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July 23rd, 2007, 10:55 AM
4 original potions (Trainer)
1 Not original potion (Trainer)
2 Original Moo-Moo milk (Trainer)
3 original Trainer Bill (Trainer)
2 original “Potion Energy” (Energy)
1 original super rod (Trainer)
1 original double colorless energy (Energy)
1 original “Berry” (Trainer)
24 original fire (Energy)
1 original Energy retrieval

1 holographic original Charizard (Semi-mint)
1 original Charizard (Semi-mint)
1 Not original Charizard (Semi-mint)
3 original Charmeleons
3 original charmanders
2 original Moltres
1 original Magby
1 original Vulpix
1 original holographic Ninetales
1 Ho-oh
1 original Cyndaquil
1 original Quilava
1 typhlosion

How much $$$ do you think I could get for this. And is it a good deck?

July 24th, 2007, 2:38 PM
If you plan to sell it, you wouldn't make much. Sell the individual rare and holo cards seperatley, (especially the Charizard = major $$$).

As a deck its not bad. Always always aim for a 20 Pokemon, 20 Trainer, 20 Energy line before making a deck if you haven't had much experience. Anything over 20 energy in a normal deck is overkill and a waste of space.

A 3-3-3 Charizard line is quite consistant, which I'm glad to see (even though Charizard isn't a great card). The 1-1-1 lines of Typhlosion and Ninetails can go, since they are unreliable. Invest in more trainers and other types of Pokemon, such as Cleffa NG to help you set up and so on.