeshift Father for Roisin, he's over protective and an amazing battler, Roisin has used Heracross for many Battles and he Rakes in the Wins easily.

Et Certera:
Roisin has all Eight Hoenn Badges, (With help from some of Juans' Pokémon) the 'Trainers of Tomorrow' Challenge to Roisin is a chance to prove herself with the Pokémon that she has caught and raised.

"No wonder this Raft was so Cheap! I can barley fit on and it's so uncomfortable!" Roisin shouted to herself as she paddled her dingy little Float towards Rose Island. She didn't even know if she was going the right way; she was drifting helplessly on her little Wooden Raft.

"Glad to see you two are having fun!" She shouted at Yamna and the new addition Corsola. Yanma and the Pink Coral Pokémon were Chasing each other, Yanma was hovering and Corsola was diving and Jumping, trying to grab the Dragonfly. The Weather was Foggy and the slight Drizzle was now nearly a Downpour.

Suddenly a foghorn blasted out of nowhere, making the Pathetic Raft seem like, well a Pathetic Raft. But the Ship wasn't moving, and there was no way a Raft could've caught up with a Ship that gained a great 20 Minutes head start. The Ship was surrounded by a Glacier of Ice but that wasn't worth looking at. Because on the other side of the Ship was a whole gang of Gigantic Serpentine Pokémon Blue in Colour, were savagely attacking the Luxury cruiser!

"Yanma, Corsola, come back here quick!" she called frantically at her two Pokémon Yanma Landed on her Shoulder and she returned Corsola to her Netball. "They'll have everything under control, don't worry," She thought to herself. Panicking she tried to ignore it and rowed faster.

"Yam!" screeched Yanma as they were Rowing for their lives. There was something incoming, a Huge bird Pokémon!

"No! I'm not being attacked by a Bird! Even one as big as this!" She bawled as she rowed Faster, but suddenly the Pokémon landed on the miniature Sail mast.

"AHHHH!!!" The Duo both screamed as the hugged each other, Yanmas' Screams louder. But the Pokémon didn't attack, he just offered his large Talon to the unsuspecting duet. "Huh? a Note?" Roisin asked Fearow who gave a sign of acknowledgement. "Th-Thanks," the Blonde stuttered, relieved that the Fearow was friend; not foe. Suddenly Fearow shot off back to the cruiser too fight.

Roisin inspected the note, she read through it a number of times. She looked up nervously, looked at the Ship and then back at Yanma.

"Yanma, we're going to have to fight," she said calmly. She stood up and Grabbed two Pokéballs from her Bag. She pressed the Enlargement button and threw them into the air. Out of them came a huge Bright White Light, emerging from the Light came Corsola and a Giant Stag Beetle Pokémon, Heracross. Heracross was serious looking and had a bunch of battle scars across his face and Chest.

"Corsola, Time to test your strength, come with us. Heracross, do you reckon you can fly me over to that Ship?" she informed and asked her Pokémon

"Heraa!" the Hercules Beetle shouted as he mounted and allowed Roisin to climb aboard. Without another thought Yanma, Heracross and Roisin took off from the Raft and flew towards the Ship, corsola underneath swimming as fast as she possibly could.

No sooner had they left the ship a Huge Jelly blue fish Pokémon emerged and Destroyed the Raft in one blast. The Tentacruel then dived back underwater without even looking at the remains.

"Quick, Corsola, use Protect!!" Roisin screamed instinctively.

"Cor?" asked the Coral Pokémon as she generated the Green Barrier. Without warning the Huge Tentacruel emerged again, failing to Attack Corsola with his Poison Needles.

"Corsola! Use Power Gem!" Screeched Roisin who had nearly Reached the cruiser.

"Cooooor-Sol- Aaaah!" she bellowed as she unleashed some Glowing white Rocks as if from nowhere, all aimed directly for Tentacruel. Direct hit! Right in the Weak Spot! Tentacruel shrieked in pain and then Submerged.

"Great one Corsola!" Roisin congratulated.

"Hra!" the Bug Pokémon Screeched, he was indicating that they had reached the Ship and had suddenly landed onto the drenched cast iron floor.

"Now to find Annalyn, hey Heracross, that must be the Scyther she mentioned," Roisin informed Yanma and Heracross. the Scyther was currently being returned to its' Pokéball "Heracross, go after that Gyarados!" she yelled pointing at the closest Serpentine Pokémon Quickly she charged to the edge of the ship and shouted the Same thing to her Corsola. "Corsola, Power Gem Please, Heracross use Rock Slide!".

Heracross took off without a word, he approached the Gyarados and delivered an extremely powerful looking Punch and then kneed it under the Chin. Heracross then rammed him in the forehead with his almighty Horn. "Hra!" screeched the Bug-Fighting type Pokémon, he charged back down to the Ice and ripped some up with his Brute strength, he lobbed them at Gyarados exactly like he would when performing a Rock Slide (except there's no Rocks.) Gyarados skilfully dodged the almighty onslaught and slammed Heracross with its' Tail, sending it crashing forcefully into the Water...

July 20th, 2007, 11:14 AM
The man with the Ditto just walked away from Tim, leaving him standing there growing more annoyed and panicky by the second. He chased after the man, eager to let out some anger;

“Hey! Extreme-o! I don’t care if you have no reason to be here, I don’t care of your champion of every league ever, that doesn’t give you a right to be such a self centred little prick! Come here and help or I’ll have my Mightyena tear you some new exit points for your snide comments!” he shouted at the man, reaching for his third pokeball. The girl seemed to have abandoned her raft, and was now flying to them on a Heracross. Tim flexed his injured hand, it seemed heavier than it should be. He shrugged it off and replaced his hat, still pursuing the obnoxious man and his Ditto. The girl arrived on the huge beetle and began to help. She was being useful, actively trying to save these people, unlike this guy.

“Ferow!” Kemf shrieked, the Heracross taking him by surprise. He flapped away nervously, still unsure about the beetle as it engaged one of the Gyarados with a big chunk of ice and its hard head. The large bird glanced down as a Pikachu kicked victoriously at an unconscious Tentacruel. He landed back on the aerial and watched the scene unfold; his trainer seemed to be shouting angrily at another man who was wandering off. He knew everything was going wrong, and he was resigned to the fact that he was going to have to carry his trainer to his destination if (when) this boat sank

“Hey, girl-with-the-Heracross, what happened to the raft, we could have used that?” Tim shouted to the trainer as she watched her Pokemon attack the Gyarados, lobbing chunks of the ice surrounding the ship roughly at the water dragon. He abandoned his argument with the man, not knowing whether or not he rebuffed to his threat, “You wouldn’t happen to be a ‘Trainer of the Future’ would you?” he wondered, trying to distract himself from the growing situation around him. He felt Johan wander up next to him, and stand on his hind legs, surveying the scene in a similar manner to his trainer

“Slooowbro” he sighed as he saw the few remaining Gyarados get hit with the Heracross’ projectiles, while the man and his Ditto wandered off somewhere else. This struck the Slowbro as odd, as the man did not look a coward; why would he run away from a fight like this? He cocked his head while he thought, his large blank eyes following the man as he left the deck. He tugged on his trainer’s trousers, pointing to the leaving figure and looking confused

“Your guess is as good as mine my lazy pink friend” Tim responded as he knelt down and petted the Slowbro. “Coastguard are taking their sweet time” he muttered, scanning the horizon for any ships or helicopters or even land. There didn’t seem to be anything within his field of vision, which was blocked somewhat by the upper decks of the ship. Tim sighed and stood up again, trying to decide what to do; fly off on Kemf, or stay here and try to help everyone? One thing was for sure though; he was going to get that snotty little man with his new Gyarados and his fancy transforming Ditto, and he sure as hell was not going to lose to him in this competition the Hoenn League had set up

July 20th, 2007, 12:46 PM
“Hey Girl-with-Heracross, What happened to your Raft?” asked a moderately tall man wearing a would-be extremely smart tuxedo like suit; which was drenched by the onslaught rain and Hydro Pumps. He had an extremely shaved head showing virtually minimal blonde stubble. “Well my raft was sort of destroyed, by a sort of Tentacruel, sort of.” Roisin smiled at the man and laughed nervously, but the moment was interrupted by an extremely loud and familiar screech just of the front deck.

“H-Croooooooooooooooooooooo!” came he screech, cut off by a very huge splash. Roisin quickly abandoned the man and charged to the side of the ship, Yanma following closely, the two nearly knocked over a smug looking bloke with a Ditto on his shoulder. The young blonde girl grasped the freezing wet hand rail on the ships edge and gazed down at the Abyss below. She could see a shadowy outline of a Giant Beetle in the Grey murky depths. “Heracross!” she bawled, nearly diving in. She was stopped by Yanma.

“Yammz,” She stated very calmly, pointing at the Pink object that suddenly emerged nex to Heracross' outline.

“Quick Yanma, go and help Corsola bring him back up to the surface,” Roisin articulated, but Yanma, caring for her 'family' just like her trainer was already down there giving Corsola a hand or six saving Heracross. After Heracross had emerged Yanma immediately flew up awaiting her trainers next instruction. “Good job Yanma, Now quick take this,” She told Yanma, handing him a Diamond shaped Rock. “It's a Revive, place it on Heracross' Chest, then come back up here,”

“Yam,” He winked with this huge cute eyes and he charged down to assist her friend. She placed the Revive on Heracross' chest and suddenly it started to glow, then the glow spread around Heracross. Like a Volbeat or Illumese, Heracross Illuminated in a great warm light, so bright that it made Yanma and Corsola Squint a little. As the light started to Fade Heracross' Eyes started to open.

“H-racroo!” the ruff old Heracross yelled enthusiastically as Yanma resumed her rightful place on Roisins' Shoulder.

“Great one Yanma,” she smiled and then leant back over to talk to her Pokémon. “Heracross, use your horn to catapult Corsola back up here, then hover around there for a min',” She smiled. The Twinkle in her eye let her Pokémon know she had a plan. Her Heracross obeyed and scooped up Corsola and launched her up into the air. Up and up an Up. Too high! She was higher than the whole Ship! “Quick Yanma, fly up there and set her down gently with Psychic,” Roisin blurted out frantically. Yanma did what she was asked to do and darted up towards the falling Coral Pokémon. One they were level Yanmas' eyes illuminated a baby Pink Colour, this generated an aura of the same colour around Corsola, and together they gently floated down to the deck. “Great guys, Now...” She grabbed her only other Occupied Pokéball and enlargend it “we need your help Spoink, Please don't fool around” She kissed the ball and threw it in the usual flash of white Light a little Black Pig with a huge Pink Pearl on his head emerged and started to literally bounce off the walls.

“Spoink spoink spoink spoink spoink spoink spoink spoink spoink ,” the Pokémon happily screamed as he was bouncing, luckily Roisin caught him before he Plummeted into the sea. “Listen Spoink, I really need one of your famous Psybeams', Okay, it's really important you stay focused,” she explained calmly whilst stopping him from bouncing too much.

“Spoi Spoi,” he said happily punching the air and winking.

“Just wait until I tell you Okay?” Spoink sort of nodded and then assumed a battle Pose (still bouncing lightly). “Now Yanma, can you take a leaf out of that 'Annalyns' book and Doubnle Team around Gyarados to distract him?” Roisin Asked. Yanma nodded and Charged towards Gyarados before speedily distracting him by using her amazing versatility to create after-images of herself. “Great, now Corsola and Spoink, when I say Now unleash your most powerful Psybeam and power Gem, got it?” she told/asked them. They both (even though they're both just heads) nodded. Then she went to shout to Heracross. “Now Heracross, can you get underneath that Gyarados and Seismic toss him into the air like you did to Corsola?

“He-cro!” he agreed and dived underwater.

“Great. It's gonna work, Quick Yanma, come back here and when I say now unleash a Psybeam!” She shouted. Just as Yanma got into position on top of Corsola, Heracross had flung Gyarados into the air. “Now, Psybeam, Psybeam and Power Gem!” Roisin Smiled. Three beautiful Rainbow coloured Beams were launched from Spoinks' Pearl and both of Yanmas' eyes directly at the falling Gyarados, along with some high Speed glowing Rocks. Direct hit! The Threee Super Effective attacks had sent the Gyarados Packing! They had just defeated it! Heracross had already landed next too his Trainer.

“Yes, Yes, Yes!” Everbody says Bug Pokémon are weak un-evolved/Pokemon that don't evolve Pokémon are worthless. We proved them wrong right?” she Shouted as she hugged her four best friends. Roisin and her Pokémon darted over to the Man in the suit to inquire about the Trainers of Tommorow Job and about who Annalyn was, also she wanted to complement him on his Fearow and Slowbro that had fought, and are still fighting Valiantly in the battle.

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July 20th, 2007, 1:58 PM
The girl was complementing his Slowbro, saying how brave he had been. Tim was a little pre-occupied complaining about his ruined suit;

“They said ‘Trainers of the Future’ Conference, so I think: fancy reception with a buffet, and maybe some speeches and stuff by famous people, not horizontal rain and angry Gyarados!” he noticed that she was standing next to him, now praising Kemf, so he turned his attention on to her, “Hi. I’m Tim, reigning Orange League champion and ‘Trainer of the Future’” he air quoted the phrase, resenting it more every time it escaped his lips. He reached out to shake her hand, his sleeves dripping water slowly on to the already half flooded deck. Johan was still observing the deck, a philosophical look on his face as he surveyed the people scrambling around, trying to keep the boat from sinking. He yawned and swivelled round on his hind legs to face the girl’s Heracross, which dwarfed the pink sloth considerably. He scratched behind his ear and wandered towards the overly hyper Spoink, which was still bouncing and making energetic little noises. He stood in front of the jumping pig,

“Brooooo” he sighed, looking solemnly at his polar opposite, a slightly thick, hyperactive, little pig, while he gazed on, an overly lazy yet very smart pink ‘hermit crab’. Kemf was still perched on the antenna, drying off his beak with one of his wings every so often. He felt a little threatened by the large flying beetle which had just announced itself by tossing a Gyarados around like a Frisbee. He squawked a little and flapped his wings, making his presence known to the overgrown bug.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas on how we can get off this boat would you?” Tim asked the girl, his own mind blank of any thoughts that dealt with the situation practically, “I phoned Coastguard, but they were a bit weird as soon as I mentioned Rose Isle, and they haven’t shown up as of yet…” he trailed off as the boat creaked and shuddered, dropping about a foot into the water; the ice was melting. They needed to get off the boat, and fast. Tim would be okay, as would the girl with the Heracross, and that obnoxious guy who caught a Gyarados would fine; he had a Ditto. Annalyn could always ride the Scyther of she had to, but there were more people on the boat than just them, and they would go under with the ship unless the Coastguard turned up soon. He scanned the horizon again, looking for help, and there was nothing, save for the floating debris from the destroyed raft.

July 20th, 2007, 5:05 PM
The man with the Ditto just walked away from Tim, leaving him standing there growing more annoyed and panicky by the second. He chased after the man, eager to let out some anger;

“Hey! Extreme-o! I don’t care if you have no reason to be here, I don’t care of your champion of every league ever, that doesn’t give you a right to be such a self centred little prick! Come here and help or I’ll have my Mightyena tear you some new exit points for your snide comments!” he shouted at the man, reaching for his third pokeball. The girl seemed to have abandoned her raft, and was now flying to them on a Heracross. Tim flexed his injured hand, it seemed heavier than it should be. He shrugged it off and replaced his hat, still pursuing the obnoxious man and his Ditto. The girl arrived on the huge beetle and began to help. She was being useful, actively trying to save these people, unlike this guy.

“Ferow!” Kemf shrieked, the Heracross taking him by surprise. He flapped away nervously, still unsure about the beetle as it engaged one of the Gyarados with a big chunk of ice and its hard head. The large bird glanced down as a Pikachu kicked victoriously at an unconscious Tentacruel. He landed back on the aerial and watched the scene unfold; his trainer seemed to be shouting angrily at another man who was wandering off. He knew everything was going wrong, and he was resigned to the fact that he was going to have to carry his trainer to his destination if (when) this boat sank

“Hey, girl-with-the-Heracross, what happened to the raft, we could have used that?” Tim shouted to the trainer as she watched her Pokemon attack the Gyarados, lobbing chunks of the ice surrounding the ship roughly at the water dragon. He abandoned his argument with the man, not knowing whether or not he rebuffed to his threat, “You wouldn’t happen to be a ‘Trainer of the Future’ would you?” he wondered, trying to distract himself from the growing situation around him. He felt Johan wander up next to him, and stand on his hind legs, surveying the scene in a similar manner to his trainer

“Slooowbro” he sighed as he saw the few remaining Gyarados get hit with the Heracross’ projectiles, while the man and his Ditto wandered off somewhere else. This struck the Slowbro as odd, as the man did not look a coward; why would he run away from a fight like this? He cocked his head while he thought, his large blank eyes following the man as he left the deck. He tugged on his trainer’s trousers, pointing to the leaving figure and looking confused

“Your guess is as good as mine my lazy pink friend” Tim responded as he knelt down and petted the Slowbro. “Coastguard are taking their sweet time” he muttered, scanning the horizon for any ships or helicopters or even land. There didn’t seem to be anything within his field of vision, which was blocked somewhat by the upper decks of the ship. Tim sighed and stood up again, trying to decide what to do; fly off on Kemf, or stay here and try to help everyone? One thing was for sure though; he was going to get that snotty little man with his new Gyarados and his fancy transforming Ditto, and he sure as hell was not going to lose to him in this competition the Hoenn League had set up
"So you think I'm a prick, eh!?" Radd began. "Why should I help anyone who calls me a prick!?" Radd continued. "Fine! If you care so much, Zangoose use Shadow ball! Ditto transform into Zangoose and and use shadow ball as well!" Radd finished. His pokemon unleashed balls of dark energy at the wild pokemon, exploding on impact and sent them flying back into the ocean in which they had come. "There, happy boy?" Radd said grinning as he walked off in his original direction, with his pokemon doing the same.

July 20th, 2007, 6:31 PM
Aaliyah watched the man with a ditto and Zangoose walk off. "...Jerk," she muttered. Dante did nothing but growl and ran off towards the man. "Dante!" Aaliyah called. Dante didn`t respond.
Dream sighed. "Vapor.." she said. Memory looked quite surprised by Dante`s rash actions. Aaliyah quickly ran up and picked up Dante. "Pikachu!" Dante yelled at the man.

July 21st, 2007, 2:41 AM
The obnoxious man seemed angry; his Zangoose and his Ditto (also a Zangoose) had just succeeded in blowing up a retreating Gyarados, and further shattering the ice holding the bat afloat. He stormed off victoriously, his head held high with the thought that he had ‘sure shown that guy’. Tim chuckled under his breath as the man and his two Zangooses (Zangeese?) walked away, still blissfully unaware that they had basically just done what he had asked of them to save face. The girl with the Vaporeon didn’t seem to think so,

“Jerk” she muttered as her Pikachu growled menacingly, trying to escape from its trainer and chase after him. “Dante!” she called sternly to the electric mouse, who shouted angrily at the man, thrashing to release itself from its trainer’s grip. Tim sighed; if he was going to be here for a while, he might as well have some intelligent conversation. He reached for his remaining two pokeballs; one old and battered one, and a sleek looking Dusk ball. He opened them calmly on the deck to reveal his Charmeleon and his Mightyena, who were both instantly confused by the situation around them

“Don’t ask” Tim muttered as the Charmeleon cocked his head looking around at the deck, “Big angry Gyrados, equally large and angry Tentacruel, and a sulky little man with a Ditto” he explained, “Sorry you missed the battle Nabe, but you know; type advantages and stuff, you weren’t right for the job” The fire type understood, but was still visibly disappointed. Hev, the Mightyena, had run off to make friends with the girl’s Vaporeon, barking playfully at the water Pokemon. “Be nice” he warned the large black dog, who looked back at him, rolling her eyes.

“Char. Char-meleon” Nabe muttered, kicking a piece of debris and still sulking about not getting to fight. He glanced across the deck, sizing up the remaining Pokemon; Heracross, no, Scyther, maybe, Pikachu, probably, Corsola, kindling, Yanma… he stared at the dragonfly for quite some time, wondering why it always sat on its trainers shoulder. He wouldn’t of fit on Tim’s shoulder of course, he usually walked alongside his trainer, but still he wondered; did they share some special bond, or was the Yanma so pathetic it needed to be protected by the girl? Johan had returned to his rather unique feat of sleeping with his eyes open, and Kemf was now circling the boat, lazily looping and banking out of boredom.

“Don’t worry about him” Tim began, pointing to the sulky figure, flanked by his equally tempered Pokemon, “I’m sure he used to be a nice person” he sighed, the drizzle collecting on the rim of his hat and dripping onto his shoulders slowly and steadily as he stood, his Charmeleon on one side of him, looking at the Yanma like it was lunch, and his Slowbro and Mightyena on his other side, one dozing, and the other making new friends

Scarlet Weather
July 21st, 2007, 3:45 AM
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Name: Langley Antechronos

Hometown: Ecruteak City

Physical Description: Langley is about 5"5, and sports a bright green down vest as well as a darker green long-sleeved undershirt, blue jeans, and a long, flowing silver hair. His eyes could be best described as "bottle green", and his face is conspicuously clean. (So much so that a family joke states that if Langley fell into a puddle, he wouldn't get wet.) At about sixteen years old, he secretly suffers from horrible acne, which he is constantly keeping at bay with medicated pads and/or concealer, which he keeps hidden in his backpack, along with a camera, some spare supplies, and a cell phone, which he occasionally uses to "radio for backup", i.e., ask his parents or friends back home about something.

Langley's face is slightly less expressive then most, making it hard to tell exactly what he's thinking at all moments of the day. He carries himself with a certain finesse and dignity, and though he doesn't like getting his hands dirty he won't hesitate to use brute force when necessary.

Background: Six years ago, Langley was chosen, as the youngest member of the wealthy and influential Antechronos family, to go out and make a name for himself in the field of Pokemon training as a part of the family's plan to become a household name in Johto. While his brothers were put through finance, performing arts, and the like, Langley was sent out on a Pokemon journey, along with the finest offspring of the revered family Spinarak, Arachne. However, unlike certain richer members of the well to do families, Langley's parents never sent their son to any formal school of training, never supplied him with anything beyond a basic starting kit and a Pokemon, and did not give him any direction, their overall goal being to make sure that Langley would become an independent man, with a burn to suceed. Their drive paid off as Langley scored well first in the Johto cup, and then in a series of small tournaments in Kanto as well. Langley came to Hoenn for one reason only: to win the Rose Cup. And he isn't going to let anything stand in his way.

BACKGROUND EXTRA: The Antechronos family is one of the oldest families in Johto, with the original members being some of the first settlers in Ecruteak. The original Langley Antechronos was a nobleman who was exiled from his home country for slighting the queen, after which he moved to Johto and set up his own "court". The Antechronos family provided much of the funding that was used in the initial building of the town of Ecruteak, and as such are still held in high regard. According to family legend, the family's manifest destiny is to one day have at least one Antechronos working in every major field. All Antechronos children are sent through at least three years of formal grammar school, followed by whatever education would best assist them in their choice of career. The current senior Antechronos family members are Langley's father, Victor Antechronos, and his mother Annalyn. Their seven children are currently studying in the fields of English, military strategy, performing arts, Pokemon training, environmental science, and mathematics. Victor himself works as a private investigator, assisted by his wife. If Victor dies, his position as detective will probably pass to Langley. The Antechronos family values are courage, ingenuity, and hospitality, traits that have been conveyed to a degree to each and every Antechronos child.

Personality: A dignified trainer who will battle and discuss the weather equally calmly, one of the few things that will shake Langley's calm under any circumstances is a girl, or in some cases a zombified Pokemon. This fact, unfortunately, causes Langley several problems, particularly in battling women, as he tends to throw the match to avoid insulting them. This stems from the fact that while Langley received formal education in manners from his parents back home, he started his journey as a trainer before he could complete the fifth chapter of his gentleman's handbook, "how to treat women", and therefore has no idea how to enter into a competition of any type with them without getting confused as to how he should behave. He posesses a certain charm, however, when he speaks, and is uncannily observant when it comes to the most insignificant details. Unfortunately for any detective career he may have had in mind, he often puts the facts together wrongly or jumps to conclusions. He enjoys reading, traveling, battling, and talking to others, and dislikes celebrities, loud music, and video games, believing they rot the mind. Langley suffers from a mild form of germophobia, and doesn't enjoy others touching him or being forced to crawl through tight, damp areas.

Langley, like all Antechronos children, spent three years in a formal school of grammar, and while many of his lessons have been lost since the beggining of his Pokemon journey he does tend to speak to others as if they are visiting dignitaries or important guests at a hotel. His main weakness in battle is his assumption that the other trainer will always fight fairly, a fatal flaw that has proved to be his undoing more then once. Langley does posess a certain dry wit, and tends to act as the voice of reason between warring factions when people he knows personally are arguing, usually by pointing out that more important things are happening. His self-proclaimed catch phrase, uttered every time he wins a formal battle or captures a Pokemon is "Touch. Duel's end."


Name: Arachne

Species: Spinarak

Personality: A loyal, devoted Pokemon whose humble appearance hides great battle experience and cunning, as well as an excellent degree of synchronicity with its trainer, Arachne is Langley's number one fan girl, and his first and most used Pokemon. While she lacks physical attacking strength, she demonstrates the use of attacks that slowly sap a victim's HP over time, as well as amazing stamina and the ability to fire ridiculously strong webbing at enemies. Arachne is devoted to her trainer, and will not allow anyone to harm him. She occasionally hides herself in his backpack, waiting to attack anyone who comes near him. Arachne is fiercely proud of her heritage. In every generation of Antechronos, a Spinarak named Arachne is always born and used as a sort of 'mascot'. Arachne herself is a juvenile, and is slated to take over her mother's position as family symbol as soon as she evolves, though this probably won't affect her status as Langley's Pokemon in any significant way. Arachne is very obedient, and follows Langley's commands in the manner that would be most effective. Her devotion to her trainer, however, often blinds her to all else.

Name: Clytemnestra

Species: Ninetales

Personality: A refined and demure Pokemon, Clytemnestra is Langley's only Pokemon he has ever succesfully captured on his own. Clyte, as she is called for short, displays a working partnership with Langley, but doesn't seem to care about him quite as much as Arachne does. She seems to be following her own agenda, at times, so much so that one wonders who is really pulling the strings, trainer or Pokemon. Clyte is the powerhouse of Langley's team, coupling powerful fire attacks with a keen sense of hearing and amazing speed and agility in order to take down opponents. She is usually only called into battle as a last resort, or against Pokemon Arachne has a great disadvantage against. Clytemnestra is often a legalist, and has explicitly stated that she holds a certain contempt for Pokemon born into captivity such as Arachne, and tends to follow the letter of a command rather then its spirit. She does show a great deal of concern for fellow Pokemon however, racing to the rescue whenever she notices one in danger. She and Arachne seem to have a grudging respect for each other, though they do argue.

July 21st, 2007, 4:37 AM
Radd looked back at the kid with the Charmeleon, and snapped/ "ONE, I'm not little! TWO, I'm not sulky; and THREE, well... I don't exactly have a three, but if I hear you inusulting me again, me and my pokemon will have no choice but to crush you and your pokemon in a battle!" Radd said as he walked towards the kid and his pokemon, shuving the Pikachu out of the way in the process. Zangoose grinned, and began slashing it's claws at the air. Ditto began grinning as well. "Got it?" Radd finished.

July 21st, 2007, 5:42 AM
Tim didn’t have time for the immature man, no matter how large and threatening his Zangoose was. He shot Nabe a look of despair, and the Charmeleon burst into uncontrollable laughter, completely unaware that all Tim’s other Pokemon were staring at him strangely.

“You remind me of someone…” Tim started, “I can’t remember his name though; I want to say James… Joeseph maybe? Anyway, he turned up at Danny’s on Navel Island, demanding a battle. You know, down in the Orange League, we mix things up a bit, think outside the box with our gym challenges, well Danny likes to climb mountains and teach people about teamwork. Well this guy ‘Joeseph’ was having none of it, scoffed at the whole idea and demanded a double battle right then and there. Danny told him that that wasn’t the way he did things, and the kid just freaked, shouting and complaining, calling him an idiot and a coward for not battling, ‘like a man’ he said” Tim sighed, looking the man up and down, glancing over to his over enthusiastic Zangoose, who seemed ready to tear into Nabe at the drop of a penny, “He never got the badge; we never heard from him again. He didn’t achieve anything by being macho and aggressive, and neither will you” Tim pointed to the man with his two index fingers, before tipping his hat and walking away, back to the guard rail to look for the Coastguard. His Charmeleon growled at the Zangoose a little before following his trainer to the edge of the deck

“Meleon” he growled to Tim, stealing a look back at the Zangoose, still slashing at the air like a furry blender. He looked back to Tim, longing to fight with his new red and white nemesis, snorting smoke from his nostril’s eagerly

“Don’t worry Nabe, I’m sure you’ll get your chance with the man’s Zangoose, just not right now, as we are still trying to get off this ship” He thought he saw something on the horizon, but he couldn’t be sure, it was probably just a flock of Pelliper. He sighed and reached back for his phone, “Hello, Coastguard please… Yes? WHY AREN’T YOU COMING? We are stranded and sinking, I called you ages ago, and you still have not shown up. Twenty…twenty-one plus crew. Ten minutes out of Slateport headed North-East. North-East. Yes. Hurry up, please, we are sinking rather fast now, as the ice holding us together is melting. An Octillery. Thank you. Please. I should hope so.” They told him a lifeboat was on its way, but he was still doubtful.

July 21st, 2007, 5:57 AM
Aaliyah shook her head and sighed in slight frustration of what was going on. Memory was looking at his trainer, quite worried. What if she became angry at the man with a Zangoose and Ditto? Then what? Would he hurt her with his pokemon?

Aaliyah carefully set Dante down, knowing full well he won`t chase after the man again. The pikachu looked slightly dissappointed, but got over it. He would have fancied a fight.

Dream looked over at the Mightyena that was barking at her. "Vapor? Vaporeon?" she asked, curiously, wanting to know hy the Mightyena was barking at her of all pokemon.

July 21st, 2007, 6:07 AM
Radd looked away from the kid and his Charmeleon. As Radd began to walk off, again, he noticed the Pikachu still wanting a fight, but stayed by it's trainer. "I wouldn't waste my time hurting an electric rat like that thing." Radd said as he continued on his way. Might as well get some training done while were stuck here. I plan on fighting that kid at some point. He's got spunk.

July 21st, 2007, 6:14 AM
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Annalyn had stepped to contemplate the situation that had unfolded. The girl from the raft had left it just in time before a large Tentacruel had destroyed it, ruining her initial planning. Whilst the Water Pokemon idea may work, she highly doubted that her Ollery could handle that long of a swim. Meanwhile, the girl's Heracross was further damaging the ice and therefore, shortening the time that the ship had before it sunk underneath the water, making their situation more dire than before. Two of her Pokemon were incredibly tired while the other wouldn't survive in this situation due to his size and overall manner of personality. One man was being stubborn and down right annoying, there were numerous injured passengers scattered across the decks, the tournament started in less than two hours, Pokemon were being down by the onslaught of Gyarados and Tentacruel left and right, trainers were being attacked and poisoned, and her blouse had gotten wet, which sent a sharp shiver down her spine every time the breeze blew. But, wanting to maintain her stoic facade, she stood firm and contemplated the situation.

Wait... what's the sound. Please don't let it be ANOTHER angry horde of Pokemon!? The sound of what seemed to be fluttering wings was sounding in the distance. It actually sounded much like a Yanma's wings beating. Her stomach turned. As it grew louder, she did notice a small figure's outline growing on the distant horizon. As the sound grew louder, so did the figure. Is that a... helicopter? THE COAST GUARD! Wait though... it's coming from the direction of Rose Isle, not the mainland... The closer it was, the more she noticed that the helicopter was not of the Coast Guard. It was a sheer, metallic black with two machine gun-like appendages installed on the bottom. The windows were tinted and the helicopter itself was much insidious looking to be of any official military branch. Oh... this is probably not a good thing...

The helicopter finally reached them and the side door opened. Standing in the door was a lanky, morose looking man wearing an almost obsenely green colored suit with the tackiest red cape attached to his shoulders. If there was one thing Annalyn couldn't stand in people who did little to keep an acceptable appearance. Though looks aren't everything, a first impression is! But, what was this badly dressed man doing her. "Excuse me, but is this the ship that was to carry the participants to the Rose Isle Trainer Showcase by chance," he said, yelling so he could be heard over the helicopter. Annalyn snorted. "Yes, it was the ship. But as you can see, we were attacked by a group of angry Pokemon, but we've been fending them off until we figured out a way to get to the island. Who are you by chance?" she asked, wanting to know why this man had come to them?

"Ahh... yes. My name is Dr. Vincent Moonjoy, member of the Hoenn League Board of Directors. We were informed by the Coast Guard that this ship was stranded and decided to make our own efforts to come and bring our valued participants to the island ourselves. We must start soon or we will all be in financial ruin. So please hurry and board this helicopter now!" he said, waving his hand in a motion that would hurry the participants to the helicopter.

As she stepped to the ladder that had been lowered for them, she stopped and asked, "Well... why didn't you just pick us up in a helicopter in the first place. It would of been faster and a lot safer," she said, giving the odd man a discerning look. The man twitched a little and his eyes shifted in a nervous way. "Well... uh... we didn't figure on Pokemon attacks when we decided on the mode of transport for our trainers. Plus... helicopter fuel is so expensive.. we were looking to.. save money... eh..." he stuttered out, looking incredibly guilty. Annalyn gave him one final look and stepped up the ladder into the helicopter. She sat in one of the red leather seats and crossed her legs. "Hey wait! What about the other passengers? What's going to happen to them?" she yelled, angered by the thought of abandoning the others.

Dr. Moonjoy turned and his face was once again filled with angst. He was obviously shaken by the visibly strong Annalyn, "The Coast Guard is still on its way. We just figured that uh... it would be faster if we came and got you faster. Plus, the Coast Guard didn't want to deliver you all to Ro... waste your time and make you miss the tournament..." Annalyn knew something was up, but ignored it for the time being. She just wanted to get to the island and get some rest...

July 21st, 2007, 7:18 AM
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There was no way that was the coastguard. It looked like it belonged to some fancy secret organisation, like if Team Rocket could afford decent equipment. Tim ran to the black helicopter as it landed, recalling his Pokemon as he dashed past them, and clambering into one of the plush red leather seats with a relieved sigh. Annalyn was on one side of him, but there were only enough seats to just get the trainers in, the other passengers would be stuck until the Coastguard arrived. The horribly dressed ‘Doctor’ Moonjoy was ushering on all participants in the ‘Trainers of the Future’ showcase, having to shout at the top of his voice to be heard over the rumble and whirr of the helicopter engines. Inside the vehicle, it was all luxury; comfy leather seats and a certain degree of soundproofing from the incredibly loud rotors. Tim settled into the chair, his wet suit making odd squeaking noises as he shuffled in the seat, trying to get comfortable. The man’s excuses were terrible, and he was clearly a little tight fisted, if anything. Tim looked to Annalyn, she was as wet as he was, shivering in her blouse as the wind penetrated the helicopter. He checked his pockets to see if he had everything; Phone, pokeballs, potions, emergency repel, he still had his ring and his hat; everything was okay.

“Just think” he muttered to Annalyn, “All of that so they could save a few pennies on fuel. The mind boggles when you think about what they have set up on this Rose Isle place” he laughed through his mildly chattering teeth as he twirled the plain silver ring around his thumb with his other hand, something he tended to do when he couldn’t think of anywhere else to put his hands. He exhaled noisily, clenching his poisoned fist; it still twanged a little when he tried to be too dextrous with his fingers. “Do you know anything about where we’re going, I asked someone in my hotel yesterday and they were really weird when I mentioned Rose Isle, is there something I’m missing here?” he asked Annalyn, genuinely concerned about peoples reactions whenever he mentioned the name ‘Rose Isle’ to them; they either became really evasive or outright scared. The only History he really knew was a little of his family’s and a short history of the Orange Archipelago, he never learnt anything about the other regions other than the vaguest legends that people told him every so often, about mystical Pokemon and forgotten lands and… Rose Isle! Someone had told him something about somewhere called Rose Isle once, but all he could now remember was the name. It was something weird though, something that you would expect from a legend, obviously none of it was true, or he would have remembered more clearly

July 21st, 2007, 7:29 AM
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“Hi. I’m Tim, reigning Orange League champion and ‘Trainer of the Future’" announced Tim, the man in the ex-crisp suit, whos' Pokémon Roisin had just been praising. He held out his dripping wet hand to Roisin. She grasped with gently and responded.

"My names Roisin... Well... I have five Gym badges..." she announced flatly as she let go of Tims' hand. Her achievements paled in comparison to the man in front of her. Her clothes also nearly destroyed she took off her Orange bandanna to let her hair down for a bit. The mans' Slowbro who was dubbed "Johan" was observing the deck with his seemingly vacant gaze. He first observed Heracross, the two gazed at one another for a couple of seconds before Johan wheeled round to the cuddly hyperactive piglet known as Spoink.

"Awww, they're friends," exclaimed Roisin happily.

“You wouldn’t happen to have any ideas on how we can get off this boat would you?” Tim asked the Roisin “I phoned Coastguard, but they were a bit weird as soon as I mentioned Rose Isle, and they haven’t shown up as of yet…” He seemed confused and desperate for a solution.

"Alls' I can think of is surfing or dlying on Pokémon really but not everyone can do that, sorry I'm no help," Roisin smiled nervously, but suddenly the ship started to shake, It'd been dislodged from its' frozen prison; created by the genius Annalyn. Roisin quickly bounded to the side of the boat, partially to see what was happening and partially to get away from Tim as the man with Ditto was approaching and she was not a big fan of conflict.

"Whew Yanma, look at them two argue... Hey, Is that a Chameleon... He's looking down on you! Well you can show him how powerful you really are!" she enthusiastically shouted. Yanma let off a sort of oh-no-why-me face as she sighed at her trainers' arrogance. “Okay, go and take down, that last Tentacruel, start off with a double team,” Roisin yelled. Yanma sighed and took off, knowing the job to be hard-but-not-too-hard.

“Yam Yam,” she sighed as she hovered sluggishly to the Tentacruel, when all of a sudden she was forced down to the ice by a sudden gust of air! The fragile little Dragonfly was flung into the ice in one great smash which could've seriously hurt her.

“Yanma! Are you alright?!” Roisin screamed frantically, taking note of this, Heracross flew over to the side to his panicking trainer. It was the force from helicopter rotors that smashed her Pokémon to the floor. “Yanma, Watchout!” Yelled Roisin. as out of the ice emerged a huge Crab. Well more of a Lobster, it was bright Red in colour with a Blue stripe along its' mouth. Two huge Pincers lay at the end of its' skinny arms and he had a huge star on its forehead.

“Heracross, quick, go and help Yanma! That's a Crawdaunt and they are not friendly!”Yelled Roisin, an expert on Water Pokémon, considering who her Uncle was at least. Without another word Roisins guardian Pokémon charged down to the cold icy surface. The Crawdaunt was inches from vicegripping the injured Yanma when smash! Heracross utilized his almighty horn to send the Crawdaunt flying, but that was not enough, Crawdaunt instantly hurdled back out of water and delivered a powerful crabhammer, with his glowing pincer, directly to Heracross' face. Heracross collided with the Boat, dislodging it from the ice even more.

“Heracross, quick, use Focus Punch!” Roisin yelled.

“Hcra!” Roared the beetle as his fist started to glow. After a couple of seconds he dashed towards Crawdaunt with his glowing fist at the ready, but the crustacean had the same idea and came at Heracross with a crabhammer. The two Collided and were sent flying. Luckily this was distraction enough for Roisin to drop a Sitrus Berry too Yanma, who ate it in one bite.

“Yanma, use double team and confuse ray on Crawdaunt!” she yelled. “Heracross and Crawdaunt are to evenly matched... It seems another capture is in order,” Roisin thought to herself. Realistically her team was nothing in comparison to the other Trainers of Tomorrow, this may give her an extra boost. Once Yanma had succeeded, Heracross, Corsola and Spoink were returned to their Pokéballs. “Yanma, watch out!” she yelled as she whipped out a Lureball Ball (A gift from Juan) from her pocket. “Pokeball! Go!” she yelled, aiming it at Crawdaunt. Direct hit!

“Come on,” she stressed. “That's my only LureBall.” It wiggled Once. Twice. Three Times. Then it stopped. “Is it caught or not?”she asked Yanma.

“YAM YAM!” she shouted excitedly. Crawdaunt was captured. Yanma grabbed the Ball and darted back up towards her trainer who was jumping for joy.

“I caught a Crawdaunt!” She announced but nobody heard. Her victory was short lived by a helicopter pilot interrupting her.

“Fabulous, now climb on board little girl, we are going to Rose Island,” he remarked coldly. Feeling embarrassed Roisin climbed aboard without another word and they departed for Rose Island.

July 21st, 2007, 7:51 AM
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She looked at Tim, who had just sat right next to her in one of the leather seats. She too checked her purse, and saw everything that was necessary was still in her purse. She checked her belt and found all three PokeBalls were still occupied. Annalyn sighed and placed her face in the palms of her hands. I could be home just doing little checkups on Pokemon and my patients right now. This little showcase had better be worth the trouble its caused me already. All Annalyn wanted to do was sleep, but even with the soundproofing of the cabin, the rotors were much too loud and distracting. To pass the time while the others boarded the helicopter, she pulled a nail file from her purse and began to work on her nails. She also wanted to find out more on the man seated next to her.

She spoke in a whisper, so as Dr. Moonjoy wouldn't hear her, "Well, I'm from Sinnoh, so the history of this island is pretty foreign to me as well. But from the little about it I found at our library, it said the first settlers to Hoenn arrived on this island well before the rest of the continent was settled. They lived there for about two hundred years and suddenly packed up and moved to the mainland. They left little behind except for a large labyrinth. No buildings, nothing. There's no modern history of the island. It was like this island was forgotten. It made me wonder why we were going here. From what I can guess, the labyrinth will be the sight of our showcase..." she said having lifted her face from the palms of her hands. "I almost didn't come. I traveled for a good ten years before I went to medical school. I was pretty much done with Pokemon training. But something about this invitation..." she brought her voice down to a lower whisper, "made me suspicious. They didn't include prizes or anything... just promised fame to those who survived. Why would they use the word 'survive' to describe the winner. Something's up and I intend to figure out what..."

July 21st, 2007, 8:38 AM
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After finally boarding the helicopter to Rose Island, all Roisin wanted to do was just, well doze off, the events of today had exhausted her and she had nearly doubled her amount of Pokémon in a single day because of such events. The leather interior was for the most part comfortable, but her wet clothes drenched the seat thus making it feel like she was sitting in a puddle. A girl which Roisin identified as Annalyn and the man with whom she was already acquainted with, Tim, had started up a little conversation. Being one of the clear underdogs of the challenge she -being the devious girl she was- decided she was not going to be left out.

“Hey love-birds,” she interrupted, rather pleasantly, she smiled at Annalyn who was striking up a conversation with Tim. “Are you 'Annalyn' who sent me the note attached too Tims' Fearow?” Roisin stood up, much too the Pilots' dismay, but she pretended she couldn't hear his “Sit down we're going soon!” command. “I'm only here because my Uncle, who is part of the Hoenn League organisation, Juan the Gym Leader of Sootopolis, told me too, although I do enjoy making new friends and a nice challenge,” she articulated annoyingly. Seemingly noticing that she was annoying her 'targets' she sat back down and handed Yanma a PokéBlock.

“Yam,” she chirped happily as she devoured the Green PokéBlock. The little Dragonfly observed her surroundings, there were people everywhere in the enclosed chopper, she would willingly follow the chopper. “I AM fast enough,” she thought to herself proudly. Yanma everywhere were revered for their speed and also their window shattering signature move, Sonic boom. Will Roisin still like me? She's caught two new Pokémon today and made a new friend with that Tim,” she stressed to herself.

“What's up Yanma? Are you scared?” Roisin asked her stressed looking Pokémon. Roisin knew her Pokémon was claustrophobic,but she seemed rather upset. “Well whatever it is, remember, you're my best friend, and you have us your family to support you,” Roisin explained, trying to comfort her Pokémon. She patted Yanma on her head and she flew down onto Roisins' lap and curled up, trying to sleep.

July 21st, 2007, 9:02 AM
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“I never read that!” Tim exclaimed under his breath, the name ‘Decker’ floating around in his head, something this man had told him in this fantastical tale of which he could only remember sparse details, such as the name (Rose Isle, or Island).

“Something's up and I intend to figure out what..." Annalyn told him matter-of-factly. He admired her enthusiasm, but he was longing for sleep, so he did not share it. He knew it was weird and all, but exploring and investigating could be put off until he had had a little rest. The other trainers were now clambering into the helicopter next to him, Roisin was being awfully quiet, and was holding a Lure ball which he didn’t recognise as hers. Moonjoy was dashing around the deck, reassuring the non-competitors that the Coastguard would be here as soon as they could be, and that the trainers had an urgent appointment, and ushering on

“No wonder they made us sign all those release forms against injury and damage and responsibility and stuff” he muttered to Annalyn as she played around with a nail file she produced from her ‘utility’ purse. Was there anything she hadn’t brought with her? “Hey, Roisin?” he turned to the girl on his other side, “Have you ever heard of this Rose Isle place? It seems to have just fallen out of all the History books, nobody’s been there in, what was it Annalyn, a couple of hundred years?” He tried as hard as he could to remember any of the story the man told him; the only parts of which he could remember at the moment were the names ‘Rose Isle’ and ‘Decker’. What Annalyn had said about the labyrinth seemed to ring a bell as well, and that same bell told him that it was bad. Just think, if he hadn’t come to this ‘Trainers of the Future’ (hating the name more every time) thing, he could be at home, his feet up, watching some television with Nabe, or maybe he would have someone to battle; he had to leave Luana in charge of the League until he got back, making her two gym leaders at once effectively. He didn’t want to, what with her son coming home soon for his birthday, but he couldn’t trust Cissy, Danny was a bit over enthusiastic, and Rudy would just hit on every girl that challenged him. He chuckled as he wondered what Rudy would do in this situation, flanked by rather attractive women. He stopped short though, as he didn’t want to look weird, laughing to himself and all. He concentrated on playing about with his one piece of jewelery some more as the helicopter began to rev up in preparation for their departure to Rose Isle

July 21st, 2007, 9:04 AM
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Lovebirds... eh... Contrary to what Roisin said, she had no interest in romance. While she had always been attracted to men, she had no time with all of her contest training, medical work, and the other ten thousand things she did with her life. Her life was far from the glamorous, romance filled depictions of doctor's lives on television and in books. But this little girl interested her. "So, you're name is Roison right? You performed better than expected today. I was quite impressed. And from what I overheard, you only have five badges. You're Pokemon are quite impressive. Especially that Yanma of your's. I absolutely adore Bug-type Pokemon. Your Yanma reminds me a bit of Syter, my Scyther. She's not much of a battler, but you should see her perform in Contests. She's amazing. Ever thought of entering a contest? They bring a different feel to Pokemon training. But they do require skill in battling when it comes to the Appeal Battles. You should really consider it," she said, smiling at the young girl. She kind of reminded Annalyn of herself at that age. "So, you're competing in the Trainers' Showcase. Aren't you kind of young? No offense, but if the island is anything like our boat ride, you might be in trouble. You're not as skilled of a trainer as the rest of us..." She didn't mean to sound superior, but she was worried for the girl. This island would definitely not be a vacation.

She sat back, and continued to file her nails. "Yeah Tim. About two hundred years..." She was finally drying off. The sun was coming out and the sea had seemed to calm down. The last of their attackers had disappeared and the ship seemed to be set in place. But Annalyn still couldn't get rid of this feeling in her gut. And it showed in her composure. She was unusually rigid and uptight, and she continued to bite her lip. She had to watch herself to make sure she didn't file her nails down too much. I wish everyone else would get on. I'm tired of hovering here.

July 21st, 2007, 9:21 AM
"Pokémon contests? My Uncle is a famous Coordinator and Gym leader and as much as I hate talking about him, which I've done a lot of, he is an inspiration, you know I was going to be a coordinator but I gave up after losing my first contests, but come to think about it I only had Yanma and Spoink back then," Roisin explained to Annalyn, she told Tim that she had never heard of Rose Island before Juan informed her of it and thanked Annalyn on her complement.

"So, you're competing in the Trainers' Showcase. Aren't you kind of young? No offence, but if the island is anything like our boat ride, you might be in trouble. You're not as skilled of a trainer as the rest of us..." Annalyn told Roisin, she sounded like she was bragging and diminishing Roisin, but she knew that the girl meant well in what she said, it's like doctors to be concerned.

"Yeah, but how bad can it be, plus I love a good challenge, well I do nowadays at least," she answered, rather defensively. "Anyway you two I just caught a wild Crawdaunt, and I am pretty confident about its' strength. It nearly beat my Heracross, my strongest Pokémon," she announced proudly holding up her LureBall in the process. "I wish the others would hurry up," she added. Suddenly someone else literally squeezed her way through the door. An overweight, seasick woman clambered into the cockpit, and as anti-controversial as Roisin was she couldn't help but giggle as she waddled on board. The journey was going to be fun to say the least.

July 21st, 2007, 9:33 AM
"Oh... well... maybe after this little showcase is over, I can coach you a little on contests. Before I was a doctor, I was Contest Champion of Sinnoh. You can even travel with me around Sinnoh and I'll escort you into all the contests. And with my kind of name recognition, you'll have plenty of public attention and fans in no time," Annalyn said to the girl. She really liked the girl. She had plenty of spunk and if her uncle was Juan, she had to have some skill. She could be champion in no time.

"Eghhh..." a voice sounded right outside of the helicopter. The helicopter kind of leaned a bit as the overweight tournament official from before began to board the helicopter. She could be overheard saying "Moonjoy, I told you I get seasick. And what do you!? Put me on the ship. I oughta take your face and..." she stepped into the cabin, her face still drained of blood and a large bruise on the side of her face. She had obviously taken a few bruises during the attack. "And then you have the Gyar..." She stopped herself when she noticed a few of the trainers were already on the helicopter. She bowed her head a bit and took a seat at the back of the helicopter. Moonjoy sat next to her and started a private conversation with the women. Annalyn gave them a discerning look. She leaned over to Tim and whispered into his ear, "I think they might of had something to do behind the Gyarados attack. We have to watch that Moonjoy. Everything so far is just giving me the worst feeling in the world..."

July 21st, 2007, 12:01 PM
Tim punched the air triumphantly in his head; I knew they were behind the Gyarados. He cleared his throat, having sat and listened to the two girls talk over him for some time. He turned to Roisin;

“Which five badges do you have? I think I may have heard of your uncle, nice going with the Crawdaunt, and I’m sorry about Nabe, the Charmeleon, he judges people, and Pokemon, quite harshly” he turned back to Annalyn; “I’m not that big a fan of Bug Pokemon, especially Kakuna or Metapod, they just creep me out. Your Scyther was very graceful, and it stopped the Gyarados from toasting my Fearow, thank you. I think it would, and has, done very well in contests” Great, he was filled in on the conversation, and a little worried from the sounds still emanating from the ‘Official’ who arrived in from the boat. She and Moonjoy were muttering away quite contentedly, and Tim obviously couldn’t allow that, could he? “Hello, Doctor Moonjoy?” he swivelled round in his seat to face him. He immediately stopped talking and looked up, a big false smile on his face, “What exactly are we doing once we get to Rose Isle; do we get to sleep before the big event you so clearly have planned for us, or are you just going to drop us out of this helicopter and award the prize to the first one to make it back alive?” he elongated the last word, emphasising that he had picked up on (or rather, been told by Annalyn) the part of the invitation that mentioned survivors. He squirmed a little in his chair, looking awkwardly at the portly official before he replied

“About that” he began, shuffling awkwardly in his cape, “The wording on the invitation was merely a formality, along with the release forms, they stop people filing lawsuits against us if things go a little… er… wrong” he explained, his hands flapping about uselessly in an attempt to gesture

“Like when the Gyarados attacked” Tim asked, faking sincerity and raising his eyebrows, staring piercingly into Moonjoy’s eyes

“Y… yes, just like that. Very unfortunate, all of that terrible business with the Gyarados and the Tentacruels, wasn’t it?” he smiled, before receiving a sharp elbow in the side from the pale official, who tried to cover it up by fumbling with her seatbelt. Tim laughed forcefully, and turned back, whispering to Annalyn,

“I think we may have signed up for more than we first though here” he gave her an almost apologetic look, “This can’t end well” he sighed, relaxing in his seat, again devoting his conscious mind to the task of rotating his silver ring around and around his thumb, until the other nine tenths of his brain could conjure up something useful.

July 21st, 2007, 12:26 PM
"Oh... well... maybe after this little showcase is over, I can coach you a little on contests. Before I was a doctor, I was Contest Champion of Sinnoh. You can even travel with me around Sinnoh and I'll escort you into all the contests. And with my kind of name recognition, you'll have plenty of public attention and fans in no time," Annalyn said, almost admirably. Roisin smiled, Annalyn was a really kind person that liked to help people, did she have any downsides?
“Sure, thanks a lot Annie,” Roisin over joylessly yelled, this would be a moment to give her a hug but they were both buckled into the copter seats.
“Which five badges do you have? I think I may have heard of your uncle, nice going with the Crawdaunt, and I’m sorry about Nabe, the Charmeleon, he judges people, and Pokemon, quite harshly” the suit wearing boy explained to her.

“Well, I have the stone badge from Roxanne, dynamo badge from Wattson, heat badge from Flannery, feather badge from Winona and the balance badge from Norman. I still need to destroy: Juan, Brawley, Tate and Liza,” she explained. She was thinking about the Gyarados, Roisin was suspicious that the officials were behind it since the copter first landed, but the overweight official verified this with her little outburst to Professor Moonjoy. Tim, who seemed to have already cracked it was currently breaking Moonjoy down into admitting it.

“Wow, I wish those other trainers would hurry up, I'm bored stiff,” she articulated in general, mostly talking to herself. She suddenly remember what resided, somewhere in her bag... She started to rummage through, looking for something. “Potion, Potion, Pokéball, Oooh a Wave Mail, didn't know I had one of them, Potion, Potion, Charcoal... Wait... what? Why do I have Charcoal in my bag? And this stupid tiny Mushroom! Ahh, there we go,” she exclaimed pulling out a thick heavy book entitled 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' “this should kill some time,” she said to herself as she opened up her book and indulged amongst the wonderful atmosphere the book created.

July 21st, 2007, 12:42 PM
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Aaliyah whipped around when she heard the whrring of the helicoptor. 'Cool,'she thought, 'This`ll do, though it`s not the coastguard. Aaliyah had her pokemon return to their Pokeballs and scarmbled into the helicoptor. She settled into the red seat that was behind Roisin, trying to make herself feel comfortable.

"I almost thought we were goners," Aaliyah mumbled having no clue about what was up. "Did I miss something?" she asked, rubbing her own arms. Her expression was still aloof, but had hint of cluelessness to it.

July 21st, 2007, 12:53 PM
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Actually the book is amazing ^_^, sorry for the Spam Porygon.

July 21st, 2007, 1:18 PM

Ok... I don't want this RP to stall, so its time to speed it up a bit...

And guys, watch the spamming. PLEASE!

"Well, it seems the other contestants aren't ready to depart the ship yet. I have called base back at Rose Isle and they have sent another helicopter to bring the stragglers to the island. So Dr. Gerundt, Mr. Med..hut... and Miss Haruka, since you three are prepared, you'll be known as Group Red upon reaching the island. And Miss Life, you will be assigned to another team upon their arrival. If none do arrive, you are on your own. If the other competitors aren't ready within a half hour of our arrival on the island, the competition will start without them. Essentially, three of you will probably begin with a slow start. Let's hope this will be a lesson for them to be prepared for anything at anytime. Pilot! Let's go! And please buckle up," Dr. Moonjoy said. He then took his seat, and then fastened his seat belt. The pudgy tournament official was still struggling with her belt, so he also helped to fasten her's.

Annalyn smiled. "Uhh... can you not call me Annie? Eh... I'd prefer Annalyn or Dr. Gerundt. I... don't like that name. A condescending colleague of mine on the Contest circuit used to call me that to belittle and demean me. I hate it," she responded to Roisin. Annalyn hated that woman. It was the most gratifying experience to beat her in the quarterfinals of the Grand Festival. Even greater to make eye contact with her when she was standing on the top of the podium. "At least we're finally moving. I still feel a bit guilty for leaving the other competitors behind though. Oh well..." At that the rotors of the helicopter started, and the helicopter began to lift from its hovering position. The force from the blades shifted the water underneath it and caused the hat from one of the injured passengers on the deck to fly away. The co-pilot came into the cabin and shut both doors. He nodded at Dr. Moonjoy and walked back into the control room.

This left the three trainers and the two suspicious tournament officials. Annalyn felt uneasy. She stared directly at the woman, who seemed to looked much more healthy than she had the last time she had seen her. The woman shifted uncomfortably in her seat, trying to escape the cold stare Annalyn was giving her. Annalyn stopped grilling her and turned to the two other trainers. "So we're Group Red eh? Couldn't ask for a better team?" She said with a smirk. She was really happy. These two were the biggest help during the Gyarados crisis, so she knew their skill level. "We better get prepared though. Who knows what's going to happen." She looked at the book Roisin was reading. "Damn... I meant to get that book. I forgot it came out today..."

July 21st, 2007, 1:57 PM
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“So Dr. Gerundt, Mr. Med..hut... and Miss Haruka, since you three are prepared, you'll be known as Group Red upon reaching the island.” Tim listened intently as Moonjoy explained the specifics of the contest teams. He was very happy with this, as Annalyn and Roisin were clearly the two best trainers he had seen so far. He was a little annoyed with the good doctor, however, as he had mispronounced Tim’s last name.

“Doctor Moonjoy, could you please try not to mispronounce my name, it gets a little tiring after twenty years of being called ‘Manhood’ or ‘Medhoot’. It’s not that hard, Min’od, come on, Min’od. Not too hard now is it?” he tried his hardest not to sound condescending. Annalyn was also telling him about her name, and why he should never call her ‘Annie’. If anyone ever even considered calling him ‘Timmy’, he would not think twice before rabbit punching them in the shoulder. The only person to ever call him ‘Timmy’ was a schoolteacher who Tim would rather forget.

“We better get prepared though. Who knows what's going to happen.” Annalyn commented, before diving into conversation Tim would rather not be a part of with Roisin. He thought he was reasonably well prepared; potions, antidotes, even a repel if things got ugly. He hadn’t brought any spare pokeballs, as he did not plan on catching any Pokemon, he was happy with the ones he had. As Annalyn and Roisin talked about their taste in books, he curled up into a little ball and tried to get some sleep while the helicopter sped off towards the ever mysterious Rose Isle.

July 21st, 2007, 1:58 PM
Suddenly, tired of waiting Dr. Moonjoy announced something about Red teams and islands or something Roisin was still staring down at her amaing new book, Roisin completley ignored everything that was going on until Annalyn attracted her attention, peering over her seat she said: "Uhh... can you not call me Annie? Eh... I'd prefer Annalyn or Dr. Gerundt. I... don't like that name. A condescending colleague of mine on the Contest circuit used to call me that to belittle and demean me. I hate it," She smiled and awaited Roisins' response.

"Oh, yeah sorry... And what did you mean by Doctor Gerundt? Are you really a Doctor?" She quizzed Annalyn, looking up too her in a way. She gave a nod, said thanks and sat back down. (OOC: A simple nod doesn't count as 'God-modding' does it?) Roisin, amazed and shocked by new discovery.

"At least we're finally moving. I still feel a bit guilty for leaving the other competitors behind though. Oh well..." Annalyn said to her, Tim and the new girl that had boarded. We better get prepared though. Who knows what's going to happen." Annylyn gazed down at the 607 page book Roisin was holding. "Damn... I meant to get that book. I forgot it came out today..."

Roisin simpily stuck her tounge out at her new friend, teasing her. "This book is sooo, soooo good," but I stil hope we get to the island soon, just so long as they don't plan to set a flock of Aerodactyl on us, Roisin stated matter-of-factly, shooting a glance at the back of Professor Moonjoys head. Yanma was currently snoring cutley inside Roisins' bag so she put her feet up on the side of the chair to get as comfortavle as possable.

"Yup, this is going to be an adventure," she concluded, she smiled at the three other combatents on the chopper beofre turing the page in her book.

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July 21st, 2007, 2:38 PM
"And Miss Life, you will be assigned to another team upon their arrival. If none do arrive, you are on your own."

Upon hearing these words, Aaliyah crossed her legs and gave a look. "Oh, joy," she said sarcastically, crossing her arms. She might as well would`ve considered herself as on her own. She sighed, trying to think about something else.

She tried thinking about home and how her 'mother' was doing, but that only made her home sick. She closed her eyes and sighed, then decided to do what she thought was the best thing in the world: daydream. So, she slumped in her chair alittle and looked up at the ceiling of the helicoptor, staring through it, letting her mind wander.

Within minutes, her expression looked blank, but she immediatly snapped out of daydreaming. There was nothing for the trainer to daydream about. She tried to sleep, but the turmoil going on in her mind wouldn`t allow her to doze off. So, she just sat there, looking around as she sat there in the Helicoptor.

July 21st, 2007, 5:38 PM
Radd got in the helicopter reluctantly after introducing himself to Moonjoy. Radd got inside after returning Zangoose into it's pokeball. "Bout time we get off this pathetic excuse for a ship. I just wanna get to that Rose Isle and win this thing!" Radd said as his Ditto grinned in agreenment. "One thing is... I get the feeling that everyone here hates me." Radd and Ditto stared at eachother for a minute. "Nahh!!" Radd and Ditto said.

July 21st, 2007, 6:09 PM
OOC: Animehero, the helicopter's gone man, flown away with Ultra Mega Red Action Team Force and Moonjoy

Tim tried to turn over, before remembering he was in a chair, so he just settled for sprawling as much as he could, stretching his legs out and groaning as he awoke from his light sleep. He blinked groggily and glanced around; Roisin was still enthralled with her book, Annalyn had returned to filing her nails, and ‘Miss Life’ (the girl with the angry Pikachu) was looking around the helicopter absentmindedly. He yawned, his hand over his mouth so the whole cabin didn’t see down his throat, rolled over onto his back and gargled

“That was not comfortable” he rubbed his eyes, “When do we arrive at the place that you are taking us to?” he asked, still waking up. He yawned again, collapsing back into his crumpled position on the chair, groaning gently. By now the second helicopter had arrived, collecting the rest of the trainers, obnoxious Zangoose man included. Did this mean that ‘Group Red’ would have some kind of time based advantage? Or would this half an hour be used to rest (something he was sure everyone here needed) and then everyone would set off at the same time? He barely knew what was going on, and he hoped that at least one person he was partnered with had a clue what was happening

July 22nd, 2007, 5:38 AM
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July 23rd, 2007, 10:26 AM
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Annalyn shifted her weight in her seat in an attempt to find a more comfortable position. For luxury seats, these are really uncomfortable... She looked over at the two tournament officials again. The woman had her head on Dr. Moonjoy's shoulder, lost in her sleep and Moonjoy had a book out titled "Improving You!" She laughed and hoped that it was a book on improving your wardrobe. She turned her head and looked out the window. She let out a little yelp of joy: there, sitting on the horizon, was the outline of an island. "I hope to Arceus that that island is Rose Isle," she said in a whisper into Tim's ear. She pointed out the window frantically at the island, trying to get Tim's attention.

"Oh, I really hope we get to rest there. I'm exhausted..." she said with a sigh. Then Moonjoy stood and looked at the four trainers. He then started to say, "Well, upon landing on the island, there will be no time to rest. We are already delayed to the point of cancellation. Our sponsors are impatient and our fans are eager for the tournament to begin. So, when this helicopter lands, we begin!" he said. Anna let out a yelp of disgust. "Doctor, we're all exhausted. Sending us in that island tired will be the death of us!" she said as stood to look the good doctor eye to eye. He took a step back and his eye twitched. "I'm sorry Doctor, but there's nothing I can do. Those were the orders given to me by the Director." The overweight official stood, looking much sturdier and powerful than before. She was quite intimidating in fact. "Young lady, you signed the contracts. We set the rules and--" she said before she was interrupted by Annalyn quoting the rest of the contract "the committee is capable of changing the rules at anytime to best fit the competition... yeah I know this. I actually read the contract and I'm aware of this clause. But seriously, I can't compete in this state.

"You're a genius young lady. You can figure it out," the woman said with a sly smirk on her face. Annalyn was about to respond, but then the rotors on the helicopter began to slow. Annalyn looked out the window and found that they were landing on the island. "Passengers, we will be docked very shortly. Please be prepared to leave the helicopter IMMEDIATELY!" the pilot said, emphasizing the last word. The co-pilot walked into the room and opened the two doors. This time a bridge was attached to the door which allowed them to vacate the helicopter with less effort than the old rope ladder. "And remember, as soon as you step off this helicopter, the competition begins." Annalyn looked at her team, Roisin and Tim, and waited to walk off with them. If they were a team, they might as well leave as a team.

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July 23rd, 2007, 10:57 AM
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July 23rd, 2007, 11:45 AM
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July 23rd, 2007, 12:29 PM
Aaliyah sighed. The helicoptor had landed on the Island, and she wasn`t even ready to compete yet. The trainer she was out of her league, but didn`t show any signs of stress or worry. instead, she just stood up, stretched and walked towards the bridge that was attached to the door and was now infront of her.

The girl took a step back. Did she really want to do this? well, it was too late to turn back anyway, so Aaliyah merely straightened herself up and held her head, then walked out of the helicoptor. Win or lose this she felt that she needed to make herself look decent.

July 23rd, 2007, 12:36 PM
OOC: Land ho!

"Passengers, we will be docked very shortly. Please be prepared to leave the helicopter IMMEDIATELY!" The pilot exclaimed, waking Tim rudely from his blissful sleep, contorted in the luxury leather chair. He leapt up, suddenly alert and ready to go

“I’m ready to go” he exclaimed, before falling back into the seat, his exhaustion catching up with him, “Immediately?” he asked, realising to the full extent what the pilot had just told him, “But… sleep… and food and…” he couldn’t think of anything else, but it was still a pressing matter. He needed to eat, and he needed to sleep (the dozing on the helicopter had not helped him at all, if anything, he felt more fatigued). The no longer sickly official began a speech about how they had all signed the contracts, and that there was some clause stating something that made them have to go now, and how it was all their own fault and blah blah blah

"And remember, as soon as you step off this helicopter, the competition begins." The pilot added, as another man pulled the sliding doors open, ushering the trainers out of the helicopter. Tim looked to his ‘team mates’ in ‘Group Red’; Annalyn and Roisin. He was ready to go, if still morbidly tired and starving, and he was sure that the rest of his assigned team felt roughly the same way. He replaced his hat and brushed some dirt off his shoulders, jumping up and down a little to psyche himself up

“I really don’t want to be the first one to get off” he spun round to face Annalyn and Roisin, “It’s just a weird thing I have, I don’t like being the first in or our of a room, or in this case, a helicopter, and besides, ladies first” he laughed nervously, making a courteous gesture, and moving his body out of their way, looking at them expectantly, a worried smile twitching on his lips. He was caught a little off guard as the fourth trainer, whose name he didn't know, got up and walked off before him, her head held high. "Oh, okay then, thanks I guess" he tried to tell her as she waled along the bridge. He took a tentative step off the helicopter, testing the bridge, before pulling himself out of the doorway, and walking up the bridge, glancing back to his team mates every few steps. He hadn't been on the island a minute, and he was already worried about it

July 23rd, 2007, 2:27 PM
Annalyn rolled her eyes, "Ladies first my butt," she said as she followed Aaliyah and Tim off the bridge. The island seemed peaceful enough. The sky was clear and blue since the rain from before had disappeared. The atmosphere was hot and humid, a testament to the tropical climate they found themselves in now. There wasn't much vegetation on the island, just bare ground spotted with weeds. She looked to the horizon and spotted what they were here for: the labyrinth. From this distance, all she could see were the grey, stone walls of the structure. A shiver shot down her spine looking at the labyrinth. "Tim, do you feel that. It's a hundred degrees out and I'm shivering. That bad feeling I had before feels a hundred time worse now. But we gotta go if we want that head start on our competition. Tim! Roison! Let's go!" She sprinted off the bridge with renewed energy. The fatigue and depression of before had disappeared. When it came to competition and pressure, no one beat Annalyn in energy.

As she sprinted forward, she noticed large television screens installed around the labyrinth. Seated in front of them, in huge grandstands, were numerous people. "Wow... this is really a show... I can't disappoint." She hoped her team could keep up, but she remembered she was in this to win, so if it was necessary, she would work on her own.

July 23rd, 2007, 2:30 PM
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Roisin was bored rigid, just sitting in the uncomfortable leather seats. Even with her feet resting on the armrest and her back on the other she was uncomfortable. She looked upon her Pokémon, residing in her bag. She was breathing heavily as she slept on. “I hope you're comfy,” she though. Suddenly her brain hatched a maniacal plan. 1... 2... 3... She dropped her bag onto the floor, disturbing all the contents and awakening Yanma. She glanced up at her trainer with a menacing glare. “Oops, I slipped,” she laughed innocently. Yanma flew to a chair behind Roisin where her Trainer couldn't reach her. “Sooooorrrrrry,” she begged as the Pokémon gave her the silent treatment. “T'was only a bit of fun,” she pleaded. The miserable Yanma hissed and tried to resume her sleep.

"Passengers, we will be docked very shortly. Please be prepared to leave the helicopter IMMEDIATELY!" The pilot bawled from the front of the craft.

“Miserable old...” Roisin started before realising she was talking to herself. Annalyn and Tim had a miniature confrontation with the Pilot and Officials. Roisin wasn't explicitly tired or hungry. Plus she had bought food before she tried to catch the ship, which caused her lateness. But it re-assured her that she had an Apple and a Bag of crisps to last her the day, of course she was hoping to get fed meals throughout the days that she was participating but the way things looked she wouldn't be receiving such hospitalities.

As the craft landed Roisin was the last one to step off, unless you count Yanma who flew off in a mood, having been awakened again. Roisin started to stretch her body... Observing the rainbow created by the rain and sun she smiled, the rainbow seemed to settle the eerie atmosphere of the island... “Super dooper mega ultra super special awesome Red super mega action force team go!” she yelled in a competitive voice.

July 23rd, 2007, 3:03 PM
Tim chased after Annalyn, his need to rest evaporating with the heat. The labyrinth loomed in front of him, giant television screens, grandstands and all. This is what Tim loved about competitions; the atmosphere created by crowds, the constant background noise and the feeling that they were living it along with you; countless people flinching as your Pokemon were attacked, cheering when you were doing well, encouraging when you were not. He couldn’t help but smile widely as he entered alongside the rest of ‘Group Red’. He guessed that there were cameras installed around the labyrinth, so the audience could keep up with the various ‘teams’ as they made their way around the seemingly ancient structure. The labyrinth itself was not a little foreboding; it’s large gray cracking walls casting shadows over the trainers as they made their way to it, with various climbing plants creeping their way up it. The audience itself was not very large, the two small stands were almost full, but a lot of the people looked like officials, and Tim was sure he could see some of the Hoenn gym leaders nestled in there.

“What do we do now?” he asked Annalyn, she seemed to know how this all worked, she had actually read the forms they were handed before signing them, “Do we wait for Moonjoy or someone, or do we just run straight in and hope for the best?” he couldn’t see any instructions or anything, and he didn’t recall being told what to do when they actually got to the island. Maybe he had slept through the briefing, maybe he just wasn’t listening to Moonjoy when he told everyone. Either way, Tim was now completely lost, standing in front of the rather scary looking maze. Roisin was shouting something about how awesome their team was, while her Yanma flew off in a sulk. It seemed as though the little bug Pokemon was the only one to get any decent sleep on the helicopter journey.

While he stood, pondering the island as a whole, he noticed something rather odd about the labyrinth, which nobody else seemed to have picked up on; “Can anyone else smell that?” he asked, sniffing deeply. There was a distinctive smell emanating from the entrance to the labyrinth, it was a strange smell, like something sweet was rotting. Annalyn seemed not to notice this, and Roisin was too busy being enthusiastic. It wasn’t an unpleasant smell, and he could put up with it, it was just really weird.

Scarlet Weather
July 23rd, 2007, 3:58 PM
As he hovered above the labryinth located on Rose Isle, three things ran through the head of Langley Antechronos.

First, this helicopter smells like Tentacruel.

Second, I hope I'm not that late.

Third, and finally, Are you insane?

Langley was standing in the doorway of a helicopter, which was now positioned directly above the stadium set up on Rose Isle. The wind from the chopper's blades was even now causing his hair to become knotted and tousled, to a degree that not even the most vicious noogie could possibly compete with. His last thought had probably been sparked by the fact that his usual green backpack was in his hand, and had just been replaced by a parachute, the type of which was normally used in skydiving. Langley supposed that this entire situation could have been avoided if he had simply purchased a GPS system when the money had been available to him, but at this point it was much too late.

Earlier that day, the young trainer had presented himself as a pre-registered compeititor in the Hoenn league. Unfortunately, the ship had already set sail, but the captain promised to fax the information to the league if Langley could find an alternate means of transport. Unfortunately, the only such means available had been this helicopter, which was scheduled to pause for a short period over the island and move on. With more then a few misgivings, Langley had booked a seat and purchased a parachute.

"Hey kid, are you gonna jump, or just stand there lookin' out the window all day?" an irate pilot groused, tapping the dashboard impatiently.

"In a moment. Give me a minute to gather my nerves first." Langley replied, slightly miffed, but still shaken by the enormity of what he was about to do. A survival expert he might be, but a paratrooper had never crossed his mind when he had written down career choices. Ah well, now it was too late. Silently cursing the wrong turn that had lost him time and prevented him from boarding the ship, he held his backpack close, tensed his legs, and leaped.

The initial sensation of floating immediately grabbed hold of Langley, but was shortly lost as he hurtled from the sky, mostly amid mental cries of "AHHH! I'M GONNA DIE!". The world around him blurred as he fell, and his wits deserted him. Which way was he going? How was he supposed to stop? Wasn't there something he was supposed to pull? Questions popped in his head like exploding kernels of corn as the ground rapidly rushed up to meet him.

At what felt like the absoluted last moment, Langley's fumbling hand grasped and pulled the parachute ripcord, and a large, white sheet popped from the package, reducing Langley's speed tremendously. Unfortunately, it was at that exact moment that a sudden burst of wind pushed the wayward skydiver forward, placing him directly above a blond-haired young woman about his age who seemed to be another compeititor in the tournament.

"Look-mmph!" Langley shouted as both he and his parachute crashed into the girl, sending both of them toppling to the ground.

OOC: Just to clear up any doubts, my insane buddy Langley has just crash-landed near Roisin. Sorry if all of this was kind of far-fetched, but I felt like I needed an explanation as to why Langley wasn't on the boat.

July 23rd, 2007, 6:43 PM
As the second helicopter landed Radd dashed off the helicopter and towards the labryinth. "If I get to the place first, I'm bound to get to the end first!" Radd exclaimed with Ditto on his shoulder, and his Zangoose sprinting by his side. Radd noticed how people were looking at him like There that guy goes again.... "See you losers later!"

July 23rd, 2007, 8:12 PM
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July 24th, 2007, 3:57 AM
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July 24th, 2007, 8:47 AM
Annalyn looked up, and saw someone wearing a parachute descending from a rogue helicopter. Heh... Someone was really late... Then she noticed where he was going to land. "Roisin.. watch--" But her warning came too late. He tumbled into the little girl and they disappeared into a mass of fabric and human. She ran over to the two and began to untangle the three. The boy who had landed looked incredibly wealthy. His hair was incredibly knotted though, which betrayed his image. "Are you two okay?" She sighed.

Crackle! Annalyn looked to the labyrinth walls and found herself underneath the path of a falling piece of the wall. "Ollery, go and use Psychic!" She gripped one of her PokeBalls from her belt and released the Pokemon inside of it. The red octopus bursted from its PokeBall in a flash of red light and looked up to the falling stone. It concentrated on the stone and using its mental powers it held the stone in midair. It flicked its head sideways and the rock fell in an area where it couldn't harm anyone. The crowds watched screamed and clapped. Annalyn had forgotten they were being watched. She shook her head. Then, she heard something from above. She looked up and saw a shadow-y figure sitting in the spot where the rock had fallen from. It resembled an Aipom, but when it saw Annalyn had spotted it, it ran back into the labyrinth. "An Aipom couldn't have the strength to break the wall..."

July 24th, 2007, 8:59 AM
Aaliyah was quite surprised by the giant TVs and audience, but that didn`t bother her as much as the vine covered maze looming before her. She took in a deep breath and noticed something. A smell? Why there be a smell emanating from the maze?

The female trainer pondered this for awhile but pushed it to the side. It couldn`t have been anything too special. Seeing the maze wall that had nearly cushed Annalyn gave her a bad feeling about the maze. No, scratch that, a worse feeling about the maze. She walked over to Annalyn. "Are you okay?" she asked, quite cooly, like everything else she said.

July 24th, 2007, 9:31 AM
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Tim had to dive out of the way to avoid the strange man, who fell out of the sky, landing on Roisin with a damp thud, his parachute settling around them gently as surprised noises emanated from within. He was only just getting over the shock of this as a large chunk of wall decided to try and assassinate Annalyn. Her Octillery prevented it’s trainer from being squashed by the sizable piece of masonry as something resembling an Aipom glanced around before returning to the interior of the labyrinth. He stood, eyebrows raised, surveying the scene before him. The fourth trainer from his helicopter, who was not a part of ‘Group Red’ was helping up Roisin and the well groomed skydiver, who didn’t look very pleased about the state of his hair. Tim could see it was usually quite smart, but the wind had mangled and tangled it into a big silky mess.

There’s something you don’t see every day he thought as he surveyed the man. He looked rich, but he still seemed approachable, not all up himself like so many upper class trainers he was unfortunate enough to have come into contact with in his three years as head gym leader in the Orange Islands. There was still no sign of anyone coming to tell them what to do, and there were now five trainers standing in front of a large scary maze, being cheered at by people in stands.

“Does anyone know what we do now?” he asked the group, half whispering, “Because I don’t have a clue”

Scarlet Weather
July 24th, 2007, 9:53 AM
"Ugh..." Langley groaned, staggering to his feet. "I think... I shall be- urgh!" he groaned, as he heaved his entire lunch onto the ground in front of him. "I am never doing that again. Never." He shook his head. "Thank you for-" he began, but was cut off by a chunk of falling wall that nearly flattened the girl who had just helped him from his cloth prison. Before he could warn her, the girl released an Octillery who immediately dealt with the offending chunk of masonry. Langley blinked, impressed. Octillery was rare even in his home region of Johto, and it wasn't often that one was encountered. It didn't escape his notice, however, that a dark, vaguely Aipom-like shape was sitting in the spot the wall had fallen from. Shaking his head, he decided that whatever it was, he may as well introduce himself first. After all, he didn't want to start out in a league battle without letting the other trainers know who their opponent was. Stepping forward, he reached back to smooth out his hair, then meticulously dusted off his jeans. "Greetings," he stated, extending a hand towards his rescuer. "I am Langley Antechronos, youngest member of the Antechronos family of Johto, and a compeititor in the Hoenn league. Am I incorrect in stating that you and your group are taking part in this event as well?"


July 24th, 2007, 3:02 PM
Annalyn's heart had yet to stop racing. Though she had stopped the stone from falling on her, the thoughts of death and pain rushed through her head. She looked at her Ollery, who was staring at her trainer. She had the look on her face that said Why was there a rock falling on you? She shook her head. Looking over at the stone, she noticed something strange about it. Walking over it, she ran her finger along the edges. They were clean-cut and neat not jagged and rough. It looked as if someone had cut it with a sword. Annalyn grunted. Someone had this set up. But how did they know I would be standing there?

She turned to the man who had fallen from the sky, who had just vomited. She felt queazy. "Why is everyone vomiting around me? Grargh..." She grabbed her stomach. Annalyn felt as if she was about to puke herself. "Nice to meet you Langley. But I must be getting inside. This is, afterall, a competition. And I am set on winning. Tim, Roisin, let's get going. Langley, Aaliyah, you may join us if you'd like. The more, the merrier." She walked past the vomit, holding her breath to prevent smelling the vomit. She walked to the entrance. Annalyn know smelled the sweet rotting scent Tim had mentioned earlier. It seemed to calm her almost. "Whoever set up that trapped is in her. And I'm going to find out that and the other many secrets of this labyrinth

Scarlet Weather
July 24th, 2007, 3:25 PM
OOC: ZXYW, Why does everyone automatically assume that Langley is rich? I specifically dressed him in clothes that wouldn't indicate wealth. WHY DO YOU ALL INSIST ON CALLING HIM RICH? HAVE YOU NO SHAME?


Langley smiled. The girl... no, the woman, he corrected himself. Now that he had taken a good look at her, his rescuer was at least twenty, much older then him. The others were mostly about his age, as far as he could tell, and they seemed to have an idea of what to do. Langley nodded to his fellow contestants and bowed before the trainer who had just rescued him from death by parachute. "I would be delighted to follow you, miss-" he paused, waiting for her to fill in a name. The woman, however, was already moving on, apparently not having time for pleasantries.

It was at that moment that a small, spiderlike creature wriggled out of Langley's backpack, its eyes reeling. "Arachne?" Langley gasped, staring at his favorite Pokemon. "What were you doing in there? Didn't I recall you to the Pokeball before we jumped ship?"

The Pokemon shook her head slowly, her legs trembling.

"Oh, Arachne, I'm so terribly sorry! Here, get up on my shoulder, it looks like we're going somewhere." Langley exclaimed, quickly scooping his Pokemon up and placing her on his shoulder. The Spinarak chirped with excitement, waving its front legs slightly. Langley turned back to the rest of the group. "Hold up, miss, I'm coming with you!" he called, before dashing after her.

July 24th, 2007, 3:28 PM
OOC: Grah, short post because I am not feeling too creative, and I don't want to be the first to go into the labyrinth.

"I am Langley Antechronos, youngest member of the Antechronos family of Johto, and a competitor in the Hoenn league. Am I incorrect in stating that you and your group are taking part in this event as well?" Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, this one. He smoothed his hair, trying to untangle it from the mess it was in. Tim decided to ignore the fact that not ten seconds earlier he had hurled up his latest meal all over the floor in front of them, and start afresh with ‘Langley’

“Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Antechronos. Interesting name, if I may say so. I’m Timothy Menhod, and…” he managed before Annalyn decided that Group Red were leaving. Tim had no problem with her being the ‘leader’, she was clearly the most motivated, and the most lucid, as he was still rather hungry and tired. She led him and Roisin to the entrance of the labyrinth, pausing to sniff at the air. He guessed that she had caught on to the strange soothing smell that the labyrinth was wafting from its entrance. Annalyn muttered something about discovering the secrets of the labyrinth, and finding the person who tried to drop the chunk of stone on her head. Tim was more concerned with partaking in the showcase, and winning the whole event. He guessed that Langley would go with the other trainer on their helicopter, and stood confidently behind Annalyn, the self styled leader of the group, ready and willing to explore the increasingly ominous and strange Rose Isle labyrinth.

July 25th, 2007, 5:27 AM
Aaliyah only nodded at Annalyn`s suggstion, but didn`t move any further. She was forgetting something. But what? It was apparent she needed a backpack and supplies, but that wasn`t it. Setting it to the side, Aaliyah carried on with entering the maze, a bad feeling settling in her stomach. What exactly was up with this maze? And this competition? She would just have to find out.

(Uck. Short Post. I don`t feel very..creative.)

July 25th, 2007, 7:24 AM
Annalyn took a huge breath. The corridors seemed to be lacking any source of light and by touching the walls, she felt they were damp and cool. But these kind of things wouldn't phase a determined Annalyn. She took the first step inside and instantly a chill pulsed through her body. "Damn it..." she whispered. "Ollery, stick close to me. I don't want to lose track of you. Y'hear me girl," she said to her Octillery. It nodded back at its trainer and then looked forward. "You all ready? We're in for a ride in here."

As she walked, she heard the echo of her footsteps bouncing off the walls. "As long as there are no rodents, I'm good," Annalyn said upon spotting spiderwebs lining the walls. Mold was growing everywhere, probably due to the damp feeling of the labyrinth. She looked up and found something strange. Though she had only take several steps into the labyrinth, the sun that had been shining before wasn't present inside of here. A grey mist seemed to be floating over the walls of the labyrinth, blocking out any natural light or breeze from the outside.

"Ampharos, Thunder!" A voice rang from a nearby corridor. Annalyn turned just a large lightning bolt shot in her direction. Annalyn heard the electricity crackling in the air from the unseen source. "Oh damn it!" She didn't have time to get out of the way, so she prepared to absorb the attack. She felt one of the PokeBalls on her belt pop off on its own and bursting from its ball in a wave of red energy. Erupting from the sphere was large, snow-covered tree. In fact, it wasn't a tree, but an Abomasnow, Annalyn's first Pokemon. "Aba..." It stepped in front of its trainer and absorb the large electric bolt. It yelped in a shot of pain, and after the bolt disapparated, its body smoked. "Are you okay Abanow? Thank you so much!" Plop, plop, plop. Annalyn walked around her Pokemon and saw the shadow of an Ampharos approaching them. But then, as it got closer, Annalyn's mouth opened in shock. The Ampharos wasn't its normal bright yellow, but instead a dull green color. Its ribs on the left side of its body were exposed and its left eye was red and puffy. "Ammmmm.." Annalyn's stomach lurched out of pure disgust. "So this is what was waiting for us?" But where was the voice that ordered the Thunder attack?

"Pharooooos!" The zombie Ampharos brought its tail forward and released a sphere of malignant, brown energy. "Oh damn! Watch out Tim! Its aimed at you!" Annalyn yelled to her partner.

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July 25th, 2007, 8:15 AM
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“Ahhh!” screeched Roisin from the nearby bushes, someone or something had just nearly landed on her out of nowhere and she had instinctively dived into a nearby bush. As she found her way back to her feet she was confronted by a strange, bizarre scene, almost as bizarre as the mysterious island itself. In one direction there was a boy, about her age, that Roisin had never seen before, hurling into a bush and the other way her new friends' Tim and Annalyn both awe stricken by a huge boulder that had either been pushed, or had fallen onto the other members of the Red team. Annalyns Octillery looked equally as baffled as Roisin had been. The new guy seemed nice enough and the mysterious 'Miss Life' was still being really quiet. The obnoxious boy with the Ditto and Zangoose had not yet arrived and Roisin had doubts to whether he ever would.

Yanma seemed to be eyeing up the new guys' -apparently called Langly- shoulder. As she stood up she noticed that they were about the same age and both had bug Pokémon that travelled alongside wherever they go. But there was no time for pleasantries, as Annalyn, taking leadership of the group, had led them past the small stands into a huge and daunting Labyrinth. Immediately up on entering the temple was dank and dark, nobody had been here for months, maybe years or longer. There was no natural or artificial light. Even though Roisin wasn't particularly scared of the dark, she wished the one of the other participating trainers had a Pokémon that knew flash. Yanma, apparently also bothered had taken refuge in scenic Roisins' bag.

“Ampharos Thunder!” came a disturbing voice that echoed in the narrow damp corridors. Suddenly a huge bolt of lighting erupted from the source of the voice aimed directly at Annalyn! When out of the blue, or black, which suited the labyrinth more, erupted a huge Ice Pokémon who absorbed the electric attack. As the electricity faded so did the illumination it caused. Roisin clutched the 3rd Pokéball in her bag nervously. Knowing that she might have to unleash Heracross upon the approaching Ampharos. But something was wrong, it didn't resemble a regular Ampharos at all. It's huge puffy eyes and swollen face, his usually bright yellow flesh a grim green colour, apparently rotting near the bottom. The Ampharos had stopped and was currently ready to release a ball of pale brown energy from its' dimly lit tail.

"Oh damn! Watch out Tim! Its aimed at you!" screamed the voice of the groups leader. Roisin wished she could do something, but she was frozen, terrified of the zombie like Ampharos, and the English speaking voice of the Ampharos' owner had worried her. Ampharos were usually used on ships on foggy nights, so maybe it was an old sailor lost inside the temple, or maybe not, maybe it was a trap altogether.

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July 25th, 2007, 8:37 AM


Tim had not taken five steps in the labyrinth before he heard the voice, and saw the thunder. He shielded his face, and when he looked back, he saw what appeared to be a large snow-coated pine tree protecting Annalyn. He didn’t have much time to admire the hulking Abomasnow however, as he noticed the decomposing Ampharos advance on Annalyn. It shrieked its name and threw it’s huge tail at Tim.

“What the hell is that?” he shouted as he tried to dive out of the way. The Ampharos shot the strange brown projectile at him, only missing Tim by a few inches. He instinctively reached for one of his pokeballs, throwing it near his rotting his assailant. A Charmeleon burst from it in a flash of light, casting flickering shadows across the walls of the labyrinth with its ever-burning tail flame. “Nabe, use flamethrower on whatever the hell that is!” he shouted to the Charmeleon, who hesitated, a little scared by the strange Ampharos. A controlled column of fire spewed from the fire-types mouth, engulfing the seemingly zombified Ampharos. It shrieked as it was burnt by the searing attack, appearing from the flames smouldering gently, with more bone visible her and there, staring straight at Nabe.

“Thunder!” a voice from an unseen person commanded, echoing down the corridor to the Ampharos, who immediately let loose a surge of electricity, hitting the Charmeleon and throwing it against a wall. He was still standing, but he was wincing from the pain.

“Fire spin!” Tim said, looking determinedly at the Charmeleon, who returned his gaze, before surrounding the Ampharos in a ball of fire, continuously adding to it with bursts from its mouth. The silhouette of the Ampharos could be roughly seen, falling to the ground slowly as the flames died away. The rotting Pokemon was still not down, staggering to its feet once again, while Nabe stood waiting, tired from the last attack

“Could somebody help? This thing doesn’t seem to want to go down” he called to the other trainers, staring at the strange Ampharos. One of its eyes was swollen and red, and it was a deep green colour. Much of its skin was now missing, having been burnt away by the various flaming attacks from Nabe. Tim could only think of one explanation; zombie. As ridiculous as it sounded to him, there was no way that a normal Ampharos could look like that. “Flamethrower again Nabe!” he told the Charmeleon, who was now quite scared of the increasingly skeletal Ampharos. In a last ditch attempt to get rid of it, he released a huge burst of fire from its mouth. The voice once again reverberated around the trainers, commanding the putrid Pokemon to evade the attack and to use Thunder Punch. The rancid Ampharos dived forwards, it’s decaying had surrounded by crackling electricity. The Charmeleon dived out of the way, causing the Ampharos to embed its hand in the labyrinth wall.

“Nabe, Fire Punch!” that zombie wasn’t the only one who could do fancy punches. The Charmeleon pulled its fist back, as it slowly became engulfed in flame. He threw it forwards, into the face of the Ampharos, landing it with a sickening damp crunch. The Ampharos staggered back, its own hand free from the wall

“Enough Ampharos, get the girl!” Tim could hear the voice emanate from the end of one of the corridors. The Ampharos shook its head vigorously, dislodging some more ‘dead’ skin before turning away from Tim and his Charmeleon. It ran towards Annalyn, howling its name dementedly as it slashed at her Abomasnow with it’s rotting claws.

Scarlet Weather
July 25th, 2007, 9:31 AM
Langley's mouth dropped slightly. Not five minutes into this labryinth, and already a monster. The half rotten Ampharos gave off enough of a stench that he was certain he would throw up again, had he not left the contents of his stomach strewn on the outside lawn. He winced in obvious discomfort. What really shocked him, however, was the ghostly voice ordering the Pokemon around. He glanced about the room, looking for evidence of some sort of electronic equipment designed to amplify or direct a voice at the trainers. Nothing obvious came to mind, so he was forced to conclude that whoever it was was either hiding just out of sight, or incorporeal. Given the fact that the Pokemon seemed to be genuinely rotting, he was inclined to believe the latter. He felt Arachne tense herself on his shoulder, ready to attack if given the command.

The Ampharos made the first move, attacking Tim, the only other member of the group that Langley knew the name of. The trainer put up a fierce defense and repulsed the putrid beast, sending it crashing into the wall. The Ampharos's mysterious trainer didn't seem to be deterred, and ordered an attack against the older woman Langley had met earlier. It was at this point that Langley vaguely remembered that as a gentleman he should probably come to the lady's defense. With a nod to his Pokemon he straightened his shoulders and shouted "This I cannot allow. Arachne, spider web!"

With a nod and a chirrup, the small, green Pokemon dropped from Langley's shoulder and fired a long, thin line of string from its mouth which quickly exploded into a large full scale net of webbing that formed a temporary barrier between the Ampharos and Abomasnow, effectively preventing the decaying Pokemon from attacking its intended target any further. Without leaving any time for his opponent to counterattack, Langley shouted another order. "Now, Arachne, night shade! Go!"

Waving her tiny legs frantically, the Spinarak screeched as she gathered an orb of dark purple energy in her mouth and fired it directly at the flesh-eaten corpse. Surprisingly, however, the attack proved to be ineffective. The zombie remained standing, barely fazed, before screeching and rushing at Langley at a speed which belied its rotting state.

Langley shook his head and steeled himself as the Pokemon rushed towards him. Figures ghost moves wouldn't work on Zombies, he chided himself as he prepared to give Arachne another order. The Ampharos, however, was quicker then expected, an fired a bolt of electricity from its tail that forced Langley to leap from its path. Before he could react, the Pokemon was nearly on top of him. Without hesitating to think, the trainer swung out hard with his backpack, dealing a blow that squarely connected with the Pokemon's head and sent it hurtling across the cave. Langley nearly congratulated himself, before he noticed that some of the Pokemon's putrid flesh was now clinging to the outer covering of the backpack. Shocked, the trainer threw it as far to the side as he could and began rubbing the hand that had held the backpack furiously, as if he could somehow remove any contagions on it.

July 25th, 2007, 9:52 AM
"Enough Ampharos, get the girl!" Annalyn heard the Ampharos' "trainer" order the rotting Pokemon. Langley had further damaged the zombie, but it still made its way towards Abanow. Its skeletal fist once again slashed at her Pokemon. Abanow reached out both of its hands and grabbed the zombie's arm. It lifted the skeletal Ampharos into the air and lifted it above its head. A cold, white energy started to emanate from its hands. Large ice chunks began to grow on the Ampharos, starting from the points where Abanow was touching it. Slowly, like a raging wildfire, the ice began to consume the Ampharos, who shrieked wildly as its body was taken over by the ice. Soon, its whole body was taken over, except for its head. Then, with one final shriek, the ice grew over its head and the zombie Ampharos was stuck in a block of ice. Abanow lowered the encased Ampharos gently to the ground. Annalyn felt relieved and released a deep sigh. She leaned against the damp wall. What an exciting first minutes in this damned labyrinth...

"So, you think the trouble is over just because you defeated one of my zombie warriors. If you only knew what I had waiting for you," a mysterious voice said, which was followed by a maniacal laugh. It wasn't the same voice as before. This time it sounded female, but it spoke with the same angst and ferocity. Annalyn looked around, searching for the source of the booming voice. Then, she saw something move on top of the labyrinth walls. There was a humanoid figure kneeling, its body consumed in the grey mist. It appeared to be wearing a long cape, black slacks, and a silver button up shirt. "And soon, you're Pokemon will join my zombies!" It stood and leaped from its position, directing itself towards the group of participants. It reached to its belt and pulled a large sword from a sheath. The blade of the sword was as tall as the figure and from what Annalyn could see, the hilt was shale-black and slim. Wait, its coming for me! Annalyn dove out of the way with the sword nicking a few of her hairs. She fell face first into the floor of the labyrinth which released a plume of dust and dirt. Annalyn coughed and looked up to the figure, who could be seen much clearer than before. Besides its clothing, the person wore a mask, one half of it was that of a male human and the other half was a female human. It wore an outrageously gaudy red belt that clashed with the rest of its mismatched outfit. Long, silver hair flowed from behind the mask, which concealed the figure's entire face.

"Who are you?" Annalyn asked, pushing herself up into a sitting position. The figure laughed again and said, "I am the Guardian of this Labyrinth you have foolishly entered. For hundreds of years I have lived here, dispatching of those who, like you, entered my palace. And you all shall share the same fate as them, with your Pokemon joining my legion of Pokemon." Wow... this guy.. or girl.. or whatever... has taken a page right outta of the stereotypical villian book when it comes to their dialogue... Annalyn thought, staring directly at the freak who stood before her. "But, shall we make this into a game? Afterall, you all are here for a competition, aren't you? Alas, there shall be a win--I don't think so!" The figure turned and found Annalyn's Abanow attempted to grab them from behind. The Guardian raised its hand and released an orb of red energy at the Abanow. At first the Abomasnow didn't react, but suddenly it began to wince in pain. It fell to its hands and knees, and began to pant. Its body began to shake and its breath grew shorter and painful. Its eyes glazed over and then it fell to the ground with a loud thud.

"Abanow, no!!!!" Annalyn stood and began to run to her Pokemon. She kneeled next to it and began to pet its arm. "What did you do, you FREAK!" The Guardian laughed maniacally once again and leaped to the top of the wall. "I'll see you again, and dearest, I hope your Abomasnow makes a full recovery," and with that, it leaped to the other side of the wall. Tears began to stream down Annalyn's cheeks and she hugged the Pokemon's arms. "He's still alive, but barely. Do any of you have a Revive? In my haste, I forgot one. Please, can you all spare me one?" she appealed to her fellow competitors.

July 25th, 2007, 10:50 AM
OOC: I have decided to make Tim a little more, you know, human.

Tim just stood, staring as the strange asexual figure made short work of Annalyn’s Abomasnow, before leaping inhumanly over the walls of the labyrinth. Annalyn was by her fallen Pokemon in a flash, clutching at it desperately. He did technically have a Revive, but what if he needed to use it later on. Besides, it wasn’t like the Abomasnow would die, the Hoenn League would never allow that in a competition, would they? They had seemed quite happy to put innocent passengers in great danger just to test the trainers with the Gyarados on the boat, but would they really murder a competitor’s Pokemon? Tim was in turmoil; if he gave Annalyn the revive, and something similar happened to Nabe, or any one of his Pokemon, he wouldn’t be able to do anything, but if he didn’t give it to her, her Abomasnow might very well die.

“N…no, I don’t have any Revives” he was disgusted with himself; how could he be so selfish? He was going to let Annalyn’s Pokemon die just in case one of his own was in danger? He watched as the Abomasnow’s eyes glazed over, and as its breaths grew shallower and shallower. Someone else would have a Revive, that Langley guy probably had a backpack full of them, he didn’t need to feel quite as guilty. You are a terrible person, a voice in his head stated. He had never heard this voice before, it was something alien, something not his own, it will die, and you will have killed it, No. He had to save what he had, it was still a competition after all. If her Abomasnow was going to faint, it wasn’t his fault. But it isn’t just going to faint is it? It is going to die.

“Charrr” he felt Nabe’s familiar shape next to him, also staring down as Annalyn wept over her Abomasnow. He reached his hand out, stroking Nabe reassuringly, his bony head was warm and soothing to Tim as he watched Annalyn crouched over her Pokemon, the sound of her tears splashing on the stone floor echoing off the walls

“I’m so sorry” he simply said, the revive in his pocket burning a hole through him as he turned away.

July 25th, 2007, 11:25 AM
Roisin trembled so hard that she was sure that the person standing in front, Langley, could feel it. It was only moments ago that one of her newest friends had been struck upon in such a crude way, with a sword no less. But that wasn't the worst part. The man, or woman or whatever struck at the Doctor had unleashed.. A.. a... well he had mortally wounded the girls ice Goliath in one swift movement. In her bag Roisin had stocked up before arriving and luckily she did. Abanow looked so terrible that if she did not help and if the worst came to worst it'd pry at her concious thoughts forever. Without thinking she started rummaging through her bag, nearly throwing her Yanma out in the process, before she finally reached the bottom. There was only one of the two Diamond shaped crystals at the bottom of her bag. “Wha? Oh yeah, I used one on Yanma,” she though nervously. She knew that if anything did happen she'd blame herself forever. “There's got to be something else instead. Maybe a Super Potion would that help?” she thought.

Trembling she whipped it out of her bag. Her and Yanma charged too Abanows' side the knelt down and she made eye contact with Annalyn. “Listen, I'm really sorry but I don't have a revive, I have a Super Potion and a Full Heal. That should cure up most ailments, although I'm not entirely sure.”

She looked at Annalyn. She was desperate for a solution and Roisin was trying to avoid the easiest way around the problem. She stood up, her knees getting wet and slimy she went and assumed her place behind Langley and Miss. Life. Then she thought about what would happen if something else attacked. She had to be ready.

“Heracross, Crawdaunt, go!” she yelled as she chucked the Pokéball and LureBall onto the grimy floor. In a beautiful glow that illuminated the labyrinth for a few seconds emerged the two Pokémon. The Heracross and Crawdaunt growled at each other and bore their Horn and Pincers respectively. “Stop it both of you!” hissed Roisin as she separated the two Pokémon. “I need the two of you out here, stay alert and don't be afraid. If anything challenges you then you know what to do,” she winked at her Pokémon. She pulled Yanma back into her bag, whether she liked it or not she was staying there. She let her mind wander. It wandered to the grief that Annalyn was feeling and the guilt herself was experiencing. If the worst came to the worst and the Full Heal and Super Potion didn't work she was 90% certain she would give up her last revive. All was silent. All was calm.

“What was that?” she squeaked. She felt something slithering by her feet. Too scared to look down. The thing hissed gently. She plucked up the courage to look down. And there by her feet, slithering over her running shoes was an equally as green, equally as rotten and equally as disgusting Ekans! “AHH KILL IT KILL IT!” she screeched at her Pokémon. She kicked it off her shoe and screamed some more. Crawdaunt had caught it in a powerful Vice grip and delivered a Crabhammer with his free claw. Then the crustacean lobbed it over to Heracross who flipped it with his horn and as it landed the Ekans slithered away at a blinding speed. Then the same female voice that spoke to Annalyn laughed a high pitched laugh whiched faded into the deistance, echoing as it vanished down the corridor.

July 25th, 2007, 12:53 PM
Aaliyah seemed shocked by the events going on. Only a few minutes in the labyrinth, and BAM! A monster. Well, that`s what it sounded like anyway. She was far from the rest of the group. She sped up her pace, then skidded to a halt.

She had just missed what had happened due to her laziness. Part of aaliyah shouted out in happiness, whereas another part of her seemed disgusted by the fact she didn`t help. Aaliyah only took a few steps forward, before wincing at the laugh. Sighing, she walked over to a nearby wall and sat down by it. Right now, she was uneeded, so she just sat there.

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Scarlet Weather
July 25th, 2007, 1:10 PM
Langley stared at the possibly dying Abomasnow. Turn our Pokemon... into zombies? he thought, an icy claw of fear gripping his heart. Whoever this guy is, he's not anyone I recognize. But maybe brother Michael would know something... Turning his head towards where his discarded backpack lay on the ground, Langley made a face. Touching something that had recently come into contact with an undead Pokemon didn't really figure high on his list of things to do, but in this case his life and possibly his Pokemon's were on the line. Runing over to where the canvas bag lay, he gingerly opened it, careful to avoid the green, slimy fur plastered to the outside, and removed two objects: a slim cellular phone and a large spray bottle. Straightening up, he tossed the bottle to the girl who sat kneeling over her Abomasnow. "There. Full Restore. I used up my last revive a while back, and I haven't had any money to purchase more. I'm genuinely sorry, miss."

On to the next order of business. Flipping his phone open, he opened the list of contacts and selected "Library of Johto". He stood patiently as the device rung for a few moments, and was answered by a cheery receptionist. "Library of Johto reference desk, how may I help you?"

"I'd like to speak to my older brother, please. This is Langley Antechronos speaking." Langley responded, rubbing the back of his head.

Miles away, Michael Antechronos, information gathering specialist and librarian of the Johto national library, was enjoying a cup of coffee over his short, but well-earned break. He sighed. Sometimes he envied his little brother Langley, journeying around the world without a single responsibility beyond winning tournaments and keeping himself alive, but his library was his single greatest love. He had no reason to wish to leave it. The Johto library contained the largest collection of literature in all four of the regions, from newspapers to magazines to legends to storybooks. The primary reason he had applied for this job was to supply his family with any vital information they might require, but the truth was that he really was dedicated to his work. He sighed, sipping the coffee again. Life was good.

Ironically, it was at that moment that the zombie-Ekans attacked on Langley's end. Trusting Arachne to deal with the situation, Langley ducked behind a corner, attempting to hide himself from any other hidden attackers. Come on, Michael, pick up....

The receptionist barged into the break room. "Your brother for you, sir," she said, depositing a phone in Michael's hand. The eldest Antechronos sighed. More work. Holding the phone up to his ear, he said "Hello?"

Langley sighed in relief. It wasn't going to take too long, then. Michael was on break. "Michael? Is that you? I need some help."

Michael started. Langley was calling? What would a trainer need access to a database like the library for? "Langley?" he asked, still disbelieving what he was hearing.

"Yes, Langley. Who did you expect, Santa Claus?" the irate reply came. Michael sighed. Definitely Langley, then. "You know, I can't help you unless I know what you want." he stated. "And I kind of have work to do, so can you make this quick?'

Langley nodded, before remembering Michael couldn't actually see him. "I will. What do you know about Rose Isle?"

Michael nearly spit out the mouthful of coffee he had just swallowed. "Rose Isle? That place is dangerous! Why do you want to know about it? You aren't planning on training there, are you?"

"Sort of." Langley said, rolling his eyes. "I'm competing in a league here."

Michael's eyes narrowed. "Listen Langley. That place is scary. That labryinth... the only person to every come out alive is insane." He paused for a moment. "Langley? Are you okay?"

Langley lifted the phone back up to his ear. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." He had noticed something while he was talking. One of Tim's pockets had a slight bulge, and his voice had been tinged with guilt as he had told everyone that he had no revives left over. But it couldn't be. "Listen, brother. I need you to look up everything that's ever been written about Rose Isle. Look for specific mentions of zombified Pokemon in particular, or people calling themselves 'guardians of the labryinth'. My life may depend on it."

Michael nodded. "I'll get to work. Langley..." his voice cracked for a moment. "Be careful." He waited for a moment. "Langley? Langley?"

No answer. Langley had hung up as soon as the necessary business had been conducted. For a rich boy, Langley was surprisingly frugal. He had to be, though, considering that the only money he made was from battling other trainers or cash prizes in tournaments.

Michael shuddered involuntarily. He was not jealous of Langley at all now, no matter what he had been before. Not jealous at all.

Langley sighed as he snapped the phone shut. If Michael found anything, he knew where to call. Picking himself up, he walked back up to the group. "Did I miss anything?"

July 25th, 2007, 3:24 PM
Annalyn was heaving, her emotions were overtaking her normal collected personality. Abanow was her longest lasting partner. Her had been there at her first contest victory, in her Grand Festival championship, and through all of her gym battles. Annalyn couldn't lose him now.. No... not now... not after all this time...

Then, she felt her Pokemon shift. His breath began to return to normal and his eyes began to grow wider. He coughed and attempted to stand up. But he was weak. His strength had been sapped from his body. When Abanow heard that zombie Ekans, it woke him up. He growled, wishing he could stand up and look at his trainer. "Relax Abanow. That THING must of just stunned you. Thank god. I couldn't lose you," Annalyn said, a smiling growing on her face. She stood up and looked at her companions. "Its too bad none of you had a Revive. Then, maybe he'd have the strength to stand up. But... this is a competition. I guess it would of been worthwhile to let my Pokemon suffer while you guys furthered your chances. Maybe I would of done the same in your situation." Her eyes met Tim's. It looked as if he was being consumed by guilt. She looked down and found a Super Potion and Full Heal, which was left by Roisin. She smiled at the young girl.

Annalyn heard some shuffling around behind her. She smiled and turned to find Abanow barely standing. "I think its best you rest Abanow. Thanks bud. I really appreciate it." She raised the Pokemon's PokeBall and returned it to the sphere. "Well, I'm going in. I'm going to find this fiend. If you're coming, fine! It's not safe to stay in one spot for too long in here. That.. thing... I'm sure he's watching us right now. Bye bye." She turned and started down the nearest corridor, hopefully finding the path the fiend had disappeared into.

July 25th, 2007, 4:01 PM
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Oh god, why did she have to look at him like that? First Langley eyeing him up and now this, it was like everyone could see how flimsy his selfish lying had been. He shifted uncomfortably to and fro, fiddling awkwardly with his ring, trying to avoid her gaze. She looked away, back to her recovering Abomasnow, thanking it before returning it to its pokeball. There, don’t worry, the Abomasnow was fine he thought, but a competing voice also told him, you could have given her the revive, it would have been fine anyway, and then you wouldn’t look like such a selfish idiot.

“Well, I'm going in. I'm going to find this fiend.” She seemed very determined, especially after the ‘fiend’ took down her strongest Pokemon without even breaking a sweat. “If you're coming, fine! It's not safe to stay in one spot for too long in here. That… thing… I'm sure he's watching us right now. Bye bye.” She ran off down a corridor, her footsteps dying away gently as he stood, trying to figure out what to do next. If he followed her, he could redeem himself, and she was a skilled trainer, so he probably had a good shot at winning. He took off after her, Nabe hot on his heels, happy about getting to fight, even if it was against some demented zombie Pokemon, and pleased with the fact that he was now going to be Tim’s main battling Pokemon. She seemed to be following the path that the ‘Guardian’ had taken, and he wondered what she planned on doing once she found him… her… it.

“Annalyn!” he shouted after her as she sprinted down the corridor, “Annalyn! Slow down! I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think you can take on that… person on your own!” he didn’t like crushing her enthusiasm, but it was true “And Nabe’s only got stubby legs” he added, chuckling. The Charmeleon punched him in the knee, knowing he was being talked about. If she let him help her, he could hopefully make up for leaving her Abomasnow to die. As he chased after her, he began to wonder something; could the crowd see this? Was this just another set up by Moonjoy and his weird comrades, all part of the show, the competition? He stopped in his tracks, glancing around the corridor, but he couldn’t see any cameras, or any recording equipment whatsoever. He couldn’t even hear the crowd anymore, and he was barely inside the labyrinth, so either they had quietened down amazingly or the walls were very good at stopping outside noise. He stood there, in the strange, and now seemingly guarded, labyrinth, and suddenly felt extremely vulnerable. Nabe had been able to handle that Ampharos, but that ‘Guardian’ thing; it took down an Abomasnow, a strong one at that, in a single ‘move’, if you could call it that. He reached nervously for another of his pokeballs, calmly letting his Mightyena out. It growled and shook its fur, not liking the place instinctively. With his two strongest Pokemon by his side, Tim was less scared, but still terrified of the whole place.

July 25th, 2007, 4:35 PM
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"Gah!" Roisin shouted as she chased after Tim an Annalyn, it seemed more sensible to run after them as she didn't know "Langley" or "Miss Life" at all. As she dashed round the corner, Crawdaunt and Heracross in tow, she had lost the sound of Tims footsteps. There were three hallways separating her path. As she reached them she groaned. “How generic,” she thought to herself. “Yanma I need your help,” she chirped. She was a lot less nervous with Crawdaunt and Heracross standing with her, Heracross was overprotective and Crawdaunt, as he 'newbie' of the team wanted his chance to prove himself.

“Yam?” came the high pitched voice of he bug Pokémon as she burst out of her trainers' deep bag, which contained everything but the kitchen sink.
“Yanma, I need you to use Supersonic. We need to find Tim and Annalyn...” upon noticing Yanmas sudden confusion she grudgingly added; “They ran off without me,” her eyes twitched as Yanma suppressed a laugh, Roisin then smacked her on the back of the head playfully; Yanma became silent for a moment. Roisin was wondering whether she'd accidentally hurt Yanma, either way Yanma got to message. Yanma started to beat his wings in such a way it delivered a sort of... sound pulse wave energy...Or something. Yanma was trying to detect human movement within the temple. Her eyes closed, she was at deep focus...

“Not to break the focused moment Yammy, but... HURRY UP!” Roisins hurry up echoed thought the labyrinth and had also deeply annoyed Yanma at the same time. Roisins' expression was that of the common internet smiliey 'XD' Yanma indicated towards the middle passage way and together the 4 of them set off Crawdaunt in front and Heracross behind, just in case that the 'human' presence that Yanma sensed was not a human. I.E maybe a zombified Mr. Mime. Sure enough within a couple of seconds Roisin could hear footsteps echoing down the corridor. She hoped to Arceus that they were Tims, and she pressed onwards, ignoring a rotting Caterpie that seemed to be hissing at her, in search of her friends.

Scarlet Weather
July 25th, 2007, 5:05 PM
Langley rushed forward, as Tim protested to the lady that going after the phantom guardian would be impossible on her own, using her first name. Annalyn. Langley smiled. The only other Annalyn he knew was his own mother, and if his new aquaintance was anything like her, he didn't want to be in that guardian's place if she ever managed to find a way to get on even footing with him. Then his grin turned sour as he realized that not only was he about to walk into a deep, dark, drippy area, but he was probably going to encounter more zombies. Somehow, the idea of breaking off the rotting, germ-ridden limbs of undead Pokemon didn't exactly appeal to him. On the other hand, if he didn't go in any further, he would be abandoning this Annalyn girl to what might well be her demise, and even if he had missed the chapter on how to treat girls in his gentleman's manual of etiquette, he was fairly sure that letting a lady walk into a dangerous situation, even one as independent as this Annalyn girl seemed to be, was somewhere in the list of "don'ts". But then, this was life or death. Was he really prepared to risk his life, and the life of his Pokemon, for the sake of appearing polite?

I am such an idiot. Langley thought to himself as he stated "I also am going. I don't know about tangling with that phantom guy again, or even continuing through a competition where I might die, but I can't let a young woman, even one older then myself, go out to face danger alone." He paused a moment for effect, then added, "Besides, I want to get to the bottom of this. I smell something fishy about this whole affair, and I don't mean the stench these half-rotten corpses are giving off."

July 25th, 2007, 5:30 PM
Aaliyah narrowed her eyes. Slowly, she got up, looking down the corridor before dashing off after the others. Her mind was in turmoil. What the heck was going on? Where WERE they going anyway? Huh.. Aaliyah thought, still dashing.

She wasn`t exactly paying attention to where she was going, so she almost bumped into Langley. "Sorry!" Aaliyah called, running around Langley only to trip on something-a rock, most likely, and fall to the ground and land on her rear. "Crud.."she thought.

July 26th, 2007, 7:22 AM
Annalyn was torn by two conflicting emotions. She felt happy, now that her Pokemon were all safe, and it seemed she had passed her first "test" inside this labyrinth. But then she felt guilt. She had let her Pokemon act on its own and because of it, Abanow almost died. With all that precision training she had done for contests, you would think that she could control her Pokemon. Don't kill yourself over it. A voice told her in her head. All your Pokemon was doing was protecting its trainer. You were in imminent danger and he reacted. Annalyn sighed. The voice was right. Hmm... She listened closely and heard footsteps behind her. "Uhh... they must be following me. Oh god, I hope so. I can't deal with another attack yet...."

"Haha... my dear. In this labyrinth, you can't expect a moment's rest. This wouldn't be a competition, now would it?" the Guardian's male voice echoed throughout the labyrinth in response to Annalyn. "Pinsarrrrr..." She turned and found a rotting Pinsir standing about fifteen feet away from her. "Purrr..." Slinking into the scene right behind the Pinsir was a decomposing Persian. The Pinsir itself was missing a half of one of its horns, and there were numerous areas of damage to its exoskeleton. The Persian was missing its left eye, its skin was tinged the same green color as the Ampharos, and its entire front right leg was completely skeletal. Nevertheless, the two looked intimidating and powerful.

"Ollery! Syter! Let's go!" She pulled off two of the PokeBalls off her belt and tossed them into the air. Her two smaller Pokemon bursted from them in a flurry of red energy and stood in battle position. Upon spotting the rotting Pokemon in front them, the two recoiled and looked at their trainer in disgust. "I know! They're disgusting. But it's our duty to put them out of their misery. At one point I'm sure they were happy Pokemon. But now, they're slaves to come cruel freak. So, let's go! Ollery, use Fire Blast on Pinsir! Syter, use Slash on Persian!" Ollery was the first to move. Her eyes turned a malignant red color as she took in a deep breath. Upon exhaling, Ollery released a torrent of flames that morphed into a man-shaped fireball. Pinsir reacted quickly and set up a Protect that caused the flames to bounce off the shield harmlessly. Syter used her blinding speed to rush forward, her scythes read to slash at the zombie Persian. However, the Persian was just as fast despite its skeletal leg. It leaped up on to the wall, causing Syter to miss. Then, it took another leap and landed on Syter's back, and sunk its fangs into the Mantis' back. Syter screeched in pain and began to do barrel rolls to attempt to get the feline off her back. Meanwhile Pinsir was charged forward, its two pincers leading the way. It gripped onto one of Ollery's tentacles and with one fluid motion, threw the octopus into the nearby wall.

"Oh damn it. Ollery, Flamethrower! Umm... Syter, smash the Persian into the nearby wall. Maybe that'll get it off your back," Annalyn ordered frantically. Once again, Pinsir was charged at Ollery at full speed with its pincers leading the way once again. This time Ollery quickly charged up the fire attack and released it in a stream of intense fire. The Pinsir could not react in time, and was soon engulfed in a blazing inferno. The heat was intensifying and the Pinsir's rotting appendages were falling off. Annalyn turned to Syter, to find it slamming the Persian repeatedly into the wall, which caused slabs of rotting skin to fall from the feline's body. Though these Pokemon were powerful, their body's were fragile. The key was to attack their weak points. Soon, their two attackers were disabled; Pinsir lay in a heap of burnt body parts and the numerous collisions with the wall had dislodged the rotting Persian's head from the rest of its body.

Annalyn sighed. She had been able to fight off the two Pokemon on her own while releasing them from their tortuous bondage to the Labyrinth Guardian. Now, she hoped her colleagues were alright. They hadn't appeared yet and she hoped they weren't being attacked as well...

July 26th, 2007, 11:13 AM
Tim heard the sounds of battling, and ran up the passageway to try and help Annalyn. His Charmeleon and Mightyena were hot on his heels as he sprinted up the desolate hallway. He was nearing Annalyn when something caused him to skid to a halt on the stony floor. In front of him was what looked like a Zangoose, but it had been given the zombie treatment. One of its ears was half its normal length, clumps if its dulled fur were missing, and it only seemed to have one eye. It slashed out at Tim, growling and spitting. Tim took a few steps back, both repulsed and scared by the Zangoose advancing on him.

“Nabe, Fire Punch!” he whispered to the Charmeleon, who wasted no time in leaping forwards and delivering a flame-tipped jab square to the jaw of the Zangoose, which staggered back in pain. Its lower jaw hung uselessly from its face, only held on by a few pieces of putrid skin, swinging gently as the Zangoose advanced once more. Tim had to use all of his self control to prevent himself vomiting, and Nabe was furiously brushing his claw off, trying to remove all of the clumped fur and rotten skin. “I think we’re going to have to kill it.” Tim told his Charmeleon, who nodded gently, still scrubbing at his claw, trying to dislodge a piece of fur and flesh that had become jammed between two of his claws, “Worry about your personal hygiene in a second, right now we are being attacked by a zombie. Focus Nabe! Flamethrower!” he commanded, edging further away from the undead Zangoose. The Charmeleon began to charge up its attack, but the Zangoose began to just charge, clawing at Nabe with its rancid paws. It struck the Charmeleon, scratching down its face with great pleasure. Nabe growled in pain, losing concentration, and its attack.

“Hev, use Sucker Punch” he told the Mightyena, who had been lurking in the background somewhat. On hearing the command, she tentatively stepped forwards, utterly repulsed by the sight of the Zangoose. She leapt forwards; one of her paws outstretched, striking the zombie on the side of the head. It staggered, shaking its head to dislodge the unattached skin created by the attack. Most of the fur, and skin, from one side of its head fell away, as well as one of its ears. The Mightyena barked at this, disgusted, and the Charmeleon, who had succeeded in getting its claw free of the rotting skin, let loose a flamethrower. The Zangoose was engulfed, slashing out at the fire as it was slowly disintegrated. By the time Nabe felt safe to finish barbecuing the Zangoose, not much was left besides a charred skeleton. Tim couldn’t hold it in any longer, he clutched at the nearest wall desperately, retching violently. He emptied his stomach of what little contents it had, while mostly just spattering the floor with bile and phlegm. He groaned, taking a step forwards; he would be fine; it was just the smoldering corpse that had pushed him over the edge. Nabe and Hev were careful to avoid the puddle of thin vomit, stepping over it slowly before returning to their positions by their trainer’s side. Nabe had a long, shallow scratch up one side of his face from the encounter with the thing-that-was-once-a-Zangoose. Tim hoped everyone else was okay, especially that Langley guy, his only Pokemon that Tim had seen was a Spinarak, and these zombie Pokemon were very powerful, even if their bodies were flimsy (and flammable).

July 26th, 2007, 2:15 PM
Hmmm.. that sounds like battling? And that was Tim's voice! I hope he's okay. Annalyn turned towards the sounds and listened closely. She thought she heard the roar of a Charmeleon and a growl of a Mightyena. That must be Tim's Nabe and Hev. He must be under attack. She quickly returned Ollery to her ball and with Syter at her side, she started back down the corridor towards the source of the noise. As she strode down the hall, the smell of burning, rotting flesh began to overtake her. Annalyn's stomach began to ache, so she wrapped her arm around it in an attempt to soothe it. She took deep breaths and soon the urge to vomit had disappated. This distraction aside, she set forth once again. The smell of fire now took over while the sounds of battle had ceased.

Then, in the distance, she saw a group of shady figures. She held her breath. Please let that be Tim... As she slowly walked forward, she did recognize it was her old companion, standing with his two Pokemon at his side. She looked down and noticed a small pool of vomit. The urge returned for a brief second, but she turned her attention to Tim's Charmeleon Nabe. It appeared the small lizard had a large gash in the side of its head. Apparentally there a struggle did actually just occur. Annalyn's doctor instincts cut in and she immediately went to work without saying a word to Tim. She reached into her purse for the first time since taking care of Tim's poisoning. She pulled out an assortment of essentials: rubber gloves, antibiotics, a Hyper Potion, and a large bandaid that could cover the cut. First, she pulled on the gloves to prevent any contact with the patient with her hands. Then, she sprayed Nabe with the Hyper Potion to cure the lizard of any damage it may of sustained. After that, she squirted a small dab of the antibiotic cream on her fingers and slowly massaged the cream into the Pokemon's gash. Nabe growled a little; it obviously hurt to stick a finger into a fresh wound. Finally, she carefully placed the bandaid on the cut to prevent any foreign germs from entering the Pokemon's system.

As Annalyn stood, she pulled off the rubber gloves and placed them in plastic bag she had pulled from her purse. Then, she looked at Tim. She remembered the guilty expression he had on his face earlier. Tim would have had this expression for two reasons; either he had held back giving her a Revive to further protect his chances at winning or he felt guilt because he didn't have one to give to her. She hoped it was the latter reason. Annalyn had grown fond of Tim and wouldn't want anything to tarnish her image of him.

Then, she spoke coolly to him, "I think we should wait for the others. It appears it'll be too dangerous to go on our own. It was foolish of me to run off like that. If any of us got overwhelmed on our own, we would be finished. At least in a group we'll have numbers. Then, once we finish off that Guardian, we can resume this competition. Do you agree Timothy?"

July 26th, 2007, 3:35 PM
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As he stood there, recovering from his rather unpleasant experience with the charred Zangoose, Annalyn appeared from down the corridor, and without speaking a word, bent down to Nabe. He watched as she sprayed him down with a Hyper potion, before rubbing some kind of cream into the cut, and giving him a band-aid. Although it made the Charmeleon feel better, it made Tim feel a whole lot worse; here she was, using her own supplies to help his Pokemon, to help him, when not five minutes ago he was willing to let her Abomasnow die just so he had a better chance of winning this stupid competition. He guessed that the snowy goliath was her starter Pokemon, as it was clearly her strongest, and the way that she had reacted when it went down showed a deep bond. What was he going to do now if he needed to use the tainted revive, still nestling evilly in his pocket, if he and Annalyn were going as a group? With hindsight, that was the worst decision he had made since agreeing to come to this weird island in the first place. She had finished with Nabe now, packing the things away into her bottomless purse.

"I think we should wait for the others. It appears it'll be too dangerous to go on our own. It was foolish of me to run off like that. If any of us got overwhelmed on our own, we would be finished. At least in a group we'll have numbers. Then, once we finish off that Guardian, we can resume this competition. Do you agree Timothy?" She called him Timothy. Nobody ever called him Timothy, unless they were being really formal, really serious, or uncharacteristically affectionate. He hoped to Arceus that it was one of the first two, as he still felt he had really wronged her, and she seemed completely oblivious to this, probably trying to see the best in him.

“Yeah” he mumbled, still a little woozy from being sick, “And thank you for helping Nabe, if there’s anything I can do to repay you…” Don’t say that, what will she think now when you tell her about the revive? Tim stood awkwardly, scritching Hev’s head, waiting for the other trainers to arrive

July 26th, 2007, 4:04 PM
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“Hurry up you three, we're nearly there!” yelled Roisin as she charged down the long damp corridor in which she had just heard Annalyns smooth voice echoing of the enclosed and dank walls. Following closely were the large crustacean Pokémon, Crawdaunt. The muscle bound amour clad Hercules beetle, Heracross; who was running as the corridor was to claustrophobic for him to fly, and just in front of the two goliath Pokémon the faint buzzing of Yanmas' wings hummed in an effort to keep up with her trainer. It wasn't long until the unlikely quadruple had caught up with the two trainers for whom they had been searching for. There stood Tim and Annylyn, Tims' Charmander, Nabe; who had a band aid stretched across his face, a Mightyena who Roisin wasn't sure who it belonged too, more than likely Tims and Annalyns' Syther, named Syter, who was standing next to its' trainer. Next to Tim was a small heap of vomit, and Tim himself was looking a bit pale. But more interestingly was the smouldering ashes on the floor. As she reached the gang she slowed down to a halt and before saying anything she was bending over, clutching her knees, breathing heavily and unable to catch her breath after the run. Her Pokémon had caught up with her.

“Whew- that- was- a-long- a long run,” she panted as she stood up straight. She felt a dripping on her head which reminded her she had forgot to put her bandanna back on, as she reached into her bag for the aforementioned head wear there was a slight hiss. The hiss was coming from above Roisin, from where the water had landed on her head. She quickly and nervously tied the bandanna before reeling her head upwards. And just as she expected there was yet another zombified Pokémon hanging above her. This time it was a Yellow Pupa Pokémon, known as Kakuna. One of its' eyes were missing. The usually electric yellow was now grey with the slightest hint of its' usual bright and stunning colour. It also had a bit of its' shell missing, and inside there was no Weedle or Beedrill. It was an empty shell. But where did the hissing come from? She stepped from underneath the Kakuna and looked quizzically at her friends. “Did any of you hear that hiss?” she asked them. From behind she heard a noise coming from Crawdaunt and Heracross, there was something bothering them both as they stood side by side, they were getting edgy, getting agitated, getting... Angry.

“HERACR!” the beetle yelled as it delivered a super effective Megahorn to Crawdaunts' chest. Crawdaunt then smashed it in the gut with a Crabhammer which smashed Heracross against the wall.

“Stop it, now!” Roisin yelled. And no sooner as she yelled, they stopped, turned around and looked at her. “Good, now don-AHH!” she screamed, her two strongest Pokémon were charging towards her!

“Yam yam!” screeched the little bug Pokémon as she flew in front of her trainer and generated a beautiful green orb of energy, known as Protect, to stop the attacks.

“Thanks Yanma, what's up with you two?” yelled Roisin, it was only then she noticed heat Crawdaunts' and Heracross' black irises had lost their colour and had been replaced with a very deep shade of crimson. “Heracross, Crawdaunt, return!” she yelled as she held up their Pokéball and LureBall respectively. And as quickly as they had charged, they were sent straight back to their spherical homes.

“Thank you Yanma,” she sighed as she put the Pokéballs away. “The temple must be getting to them, either that or something had been controlling them or something,” she articulated to everyone present. Whatever it was, why didn't it affect Yanma, Syter, Nabe or the Mightyena, and would it affect them in the future? What if it started to affect one of the Trainers in the temple, who can't simply be retreaded to a Pokéball? She repeated her thoughts into words and then shot two worried looks that shifted from Tim to Annalyn. Yanma landed on Roisins re-bandannad head. “Either way we've gotta prepare for the worst.” she sighed grimly. Maybe the hissing sound and stranges happenings between Heracross and Crawdaunt were connected, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing I've seen today.

“Oh and watch out for a zombie Beedrill” she added joyously as she ginned ear to ear and indicated to the ancient Kakuna above her.

July 26th, 2007, 4:56 PM
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Annalyn smiled. She didn't know why, but she smiled. Standing there with Tim, she didn't feel alone. She had her parents and her grandmother, and she cared for all of them very deeply. But, since she left home twelve long years ago, she had been on her own. Even at the family practice, she had her own wing on the building to herself, away from her family. Her Pokemon were always at her side, but she longed for human contact. Though their last hour or so had been very troublesome, she felt a bond growing with not only Tim, but also with Roisin, Aaliyah, and even the newcomer Langley. They all seemed honest and caring, unlike her rivals on the Contest Circuit. Though they put on a friendly face, they all seemed to want to sabotage her efforts, even when she was a lowly novice. So, she forgot others and went on her own and then showed them up in contests. For this brief moment, without zombies or androgynous eccentric 'Labyrinth Guardians,' she felt happiness. It was as if...

"Bat..." She turned her head to the source of the noise. Was it another zombie? Annalyn looked up and down, but couldn't find the source. Once again, she heard, "Battt..." It was coming closer. In this damned labyrinth, you could barely see twelve feet in front of you. Perfect for ambushes by zombie Pokemon who had probably been suffering under the cruel hand of the Labyrinth Guardian for numerous years. Annalyn then heard the quiet flapping of wings. Oh great... she thought a FLYING zombie. She placed her hand on top of Syter's head, ready to give the mantis orders just in case they were attacked. At the same time, Roisin had rejoined their group and had just fought off her Heracross and Crawdaunt.

"I'm really starting to hate this labyrinth," she said while still listening for the wings or the 'Battt...' Annalyn walked over to Roisin and wiped the liquid that had dripped onto the girl's head with a hankerchief Annalyn kept in her pocket. She smiled at the girl and turned. "Oh god! Its a zombie Golbat!" As she said, the large bat Pokemon emerged from the shadows. Its appearance, however, was not that of a zombie. It still had its blueish purple body, oversized mouth that consumed the majority of its body, and large wings with red webbing. It didn't seem to be attacking, but rather running away from something. It flew right to Annalyn's shoulder and landed on it. It looked back in direction it had flown from and it wore a frightened expression on its face. Annalyn took a huge gulp. What had it been flying away from...

"Don't worry Golbat. Stick with me and I'll protect you," Annalyn said, looking at the bat with a grin on her face. She had always been fond of Golbats and was more than happy to protect the Pokemon. Annalyn reached into her purse and pulled out a Poffin block. She held it out for the Golbat, who happily wrapped the block with its large tongue and snapped it back into its mouth, where it happily munched on it. The Golbat nodded as its happily ate the blood flavored Poffin Block. "Maybe you can join my team and then you'll always be protected?" The Golbat nodded. Annalyn was happy to find a living Pokemon here in the labyrinth and it was an added bonus that it was one of her favorite Pokemon. She grabbed an empty Great Ball and held it up. It opened suddenly and absorbed the Golbat inside of it. The bat put up little fight and the ball clicked closed. "Hey, I'm going to call you Golat. I love giving my friends nicknames?" she said as she placed the minimized ball on her belt. "Thank god it didn't want to battle because my Pokemon are tired as is. I just hope we don't run into whatever was chasing Golbat anytime soon. Whatever it was, it had Golat here frightened..."

July 26th, 2007, 5:45 PM
"Thanks," Roisin uttered as the seemingly happy and sentimental looking Annalyn wiped the liquid off the top of her bandanna with a handkerchief. She smiled at Annalyn and again at Tim, the ominous atmosphere had seemed to temporarily lift for a while. Seemingly out of nowhere a huge blue-purple bat had landed on Annalyns' shoulder Roisin was ready to screech. Surely a zombie -or whatever they are- Golbat would deplete Annalyn of her blood supply within seconds! But wait, it doesn't look the same as the 'zombie' Pokémon. It looks completely different, a regular Golbat! So maybe there's more regular Pokémon hiding somewhere in the dark walls of the Labyrinth! Roisin was getting excited by the thought of new friends, it calmed her nerves, not every Pokémon they saw had to have their brains hanging out of their eye sockets! And after a touching moment Golbat decided to join Annalyns' team. Roisin wasn't a big fan of Golbats, she absolutely adored the cuteness of Zubats and Crobat was one of her favourite Pokémon, but Golbat she saw as the black sheep of the evolutionary line. But she didn't exactly hate them, in fact she quiet liked them.

“Congratulations on your new Golbat, I mean Golat,” Roisin whispered encouragingly too the taller girl as she patted her on the back. It was a time like this when she wanted to let all her Pokémon out of their Pokéballs for a stretch and a run around. But this was not the place to do so, especially after what'd happened to Crawdaunt and Heracross just now. Annalyn seemed as baffled as Roisin was and didn't answer her question. “You getting hungry Yanma??” she asked her Pokémon who had re-perched herself upon Roisins' head. Yanma smiled and nodded as Roisin whipped out a PokéBlock from its' case and fed it to Yanma.

“Yaaaam,” she chirped merrily, approving of the PokéBlock.

“I can't wait 'til this is over, then we get special training by Sinnohs' own Grand Champion!” she exclaimed to Yanma who seemed to agree, while still happily eating the PokéBlock. “But I wish Langley and that other girl would hurry up, I wouldn't mind to get to know them a little better too, and then we can carry on after the cliché 'guardian'” she added, as she petted Yanma on the head.

July 26th, 2007, 10:21 PM
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Tim had always liked Golbats, it was just something about their huge mouths in relation to their small bodies appealed to him. He was also happy to see a Pokemon that was still normal, in the sense that it didn’t have pieces falling off it. Annalyn had been looking at him strangely, fondly almost. He had known her for only a few hours, but already she seemed a better friend than some people he had known for years. She was very pleased with her now Golbat, ‘Golat’. He had noticed that about her names for her Pokemon, she seemed to just drop syllables from the name of the species; like her Scyther, ‘Syter’, her Octillery, ‘Ollery’, or her Abomasnow, ‘Abanow’. Tim just tended to name his Pokemon random things, but he liked to think that their names reflected their personality, to him anyway. Roisin had appeared with her seemingly possessed Heracross and Crawdaunt. He was a little confused by the whole situation with them; was it the labyrinth getting to them, because he had not noticed Nabe doing anything out of the ordinary. The Charmeleon stood to one side of him, surveying the corridor they were in with interest, occasionally pausing to look up at the Kakuna, which had apparently opened, letting a zombie Beedrill out. Tim hated Kakuna, so he stood as far away from it as possible, without looking strange to the rest of the group. Annalyn had become convinced that the ‘Guardian’ was not part of the competition, and made reference to getting them before going on with the proceedings. She obviously didn’t share his thoughts that the whole thing had been set up by Moonjoy or his superiors, and that the ‘Guardian’ was indeed the competition itself, the first trainer to defeat… it won.

What did they win though? He had never found out what the actual prize was, besides the ‘Rose Cup’, and the fame so obviously associated with it. Would there be a monetary prize or some kind of rare item for the victor? It seemed strange to him that no one had ever mentioned what they were to win when the competition was completed. Why was he bothering to pick over this now, when there were countless undead Pokemon lurking around a mysterious labyrinth, in which he was conveniently placed? He turned to Annalyn and Roisin, the other members in the unoriginally named ‘Group Red’

“What now?” he wasn’t exactly a born leader of men, and he had a bit of trouble making important decisions under pressure, so he felt that maybe one of the two women with him would have a better idea than his, which was basically; keep going down corridors until they found the center of the labyrinth, where the ‘Guardian’ presumably was, and just to hope for the best

Scarlet Weather
July 27th, 2007, 5:14 AM
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Langley had been following Tim and Annalyn from the rear, hoping to make sure that nobody sealed off the exits. His older sister had gone to a military school, so he had picked up a few simple things about group strategy. When you know the territory and your opponent doesn't, if you cut off their exits then the battle was halfway done. Unfortunately, that rule applied even more so to the current terrain, where there was only one exit leading back, and if it was cut off, there was no way out. Digging into his vest pocket, Langley removed a small flashlight and switched it on, illuminating the darkness in front of him. In the distance he could just make out Tim and Annalyn talking with the girl he had landed on when he had first arrived. He was about to run forward and regroup with them when a sudden hissing noise interrupted him.

With a sigh, Langley turned, coming face to face with a tall, serpentine Pokemon with glinting eyes. Slowly it spread its once-majestic purple hood, which was now mottled with the puse and green colors of decay. Along its tail, parts of the spinal cord were just visible, and the skin around its throat was almost completely gone. It stood there, waiting for Langley to make a move, its sickly blue tongue flicking in and out.

Langley's nose wrinkled as he slowly began to back away, his arms held out in front of him. Steady, steady.... he reassured himself, Just a few more steps and I'll be out of his range... Just keep moving... steady...

The serpent noticed what he was doing, unfortunately, and began to slowly slither forward, its slimy remains dragging along the floor. Its eyes opened wide, and Langley just barely managed to shut his in time, remembering that eye contact with an Arbok almost certainly meant temporary paralysis. His hand began to wander around his belt as he fumbled for a Pokeball as he moved, praying that the snake wouldn't notice and strike early. He took one step backward, and three things happened at once.

First, Langley's hand found the Pokeball he had been searching for, and he hurled it outward in front of him.

Second, he tripped over a rock, and fell flat on his back.

Third, the Arbok struck, its hood folding back and its eyes glinting with malice.

Langley shut his eyes, expecting to feel the pain of zombified serpent venom entering his system at any moment. To his surprise, however, all he felt was a slight tickling. He slowly, tentatively opened his eyes, and curious sight met his gaze. A long, creamy yellow tail was tickling his face, and around it, eight other tails were waving. The appendages in question were attached to a large, creamy yellow, fox-like creature with gleaming red eyes. "Clytemnestra?" he asked, confused.

The Pokemon nodded, before turning back to the zombie Pokemon, growling and baring her fangs. Arachne stood beside the beast, hissing her dissaproval. Clyte, so good you could make it to fight for master Langley! the tiny Pokemon squeaked in her own language, waving her legs excitedly.

Slowly, the Ninetales shook her head. You misunderstand my purpose, little bug. Unlike you, I bear no love for that sorry excuse for a trainer. I follow his orders because I have respect for him as the trainer who was able to capture me, no more, no less.

Arachne glared fiercely at the older Pokemon. But Langley is our trainer! Even if he wasn't my friend, it's my sworn duty and responsibility as his Pokemon to protect him from harm!

The Ninetales rolled her eyes. And who told you that? Your precious mother, born in captivity?

Arachne's eyes narrowed. And so it all comes down to that again, hmm? My mother was just as noble as any of your wild born Pokemon, and-

"Um, ladies, I hate to interrupt your argument, which I'm sure is of great importance even if I can't understand it, but we happen to be having a situation here!" Langley interrupted as he dodged another blob of acid being fired by the serpentine monster.

Arachne nodded. Here it comes! she screeched, firing a sticky blob of webbing into the Arbok's face, effectively blinding it and forcing its venomous jaws shut. Blinded, the undead Pokemon screeched as it thrashed about, trying furiously to remove the impediment.

Clytemnestra stared at the thrashing Pokemon. Pokemon who are now zombified, eh? Interesting...

Langley stared. Up until this point, he had been mostly relying on his instincts and those of his Pokemon to fight, but now it was time to give some serious thought. What did he know that would certainly dispose of this zombie? A thought raced through his head as he remembered an old horror movie he had watched once. Though this particular tactic probably wouldn't do anything, it was still worth a try. "Clyte, use safeguard!" he commanded.

Growling, the kitsune began to glow with a pale white light as a circle appeared on the floor beneath her, surrounding herself, Langley, and Arachne. The Arbok managed to free its mouth from the web gag and lunged forward, just as a wall of white light erupted from the circle. The zombie may as well have bitten an electric fence. It screamed as a burst of white light burned through its skin, reducing its body to ashes.

Langley stared at the charred spot on the ground, the only thing remaining to show the zombie had ever been there. "I can't believe that actually worked."

Turning, he noticed that Annalyn and the others were only a few meters away. With a quick nod to his Pokemon, he raced up to them, joining the group. "Is everyone okay?" he panted.

July 27th, 2007, 1:24 PM
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Annalyn turned when there was a bright flash of light further down the corridor from where Roisin, Tim, and Annalyn were standing. Then, it was followed by a flurry of footsteps coming in their direction. This might be the perfect time to test out Golat's skills... Annalyn thought as she gripped the Bat's PokeBall. Langley burst out of the shadows and with his appearance, Annalyn's body relaxed once again. She smiled at the boy and nodded her head signaling that she was okay when he asked how they were doing.

"Well, where in the world is Aaliyah. I'm getting a little worried. We can't just leave her in here on her own. I'd suggest we go back to get here, but--" Annalyn said, but she was interrupted by the sound of thumping footsteps. She listened, but it sounded like they were coming from a different corridor. Then, without warning, the nearby wall exploded into a plume of stone, debris, and dust. Annalyn began to cough as she inhaled the cloud. What in the world...

"King..." A voice sounded from behind the facade of the cloud. "Rhydoooonnnn!" said another voice from nearby. The cloud settled and standing in front of the group were a duo of zombified behemoths. One was a rotting Nidoking, whose skin was a tainted purple color, his horn was missing a large chunk, and its tail was skeletal and bare. Its partner was a large Rhydon, whose body was scarred and torn in numerous parts and it was missing a large chunk of its horn as well.

"Oh god. They're huge and they're zombies. How unfortunate for us..." she said, gripping the PokeBall of the only Pokemon she knew could stand up to this giants. I hope you're ready Abanow. You're the only one I know who can handle them. She pulled the ball off her belt and threw it into the air, releasing the Pine Tree Pokemon from its captivity. Abanow stood with renewed vigor. It seems its long rest in its PokeBall had rejuvenated its health. "You three, I can't take on these giants on my own. Tim and I will handle the Rhydon while Roisin and Langley, you take care of the Nidoking." She said to her companions, and then looked at her opponent. "Abanow, Ice Punch! Aim for its head!" Abanow gripped its fist which began to emanate a frigid energy. It charged forward whilst throwing its fist at the large Rhydon.

Rhydon reacted quickly. It leaned forward, aptly dodging the Ice Punch and bore its horn directly into the abdomen of Abanow. Abanow let out a screech of pain and flew backward, smacking into the wall behind it.

"Are you okay Abanow!?" Annalyn cried. It shook its head trying to regain its focus and then pushed itself off of the wall. It barely had time to react as the Rhydon once again charged at Abanow, this time striking the Pokemon in the arm. Abanow flinched and fell to the ground. "Abanow, watch out!" Rhydon turned and once again charged at Abanow. Annalyn didn't have time to give an order. "NOOO!"

July 27th, 2007, 2:15 PM
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“Holy Jebus!” screeched Roisin as a huge smashing sound from just in front of her left a big chunk of wall completely demolished. There was a huge dust cloud from where the wall had seemingly exploded. Trying to stop herself from choking she ordered a Gust attack from Yanma, and after she beat her little wings hard enough to sweep away the cloud of dust, that Roisin wished she hadn't given the command. Standing in the rubble and debris were two giant Pokémon. Never mind zombie Pokémon but it had to be two really powerful Pokémon that had chosen to ambush the gang.

In one corner with a sickly grey-purple colour stood a huge Nidoking, a large chunk of its' horn missing, half a tail (and the other half being completely skeletal) his claws were large, yellow and unkempt and his eyes, well eye in this case as he only had the one, were yellow and extremely bloodshot. In the other corner stood a huge rocky Pokémon, also with a chunk of its' drill like horn missing, it was scarred all over and there was even rips in its' rocky skin.

"You three, I can't take on these giants on my own. Tim and I will handle the Rhydon while Roisin and Langley, you take care of the Nidoking." came Roisins voice as she gripped a Pokéball on her belt.

Sure, because I wanted the stronger one to beat anyway Roisin thought. She wanted to test her Crawdaunt against Rhydon, or maybe her Corsola. Anyway the task at hand was Nidoking. Let's see, it's a half Ground half Poison type so she could still try out Corsola. But no sooner than she gripped the Pokéball that contained the Coral Pokémon than Annalyns' strongest Pokémon had been smashed to the floor by the rampaging Rhydon. Crawdaunt maybe? But, what about what just happened, what if it hasn't worn off and he tries to attack me? Surely Corsola, Yanma and Spoink don't stand much of a chance...

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July 27th, 2007, 3:47 PM
"Ow," Aaliyah muttered, picking herself up off the ground. Only after she had gotten on her feet, she heard the explosion. She wasn`t too far from everyone else, so the explosion was loud and clear to her ears. "What?!" she exclaimed. Next, she heard the call of a Rhydon..the other of a Nidoking..but she wasn`t sure.

She quickly broke out into a run, while taking out a Pokeball that contained her bold little vaporeon, Dream. Aaliyah smirked when she felt her hand touch something round in her pocket. It was Dream`s Pokeball! She knew this because she always kept Dream`s pokeball in her left pocket, whilst Dante and Memory were kept safe in her right pocket.

Once the calm trainer had neared the group, Aaliyah quickly pulled out her Vaporeon's Pokeball and summoned Dream out. Once Dream was out, the Vaporeon looked very confused, but then became startled at the sight of two, large, zombie pokemon. Dream gave Aaliyah a questionable look. A look that pretty much asked if Aaliyah was crazy.

"Dream, just work with me, here," Aaliyah mumbled to her Vaporeon slightly irritated, knowing how hard it was to work with Dream in situations like this. Dream only nodded, understanding the situation. "Okay, now go and use Water Gun on that Nidoking!"

Dream ran up to get a more precise and clear aim of the Nidoking. Then, the vaporeon opened her mouth and let out a shot of water at the large, rotting, purple-tainted pokemon. Aaliyah seemed concerned. What if that large pokemon isn`t effected by Dream`s watergun? Then what? Aaliyah`s thoughts once again sent her into turmoil.

The Nidoking was effected by the hit of course, but not enough. Instead, it just decided to swat Dream away like a bug, sending her flyng straight to Aaliyah. Aaliyah quickly caught her Vaporeon. Dream seemed winded. "Oh, great," Aaliyah muttered to herself.

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Scarlet Weather
July 27th, 2007, 3:52 PM
Langley came incredibly close to using a word he had picked up from a passing sailor before he caught himself. "Coward!" he yelled into the darkness. "Stinking coward! You send your lackeys after us but don't fight yourself? Come out on face your doom! I, Langley Antechronos, son of Alfonse Antechronos, and champion trainer challenge thee!"

Clytemnestra shook her head. Does he ever get tired of giving those speeches? she asked Arachne, who was positioned on the back of yellow fox at the moment.

Arachne shook her head. Never. I think that he's under the impression that just because you challenge someone, they have to fight you fairly.

Clyte nodded. I'm sure on some planet that holds true. The weak link of our dear trainer is that this is-

"Could you two stop gossiping and back me up!?" Langley yelled, dodging a swipe from the Nidoking's decaying right arm. "Clyte, just use safeguard again! That stopped them last time!" he commanded, waving his arms frantically.

The Ninetales nodded as she roared, once again causing the shimmering silver veil of light to erupt from the floor.

"Um... Clyte?" Langley asked, pointing. The circle was a good three feet behind Langley and the others, and where it stood now it did no good.

The Ninetales rolled her eyes. You just told me to set it up! I had no reason to leap into the path of a partially decayed creature of the night!

For once, Langley was glad that he couldn't understand his Pokemon. Mentally, he began running through his options. Since Clyte could only produce one safeguard circle at a time, that option was gone. He would have to do this the old-fashioned way. "Arachne, use spider web to contstrict his movements! Clyte, once that's done, charge up a heat wave and don't hold back!" he commanded, before leaping backward to avoid getting between his Pokemon and their intended target.

Arachne obeyed beautifully, firing a net of silken threads from her mouth that covered the Nidoking's body, making it appear as if he was trapped in a dense cocoon. Then it was Clyte's turn. Straightening up, the Pokemon waved her tails elegantly, whipping up a frenzy of wind behind her, before roaring and releasing the equivalent of a compressed drought into the tunnel in front of her. To Langley's surprise, the blast missed the Nidoking completely, instead whistling down the tunnel a good two feet to the beast's left. He stared at his Pokemon. She could be annoying when she wanted to, and she wouldn't do a thing unless he told her to, but rarely did she miss an attack on purpose, unless she had something to gain from it. He turned to the fox, staring at her accusingly. In answer, she pointed one of her tails to the side.

Langley turned. The zombified Rhydon was staggering about, its body charred but not destroyed. Directly next to it stood Annalyn's Abomasnow. It didn't take long for Langley to realize what had happened. With a sigh of relief, he wiped his brow. That was the one good thing about having Clytemnestra. Whenever a Pokemon was in imminent danger, she'd usually race to the rescue without being told.

It was then that Langley heard a curious sound, something like a great sheet of fly paper being ripped in half. He turned to see the Nidoking Arachne had trapped pulling apart its cocoon as if it were so much rice paper. "Oh, crumbs." he muttered under his breath as the Pokemon advanced.

It was at that moment that a jet of water struck the Nidoking, knocking it to the ground. Turning, Langley saw one of the girls behind him, standing next to an attacking Vaporeon. "Many thanks, my dear!" he called over his shoulder, before turning back to his undead assailant.

July 28th, 2007, 11:01 AM
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Tim was thrown to the ground by the force of the exploding wall. A Nidoking and a Rhydon stood, looking menacing as they slowly decomposed. Everyone but Tim immediately leapt into the battle, fighting odd the two zombies effectively. Annalyn's Abomasnow had taken another beating, and had been somewhat impaled by the Rhydon's horn, or what remained of it. It was saved from further injury by Langley, who had appeared out of the shadows just in time to engage their two rotting assailants. Roisin exclaimed that she and Tim would take care of the Rhydon, even though it was the Nidoking that was attacking them.

"Charrrr!" Nabe screamed as he tried to charge at the Nidoking, but Tim held him back, looking down at the salamander worriedly

"Don't! Let it make the first move Nabe" he stated simply, reaching for his Slowbro's pokeball

"Brooo" Johan yawned absently, unaware of his surroundings. He was shocked out of his stupor by Langley's Spinarak encasing the Nidoking in webbing. He stumbled backwards, shocked by his first sight of the putrid Nidoking. As it tore it's way out of the cocoon, like it was nothing more than a paper bag, it was hit by a jet of water, emanating from a Vaporeon he recognized. The powerful Nidoking swatted away the water type with ease

"Johan, use Psybeam!" he told the Slowbro, who flinched a little before opening it's mouth and letting a beam of energy escape it, beating into the chest of the Nodoking. The zombie roared,, turning its attention to the Slowbro which it easily outpowered, "Hev, Shadow Ball!" he turned to the Mightyena, who was growling at the undead Pokemon, both afraid and angered as they rampaged through the group. On hearing the command, it shot a ball of dark energy from it's mouth, still unmoving from it's position at the back of the group. The attack exploded on contact with the Nidoking, knocking it backwards, but not stopping it. It stood, its body smoldering gently, before charging at Johan. The Slowbro dived out of the way, growling at the Nidoking's yellowing claws scraped along the Shellder attached to its tail. "Hev, Shadow Ball again, Johan, Iron Tail!" Tim wasn't sure that he could overpower the Nidoking on his own, he looked to Roisin hopefully. She seemed torn, clutching a Lure Ball in her hand. The Crawdaunt had tried to attack her before, seemingly possessed by some unseen force. Surely it would have worn off by now? Meanwhile, the Rhydon had started on the girl, who was now holding her Vaporeon as it recovered from the Nidoking's assault.

The Nidoking shielded itself from the Slowbro's attack with one of its partially skeletal arms, which only resulted in the heavy shell tearing it from the body of the decaying Pokemon. Another Shadow Ball slammed straight into the face of the zombie, catching it somewhat off guard. It stumbled, almost tripping on it's rotted tail, before composing itself and jumping at Johan. The Slowbro screamed as a powerful Headbutt smashed into the wall of the labyrinth. The Nidoking wasn't finished however, as it used its remaining arm to slash repeatedly at Johan's face, until it was an unrecognizable bloody mess. Tim looked on in horror as the Nidoking relentlessly attacked his Pokemon

"Fire spin Nabe, Hev, Hyper Beam! Destroy it!" he shouted, rage slowly building inside him. Johan slumped to the ground as the Nidoking was simultaneously struck by the Hyper Beam, and engulfed in flames. Tim ran to the fallen Slowbro, searching through his pockets frantically as he fell to his knees beside the unconscious Pokemon.Where is it? Where is the Revive? There! He grasped the crystal in his hand, drawing it from within his suit, and placing it on the chest of the Slowbro gently. He fumbled for a potion in another of his pockets, spraying Johan's bloody face with it until it was empty. He threw the container down, looking anxiously at his Slowbro. He did not know what had happened to the Nidoking, and he didn't care. He could hear the battle continue, but it was distant, barely audible over his heart thumping in his chest as he looked down on Johan, waiting for the Slowbro to open it's eyes. The Revive was taking effect, and relief covered him as the Pokemon stirred. He didn't care what anyone thought of him, the safety of his Pokemon ranked far higher than other trainer's opinions of him.

July 30th, 2007, 11:24 AM
Aaliyah gasped as the Rhydon charged towards her. Dream, her vaporeon, shook away the pain the Nidoking caused her, and jumped out of Aaliyah`s arms. "Quick, Dream, used Aurora Beam!" Aaliyah commanded.

The vaporeon seemed glad to use the move. Opening her mouth, she shot out a beam of many different colors. The beam had hit the Rhydon, knocking it over, but not defeating it. As a matter of fact, the decomposing pokemon picked itself up as if the move had only grazed it. Then again, the move wasn`t that strong, so it couldn`t have done much damage.

"Oh, geez.." Aaliyah sighed. The Rhydon charged towards the girl and the vaporeon. As a last minute resort, Aaliyah commanded the vaporeon to use water gun. The shot of water caught the Rhydon off guard, thus, knocking it over.

July 30th, 2007, 2:16 PM
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Annalyn grunted. A huge piece of debris had flown from the combat and struck her in the stomach. The rock had hit her really hard and it was very difficult to breath. "Abanow, Sheer Cold. Freeze the whole path!" She managed to order between heaves. Abanow's entire body began to shake and the temperature in the hallway began to drop. Annalyn reached into her purse and pulled out a pair of woolen gloves from it. "Sorry you guys.. it's about to get really coldddddd...." The first signs of freezing were tiny icicles forming from the ceiling. They spread like a virus and soon the whole ceiling was decorated with the beautiful ice crystals. Then, like wildfire, the walls were consumed by a thick sheet of ice. Abanow let out a giant roar and the ice began to spread even faster than before. The floors were soon frozen over and it was as if the group had been transported from into an ice cavern. "Now Abanow's in his element! Ice Punch Abanow!" Abanow moved along the ice gracefully, unlike the rest of the Pokemon who would undoubtedly struggle to stay on their feet while walking on the ice.

Rhydon was struggling more than the others. It was, after all, one of the least graceful Pokemon in the world. "Donn..." Abanow flew forward, its frozen fist driving the Drill Pokemon right in the chest. Much like a weak piece of shale, the Rhydon's armor shattered, revealing decaying organs and a brittle bone structure. "Now Mega Punch! Its at its weakest!" Abanow landed from the punch and pulled off a three sixty, throwing another energy-packed punch right at the exposed area on the Rhydon. This time, without an armor to protect it, the punch shattered the rib cage and spine of the Pokemon. The Pokemon fell to the ground in two pieces, lifeless.

"One down. One to go! Abanow, freeze Nidoking's feet in place!" Abanow again did a quick turn to face his opponent. It had been beating upon Aaliyah's Dream relentlessly. Abanow quickly gathered a sphere of frigid energy in the middle of its opened palms, and fired it in a thin beam. He worked quickly, and formed a block of ice around the Nidoking's left foot. It began to thrash wildly, attempting to break free from its frozen shackle. Then, Abanow directed the beam at its right foot, and encased it another block of ice. Nidoking's rage grew and it began to charge up a Hyper Beam, directing it towards Abanow. "Protect Abanow!" The Pokemon let out a large yell and put up a field of energy that absorbed the Normal-type attack, which caused no harm to be done to the ice behemoth. "Now, let's do some boxing practice on him!" Abanow reacted quickly, and made his move while the Nidoking zombie was recharging. It struck the Nidoking first in the face, causing its bottom jaw to break off and fall to the ground in a million, little frozen pieces on the floor. Then, he did a left hook, and knocked off a large chunk of the Pokemon's left breast plate off. It let out a roar and lobbed a large Sludge Bomb at its assaulter. Abanow reacted quickly, and released a million sharp-edged leaves, which cut into the sludge, and prevented it from striking Abanow. "Now, finish it off! Focus Punch Abanow!" Abanow stopped in its tracks and began to concentrate. The Nidoking began to punch its left shackle, and tiny cracks began to form in it. But, Abanow did not react, but instead focused on gathering energy in its left fist. It closed its eyes and held its hand close to its chest. A yellow aura began to emanate, and its illuminated the drab corridor they still stood in. Then, the left shackle shattered and the zombie moved on to its right block of ice. This time it punched harder, knowing its freedom would come once it was free.

Abanow's eyes opened and it began to run full speed at the Nidoking. At the same time, the other block of ice shattered and Nidoking was free. It too began to charge forward, its horn emanating green energy. "Its using Megahorn Abanow!" She said, but her Pokemon wasn't paying attention. Its eyes were focused on its enemy. Nidoking jutted its head forward and thrusted the horn directly at the behemoth's chest. Abanow knew what was coming however and it quickly jumped to the left and dodged the Megahorn. Then it raised its fist into the air and then brought it down in one hard punch. The echo of the Nidoking's spine snapping echoed throughout the now quiet corridor. The Poison/Ground type fell to the ground with a loud thud, its body now lifeless. Abanow took a few steps forward and collapsed, exhausted from the battle.

"Abanow, thank you. Return," Annalyn said, returning her Pokemon to its ball. The ice was now melting and the damp smell mixed with the musty smell of the labyrinth. "Guys, we need to hurry. Those two were powerful, but I can't imagine what the Guardian has waiting for us still. He wouldn't send his most powerful ones now...."

Scarlet Weather
August 1st, 2007, 6:15 AM
Langley stared in amazement as Tim and Annalyn fought. Tim fought like a madman, he noticed, his style seeming to be centered more around beating an opponent's Pokemon into the ground and swallowing them whole then in preserving himself. Langley took note of the fact that thus far, none of the other trainers had used defensive moves beyond dodging with the exception of Annalyn. It was no wonder, Langley thought, that Tim had kept a revive for himself. If any of his Pokemon took an attack, they had no way to recover. Almost guiltily, Langley began to formulate the optimum strategy to take down his opponent if an actual battle ever began.

Annalyn... her style seemed to be more like a dance then a battle. A painful, slow, rhythmic dance centering more around power then speed, but a dance nonetheless. She was the only other person so far to have a Pokemon with defensive attacks, and she seemed to know how to use them. That Abomasnow of hers was able to take more damage then Langley had thought possible and still remain standing, even without the added benefit of Turncoat Tim's revive.

Langley did feel a little guilty about sizing his companions up like this. After all, they had to work together in an environment like this if they planned to survive. Like it or not, he couldn't allow a rift to open between anyone on the team and himself. He wasn't sure whether or not he was the only one who had seen Tim use the forbidden revive, but either way he wouldn't speak of it until spoken to.

Annalyn said something then. "Guys, we need to hurry. Those two were powerful, but I can't imagine what the Guardian has waiting for us still. He wouldn't send his most powerful ones now...."

Langley raised an eyebrow. "I agree with you about the 'hurry" part," he began, "But whyever would he not send his most powerful troops now? After all, his ultimate goal is to wipe us off the face of the earth and add our Pokemon to his," he wrinkled his nose before continuing, "Singularly distasteful army. Wouldn't it be easier just to send in the more powerful troops now and wipe the floor with us right off the bat?"

August 1st, 2007, 9:57 AM
Aaliyah stood in awe of Tim and Annalyn. Dream seemed very impressed as she sat there wagging her tailfin. Quietly, Aaliyah muttered something about what was going on, mainly about how she was persuaded into this. If the young trainer would have known that she was going to be pitted against decaying pokemon and 'Guardians', she would have never signed up for this. She heard Annalyn mutter something.

"Guys, we need to hurry. Those two were powerful, but I can't imagine what the Guardian has waiting for us still. He wouldn't send his most powerful ones now...."

"I agree, but I`m not too sure about going through this labyrinth. We could just end up running into another monster for all we know," Aaliyah added.

"But whyever would he not send his most powerful troops now? After all, his ultimate goal is to wipe us off the face of the earth and add our Pokemon to his," Aaliyah heard Langely say.

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"Maybe he`s trying to weaken us with his weaker pokemon so he can defeat us with the tougher ones?" the girl theoried.

August 3rd, 2007, 9:12 AM
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I need to be of more use to the team. I've done nothing but stand around and watch, it' time to do something helpful. The young blonde girl called Roisin thought to herself as she lifted her head up high. She whipped around to the gang of Trainers and assumed a more commanding stance as she looked upon the scene. “Annalyn. We need to find a way to navigate around this maze.” She started as she looked upon the gangs leader. “I think I have a way, but you'll have to use Golb- I mean Golat.” she stuttered. Trying to take leadership was hard and nervous, Roisin hoped she didn't come across as pushy or trying to grab any spotlight. “I'm 99 percent sure your Golat will know Supersonic. Yanma knows it also. We need to use this to navigate through this place, but the problem is we have now Sonic reading equipment.” She stopped talking, she seemed to be out of ideas. “But! If you send Golat out to use Supersonic,” she stopped, realising that was a bit Pushy she added “I'll send Heracross so Golat isn't alone, then Golat can send messages back to Yanma, who I can lead us the right way to that idiot who hurt Abanow, then we can find a way out of here... What do you think? It's a lot easier than winding up lost in a big maze.” If she agrees I just hope this works.

August 3rd, 2007, 10:25 AM
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August 3rd, 2007, 8:45 PM
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August 4th, 2007, 12:07 PM
[[ Aghh... guys, I'm sorry. I've been busy with my friends and getting ready for college and just typical summer schtuff. Jimz, I'm not mad at you. I've also been playing Fire Emblem like crazy so yeah, sorry. My injury was a minor sprained ankle but it wasn't as bad as they thought, so I'm better. I'll post tomorrow....!!!!! ]]

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August 10th, 2007, 5:36 AM
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August 10th, 2007, 7:15 AM
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August 10th, 2007, 4:46 PM
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Annalyn looked at Langley and scoffed, "I never even thought of that. But, he seems to be all brawn and little brains. I don't know if he'd be smart enough to eliminate us quickly. Actually, he seems to be very sadistic. I think he enjoys seeing our Pokemon battling, suffering, and his zombies destroyed. A sick, sick.. thing we're dealing with," Annalyn said. Her stomach was growling, but she had little food with her and didn't want to waste it now.

"Roisin, that might be a good idea," Annalyn said, gripping Golat's PokeBall. She released the bloodsucking Pokemon in a flash of white light. The bat fluttered around and landed on its new trainer's shoulder.

"Okay Golat. Time to use Supersonic and track any signs of life, or in our case, zombies," she chuckled. I made a funny.. Golat looked at her and shuddered.

"Don't worry, we took care of what was chasing you. See," Annalyn said, pointing at the two corpses laying near them. Golat shook its head as if saying that wasn't what was chasing him. "Huh.. you mean.. that's not what was chasing you?..."

"Arrrccccc....." was the last thing Annalyn heard before a plume of fire bursted from the hole created by Nidoking and Rhydon. The fire struck Annalyn's back and knocked her to the ground. Now unconscious, she could do little for the fire that was now engulfing her clothes. Golat fluttered nearby, his wing singed by the fire. He frantically stared at the hole, waiting for the source of the fire to appear. First, from the shadows, appeared a white paw. That was followed by a striped, orange leg. Then another skeletal leg emerged. Finally, a bony, vapid figure appeared, and barked.

"Well, it seems I need to accompany my servants from now on if I want absolute success," someone said from behind the Arcanine. The Labyrinth Guardian emerged, his appearance the same except for its silver shirt from before was now gold. "And it appears your little leader is out of commission. Now, it should be easy to pick off the lot of your rather easily..." he said, staring diabolically at each of them. "Now, who wants to go first?"

Scarlet Weather
August 11th, 2007, 5:45 AM
Langley bristled with rage as he saw the firebolt strike the group's leader. "Annalyn!", He roared as he leapt to her side, standing directly between the nightmarish assailant and his victim. "Coward." Langley spat out. "Coward. Pig. Idiot."

The Guardian of the Labryinth brought a finger to his ear in an attempt to clear out some wax. "I'm sorry. What did you say?"

Langley growled again, this time joined by Clytemnestra and Arachne, who were drawing up alongside of him. "I'm sorry, are you hard of hearing? Maybe I should say it again." Langley's gaze met that of the Labryinth Guardian's. "Coward. Pig. Idiot. You have to strike from behind to defeat your opponent instead of hitting them dead on. You fight like a coward, an imbecile. You have no honor, only shame. Now I can see why you live down here in a dank Labryinth. The light of the sun, pure and glorious, must be too much for a shameful coward like yourself, one who crawls on their belly and fights only those who they are sure they can win against, then resorts to trickery when they find they cannot. I detest you more then anything I've ever seen. You slime, you piece of muck, you fiend! If I had ten yen for every insult that fits you, I'd be rich enough to buy half of Kanto, and the Sevii Islands besides!" Langley's eyes were glinting now, a dangerous sign. He reached into the pocket of his vest and removed a pair of gloves which he pulled on slowly and leisurely while speaking. "Therefore I, Langley Antechronos, challenge you, coward, pig, and boor, to a duel to the death. Me and my Pokemon against you and your zombie. If I win, you will leave us alone. If you win, my life is forfeit. Do we have a bargain?"

The ghoulish Arcanine blinked. Its master cocked his head, as if confused. "Is that all?"

It was Langley's turn to be confused. He hadn't expected that as an answer. "What?"

The Labryinth guardian chuckled, a strange and unearthly laughter that made Langley shudder. "Hmph! So you think you can win merely through your chivalry. I admire your courage. If it is imparted to you and your friend's corpses, your Pokemon will make fine zombies." His eyes, or what could be seen of them, narrowed. "Very well then. I accept your challenge, but-"

Langley's shout cut him off. "Clyte, Fire Blast!"

The Labyrinth Guardian leaped to the side with surprising agility, easily avoiding the massive collumn of flame that Clytemnestra had begun to spout. He laughed his eerie laugh again, sending chills down Langley's spine. "You'll have to do better then- what? What is this?" He/She exclaimed, the voice taking on a distinctively more feminine quality as her eyes scanned the sticky threads now surrounding her like a net. In vain, the fiend attempted to break free, but only suceeded in getting herself more entangled.

"Arachne set up the web while you were concentrated on me. Why did you think I drew out my monologue so long? Against any other coward, I would have issued the challenge and been done with it." Langley explained, nodding to his happily chirping Spinarak who was now perched on his shoulder. "And as for your Arcanine..." he continued, removing a marble-sized Pokeball from his belt and clicking it, "This should suffice." With that, he hurled the orb at the zombified Pokemon, then watched as it split open and transformed its target into white light, which it absorbed immediately.

The Labrytinth Guardian burst out laughing, and its noise caused every hair on Langley's body to snap at attention. "Idiot!", it exclaimed as it slowly began to break the bonds that held it one by one, "You can't capture my Zombies! In a few moments it will break free!"

As soon as the laughter stopped, Langley calmed himself. "True," he commented, "But this isn't an ordinary Pokeball." With that, he picked up the sphere, revealing its pink-and-white design. "This is a heal ball," he continued, "Designed to cure any serious ailment through the use of healing radiation similar to that emmitted by Pokemon using either Recover or Refresh. I wonder if it remedies being undead as well?" With that, he tossed the Pokeball out, and watched as it spilled its contents to the ground, revealing a lifeless Arcanine.

The Guardian screamed in rage, and Arachne's webs burst into flames as he hurtled towards Langley, sword drawn. Langley managed to dive to the side, but not before the blade nicked his shoulder. "Gah!" he gasped, clasping a hand to the injury as the Guardian swooped above the group, preparing to deliver the coup de grace....

August 11th, 2007, 6:59 AM
The Guardian was now consumed with rage. It wouldn't go for Langley. No, he would take out the other ones first. He had already taken care of that insidious wom-

"Ollery, Flash Cannon!" The Guardian tilted its head a bit, just in time to absorb the large, silver orb right in the chest. the Guardian flew backwards, smacking his head into the cold, stone wall behind him. Annalyn, meanwhile, had woken up, her clothes singed, her skin blackened, and her energy low.

"Heh..." she coughed, "You think something like that would take me down in one hit. Ollery, Bullet Seed!" Her Octillery nodded and quickly fired off a round of small, but devastating green orbs at the almost unconscious Guardian. "Alakazam, quickly, teleport me out of the way!" Before the seeds could strike, a moderately tall, yellow figure appeared, grabbed onto the guardian, and the two vanished into thin air. The seeds struck where the Guardian was once seated, further damaging the wall.

The Guardian reappeared, only a few feet from where he once stood. His tacky gold shirt was torn and there appeared to be a small crack in its mask. His left arm was using the Alakazam zombie for support, who was obviously struggling to support its master's weight. "You little.. how could.. oh no!" it muttered, its voice once again retaining its feminine quality. The crack in its mask was growing further, and tiny shards of the mask were falling to the ground. Small areas of his face were exposed. Its skin was pale and vapid to the point of transparency. The one eye exposed was dull and grey, and it appeared to have lost its color many years ago. It quickly raised its hand to its face, covering what was exposed, "You all are lucky. I must leave before my face is exposed. If it is, this game will be over." With that, the Guardian and his Alakazam teleported away.

Annalyn slunk to the ground, her body in complete agony. Her Golat emerged from its hiding spot and perched itself upside down above its trainer. Ollery slunk over, an obvious look of angst on her face. "Olll..." it said, rubbing its head against the one leg that wasn't burn.

"Thanks you two. I only wish I had paid attention to your warning one second earlier Golat," she said to her Bat Pokemon. It nodded, but its look of worry didn't leave its face. Annalyn then turned her attention to her fellow contestants, "Listen, leave me here for now. I can barely move and I would just hinder you all. I have my Pokemon to protect so I'll be fine. Just remember to come back and get me once the competition is over..."

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Scarlet Weather
August 14th, 2007, 6:26 AM
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Langley had shut his eyes as the guardian swooped towards him, blade exposed. He had prepared himself for the bite of the sword against his neck, and knew that any moment now he would be dead. Then a curious cry of pain met his ears, and he allowed his eyes to blink open. The Guardian was reeling from a wound inflicted by... Annalyn? Langley stared in disbelief, rubbing his eyes to make sure what he was seeing wasn't just a false vision. Amazing as it was, somehow Annalyn was no longer incapacitated and had easily driven the Guardian off simply by cracking his mask. Langley smiled shakily. The mask was a weak point. He'd have to remember that.

"Listen, leave me here for now. I can barely move and I would just hinder you all. I have my Pokemon to protect so I'll be fine. Just remember to come back and get me once the competition is over..."

Langley stared at Annalyn as if she was insane. "Leave you here with that psycho hanging around? Annalyn, be serious. You and your Pokemon have already brushed with death twice. There's no way you can survive this on your own." Walking over to the injured coordinator, he seated himself. "I'm staying here to help you unless you give me a good reason not to."

August 16th, 2007, 2:26 PM
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Roisin was frozen, fear consumed her, many events swooped past her in what seemed like a blink of an eye. The zombified Arcanine was resting in pieces on the cold slimy ground, it's remains slowly spreading down the hall, but considering this was technically a good thing Roisin didn't feel as sick as when it was 'alive'. Then there was the attacking of Annalyn and the boy called Langley showing that he is both wise and strategic, with what seemed like deep respect for the female doctor. Annylyn was currently lying on the floor, having temporarily put a stop in the Guardians plans. Who spoke of some sort of 'game'. Was this part of the challenge? Was all this just a game, but they surely wouldn't make attempts on peoples lives, even though they had signed the documentation. Yanma, who cowardley hid in Roisins' as all the events including Arcanine unfolded, made a triumphant return by Perching on her trainers shoulder.

"Yam... Yam..." He announced triumphantly as if he had saved them from the Fire breathing zombie tiger and seemingly omnipotent Labyrinth Guardian.

"Listen, leave me here for now. I can barely move and I would just hinder you all. I have my Pokemon to protect so I'll be fine. Just remember to come back and get me once the competition is over..."

Langley stared at Annalyn as if she was insane. "Leave you here with that psycho hanging around? Annalyn, be serious. You and your Pokémon have already brushed with death twice. There's no way you can survive this on your own." Walking over to the injured coordinator, he seated himself. "I'm staying here to help you unless you give me a good reason not to."

To be perfectly honest Roisin didn't know what to say, she would happily sprint back to the entrance of the labyrinth and her one attempt at leadership had failed. They couldn't leave Roisin and Langley alone, but she couldn't desert Tim and Aaliyah. She could see no way of actually helping Annalyn continue, let Heracross carry her? That wouldn't work. The gang had seemingly destroyed every 'zombie' in the labyrinth by now, as it had been a whole 5 minutes since the last one was destroyed. The League committee couldn't have set up real zombie Pokémon, they could make Pokémon look like zombies, but not actually dead. And the absence of any recording equipment proved that this was a big set up or a suicide mission, or both. She could send Yanma back for help but there was no guarantee she'd get there and back and the overweight woman in Pink wasn't coming to save them.

Roisin collapsed into a sitting position, her head in her hands she sighed and felt as if all hope was lost. Suddenly something moved next to her. Roisin immediately leapt back to her feet and shrieked in the process. She instinctively grabbed which ever Pokéball that was at the top of her bag at the floor. The bright flash of light temporarily illuminated the dank corridor before revealing Roisins' Crawdaunt. “CRAWDAUNT CRABHAMMER!” she shrieked. And as the huge red Lobster pounced at what seemed to be a small plump yellow Pokémon with no legs, the Pokémon dodged and curled itself up into a ball, whimpering. “Crawdaunt stop... I-it didn't fight back..” she stuttered as she slowly approached it. Pondering whether it would unleash a surprise attack and chew Roisins face off she stepped with caution. Yanma was hovering behind behind her, almost as cautious as her trainer, Yanma was ready to attack whatever it was if it did move. Suddenly the young trainer tripped over something, Yanma instinctively launched a Psybeam at whatever she has stumbled over and the light from the attack unveiled a small molehill which the Pokémon had dug up from. As Roisin knelt down she got a close look at the Pokémon. It had a plump, legless, yellow body with blue stripes and small pathetically useless wings. A stubby tail with a drill like shape at the end and it's face was perfectly round with big blue eyes. It was whimpering in the corner as if Roisin was going to hurt it.

“Hello...” Roisin tried to communicate but it hid its face. “It's aright, I didn't mean to attack you. My name's Roisin, and this is Yanma,” Roisin indicated to Yanma who had just perched on her head to get a better look.

“Dun-Spa!” cried the Pokémon in a soft voice. She indicated towards Crawdaunt.

“It's okay, he's friendly,” Roisin said softly as the Pokémon uncurled itself. “You're a Dunsparce right?” Roisin queried. The Dunsparce nodded. “What're you doing here?” she asked Dunsparce began uttering it's name seemingly randomly, to which Yanma told Roisin the basics of what the Land snake was saying. Dunsparce was trying to find away out as he had mistaking burrowed inside le Labyrinth days ago. The Dunsparce was obviously young as it was just over half the size of all the other of its' species that Roisin had ever seen and had a soft voice instead of a croaky one.

“We'll help you find away out, do you want to come with us?” Roisin asked. Roisin was expecting a yes, just like how Annalyn had gotten one from Golat. But Dunsparce shook his head as Roisin held up a recently bought and still shining Fast Ball. But Dunsparce shook his head and instead dug back underground.

“Uh... Okay then, bye..”

But suddenly there was a rumble and the normal type Pokémon emerged underneath Crawdaunt, sending him flying!

“So you want a battle?” *Crawdaunt is way to strong for this Dunsparce, espescially if he makes Crawdaunt angry... Hmm...* “Crawdaunt! Use Bubble!” Roisin commanded. Crawdaunt looked a little confused and then unleashed about 10 medium speed bubbles at Dunsparce, nothing compared to Bubblebeam., but surprisingly Dunsparce shook it off like it was nothing. And then the yellow Pokémon started to Screech and he launched himself into the air.

“No, I hope that's not Earthqu- It'll bring down the whole Labyr-” She still had the Fast Ball in her hand, she had to stop Dunsparce, she immediately hurled it at the Pokémon and in a midst of turquoise light the Pokéball fell to the floor and started to wobble. 1~2~3~4. Dunsparce was captured. He was much stronger than Roisin originally thought, shrugging off Bubble and nearly collapsing the whole temple.

“Crawdaunt return,” Roisin whispered as the usual beam of red light whisked the crustacean Pokémon to it's home. Roisin was proud of the Pokémon she had just caught, she had been born in Johto and a Pokémon from her native region always had a special place in her heart. But now the young trainer, soon to be co-ordinator had finally assembled a team of 6, and looking at her team it was more of a contest than gym team. 2 water type, 2 bug types a psychic type and a normal type.

“Anyway Annalyn we can't leave you here, you may be the leader of this little gang but don't go playing the heroine, plus we'd all probably be lost without you...” Roisin smiled at Annalyn and then turned around to Langley. “Well, that impressive display you just put on, you're a lot different than I initially thought.” Roisin offered a handshake to Langley, but before he could return it (if he was going to return it) the whole corridor started to ferociously shake, a bit like an earthquake.

“What's happening?!” Roisin screamed. The floor started to slide beneath the gang and the walls were shifting directions, a huge amount of rubble was hurtling from the ceiling. The labyrinth was shifting. The wall behind them collapsed backwards reviling a new corridor and the wall to the right was nudging them into the new corridor. Rubble was still falling from the dingy roof and luckily non of it had yet hit the gang yet. Amidst all the chaos Roisin didn't know what the rest of the group were doing, (Obviously you put what you're doing in your post here >.>) they could have been crushed or be doing some super action poses for all she knew. She knew Tim, Alliyah and Langley would be able to jump into the new corridor before they get crushed, but what about Annalyn? Roisin was too far away to even attempt to grab and drag her into the new passageway.

August 18th, 2007, 5:32 AM
Aaliyah was wrapped up in the events that had gone on around her. First, the attack of the large, zombified Arcanine. Then, there was the Guardian who had showed up again. She turned away from that, in fear of what would happen, she had turned away. She couldn`t look. However, once she heard the scream from the Guardian, she looked up and relaxed. He had gone away because of his mask being partially destroyed thanks to..Annalyn. Dream had hid behind Aaliyah the whole time, then took a catious pawstep out.

Aaliyah smiled, but noticed Annalyn on the ground.

"Listen, leave me here for now. I can barely move and I would just hinder you all. I have my Pokemon to protect so I'll be fine. Just remember to come back and get me once the competition is over..."

Langley stared at Annalyn as if she was insane. "Leave you here with that psycho hanging around? Annalyn, be serious. You and your Pokemon have already brushed with death twice. There's no way you can survive this on your own." Walking over to the injured coordinator, he seated himself. "I'm staying here to help you unless you give me a good reason not to."

Aaliyah silently agreed with Langley. How horrible it would be to leave Annalyn by herself and with that creep still in the maze,Aaliyah thought, nodding. Dream looked oblivious to what was going on now.

Aaliyah, then, brushed back a strand of her silver hair and took a step forward, before the maze began to rumble and shake. "What`s going on?! Dream, return!" Aaliyah yelled, calling the vaporeon back to her pokeball before running out of the way of a falling boulder.

In front of her stood a new corridor. She was tempted to jump in and run off, but what about Annalyn? Turning around, Aaliyah ran towards Annalyn. "Come on!," she said, offering her hand.

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August 18th, 2007, 10:40 AM
Annalyn grabbed Aaliyah's hand and stood up. The labyrinth was shaking violently without warning. Dust flew off the walls in large plumes. Looking at the walls one could see the stones shaking slightly. What is the Guardian doing? Annalyn attempted to put weight on her singed right leg, but the pain was unbearable. She wished they would just leave her behind, but it seemed their would be no way of convincing them.

"Alright guys. I'll come with you. We need to find out what's causing these earthquakes," she said, following them into the newly opened corridor. As she stepped in, the walls behind them collapsed, covering the numerous corpses of the zombies that had attacked them. Annalyn cringed in pain as she stepped. She pulled her pantleg up slightly and noticed the skin was already growing infected. Annalyn reached into her purse, which she had managed to hold onto the whole time and pulled out the necessary supplies to take care of her wounds.

After applying the disinfectant and wrapping the bandage around her thigh, she sighed. At this moment, Annalyn missed her family more than anything. Back in Snowpoint she would be safe and warm, taking care of sick, young Pokemon. But now she had a greater responsibility on her hands. She was the oldest here and she felt it was her duty to ensure their safety. They were only children for heaven's sake. Now they had a maniacal beast hunting them down and doing whatever they could to kill them. And now the labyrinth was crumbling around them. This imbecile had to be stopped.

Then, the voice of the Guardian echoed throughout the labyrinth, "I have no seen the error of my ways. It was foolish to think my zombies could take care of skilled trainers such as yourselves. Even I couldn't take care of you. As a group and working together, you are strong. But what if you were pitted against one another? What if I told you all that I would kill every single person on watching on this island right now with one simple command."

Annalyn's mouth dropped. "You dare to threaten innocent bystanders. How large of a cowa-"

"Stop right there Doctor. Keep insulting me and I'll kill them now. But let me finish my proposition. I'll tell you where I am and how to get to me. But when you get here, there'll be a series of battles between you all to determine a 'winner' of sorts. And this 'winner' will be given the treasures of the Labyrinth and will walk out of the labyrinth... alive...."

August 18th, 2007, 10:59 AM
Aaliyah smiled to see that Annalyn had deicded to come along instead of sitting there. Aaliyah turned to run into the new corridor when she heard the Guardian`s voice. She stopped in her tracks and listened to what the Guardian had to say.

"I have no seen the error of my ways. It was foolish to think my zombies could take care of skilled trainers such as yourselves. Even I couldn't take care of you. As a group and working together, you are strong. But what if you were pitted against one another? What if I told you all that I would kill every single person on watching on this island right now with one simple command."

Annalyn's mouth dropped. "You dare to threaten innocent bystanders. How large of a cowa-"

"Stop right there Doctor. Keep insulting me and I'll kill them now. But let me finish my proposition. I'll tell you where I am and how to get to me. But when you get here, there'll be a series of battles between you all to determine a 'winner' of sorts. And this 'winner' will be given the treasures of the Labyrinth and will walk out of the labyrinth... alive...."

Aaliyah cupped her hands over her mouth in shock. She couldn`t leave now..it was too late. What was I thinking, entering this contest? she thought. She shook her head. It was too late, now...

August 18th, 2007, 1:04 PM
"I have no seen the error of my ways. It was foolish to think my zombies could take care of skilled trainers such as yourselves. Even I couldn't take care of you. As a group and working together, you are strong. But what if you were pitted against one another? What if I told you all that I would kill every single person on watching on this island right now with one simple command."

Annalyn's mouth dropped. "You dare to threaten innocent bystanders. How large of a cowa-"

"Stop right there Doctor. Keep insulting me and I'll kill them now. But let me finish my proposition. I'll tell you where I am and how to get to me. But when you get here, there'll be a series of battles between you all to determine a 'winner' of sorts. And this 'winner' will be given the treasures of the Labyrinth and will walk out of the labyrinth... alive...."

Roisin could not suppress her rage, just because she was scared, this time.

“THAT'S SICK! YOU MAY HAVE BLOCKED OUR ONLY EXIT BUT WE'LL EITHER FIND OUR WAY TOO YOU OR FIND OUR WAY OUT!” *Not a very heroic rant but it'll do, although it does help that I'm shouting at him from a distance*

“Very well, little girl, come seek me out, but you'll die a far more painful death than your friends.” Chortled the 'Guardian' and with another high pitched laugh he fell silent again. Roisin hesitated, she didn't want to say much more at risk of death. “I thought so...” the Guardians voice bawled once again.

Suddenly Roisin became aware of her surroundings, now that the dust had settled and all of the chaos was behind them, in the other corridor, she had noticed that she could actually see. The walls and floor weren't dingy and slimy, the walls were of a rough sand stone texture and the walls had flaming torches hanging from them, the floor was an ill flavoured Mosaic, Pink-y-Yellow-y-White-y. Either way the dust had made it the same colour as the walls.

“Yanma, I want you to get in your Pokéball.” Roisin said flatly, not taking her eyes of the direction of the voice.

“Yamyam!” Protested the Dragonfly.

“Yanma! Please! Just this once. You'll be safer there.”

Suddenly two of the Pokéballs in Roisins sandy coloured bag erupted, reviling Heracross and Spoink. They stood infront of Roisin.

“Hera!” yelled the Bug Pokémon in a defensive sort of way.

“Spoooi- Spooooi-” Screamed the Pig Pokémon as he bounced cheerfully. Yanma joined them, they were all in a sort of overprotective protest towards Roisin. Roisins' Three other Pokéballs burst open, her 'lesser known newer Pokémon' emerged. Crawdaunt, Corsola and Dunsparce, all side by side.

“Return all of you,” She uttered hopelessly as the 5 Pokémon were retreaded to their Pokéballs. “So, how do you guys feel? Fight each other to the death, or fight him to the death?”

August 19th, 2007, 4:48 AM
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August 20th, 2007, 4:10 AM
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This was not exactly Tim’s day. The Tentacruel and Gyarados he could handle. The sleep deprivation and hunger were not that bad, even the first appearance of the stomach-churning zombies he could deal with, but this was a little too much. His choices were fight his fellow competitors… his friends probably to the death, or let hundreds of innocent people die? He was glad that Roisin freaked out, so it wouldn’t look quite as dramatic as he had a small mental breakdown. He leant back on a wall, and slowly fell into a seating position on the surprisingly dry floor, nestling his head in his hands and mumbling gently

“This isn’t what I thought… I just wanted to… but now I have to… and all the people…” Nabe walked over to his master, unsure what he was doing. He had never see Tim act like this before, and he cocked his head inquisitively for a moment, before walking to his masters side and trying to reassure him the best a Charmeleon could. He placed his clawed hands on Tim’s shoulder and made soothing noises. Tim looked up at his companion and smiled weakly, before turning to the other competitors. Roisin, she was young, and had a lot of life ahead of her, but now she trapped in here, he doubted she would see it. Langley, he was tactically minded with his little Spinarak and grudging Ninetails, and he hoped the chivalrous man gave the Guardian a run for its money. Aaliyah, he didn’t even know her too well, but he was distraught about everyone. She was so caring and nice, if not the strongest of trainers. And Annalyn. Of all the trainers there, he hoped she came out on top. She was accomplished, but she could go so much further. The Labyrinth and the Guardian had been the cruelest to her, her and her Pokemon had evaded death and injury multiple times, and she had only narrowly escaped being toasted alive by a vile Arcanine. He just thought it would be a terrible loss to the world if she never made it out of this god forsaken maze.

As he thought this, the way they had come collapsed in on itself, leaving only this new, drier, stranger corridor to go down. Damn, there goes my first plan, he thought as he watched their only exit seal itself with rubble. He couldn’t run away now, he was going to have to fight, be it against the Guardian or against on of his friends, he was smart enough to realize he didn’t have a choice in the matter.

“So, how do you guys feel? Fight each other to the death, or fight him to the death?” Roisin offered, after hearing the Guardian challenge her, and them, to fight it instead of each other. He would much rather fight the Guardian, even though the odds were clearly against them, they still stood a chance; they were all skilled trainers with strong Pokemon, and it was only one person… with an army of zombified Pokemon admittedly, but they could handle the zombies, he knew that. Besides, he would much rather lose against the Guardian than win against one of the other competitors, at least this way he knew he was doing good.

“I’ll take my chances with the masked weirdo thanks.” He stated calmly, picking himself off the ground and brushing off his now ruined suit. “I don’t think I could bring myself to fight any of you now we have a choice.” He hoped everyone else felt the same way, although he had seen Langley studying the way he battled earlier, like he was preparing.

“Meleon.” He heard Nabe growl from next to him. The Charmeleon’s claws were raised defensively, and his eyes were darting about furiously around the corridor. He had returned all his other Pokemon before venturing in here, but he liked to keep Nabe with him. The flame-tailed lizard may not have been the warmest and fuzziest Pokemon ever, but it was Tim’s oldest friend, and its presence comforted and calmed him

“Kanabias really does not like it in here, and I have to say, I’m not crazy about the place either” he commented, studying the new corridor. It was more ornate than the other dripping slimy ones they had passed through. It looked just as ancient as the rest of the place, but it had been kept in better condition. Nabe was still growling loudly, and it was getting distracting. “Hush, Nabe,” he said, placing his finger on his lips, “it’s alright, don’t worry.” He smiled as he stroked the Pokemon’s bony head. “I wont let anything happen to you Nabe.” He began, kneeling down beside the Charmeleon and looking it in the eye. “I’m sorry I ever brought you here Kanabias, I really am. I’m going to put you back in your Pokeball now, please don’t protest, its for your own safety.” He reached into his pocket and drew out a traditional looking red and white pokeball, which looked battered and aged. He resized it and opened it in front of the Charmeleon, who disappeared in a beam of red light. He stood up again, tucking the now miniature Pokeball back into his pocket. He was about to say something to the group when he heard the Guardian’s unmistakable high pitched voice drift from nowhere,

“So, you have also wish to fight me instead of your friends?” A high pitched laugh echoed around the walls. “I admire your determination, but you will fail, I will kill you, and then I will take that Charmeleon from you and use it myself.” Another cackle reverberated around the corridor, and as it died away Tim looked to the other trainers, to hear their answers. He doubted any of them would choose to fight each other now that there was another option, but he wanted them to clarify it, he wanted to know he was thinking rationally about it, and even though he knew he had made the right choice, he waited for approval.

August 20th, 2007, 5:53 AM
Annalyn couldn't help it. Despite everything that was going on around her, the smell was nauseating. Maybe the others were too wrapped up to notice, but Annalyn couldn't stand it anymore. "Guys, do you smell that? It smells like... embalming flud..." This unusually ornate hallway reaked of the chemical. While her mind was flushed with questions, the smell had begun to overwhelm her. Annalyn was already weakened from being charbroiled, so she was unusually sensitive to odd anomilies in the environment.

"If I had to guess, I think we're in a burial vault. Look at it: ancient carvings, elaborate decorations, the scent of embalming fluid. I'm not sure exactly who's it is, but..." Annalyn said, but suddenly she felt very dizzy. She grasped her face with her two hands and attempted to stay standing. But her head felt like it was spinning and her body felt like it was disconnected from it. Annalyn slid slowly down the wall, joining Timothy on the floor. She had no Pokemon to comfort her, but this time she had to do this on her own.

She then spoke with conviction despite the dizziness, "We'll fight that bastard. And we'll fight him with everything we have. This is no longer a competition. The League did not plan this. They couldn't of. They may have sent the Gyarados and the Tentacruel, but this couldn't of been within their plan. Haven't you noticed there's no cameras in here. The Guardian took advantage of the situation somehow. He may not be just blood-crazed, zombefying maniac. Maybe... just maybe this 'Labyrinth' is a burial vault of sorts and that's what he's the true Guardian of..."

From the depths of the Labyrinth, the Guardian's feminine voice rang, "Dr. Gerundt, I gave less credit to you than I should of. Yes, I am the last of the Ixais, the race that lived here long ago. And this Labyrinth was built as a means of protecting my people from outsiders. But you all," the Guardian's voice grew angrier and increasingly masculine as it spoke, "have continued to trod on our land and enter our sacred labyrinth! It infuriated me so, and as Guardian, I had embued with dark powers that allowed me to reanimate lost Pokemon. Originally, this was meant as a means to keep Pokemon alive that were needed to plow the fields. But over time, my people left me, and I grew lonely. So, whenever Pokemon on the island died, I took them and brought them back to life, as my own. No, I'm not bloodthirsty or insane. I'm just doing my duties as Guardian. And a part of my duties is to KILL YOU ALL!" And with that, his voice trailed off with a maniacal laugh.

Annalyn looked at her companions. Her dizziness had started to wear off, but she remained seated. They all looked so young. She couldn't let them fall to the Guardian's "duties."

"Let's move guys. I think our friend the Guardian is in a tremendous amount of pain and he needs someone to release him from this bondage he's caught in. Let's be that someone. Let's stick together and beat him to a pulp," Annalyn said in a firm tone.

August 20th, 2007, 11:50 AM
Aaliyah was contemplating for awhile before the smell had distracted her from her thoughts. She almost cupped her hands over her nose and was close to complaining, but she kept her mouth shut. She couldn`t keep herself from covering her nose, however, and ended up falling down to her knees. She was going to mention something when she heard the guardian again.

"Dr. Gerundt, I gave less credit to you than I should of. Yes, I am the last of the Ixais, the race that lived here long ago. And this Labyrinth was built as a means of protecting my people from outsiders. But you all," the Guardian's voice grew angrier and increasingly masculine as it spoke, "have continued to trod on our land and enter our sacred labyrinth! It infuriated me so, and as Guardian, I had embued with dark powers that allowed me to reanimate lost Pokemon. Originally, this was meant as a means to keep Pokemon alive that were needed to plow the fields. But over time, my people left me, and I grew lonely. So, whenever Pokemon on the island died, I took them and brought them back to life, as my own. No, I'm not bloodthirsty or insane. I'm just doing my duties as Guardian. And a part of my duties is to KILL YOU ALL!" And with that, his voice trailed off with a maniacal laugh.

Aaliyah seemed dismayed. She still had some hope, just not alot. She heard Annalyn say something, however:

"Let's move guys. I think our friend the Guardian is in a tremendous amount of pain and he needs someone to release him from this bondage he's caught in. Let's be that someone. Let's stick together and beat him to a pulp."

Aaliyah smiled happily. The sound of Annalyn`s firm tone made her spirit rise. "Agreed!" she exclaimed.

Scarlet Weather
August 20th, 2007, 12:14 PM
Langley had lost it. The moment he noticed the slight bloodflow dripping from his shoulder, he screeched and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket, which he used to staunch the bloodflow. "Arachne! Bandage! Now!" he commanded, chattering in something that wasn't quite fear, but bordered on its edge. The Pokemon obeyed, crawling up Langley's back to release the sticky threads which she used to cover the wound. Langley relaxed. "Thank God..." he muttered, patting the Spinarak's head, "Good thing your webbing makes such an effective bandage. If that wound were allowed to keep going..." his voice trailed off, just as the earthquakes rocked the cavern. Langley stayed silent as the Guardian issued his challenge, and the others one by one denied him before voicing his own opinion: "A chivalrous gentleman never allows anyone to dictate his actions, for good or ill. Guardian, I swear that if you come at me with that sword again, it will run through your chest."

Clytemnestra cursed vehemently in a language neither Arachne nor Langley understood. That Guardian... Krakveldt! I should have known. Why didn't I recognize this before? This whole place is one giant-

She was interrupted by Annalyn. "We'll fight that bastard. And we'll fight him with everything we have. This is no longer a competition. The League did not plan this. They couldn't of. They may have sent the Gyarados and the Tentacruel, but this couldn't of been within their plan. Haven't you noticed there's no cameras in here. The Guardian took advantage of the situation somehow. He may not be just blood-crazed, zombefying maniac. Maybe... just maybe this 'Labyrinth' is a burial vault of sorts and that's what he's the true Guardian of..."

Exactly! And he can-

"Dr. Gerundt, I gave less credit to you than I should of. Yes, I am the last of the Ixais, the race that lived here long ago. And this Labyrinth was built as a means of protecting my people from outsiders. But you all," the Guardian's voice grew angrier and increasingly masculine as it spoke, "have continued to trod on our land and enter our sacred labyrinth! It infuriated me so, and as Guardian, I had embued with dark powers that allowed me to reanimate lost Pokemon. Originally, this was meant as a means to keep Pokemon alive that were needed to plow the fields. But over time, my people left me, and I grew lonely. So, whenever Pokemon on the island died, I took them and brought them back to life, as my own. No, I'm not bloodthirsty or insane. I'm just doing my duties as Guardian. And a part of my duties is to KILL YOU ALL!"

Langley rolled his eyes at the maniacal laugh. "Pardon me, Guardian, but if you aren't really a maniac, why the laugh?" he muttered under his breath. Standing up, he joined his companions. "I'm not backing down. This Guardian... this cur may only be doing his solemn duty, but it gives him no right to fight the way he has thus far. Besides, I owe him for that hit on my shoulder. Yes, together we shall rip him apart and eat him alive."

Clyte sidled up to Arachne before whispering Why did Langley react that way to that wound?

The spiderlike Pokemon shook her head. Langley asked me not to tell anyone, but I can say this: If Langley gets a serious cut, there's a good chance he'll be in danger of his life.

Clyte was slightly confused. Isn't... everyone in danger of their life when they get cut by a sword?

Yes... but Langley moreso then most. The Spinarak trembled with indecision. Should she betray Langley's trust and tell Clyte, or-

"Clyte! Arachne! Get ready to move out!" Langley ordered.

Arachne smiled thankfully. Never mind. she whispered before skittering away to take up her position on her trainer's shoulder. With a sigh, Clytemnestra drew up beside them.

Dalek Jast
August 20th, 2007, 12:51 PM
Come sail away with me!More like, CASINO Royale...

August 20th, 2007, 1:59 PM
Come sail away with me!More like, CASINO Royale...

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Everybody in the ornate corridor was having their own little moment, Tim and Nabe, Langley and his two Pokémon, Alliyah and Annalyn were having a moment to themselves. Roisin was no exception as she pulled Yanma out of the air and pressed her face into his.

“Yanma... Listen, you need to get in your Pokéball, you may not like it but you'll be safe, there's zombiefied Pokémon and a some guy who pretends he's not a maniac, which we all know is the worst type of maniac; and don't forget what happened to Crawdaunt and Heracross, he has control over Pokémon when he chooses too. So Please.” Roisin pleaded with her lifelong friend who buzzed in front of her. Yanma shook her head. “Yanma!” Roisin yelled, in a sort of motherly 'get to your room' way.

“YAM!” she screeched, her mind was made up she would stick with Roisin.

“YANMA!” Roisin yelled as she seized the Dragonflies' red and white Pokéball. Yanma looked at Roisin with a face that seemed to say 'yeah right as if that'll help'. “Fine, but don't blame me when you get zombiefied!” Roisin yelled with the same Motherly tone as she folder her arms and turned away from Yanma. The Dragonfly just laughed and started tugging at Roisins collar.

"Let's move guys. I think our friend the Guardian is in a tremendous amount of pain and he needs someone to release him from this bondage he's caught in. Let's be that someone. Let's stick together and beat him to a pulp," Annalyn said in a firm tone.

“Set him to rest by beating him to a pulp, I like your style.” Roisin laughed. “So, I agree, let's get going, Yanma seems to agree,” she indicated to the Dragonfly tugging at her collar. “We all have all purpose teams, from Tims' Kemf for flying too my Dunsparce for digging, even a Spinarak that can make bandages... We'll be able to do this, we'll get out of here,”

August 20th, 2007, 2:14 PM
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August 28th, 2007, 4:26 PM
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Annalyn ran down the hallway the best that she could with a burnt leg and a terrible sprain. She was eager to find this Guardian and show her how much his "duties" meant to her. As she ran, she began to notice the hieroglyphics on the wall. She slowed down a bit, so she could better read them. First it appeared that the Ixais had arrived in shanty little boats made of planks and nails. Upon arrival, they found a great, black stone that emanated a magnificent white aura. They saw this rock as a blessing and took turns touching the stone. One particular man, upon touching the stone, was said to have gained great abilities from the rock. This was shown by a man being raised into the air, surrounded by an aura. From that point on, whatever he touched, was filled with renewed energy. The hieroglyphics showed him touching an older man hunched over, and then after being touched by the "Blessed One," he stood with renewed vigor and a correctly aligned spine. Annalyn now walked at a slower pace, and began to pay greater attention to the drawings.

The pictures now turned to the funeral of the Tribe Leader's Pidgeot. Everything was drawn in black, giving a morbid feel to the hieroglyphics. Then, it showed the "Blessed One" touching the dead Pidgeot, which in turn gave new life to the Pokemon. At first, the Pokemon was happy and acted as if it had never perished. But, the pictures showed the Pidgeot growing increasingly aggressive and deadly, attacking villagers with great veracity. It then showed the tribe leader killing his revived Pidgeot. The next drawing showed the old man from before, now deceased and laying in a casket. Then, the villagers began to exile the "Blessed One", pushing him into a hut far from the others. In the meantime, construction of labyrinth had begun, but during the process, a few workers had died, and once again the villagers went to the "Blessed One" for his help. Using his touch, he brought the fallen men to life.

"Oh my God. He can bring humans back to life too.." Annalyn said, her mouth agage. Then, she continued to read. Almost immediately the people noticed that the men were far from the same. Knowing the men were better off dead, the villagers quickly killed and buried in the nearly completed labyrinth. The villagers grew scared of the "Blessed One"'s powers and exiled him to the center of the labyrinth, giving him the title of "Labyrinth Guardian." Quietly and with no incidence, the people left the island, their families' remains, and the labyrinth, setting sail for the mainland. So, they abandoned their homes, and left the "Blessed One" with no one. He soon grew lonely and using his powers, he brought all of the Pokemon that had been buried on the island back to life.

From this point on, the artist of the drawings changed. Probably the Guardian... Soon, people began to step foot on the island, looking for a break from traveling on the sea. The Guardian, now mad in his seclusion, began to use his role as guardian as an excuse for murdering those he set foot in his labyrinth and taking their Pokemon as his servants. The following drawings showed different examples of him murdering visitors and taking their Pokemon under his wing. Then, Annalyn saw something that stopped her in her tracks.


It was crudely carved, done by a shaking hand with a sharp stone. "Guys, this is so weird..."

August 28th, 2007, 6:12 PM
Aaliyah, whom was walking cautiously in the new corridor, stared at the hieroglyphics. Shhe couldn`t understand much of it, but it made her stomach twist and trun in knots for some reason. Aaliyah stopped to a halt, taking a long time to stare at the picture of a "Blessed One" bringing a Tribe Leader's Pidgeot back to life. She stopped staring when she heard Annalyn.

"Oh my God. He can bring humans back to life too.."

Aaliyah froze. "So..you`re saying he may attempt to send not only a wave of zombie pokemon, but a wave of zombie humans at us?" Aaliyah asked nervously, her voice faltering.

August 29th, 2007, 12:13 PM
Annalyn had run off ahead of him, leaving Tim to saunter up the increasingly ornate corridor. There were drawings on the wall; pictures and symbols, some strange language Tim didn’t understand. The pictures, however, seemed to tell the strange story of the equally strange Guardian. He studied them carefully, examining each and every picture on the wall. The stone, the Pidgeot, the labyrinth… Then the style changed. It became cruder and less colorful. Tim guessed that the Guardian, not having much to do trapped for eternity in this maze, began to tell his own story. First, it showed the original inhabitants leaving the island, and their ‘Blessed One’ behind. The Guardian then drew a series of pictures of Pokemon; An Ampharos, an Arcanine, a Nidoking, an Aipom. These were the zombies they had fought; he had resurrected them himself… for company. Tim’s infallible, maniac image of the Guardian began to fade, replaced with one of a tormented and lonely individual, driven slowly insane by hundreds of years of solitude. The drawing he was now looking at seemed to depict some people venturing inside the labyrinth, a family of some kind. In every new image, there was one less member of the family, until only one boy remained. There was a series of drawings of him running scared, before one of him looking straight at what Tim assumed was the Guardian. Drawing himself, the likeness was a little off, but the boy was looking straight at him. In the next picture, the boy was out of the labyrinth, surrounded by people. There was one thing which threw Tim off a little while he looked at this particular painting; the Guardian had drawn the boy with no face. The pictures continued on, until Tim had caught up with Annalyn. She was looking straight at a carving on the wall. ‘WHATEVER YOU DO, NEVER LOOK IN THE GUARDIAN'S EYES. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL BE LOST TO THE ABYSS.’

“Poor guy.” Tim could hardly believe his ears, was he sympathizing with the Guardian? “You have to feel a little sorry for him, trapped here for hundreds of years, no companions except those demented zombies…” He was, he was sympathizing with the man that had tried to kill him and his friends on no less than three occasions. He reached out and touched the carving, running his fingers along the jagged letter shapes. “I bet this guy found that out the hard way.” He commented, forcing a laugh. He looked over to Annalyn, who looked not a little worried about the ominous message scrawled on the wall. He tried not to show it, but Tim was terrified.

August 29th, 2007, 1:05 PM
Annalyn grunted. She bent over and grabbed a jagged rock. Using its sharpest corner, she too began to carve her own message into the wall. When she finished, it said: WE WILL ESCAPE THE ABYSS. Annalyn let the stone drop to the ground. She stared at the message she wrote for a few seconds, then turned to Tim. It sounded as if he sympathized with the Guardian. She did too. This man was insane by every definition, but in turn, he was lonely and endlessly loyal to those who had abandoned him. But she still had questions. Why did he speak with a feminine voice when calm? Where is this rock that supposedly gave him his powers? And if he could reanimate humans, why hadn't they seen any of them yet...

"Dammit, I'm bleeding again!" A familiar voice rang from the other side of the wall. The Guardian's voice was stricken with pain and fear. Annalyn turned to the others and pushed her fingers to her lips, telling them to remain silent. She slowly edged closer to a nearby doorway, hoping to gain a glimpse of the Guardian. Annalyn grabbed the edge of the door and peered around the corner. Before her stood not the Guardian, but a man around her age, blond hair and brilliant blue eyes. On his shoulder was the same zombie Aipom, who was looking worriedly at her master. Blood was flowing from his eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, and the skin on his forearm was a putrid green color. His hands were clenched to his stomach, pulling on the simple brown tunic he wore. This was far from the appearance Annalyn was used to, but his voice was undeniable. Then, he spoke once again, "Why must you punish me? I touched that stone because you told me it would bring indefinite happiness and joy, but instead has brought nothing but angst and sorrow. Guardian, why me? Why leave me in this empty shell of a body?"

Then, the feminine voice that the Guardian voice erupted from the man's mouth, "I chose you Archibald because of all of the villagers, your body was the most capable of handling my spirit. You were virile, strong, happy. The others were full of guilt and anger. You were--pure. That is why when your wife touched the stone, I told her that you, her husband must be the one to touch the stone. It was far from my intention to trap us both in this body. Even with my wisdom, it was impossible to predict that once our souls were fused, it would slowly corrupt and mutilate this body. When we become that--thing, there is nothing we can do..."

Annalyn stood in awe, listening to the man converse with himself. Then, he continued, "Those foolish officials who came here a year ago were just some of the many lives we stole. Then, this beast we created reanimated them, and sent them back to their jobs, and had them start this competition of sorts in our labyrinth. Just because he wished for 'friends' to murder and Pokemon to enslave. But this may have been a blessing. This group that we have unfortunately attacked numerous times, they may be able to free us. Gyack... nooo... Archibald, we can't hold on much longer. It's--it's coming back. Archibald, this is farewell once again. Let us hope--thaaaaa---ahhhhhh!!!!" The man fell to his knees, and with a scream, his body began to bubble, as if it was being boiled. His simple close began to melt, leaving him naked and exposed. As if by magic, the Guardian's typical gaudy outfit began to take form. He raised his head and took a deep breath. The green tint to his skin disappeared, and once again looked alive and full of blood. He then grabbed the top of his head and with a flash of his hand, the demented mask once again appeared on his face.

"Idiots..." he said. The Aipom had jumped from his shoulder, and stood much like a soldier at attention. "Come creature." He turned his head and looked at where Annalyn was standing. She could tell he was smiling, but his look was still unsettling. Was he going to attack? Then, he turned and walked the opposite way down the corridor. "Doctor, it's not time yet! Follow where I walk and we shall meet. And I'll take all of your goddamn pests on at once!" The Guardian said, followed by a maniacal laugh.

Scarlet Weather
August 30th, 2007, 1:38 PM
Langley stared at the carvings on the wall, then slowly removed his Pokenav from its pocket in his bag and began snapping pictures of them. Once finished, he immediately called up the E-Mail function and sent them. I hope you can figure something out from these photos, brother. Because otherwise, we may end up completely unable to get out of this maze alive. As he worked, Langley listened to Annalyn's interpretation of the pictures. Each one, according to her, showed the life of a man in a village who gained the exact powers that the guardian now displayed. Langley continued watching, in a mixture of curiosity and horror, how the life of the guardian had played out. Lonliness, betrayal by his fellow villagers, and exile into the labryinth before being abandoned completely. A pang of sorry touched Langley's heart. If he were alone, he might have done the same things the guardian had. Still, that didn't excuse that black-hearted being from the way he treated others. Reviving those already dead so you could have company was one thing. Conspiring to murder anyone who passed nearby and reanimate them to gain additional company was another. Nothing he had seen here substantially changed his opinion of the guardian. Either way, he was going to kill that fiend whether he was sad or not.

It was then that Aaliyah gasped "Oh my God... so he can bring back humans too?", or something along those lines. Langley wasn't tired, but he was frustrated. "I forget your name," he stated, pointing to the wall, "But whoever you are, see here? Where there's a carving of a man coming back to life? I'd say that's a pretty clear indication that the Guardian isn't picky about resurrecting people.

It was then that Annalyn performed an action that both surprised and gratified Langley. Grabbing a nearby rock with a sharp edge, she chiseled a message into the wall: WE WILL ESCAPE THE ABYSS.

It was at that point that the guardian's voice rang out. "Dammit, I'm bleeding again!"

Langley turned quickly to face this new apparition. It was an old man, blood streaming from his nose and mouth, attended by a zombified Aipom, which, despite its current status among the undead, had still retained a shred of its basic cuteness. Langley stared. Could this be the guardian's true form? With growing feelings of revulsion, general skittishness, and the trademark Antechronos curiosity, Langley listened to the statements of the old man. Apparently, some kind of being had been residing in the crystal, a benevolent spirit of some sort, and she had chosen this man to be her host, or something. But somehow, combining their spirits had decayed his body and transformed them into the being that now guarded the labyrinth. No sooner had Langley finished deducing this then the being screeched before assuming the guardian's true form. Langley made ready to defend himself when, to his surprise, the guardian simply flew away, teasing Annalyn tauntingly. "Doctor, it's not time yet! Follow where I walk and we shall meet. And I'll take all of your goddamn pests on at once!"

Langley's anger knew no bounnds at this outrageous display of cowardice, and he immediately spat out three words that many outside of Johto were unaware of. (There is no point in listing them as they would, of course, have to be censored.)

The Guardian's mocking laughter filled his ears once again. "I know you are, but what am I?"

It was at that point that a small leak broke its way through the "stay-calm" dam Langley had erected in his brain, and as a direct result of this Langley's fist made high-speed contact with the stone wall of the cavern, a rare physical display of anger. Thus vented, Langley turned his gaze to his comrades. "We need a plan," he stated flatly, "Or we're never going to make this work. I'm not a military expert myself, but I do have an older sister who is, so I've picked up one or two things. Therefore, based on my limited knowledge of the situation, here's what I think our options are.

"Option one: Divide and Conquer. We split up and fight our way through the Labyrinth separately, while striking the Guardian's forces. Small armies have beaten superpowers by becoming too expensive to fight and too hard to eradicate. Unfortunately, we don't have the manpower necessary for this approach, and besides, it requires knowledge of the surrounding territory, something we don't have.

"Option Two: Surprise Attack. We hit the Guardian hard and fast with everything we have available to us when he least suspects it. Unfortunately, we have no idea how many more zombies this guy has at his disposal, so for all we know he might have a small army prepared and waiting for us. Aside from that, his knowledge of the Labryinth and ability to vanish make it hard to track him down. If anything, we should expect him to surprise us.

"Option Three: Call the Cavalry. Use whatever we can to send out for assistance. Unfortunately, help will probably arrive too late to do anything. It takes a while to mobilize military forces and get them to a remote location like this, and we're not going to get any help from the league if what that guy said is true. If any of us have a spare Pokemon or two stored in the PC or with a proffessor, now's the time to call them in, though.

"Option Four, and Final: 'Ender's Game'. A brilliant stroke of strategy that wipes out the opponent in one swift, final blow. It comes in several flavors: Fool's Mate, Superweapon, False Treaty... unfortunately, the only one I can think of that might help us is a hidden weakness. So far, all we know about this guardian is that if you take off his mask, he turns into an old half-dead guy. Nothing really useful. On the other hand, if you look at these carvings..." Langley waved a hand for effect, "While it does show how the Guardian got his powers and what they can do, in no instance does it show him actually controlling any of the zombified Pokemon. While that may not mean anything, if it does it could be important. Aside from that, there's also the fact that as of yet, he hasn't attacked us personally for more then a few minutes at a time. Perhaps he needs to recharge his power? And on top of that, the villagers had to have some way of keeping this guy in check. What on earth could it be, and is it available to us? We find those things out, we have a chance of surviving this. If not, we're probably going to walk straight into a trap and we may not all get out alive."

September 3rd, 2007, 1:15 PM
Annalyn listened to Langley as he went over their numerous options in taking on the Guardian. Those poor souls caught in that body had to be freed. There was no other way to get around it. Her burn was still excruciatingly painful and her ankle was still swollen. Abanow, Syter, Golat, and Ollery were all tired and overworked. She had never put her Pokemon to this much work before, so she knew they were on the brink of over exhaustion.

"Langley, I like the sound of 'Ender's Game.' We need to be swift and powerful. If we have healing items with us, use them. We need our Pokemon at full strength. Without them, we're nothing. The Guardian.. no matter how twisted and pathetic he is, he still out enemy. He WILL do whatever he can to kill us... but do you want to be a zombie? Do you want your POKEMON to be his slave? I don't. I love my Pokemon too much for that to happen. In the end, we're one team. Let's do this guys. Push aside all fear, all angst, all pain. If we hold back, we will not win," Annalyn said, looking each and every one of them in the eyes. Young Aaliyah, who in the beginning kept to herself, but has now become a valuable part of the team. Roisin, the poor young coordinator with a knack for capturing Pokemon. She reminded Annalyn so much of herself. She couldn't let her future be ruined. Tim, who had been by her side since the boat, was powerful and brave. Without him, Annalyn would of perished long ago. And Langley. He was brilliant and strong, and had numerous resources at his beckoning. Annalyn was lucky to be grouped with these people.

"Are you all ready?"

Annalyn kneeled. She suddenly couldn't breath. She gripped her chest and her other knee fell to the ground. Slowly, she fell unconscious, and entered another vision...

Young Lady. I'm sorry for doing this. I only have a short time where I can seperate myself from that fiend. So this has to be short. I'm Kilisania, the true Guardian of this Island. As you already know, I joined souls with Archibald at a time when my power was weakening and needed a pure soul to fuse with. In my ignorance, I had no idea that the fusion of souls would actually corrupt rather than strengthen one. In the end, my foolishness ended the life of a poor mortal. Anyway, I must tell you, there is no way to beat that fiend. At least with Pokemon. He may be weakened by their attacks, but he can't be defeated. In order to truly kill the Guardian, one must stab him with the blade he carries with him at his side. It may be a challenge to pull the blade from his side, but if you do, the battle will be your's. Only then, by piercing his heart with what he cares for most, you will win. I'm pulling for you. Inside his body I am useless, but my advice should help greatly. Goodbye.

Annalyn suddenly awoke, grasping for air. It felt as if she had been pulled from her body and into a cold, empty abyss. But what she had been told was of great importance. She only hoped it wasn't a trick by the Guardian to sabotage them. "Guys, I know how we are going to kill the Guardian," she said. Then she proceeded to tell them what Kilisania had told her. "Do you all understand?"