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Hiroshi Sotomura
October 2nd, 2003, 4:29 PM
If anyone doesn't know how the Ultimate story works, it's very simple. It's a chain story - people reply making a new part of the story, continuing off the last one. Replies must be no more than 500 words. Replies must be at least 300 words. Replies are counted as chapters.
If you reply you can't reply anywhere in the story again, so make sure your replies are accurate and the way you want it. Please revise your replies before posting them.
Please be thoughtful - don't make short stupid replies. We'll have 10 chapters maximum (can be extended)
Chapter One
Written by Jake
Kent went through the busting crowd, to see what was going on, whena voice called, "Kent! Come over here!"
A girl named Cas appeared on the scene, and she then just said, "We're in! We're in!"
"In what?" asked Kent.
"I got tickets to the Interstate Johto Region Battle Teams League Finals!" she said, "We've got the top seats so we can watch the battles and challenges!"
"Oh right!" he roared, excited to go.

Through the lines they went, going towards the stadium. They went through the bustling crowd, into the stadium, at their seats and watched. A pillar in the stadium raised. A man was standing on it, and the lights at the corners of the stadium went alight.

Welcome everyone, the man said in the microphone he was holding, To the Interstate Johto Battle Teams League Finals!
The crowds roared. The ear-peircing roars became softer.
Now presenting, the two battling teams!
2 teams comprised of 30 people came out. One team had red uniform. The other had dark-blue uniform.
And now presenting the Red Team Cheerleaders!
A group of 6 girls came out of a door, all dressed in red mini-skirts, a pink T-Shirt, and red sparkling shoes. The crowds continually ear-peircing roars became even louder.
And the Sapphire Team Cheerleaders!
A group of 6 girls came out, dressed in sparkling blue mini-skirts, t-shirts, and really shiny shoes.
Now! All members of the team are picked to verse another member! Then the order is decided! Both of you teams have made it this far, so using 3 out of 6 of your Pokmon, you battle your opponents. The team with the most won battles wins!
A person comes up to the pillar and talks to the man.
We have just recieved note that one of the Team Players have gone missing.