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The land of Nippon has been at peace for generations, emperors have come and gone and still no wars have ensured between the eight regions of the land. It’s true; this land is the most peaceful on the earth, mostly forgotten by other lands across the sea because of its natural tendency to be at peace. Because of this fact, Nippon has become a land inhabited by mythical creatures, all live in a natural circle of life with the humans. The species range from small critters such as rabbits, foxes and birds to the more majestic of creatures such as dragon’s, unicorns and sea serpents.

Nippon holds much mystery and magic behind its history and has been home to the most understanding and magnificent of emperors and empresses. It is they’re great leadership that had led to the many years of peace and quiet. But this age of peace was destined to come to an end. The empress of the Kanto region was approached by and old fortune teller by the name of Madame Fawn. Only the god’s knew how she managed to sneak past the guards but Empress Himiko was an understanding soul and so she beckoned the old woman forth and listened to her story.

She told of an evil that would fall from the sky in the shape of a flaming rock. This in tow would cause an earthquake of which the likes the world had never seen before, not because of its natural disastrous effects, but because of the evil that would emerged from its depths. From the cracks would emerge an evil that had for generations been waiting to destroy the peaceful land and make way for a throne fit for they’re evil lord and in turn would turn they’re attention on the rest of the world.

The old fortune teller explained that the gods would fall from grace upon this occurrence and they’re constellations would erupt and fall like dust from the skies. They’re powers would be lost and Nippon would fall into an age of darkness, one unlike the world had ever seen before.

Himiko sat flabbergasted at her throne, unsure of what to think of this prediction. Madame Fawn laughed at the look of shock on the empress’s face and sat down cross legged, taking from her sack a crystal ball. She motioned for Himiko to sit opposite and gaze into the crystal. What she saw was horrific. Her region falling into darkness and attacked by unspeakable beings, a dark figure sat at her throne, laughing. Her people dressed in rags, bowing before, herself included.

The fortune teller then smiled, reassuring Himiko that there was indeed a way to better this situation. Yes the hour of darkness would come, but there was still time to prepare in order to fight back against the darkness that would surly come. The crystal ball showed eight warriors who were successfully battling the evil beings away.

“I will leave you a warrior, with extraordinary powers. One that will restore the gods to they’re original power and who can harvest immaculate skills. You are to teach it the ways of the warrior and by the time it comes of age, the darkness will already have fallen across your land. The warrior will know what to do when the time comes and will strive to fight off the evil that comes your way, but be warned I can not foretell the future of this warrior, whether it will join the ranks of good or darkness is beyond my vision and whether it will succeed is also unknown to me, they are after all free willed. So be prepared to face the worst.”

It had been told from the beginning of time that were would came an age of darkness, but never was it looked upon as being true, but this fortune tellers prediction matched it perfectly. The legend told of warriors with unique characteristics who would restore the power of the gods and use them to they’re advantage in aiding them against evil, but along the way betrayal, heartbreak and torture would lay in wait. The characteristics were of: Chu (Loyalty), Jin (Justice), Gi (Duty), Tei (Brotherhood), Rei (Honour), Chi (Knowledge), Ko (Wisdom) and Shin (Faith).

Himiko nodded in response and where the fortune teller stood appeared a bundle on the palace floor. A whine emerged from the blankets and Himiko stepped forward to be met by prying eyes. A young canine pup looked up at her from the bundle of sheets.

Surprised by the form the chosen one had taken, Himiko immediately called a meeting of the emperors at her palace. Messengers were sent out across the land of Nippon to the eight regions requesting a meeting with the leaders at Himiko’s palace and under the great cherry blossom tree they met and to each others surprise, they had all been bestowed with a warrior by the exact same woman. Some were in canine forms, some in partial human forms.

The fortune was confirmed by the leaders and an agreement was settled, these infants would be trained as the first true warriors of Nippon. No one knew of what to expect from them, they’re powers were unknown as were they’re futures, but all were trained by the leaders themselves. Pushed to extreme heights with they’re training, they were loved and cared for, but also trained extremely hard under the iron fists of the emperor’s and empresses. Twenty years passed and the day of darkness soon emerged.

A flaming ball fell from the heavens and in its wake shattered the constellations of the gods. They wailed in pain and the remainder fell like stardust to the earth, it became clear to the warriors of what needed to be done. They met at the centre of the land where the statues of the gods were once positioned, where people would pray constantly, but instead there now sat a flaming wasteland as far as the eye could see. Protected by a veil of evil, the flaming furnace was unreachable and they knew that something of terrible power lay within.

The Gods needed to be found and returned to they’re home in the heavens. Without they’re power, the warriors could not break the shield of evil and defeat whatever lay in wait there. The only problems that faced them were the locations of the fallen gods. They would have to search if they ever were to find them. But the future of these warriors were unknown, anything could be waiting around the corner for the eight canine warriors.

Sum Up!

You are one of the eight canine warriors who have been sent forth to save the earth from evil. But you cannot break the barrier past the field of flames without the aid of the gods. You have been trained in your own unique way and hold powers unlike any mere man and now set out to return the gods to they’re home in the heavens. Along the way you will battle demons, restore lost territory and answer the prayers of the people of Nippon. Temporarily you are the only hope Nippon has, viewed as gods for the time being.

Set in traditional Japan, an age of wide and vast fields where mythical creatures roam and many secrets are waiting to be revealed. Cities are run by emperors and empresses and people ride horseback to reach they’re destinations.


Kanto – (TAKEN - IRUKA) This land is partially city-like, surrounded by fields but home to the biggest city (Tokyo) and home to the Empress Himiko. This is where the holy scroll of the legend of the eight canine warriors resides.

Hokkaido – (RESERVED - Rena) A island located right at the top of Nippon, this island is ruled by the empress Otohime. Basically one big coast and mostly shrouded in water, the land is said to be the guardian of the water dragon, who keeps peace to the seas around Nippon.

Tohoku – (TAKEN - NIWA) The uppermost part of Nippon, ruled by Emperess Seijin. This land is mostly mountainous and is home to many historical artifacts. It is also said to be home to a great sky deity, whose name has forever gone unknown, but has always been there in popular belief of its people.

Chubu – The centre most part of Nippon, the statues of the gods rested atop mount Fuji before they were destroyed by the flaming ball that landed right in the centre of the mountain. The most part of this region is wasteland now, but at its edge lays the sacred city where Emperor Hikaru lives.

Kansai – (TAKEN - JYUKAI) The southern central region ruled by Emperpor Hitsugaya. Since the age of darkness fell, this land has become home to many refugees from Chubu. The land is partially covered in smoke and dust from the remains of Chubu, what use to be a land filled with animals and cherry blossoms is now half a wasteland.

Chugoku – (RESERVED - JBCPEACE) The westernmost part of the land. This land is said to be a place in which the sun always shines, and to this day it has kept that bargain save for when day turns to night, the land has never seen rain nor cloud, it is a desert wasteland, whose people have all but adapted to the lack of shade. It is the poorest of all lands, but still rich in water supplies because of its closeness to the sea. This is home to the Empress Tikal.

Shikoku - (TAKEN Art_Critic_Cubone) An island just off the cost of the main land, ruled by Emperor Shimesh. This land is the most religious and even though many people across Nippon have cast the gods aside, this land still stand true and is home to some of the biggest temples in history.

Kyushu – A large island surrounded by sea, deserted from the main land and covered in snow and ice. Its pure waters make it the ideal place to live, but one of the harshest of climates to live on. This is home to a large volcano, Mt Aso which has not been active for many years, frozen over by the climate, but multiple earthquakes signal something trying to get loose from the mountainous folds. Emperor Kojo rules this region.

Key Items/Landmarks/People

Scroll of the Eight Canine Warriors: A Scroll made my some of the finest artist in Nippon which explains the legend of the canine warriors and what they were born to achieve. The last pages reveal the eight facing off against an unknown shadow and winning, though this was not confirmed by Madame Fawn, it was placed in the scroll to give hope to the people of Nippon.

Virtue Orb: This is your characters meaning and spirit, sealed within a ball. The eight canine warriors were given life by physically trapping the essence of each virtue within an orb. The essence of the virtues is what created the eight canine warriors, if the orb were to be destroyed, your character would disappear. You are neither truly made of flesh, blood or bone, but virtue. But don’t get me wrong, your physical self can still be wounded or killed by other means, but the orb is your most precious item. (Normally worn as a necklace/ bracelet ect.

Statues of the gods: Situated at the centermost region of Nippon, destroyed by the flaming ball from the sky. These were once the hope of all the people of Nippon, people would come far and wide to offer they’re gifts and prayers to these statues in hope that they’re wishes for peace would reach the gods. Hope seems to have been lost after the flaming ball destroyed them in its destructive path.


The Gods
The god’s have been shattered all over the land of Nippon, to find them you will have to use your noses. Each god has its own ability that it will more than willingly pass onto you after you have restored it.
They consist of: The Rat, The Ox, The Tiger, The Rabbit, The Dragon, The Snake, The Horse, The Sheep, The Monkey, The Rooster, The Dog, The Pig and The Cat.

The Canine Warriors
These warriors have the unique ability to turn into dogs. They’re human selves have canine characteristics, such as ears and a tail and all hold one elemental power each. Each canine warrior was graced with a virtue that ran strongest within them. Your dog form will need to be described in your sign up along with the species. You can make this form of yourself as out there as you like, that means your dog form can be pink with dark pink tattoos for all I care.

The eight virtues of the canine warriors are as follows; make your character compatible with your chosen virtue:

Gi (Duty): (TAKEN - IRUKA) A warrior of great confidence and courage that will stand up for anyone who has put they’re faith in it, putting aside its own needs and fighting on and on.
Chu (Loyalty): (RESERVED - Rena) A warrior who’s first intention is to stay loyal to its team or any person who has put trust in it.
Jin (Justice): (RESERVED - JBCPEACE) This warrior knows right from wrong and will follow the path that best befits itself.
Tei (Brotherhood): A warrior who would do anything to save those it loves or respects.
Rei (Honour): A warrior so trustworthy that if it were to break its honour would shatter it completely, reliable and trustworthy.
Chi (Knowledge): (TAKEN - JYUKAI) Knowing the ways of the world and how things work is what this warrior demands from life.
Ko (Wisdom) :(TAKEN - NIWA) One would think this warrior to have lived for thousands of years from the understanding of the earth and creatures around it.
Shin (Faith): (TAKEN Art_Critic_Cubone) A true believer, this warrior knows no bounds and will hold its head high even in the stormiest of weather.

Each warrior is graced with an element taught to it by the emperor/empress that raised it. Your elements will start of weak, but will grow with time.

Fire: (RESERVED - JBCPEACE) Level 1-Can control fire to a degree, can make fire move from a source for a short distance.
Level 2- Can control fire but not create it. Can move fire or have it do his/her bidding.
Level 3-Can creates fire in the palm of his/her hand and can use it to do his/her bidding.
Level 4- Can create fire not just in the palm of ones hand, but anywhere.
Level 5- Can control fire completely.

Water: (RESERVED - RENA) Can control water to a degree, can make water move from a source for a short distance
Level 2- Can control water but not create it, can have water do his/her bidding (example, make a small whirlpool or tidal wave).
Level 3- Can make it rain (only outdoors) so that no water source is needed.
Level 4- Can make it rain anywhere and can also create horrific weather.
Level 5 – Can control water completely.

[B]Lightning: (TAKEN - Art_Critic_Cubone) Level 1- Can use lightning through his/her weapon.
Level 2 – Can move lightning from ones weapon to use at a distance in battles or to do his/her bidding.
Level 3 – Can control lightning through ones weapon (more powerful than level 2) and create thunderstorms.
Level 4 – Can create thunderstorms anywhere and create lightning in ones palm.
Level 5 – Can control lightning completely.

Wind: (TAKEN - NIWA) Level 1- Can create small gusts of wind but not control it, for example, to power a windmill.
Level 2 – Can control the wind, therefore change its direction.
Level 3 – Can make bigger gusts of wind, enough to throw bigger creatures off balance.
Level 4 – Can make wind slice through the air, making it dangerous.
Level 5 – Can control wind completely.

Earth: Level 1 – Can break small boulders and control small rocks.
Level 2 – Can break bigger boulders and also throw them
Level 3 – Can pull boulders from the earth and use to ones advantage.
Level 4 – Can control the ground, vines and other plant life.
Level 5 – Can control the element of earth completely.

Ice: (TAKEN -IRUKA) Level 1 – Can lower the temperature for a short period of time and freeze objects.
Level 2 – Can lower the temperature more drastically for a longer period of time and create small icicles/snowballs.
Level 3 – Can lower the temperature drastically for as long as one wishes, turning a hot summer’s day into cold winter tundra, can control ice under this weather.
Level 4 – Can make ice, even in hot weather.
Level 5 – Can control ice completely.

Psychic: Level 1 – Can read minds of others for a few seconds.
Level 2 – Can control the minds/actions of other for a few minutes
Level 3 – Can read the minds of others deeper and control others actions completely.
Level 4 – Can use ones mind to lift objects and use to ones advantage.
Level 5 – Has complete control over ones psychic powers

Poison: (TAKEN - JYUKAI) Level 1 – Can use toxins to ones advantage (example being can gather the toxins from flames and such)
Level 2 – One becomes immune to any poisonous toxin and can create balls of poison sludge to throw at enemies.
Level 3- Gains the ability to use poison through ones weapon as well as breathe toxin.
Level 4 – Toxin courses through ones blood, making nails and teeth poisonous.
Level 5 – Has complete control over poison. (For example, can create a poisonous toxin, or even cure illnesses caused by toxins.)

You can use weapons such as knives, axes, bows and arrows, boomerangs, slingshots, spears, swords, nunchaku, staffs and kunai/shuriken. Try to vary your weapons from the other characters so we can have some choice and unique style in the RPG.

Sign up

Age: 20 (Default)
Description: (Traditional Japanese times)
Personality: (Match it with your virtue as much as possible)
Virtue: (Choose from the list above: One each)
Element: (Choose from the list above: One each)
Region: (Choose from the list above: (One each)
History: (Yours training ext)

Name: (Your virtue)
Species: (Dog species)
Description: (As wild as you like)

RPG sample: Required

-Eight spaces, minus mine: Seven spaces left for you all.
-I want RPG samples
-The plot is powered by that of the game 'Okami' so I don't claim anything to be mine apart from the basic plot.
-I will be taking the virtue of Duty, the element of ice and the region of Kanto.

July 25th, 2007, 5:36 PM
Looks like fun! I won't reserve a spot, as I don't want to forsake anyone their spot with elements and virtues, but I will be posting a sign-up. ;>

I'm confused though. Are we supposed to be... dogs? o o? Or are we humans with the dogs as partners, or... *confuzzled*

Here's the definition for all those japanese terms. xD

Hakama: "Divided skirt." The skirtlike trousers or cullotes primarily worn in kendo, aikido, iaido, and sometimes the upper ranks of judo.
Budo belt: Commonly known as a karate belt, but budo applies to all martial arts.
Keikogi: ...Well, here's a picture (http://www.thekarateplace.com/images/0221-SM.JPG). xD;
Waraji: Braided straw sandals
Haori: Jacket worn over kimono by men. The cut is the same as for a kimono, but it's only about thigh-length. The front panels are narrower than that of the kimono so that they can't be wrapped. Instead, the haori is closed with two pieces of string at breast level.
Shirasaya: Plain wooden "resting" scabbard used to store a blade. Covers both the handle and the blade.

Name: Seiaki Shinji
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Description: Shinji bears a rough haircut, extremely uneven due to the fact that it was done with a very short wakizashi. However, it's not so drastically uneven that it's hilariously different lengths. His hair is a dark black with a sort of teal colored glow to it in the sun, and is constantly hanging in his green eyes, which are alert and wide. His attire consists of a loose black hakama around his legs, tied around his thin waist with a budo belt. A black keikogi, who's sleeves reach the elbow, is worn over the obi and hakama, wrapped tightly so that not even Shinji's collar bone shows. He wears a jade pendant underneath, and thus, dislikes showing even the tan rope that it hangs on. On Shinji's feet are a pair of white socks, worn underneath a myouga stalk woven waraji. He carries an extra pair, woven with rice stalks, around his waist, though the extra is mostly hidden by his keikogi. At times, Shinji will wear a green, white, and black patterned haori, which appears to be patterned after a japanese dragon spewing and surrounded by green swirls of fire. Around his waist, along with his extra pair of waraji is a two ft. long wakizashi, which is rarely taken out of it's shirasaya. He wears a pair of small silver rimmed glasses, oval shaped with thin lenses.

Personality: Shinji is a quiet person, rather unassuming and unconfident. Thus, when he'd normally like to say something, he usually ends up unable to, because he fears his idea will be rejected, or completely ignored. He always carries a blank scroll about with him, and strangely enough, is usually staring at it with great interest, though there aren't any words written upon it. Indeed, he does this quite often, staring at something that looks completely uninteresting for hours on end. He is always interested in learning new things, and though not always the first to state so, always the first to want to do something new. A pacifist, Shinji dislikes fighting, something that is contributed to by his complete lack of self-confidence. Thus, when on a battlefield, Shinji is usually the one who is quaking in his waraji, barely grasping his weapon as he tries to gather the courage to take a meager swipe at the foe. Obviously unfit for battle, Shinji prefers to be in the back, taking mental notes as he watches others battle, perhaps sticking in some previously attained knowledge in as advice. The only time in which Shinji makes a confident effort and drives the scene along is when he knows that there's a tidbit of information he wants at the end of the road. In these instances, he becomes a very confident person, with a one-track mind that's set on the goal and the goal only. Talking reason into Shinji when he's determined to add to his knowledge is a near impossible feat.

Virtue: Chi
Element: Poison
Region: Kansai
History: As a young pup, Shinji was left behind by the strange woman, sniffing about and curiously looking about. His thirst for knowledge drank up the knowledge in the entire chamber that held scrolls and information by the time 15 years had passed. Though he often wallowed in the chamber silently, he grew to be quite pleased in the company of the Emperor, whom he regarded as a master of sorts. But as he grew older, his confidence seemed to dwindle, something that was strange and worrying, as he was supposedly an important person, someone who would save the world? The pressure of these questions and label's only gave way to even less confidence, and Shinji quickly lost the ability to even speak. It was during these years in which he finally completed reading every scroll in the library, a time in which he quaked at being addressed by anyone but Emperor Hitsugaya, when he spoke only in a quiet whisper when addressed by Emperor Hitsugaya, and in which he took to staring out of the windows with longing eyes.

This was his way of signaling to people that he could feel the calamity that was to come, during the period in which he could not speak. After the flaming rock had fallen, the Gods along with it, Shinji made the effort to find his voice again, so he could better be of aid and support to the refugee's of Chubu. An active person in helping with the sudden overflow, Shinji was stopped by Emperor Hitsugaya seven suns after his first few suggestions had done great help. The Emperor sent Shinji away, to search for the other warriors. He presented Shinji with a wakizashi, hidden inside a shirasaya, and told him that it was held within the shirasaya for good reason. And with that, Shinji was swept away from the palace, and off to face the world that was not a place he could call home.

Name: Chi
Species: Lurcher (Greyhound + Deerhound + Collie)
Description: Chi has ashen black fur, speckled with white and gray. His legs are long and lanky, like a greyhound's, while his fur is wispy and thin, like a deerhound's, messy and unkempt. The large dog which is tall enough to reach the hip of an average sized teenager, has a narrow face, and a small nose, much like a collie. It has a long pointed tail, and wears a very simple braided rope around it's neck. Chi's ears are normally pressed back against his head, but as a hunter breed, whenever he feels something out of the ordinary, the fur on the back of his neck prickles and his ears stand stiff and tall. Though Chi is a very large dog, his paws are smaller then they would normally be for a dog his size, and his eyes are a bright hazel speckled with green.

[No, this isn't the same Shinji.]
RPG sample: Shinji hated cats. Well, not always, usually he quite enjoyed their silent company. They weren't always demanding attention, like dogs, and they didn't require as much effort either. But this morning, Ume, the black bombay cat that was his sole roommate, had rudely not taken into account that she was sleeping on top of him, dreamed something unpleasant and practically clawed through the sheets and into Shinji's back. Grudgingly pouring half a small bowl of cat food for Ume, Shinji looped his lip ring into his lower lip and studded it in place with the silver side. He knew he'd have to remove it once a teacher caught sight of it, but that wasn't about to stop him.

Twisiting bits of his hair into sharper points as he drank the miso soup that Tomohita-san delivered to him every morning, he ruefully glanced at the instant noodles he'd set out for breakfast. It was what he usually had, not being an excellent cook himself. Ume hopped into Shinji's lap as he turned the pages of a magazine for expensive furniture that he was quite sure that his father had sent him. Regardless of what Shinji was like now, the old man still seemed to want to spoil him as much as he could from a distance.

After reaching the third page of ugly victorian pieces, Shinji pushed the magazine into the wastebin, the sudden movement startling Ume off his lap. Just as well. Shinji stood up and tossed the plastic bowl into the sink without really looking at where he was tossing the bowl before picking up his bag, laden with books and notebooks, while also picking up a small black hardcover book that had the title 'Nero Speed' embellished on the front in gold letters.

His backpack hanging by one strap in which he'd extended as long as it would go, Shinji read the 30th page as he descended the stairs. Reading and multitasking was Shinji's unique skill, a skill that was utilized almost all day.

"Morning." He said flatly to Rini who looked positively livid.

"Took you long enough." She spat, giving off the impression that she'd been waiting for a long time. But Shinji knew by now that she'd barely made it before him. Thus, why she looked livid.

"Hmmm, yeah." He replied, turning the page.

Rini, however, did not look pleased with this answer and snatched the book out of Shinji's hands, her middle finger marking the page he'd last been. Shinji did not protest, did not knock the wind out of her like he would've if anyone else had been so impertinent as to pull his book out of his hands as he was reading.

"First of all," Rini said pointing at Shinji's uniform, "You didn't zip up your coat again."

"I'm wearing a T-shirt underneath."

"And, you've rolled up the sleeves!"

"I don't have any tattoo's or piercings on my arms."

"And you wore your lip rings again! And your earrings!!"

"I'll take them off once they annoy me about it."

Rini narrowed an eye as if looking for something else to criticize, but finally sighed, tossing the book back into Shinji's awaiting hands. Saying nothing more, she marched off to school, Shinji trailing after her as he read and listened to her story about what had happened last night at the tennis court. Tennis had never really interested him, but when she mentioned the group of boys who had tried to hit on her, Shinji stopped walking.

"Did you beat them up?" Shinji asked, looking up from his book with a displeased expression on his face.

Rini glared and said, "I'm not THAT stupid stupid. Got the ex-captain of our tennis team to beat them up for me." She waved her hand pompously, "He did a charm of a job, although it would've been more manly if he'd not used a tennis ball and racket."

Shinji raised an eyebrow, and deciding that Rini no longer had anything of interest to say, returned to reading his book, hoping to at least finish half of it before they arrived at school.

Sal Kar
July 25th, 2007, 5:45 PM
i want to save a spot or w/e this lookz cool. ill be postin a sign-up. yes i have the same question.

Age: 19

Description:Being the Bearer of earth, he spends much time around nature, trying to focus and become one with the plants and ground around him. Although he thinks he is better then everyone else, he still holda honor when in battle. He slao carries this even if deafeated, he will not try to make things worse with th battler. When battling outside, he gets an edge over battles, (being able to control earth) but vice versa for when inside. oppenents seem to realize this when fighting with Octog so he sometimes is forced to fight inside. He has short-hair, and hes tall and skinny. He has brown eyes that are big and malovent, he tends to wear sunglasses over his big eyes. His hand sports long boney fingers that are excellent for gripping weapons. His spine seems to be in a hunch, witch sometimes is a setback, his hair is a pure black. The arms are long and spindly to go along qith the fingers, and his legs are the same way. He sometimes wears bracers around his wrist to restrict the damage that his bones sustain from lifting rocks. His cheek-bones protrude from his face, so to hide this, he usually wears an animal mask made out of the face of a jaguar.

Personality: He is very honorable when doing just about anything. in battle, he always gives his oppenent good prayers. He seems not to like when other oppenents cheat at battling (i.e poisining someone). He will glady fight anyone who challenges him, and sometimes seems confident about his skills, although not always superior. Alternitivly, off battlefield and when not training, he seems to be very laid-back and doesnt like to get involved in anything other then cloud-watching or taking naps.

Virtue: rei
Element: Earth
Region: Chubu
History: Octog has a history of hardship, everyone always looked down on him and laughed at him being a half-dog. This is why he preserved his life to becoming the greatest fighter of all time so he can prove all the ones who shunned him wrong. This is why during his life, he isolated himself so he could focus on training and becoming better at his element. He like-wise, has no friends from this huge isolation, and doesnt usually talk unless in battle. He always brags about how is going to defeat his oppenent in battle, and sometimes doesnt.


Species:Great Dane
Description: his great size makes him perfect whewn battling meer men in the battlefield. Although he is a great dane, he grows much longer fangs and his size is 2x that of a regular Dane. When in this form, he holds no regards towards others, and will blindly attack anyone on the scene. Although this sometimes can be a major set-back, its usually not a problem, because he fights in secluded places outside and where there arent anyspectators to be killed. When in dog-form, he seems to have a more agrresive personality then in his human-form. When he sheds his own blood, it will send him into a berserking stage where he grows up to 3x his origanl size. When in this form, the only thing that can stop him is totally killing him.


July 25th, 2007, 10:24 PM
Still working on it. Oh and Jyukai I think we are humans that can turn into dogs if I read it correctly

Name: Lisp
Age: 20
Gender: male
Description: (Traditional Japanese times)
Virtue: Jin
Element: Fire
Region: Chugoku
History: (Yours training ext)

Name: Jin
Species: Collie
Description: Jin is basicly a run down collie. He is brown and has messy fur.

RPG sample: Can I use an rp sample from another roleplay or do I have to create a new one?

July 25th, 2007, 10:36 PM

Name: Dourian Kitano
Age: 20
Gender: Male

Description: Dourian isnt particularly a person with notable physical features, but his apperance can certainly draw attention as much as his "Dog Form". Sharing a somewhat similar method with his tail, his silver and ivory hair is put into a french twist fashion to make sure the hair does not blind the eyes or 'toyed' with during combat. His eyes glisten with the grey color that is erected from them. Around his neck is a tight silver chain, though not too tight as to choke him, just enough. At the very end of the chain, is the virtue orb. From the shoulder's down to the waist is a very fashionable, as well as large, hakama with a unique design on it. The pattern shows images of black and white flower petals on every inch of the top portion, the sleeves extend well past the hands. The bottom portion is completley black, though in the middle of the top and bottom portion, white stitching can be seen binding the two halves into one, at the very end, the Hakama is fastened to the ankles with Sageo, a type of silk cord. Encircling the hips of the Hakama are tiny holes that are bound around the waist by a white cloth tyed into a slip knot at the back. Also tied to the back of the Hakama is a pure white Kai-Gunto which ranges from the left side of his hip, to the right. He wears a regular pear of Geta's with a black cloth in the middle.

Personality: Dourian is a person with a high supriorty complex. The way he thinks of himself being above everyone else simply for the OPINION, that hes smarter then most, wiser. A figurehead, with a not so swell attitude, he is one that will question other people's answers even when they are 100% correct, well according to Dourian thats mentally impossible and keeps in mind a person can only be 99.8% right. People usually think Dourian overcompensate's for something else, but to himself, he has no flaws. If a topic about the current region layout, its inhabitants, and the creatures that dwell upon it were too surface, his two cents of knowledge are going to be inserted into the conversation whether it was directed towards him, or to a person on the complete opposite side of the room. When such trivial things as combat is engaged, hes a quick one to analyze the opponents movement and attacks, a quick analysis before jumping into combat with brute strength is what Dourian perfers, even if comrads were to be at risk, watching from a safe distance and collecting information from the target is the key to victory. Friends are what Dourian lacks, however this is not a downside to him, in fact, this is a very positive thing in his mind. With friends to hang around with, your knowledge would steadily decrease, as far as Dourian has seen, the casual group of "friends" he notices hanging about the towns in Tohoku are a bunch of degenerate people that are too loud and have nothing smart on mind to say. Though his mind is set that friends would slow him down and bother him, companions would be nice, who else can he flaunt his knowledge at if not a personal friend?

Virtue: Ko
Element: Wind
Region: Tohoku

History: "Choo-", A soft noise as if someone had sneezed emited from the wrapped blanket placed on the floor, wriggling movements could be seen and out of one side of the blanket emerged an ear, Emperess Seijin stared at the small figure with a slight smile as it was moving about the chambers with the blanket blinding itself. So this is what I'm to expect from a chosen warrior..Cant say I am pleas-, before the Emperess could finish her thought, she felt a tight pull at the bottom of her dress, the little puppy who was struggling and fighting the blanket a couple of moments ago was now sinking his teeth into her dress and trying to pull her down to recieve her attention. The Emperess smiled slightly and bent down to pet him, as the puppy wagged his cheerfully watching the female hand about to make contact with his head, with a quick twist of movement, he indulged his fangs onto the Emperess's hand, still wagging his tail. Everyone in the chamber looked in shock and disbelief at what had just taken place, but the Emperess simply started to pet the animal, as well as having a smile about her face, with her free hand as to relax the tension the puppy probably felt, until he finally released her.

Years have passed since there first encounter and Ko, Dourian by Emperess Seijin, was growing into quite an astounding young man. The boy had grown in favor to the Emperess, and as such, was spoiled with whatever he requested, to others Dourian was a overconfident brat which made it all the most harder to believe he was a chosen warrior, but he did show his mantel when the time came. Around the time Dourian turned to the age of sixteen, a caravan which was on a supply delivery from one of the local villages to the palace, was lost. This event left twenty-two people mysteriously vanished, well it would have stayed as such if word didnt reach Dourian's ears. When the news arrived to the Emperess that the caravan was lost, she sent out countless rescue parties too retrieve the lost men, but to no avail. After such successless ventures, Dourian, watching the Emperess deal with the situation at hand, felt it was time to intervine and had his 'paw' to help. Bursting out of the palace gates at such a great speed, Dourian made his tracks deep into the forest surrounding the palace, picking up the scent of men, he dulged even deeper into the thick forest. Hours went by, and Dourian was still running through the forest, having the scent of the men from the caravan grow even stronger then normal, this meant he was close. A thick fog was starting to roll around and Dourian always felt that a fog meant the forest was expanding a type of shield as to prevent any travelers or unwanted tresspassers from entering upon there soil. Normally, such a thing as a fog, especially one as thick as the one in front of his very eyes, would lead people into circles, leaving them lost, and eventually starving them to death, but this was not the case with Ko. Ko was smarter then any average person by a long shot, the fog that was in front of him was indeed troublesome, but the animals about the trees and ground were more then helpful. He noticed along the way, the animals, rabbits and larger beasts only went two ways within the forest, to the north to where the palace resided and to the south, the possible exit of the forest. Sure enough after continuing along this path of the other woodland animals, he came upon the caravaner's who were dazed, scared, and quite hungry.

Hours went by after Dourian returned to the palace with the Caravaner's and he was treated to a feast, the Emperess gave a speech and told Dourian to say a few words. Conceitedly he rose and spoke words that made the Emperess give a worry smile around the room "Anyone with a brain could have figured it out, it was nothing" and with a smirk of self-satisfication, he took his seat again. "Marvelous the boy is quite a man! His words speak true!" laughter erupted from around the feast as people who loved sucking up to Seijin, also loved to please Dourian.

Years passed and the time came when the calamity struck, sending shivers into everyones backside, the Emperess summoned Dourian to her chambers as to address the situation. Explaining what he must do, and what must be done, she made her way to a chest that had three locks on it, three different keys were used to unlock the chest. On its opening Dourian peered inside to see a weapon that was snowy white, a Kai-Gunto, she explained to him that this belonged to her birth son who was a promidently skilled warrior, Dourian took the weapon without question and simply bowed to her and left. It was time for him to depart and meet with the other destined warriors who would stop the plague of evil that will surley ravage the land.

Other: Weapon: Kai-gunto



Name: Ko
Species: Canaan
Description: The apperance of Ko is a sight to see, the Canine's blend of dark silver and ivory, as well as the swirl pattern it emits is quite splended to look upon as 'unique' among its family of Canine brothers and sisters, though this patter is only on the upper portion of Ko as well as his muzzle. From the bottom of his muzzle all the way down to all four of his paws, are completley white. Ko's swirls look as though they are circles which, though they dont rotate, send people adaze while they look at him in movement. The coat itself is straight, smooth, as well as short, this applies to his entire body, ruffling this dogs fur is a task no one has been able to do, with the fur having such smooth texture any which way the dog is pet it falls back into place, keeping the design in place. Though most Canine's tails are out, some even up and a little over the back, his tail is always tuck between his legs, not out of fear, but for constant battles, the tail has always been a distraction in combat. Whether it be the enemy pulling the tail, or a random person stepping on it by accident, it has always become a nusicane and a terrible annoyance. The ears are always perked up, sharing the same pattern as the rest of the 'upper' body. A loose steel collar, much like the one Dourian wears only a bit more loose, is around the neck of Ko, at the end of such a collar, also like Dourian, is his Virtue Orb.

RPG Sample:

Scanning over the faces too familiarize himself with the people he was most likley to spend a substantial amount of time with, it was apprant this was quite a rambunctious batch of Shinigami, for there personalities werent completley awkward, but were more or less 'unique' in there own particular ways. Though moments with the Shinigami, Kuro, and Akemi were quite humorus to say the least, a dull moment isnt to be expected with people of this nature. Ignoring Touya's little mind game with himself, Kyo was looking around the area for some kind of sign if any, for they; the Shinigami, were just standing in place in front of Urahara's shop for some particular reason unknowning to himself, Well the next step is too investigate right? But where do we start? Even so, I get the strange feeling as if we arent alone, most likley the other Shinigami coming. Kyo took another glance around the group, wandering to himself how is it that everyone appeared so clam and happy, if anything, they should all be worried, even scared a bit.

"Wait a second all of you. Shut it." The blonded boy spoke after awhile, disrupting the others conversations.What the boy said next made perfect sense, the fact that such high levels of spirit energey is being omitted at this spot, along with the number of Shinigami gathered at said location, the apperance of a Hollow should of been made by now. Almost instantly as the Shinigami commented on this fact, that the deafing screams of Hollows approached, but it wasnt just one, there were six, what was more unusual was the crimison mask that was in place of the normal ivory instead. Such strange apperances of the Hollows along with the not to long ago encounter with the cloaked man could not have been just mere coincidence, there was something more, there always was.

Surges of reiatsu spurted as the gigai and Shinigami body seperated, putting the soul candy back into the confines of the cloak, Kyo was finely in his most pleasent apperance. Red hair blowing in the wind showing the greatness and beauty of it along with his pericing red eyes, he was a sight to behold, "Finally! Its time to for some action!" completley loose compared to the way he presented to himself earlier, this was the more free spirited Kyo, being in the human obtaining a tendency of being serious was most definitly a pain, after returning back to his usual Shinigami body, the need to act polite, normal, and the other various human manners, was no longer nesscarry . The other Shinigami, Kyo being most pleased by this, were as well getting serious, Kuro from earlier was most displeased when he thought his companion from earlier, was thought to be believed injured, though that was not the case, Kyo watched as the Hollow sent the gigai of Akemi spiraling through the air but soon learned that she had already left the body soul less.

Trying to sense where and if there were any more Hollows, Kyo was distracted by the sight and sounds of more battle cries. The female from earlier, Amaraiha Murasaki or shortly Rai, engaged into combat with a rather unhealthy looking Hollow, the difference in power was obviously apparant, she disposed of the Hollow hastiely and sufficiently, a strike, in the back of the head no less, was enough to put anyone out of commission. OH! Whats this!? excitedly the blood red haired Shinigami took notice to another, yet unfamiliar, Shinigami entering the battle, although the Zanpakotou was quite impressive, she was still having trouble against the Hollow, he watched as she struggled with the tyrant, Heh, good luck to her. Diverting his attention to the mind boggeled, Touya, Kyo was pleased to see him dispatch the Hollow with ease, though not the smoothest way he did it in the least, for it seemed he was injured a great deal Haha, now THAT hurt him I bet! Common sense kiddo.

*CRACK* While scoping out the other Shinigami, a Hollow was steadly trying its best to sneak up on Kyo, the absolute nerve! Knowing complete well what the Hollow was doing, Kyo humored it too the point where it approached too close, it was then that he smashed his sheath into the bloodshot mask of the Hollow, tumbling back it fell onto its back, Kyo instantly turned around smirking, What an ugly Hollow! The Hollow looked as though he was a land version of an octopus, the arms were cut vertically, though they were connected at the base of the shoulder, this disgusting feature gave him a set amount of four arms, each with there own set of hands and fingers. The body of it though, was unlike one he has seen before, an 'S' was the shape the body formed or what it appeared to be to Kyo, the legs were just as the arms, vertically split but still in contact at the thigh.

"Oi! What were you trying to do? Sneaking up so carelessly like that, you give a bad name to the people that sport the color red." Flipping his hair around, showing the Hollow his nice physical features. " Normally I wouldnt do this as it is against orders, BUT, lets say I let you go buddy!" Smiling and egging the Hollow to leave.

"Eh!? Listen to me boy! You only got lucky on that blow! From what I can tell, a complete idiot like you is no where near a match against a impressive Hollow as myself!" Rising up from the earlier hit that was dealt to him, he started to move his four upper limbs in a wave like motion, that was until there was nothing left to 'wave'. With a quick movement of the feet, in almost a flash, the entire set of four arms were severed and on the floor wriggling, most likely still having a little bit of life in them, Kyo glanced at the Hollow still smiling.

"Wh-When did you move, or even take your Zanpakutou out for that matter!" It was obvious the Hollow was petrified of the way Kyo moved, the wriggling of the limbs on the ground stopped and disintergrated into the air. "One more chance Hollow friend." Holding his smile in place, he was once again telling the Hollow to make a run for it. Nervously looking around too see if it was a joke, the Hollow was scared to make a move on the words of Kyo, not knowing if it was truth or ficiton, looking directly at his face, the blood filled eyes sent the Hollow scampering away O-Okay, Im away from that freak! But im still hung-. Tumbling to the floor, the Hollow looked down to notice his four limbs that were present at the base of his thigh, were no longer there, but a few inches behind him. Turning around, Kyo stood smiling looking down on the Hollow."I thought you were trying to leave? Is that a no then? Ah well tough luck huh?" A deafing noise ran through Kyo's ears as the blade went through the ivory shell on the Hollows head instantly "And another one leaves us yet again Scryer..." setting the Zanpakutou back at its rightful place in the sheath.

July 25th, 2007, 10:57 PM
Crap he took my element and region as i typed. give it to which character you like better.

Name: Cutrey Sakada
Age: 17
Description: White hair that goes to but doesn't pass his shoulders all the way around, its Silver/white with a somewhat glow to it in the twilight. Athletic build with a few scars from his training. the most notable is a large cut on his right palm do to catching his sword by the blade if it is knocked from his hand
Personality: He lost his entire village to a bandit raid and ran and hid so now he maintains that no innocent lives will be lost if he can stop it. Quiet and reserved but when he feels strong enough about something he would hear anything above his own voice
Virtue: Tei: Brotherhood
Element: Wind
Region: Tohoku
History: His master was an older man who taught him to use his opponents movements and habits to defeat them. His village was destroyed and he was left with nothing to lose.

Name: Tei
Species: Unknown but is a mix of Fox/Wolf/and large Terrier attributes
Description: white coarse hair that stands out(think a white zigzagoon) with a sleek face and bushy fox-like tale
RPG sample: (my training)

And the young man was knocked back by the old mans spikeless flail. As he flew back he planted a foot and pushed, allowing himself to flip back onto his feet. As he landed his master swung his flail at the ground and knocked up dirt to blind Cutrey. He barely didn't have enough time to pick up his sword from earlier so he ripped off his sheath and swing it to create enough wind to knock back the dirt at his master.
(is that too much power for level 1 wind? or is he not even suppose to have powers yet? let me know)

The old man fell to the ground and tried to whipe the sand from his eyes. The dog warrior jumped forward and side swiped the man with his sheath....

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Jyukai: Edit as soon as you can, but everything looks cool to me. Oh and your half human half canine. You have the ability to transform into a full canine or a human with canine characteristics ^_^ RESERVED

Zasz: Little worried about the multiple '?''s in your application. Also your personality, description and history are way to small. 5 lines minumum for each I'm afraid. DECLINED, you have a chance to edit however, try to use capital letters and proper punctuation, okay?

Omni: RESERVED You can use a sample from a past RPG.

Niwa: RESERVED, edit when you can.

GW: Too short, sorry. 5 lines minumum for personality, description and history. Also it was first come first serve on the virtues and such, so you will have to choose another I'm afraid. DECLINED with one more chance to edit.

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My appli's coming soon =].


Name: Ano'i 'Ele.
Age: 20.
Gender: Female.
Description: Ano'i's meek, timid personality has reflected on her appearence. A bit queer from other people around her, Ano'i has tan skin, which usally worries her, a complexion the color of a light oak wood. Ano'i's dull, onyx hair is in an apathetic straight line, and reaches down to her mid shoulder, while sometimes being pluck into two thick braids that loosely hang. Ano'i's overgrown bangs obscure her azure eyes filled with a new gleam of curiosity, with the eyes of a newborn kitten, coming into the world. Due to her unconfidence, Ano'i's cerulean eyes usually look downward to the ground, with dismain, and insecurity. Ano'i has retina distortion that unables her to see that clearly, though Ano'i is afraid to hide that fact. So, Ano'i usually just seeks another person to help her. Ano'i has a small nose, while her nose is usually swerved up in a feeling of disgust. While her clearly glossed lips are always shining, though with an emotion portrayed as low-spirited.

Ano'i's attire usually consists of a kimono, that is a pure white in color, with dainty sakura blossoms sewed on in a similar co,lor, with a fabric similar to a doily. A black obi is wrapped up around Ano'i's frail waist, with a pattern similar to graceful, flowing vines. The kimono is always abundantly thrown around Ano'i, and her frail hour-glass figure. Though, Ano'i always keeps a bleached hakama nearby, with the same base as Ano'i's kimono. On her nimble feet are Ano'i's waraji, which are paired with an odd article of spiky cleats. A scabbard rests on Ano'i's obi, which holds her katana, which is a thin blade that Ano'i almost never takes out. Her pure white orb with a shine is around Ano'i's neck, hanging on a silver chain. Shy around new people, Ano'i wears an animal mask in the form of a cat. It has a white base, while purple, yellow, and crimson markings also cover the mask. Though it doesn't stop there, while not in the possesion of the mask, Ano'i holds a surgeon's mask-thing on her face, connected by her ears. Only people that Ano'i absoulutely trusts are able to see Ano'i 'Ele's true face.

Personality: (Match it with your virtue as much as possible)
Virtue: Chu.
Element: Water.
Region: Hokkaido.
History: (Yours training ext)


Name: Chu.
Species: Akita Inu.

Description: Chu stands at a height of twenty-eight inches, which is usually proclaimed as tall. Though her body is very frail and lanky, weighing in a below average of sixty pounds. Chu has a body of a hunter, or a working dog. Chu's fur is a color similar to a blonde, or champagne if you have a closer look, while also being neatly flattened for a more relaxing feel around Chu. Chu's serene, cerulean eyes give off the atmosphere of relaxed and stress-less, as there is an odd gleam in those shining eyes. A gleam of pure curiosity to the world around her, like a newborn kitten. Chu has pure white hair on the sides of her muzzle, her cheeks, her neck, her chest, her body, and her tail. They only give off a small look that Chu has not been careful with a tint of ivory in them. Though, Chu isn't as active as other canines, she prefers to lay about in a dazed world of hers. Chu's once-high ears, have now taken a liking to drooping, as a classical sign of uncofidence, just as how a human slumps her shoulders, and then recieves a bad figure. Around her fragile neck lies a ribbon with a coarse fabric, and a fawn red in shade and color, hanging loosely.

Other: Chu would rather sleep then be active.

RPG sample: Required

Scarlet Weather
July 26th, 2007, 1:46 PM
Name: Mitsumba Taiki

Age: 19 (geez, this is one old puppy!)

Gender: Male

Description: Taiki dresses in a plain white hakama, fastened around the waist with a black obi, as well as a white kimono and haori. His weapon of choice, the jian (A.K.A, traditional chinese straight sword) is hung through the obi in a plain black scabbard with an ornate, golden hilt. His hair is black, and spikes out in multiple directions as if he had been recently electrified. His facial expressions, for some reason, strongly remind those who see them of changing weather- his frowns remind people of thunderstorms, while his smile is like a sunrise. His eyes are yellow-golden, and when his mouth opens, the faintest hint of fangs are noticeable. His orb takes the form of a white, pearl-like gem embedded into his jian's hilt.

Taiki's most prized possesion, outside of his orb, is the signet ring on his left little finger, which marks him as a member of the emperor's household. When he transforms, the ring changes with him, and becomes a large, loose-fitting paw bracelet. He guards the ring as jealously as he does his jian, and if anyone were to try to steal it, they might find themself missing a few fingers. Taiki's face lacks any sort of special marking. His back, however, is adorned with a series of black dots which together form a recognizable image of the dog god's constellation. Tucked into his obi is a small, brown pouch containing whatever small objects he has recently acquired.

Virtue: Shin (faith)

Personality: Optimistic to the very last, Taiki is hard to depress. If he's injured, he'll simply comment on how pain helps him concentrate on a fight rather then grouse about it afterwards, and when ambushed, he tends to relish the challenge rather then curse his ill luck. He is constantly encouraging others around him, trying to build them up, and truly believes in his own strength and the strength of others. He is incredibly trusting, which has proven on numerous occasions to be a double-edged sword. While he will defend his friends to the death, he is also incredibly gullible, and can often be easily manipulated. That is not to say that someone obviously evil could trick him into hurting his friends, of course, but anyone he considers to be on "his side" could probably get him to do any number of things.

Taiki's happy outlook on life is balanced by his unforgiving nature. Once someone has proven themself unworthy of his trust or betrayed him in some significant manner, they instantly become public enemy number one in his eyes, and he will be incredibly mistrustful of that individual from then on. Taiki has also often been correctly accused of seeing the world as black and white, divided into good guys and bad guys, with the good guys ultimately coming out on top, leaving no room for any middle ground. All in all, he's a nice guy unless you happen to be allied with whoever is planning to destroy the world.

Region: Shikoku

Element: Lightning (Sanda!)

History: As a mere pup, Taiki was discovered on the altar of a temple to the dog god, sitting there and wagging his tail as if he was an ordinary dog. Adopted by the emperor's household, Taiki grew into a fine young man, who looked upon the aging emperor as a father figure, while the old man looked upon him as the son (and pet) he had never had. When Taiki wasn't training in the use of weaponry, he and the emperor often would sit and talk together of various things, which could be as deep and meaningful as Taiki's mission upon this earth, or as commonplace and mundane as an interesting fruit seller passing the emperor's house. Most of all, however, they talked of the gods. The emperor would often emphasize that the gods should always be revered, and that those who kept the faith in their power would be blessed. After all, hadn't Taiki been sent to help end the coming age of darkness, and to grant the emperor a companion in his old age? Taiki ate up every word, and his conversations with the emperor awoke the burning fire of his faith which had laid dormant inside of him from the moment of his 'birth'.

The years flew by in a manner much like this, until Taiki turned thirteen and became officially "of age". At this point, the emperor sent him on an expedition to China, where he studied under a foreign master of martial arts and acquired his jian. After spending two years away, he returned home. He spent four more years in the palace, learning the use of his elemental abilities, which had previously been dormant within him. Finally, the emperor died, and a member of his household took his place, as the old man had no formal heir. While Taiki was saddened by the death of his mentor and adoptive father, he knew that this was the signal to begin his journey, and set out to meet the other warriors.

RP Sample (Taken From Riven Academy: A Learning RP): The inside of the wineshop was cool and calm. A few particles of dust drifted to and fro throughout it, but all was still. The patrons had all gone home, waiting for night to come once again in order to begin their merriment. The only remaining humans in the building were the owner, who was methodically polishing glasses, and a young man who resembled a lump of fabric more then anything else. The robe he wore was fine, black silk with golden embroidered designs along the sleeves, which were wide enough to easily conceal a small dog. In one hand, the sleeper clutched a half-empty bottle of wine, in the other, a book of references. He breathed in and out softly, allowing sleep to rid him of any trace of the alcohol he had ingested during the last night.

The sleeper stirred at last, groaning. The wineshop owner, and old, gray-haired man dressed in a red vest and pressed white shirt, turned from his work for a moment. "Good morning," he said, placing both the glass he had been polishing and his rag on the table. "Did you sleep well?"

"Not so looouuuddd." The youth replied, pulling himself to his feet in a manner that was somewhat less then dignified. He pulled a hand to his forehead, and attempted to take a few, staggering steps. "Uh... what a headache..." he moaned, waving an arm in front of him as he walked, attempting to feel his way around the room.

"You're a mess," the owner commented, placing a hand on the shoulder of his customer. "What did you say your name was again, kid?"

"Eran." The name dropped from the boy's lips like a bullet. "Eran Camerick-urgh!" The last sound was due to a sudden fit of retching that caused Eran to double over. "Urgh... how much wine did I drink last night?"

The shopkeeper shook his head. "Only about half a bottle, but it was vintage. That wine's older then your parents' parents. I slipped up and mislabeled it earlier. My deepest apologies."

"No need to- urgh! Be- upgh! Sorry!" Eran retched unsteadily, reeling about. "But I'm going to kill whoever advised me to celebrate in a wineshop."

The owner laughed, then stopped, realization striking him. "Hey- didn't you say you had someplace to be in the morning?"

Eran nodded. The initial purging was now completed, for the most part, but he still felt a bit unsteady. He managed, however, to straighten up and adjust his glasses, which had been forced into a crooked angle along his face during his ignoble slumber of the previous night. "Yeah," he answered, mumbling. "Yeah. I've got to be at the Academy for the orienteering speech this morning at about... nine thirty."

The wineshop owner glanced at a clock hanging from the wall. "You'd better hurry then. It's nine o'clock, and the academy is a good forty-five minutes from here, though you may make it in forty if you run."

The bottle of wine, which had remained in Eran's left hand throughout the entire conversation, nearly slipped from it then. "It is?" His mouth hung open for a moment, but he snapped it shut quickly. He wheeled and rushed out the door, silently and murderously cursing that graduate student who had advised him to enter the wineshop that night. Already, an elaborate revenge plot was unfolding in his head. A laxative fluid or a vomitive of some sort slipped into the man's wine? Poetic justice, perhaps, but not quite nasty enough for Eran's exquisite tastes. A bottle of vintage wine heavily laced with sleeping potion left on the unfortunate's doorstep, followed by placement in a compromising situation of some sort? Near perfect, but something was missing.

The minute Eran left the wineshop, the glare of the sun hit his eyes sending lances of pain through his skull. As he ran, he felt his foot splash through something wet. So it had rained last night then. He rolled his eyes. If his memory of the route to the Academy served him right, he would be passing straight through a long stretch of merchants and vendors advertising their wares. Eran groaned. If a single salesman laid hands on him, especially in his current state, they might receive an interesting present- a thin, cunningly hidden dagger tucked into Eran's right sleeve driven through their hand, for example.

All the vulnerability of the last few hours was worn away as Eran ran doggedly forward despite shortness of breath, a massive hangover, and the still-nagging disorientation he felt. He was no longer a sleepy, drunken schoolboy. He was now a fierce, angry wild beast with a malicious nature, and an attitude comparable to that of a spitting cobra. Nobody would dare to stop him and if they tried, well, it was their funeral. It was ironically at the very moment that Eran finished thinking this himself that he felt the hand tugging at his robe. Snarling, he whipped around only to come face to face with two of the village children: Joseph and his younger sister, April, eight and six years old, respectively.

Instantly, Eran's countenance softened and he allowed the faintest whisp of a smile to grace his features. "What do you two want today, eh?" he asked, trying to sound gruff but failing entirely.

"Please, sir-" Joseph began before his younger sister cut him off. "We wanna see more magic, mister Eran!" the six year old shouted, clapping her hands delightedly.

Under normal circumstances the happy children might have coaxed a rare smile from Eran's face, but April's shout had intensified the already heavy pain he had been going through over the past few minutes so the two had to be content with an oddly contorted grimace. Shaking his head, Eran tried to explain. "Please you two, I'm running late, and I have a headache. Maybe I can show you a trick later, okay?"

"But mister Eran!" the two children chorused, revealing a few conspicuous gaps in their teeth, "you always do magic for us!"

Eran sneaked a quick glance to either side to ensure that nobody else was watching, then looked at the children and nodded. Gleefully, the two clapped their hands and squealed, which unfortunately redoubled Eran's pain, causing him to wince. "Not so loud, okay?" he whispered, placing a finger to his lips.

The two children nodded, repeating the "ssh" gesture and then sat down. "What're you gonna do today, Mister Eran?" Joseph asked.

Eran racked his brains. He was suffering from the aftereffects of half a bottle of vintage wine so clearly whatever he attempted would have to be small. Digging into his pockets he searched for some sort of coin he could use. Finding nothing he sighed dejectedly before noticing the bottle of wine in his hand. Facing the children, he asked, "How about... making a rose come out of this bottle?"

"Yeah!" the two children shouted, before noticing Eran's wince. "Sorry... yeah." They replied, this time in a much more subdued tone.

Eran nodded. "Okay... here goes."

Waving his hand over the bottle, Eran allowed his face to be a mask of concentration. Thankfully he didn't have to maintain the illusionary rose or make a physical change or he would have completely failed. After a few minutes of waving his hand, he pulled it back from the bottle's neck and snapped his fingers. Almost immediately what appeared to be a pale red rose shot from inside the bottle and lingered a moment before vanishing as if it had never been there which, in reality, it hadn't.

The children applauded, their eyes shining. Eran smiled gratefully. "Now you two, I have to go. I'm very late for a meeting at the Academy."

Joseph turned to him. "Did you say you needed to get to the Academy?"

"Well, yes."

The tyke's face lit up. "Daddy's going there! Daddy could give you a ride!"

Eran was confused. "Your father owns a carriage?"

This time, it was April who spoke. "No-ooo," she replied, shaking her head and pointing to a large mule cart seated nearby, filled with produce.

Eran sighed and shook his head. It wasn't much but it was better then nothing. Still, the idea of it. He, the great Eran Camerick, being carted to school with a group of watermelons, on the first day no less! On the other hand, running all the way in a robe that was now dusty, stained, and wet around the hem didn't sound very appealing either. Nodding to the children, he walked to their father.

A few minutes later the produce cart rolled to a stop in front of the Thaumaturgical Academy, depositing Eran there. Brushing himself off as best he could the student pushed open the doors to the academy and slipped through the rooms to the auditorium, praying that nobody would catch sight of him in his current state. As he entered the large room he stopped in surprise. Beowulf? Giving a speech? It was as absurd as it was impossible, yet there the grizzled old enchanter was, speaking across the audience in a booming voice. Shaking his head Eran quickly made his way to a seat in the back row and deposited himself in it, praying that he hadn't missed more then a few minutes of the oration.


Species: Siberian Husky

Name: Shin

Appearance: Standing at almost 2"7 at the shoulder, Shin is a massive dog, with black tipped ears and a wide grey stripe running from his head down the length of his back. His underbelly, and the rest of his body, is white. His paws are massive, almost as big around as the hand of an average teenager, and his eyes are the same color as Taiki's when untransformed. Taiki tends to transform into Shin whenever he needs to travel for any considerable distance, as Shin's endurance and physical strength far exceeds his own.

EDIT: Even though I'm already accepted, I just decided to add some more to Taiki's appearance since Iruka's awesomely cool looking character made me feel inadequate. Just in passing, I'm wondering what the odds were that Rena and I would both try for the same virtue and element.

July 26th, 2007, 1:49 PM
Zasz, 'Description' is supposed to be your appearance. ^^; If you don't mind me pointing that out...

Anyway, I was going to give Shinji glasses, but, apparently, in Ancient Japan, they considered people with bad vision just plain blind. So, should I just give Shinji 20/20 vision, or do you not care whether he has glasses or not?

Edit-ching: Holy shizzo I post my post and out pops two other sign-ups at the same time. xD;

Sal Kar
July 26th, 2007, 2:27 PM
Ok, well i changed it again. Ill change as many times as need be.

July 26th, 2007, 4:44 PM
Rena: RESERVED, BUT you have to pick another element, either psychic or water is left, I'm afraid.


Zasz: I'll be watching you okay, but you put an effort into it, so I'll see how you do. ACCEPTED, but you need an RPG sample to finish off.

Jyukai: You may have the glasses XP

Sal Kar
July 26th, 2007, 4:48 PM
But i don't know what that is, this is the first time ive ever done an RP.

July 26th, 2007, 5:01 PM
Basically, you need to write up a few chapters as if you were RPGing, for an example look at Cubone's RPG sample or even look at some RPG's that are running at the minutes. It's basically to give me a little look at what your capable of.

Here is my sign up:


Name: Mika Hitachiin

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Description: Mika could most certainly be described as beautiful. She has pure white skin deprived of any scars and scratches and shocking blue eyes. Her hair is a long, icy blue mane with streaks of white running all the way through it and she has a thin frame, but well toned to go with her natural beauty. She wears a light blue hakama and a white kimono robe to cover her upper body, this then is tucked into a royal blue obi. She then wears a pair of traditional sandals on her feet. She’s a little over average height for a twenty year old female and her features do tend to look a little canine even without the extra additions of long, light blue wolfs ears and a long flowing tail. Her eyes are defiantly shaped as that of a wolfs and she bears small canines that can just about be seen over the fold of her lip. A cluster of blue jewelry decorates her neck, her wrists, her ankles and even her hair and ears.

Beneath the hakama and kimono is more loose fitted attire, made for battle and fast movement. She wears a loose fitted white top with blue thread, decorated with light, blue jewels embroided into the folds and a pair of baggy, loose fitting dark blue trousers that come to a stop just above the ankle, so that she does not trip. A loose light blue thread for a belt holds the trousers in place.

Mika also has dark blue tribal markings running up multiple parts of her body, most hold no meaning, but some are concidered marks of the gods. She also wears a mask carved into the shape of her canine form, perfected with large, white flowing whikers and a dark feathered headress. The mask is made up of multiple blue and white shades, just like her wolf form. The mask is worn over her features when in the company of those she does not know and atop her head or at the side of her face when she is in the presence of those she deems trustworthy.

Personality: Mika is normally quite calm and relaxed even when in stressful situations, but this could also be seen as an air of sarcasm or mockery to her foe. She takes her training and her duty seriously and has braved many trials set to her by the empress in order to prove herself. She is a perfectionist and will try and try until she gets every detail correct, in her world, there is no room for fault or even room for the slightest mistake, Mika was trained to observe anything and everything, not to trust or take anything for granted, she aims for perfection and will not let her mistakes put herself or others in danger. She is a harsh, but fair leader who will push her team to they're highest limit, but she does not mean to harm them in any way, only to watch them grown and blosom into the greatset warriors the world has ever seen, she wants to do her family and the gods proud of her and she believes that this is the only way she will ever accomplish such perfection as to be honored in such a way.

Virtue: Gi (Duty)

Element: Ice

Region: Kanto

Weapon: Mika has been trained in both the art of close combat and long range. Though she is more commonly seen using the twin blades she keeps in sheaths at her side, she can also use the bow and arrows she carries on her back, though they are not her primary weapon. The blades are a pure white silver, with the handle’s both made out of darker silver in the shape of a wolfs head holding a ice blue sapphire. The bow is made of oak wood, carved so that it looks like a cluster of icicles and embedded with the same sapphire stones, the arrows are of a similar design and bare white silver tips. The quiver is of the same wood as the bow with a similar design.

History: Will edit

Other: Mika has never before been in contact with fire, she has seen it but never been close as warned by the empress herself, so something of the sort could be trouble for her. Though she has been trained to stay clear, she has not been trained to deal with it, she is as of yet unable to freeze any form of fire or overwhelming heat.


Name: Gi

Species: Tundra Wolf

Description: Kali’s fur turns an icy blue with white streaks running through it. Her stomach is completely white and her front paws are colored the same. She has a proud demeanor as her chest always seems to be puffed out, but this is only the doing of her species. Her eyes are typical wolf eyes, only her iris is a shocking blue color and her tail is the same icy blue with white specks. Apart from her coloring, another unusual trait is the dark blue markings that cover her body, they tend to make some sort of tribal pattern, and this is even evident on her face and her tail. Her ears are longer than average and the tuffs of fur atop her head and back are a little thicker than what should be average. She has long, flowing whiskers that pull together into one flowing strand, like that of a chinese dragon and white feathers sprout from a dark blue headdress on top of her head and her ankles, neck and tail are home to bangles, necklaces and trinkets, even her fur is mattered with jewels and valuables. White, ribbon like stands, that appear to be apart of her fur, whirl around in the wind and the fur at her ankles, elbows and shoulder blades are oddly curled so that they resemble some sort of wisp.

Other: N/A

Sal Kar
July 26th, 2007, 5:20 PM
RP sample:

Octog trekked through the forest as he made his way to the training ground. He walked into a clearing, in the center was a boulder. "Alright, this time I'm gunna do it!" he yelled. He smashed his fist into the rock. Seeing as it hadnt broken, he retracted his hand in dissapointment. "Ill never be able to do it" he told himself. Just then, he heard a splitting noise. He glanced modestly up to see the rock crumble. "I did it!" he cheered in excitment. Excitment aside, Octog thought he might look towards his next task at hand, matsering the ability to move small rocks. Strolling through the forest, he heard a low-picthed moan, almost like an animal. The sound was loud, so it didnt take long for Octog to find the source. A wild rhino was sprawled on the ground, and above it, were two bandit looking people. "Hey, what did you do to this creature?" he asked in frusturation. "What does it look like kid? We're killin' this thing and sellin' his hide!" said the smaller of the two. "Well im not going to let you!" Octog raised his fist in rage. "What makes you so sure you little brat?" the other one joked. Octog noticed the large amounts of pebbles and small rocks laying around. "Like this!". Octog focused all his energy into his mind, and then focused that on the rocks. The rocks started to float in the air. "Hey what th-". He was interrupted by the hail of rocks that he was being pelted with. A large sized rock clumped one of the bandits on the head and knocked him out. Another group of sharp rocks dug into the arms of the other one. They we're both on the ground, and Octog had time to rescue the rhino and put the poachers in jail. "Great work." said Octog's mentor who had been watching the whole fight. "Hey what are you doing here?" replied Octog. "I watched the whole fight, that was very brave and honorable of you to save that animal." "It was nothin'." Octog smiled big at the fact of pleasing his mentor, he would eat well tonight!


also, sorry about the wait, it logged me off when i was typing, could you guys give me feedback on how that was?

July 27th, 2007, 12:11 PM
Just finished making the last touchs to the sign up, did not know whether the orb disappeared when in canine form, so I went with a guess that it didnt.

July 31st, 2007, 3:08 AM
Niwa, it was up to you XP. But accepted none the less ^_-

Okay, since one of our group has been banned, here is what is still available:

Regions: Chubu, Kyushu
Virtues: Tei and Rei
Elements: Earth and Psychic

I'll start soon, none the less.

July 31st, 2007, 8:35 AM
Sign up

Name: Keiko Ito
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Description: Weird. Very weird. Snippets of black hair barge directly into her foggy, crystalline eyes; so uneven are the bangs that Keiko has long since given up on them, sweeping them to the side whenever possible. She is pale, not unhealthily so, but just enough to stand out. Keiko wears a soft pink kimono (except it's ripped in half, 'cos she hates the length), the edges laced with silver ripples and queer designs, including the elongated sleeves. Underneath resides a pair of black shorts and top, making it very clear that the kimono half is purely for personal aesthetic values. She's pretty lithe, (or scrawny, depending on how you look at it), and overall just a mess. At times she'll loosely clip her hair up, and at other times she'll place mismatched pins that do not do her hair justice. A very young, supple creature. Her face is pointed, almost haughty, with carved eyes, delicate lips and a pair of arrogant cheeks, with words to boot. Overall stands at around 5'4, or possible shorter, considering the thickness of her sandals' heel.
Personality: Extraordinarily hard-headed. Whatever she believes is what she believes, and this is noted with an air of finality. Above all, she cannot stand traitors, as she considers them the scum of earth. Her temper is fierce when dealt with; her stubbornness gets the job done. Keiko is normally reserved and taciturn when first confronted with strangers. The only way she is able to truly open up is if someone provokes her, or something immediately catches her attention. She will not hesitate to shoot out criticism and harsh words, and one might even notice a hint of excessive pride. Despite such caustic exterior, Keiko is fiercely devoted and loyal to those she trusts. Her temper is at its high when that trust has been broken (this is highly exemplified when she is near any form of earth).
Virtue: Rei
Element: Earth
Region: Chubu

Name: (Your virtue)
Species: (Dog species)
Description: (As wild as you like)

RPG sample: Required

I'll edit shortly. My mind is going numb at the history/dog. o_0

July 31st, 2007, 1:02 PM
Iruka: I am going to withdraw my reservation. It is getting harder for me to create a new sheet

July 31st, 2007, 1:03 PM
iu want to make a reservation...... for pyscic.

July 31st, 2007, 3:40 PM
Name:Teiki Sotomura
Age: 20
Description: He is dressed in a black hakama with a golden colored obi fastened to it , with a black Kimono and Haori too. He wields a

Personality: (Match it with your virtue as much as possible)

Virtue: Tei (brotherhood)

Element: Fire!!!

Region: Chubu

History: He was found as a pup by a rich but kind family. As the days passed he became more active as a human at night. On one day before the new moon , the son of the family saw him transform into his majestic human form , and kept it between him and Teiki. Soon he finally showed his form to the others , and they adopted him as a son and a family pet and guardian , as his form was a coonhound , one of the meanest dogs around. He trained in martial arts , such as Ninjutsu and Aikido and Thai Kickboxing , and finally his training with the Souba. Nine years passed until he became twenty , and the son , Heo , became 14. Six weeks , six hours , and six minutes after his birthday , the family had been slain. Teiki found the man walking into his room , and saw Heo's bloody but still barely alive face look up at him.He pointed at the room and Teiki transformed into the coonhound he was and killed the man with a snap on the throat. Heo then died with peace and Teiki buried them all , payed his respects , got his money from the will he was entitled to , and left for training for three weeks.

Soon he was back and left again to meet the other warriors...

Other: He is a great singer. He loves to sing his favorite songs at rare times around public places and his voice is just right.

Name: Tei
Species:Black and Tan Coonhound (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/Black_and_Tan_Coonhound.jpg)
Description: Like a normal black and tan coonhound , he is , of course , black and tan. He has ears like one too , which hang down below where the nose is (no it's not really under under it! It's just kind of lower than the nose) and has the sharp teeth of one. What is most different though is that he has red eyes and has purple streaks going down his face. He also has a longer

Reserve me for Chubu , Fire (since JBCPeace withdrew) , and Tei (brotherhood)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 14th, 2008, 1:18 PM


Age: 20 (Default)


Description: (Traditional Japanese times)

Personality: (Match it with your virtue as much as possible)

Virtue: (Choose from the list above: One each)

Element: (Choose from the list above: One each)

Region: (Choose from the list above: (One each)

History: (Yours training ext)




Name: (Your virtue)

Species: (Dog species)

Description: (As wild as you like)


RPG sample: Required

Can You Reserve Me As Rei?

November 16th, 2008, 5:17 PM
Woahhhh, this is a REALLY old thread sweet heart. Be sure to check the post above you for the date it was posted, because I'm sure you know by now that thread revival is not okay at PC. (You've been here for so long. x_o)