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July 26th, 2007, 5:23 PM
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The House of Osore

In the region of Lanjer, sits a haunted house known as Osore. Osore once was a famous mansion that once was Lanjer’s most widely known landmark. Osore was built on December 17, 1666 by two craftsmen named Mark and Tommy. Little did they know that that house would one day become haunted by the soon to be owners. It was a twelve bed, four bathroom Victorian House that was pretty to the sight but when you stepped into it, you could just feel the devil tempting you in to do something you would never even think of. 1666 was the year it was built and it wasn’t a coincidence. 666, the sign of the devil, had something to do with what this house is today. On June 23, 1667, the Osore family moved in hoping to start a better life in a new region. They were originally from Hoenn, but wanted to see and learn about a new region. The father, Otokooya, brought along his favorite pokemon Dusclops. The mother, Hahaoya, did not ever become a trainer but she was a coordinator. She never had her own pokemon so she used her husbands Dusclops whenever she could. The son, Sochi, was nine and a half so he didn’t get to have a pokemon yet. Half a year later, on December 16, Sochi was so excited that in two more days he would have his very own pokemon unlike any one he’s seen before. He looked at the little pamphlet that Professor Pine sent him. The choices were the usual grass, fire, and water types. He decided that night that he would get the Fire type because he lived close to a forest and thought it would be easier to fight the grass and bug type pokemon that inhabit it. The next day, December 17, Sochi was packing for his all-important pokemon journey. His father had given him his old pokedex that had all the pokemon that could be found in Hoenn and told Sochi to complete it with all the new pokemon he will encounter. It happened to be the houses one year anniversary of that dreadful devils day. Everything went wrong that night. The devil’s power had caused Otokooya to go mad with anger, he got a steak knife from the kitchen and slit his wife’s and son’s throat. The devil’s power had faded and he felt horrible about murdering his own beloved family. Feeling so angry at himself for doing such a thing, he went to the houses tower, tied a rope to the flag pole, and hanged himself.
Now trainers from all over Lanjer avoid this haunted grounds until a few trainer friends started off on a journey. They had no idea what was in store for them....

Sign-Up Sheet:
Trainer Name:
Trainer Gender:
Physical Description: Be VERY descriptive, must be 4 lines or more.
Trainer History: same as description
Other: (does not need to be filled)

Trainer's Pokemon:
Pokemon Species:
Pokemon Gender:
Nickname: (If ther is one)
How was it caught/history: Be descriptive. Must be 2 lines or more.

Also, read the RP rules before posting here, I agree with the writer the 90% of RPers didn't read them, and it really doesn't take long to read. You may only have a total of 3 pokemon throughout the whole journey, sorry I didn't post this earlier but I forgot. This is for simplicity of keeping track of everything. If everyone got 6, there'd be 60 pokemon to know and keep track of. Hard if you ask me. Sorry...
So if you have 4+ pokemon, you must get rid of one. If you have 3 pokemon, you might want to re-think having all your possilbe pokemon right from the start.
(This message will be deleted once game starts)

Pokemon Taken:

Trainer Spots Left: FILLED!

July 29th, 2007, 5:11 PM
Name: Kazuki Ichigo
Gender: Male
Age: 10
Description: Kazuki wears an indigo blue ballin' black sports jacket, and crisp blue complex jeans as well. He has blue and white Reeboks that he just about a week before he ventured for the house of Osore. He has brown skin with bandages from his past travels. His hoodie has wrinkles which have also come from his travels. Strangely though, his pants aren't really messed up at all! He has the everday black anime hairstlye which spikes uptorwards the back, and his bangs flow blissfully in front of his face. He has big light brown eyes that seem to glimmer at times. He has a black glamrock belt that he wears simply for fashion reasons.
History: Kazuki is a beginning trainer from the Johto region. Because of his foolish attitude at times, he believed that even at his rookie status, he could actually handle a place like the house of Osore. He began his journey on November 26th, and had a hard time at the beginning of his quest because of the fact that he started his quest right around where winter started (another example of his foolishness). After December pasted over, Kazuki finally made it to Violet City to obtain his first badge. He took such a long time to get there because of the harsh winter weather. After barely winning the badge with his Totodile, and Hoot-Hoot. Soon he heard a bunch of clearly stronger trainers talking about the Osore house. Kazuki with his foolishness set out for the house. His life was about to change.

Pokemon Species: Totodile
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: None
How was it caught/history: On his very first day of becoming a pokemon trainer, Kazuki went to Prof. Elms laboratory. He chose Totodile because of their similar personalities. They bother were dangerously foolish. Totodile is sorta slow at times, even forgetting what's going on at times, which gives them a pathetic disadvantage in battle.
Pokemon Species: Hoot-Hoot
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: None
How was it caught/history: Hoot-Hoot was first spotted in a blizzard in the first week of his travels. The Hoot-Hoot fell to the ground, cold, and almost dead. Kazuki and Totodile were struggling for survivlal already, but you know what they say! The road to stupidity is paved with good intentions. They took the pokemon into a cave and warmed him up. They later made it out of the blizzards and Hoot-Hoot decided to join Kazuki and Totodile. Hoot-Hoot is more strategic than the others, but still has it's fare share of flooks.

July 29th, 2007, 7:36 PM
Trainer Name: Shikyo
Trainer Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Description: Shikyo is a dark and mysterious person. He has long, jet black hair that dangles over his dark green eyes. The roots of his hair are a deep red that add a sense of evil to his appearance. He hardly looks up so it’s really rare to see the gleam in his eyes when it hits sunlight. He wears a clean white t-shirt under a pure black leather jacket and fingerless leather gloves. Shikyo wears black loose jeans and normally has his hands shoved into his pockets when he doesn’t need them. He has black “Nike Air” shoes normally and wears no socks. Because of his dark clothes his skin looks pale but he actually is pretty tan.
Trainer History: Shikyo is a descendant of the Osore family. He doesn’t like to talk about his past because his parents died in a fire. He had a sister once but because his parents died he was left with the responsibility of taking care of her. Shikyo was 7 and his sister was 3, so Shikyo didn’t really know how to take care of anyone but himself. His sister died of starvation and Shikyo was traumatized since then. The trauma had caused him to fall into a vortex of depression and therefore severely destroying his social life. He managed to make a few friends that understand what he had to go through, but for the most part he tries to avoid people. He normally comes out at night to avoid people in town and likes to visit his family’s graves in the graveyard.
Other: Shikyo means “Death” in Japanese. Shikyo had a secret crush when he was ten on the girl that lived next to his house but she tragically died in a car accident adding on to his childhood trauma. He lived in an orphan home for 2 years before getting adopted by his new parents.

Pokemon Species: Misdreavus
Pokemon Gender: Female
Nickname: Pnevma
How it was caught/history: Shikyo was visiting his family’s graves one night and he spotted a Misdreavus being attacked by a Gengar. He hid a watch for a bit then gathered up enough courage to try and save her. He stood in the way of Gengar’s Shadow Ball, but it didn’t do much to Shikyo because he was human. Shikyo took out a flashlight and scared it off. In return Misdreavus joined Shikyo in companionship. Shikyo didn’t like the name Misdreavus’s name so he nicknamed her Pnevma meaning ghost in Greek. Shikyo allows Pnevma to move freely outside of a pokeball because he has never owned one in his life.

OOC: Man it takes a while for an RP to be put up. I'm just glad I got someone to join so early.

July 29th, 2007, 8:24 PM
Trainer Name:Cheryl Pickett
Trainer Gender: Female
Description:Cheryl has,as she calls them,"bird legs" and is thin all the way down,from her shoulders to her feet.Now her hair is hard to explain.Its kinda a burnt umber type red that is put in two pigtails that are long and wide,with riboons curled around them.She has on what she always does,a snap on collar that is red and green plaid,and has a bell on it.She's wearing a red T-shirt that says,"When I snap,you'll be the first to go" in white,that is over a plain white, long sleeved shirt.She also is wearing a pair of brown denim shorts,that have a Pikachu keychain in one of the belt loops.Lastly,she's wearing a pair of lace up oarnge tennis shoes that have a white star on both of the sidew of it.

History:Being as she is,adventourus and what not,she has always tried the most insane ideas.such as trying to climb up to Ever Grande city,only to fall.She was born and raised in LilyCove,Hoenn,and became a pokemon co-ordinater and trainer,using trusty partner Aipom.She quickly won the master Rank cool contest,getting herself a picture of her Aipom in the museum,a result of coming from a family of co-ordinaters.She also trained up Aipom,gaining her 5 badges.Since shes insanely adventourus,she decide she could take the Janjer reigoins Osore house.Which she just arrived about a few hours ago at.

Pokemon Species:Aipom
Pokemon Gender:Female
How it was caught/history:Cheryl caught her first pokemon Aipom,in the newly made Safari Zone area.With the help of her sisters,Drea,age 16,beloved Combusken(Tough contest winner)and a Ultra Ball,she succesfully captured it and raised it to be a Contest Master.
Hope this goes well.

July 29th, 2007, 8:27 PM
Trainer Name: Pat
Trainer Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Description: Deep black shoes with a white tip, that is a little brown due to dirt and what not, and the tongue is a light red. His pants are a light blue, but only a shade darker than a Sky blue color, with of course wrinkles everywhere, with a grass stain here and there. The shirt is a clean deep black color , that extends over the area of where his belt would be on his pants. The lining on the thread for his sleeves is a Dark Grey color, and he has Black wristbands. He has a black hat that symbolizes half of a Pokeball, and he has Light brown, free style hair. His eyes are Light blue, but not matching the color of his pants. He stands at the height of 5"11, and is on the thinner side, weighing around 109 pounds. His backpack is yellow, but its not big. It holds a Laptop Computer, the normal items that a Pokemon Trainer needs like Potions and Pokeballs, and a couple game systems like a Gameboy advance and a DS, for entertainment when he is bored.
Trainer History: Patrick started out as a trainer at age 11, hometown being Viridian City in the Kanto Region. He bought a Pokeball, setting out to some grass to catch his first Pokemon. An Aipom jumped infront of him, surprising Pat, dropping the Pokeball. The Aipom curiously touches the Pokeball, and automatically gets caught without trying, Aipom being Pats starter Pokemon. He set out to conquer Kanto eagerly. It took him about a year to get all the badges and travel around the entire region, defeating Team Rocket every now and then. He came in Second Place in the Kanto League. After that, he got word of the Johto region, and obviously setting out to conquer it. It took him another year for the Region conquering, defeating Team Rocket for good with other trainers. He challenged the league, and came in first, furthering his strength as a Pokemon trainer. After that, he set out to the Hoenn Region. However, he did not compete in the League, he stayed in the Region for about two years. In the Region he improved his skills immensly, training night and day with his Pokemon. After that, being age 15, he set out to fight in the Sinnoh League, finding other trainers as tough as him. He came in first place. After that, he finally went hone, staying there, wondering what the Pokemon world has next for him, and of course celebrating his sweet sixteen with his family. He left Aipom at home in Viridian City however, to help around the house with chores and what not, and to train for later days with Pat for battle.
Other: He is a very serious trainer, but he can be immature at times, being a douchebag. That, and never call him Patrick, just Pat.

Pokemon Species: Absol
Pokemon Gender: Male
How it was caught: After Pat won the Johto League, he decided to hang out in town, visiting party clubs and what not. He went to a fast food resteraunt after a party, being thirsty, wanting a soda, being thirsty. Someone recognized him, someone who had been beaten by him, angrilly getting in Pat's way, wanting to start a fight. Pat walked straight past the person, ordering a soda. As he went to go sit down to drink it, the person knocked it out of his hands. Pat remarked, "Wanna go?" a little angrilly. Then, two more people came up, obviously being the losing trainers friends. They all through Pat out of the fast food joint and into an alley. Then the three walked into the alley, all ready to charge at him, it being an unfair fight being 3 on 1. Out of a Trash Can, and Absol jumped out, landing infront of Pat, ready to use a Razor Wind to protect Pat against the three. Absol scared them off, and ever since that moment, Absol and Pat have been best friends.

Pokemon Species: Scizor
Pokemon Gender: Male
Obtained: While Pat was in the Kanto region, he decided to compete in the Safari Zone contest. There, he caught a Scyther. It had proved to be a really vital part of Pats team, never giving up no matter what. While in Johto, fighting off Team Rocket in the final battles, Scyther was being overpowered by multiple flamethrower attacks. It remained in battle, though extremely exhausted. It knocked out one of the opposing Pokemon, using up whatever ounces of attack strength it had, but was tackled backwards afterwards. After that, another wave of Flamethrowers attacked. Scryther stood through it, raising its swords, while still under attack by the Flamethrowers, then started glowing, changing form, evolving into Scizor. The flames stopped, and emerged Scizor. Its speed increased immensly, quickly knocking out the opposing Pokemon.

Pokemon Species: Charizard
Pokemon Gender: Male
Obtained: While in Kanto, after winning his second Gym battle, he decides to explore the Cerulean area with the routes and what not. He came across a Charmander that was causing trouble to other Pokemon, beating them all with overpowering strength. Pat battled it with Aipom, overpowering it in a tough battle, but caught it. Later that night, Charmander, Pat, and Aipom were training for the next Gym battle, and Charmander evolved, because it has gotten a huge amount of Experience from when it was a wild Pokemon. Later on, it evolved into a Charizard while facing team rocket, being out numbered. Ever since that day, Charizard has been extremely powerful, easily the strongest member of Pats team, overpowering most Pokemon in battle. It is also trustworthy in traveling via flight.

Edit: Aipom was already taken, so I edited it to Piplupers likings.

Cosmic Tyrant
July 29th, 2007, 10:41 PM
Trainer Name: Ralph Tomson
Trainer Gender: Male
Age: 16
Physical Description: Ralph is pretty thin for someone standing at 6'2. He has long, straight, sandy blond hair that reaches to his lower back. He has the whole "Pretty boy" thing going for him, though his face has a stroke of intensity as well. His eyes are an intense blue, which are covered with thin wired glasses. his skin has a very healthy tone. He wears a White T-shirt with a large blue vest over it. he also wears blue jeans, and white and blue tennis shoes. his accessories include white and blue knuckle gloves, a blue headband (Not a hippie), a silver hoop earring in his left ear, a silver necklace, and a chain that goes from a belt loop to a pocket on the right side of his jeans. Other things include a design of a white dragon on the back of his vest, and his bag (Which is conveniently white and blue as well)
Trainer History: Ralph has been a trainer for six years now, and it really shows. Let me tell you something: When it comes to school, well Ralphs pretty average. But when in the heat of battle, he's instantly in control. This is because he has a tendancy to over-analyze things. So when battling he has insights based from type advantages, to weather, to even insignificant things like how tall the opposing pokemon is to his. He was born in Cherrygrove city, Jotoh, but his family moved to Lilycove city, Houen, when he was ten. The terrain change was sort of shocking to the Tomson family. Not even Goldenrod city could compare, and that place had a radio station. So Ralph got a taste of the big city; the long beach, watching Pokemon contests, and the big pokemon market. yeah, it was something... One day, Ralph had decided to go outside of Lilycove, as it was getting a little boring battling the local trainers. So he set foot out side of the Houen region and onto the Lanjer region, then he unknowingly made his way to the house of Osore slowley...
Other: Ralph has a vast knowledge of pokemon and their weak points, and I'm not talking about type disadvantages.

Trainer's Pokemon:
Pokemon Species: Poliwhirl
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
How was it caught/history: Ralph was walking by the shores of Lilycove one day, and found this little guy stranded. So Ralph decided to help find it's owner, but once he found out that his owner was the one that abandoned him, Ralph took him under his wing.

July 30th, 2007, 12:33 AM
Oooh! Looks interesting! Mind if I join?
Trainer Name: Hiruko
Trainer Gender: Female
Age: 15
Physical Description: Hiruko stands about 5'9", much taller than her mom's side of the family. Her tan skin gives away embarrasment easily. Hiruko has an unusual scar that runs across her her nose & face. She has silvery, slicked back, shoulder-length hair with two blue streaks hanging down in front of her face, which she often blows them out of the way so she can see past them. Her eyes are strange yet captivating , the left one being an almost red-orange, the right one being a bright lime green. Her eyes are larger than the average person, making her the butt of many jokes. Hiruko wears a black & red striped collar shirt with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, A pair of black jeans with holes on the knees & ripped-up bottoms. She wears a pair of navy blue Chuck Taylors. Hiruko carries a black messenger bag with a white, circular pin on the left site with a thick, black question mark. That bag is where she keeps all her belongings.

Trainer History: Hiruko grew up with her father in the Lanjer region & led a priveliged lifestyle. Hiruko's mother & father had gone to a custody battle for her while she was still very young. Hiruko's father won custody of Hiruko, who was only 5 years old at the current time. Her mother lost due to her unstable mental condition; the court just diddn't see her fit to be a mother. Her father was away alot on important buisness & Hiruko was often left with a housesitter named Mimi. Mimi introduced & helped form Hiruko's love of Pokemon. Ever since then Hiruko has been raising Pokemon with all the love & care possible, also having Mimi as her mentor. She grew up to be a wonderful trainer & left home when she was 10, as all trainers do. Hiruko did not pick up her starter from a Professer though, she had already had her own Pokemon two years prior to her journey's beginning. Hiruko has traveld to all the regions, & has come back to Lanjer to visit Mimi, & to explore the famous House of Osore.

Other: Hiruko has gained a reputation as being a rather double-sided person. Mercilessly beating some of her opponents to a bloody pulp, then tending to their every need a few seconds after. This has earned her the nickname "Double-bladed Hiruko" She is also in an unhealthy mental condition, just like her mother.

Trainer's Pokemon:

Pokemon Species: Marowak
Pokemon Gender: Female
Nickname: None
How was it caught/history: Marowak was a special gift given to Hiruko by her almost fulltime caretaker & mentor, Mimi. Marowak has been with Hiruko most of her life & has never been away from her side.

Pokemon Species: Typhlosion
Pokemon Gender: Female
Nickname: None
How was it caught/history: Typhlosion was A gift given to her as A Cyndiquil by A young man in the Johto region who had A small crush on Hiruko. Typhlosion is quite special to Hiruko for that reason.

Pokemon Species: Duskull
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: None
How was it caught/history: Hiruko had heard about The Old Cheateu in the region of Sinnoh & wanted to explore. She had heard that Gastly, Hauntar & Even Gengar made the old manchine their habitat, but when a small Duskull came flying out at her from a wall behind her, she diddn't know what to think. Duskull was so attatched to Hiruko at the end of the day that he let Hiruko catch him without hesitation or struggle. Duskull is still in training for he is young & somewhat weak, but with Hiruko for a trainer..he'll be strong in no time at all!

July 30th, 2007, 7:29 AM
Wow, nice entries everyone. First off, I edited my original post with info on the # of pokemon. Hiro Scout, I sent you a PM about it. The rule was meant to be put in earlier, but typing that big long Plot made me forget about it. It's that only 3 pokemon can belong to each person and no one can have same pokemon from the same "family" tree. Also, I'm not sure if you all remembered, they don't live in Hoenn, they live in a region I made called Lanjer. I'm sorry for all the incovinience, this may have caused. Just edit your original post so it fits that rule. Sorry.
^ this is out of character in case you didn't know :p

mew three
July 30th, 2007, 8:28 AM
Name: Bart Mant

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Physical Description: He has light brown(ish) hair with blends of red and ginger that look realy cool in the summer. His eyes are as yellow and as bright as a cats, it stands out like a sore (spelling?) thumb, in the night.He wears a T-shirt that says "KICK KIESTER" on the front. Over that he wears a sort of biker jacket but the only difference is that it is dark blue and has a red strip going down the collar (or whatever them things are called). On the back of his jacket it says "YOU'RE A NEW DEFANITION TO LAME!"

History: Bart grew up in the kanto region in Cerulian city. When he was old enough, his dad wanted him to be a kanto champion. But Bart wanted to be the Lanjer champion. He wanted to explore Lanjer, discover its mysteries. When he was old enough to start exploring, he told his dad he wanted to explore Lanjer. His dad was outraged because he wanted his son to be the Kanto Champ. He chased him round the house trying to punch him but bart was to quick. He slammed open the door and headed to the ferrie to Lanjer.

Other: He is nearly always aggresive from what happend on that day when he told his dad he wanted to explore Lanjer. The only thing that could turn im around is someone who is caring, loving and just plain nice!


Species: Magmar

Gender: Male

Nicname: Hotstreak

How it was caught/history: One day Bart was walking past a river and he happend to spot a Magby drinking out of the water. The magby fell into the watter and was drowning by the second. Bart grabbed it, tossed it on the shore and took it to the poke-center. Once Magby was recoverd, he never left Barts side and he eventualy evolved.

Species: Electabuzz

Gender: Male

Nickname: static

How it was caught/history: Bart saw (spelling?) a very strong looking Elekid so Bart thought he might aswell catch it. And soon enough it evolved.

Species: Sudowoodo

Gender: Male

Nickname: Woody

How it was caught/history: Bart was just bouncing an empty pokeball at trees that he walked by. Then, one of the trees he hit went inside the pokeball. It turned out it was a Sudowoodo.

July 30th, 2007, 8:49 AM
Sign-Up Sheet:
Trainer Name: Kimi
Trainer Gender:Male
Physical Description: Kimi is fairly more scrawny then most boys his age, his muscles havent quite devolped yet so he isn't very strong. he usually wears a black robe with regular pants. He wears a hat like Ash hoping to one day become like him. He usually wears gloves to cover up his long bony fingers, his eyes are a hazelnut and his hair is a long black. He wears sunglasses over his eyes even when hes inside.

Trainer History: Kimi was born from a family of violence, his father was slaughtered by a wild Gyarados and his mother had Cancer and died. Kimi was put in an adoption home but escaped. He came across a village and they took him in as there own. Although he was not taught by the best trainer, he still has the skills to become one of the greatest.

Other: (does not need to be filled)

Trainer's Pokemon:
Pokemon Species: Slakoth
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: none
How was it caught/history: One day as Kimi was walking through a forest, a large fruit dropped on his head, he looked up to see a lounging Slakoth. It seemed to be intrested in Kimi so it climbed down and started to poke him. Kimi pulled out a candy bar and shared it with the Slaktoh, which seemed to be in heaven from it. Although Kimi had no intention of making friends with it, the Slakoth followed him around and evuantullay became his friend. He doesnt have a pokeball so he just hangs on to Kimi's shoulder.

July 30th, 2007, 8:29 PM
Sign-Up Sheet:
Trainer Name:Jason Creed
Trainer Gender:Male
Physical Description: Standing at 6 feet 3 inches Jason is not used to looking up at anyone. He hides his messy blond hair in a black cap, that matches his comfortably tight black T-shirt. His Jeans are some what baggy, yet match the color of his deep blue eyes. Jason's stern face hardly cracks a smile, yet not the slightest blemish appears. Constant training has kept Jason in tip top shape.
Trainer History: Jason's mother and father abandoned him when he was 4, leaving him to live in an Orphanage in the outskirts of Lavender Town. He made little friends and stuck to himself while he was there. He was labeled a loner, and was quite small at the time. At the age of 10 he set off to explore the world, setting his sights toward Johto in hopes to leave his childhood memories behind. By the age of 15 Jason had grew considerably, met numerous people and had partaken in numerous events. None of which truly impacted his life, except for the occasional trainer being intimidated by his size. Now at 17 years old he has set off toward Lanjer leaving behind the region of Sinnoh. Lanjer would just be one more place to mark off...
Other: Quiet and easily annoyed. He is not quick to start a fight, but he will finish one. It takes a lot to gain his trust, and though it may not seem like he cares, odds are he does.

Trainer's Pokemon:
Pokemon Species: Gengar
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
How was it caught/history: Gengar met Jason as a Gasly while he was in the orphanage. They quickly became best friends and visited each other daily. When it was time to set off toward Johto and the rest of their lives Gasly was quick to leave with him. Through the many battles and rough adventures they had Gasly soon found himself to be a wise and powerful Gengar.

July 30th, 2007, 10:09 PM
Wow a lot of people that lost their parents. Haha, guess the idea spreads when the story is about death. :p

Anyways, all of you and your pokemon have been excepted now, just one more RPer is needed! Then we can get this RP on the move!

July 31st, 2007, 4:55 AM
Mind if i make another entry form for a pokemon?

Trainer's Pokemon
Pokemon Species: Slugma
Pokemon Gender: Male
Nickname: (If ther is one)
How was it caught/history: Kimi was fighting a battle against another trainer, when all of the sudden, there was an eruption. It was coming from the nearby mountian, and seemed deadly. The other trainer forfeited and started running. Kimi ran, but to a safe distance so he could watch. As the lava slowly inched down, Kimi saw the source of the problem. A Slugma was leading the lava toward a small village. Kimi went to the Slugma, and battled it. He barely defeated it, and knew that Slugma would be an invaulble partner, so he caught it.

July 31st, 2007, 7:59 AM
Wow a lot of people that lost their parents. Haha, guess the idea spreads when the story is about death. :p

Anyways, all of you and your pokemon have been excepted now, just one more RPer is needed! Then we can get this RP on the move!

Yes! Were almost ready to start this! w00t!! This is gonna be so much fun =D

Come on last Rper, get here already! >_<

July 31st, 2007, 9:22 AM
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July 31st, 2007, 9:23 AM
Was my second pokemon entry accepted?

July 31st, 2007, 9:24 AM
oh ya, sorry I'll add it and Macargo to the list. (is that spelling on Macargo right?)

ps: a little fun fact about the names I chose for the Osore family. Osore means horror, so house of horror is the title. Otokooya means father, Hahaoya means mother, and Suchi means son in japanese. I'm so original! Haha

July 31st, 2007, 9:25 AM
yeah, it is, im pretty sure. man we need one more member xD.

July 31st, 2007, 9:41 AM
I found it! It's under Edit. d

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July 31st, 2007, 12:22 PM
I'm very sorry, please don't blame kimimaro. I did state that I was deleting my posts cuz it was getting spammy. I'm kind of a neat freak so I guess that saved me there, It won't happen again I promise. (ok no more posts until the next person joins then I will start the RP.) Again, I'm very sorry Mizuki. And I wasn't trying to be funny. I wanted to take it PM, but it already got too far in so I just suggested deleting. Sorry.

July 31st, 2007, 8:03 PM
Hi all. Look, I may not be here when the RolePlay starts. Due to the fact i'm going out of the country for two weeks. I don't like the idea but it's too late to change my mind. If I can get my dad's laptop I MIGHT be able to be here, if i'm able to be in the Roleplay i'll make another post. I will be attending as much as possible & don't be afraid to start without me. I'll find a way to fit in with what's going on. ^^;

August 1st, 2007, 9:29 AM
That's fine. Hiro Scout will also be joining late, along with whoever the last person will be. Since I got a PM saying that this thread might die if we don't start the RP, I decided it's a good idea to start it now.
Shikyo was just finishing packing the essentials, food, an extra pair of clothes, the first pokeballs he has ever owned, a toothbrush, and a fancy Rolex watch. He was just about to leave, when his foster mom and dad called him to come into the kitchen. They asked if Shikyo was forgetting anything. “No, I have everything you told me to pack, what could I have forgotten?” His foster parents stared at each other and laughed. Shikyo had felt like something had just gone through him and their Pnevma was. She was smiling and laughing along with Shikyo’s parents. “Thanks mom and dad, if I forgot Pnevma, there wouldn’t be a point.” He was about to leave again and then his dad said not to go near the House of Osore. If he would go near it, his ancestors would know that they are blood relatives and try to make him one of the ghosts that haunt Osore. He said he understood but that was more like, who actually believes in ghosts. Pnevma understood what he meant and stuck its tongue out at Shikyo and gave a face that meant, I’M A GHOST FOR PETE’S SAKE!

August 1st, 2007, 10:28 AM
OOC: I updated my Character sheet. Fixed spelling and added to the "Other" section. Glad to see you took my Advice Pipluper.

BIC: Dead leaves from the surrounding forest crunched under Jason's march. Glimmers of light could be spotted raining in from the canopy above. The beauty of the forest embraced him. The cool breeze that occasionally knocked up the path of leaves calmed his nerves, it was nothing like where he came from, and thats what he loved about it. Pokemon of all sorts hide in the forest. The occasional Pidgey could be spotted flying overhead, and Oddish could be seen rummaging through bushes. This was Lanjer. And though it was full of wondrous beauty, in the end, it would just be one more place in a life filled with endless wandering.

August 1st, 2007, 4:43 PM
Shikyo was on his way to the pokemart outside of town to stock up on some potions. While he was walking, Pnevma was floating around examining its surroundings. A wild squirtle was staring at Pnevma with big glowing eyes and then it got dizzy. The squirtle fell over and retreated back into its shell. Shikyo had not noticed any of this because he was busy thinking about the House of Osore. What really would happen if he had visited the cob-webbed house of horror? While he was thinking Pnevma decided to take a side route to the pokemart. Shikyo was still too deep in thought so he didn’t mind Pnevma leaving for a bit. Pnevma floated out into a field about the size of a football field. She found that same wild squirtle and it got dizzy again and went into its shell. Pnevma gathered all the shadows in her mouth then released it all in a ball like form blasting that little shell the length of the field and straight in to a sun-lit pond. The glimmer in the pond attracted Pnevma to it. She floated over there and saw a ripple in the water. She hesitantly neared the pond and looked straight into it. A Wartortle popped out and water gunned her. She fell backwards onto the ground and the Wartortle returned to the pond. Pnevma sat there and whimpered yelling “Misdreavus” at the top of her lungs. Shikyo came running towards her and asked what happened. Pnevma told him the story in pokemon talk and somehow Shikyo knew every word she said. “You shouldn’t just attack pokemon for no reason at all. If you ever do that again, I’ll force you into one of these pokeballs I bought.” They reached a blue-roofed building and entered. A man in a red vest approached Shikyo and Pnevma with a face of amazement. He asked why his Misdreavus was not in a pokeball. Shikyo answered his question and looked down onto the man’s vest. Their sat a shining gold name tag that said, Assistant Manager, Shoki. Shikyo had realized why the man had asked that, question and just said “I already have enough pokeballs, you don’t have to sell me any.” He bought what he had come for and he a Pnevma head off to Kakidashi City where he would meet all his friends.

Cosmic Tyrant
August 1st, 2007, 6:19 PM
Ralph wandered the beach of Lilycove along side his beloved Poliwhirl. He was growing bored of the surroundings he had grown acoustomed to every day. Even the ocasional trip to Fortree was tiresome. Just as he was going to talk to his Poliwhirl, a young, hot-headed trainer called him out. "Hey, you!" She called out with a vigorous tone. "Your Pokemon looks tough! Let's battle!" Ralph noticed that the trainer was with another person. He looked calm enough, but he wasn't a trainer. "Okay then" Ralph said with his usual calm, stern voice. "I'm up for a little fun. Whay say you, Poliwhirl?" Poliwhirl let out what seemed like a laugh. "Alright!" Said the trainer as she gripped onto a Pokeball and hurled it on the battlefield. "Go Glalie!" Glalie glared at Poliwhirl, who returnedthe glare without hesitation. "Glaie, use Takedown!" Said the young trainer. Glalie linged at poliwhirl at an intense speed. "Poliwhirl, dodge it,quick!" Yelled Ralph. Poliwhirl doged with just seconds to spare. There was just one problem: Their surroundings were real closed together with trees and building walls. Glalie ricocheted of the obsticals one by one, just missing Poliwhirl with each shot, but gtting speedier. "This isn't good..." Started Ralph. Then he thought of something. at the rate of Glalie, a well placed physical attack would knock it flat. Glalie's Takedown may have been poison, but Ralph knew he had the antidote. "Poliwhirl, go near that tree and prepare to use brick break!" He yelled. The young trainers eyes widened. "Glalie, look out..." She said, but it was too late. Glalie was hit, and hard. "Oh no..." said the Trainer's friend. "You're glalie is in serious shape!" Ralph started to feel remorse, but shrugged it off and said "I'm sorry for what happened to your pokemon. If you want a rematch, I'll be waiting." and with that, he waked off. Ralph and Poliwhirl were near the outskirts of Lilycove when ralph asked him. "You don't mind if we take a little vacation from this city, do you?" Poliwhirl gave a look of warning. "Don't worry" Ralph replied, I already asked our parent's for permission, they're totaly cool with it." and with that, Poliwhirl nodded. "Okay then, let's go!" And the two made off into the wild unknown, completely unaware that they were traveling toward the Lanjer region...

August 1st, 2007, 6:27 PM
Kazuki skipped threw the forests singing, "We're off to see the wizard! The Wizard of Osore!" Alongside of his pokemon who were singing along. Kazuki believed that there was a wizard that guarded the house of Osore. He heard it from a five year old that didn't know squat, but Kazuki was so foolish he'd beleive just about anything! "Waaahh!!" A whale came from in the bushes. Kazuki looked and saw a little girl and boy. "Hiya! Name's Kazuki Ichigo! What's your names?" Kazuki said excited. The young children stared at Kazuki as if he were crazy. They all stared at each other for what might have seemed like hours. "Well, it was nice meeting you!" Kazuki said as he walked off and began singing again. The two children began following him, and he never even noticed...

Fuyuko the Rampant
August 2nd, 2007, 9:02 PM
If there are anymore slots left i'd like to apply.

Trainer Name:Aura Godwell
Trainer Gender:Female
Physical Description:Red hair that falls down to shoulders.She is often mistaken for a boy as she is seen wearing a blue cap over her head.She wears a red shirt and purple pant most of the time.She also has a streak of purple in the front of her hair to try to stand out from the crowd.She is shorter then most people being 5'2.She isn't seen around many people because she usually avoids places with too many people,as she is very timid around a large group of people.The only time she is seen around a lot of people is when she is on the boat rides as she is forced to be around a lot of people.

Trainer History:Her mother had died when she was five due to an illness from a war her great grandfather was in.Her father wanted her to become a scientist alongside him,but ever since the incident she had decided to leave Kanto and travel into the Lanjer region to forget the pain she had endured and to defeat Team Rocket.Although she is looking for Team Rocket she decides to take a detour to the house of Lanjer to take on the challenges there hopeing she won't have to encounter many people,and thinking it would be a good place to seclude herself for a while.

Trainer's Pokemon:

Pokemon Species: Porygon-2
Pokemon Gender:None
Her father was a scientist working on the worlds first man made Pokemon.Days after the experiment was completed Team Rocket had ambushed Silph.Co leaving the buildings in shambles and the Porygon nearly killed.After she heard about the explosion she had rushed over desperately hanging on to the hope that her father was still alive.Seeing nothing but ashes of what used to be Silph.Co she saw a small blur of red and blue.Aura had ran over to it and remembered about the project her father was working on and placed it in a pokeball her mother had given her years before she had died.She got on her Bicycle and over to the Poke Center.After three days of non stop working,the Porygon had been fully healed.From that day on it had decided to protect Aura to try to make amends to what happened to her father.Since that time it had evolved when a trainer had given her a disc and told her the way to evolve her Porygon.In truth it was her father whom gave her the disc to evolve Porygon.Like its trainer it's very timid and likes to stay out of it's pokeball

Pokemon Species:Togetic
Pokemon Gender:Female
During her travels from Kanto to Lanjer she had stopped by the Jhoto Region.When she had almost reached Goldenrod city she was "ambushed" by a elderly couple.They had an egg in their hands asking her if she could take care of it.When it hatched the Togepi instantly became attached to Aura and instantly dubbed her mother.During the boat ride to Hoenn from Jhoto the ship was attacked by a Gyrados,it had tipped the ship over and almost had Aura but Togepi came out from her pokeball and evolved and used Metronome and the attack became Thunderbolt attack everything in the water leaving most things in the near dead or extreamly burnt.

Pokemon Species:Gardevoir
Pokemon Gender:Female
This pokemon was recieved from her mother.Before her mother had died on her death bed she had instructed Aura to go into the closet.There stood a pokeball with yellow stripes on it.She had let out the pokemon inside and out popped out a beautiful Gardevoir.She had decided to name her after her nearly dead mother in recgonition of her.It's psychic powers and intelligence nearly matches that of a Alakazam.Not much is know about her Gardevoir as she had only used her twice in the time she had obtained her.

August 2nd, 2007, 9:04 PM
"I know...were almost...there.." Cheryl sighed.
"Aipom." Aipom said in agreement.
"You have been on my shoulder the whole time,which I might add,is quite painful."
Aipom hops off and starts to walk alongside Cheryl.They were trying to find a place called Kakidashi City.Aipom started to walk on its hands,running ahead of Cheryl.
"Wait up!" she yelled to it.
It stopped abruptly and let her catch up to it.
"Y'know Aipom,how about slowing down and taking in all the beauty and nature of the Lanjer reigon!" Cheryl told it.
"Aipom." was all it said.

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 3rd, 2007, 7:54 AM
Trainer Name: AJ Valentine
Trainer Gender: Male
Age: 17
Physical Description: AJ is average height and weight, he is Hispanic male which means his skin tone is dark, a tannish kind of tone. He has snowy white hair, that almost looks like platinum. His hair is in a short ponytail, about six or seven inches. His eyes are a angelic baby blue that seem to scream ' Oh my god! It's an Angel!' but his eyes are pretty deceiving. AJ has a medium type face, Not to tense, yet not to 'Cute' it's the whole pretty boy thing, with a great sense of 'I can kick your ass! And it's plastered on my face!' AJ wears a cross pendant right around his neck, it is a shining silver that just seems to kick out at you. AJ's main attire consists of a tight black undershirt made out of generic material, nothing real special. He wears a somewhat small dark crimson red combat vest with flames on the topper sleeves, on the back of the vest it reads in bold white letters ' Made In Heaven' and over that he wears a large white trench coat that has a cross on the back that is black and also the title, 'Fallen Angel'. He wears tight black pants, a nice leather texture. He also wears black combat boots, they have an iron sole in each shoe for more efficient walking. He has black fingerless gloves, they aren't fuzzy, just real padded. He is muscular, but not in the way that muscles are bulging everywhere and it looks like your kind of on steroids... AJ has a gold stud in his left ear ( Not Gay!) About 5'7, 145 lbs

Trainer History: AJ Valentine was born in Blackthorn City in the Johto Reigon.
His parents were, Misty and Joshua Valentine, He continued to live in
the Johto Reigon until he was 16, but we're not there yet.
When AJ was seven he wondered into Ice caverns and found a togepi egg.
He hatched the egg several days later and found a togepi, His togepi
became his partner, and when he turned 15 the togepi evolved into Togepectic.
When AJ was about to travel to Langer he was given a Porygon as a gift.
As AJ was on the train to the Langer reigon he was given an upgrade after many battles.
He evolved his Porygon into Porygon2. When he finnaly reached the Langer reigon he got off the train
and went into the reigon, battling and journying, on the way he was given a Pikachu by a man who bred Pikachu's.
And this is where we are now.

Other: (does not need to be filled)

Trainer's Pokemon:
Pokemon Species: Togetic
Pokemon Gender: Male
How was it caught/history: Back when AJ was young he was playing in the ice caves near blackthorn city, while he was in there he discovered an egg that had been abandoned. He took the egg and decided to hatch it, days later the egg hatched and out came a togepi. Togepi became AJ's freind and when AJ turned about 15 Togepi evolved into Togepectic.

Pokemon Species: Porygon2
Pokemon Gender:
How it was caught: Porygon was given to AJ as a going away present by his family, while on the train to Langer he evolved it with the Upgrade he was given as a battle prize.

Pokemon Species: Pikachu
Pokemon Gender: Male
How it was caught: While AJ was traveling he met up with a pikachu breeder, after helping the breeder with some chores he was given the baby pikachu, it's been on AJ's team eversince.

August 3rd, 2007, 8:28 AM
OOC: Auraoa, you're accepted. Fallen Angel, I have 10 trainers now and there is no need for anymore. But if you want you can become someone kinda like team rocket. A villainous person or something.

BIC: Shikyo was walking along the road to Kakidashi City trying to spot any of his friends who are also headed there. Shikyo heard a beeping tune and then noticed a vibration in his hand. He pulled his hands out of his pockets and answered his cell phone. It was Cheryl and she told Shikyo about how Aipom was giving her a hard time. She said she had just past a pond with an angry family of squirtles and wartortles. Shikyo recalled the event of Pnevma attacking that poor little squirtle. Off in the distance Shikyo could see a green and orange sign that said “Welcome to Kakidashi City”. He ran as fast as he could, hoping he would meet some of his friends. When he reached the entrance, a man in a black tux took out a sensor like you would find in an airport. “What’s going on here that you guys have to check people with those?” The man just replied with a simple, “Clear.” Shikyo was now in the city, the sidewalk was sparkled so the light would make it shimmer, the street lights were a rusted-black color with an elegant design, the building were made of red and brown brick and the closest one to Shikyo looked like it would collapse any minute. In the windows of every store shone a neon green sign that said “Open” except in that same building that looked abandoned. There sat no sign, but the windows were boarded up and had cob-webs in the window corners. Shikyo wondered whether or not that was the House of Osore. He went up to a man who was staring at the empty building. Shikyo asked him why he was staring. The man replied, “I know what you’re thinking and this is NOT the House of Osore. This used to be a gym, but ever since the pokemon league left Lanjer, all of the gyms were shut down. I was the leader of this one, I used all fighting type pokemon and I loved them like I loved my children.” Shikyo felt sympathy for the old man and then asked why the guards at the entrance were checking people. “A priceless artifact was stolen from the art museum 2 days ago. They don’t let anyone in with any clay item because that’s what the artifact was made of.” Shikyo went and sat in the pokecenter and healed Pnevma of that water gun. He got tired of waiting for people so he decided to go back out and talk to that man again. He walked to the empty building and the man was gone. He asked Pnevma to track him down using its ability to track where footsteps were. Shikyo followed Pnevma about 2 blocks then they caught up to the man. He had two pokemon out, Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan. Shikyo viewed from the corner of the building for a while then went up to the man. “You look like you haven’t battled in a while. Would you like to challenge me?” The man nodded and gave a sign that said “follow me”. Shikyo followed silently along with Pnevma sighing because she was bored also. They reached a basketball court and the man announced he’d use Hitmonchan first. “Hitmonchan is all that can hurt your Misdreavus because my fighting type attacks won’t affect that ghost type pokemon.” Shikyo asked “Wouldn’t Hitmonchan’s attacks not affect Pnevma either?” The man did not reply but had a smug smile on his face then looked down at his pokeball with Hitmonchan in it. “GO HITMONCHAN!” Hitmonchan came glowing out of the pokeball also with a grin of evil on it.
The battle began, “Pnevma use Shadow Ball!” Shadows from all around gathered into Pnevma’s mouth and it was released in a ball like form, it struck Hitmonchan square in the chest. Hitmonchan just ignored it and got in a stance for a punch. “Pnevma give it another shadow ball before it’s ready for that punch!” It hit him square in the chest again but Hitmonchan failed to acknowledge it. The old man yelled, “Let it all out!” The Hitmonchan’s fist glowed with fire and he charged at Pnevma with speed a Rapidash could have. He smacked Pnevma as hard as he could and she tumbled to the ground and began to whimper. “Pnevma it’s okay! Use Pain Split!” Pnevma closed its eyes and began to glow and smile while Hitmonchan winced in pain. “Now Pnevma use Psybeam and win it for us!” Pnevma began to glow purple, blue and black, then a beam of the same colors shot out of its pearls and struck Hitmonchan hard. Hitmonchan was done battling and the old man accepted defeat. “Your Misdreavus has much potential, you may be able to train it like I trained my pokemon.” Shikyo asked, “Do you mean how your Hitmonchan used Fire Punch without you having to tell it? Like it can read your mind?” The old man replied, “That is what I mean, also I want you to have this, it’s a badge from my gym and the last I have. I want you to keep as a memory of things you’ve held close to your heart.” Shikyo remembered his family’s death and then thanked the old man. He headed back to the pokemart hoping to see his friends again. For the first time in his life, he smiled at the thought of his family….

Cosmic Tyrant
August 3rd, 2007, 8:54 AM
Ralph and Poliwhirl had travled for hours now, and the two were getting hungry. "Let's see..." Ralph said while observing their surroundings. "There's a McCheezy's, and a Black Fortress." What do you feel like, Poliwhirl. Poliwhirl made a hexagon shape with his hand. "Oh, right. You're a Pokemon. Sorry, it's just you act so much like a person to me I sometimes forget." After all, Poliwhirl has been treated like a regular person in the Tomson family. So after the two got their choice fillings. Ralph and Poliwhirl entered a town caled Orahiem city. Ralph instantly made a beeline to the Pokemart for potions and pokeballs. Not that Poliwhirl diddn't have one, but Ralph believed that if Poliwhirl got a lot of fresh air, it would be healthier. A while later they left Orahiem city, waiting to see where they go next...

August 3rd, 2007, 10:05 AM
OOC: Nevermind Fallen Angel, you can join but you need different pokemon. Since Kimimaro got banned I'm gonna have to replace him. Also I can't type a new part to the RP right now cuz if you read my previous post, I'm waiting for everyone else at Kakidashi City. (Kakidashi means beginning XD)

August 3rd, 2007, 10:30 AM
Now holding Aipom by his tail,Cheyl had finally made it to Kadashi City.And a giant *THAMWP* was heard
" that was my head, That did not feel good!" She said.She had run into a sign.As she looked up a man holdoing a kind of sensor was standing before her.She stood up and stayed still for a second.
"Clear" the man said,and she dashed into Kadashi City.
Where is Shikyo? she thought.

After awhile she saw a giant building that loomed over the rest of the town.
'Wow.It kinda looks like something on the set of a -"
"Ai,Aipom!" Aipom said, motioning her to go in.
"No.Were not going in."
"Ai!" Aipom said and pointed to something.
It looked as though Shikyo was having a battle with someone.Pnevma was trying to hurt the other mans Hitmonchan,but was failing in his attempt.
Now where was the meeting place?Oh yeah.The pokecenter.
And she ran off.

Fuyuko the Rampant
August 3rd, 2007, 3:51 PM
"Hey Insanity,what'd think we'll face in the house of Osore?"Aura asked looking over her shoulder at her old friend."Pory pory"Was all the robotic creature could respond with.In truth Aura didn't really want to go to the house of Osore.Afraid that it could jepordise the time she'll have to track Team Rocket,and that she has a immense fear of dark places.She sighed softly not sure where Kakidashi City was."Let's see what supplies we'll need while I figure out where Kakidashi City is.Three revives,four full restores and two hyper potions.Will last us a while I hope.""Pory pory!"Porygon-2 shouted"Right six revives.I wonder if i'll have to meet too many people at the house of Osore."Aura kept walking unsure of the path she was taking.Soon she saw a city up ahead."Please let that be civilazation."She had mumbled to herself,racing over with Porygon-2 bounding behind her.She was stopped by a man with a odd object."Clear"The man mumbled to her."Alright odd,but on another note first thing to do find a Pokemart."As she was searching for one close by she heard battling nearby so she decided to investigate.She heard"GO HITMONCHAN"and saw fire being built up in a Hitmonchan's boxing glove.She giggled lightly when she saw the cute little Misdreavous."Pnevma use Shadow Ball!"Aura winced slightly remembering ghost type attacks wouldn't affect fighting types.Out of no where Insanity jumped right next to her and shouted "PORY PORY!""Ahh Insanity shh.Let's get out of here before they notice us."So they did though they didn't find a Pokemart for a good ten minutes,as Aura was too focused on that cute Misdreavous."Hmm,let's stop by the pokemoncenter.Togetic was badly injured in the last battle.Also I think that's where Shikyo said the meeting place would be."So she raced off looking for it,while leaving her Porygon-2 behind,clueless for a few seconds.

August 3rd, 2007, 4:21 PM
Shikyo was walking down the glittered sidewalk towards the pokecenter, as he was walking he could hear a faint sound that sounded like a porygon. “Pory, pory” He ran towards the sound and around a corner and saw the pokemon center. Its red roof and white walls seemed to shine in the dumpy rundown city of Kakidashi. He neared the glossy glass doors of the building which slid smoothly and silently open as he neared an overhead sensor. Nurse Joy smiled at him as he walked in. “Have you seen anyone named Cheryl or Aura today?” Nurse Joy smiled at him, “Yes I saw a young lady today, her name was Aura and she had a badly beat up Togetic. If you would like to see her, she’s in the waiting room right over there.” She pointed to a pure white room with a red sign over it that said “Waiting Room”. Shikyo thanked the nurse and walked into the room hoping to see Aura. The room was white with bright lights that made Shikyo a bit teary-eyed. Shikyo spotted a pink and blue round shape on the far left corner of the room. It was Aura! She was caressing her Porygon-2 and looked up and saw Shikyo. She smiled at him and patted the seat next to her. Shikyo sat down and asked her what was going on. She replied telling Shikyo about her Togetic, nothing big. They sat there and waited sharing stories about their pokemon and their journeys, waiting for the other people to come join them.

Fuyuko the Rampant
August 3rd, 2007, 5:53 PM
After Shikyo and Aura had finished their chat Nurse Joy had came out of the ER and told her"Don't worry Togetic will be fine,just make sure she doesn't strain herself too much and she'll be fine"And out came Togetic jumping on Aura"Hey Nekomi how're you doing girl?"Aura said petting her head"Togetic!"The pokemon of happiness cried.Insanity had floated over to them both and cheered"Pory pory!"The robotic sentry shouted back at Nekomi."Hmm now the next thing I need to think about.The way to evolve you both.Let's think about it guys.Let's think on the past on how you two evolved.Insanity evolved from a disc and trading him.So I suppose we need another upgrade?No that'd probably just give us the same result.Perhaps another disc?Hmm let's just stick with that theory for now.Now let's move onto Nekomi now.She evolved through trying to protect me.Perhaps if we put her into the same situation?Hmm,well she is the happiness pokemon maybe if she were traded she would evolve?Possibly,maybe if I used a stone,I have heard about new stones discovered in Sinnoh.Sadly I hadn't found any of them during my journey there.Hmm maybe if the others were around we could all figure out a way to evolve each of our pokemon.It would make a interesting conversation."She mumbled so only her pokemon and she could hear."Togetic""Pory pory"Both of her pokemon said looking at her,trying to think of ways to evolve themselves as well.She looked at them both and smiled"Oh well,when it's the time you'll both evolve."She said smiling lightly."Togetic!""Pory pory!"They both said in unison sounding as though they were cheering.Aura looked behind her and smiled at her friend Shikyo,he smiled back motioning for her to come sit next to him."Hmm wonder how long it'll be until the others will arrive."She mumbled walking over slowly."Suppose we'll just have to wait and see."

August 3rd, 2007, 6:14 PM
Shikyo was enjoying the mystery of evolving Aura's pokemon although he had no intention to evolve Pnevma yet. He stared at Nekomi as if it were his mother, and he smiled realizing why, his mother had always made him happy when he was a young boy and Togetic was the pokemon of happiness. Shikyo asked Aura if he could see Aurora, she agreed and let her beautiful green and white pokemon grace the clean white marble floor. "Gardevoir" it announced. Shikyo was astonished at how powerful psychic type pokemon were. Their power so immense it could wipe out Pnevma in a single blow. He stared at its deep, red eyes, almost like in a trance until Aura waved her hand in front of his eyes. "Wha....oh sorry, I was zoning out there for a second." Aura asked if she could put Aurora back in its pokeball and Shikyo nodded his head thinking about psychics, and their power, but also their weakness, dark. Shikyo wondered if he wanted to capture a new pokemon to add to his team, should it be a Houndour? An Absol? Or a Murkrow? He sat there thinking deeply about each and everyone and then finally asked Aura, "Do you know where I could catch and Absol in this region?" She shook her head and said,"No but I bet Nurse Joy would know." Shikyo nodded and got up from his seat and walked over to Nurse Joy and asked her where he might find and absol to capture. "If I'm not mistaken you can find one in Weather Cave, just west of here. If you walk down the path about 4 miles, you should find a cave their where there lives an absol." Shikyo thanked her and took he seat next to Aura again. "Did she know?" Shikyo nodded. "You've been nodding a lot lately, you need to talk a bit more. Are you planning on evolving your Pnevma?" Shikyo shook his head. "C'MON WHY WON'T YOU TALK ANYMORE!!!" Shikyo just gave a big sigh then looked into her eyes and grinned then buried his face in the new issue of "People".

August 3rd, 2007, 7:50 PM
The light among the tree top canopy slowly sparkled less and less. The air got colder. The Pokemon became more scarce. Even the Pidgey that had been flying overhead had seemed to of disappeared. The ambiance had made a slow but steady change. This did not stop Jason from walking. Judging by the temperature drop and heavy feeling, a big storm was coming. The only thing that crossed his mind was the words shelter and fast. Nothing seemed worse than getting caught up in a huge storm and no way to protect yourself from it. His pace quickened. Unaware of where he was or where he was going, the urge to find shelter became greater. Before he knew it, Jason had walked himself into a thick fog. With very poor visibility, he slowed down considerably. And as fate would have, shelter. An old house. Creepy at first sight, but he didn't care. He had accomplished a goal. After a quick inspection, Jason determined the house was abandoned, judging from the many broken windows and old chipped wood. Picking up a nearby branch, he cleared out the jagged shards of glass that used to be a window and climbed in. Rain would not be far behind, he was sure of it.

August 3rd, 2007, 9:13 PM
OOC: Boo! Hi, i'm here & ready to Roleplay ^^

BIC: Standing just outside Kakidashi City, A relievd Hiruko took in a deep breath & exhaled. Her Marowak was equally exited, though neither of them expressed it. Finnaly, she was home in the Lanjer region. Marowak leaped into Hiruko's arms & made her way atop her trainer's shoulders, preparing for what she knew was coming. "Woooohooo!!" Hiruko yelled, for she could no longer contain her massive amount of exitment. Hiruko ran down the steep hill overlooking Kakdashi City. Marowak grew nervous as they headed twords the large city. Halfway down the hill, Hiruko's eyes widened. "Uh..oh no..I CAN'T STOP!" Hiruko screamed franticly, for she knew she was no longer in control. They enterd the city while Hiruko was still uncontrolably running. "'Scuse me! Pardon me ma'am!" Hiruko yelled as she ran past many people. Hiruko saw the local Pokemon Center ahead. "Yes!" she thought to herself. The automatic doors opened & an exausted Hiruko fell flat on her face, panting like A Poocheyena in the middle of Summertime. Marowak got off Hiruko & brushed herself off, acting as if nothing had happend. Hiruko eventually got up after a couple minutes & sat by her Marowak. They stared at eachthor, after a minute of intense staring, they both laughed. Hiruko & Marowak were having the same thoughts, "Boy, those were the days..."

Cosmic Tyrant
August 3rd, 2007, 9:51 PM
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(IC) Ralph and Poliwhirl had walked for a few hours since their last city, and they were getting tired. Then Poliwhirl saw a pond and decided to jump in. Poliwhirl took of in great speed, leaving Ralph in a cloud of dust."Ptooey!" He excaimed as he swept the dust from his face. "Where's the fire! you never run that fast, not even for food!" Then Ralph saw that Poliwhirl was in a pond. "Oh, right, your body needs to keep itself slimy." He said. "Well, soak up for about a half an hour, then let's go!" After the crisp swim, the two walked down the road again. then they came to a rickety shack. "Howdy!" said a man that came out of the shack. "I don't see two many people 'round these parts." Ralph looked puzzled. "No kidding, huh? how come?" He asked. The man raised an eyebrow and simply said "Osore." "Osore?" Ralph said in disbelief. "Yes" said the man, "Osore. There's a town up ahead called Kakidashi city. It's got a fair amount of citizians, but there's an old haunted house located near there. It'd be best it you stayed away from there." "Alright, I'll heed that warning." Ralph said. "By the way, you interested in buying stones?" "Stones?" Aske ralph,not knowing where the man was going with this. "Gee kid, you sure do repeat a lot of things. I noticed that you have a Poliwhirl. And I sell elemental stones to evolve Pokemon such as Poliwhirl." "Ahhh..." Started ralph, then said "Yeah, I'll buy a water stone, though I doubt I'll ever use it." And with that, Ralph got a water stone. The two went off once again, just about four blocks from Kakidashi...

August 4th, 2007, 7:19 AM
After reading about how Nicole Richie was pregnant, Shikyo was wondering where Cheryl, Ralph, Kazuki, Hiruko, and Jason. Then it hit him, Cheryl said she was by that pond which mean’s she must’ve been in the pokecenter longer than he was. He scanned the room looking for someone with red hair and pigtails. There, two rows down, Shikyo could see her resting her head on and old overweight man. She had fallen asleep she was so bored waiting and she didn’t notice us. Shikyo slowly walked over and gently woke her up. The old man gave Shikyo a nasty look and shoved the girl hard. Cheryl woke up with a scream. “What’s wrong!? Did you have a bad dream!? Did the guy hurt you!?” Cheryl said yes to the first one, “It was about the house of Osore. I think someone is in trouble there and went into the house.” Shikyo replied with the usual, it’s just a dream and its ok. Shikyo told her to come sit next to her and Aura. “Tell us about your dream.” She explained to them that she has seen someone crawl through a window into an old wooden abandoned house. A storm was getting near and he needed shelter. She mentioned the person looked like Jason. “It’ll be just fine, you don’t have to worry. I bet you that Jason will arrive any minute with the others. Stop your worrying. I have an idea, let’s go out and find a shop or something, you two can go “shop till you drop” and I’ll just go get something to eat, like a pretzel at Auntie Anne’s. Maybe after I’ll go look for a backpack…..” The two girls nodded and told Nurse Joy to inform their friends that they went to the mall. Nurse Joy waved and smiled goodbye. The three neared the mall and looked at it. It was the same black and red brick as all the other buildings and it looked as dumpy as the old gym. “Maybe I’ll just look for a backpack and forget about some lunch. They might be full of bugs.” As they entered the building, they were amazed at the enormous amount of room that they had to cover. The floors were actually clean and sparkled a grey, white, and black marble tile. The lights overhead reflected off the tile and seemed to follow the group wherever they went. The potted palm trees along the sides of every store entrance gave the place a warm feeling. “On second though, I’ll go get some food anyways.” The two girls looked at each other and sniggered at Shikyo. Shikyo ran off in his own direction before stopping himself to tell the two girls to meet at this same exact place at 3 ‘o clock. Shikyo took off again and headed to the food court. He passed an EB Games, a Lands End, a Bath and Body Works, and anything else you’d find in the mall. He ran around and finally found the food court and got his lunch. He swallowed it whole, and said, “I don’t think a pretzel was enough to fill me up.” He decided to go get some Sbarro’s Pizza. “Three slices of cheese please.” The man gave a nasty frown that seemed to pierce Shikyo’s flesh. He sat down and ate and wondered why people are so mean to him. Maybe it was that he looked so evil, but once you get to know him, he’s a great guy. Or maybe people who work on minimum wage in a mall fast-food restaurant just aren’t very happy people. Shikyo chose the second one because he liked the way he looked and didn’t want to change. “Misdreavus” Pnevma exclaimed. Everyone stared at Shikyo and his face turned red. “I’ll get you some food once I’m finished.” He ate the rest of his pizza slices then took Pnevma to “Pokemon King” or PK. Pnevma ordered a number 3 which was a deep fried caterpie on a stick. She finished eating and the two went to go find Shikyo a new backpack. “I saw a Lands End up here, maybe they’d have a backpack to my liking.” They walked to the store and entered. A peachy short person with blonde hair gave a wide smile at the two. “Hi I’m Dora, would you like any help shopping?” Shikyo nodded and asked her where he could find a black and red backpack. “Ooo we have a great sale on winter jackets right now, you might want one.” Shikyo just told her he didn’t need help anymore because he couldn’t stand people like that. They try to sell you anything but what you’re looking for and he already has a nice warm leather jacket right now. It’s already too big for him anyways. He found what he came for and left to go meet the girls. He walked slowly to the meeting place.

August 4th, 2007, 10:48 AM
Hiruko got up from her spot & rememberd she needed her Pokemon healed. Hiruko walked up to the counter where Nurse Joy was & asked the nurse to heal her Pokemon. "Sure thing." Nurse Joy said, with a big smile on her face. Before Joy left with Hiruko's two Pokeballs, she noticed her Marowak. "Oh, does your Marowak need care too?" Joy asked. "No, she's fine." Hiruko replied. Nurse joy took Hiruko's Pokemon in back for healing. Since she had nothing better to do, Hiruko headed down to the mall & decided to grab A bite to eat for her & Marowak. Hiruko reached into her bag & pulled out A Pokeball before she exitted the Center, "Marowak, return." She called out. Marowak was beamed by a red light decending from the Pokeball & was sucked back in. Hiruko slid the Pokeball back into her bag & pulled out her Ipod & earphones. She popped in her earphones & headed for the mall. Finnaly she was at the mall, with "Best friend" by Aqua still blasting out of her earphones. Hiruko passed many stores before making her way to the the Foodcourt. She took her earphones out & slid her Ipod back into her bag, & her hand came back out with A Pokeball. "Marowak, come out." she called out, A red beam of light came from the Pokeball & took the shape of A Marowak. "So, what are you up for?" she asked Marowak. Marowak pointed to a soft pretzal stand. "Ah, well then..let's go get you A pretzal." Hiruko said as she began to make her way to the stand. "One plain pretzal please, no salt or anything." The girl at the stand gave her a dirty look & filled her order without saying A word. Hiruko sighed, as she diddn't expect anything less. Hiruko paid the money she owed & sat down at a table nearby where Marowak waited for her. "Here ya go." she said, handing Marowak the freshly baked pretzal. Marowak was estatic as she began to devoure the baked treat. Marowak stopped after the first few bites & stared at Hiruko & offered her A peice of the pretzal. "Hmm?" she mumbled in question. "Oh..i'm not hungry, girl." Hiruko said sadly, followed by A sigh. Marowak felt very guilty for not being able to cure her trainer's saddness. "I know what your thinking Marowak, i'm fine..don't worry about me." Hiruko said quietly as she stared down at her feet. Hiruko's orange eye glowed radiantly, you could actually see the light being emmited from it, while her green eye dulled & the pupil faded. Marowak hit Hiruko on the shoulder with her club to stop the "process". "Huh?!" Hiruko squeaked as she was jolted out of her trance-like state. "Oh...thanks girl" Hiruko said, followed up by another sigh. Afterwards, Hiruko left the mall & returned to the Pokemon Center, she grabbed her Pokeballs & left quickly to make her way to the meeting place.

August 6th, 2007, 10:14 PM
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August 7th, 2007, 6:10 AM
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