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The Continent of Nariel. Throughout its long history, the continent has been embroiled in strife, bloodshed, and then short periods of peace. One country, however, has managed to live in seclusion and avoid entering into the fray: Koga-Na. The people of Koga-Na use the thick forests that run along their borders as a way of keeping outsiders from entering. The few that do enter are foreign dignitaries attending a royal wedding or funeral. And here, in the country of Koga-Na, this story will begin...

Two years ago, the Queen of Koga-Na died after a long bout with a mysterious disease. The country was wracked with grief and the rest of the royal family fell into further seclusion. For the week before the state funeral was to be held, the entire kingdom was draped in black. People could be seen crying on the streets and very few shops were opened. The feelings for the queen had changed vastly from when King Goruko was to marry here. His wife-to-be, Hariet, was an outsider from the empire of Ascanth, a venom that would bring an end to Koga-Na. Even on the day of the wedding at the castle in the city of Yin, word spread that revolution would occur if the king married the foreigner.

They did marry, and no revolution occurred. Over time, the people grew found of the blonde haired, blue eyed foreigner that now served as their queen. She was the epitome of grace and kindness, and when the few dignitaries did enter their country, she was the perfect hostess. Queen Hariet managed to also managed to bear two beautiful daughters whom became the darlings of the country. In the recent memories of the people of Koga-Na, Queen Hariet was the best queen they had ever had. So, on the day of her funeral, the streets of Yin were flooded with people, making it difficult for her procession to the cemetery difficult.

There was something strange about the Queen’s procession that aroused questions amongst the people: her two daughters, Lady Meilin and Lady Jun, were not crying. They walked with no emotion gracing their delicate faces. Many wondered how the two people who were the closest to the Queen weren’t saddened by her loss. They walked quietly behind their father, who let out loud bellows of sorrow and could barely walk because of his immense grief. Many expected her daughters to act the same, to feel the sorrow they felt. Anger towards the two princesses grew.

At the cemetery, numerous guests read remarks recounting their fond memories of the Queen. These pushed the king to the brink of breakdown as hell to his knees next to Hariet’s casket. The princesses stayed in the background, leaning against one another, staring not at the casket, but at their grieving father. A look of contempt seemed to cross their faces as they looked at their precious father. After their dear mother was buried and the funeral ended, the guests returned to the castle for an extravagant dinner in the Queen’s honor. But two people were missing: Lady Jun and Lady Meilin. No one had seen them leave. The castle was searched, but all the rooms were empty.

A soldier then reported that he had seen the two princesses heading towards the border in their carriage, accompanied by the guard appointed to them. The normally calm Goruko leapt to his feet, and roared that his rogue daughters were to be returned to the castle immediately. He sent three contingents of soldiers in the direction that they had left in. After a brief chase, the sisters managed to escape into the forest…

Two years later, and scandal has erupted throughout Koga-Na. It had been revealed that Goruko had formed a secret alliance with Ascanth, and with war on the horizon, it appeared Koga-Na’s army would soon be involved in its first war. In the meantime, the numerous generals were busy looking for powerful mercenaries and there was no better place to look than the deserts of Haaj. And in these deserts our story will begin.

After crossing the border between Koga-Na and Avan, Lady Jun, Lady Meilin, and their guard, General Anton, the trio traveled incognito to prevent detection by royal spies. Though the reasoning behind their journey was still unknown, they intended to get as far away as possible from Koga-Na. After a year of traveling they made it to Haaj, where the numbers of royal spies were scarce. They could not ask the Empress of Haaj for her assistance, so they looked for a reliable band of mercenaries to join.

They eventually joined Karg’s Band, and they used aliases to prevent discovery of their true identities. Jun, Meilin, and Anton grew to be reliable members of the band and seemed to enjoy their new lifestyle. Then they received news they would certainly dread: Karg’s Band had been hired by the kingdom of Koga-Na to bolster their numbers in their war against the theocracy of Yunai and the sea empire of Holsten. And so this story shall truly begin with the princesses on their way to Holsten…


Character’s Name:
Character’s Age:
Character’s Class:
Character’s Affinity:
Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…):
Country of Origin:
Allegiance: Mercenary; Soldier; Drifter; Villager; Etc.
Character’s Appearance:
Character’s Personality:
Character’s History:
RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary):

In case you forgot the classes in Fire Emblem (And I use the classes from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones by the way):
Class Name Followed by Number Available – I don’t want too many of one class, y’know?
Myrmidon / Swordmaster (1/2) Swords, duh!
Thief / Rogue (0/1) Daggers
Pirate / Berserker (1/1) Axes TAKEN
Fighter / Warrior (0/2) Axes
Mercenary / Hero (0/2) Swords
Archer / Sniper (1/2) Bows
Mage / Sage (1/2) Anima Magic
Monk / Acolyte (Upgraded Monk Who Can Use Anima and Dark) (0/1) Light
Priest / Bishop (0/1) Staves
Cleric / Valkyrie (1/1) Staves TAKEN
Troubadour / Mage Knight (0/1) Staves
Shaman / Druid/Summoner (1/1) Dark TAKEN
Pegasus Knight / Falcoknight (0/2) Lances
Wyvern Rider / Wyvern Knight (1/2) Lances
Knight / General (1/3) Lances
Bow/Sword/Lance/Axe Knight / Paladin (1/4-One of Each Weapon) Bold Means Taken
Soldier / Halberdier (0/1) Lances Forgot this Class :(
Dancer or Bard (1/1) None

And Affinities:
Fire People of this affinity tend to be passionate, brave, and possess a great amount of intensity. They are usually brilliant fighters and are unmatched on the battlefield. However, they take little time for mental pursuits and rely on others to remind them to slow down.
Light People of this affinity are kind, generous, and brilliant. They too find great success on the battlefield, albeit in a more tactical manner. However, these people often fall prey to deceit, meaning they rely on others to usurp facades that they may face.
Heaven A rare affinity that gives those who possess it great abilities. They are strong, quiet, intellectual, and intense. Often they make for great leaders as they care a great deal for others. Their only setback is that they are overly kind, leading to too much compassion for the enemy.
Wind People of this affinity are quick-witted, sophisticated, and sarcastic. Overall they believe that winning as quickly as possible without regard for casualties is essential. Because of this, they need someone to remember that life is essential and to feel some compassion.
Thunder People of this affinity are usually loud, sturdy, and fierce. Their presence is intimidating, yet they love to share a good laugh. Often they prefer to overwhelm the enemy with strength with little regard to defense. They need someone to remind them to cover their weaknesses.
Earth People of this affinity are reliable, calm, and centered. They prefer to stay in the background and offer support, and love to make others happy. They make great conversation and have the ability to calm others. They need someone to excite them and prepare them for battle.
Water People of this affinity are flexible, somewhat strange, and quiet. They do whatever they can to help with no expectations of praise. They are usually loners and not the best in situations requiring speaking to others. They need someone to bring them out of their shell.
Dark People of this affinity are usually intelligent, ruthless, and powerful. Rare amongst those whose hearts aren't filled with evil. Nevertheless, people of this affinity tend to be brash and inconsiderate. They often need someone to restrain their mouths and their actions.

If you need to change your affinity to fit your character's personality, let me know. I also added the Dark affinity, which I forgot before. I'm like a Water Affinity-flexible and easy going.

Nations and their Descriptions:
Koga-Na: In the two years since the departure of the Princesses, King Goruko has gone into seclusion and his top advisor Napont has taken control of the nation's every day activities. In that time, Koga-Na has become Ascanth's ally and slowly turned into a militaristic nation, with all of their supplies going towards their army. Many citizens of Koga-Na are disgusted with the state of their country and are near the brink of revolution. They wish for the return of their princesses with the hope that they would bring order to their once calm nation again.
Ascanth: If one had to pick the one defining country in the history of Nariel, most would pick Ascanth. Their military is outstanding, their rulers are wise, and their population is completely devoted. However, all of the other countries, except for Koga-Na, have always had open hostility towards them and do whatever they could to prevent Ascanth from expanding. However, the population of Ascanth is booming and their borders are now too small. So, with a little coaxing of the ruler of Koga-Na, they have formed an alliance that will further improve their chances of taking Nariel into their control. Their landscape is composed mostly of open fields and an occasional hill or two.
Yunai: The Republic of Yunai has the distinction of being called the "Greatest Power in Nariel next to Ascanth." For centuries, they have been the roadblock in the Northern Beast's imperialistic ventures. To the Yunaians, only those devoted completely to the Goddess deserve Nariel and thus they use their military as a means of eliminating those not worthy. The council that rules Yunai is full of corruption, using religion as an excuse for their own personal gain. A worthy tidbit to note is that the greatest magic users in the history of Nariel have made their home in Yunai. Their climate is cool and brisk as most of the country is situated in mountainous areas.
Holsten: A kingdom devoted completely to the sea. Its population is filled with swashbuckling pirates and a brilliant soldiers in the navy. Long ago, Holsten was nothing but a port city, but as its prominence as a sea power grew, so did the amount of land it gained. At one point, it shared a close relationship with the kingdom of Haaj, but in recent years it has fallen under the greater influence of Yunai and thus Haaj has distanced itself. For the past few years, the Queen of Holsten, Victoria, has begun programs to expel the numerous pirate "scum" that call her country home. Their land is consists mostly of tiny islands that surround the continent along with the dank fields that rest on the continent itself.
Haaj: A desert kingdom dotted with the numerous pyramids of past pharaohs. Once a great military power, filled with lush streams and forests, turned to a barren wasteland. Some said it was the Goddess' way of punishing their war-mongering ways. Recently they obtained a water port through a deal with Holsten, and thus bringing moderate prosperity into the few cities that Haaj possesses. Their single source of water is said to be where the Goddess first bathed after she was born.
Abnyss: Nestled in the highest elevations of Holsten is a tiny hamlet. Though only a tiny speck on a map of Nariel, this town-that-calls-itself-a-country holds many secrets hidden in the history of the continent. The "people" of this country forsake their human heritage long ago, instead taking the form of wolf humanoids, and living in the curse of immortality. Very few visit Abnyss and return, so little else is known of this city. But one longstanding rumor is that the mystical Fire Emblem resides in their fabled Greystone Temple. Alas, this is only a rumor and the true location of the Fire Emblem is unknown.

And the ever-important rules:

1) You all should know the rules of role playing here on PC. If you don’t refer here. I shouldn’t have to give warnings if you read the rules, should I?
2) If a class or an affinity is taken that you wanted, too bad. Pick another.
3) Don’t sign up if you know you won’t be dedicated. Please? I hate dead RPs. By the way, to make sure you read my rules, place somewhere in your sign-up “I wish I were the Last Scion!”
4) Be friendly to your fellow RPers. I want this to be fun.
5) FOUR-LINE MINIMUM. I can’t stress it enough on how much I love detail. It makes a RP much more interesting.
6) Any questions? Ask me, Porygon-Z!
7) I will be writing a Fan Fiction based on this story, so if you can, please give me permission to use your character. Thanks.
8) Just to make it clear, we're using the same weapon rules as in the game. If you've never played the game, ask me for clarifications on what weapons a class uses.
9) No Upgraded Classes. eg. No Swordmasters, Sages, Heroes, etc.
*New Rules*

Lex Rextron

August 4th, 2007, 6:44 PM
If you wouldn't mind holding me a spot, that'd be great. I'm not going to request you save me anything other than a spot, because there are lots of classes. XD

August 4th, 2007, 7:43 PM
I'm going to ask to reserve a spot also. If you wouldn't mind though, I would like to reserve an Archer Class and a Fire Affinity. My profile should be done by tomorrow.

August 4th, 2007, 8:04 PM
Actually, you know what? Can I reserve Myrmidon and Wind please? And while I'm at it... “I wish I were the Last Scion!”

August 4th, 2007, 8:41 PM
Gah. >.< If I wasn't making an uber long post for one of my threads at the moment, I'd make the sign up immediatly.

May I claim the dancer and a light affinity please? ^^;

oO And, if I can post this now...

I wish I were the Last Scion!

August 5th, 2007, 7:28 AM
Awesome. I'm happy this RP is up so fast. Asch, Mika and Lex Rextron, all of you have spots RESERVED. Now, if you haven't guessed already, I'll be playing the part of the two princesses and General Anton. They're my babies so I hope you don't mind. Here's the first:


Character’s Name: Princess Jun Kai-Ling/To the Mercenaries she is known as Emma
Character’s Age: 18
Character’s Class: Lord->Kabuki Lord
Character’s Affinity: Fire
Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Sword - Shiyaiba - Jun's unique blade that was designed specifically for the Kai-Ling fighting style. The Kai-Ling fighting style consists of concealing a blade within an everyday object that your opponent would not expect to be holding a sword and the use of fast movements and killing blows. In Jun's case, she has hidden her Shiyaiba inside the handle of an umbrella. The sword itself is about two feet in length, two inches in width, and straight edged. It always polished and cleaned of blood as one of the rules of the Kai-Ling style is to always fight with a clean sword. The umbrella is a light sakura pink color, and about four feet long. When opened, it can be used as a shield to deflect certain magical attacks and incoming arrows. The handle is made of bamboo reed and weighs little.
Country of Origin: Koga-Na
Allegiance: Mercenary/Hired by Koga-Na
Character’s Appearance: It was a glorious day when the King and Queen welcomed a second princess into the royal family. As she grew, however, it appeared that she would greater resemble her mother than she would her father. Jun inherited her mother’s trademark blonde locks that had made Queen Hariet stand out in a country of brunettes. The Queen had also passed onto Jun her crisp blue eyes that no matter what situation the holder was in, the sparkled with energy and hope. Her lips were thin and bright-pink. It appeared that the one thing that showed her Kai-Ling lineage was the yellowish tint to her skin. But, because of her time spent in the desert, her skin is now blotchy, red, and blemished. Her figured has filled out considerably in the last year from the muscle gained during her mercenary work. Despite this muscle gain, Jun has managed to keep the feminine curves that made her suitors at court swoon. Her outfit has remained feminine as well, despite the harsh career Jun has taken up. Jun’s pink dress wraps around her body, and covers everything down to her ankles. Underneath the dress is a layer of leather armor to offer the Princess protection that her dress doesn’t offer. Jun also wears a leather belt around her waist on which she keeps a pouch that holds a few healing items. For her choice of shoes, Jun has kept the wooden sandals she has worn since her adolescent days. Her earrings are small and almost unnoticeable, but if one was to get a closer look at them, they would notice the gem stones embedded in them: jade. These stones are the symbol of the Kai-Ling family.
Character’s Personality: For most of her life, Jun has been known as the bubbly Princess. Jun was almost always happy. When her father was in a terrible mood, Jun could easily put a smile on the King’s face. However, she was the castle troublemaker. Jun is quick-witted and incredibly intelligent, so her pranks were often elaborate and well-planned. However, this dedication to pranks did not extend to her school work. Jun’s tutors were often frustrated and angry with her, and would go to the Queen for help. Despite the Queen’s prodding, Jun was more at home while playing jokes on people and practicing her sword play. When she was wielding her sword, many said her smile couldn’t grow much bigger. She practiced so much that it was said that she had perfected the Kai-Ling Style, which was a mix of rhythmic dancing and Myrmidonian style. But, lying beneath this happy façade is an uncontrollable rage that both princesses developed around the time of their mother’s death. When this anger is released, they will rip into anyone who stands in their way. During their stay with the mercenaries, this rage has been on display several times, often brought about by the actions of local bandits.
Character’s History: Eighteen years ago King Goruko and Queen Hariet welcomed their second daughter into the world. She became the starlet of the Kingdom alongside her older sister Meilin. From an early age, a bond formed between the two sisters, and if one was upset, the other could tell. It was like the relationship two twins share without the identical looks. Around the age of twelve, Jun fell down one of the grand staircases, and landed unconsciously at the bottom of the stairs. The nearest attendants grabbed her and rushed her to the doctor, who immediately placed her under the best care he could. Finally, after three days, she woke. She complained of a slight headache, but other than that she felt fine and was laughing in no time. From that point on, Queen Hariet was incredibly protective of Jun and Meilin and demanded of her husband for the guard of one of his finest soldiers. So, he asked his advisor Nepont to ask of the army for a soldier to come and protect his princesses. A brilliant knight, Sir Anton Haerbroussis, was brought to the castle and introduced to the princesses. He was only four years older than Jun, but the two were amicable from the time they met. He often attempted to stop her constantly pranks, but would more often than not get caught up in the results of the prank as well. When her mother became sick, Jun’s personality began to grow more inverted and she spent every waking second at her mother’s bedside along with Anton and Meilin. Queen Hariet would tell them to go and do something else, but they all wished to be by her side. Jun would sometimes leave to practice her swordsmanship, but would return to her mother’s side almost immediately after she was done. When her mother’s condition grew critical, it was said it was the first time anyone had seen Jun cry. She ran to Anton’s arms and sobbed for hours. Her mother’s last words were “My two sunflowers, whatever you do, don’t stay here. Leave. Become something new. You two don’t deserve to be stuck here in a stuffy castle with your father. He’s not the man he used to be… And don’t be sad. Remember I’ll always be with you. Anton, watch my daughters. They cannot be harmed no matter what the cost. Good bye my doves. I’ll always love you…” So, after their mother’s controversial funeral, the three escaped in the crowd, snagged one of the royal carriages, and bolted for the border. They soon realized they were discovered and quickly disappeared into the cover of the woods, escaping their pursuers. So the three journeyed through Holsten, dodging the many spies they knew their father had hidden throughout the continent. Eventually they reached Haaj without any food or water left. They were stuck in the desert without their carriage or horses, which they sold back in Holsten in order to buy some food and water. But now they were out of supplies and on the brink of death in the middle of the desert. But they were rescued by a decrepit old woman traveling in a caravan. She brought the three in, fed them, and gave them water. She told Jun and the others that the best way to survive in Haaj is to join a band of mercenaries. The woman took them to the nearest base, which happened to be a group led by a Mercenary named Karn. They used aliases when introducing themselves to Karn. Jun took up the name Emma, the name of one of her nurses back in Koga-Na. They started off doing grunt work, but over time Karn came to trust them more and gave their bigger jobs to handle. Karn’s Band of Mercenaries came to be known as the Bandit Cleaners, clearing the desert of numerous groups of bandits harassing the locals. But then, Jun, Meilin, and Anton received word they had hoped they would never hear: Karn’s Band had been hired by the Koga-Na military to bolster their numbers in their upcoming war against Yunai and Holsten. They knew that if they returned to Koga-Na, they would easily be recognized but if they didn’t follow orders, their covers could be blown. So, they agreed to join the band on their way to Koga-Na to join up with the army waiting for them…

[[ I meant to post this last night, but my internet went screw-y so I'll post it now. ]]

August 5th, 2007, 9:57 AM
Character’s Name: Zander Theron Chase
Character’s Age: 20
Character’s Class: Archer
Character’s Affinity: Fire
Character Weapon: Zander's weapons include a yew longbow and a dagger. The yew longbow was crafted for him when he had just begun training to become an archer and is his favorite weapon out of the three types he carries with him. The dagger is used for cutting ropes and quick hits whenever a close combat situation comes along.
Country of Origin: Koga-Na
Allegiance: Mercenary / Currently Working for Koga-Na

Character’s Appearance: Zander is an average looking man. He stands at a normal height and weighs the normal weight. The only thing that separates him from others is that his body is an archers body, meaning that he has developed muscles along his arms, torso, and legs. Most of the muscles along the arms and torso come from using the bow and pulling the bowstring back and holding it in position, trying to make sure your aim is perfect. The leg muscles Zander has acquired are mostly from running around while on hunts or just around the town he lives in. The muscles are huge, but they are big enough to help him with his job as an archer. Covering his muscular torso is a leather armor suit that covers his chest, back, and shoulders. On his forearms is another part of the leather armor, a leather bracer to protect his arms from the impact of the bowstring on his arms. Under the armor suit is a tan tunic that just reaches his waist. His legs are covered in a pair of green pants with tan padding along his thighs. Cover his shins, knees, and calves is another leather bracer that straps itself to the bottom of the shoe and just above the heel of the foot. On his back is where is longbow and quiver of arrows rest. Sometimes, when Zander is doing something that requires him to be an assassin, he will ware a black cloak with a hood that covers his face. This usually covers his long brown hair that reaches his shoulders. The hood will also cast a shadow over his face and completely hide his crystal blue eyes.

Character’s Personality: Most of the time Zander is a very happy guy. He loves to joke around with everyone and hang-out with almost everyone he knows. This cheery personality changes though when he's given a mission or in a battle. This tone is more serious and he doesn't like to fool around much. He also becomes more quiet, which is good since he needs to make sure the enemy doesn't find his or the team's hiding spot. The only time you can get him to speak when he's out on a mission is either when you are searching for information or planning the next attack. Most people in the town call him 'The Assassin' because he's got an assassin's attitude while working. But other than his mission attitude, Zander is a great guy to be around. Though, he does had a short temper and if you annoy him a lot, Zander will most likely blow a fuse and bust out in a violent temper.

Character’s History: Zander was born to a farmer's family. His father had owned a large farm that seemed to harvest every type of vegetable that existed and had a large amount of livestock with cows, chickens, and goats. Even though they had all of these needed resources, the Chase family was still a middle-class family because most of the money was used to keep the farm running, which meant they only would have a little bit left of their profits to actually buy other items like plates, which they only had a total of four. The family at one point had thought of just selling the farm and then trying to find work in a different department like blacksmith or working down at the market, but all of them loved the farm to much to sell all the land to someone. But after a couple of months it didn't matter if they loved the farm or not. A group of men decided that they wanted the land and thought that if they burned everything that they might kill the whole family and then buy what was left and fix it up. So one night Zander woke up from his mother cry from outside. He quickly looked out of his window and saw that all of their land had caught fire and was quickly making it's way toward their house. The young boy quickly jumped out of his bed and got out of the house as soon as he could and began to search for his parents and brother. After about thirty minutes the house had caught fire and Zander had not seen any sign of his family, so Zander headed off to the closest town the could find, hoping that the others had done the same.

That night Zander stayed at an inn, using all of what little money he had on him. The next morning Zander couldn't find his family and began to alert the guards in that town that his farm had caught fire and was wondering if anybody could go check one how it was. It wasn't until a week later that Zander had found out that his family had tried to put out the fire, but had failed miserably and got caught in the flames. The land had been sold to the people who started the fire and now Zander was alone and homeless. He didn't know how he was going to survive by himself because he had no money and was only ten at the time. He remembered then that he had one family member in another town not far from where he was then. His uncle Derren. The family hadn't had much contact with his uncle because he had become a mean old drunk who loved to beat people to a pulp whenever they even looked at him funny. But this wasn't true because when he had arrived at his uncle's place he showed no signs of being a violent drunk. Zander's parents just didn't like him because he had scammed them out of some money once before.

Zander thought that his uncle was actually a nice man. He took Zander in as soon as he stepped on his doorstep and promised him that he could stay there as long as he wished. Zander ended up staying there for six years. During those six years Zander had become interested in becoming an archer mainly because the town seemed to be full of archers. He took lessons about a year after joining his uncle and had become a fairly good one once he turned sixteen, which was during the time when he left his uncle's house and decided to work as a mercenary.

RP Sample: Do you want me to post one? “I wish I were the Last Scion!”

August 5th, 2007, 10:23 AM
Can you reserve me a spot for swordmaster? or do we have to be a myrmidon first. If so , then myrmidon. Oh and I would like to be reserved for wind also.

August 5th, 2007, 10:35 AM
Lex Rextron- I don't know if you've played the Fire Emblem games before, but Archers only use Bows. They're the masters of evasion and accuracy. I can handle one dagger, but the longsword is a bit much. If you can fix the weapon problem, I see no reason for you to play. And I don't need a sample from you. So, PENDING
Omega- Spot for Myrmidon Reserved

Vanilla Kitsune
August 5th, 2007, 3:35 PM
May I pelase have a spot reserved? :3 I'd like to reserve the spot of a Sage and have a heaven affinity.

"I wish I were the Scion!"

I wasn't sure if I should post that or not. XD

Thank you. X3

Hero of Time Link³
August 5th, 2007, 10:05 PM
Character’s Name: Ichigo Harukino
Character’s Age: 19
Character’s Class: Wyvern Knight
Character’s Affinity: Thunder

Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…):
A Vidofnir spear made from the towns blacksmith which was made specificly for his "take no prisoners" fighting style. The spear is 4 feet in length and 1 and a half inches in width. The spear
has two spikes coming out of it unlike normal spears to improve accuracy. The handle itself looks just like a ordinary handle but thicker.
Country of Origin: Ascanth
Allegiance: Mercenary:
Mercenary which is currently working for Ascanth as they can pay him with good weapondary and armour.

Character’s Appearance:
Ichigo has jet black hair with blue and orange streaks running through it and wears dark blue leather pants and body armour. He is quite a slim adult and weighs roughly the normal weight of a young man his age.He has dark brown eyes and is very social. He has a chainmail which is made of steel. His shoes are mainly only leather but sometimes he wears steel. He also wears a necklace with a Wyverm tooth on it and he never takes it off.
He wears either steel gauntlets(gloves) or leather gloves to battle.

Character’s Personality:
Ichigo is a very social person and will befriend anyone needing it but he has a hatred for thieves and murderers. He stops any fights he can but has a short temper for crooks. He can make many friends but he likes the strangest people like ones who believe in non-existent things.He doesn't spend much money for many reasons.He can be tempted to do some weird things but not very often.He will help someone who asks for it but if they steal to do it he will hunt them down.

Character’s History:
Ichigo was born to a family of knights and warriors who worked for the king of Ascanth. Every single one of them were brave and fought to the very end and he was inspired by them. He grew up around Wyverns and thought they were the most wonderous creatures he had ever seen in his life.
He had grown up on farmland as he had to live with his cousins because his father was at war in the time and his mother died when he was only 2 in a raid. They had many cattle, chickens, goats, hens and bulls. They had to take care of a small number of Wyverns the king couldn't keep.

His family was lower class or even peasants because they had to spend almost all their money tending to the farm and Wyverns. The townsfolk were always nice and helpful. He had rode on some baby Wyverns when he was 6 and loved it. He had always loved life on the farm but one day when he was 11 in a attack from a enemy town the and farm was destroyed from thunder and fire magical spells and there was only one Wyvern left and the other dead.

He took the Wyvern tooth and wore it as a necklace and took the
other Wyvern out of the farm. They searched for a home for a while when a man noticed him and that he had a Wyvern and offered him a spot at his training academy for Wyvern Knights and Ichigo couldn't say anything for a minute but later he said yes.

At the academy he learned spear skills and his Wyvern got plenty of food. He learned how to ride his Wyvern and eventually he was very good at it. He had learned many spear skills aswell. He could kill someone at the age of 15 with all the skills he learned and was a very proficient Wyvern Knight.

Then war broke out and all the towns knights and archers were called to battle but he decided not to join any war until he was 19 and fully capable of his skills. At 19 he was old enough to leave the academy and when he did he left to become a mercenary and has changed sides from Koga-Na to Haaj and then finally rejoining his hometown of Ascanth.

RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary):
I will wait and sere if i need one.
"I wish I were the last Scion!"

August 6th, 2007, 6:24 AM
Alright... umm... I'm going to be pickier this time... sooo.. Twilight Princess Link... your sign-up isn't what I'm looking for.. sorry. But if you could add more detail and not confuse the name of your character, I'll let you in. PM me if you want to know what I'd like to see changed... Denied
Vanilla Kitsune, I saved you a spot.

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Character’s Name: Deathnote
Character’s Age:20
Character’s Class:Wyvern Knight
Character’s Affinity:Fire
Character Weapon:steel sword
Country of Origin:unknown
Allegiance: Driffter

Character’s Appearance:blood red eyes, light brown hair, armour that glows black the nite sky on a moonless nite.

Character’s Personality:Creapy, scary, mysterious, untrustable

Character’s History:this Mysterios warrior sudenl apears every time a great battle starts but this is all they know of him. It is said that he may know the secerts to eternaly life. They say that those who have saw him and lived are now blind

August 6th, 2007, 9:00 AM
Character’s Name: Deathnote
Character’s Age:20
Character’s Class:Wyvern Knight
Character’s Affinity:Fire
Character Weapon:steel sword
Country of Origin:unknown
Allegiance: Driffter

Character’s Appearance:blood red eyes, light brown hair, armour that glows black the nite sky on a moonless nite.

Character’s Personality:Creapy, scary, mysterious, untrustable

Character’s History:this Mysterios warrior sudenl apears every time a great battle starts but this is all they know of him. It is said that he may know the secerts to eternaly life. They say that those who have saw him and lived are now blind

Ummm... no... sorry. DECLINED

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Still rough. It's 3am. XD

Character’s Name: Aila Lianne Woodridge
Character’s Age: 17
Character’s Class: Cleric
Character’s Affinity: Light
Character Weapon: Heal Staff
Country of Origin: Ascanth
Allegiance: Ascanth deserter

Character’s Appearance:
Aila, having been born and raised in a rural environment, is capable of providing that "I have no money!" vibe almost at first glance. She isn't a terribly tall individual, standing at about five foot nine, with little help from her plain brown sandals. However, the view of her feet and the white, silk stockings she wears up her legs is obstructed by her gown. In reality, it is a light green traveling gown that flows right down to her feet, equipped with long sleeves. The gown is tight enough that it shows off Aila's thin and frail frame, yet loose enough that she has a great enough movement capable to avoid the attacks of the slower enemies. Positioned loosely around the waist of her gown is a gold chain that wraps around her body on a forty five degree angle descending towards her right. Over top her shoulders, Aila wears a dark, forest green cloak lined with gold leaf edges, which was tied just above her chest, and the neck opening outwards partially. Aila has a small scar just below her neck, about 6 centimeters long horizontally. Her eyes are a rich blue, those who've gazed into them claiming that it is like staring into the bluest, clearest and purest spring in the world. In contrast, her hair, which is tied into two pigtails - by green hair ties - that flow halfway down her back, is a rich, vibrant shade of red, which is strange for a citizen of Ascanth. Also, in Aila's petite ears are a pair of stud earrings composed of an emerald-like rock. Because she is so careless, Aila is always doing little things and getting her outfit dirty, though her ability to perform house chores with the greatest of ease can easily fix that problem.

Character’s Personality:
Aila was raised a homeworker, and she performs as one most of the time. One of her most interesting quirks is her ability to keep herself busy, even when there is nothing to do. Cook, clean, wash clothes, and she's even an efficient fisherman. When she isn't working, however, Aila is very careless and forgetful, and she usually has a hard time remembering a face. She is also very naive, and because of that she's very manipulatable. Since Aila was temporarily a member of the Ascanth forces, she is somewhat familiar with how to perform as an officer, and she is devoted as a stave user, with a daring enough personality to attempt to use her staff as a weapon if need be. Overall, Aila is a kind, hardworking individual with a passion for her work. She is content with who she is, but she has been looking for a possible husband for a while now. Someone she can settle down with a start a family of their own. Though, that's only one of her fantasies.

Character’s History:
Aila was born and raised in a small fishing village on the northern coastline. She lived happily with her father, mother, and older brother for most of her life. Her father was a fisherman, and her mother was always at home cooking, cleaning, and looking after her. Since she was around her mother so much, Aila eventually found joy in doing the chores her mother performed, and it became one of her passions. She began to daydream of her picture perfect future, with a husband who could support her and their children, while she stayed home all day and took care of everything. She also eventually began learning how to use healing staves by the town's scholar, Evidrus. All was peaceful until Emperor Hengion began to recruit more and more soldiers for his military force. He took her brother and father since they were the men of the family, leaving the two women to fend for themselves. As the army expanded farther and farther, even the two women were abducted into the armed forces to work as healers, cooks, and the like. Eventually, Aila was sent into a force as a Cleric unit, only to have her flee the country amidst a training session. Now, Aila is traveling the world in search of a way to possibly break her family free of Ascanth's grasp. Of course, being a lone Cleric, she has to recruit an escort to travel anywhere without risking absolute death.

Character’s Name: Kayle Algan Siona
Character’s Age: 21
Character’s Class: Lance Knight
Character’s Affinity: Earth
Character Weapon: Steel Lance - Just an ordinary steel lance. Funds are low for poor old Kayle.
Country of Origin: Yunai
Allegiance: Freelancer

Character’s Appearance:
Kayle, despite being a lance knight, does not wear your stereotypical attire for that class. Since he belongs to no army or organization, he has no need to wear a certified uniform, and he personally feels that dressing like an individual provides personality. In reality, this is an excuse to hide the truth that he can't really afford proper equipment. Kayle is the type of young man one would look at, and usually get the first impression of him being a very kind and generous fellow. He has a bright and positive looking exterior that some even describe as heroic. Despite how he appears to others, in reality he makes small amounts of money off of small jobs throughout his travels, very hard to make a living off of if you have to feed and take care of both you and your horse. His hair is the colour of the ripest of all chestnuts, and oftentimes he lets the length hair flow down to his shoulder, with a lone part on the back tied into a small ponytail on the back. His eyes are a green that is quick to remind people of an evergreen tree, so rich and free. He wears a red headband just below his hairline so that the back of it is buried beneath his hair. Kayle's armor is anything but proper, consisting of thin chain mail in between a layer consisting of white cloth underneath, and the odd piece of worn out, red armor that has appeared to be ravaged and eroded by battle is located on both of his shoulder, torso, legs and back (an oval piece for each part). Overtop his legs, yet underneath the armor, he wears a pair of tight, white pants that extend down to his normal, brown shoes.

Kayle's steed, Azure, is a brown, Anglo-Arabian horse with a white diamond on his forehead. The saddle used on him is built for comfort, and is black in colour.

Character’s Personality:
Despite hailing from Yunai, Kayle has little faith in their beliefs, and has deemed their society as corrupt in his mind. Other than this, he is a very trustworthy person with an undoubtedly calm and relaxing train of mind. While he is almost always in financial issues, he has a tendency of performing charity work to others out of the goodness of his heart (although ultimately, he usually reaps rewards afterwards). It wouldn't be strange to be curious as to whether or not he ever gets angry, for he has a talent that's almost scary to watch. He is as calm as the wind on a clear summers day, with little sign of getting excited at all. In the face of verbal conflict, Kayle prefers to take a neutral stance. Bickering is one of those things that uses energy better used for constructive activities. Occasionally, he'll say the odd sarcastic comment, or make a joke, but ultimately he doesn't barge right into the conversations of others. People find it easy to confide to Kayle, since while he is still young, he has traveled plenty and experienced many things. In battle, his personality remains indifferent, for he has learned the hard way what using your heart instead of your head in battle can amount to.

Character’s History:
Kayle was born and raised on the move. Officially a citizen of Yunai, he only spent the first five years of his life there. His parents, Frederick and Tabitha Siona, were both emissaries of Yunai, so their job was to travel from country to country delivering messages back and forth from their country to the others. Of course, when Kayle grew old enough, they began taking him with them. Tabitha was a Cleric, and Frederick was a Mage, though Kayle had little interest in magic himself. He slowly began learning how to use a lance on his own. He began with nothing but an unsharpened stick, but eventually progressed to lances of the metal variety. On his fifteenth birthday, his parents bought him a horse so that he wouldn't have to ride with them while they traveled. This horse was Azure, and the two became quick friends. Kayle continued his lance training while riding Azure, and he eventually shaped up to be a half decent Lance Knight. When he was seventeen, his parents were slaughtered by bandits, protecting him with their bodies. When he awoke from an unconscious spell, he found his parent's dead bodies draped over his own, blood everywhere, and Azure missing. Mentally scarred, yet pressing onwards, he arrived in a small farmers town in Koga-Na, which had thankfully found Azure and gladly gave the horse back to it's owner. It was in this village that Kayle had met a girl name Teeli. She was a girl of fifteen, who had also lost her parents to the bandits. Seeking revenge, Kayle pried the girl to tell him where the bandit hideout was. Teeli did so, and escorted him for a few days. Over the time, their hearts grew close, and feelings began to develop. When they eventually arrived at the bandit camp, Teeli had her heart pierced with an arrow before even reaching the gate. Kayle had no choice to retreat, leaving the girl's lifeless body behind him. From that point onwards, he was much calmer and wary of what he was doing, and began traveling the continent to hone his skills and become stronger. Four years later, at the age of twenty one, he has matured a lot, though his past still haunts him. While visiting Ascarnth on the brink of war, he ran into a girl named Aila who needed an escort. Reminded of Teeli by the girl, Kayle agreed to escort her without asking the already broke girl for payment in return, or without asking for the girl's story. He figured he'd find out some day.

Character’s Name: Lucine Corona Crescentia
Character’s Age: 15
Character’s Class: Shaman
Character’s Affinity: Dark
Character Weapon: Flux Tome
Country of Origin: Yunai
Allegiance: Ascanth Army - Spy

Character’s Appearance:
Lucine (http://s105.photobucket.com/albums/m239/dark_little_faerie/?action=view&current=1134681890_terflygirl.jpg) is a girl with a dark demeanor, and because of such she takes a very Gothic direction when she has her personal attendants dress her. She has dull, pink hair that she keeps tied in a ponytail with a hair tie with two pearls attached. Her bangs hand partially over her eyes, and she also parts her hair to the sides, and keeps a blue butterfly ornament on the left piece. Her eyes are yellow in colour, and appear cold, almost lifeless. In reality, she is blind, and relies on her other senses to navigate. Her attire is quite bizarre, consisting of black dress that leaves the shoulders and a majority of the back revealed. The actual torso of the dress is held up by a thin black chain that is tied to a black collar around her neck, and on the back two pieces of cloth extend out to appear like butterfly wings. On her arms, Lucine has a pair of black sleeves that are held on by a small black belt around the wrist, and two small belts just below the shoulder. The ends of the sleeves puff out for the hands to appear, which have nails coloured with purple polish. The rest of the dress flows down to just above her feet, and the sections closer to the front also appear like butterfly wings, while the back is just plain black material. She also has a dark brown belt thrown around her waist. She has a pair of black stockings running up to her thighs, with tall black boots that reach to just below her knees. The dress is made in a way where it only reaches to just below her waist at the front, and down to her feet at the back. As you can imagine, she needs help getting dressed in the morning.

Character’s Personality:
In theory, Lucine has the potential to be a good person, she just chooses not to be. While she has been considered a prodigy her entire life, and is very intelligent and analytical, she has received a hardcore attitude of arrogance from both this and her spoiled life. If she doesn't like something, she speaks up without caring, and she absolutely loves to watch others suffer. It has been often a time where other soldiers have had to restrain her from torturing her opponents on the battlefield. As if not cursed enough be her lack of sight, she also suffers a condition that makes her lose touch with herself when she overuses her abilities, especially when causing suffering for others. She often begins acting similar to a cornered animal, biting and scratching anyone who would even dare try to keep her from hearing the enjoyable suffering of others. She eventually calms down, however, with no memory of it ever occurring. Without someone to care for her, she is a loose cannon, and will go off at anyone who disagrees with her, despite their status. Although she has improved somewhat, she has problems restraining herself. Despite all this, she isn't evil, just unfortunate. Kind of like god said, "Let's mess this kid up good!" She has been known to show kindness in her own little ways, however. Perhaps with time, she'll become a better person.

Character’s History:
Lucine's father was hailed as one of Yunai's greatest Druids. Not because of his powers alone, but because of his dark and daring methods for disposing of those not worthy of being under the Goddess. In the eyes of the people, he was a hero, but in reality, he was an evil man. However, this man was not Lucine's true father. She was actually found when she was only five years old, amidst a dark and creepy forest. Her father was then entrusted with raising her to become a great Shaman, maybe even surpass him. From that day on, she was trained in the way of darkness. She was tortured by her father when she didn't succeed, and tortured when she did. In his eyes, she needed to understand what pain was. The pain was so horrible, she eventually lost her sight to it. Even after that, she was trained in such a manner, being forced to rely on sounds and smells as opposed to sight. Because of her tutor, she was enlisted into the Yunai military at age ten. She was taught here how to act as a soldier, and to show no mercy to those unfit for the Goddess. She found joy from her first human kill. Perhaps too much joy, for the sound of the suffering family she was killing awakened something dangerous in her. She lost all senses, and her mind reverted to something like an animal. It's said it took twenty soldiers to calm her that day. Two years later, her father died, and Lucine was left to carry on his lineage. She was much more capable of keeping her sanity in tact at this point, and when she did lose it, it didn't last very long. After talking with one of the oldest soldiers in the military, she discovered something about herself. It haunted her for years after, and it still haunts her today. She realized she had compassion for those unable to defend themselves, though she was able to ignore this truth as long as someone lied to her and told her that her opponent was armed, whether or not it was true. At age fourteen, she abandoned Yunai for Ascanth. With a war starting up, it made more sense to join the side that would obviously win. She was quickly assigned the role of spy, much to her displeasure. The higher ups had refused to acknowledge that this young girl could function as a full fledged soldier, and sent the blind girl out to Haaj to make sure nothing unordinary was taking place.

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Asch... you're a liar. You said you would finish it tonight. Tsk tsk... haha
Here's General Anton. I'm having problems with Princess Meilin. But I'll get her up as soon as possible:

Character’s Name: Sir Antonius Francis "Anton" Haerbroussis III / To the Mercenaries He's Known as Stephen
Character’s Age: 22
Character’s Class: Knight->General
Character’s Affinity: Water
Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Steel Lance/Javelin - His main weapon of choice is his Steel Lance. While the weapon further hinders his movement with its heavy weight, Anton's Steel Lance is capable of dealing devastating damage to those on the receiving end of one of its strikes. Anton only uses his highly inaccurate Javelin in situations it is required, especially when facing Archers and magic users.
Country of Origin: Ascanthian - Became Citizen of Koga-Na Several Years Ago
Allegiance: Former Soldier / Mercenary - Hired by Koga-Na
Character’s Appearance: Like many of the citizens of Ascanth, Anton possesses a Nordic flair. His hair is a brisk blond color, and is cut in the atypical military fashion. His eyes are a steel cobalt blue and they always seem to be peering into the person he is speaking to. He stands at an imposing six foot five and his body has grown chiseled throughout his years of service in the Koga-Na army. His armor is his pride & joy and he treats it as an extension of his body. Its color matches his deep blue eyes and not one scratch can be found on it. The fabric that attachs the various pieces of the armor is a solid shade of black, and beneath all the armor is a layer of white fabric that prevents chafing of the user. When in battle, Anton wears a steel grey helmet with a large gap in it to allow Anton to see. Like most knights, the armor is thick and heavy, slowing down the user and hindering its move. But in return it offers a great amount of protection from incoming attacks. However, it's vulnerable to magical assaults and Anton avoids mages at all costs. When not in his armor, he wears a simple brown tunic, red cotton pants, and wooden sandals.
Character’s Personality/History: As a young boy, Anton was weak and sickly, and in turn, he was shy, unstable, and would often burst into tears. His father was a brilliant general in the Ascanthian army and his three siblings were all astounding soldiers in their own right. So, in order to toughen up his youngest, Anton's father sent him military school where the boy would fend on his own. Overtime the sickly personality of his youth disappeared and Anton grew into fine young knight who was the most esteemed member of his class. He didn't grow cocky from his prestige but instead began to teach others by example and would often spend time with his classmates helping them to study and to practice. But in a trade of sorts, Ascanth sent the fresh graduate to the neighboring nation of Koga-Na. Here he grew more as a soldier, and he became a favorite of the royal family. Eventually he was assigned to protect the two young daughters of the King and Queen after the youngest had an accident falling down the stairs. He grew fond of them immediately and soon his assignment grew into a friendship. Anton would spar with the princesses in the courtyard, helping them to perfect their abilities. He would also make sure Jun was doing her homework and would crack a joke with Meilin so she would smile every once in a while. Then, the Queen grew sick and his two friends grew sad and seclusive. He would try to get them outside of the castle more, but when they insisted by staying by their mother's side, he would sit there with them. Then, with Queen Hariet fast approaching her last breath, she order the Knight to protect her daughters at all costs and to get them out of Koga-Na as fast as he could. After the Queen passed, Anton insisted the three of them leave immediately but the princesses insisted on waiting until they saw their mother buried. He obliged and waited nervously until the date of the burial. Finally, the day of the Queen's burial arrived, and Anton made preparations for their escape. He ordered a carriage prepared and told the princesses to gather their belongings as quickly as they possibly could. Then, after she was laid to rest, he told the princesses they were leaving while everyone was making their way back to the castle. He knew it wouldn't be long until it was noticed that they were missing so he hurried to the border. Sure enough they were pursued and he knew their only possible means of escaping was to make it into the forest. He rushed his horses forward and the trio barely escaped into the woods. So, now they were out of Koga-Na and quickly running out of food, thanks to Meilin's large appetite. They managed to not run out of food just before the Holsten-Haaj border and they sold their carriage and horses to a local farmer. Eventually, they dredged their way through the deserts and after being rescued by an elderly woman, they were led to Karn's Band. Here Anton excelled along with Jun and Meilin, becoming one of the best performers in the Band. But then he received news that was more than troubling: they would be returning to Koga-Na to join the Koga-Na army in their war against Holsten and Yunai. So, now Anton returns to the country that he ran away from. Though he received orders from his Queen, he was more than likely branded as a deserter. He sighed and knew they had to go along with the rest of the band. He hoped that no one would recognize him...

August 7th, 2007, 8:11 PM
Hmm.... I hope I did this right.

Character’s Name: Zennell Asher Evertem
Character’s Age: 21
Character’s Class: Pirate
Character’s Affinity: Thunder
Character Weapon: Steel Axe // Odinn // The handle of Zen’s axe is a heavy black metal that fits comfortably in his hand, about three feet long. It is an extremely heavy axe which has a large, circular flat blade, and is carried by strapping the handle to the holster around Zen’s torso, an automatic holster which unlatches when Zen yanks it upwards. The axe is held in a diagonal position, with the blade underneath his right arm.
Country of Origin: Holsten
Allegiance: Mercenary
Character’s Appearance ( http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/shinjiav1-3.png ): Tall and rippled with muscle, Zen has the natural ruffian look about him. His golden blonde hair is styled into a regular layered cut, his bangs parted slightly to the side, while he has bright brown eyes that are cheerful and adventurous. He wears a short white vest line with fur around the sleeves on top of a pair of silver studded black suspenders, which attach to a black leather belt with four large rings. His dark denim jeans are lined with the same fur around the bottom of the legs as his vest, and a brown set of pouches are attached to his belt. Zen wears a pair of brown leather steel toed boots, which are pointed and perfect for kicking, causing incredible pain. His black fingerless gloves reach his elbow, and are plated with metal around his forearm and on top of his hand.

With tight muscles and a great build, Zen is a pretty physically blessed pirate. His skin is slightly tanned from being on the sea, but his young age has not quite yet marked him with the burdens of the big blue. He has two scars, one on his hip which is just barely visible from above the edge of his jeans from a bad dodge attempt, and another straight down his back, though it’s mostly covered up by his tattoo, which covers his entire back in tribal styled swishes which, if stared at long enough, make out the image of an artist’s rendition of a Leviathan.

Character’s Personality: A man of the sea, Zen is rather condescending toward land lubbers, and is downright proud that he’s a pirate. Though not quite dressed as your average pirate, Zen certainly has the attitude of one, first judging someone by how rich they look, then by how rich they are. Cheerful and optimistic, Zen is the life of the celebration. A great drunkard, hilarious bard, and a very sociable person, Zen loves sharing things he likes with others, and if someone he meets hasn’t seen the sea, well. Zen’s going to make sure they see it no matter what happens. In this way, Zen is rather pushy and stubborn, which can make him quite an annoying pest, but Zen would never notice this.

When he becomes angry, which is extremely rare, Zen normally does nothing really other then sulk. As he’s not accustomed to arguing, his reaction will be refusal to speak with the person he’s arguing with, and he’ll go out of his way to ignore the person, making sure it’s blandly obvious that he is. Zen is rarely caught in any mood that might include frowns, but when he’s sad, Zen can pour out buckets of tears, an uncontrollable waterfall and earthquake. Or he could become an empty shell, a walking zombie perhaps. Depending on the situation, Zen’s reaction is never the same, and drastically changes each time.

Character’s History: Zennell Asher Evertem was born and raised in the midst of pirates. The smell of salty sea air and stale alcohol was a natural aspect of life, and swabbing the decks was like taking out the garbage for Zennell. As a child, he insisted on being called 'Asher', as most of the pirates had nickname's that Zennell found to be incredibly cool. But, knowing he wasn't a full-fledged pirate, he settled on his middle name, which sounded way cooler then his first. Always the center of attention, being a mischevious child on a pirate ship that loved to celebrate with booze and meat for no reason at all, Zennell was always used to conversing with people older then himself. In reality, it wasn't until he was 8 years old in which he met someone his age, having been forbidden to leave the ship during raids on local villages. But at the age of 8, he was leaning over the edge of the ship as he watched the pirates raid the village, eagerly hoping that the time in which he could join them would come faster. But on this particular day, he saw a young girl, no older then himself, who stared up at him from the edge of the dock. Suddenly frightened beyond anything he'd ever seen, Zennell let out an anguished yell of surprise at seeing someone as small as himself, and threw a horrible temper tantrum, in which not even the captain could quell. Retreating to his hammock below deck, he refused food and water, only bare minimum.

It was a period of time in which the pirates, who could only adore Zennell, got thinking. If this was his reaction to just one child his age, perhaps he would go insane if he were to see another? A solution was set, in which none of them would be at fault for making the precious cargo displeased. The next time the pirates docked, they pillaged not only valuables, but the son of a man who'd loaned money from Captain Gremold, and never returned the money. The boy was strong, and knew exactly why he'd been taken from his family. Sucking up the fact that he now had to work and live as something he greatly detested, he was set to his first task: Getting Zennell out of his hammock. The boy, christened Sykes by the pirates, scoffed at the pirates and easily drew Zennell out by declaring the boy a coward and mama's boy. Never being presented with such pride insulting stabs, Zennell immediately tumbled out of his hammock to assault Sykes, who, unlike Zennell, had never been in much more then a fight with the neighborhood dog. It was this brawl in which turned the two into best friends, Sykes teaching Zennell the way land lubbers lived, and Zennell teaching Sykes the way pirates lived. The two grew up, and as their original band grew old with age and fell apart, the two younger pirates joined up with a new band, a group who had been hired as Mercenaries for Koga-Na.

With profit in mind, the now grown men cared not for whether they were hired dogs of the military. Desertion was as easy as pillaging.

I wish I were the Last Scion!

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[[ That's a pretty sweet axe Mizuki. I like your character too. Once you finish his history, then you'll be set. This is the beginning of my final profile, but I'll finish it later.]]

Character’s Name: Princess Meilin Kai-Ling / Known as Clementina to Mercenaries
Character’s Age: 21
Character’s Class: Lord -> Great Lord
Character’s Affinity: Fire
Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Axe - Ji - Unlike her sister, Meilin was trained in the fashion of a typical Koga-Na soldier. Her style is basic, but powerful, and she is the most comfortable wielding axes. Meilin's axe in particular is a modified version of a Halberd. Its handle is about eight feet in length and is made of hollowed out steel. The blade of the axe itself is only a foot in length, but made of the finest silver one could find. There are numerous ornamental designs on the Ji, giving it a ceremonial feel. But in Meilin's hands the weapon is deadly and capable of massive damage.
Country of Origin: Koga-Na
Allegiance: Mercenary/Hired by Koga-Na
Character’s Appearance: Unlike her younger sister, Meilin has inherited the Kai-Ling family's signature appearance. Her hair is so deep a shade of black that many said it appeared as if the Goddess had pulled strands from the night sky and placed them on her head. Meilin's eyes are the same green color as the family's signature gem: jade. The hair is always pulled up into a tight ponytail. Her skin is the same taught shade of yellow as her father and sister. A large scar runs along her neck, and runs down the left side of her body, all the way down to her knee. As a princess, she was always the tomboy of the princesses and would often wear shorts and a silk tee shirt when not at an official event. When at a gala, she would wear a simple black dress with ruby red high heels. But in all honest, Meilin had always wished to be a soldier, so when it was time to change into outfits befitting of mercenaries, Meilin had no qualms about the new threads. She now wears a body-conforming black shirt with a large green chestplate strapped onto it. Her pants are also skintight, but are instead an odd shade of green, subtly different from the green of her army. Meilin always wears bulky combat boots that allow her to trek through any terrain. Meilin believes in simplicity and that is what one gets from her outfit.
Character’s Personality: While Jun was the outgoing princess, Meilin was more suited for the background. As a child, she was always reminded that she had a tremendous responsibility as the heir to Koga-Na throne. Thus, she became enamored with her country's history and traditions. She also began to learn the customs of her people and the tactics that their army would use in the case of them actually entering a war (which, at the time, seemed like a far-fetched idea). And here, in the study of the Koga-Na army, she grew to love the lifestyle of a soldier. Meilin flourished in the simplicity and bare-bonedness of it all. She is incredibly booksmart and has in her free-time drawn up numerous battle plans for various situations. Meilin also loved math and would spend hour upon hour solving equations. Despite her intelligent facade, Meilin was also quite adept in social situations. Her black hair and green eyes were more valued than her sister's amongst men, despite her sister appearing to be more attractive on the whole. She has been escorted by numerous men, but all of them have been disapproved of by her fickle father. He knew whomever she ended up with would one day be King of Koga-Na. Meilin is normally cool and collected, but finds herself flustered when she cannot apply simple logic to a situation or when one shows terrible manners. She secretly hopes to one day relinquish the title of Queen to her sister, who in Meilin's opinion would be much more adept for the public eye than herself, and to join her soldiers on the battlefield.
Character’s History: From the time of her birth, Meilin has been daddy's little girl. She looked up to him as a child and even to this day, she misses him greatly and wishes she knew why her mother insisted on Jun and her to leave Koga-Na. Meilin loved to stand next to her father as he discussed the matters of the country with Nepont and his other advisors. But in the end, she preferred to be in her room studying or outside practicing with her axe. The affairs of the kingdom meant little to her. She loved her mother dearly though, and would listen to her mother's stories of Ascanth and the other countries of Nariel. It was taboo for the people of Koga-Na to travel outside of the country and the royal family was no different. So hearing these stories made Meilin a very happy child. sitting by her mother's death bed, the kind Queen still told stories to Meilin and Jun, in hopes of soothing their sorrow. By the age of fourteen, Meilin would often sneak out of the castle at night and go to the barracks and talk with the soldiers, and get tips on wielding her axe. [[Will finish later. Have to leave for now.]]

August 8th, 2007, 11:29 AM
OC: This looks like an amazing plot; seriously one of the best I've heard. Squee, a fanficion? I'd read it (b'-')b By the way, I'm not very Fire Emblem affluent...will that hinder me in any way? And also, is it alright if she comes from Abnyss? I wish I were the last Scion...

Character’s Name: Illet Dryden & Dalmaskoth
Character’s Age: 18
Character’s Class: Wyvern Rider
Character’s Affinity: Water water water.
Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Steel Lance: Albiore: The Albiore has a dark grayish tint to it and it's diameter is no bigger than that modern CD disk. This is made to reduce the weight of it while flying, but to ensure a speedy jab when hit.
Country of Origin: Holsten
Allegiance: Drifter

Character’s Appearance: Illet has a very mysterious air about her, first noticeable through her dark gray eyes, which almost seem hazed in appearance. She stands at 5"7 and though she may seem dainty, she's stronger than her appearance reveals. Her skin is rather pale, which gives her a rather ghostly appeal. Illet's hair is a light shade of gray and extends tho her waist in small strands. Her bangs run along her brow until the sides of her face, where they reach down to her hip. When on the ground, she wears a black spaghetti-laced dress and dark black mountain boots. Around her neck, she wears a black choker from which dangles a black wyvern tooth. The headband she wears is also adorned by two shaven wyvern horns. Tattooed on her chest visibly from her dress is what seems to be a black wing, but is actually her family's mark. When traveling, Illet wears a thick jet black jacket and black pants made of some tough beast skin. This is typically for unnoticeable flying and friction with Dalmaskoth's scales. Illet carries herself in a very bird-like way, from her light footed steps to the way she acts around others. She's also an extremely precise and quick person when it comes to movements; especially when it comes to using her lance.

Dalmaskoth himself is an average sized wyvern, from tip to tale around three times the size of Illet. A solid gray color, Dalmaskoth has green eyes and a straight-tipped tail. Though his left eye is scarred, Dalmaskoth can manage in the air as good as others.

Character’s Personality: Illet's personality is very unpredictable. Her most prominent trait though is her curiosity. Illet is very curious to the point that she is considered naive. She doesn't like to talk much and is considered very much a taciturn. When she does speak, she's not very direct or doesn't complete her sentences. This absolutely does not mean that she doesn't like people though. If she's curious about you, she'll more than likely stalk you or approach you with a child-like curiosity. Because her actions are so different, she usually can get a few odd stares or put others in embarrasing 'uncooth' situations. The fact that she does own a wyvern though makes people regard her in slight fear though. If she makes friends with you though, she'll be there for you whenever you need her to. She's also slightly oblivious to actions or things that don't peek her interest or get in the way of her motives. When necessary, Illet has no qualms whatsoever about fighting. Whether it's a person or a wyvern rider, she'll do what needs to be done in an unsympathetic manner. All in all, Illet acts a bit naive, but is extremely dependable.

Dalmaskoth's personality is a bit more sturdy than Illet's. He's a middle aged wyvern and has been in many battles before. He loves any type of combat, though his main priority is to keep Illet safe and slay his foe. He's always serious and makes known that he is not one to be messed with; and that no one should mess with Illet either. When Illet does enter a populated town, Dalmaskoth usually hangs around in an outlaying forest or covered area by the town. Dalmaskoth has a connection with Illet like some wyvern riders have, and that is to feel when their rider is in distress. If Dalmaskoth is every seperated beyond his control with Illet, he will go berserk, which may prove fatal.

Character’s History: Illet grew up with her parents in Holsten, where they owned a wyvern ranch for the army. The ranch had been far away from most civilization, due to the fact that not all wyverns grew to be loyal to their masters. Because of this, Illet had a secluded childhood which made it hard for her to adapt social customs. Instead, she grew closer to wyverns. This lead her to her birdlike ways and to the reason that she rarely talks. Occasionally when a wyvern was given to a certain fleet or group, Illet loved to overhear stories of foreign places. When she became seventeen, she decided to take her own adventure as a drifter throughout the world. During her stops, she's visited Abnyss and Ascanth with Dalmaskoth. Illet (http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb220/Nailtothehead/384.jpg) was six when she first met Dalmaskoth. Dalmaskoth had been a prized wyvern caught from a ferile island and given to be tamed for the army. After ten years, Dalmaskoth had subsided with the Dryden family, but refused to be tamed by anyone other. One night when she was sixteen, her father was slain by one of the wyverns in training. From then on, because of Dalmaskoth's closeness to her father, he began to become protective of Illet, as if to do her father's will.

RP Sample: Snagged from another RP I'm in. Hope you don't mind.

"I hope it's started now, I mean seriously..." Giving an irritated sigh, Illyabera continued brushing her hair while glancing angrily towards the mirror above the sink in the area of her dorm. She'd been waiting for what; about an hour, sitting on stupid stool for the same introductory speech she'd heard a year ago. After the first forty-five minutes, she'd gone up to the girl's bathroom to groom herself to pass the time. It was stupid; she'd rather be back home enchanting something to show Elli and Hisui, or just sleeping in. Putting her brush down on the sink she exhaled. But then again, what would Duke Evanguard think of her then? If she was going to make him proud, she'd have to give it the extra effort; even if that meant waiting an hour to listen to some boring teacher, attempting not to scare the already frightened little juniors...they'd find out eventually how things worked here. A sudden opening of the main bathroom door produced a timid looking redhead of around her age.

"Illya! You just said you needed to borrow my brush for a second..." Placing the brush on the sink with a less than gentle movement, Illya turned towards the girl.

"Could you wait a second? Do you need it at this very moment?"

"Well, n-no but I'd like to get everything back into my room before Mr. Wemeren begins to talk." Illya cocked her head, her brown eyes focused on the girl.


"Yeah, the orayatorial...thing is starting soon so-" The redhead gave a small noise of surprise as the brush was thrust at her and the door opened as Illya ran past. They couldn't have already started! Right when she'd left! And of all the teachers it had to be Mr. Von Wemeren...well, it's not like... that didn't matter but... Well, of all the teachers, he seemed kind of cool; for all she knew, he could have known her real father! But the chances of that were few. She might as well just put it out of her head right now. On her way towards turning a corner; she just about slipped; catching a few funny looks from another group of girls. Giving a low growl and them an evil glare, she continued on her way. Those idiots; they'd miss the orientation anyway.

Finally at the side door to the auditorium, she slipped through the door as quietly as she could and made her way to the seat that she had sat in before. Or she thought she was in before. No no, she had definitely sat there. Someone was sitting in her seat. Well now what the crap was up wi- Illya held her mental tongue as she began to identify the person in her seat. Why was a teacher sitting down here?! She should be up there giving the speech when it should have been given! If it had been anyone else other than a teacher, they would have been out of her seat on the spot, but this kind of thing just had to happen to her. Inwardly fuming, she took a seat behind her own, shifting her eyes among the crowd and waiting for the same endeavor of a reassuring speech to commence...again.

August 8th, 2007, 11:57 AM
I actually have a couple of questions that most of us need clarified anyways. XD;

1) What are you using affinities for? I know they affect stats and character relations in the games, but you haven't really explained how you're using them here. oo;
2) What's the maximum number of characters we can have?

August 8th, 2007, 12:48 PM
Chibi-Chan: Yeah, you can be a Wyvern Rider. You're character could of lived in Abnyss for a while, but I'd prefer if they were originally from another country. And I don't care if you have little knowledge of Fire Emblem. If you have any questions, just ask me.

1) Good question. I was hoping that when two characters interacted, the affinity of one character would "rub off" on another. For example, let's say that a Knight with a Fire Affinity and a Cleric with an Earth affinity were to form a bond. Over time, the Knight would grow to be more balanced and reliable while the Cleric would grow to be more intense and passionate. Also, I may apply the affinities to certain elements that "ultimate" weapons may possess as the story progresses. I'll edit and clarify the purposes of affinities in the first post. Thanks!
2) I'm sticking with three, so I'm going to place the limit there. But only take what you can handle.

August 8th, 2007, 1:27 PM
Ummmm, if your still taking entries, ill reserve a spot and fill out my form later.

Character’s Age: 18
Character’s Class: Shaman
Character’s Affinity: Dark
Character Weapon: Flux
Country of Origin: Haaj
Allegiance: Villager

Character’s Appearance: Jinzo is usually caught wearing a flowing black robe with a red in-set along with vambraces. His eyes are rather small, so he wears glasses to help his eye-sight. His arms are long in bony in comparosion to his stocky legs which get in the way while running. He has long black hair which covers his eyes so he constantly has to push it away.

Character’s Personality: Jinzo is rather intelligent and stops at nothing to win a battle, even if it costs him his life to defeat the oppenent. Off battle-field Jinzo is more laid-back and will sloth around for hours thinking of new battle plans or studying new dark magic that he can sucsessfully use. Jinzo doesn't seem to have any friends considering everyone shuns him for studying the dark arts.

Character’s History: Jinzo hails from a family of mages that always were in the heat of battle with there rivals. One day as Jinzo was but a boy, his parents went off to war and he was left at an orphanarium. Fearing for his parents lives, he escaped and ran after them. He arrived at the battlefield to see both of his parents slaughtered. He dedicated his life to the dark arts in the hopes that he could one day sucsessfully bring his parents back.

Tell me if i need to add anything and i will.

August 8th, 2007, 2:12 PM
Chibi-Chan: I love it! That's a perfect Wyvern Rider's story. Definitely in! Keep up the good work. I'm going to ask for an RP sample just to be sure. Thanks.
001_akoO Uhh.. interesting concept but not what I'm looking for. If you can flesh out the character more and give me a good RP sample, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
Twilight_Prince_Link: I just noticed you edited your character some more. Sorry, I still don't think its up to par yet. By chance, if you're still interested, give me an RP sample. Thanks.

August 9th, 2007, 6:03 PM
Moved and changed into a discussion thread by owner's request.

August 10th, 2007, 1:15 PM
Finally. All my signups are done. The last one is a little meh, but ah well. XD

August 10th, 2007, 2:05 PM
I like it. Its unique and dark.
I'll finish my final sign-up tonight.
C'mon people, we need more sign-ups.

August 10th, 2007, 4:23 PM
Okay, I finished my new character Darth who is the darkest character I've made. There is more to his history, but I was thinking about doing more character building in the RP so there is a few hidden facts about Darth that I hope I can reveal later on.

August 10th, 2007, 5:39 PM
Lex, the class you specified is a promoted class, and it uses the wrong weapon. Warriors use axes. oo;

August 10th, 2007, 5:46 PM
Way ahead of ya, Arch. I informed him of this already in a PM. He has acknowledged his mistakes but has yet to correct them. But he told me he intends to take care of that problem soon.

August 10th, 2007, 6:22 PM
Character’s Name: Aearonth (Sykes) Jeoten
Character’s Age: 20
Character’s Class: Thief
Character’s Affinity: Dark
Character Weapon: Steel Dagger (?) – Rule Breaker ( http://www.399animeshop.com/caster-rule-breaker.jpg) – A long dagger with a jagged blade, Sykes’ dagger is one of a kind, looking like gold yet made out of steel, a cheap rusting material. It is only about 2 feet in length, and is built light for a melee class like Sykes. [there's no keychain on the end. < <;]
Country of Origin: Haaj
Allegiance: Ascanth Assassin
Character’s Appearance (http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h88/EvileBell/Jack-2.png): Sykes has dark coffee colored hair, which is always messy and windswept, normally brushed into a position just parted enough so that he can see clearly, yet still have most of his face hidden. With narrow amber eyes that are sharp and calculating, just a good glare is enough to cause a small child to cry. Though not ugly, Sykes is not horribly handsome, a fact he knows and relishes when annoying women pay more attention to Zen, who more easily welcomes their advances. His attire is mostly dark earth colors, a very dark brown hoodless mantle, which is sometimes pulled up to scrunch around his shoulder and neck. The mantle is lined with gold, the gold embellishing studded in place with circular brass metal. Underneath his mantle, Sykes wears a tattered black scarf that is normally hiding the lower portion of his face. Matching his mantle in color and gold linings, is a pair of gloves that reach about the middle of his biceps, which consist of lean muscle made for speed, not strength. To add to the set, is a simple rectangular square of cloth, wrapped around his midsection and bound in place by a brown leather belt, which covers up the unsettling and unsightly purple poison viles that sit around his waist, waiting to kill their next victim, along with part of his jagged dagger.

However, regardless of all the extra luggage that Sykes prefers to wear, his main attire is a sleeveless turtle neck jumpsuit, tight around his torso with loose flowing shorts that fall just past his kneecaps. A pair of thin black knee-high stretchy socks covers his shins and feet, while a pair of light, double tongued black boots sit on top of these socks. With a thin black sole to keep his feet from being uncomfortable when traveling on rocky surfaces, the sole is thin enough to keep quiet when Sykes steps lightly, with one tongue of the boot pulled up, the other folded down. These boots don't appear to have any other sort of laces, and fits nicely around Sykes' long and thin feet. Only just barely shorter then Zen, the two of them together make quite a sight, and due to both of them looking very much like what they do for a living, they get kicked out of places more often then not, the pirate and the theif.

Character’s Personality: Brash and abrupt, Sykes is a headstrong person who’s as stubborn as a stupid mule. Though quick and intelligent, his stubborn attitude usually proves his downfall, as he’ll be the first to push away any sort of logic, so long as he can still claim that he was right. To join in a conversation, Sykes likes it to be a big entrance. Loud and obnoxious, he deems rude comments, insulting jeers, and sarcastic input acceptable material to enter a conversation. Though Sykes is normally quite honest with his short temper, people tend to find his angry moments more comical then frightening, as he so easily loses the cool he strains to put on for himself. Rather restless, Sykes is extremely impatient, mostly because he feels that he, as such a great and wonderful person, should not have to wait for anyone else. If it wasn't already apparent, Sykes' ego is extremely bloated, for absolutely no reason at all. But even though he puts on this "tough guy" persona, he's in reality a rather interesting person to be around, due to the fact that he's usually the butt of every single joke in town, and yet still feels that he might as well be royalty compared to everyone else.

But in reality, Sykes is extremely resentful toward his 'friends', and a manipulative person. Intelligent in all the wrong fields, he knows how best to backstab a person, he knows best how to torture them afterwards, and he knows best how to finalize their last moments and make them their worst. An assassin at heart, he is cold and loathes the world, his life, and his career. But he's not all assassin. He is, part pirate, as he lived most of his later life on pirate ships, after all. This, he takes on the same view as Zen. First, judge a person by how rich they look, or by how much they look as if one could gain from them. Then, judge a person by how rich they are, and by how much one can really gain from them. He places no value in trust, friendship, or love. Those sorts of virtue's, to Sykes, are only things that land you in an undesirable life.

Character’s History: Sykes no longer remembers much of his life before he was smuggled onto the pirate ship. His earliest memory now is of his anger and frustration at the boy who ruined his normal life just because he was a wuss and got scared of a girl. However, due to the knowledge that he would forever be stuck with this pathetic excuse for a boy, Sykes swallowed his pride and befriended the boy, growing up alongside him and gradually growing used to his personality, which seemed to conform around Zen as a focal point over time. It was this fact, the fact that Sykes realized the importance of Zen's company in his life, which drew Sykes to ignore his resentment. Hating and loathing Zen. Yet glad that he was around, and happy to be the one to put a smile on Zen's face. Sykes burned with turmoil against these opposite views on the same person. But he finally settled on being content with what Zen did, who Zen was, and how Zen had ruined his earlier life, when an undercover Ascanth Spy hired him to kill one of the largest Koga-Na mercenary groups around. The very one that Zen and Sykes were apart of. With such a vast sum of money, Sykes found a solution to his ever growing dependency on the boy he was supposed to have saved.

Kill everyone in the pirate band, picking apart the group little by little. Spare Zen's life, as after all, Sykes could never bring himself to kill his best friend, no matter how much he hated him. But after revealing to Zen that he was the one who killed every last merry member of the ship they were apart of, Zen would never want anything to do with Sykes again. This was Sykes' plan. To rid himself of his dependency. To rid himself of his nuisance and headache that seemed to never go away. And to focus on going back to an honest living. No pirates. No killing. No stealing. Just a normal life, the one he'd dreamed of while alone on the pirate ship. A life of solitary recluse, where nobody would bother him to swab the decks, to help cook the captain's meal, to get up earlier then he wanted. Just a messy life. And so Sykes set out to fulfill this dream lifestyle, and started first by commanding himself to commit himself wholly to being Zen's best friend, rather then half-heartedly, as he had earlier.

August 10th, 2007, 6:35 PM
Awww... but the keychain would look sexah with your sexah thief.
Oh by the way everyone, I've constantly been editing the First Post, so if you haven't checked already, look at it. I've been adding more information as I think of it. Some of it might change some of your character's information.

August 10th, 2007, 8:10 PM
Alright, fixed everything Porygon that you wanted me to fix. Darth's been changed to a Mercenary so he can keep the sword.

August 10th, 2007, 10:32 PM
Finished both of my sign-ups! <33 And that concludes our quest for today. *bows*

August 14th, 2007, 10:44 PM
Character’s Name: Adalynn Illiana Malkun
Character’s Age: 15
Character’s Class: Dancer
Character’s Affinity: Light
Character Weapon : Arianna's Ring (Similiar to the Ring in FF7) / Drache Staff (Not to be used in Battle, Dance Prop) [ooc: I know Dancers don't use Staffs in the game. :< Soif you want me to edit this out I will, I just htought it was a semi-interesting idear]
Country of Origin: Abnyss (I think this is the correct one. o o)
Allegiance: Unwiling Mercinary

Character’s Appearance:
Adalynn is tiny, that much is certian. At only five foot two inches, she's not what one would call tall but she's not exactly what one would call a midget. She does, however, resent being called an armrest and such comments are sure to get to dealer kicked in an area that would probably cause somewhat unbearable pain. She is often preyed open however and this is mostly caused by her waist-length blonde hair and her sparkling blue eyes that are large enough to give anyone around her the illusion that she is several years younger than she really is. Her hair is almost always left down, pulled out of her eyes by a white headband with a purple butterfly on each end or sometimes if the weather is brutal, it is pulled back into a pony tail or prehaps pigtails/ While she is not what one would call ripped, she isn't without muscles. Dancing since toddler-hood has left her with a flat stomach, well built arms and legs and a body flexible enough that could probably fit itself into the smallest of trunks. She is quick on her feet and anyone can tell her class from a distance. Her dancing attire is modest, in comparision to those of the older dancers, and consists of a tight-fiting white thigh length tunic with purple butterflies etched around the hemline and on the 'border' of the tunic itself. On the back, directly centered, is a larger purple butterfly that's rather hard to miss. Depending on the climate, Adalynn may wear a pair of white leggings under the tunic or she may go without. As far as shoes goes, it again depends on the weather as to whether or not she'll wear socks or no socks under the thin wooden sandles. For more distant travellings, she may put on a pair of boots but they limit ankle and foot movement in her dances and thus she finds them something of a waste of time and because of that feeling, she's somewhat known to have blue toes from lack-of-heat and circulation to that area (Frostbite if you will) As far as 'props' for her actual dances goes, she normally uses either bright purple scarfs attached to her person via silver bracelets or a silver staff of sorts, both of which are small enough to be carried in her back (The staff is normally equipped to her back) and neither is sutible for battle. Around the ring finger of her right hand is a small silver ring with a sixteenth carat sapphire embedded in the center of it along with an incription on the underside of the ring itself. The incription is simple and while the ring doesn't seemingly add anything to her abilities, it is a momento of her mother's and never ever leaves her finger.

Character’s Personality:
Adalynn is quiet, unless angered. She is normally a complacent dutiful girl who does as she is told and does so with a smile on her face. There are, however, certian instances in which she'll react a little more strongly. The first is if her family name, specificially her brother, is insulted in any shape matter or form and the second is if a larger person picks on a smaller person for no other reason than to better themselves. These two instances will make the normally pleasent child a monster who cannot hold back or control her emotions. She's been known to slap, kick and lecture those who commit the previously stated greivences and while it gets her into trouble (Obviously of course) she doesn't seem to have any desire to change it. She gains both friends and enemies with this quick temper of hers and while the intelligent person would have at least tried to quell such suprising fury, she sees no reason to as the outbreaks of this temper of hers have never been all that frequent, (until now you understand) and therefore sees no reason to put in the effort. Adalynn has one other part of her that is more well known that her temper. She senses things. Not like visions or things along those lines, no, she senses danger, energy, evil, light. It somewhat physically manafests around her and from this, she can tell where an enemy is and what type of enemy it is. This power however, takes a great toll on her body and prolonged usage can cause fainting spells.

Character’s History:

[>>; I took a few liberities with this, tell me if you want any of this fixed]

i still remember the smile when you tore me apart
you took my heart,
deceived me right from the start
you showed me dreams,
i wished they'd turn into real.
you broke a promise and made me realize.
it was all just a lie

Her childhood was normal. Her family of four, a mother a father a big brother and herself, was quite content in their average home in the hills of Abnyss. It was cool in the summer and snug as a bug in the winter. They weren't the richest of folks but they managed to live quite comfortably and without too many problems in the money department. Her parents taught them, her and her brother Torin, how to manage money, properply keep a house running and all those other things that children are taught by their parents. Everything was perfect in this little community, everyone knew eachother, there was no real crime problem beyond a rebellious child every now and then and the community itself was blissfully ignorant of the world around them until that world came crashing down around them.

After their parents died from an illness that ravaged the entire community when Torin and Adalynn were thriteen and nine, the village all but adopted them. They were fed and taught as though nothing had ever happened. Even though the pain of losing ones parents was still very evident in these children, they managed to push through it and life seemed to be hopeful until one very cold night changed absolutely everything. It happened when Adalynn was thirteen, on her birthday in fact. A band of mercinaries came into the quiet village in the middle of the night, a small unit from the neighbouring country of Holsten. While Abynss was a seperate country nestled in the hightops of Holsten, the people of that country often came to trade for the furs found only in this area but they had never come at this hour before. They had but one goal: Torin. In the dead of the night, the unit commander demanded that the boy be brought forward. It was known he'd gone out on an errand into one of the larger cities but nothing had seemingly gone wrong. Or so they thought.

A soilder had caught a woman stealing a loaf of bread for her and her starving child and had condemmed her on the spot. Without thinking, in the words of the unit commander, Torin put himself and his dagger inbetween the woman and her child and offered to pay for the bread in her stead. The soider laughed, saying she had been caught stealing in the past and was on her final strike. Torin refused to budge, defying the other by stating that if such a town would feed their poor, she wouldn't have any reason to steal that prehaps, if he was willing to take a lesser pay check, she and her tiny child wouldn't have to starve. Infuriated, the soilder attempted to push the boy of his way and in doing so, gave Torin the adrenilane to leap onto the man and kill him in three well aimed blows. Covered in blood, he nodded weakly to the woman and ran into the night, thinking he was out of sight and therefore out of trouble. After listening to the story, the people of the village stood behind Torin, much to the unit's disgust, saying the boy had protected the very things his people found to be the most important. Unfortunately, as they were greatly outnumbered, they had no choice but to surrender the boy. No one expected Adalynn to latch onto her brother, in hysterics, as they read the charges and the possible punishments (Both of which sounded less than pleasent) nor did the military unit expect to have to use five people to pry the girl off her shackled brother. The unit commander somehow found compassion for the girl and, after hearing from the elder of her emerging 'gift', offered to take her back to the capital, that prehaps something could be worked out.

It was simple. If she worked for the sea empire of Holsten, her brother would be spared the gallows and if she worked enough, prehaps he would be released. At any time however, a simple bird-message could have the boy executed in mere minutes. In its purest essence, she was shackled to the Empire, to an Empire that forwent all of her childhood teachings and beilefs. Most of her days were spent entertaining guests through her dancing, the style of which was native to her homeland, but one day, almost two years after she came to the royal palace, she was given an assignment. As many knew, the war was looking more and more imminent. The catch? The princesses of the waring nation had disappeared and spies for the Holsten empire had heard rumours of them being spotted in the Haaj Desert. Her assigment was simple. Find the princesses and bring them to the palace so they could be used as tools for ending this pathetic war. If she could complete this mission without completely screwing up, her brother would be freed. If she failed, they would both be killed.

Thus she was sent to the desert, all by her lonesome, to join, incognito, Karg's Band, in hopes of finding out where these princesses were. She has no idea that the princesses she seek are those that protect her in battle.

RP Sample : Look at Alarayne, Ancient Dynasty etc. o o If you need examples from elsewhere, poke me.

August 15th, 2007, 7:30 AM
Hey Guys. My vacation got cut short because my grandfather died, so I'm back earlier than expected. I'm fine, but perhaps now we'll be able to start earlier than anticipated. As soon as Mika is done with her sign-up and VanillaKitsune finished her sign-up and posts it, I'll make a thread and we can start. Sound good?

August 15th, 2007, 7:40 AM
I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather ._.
Yeah sure, I'm ready to start ASAP. School starts for me tomorrow so I might be a bit busy but I'm ready to RP!

August 15th, 2007, 12:07 PM
Well, it was a real pain in the butt but I finished my sign up. xD; -throws confetti around-

D: Sorry to here about your grandpa. -offers cookies, duckie blankies and hugs-

August 15th, 2007, 12:26 PM
Well, I just posted the new thread. Once a Moderator approves it, we'll be on our way. And thank you for your condolences. I appreciate it. =)

August 15th, 2007, 12:32 PM
Eh, just approved it. XD;

Sorry about your grandfather...

August 15th, 2007, 12:51 PM
Alright, good. Now, post whenever. I really need a distraction.

August 15th, 2007, 1:05 PM
I'm curious about the general location and time of day where the camp is set up. I'm thinking of having my group wander into the camp accidentally, or something. XD

August 16th, 2007, 7:18 AM
Okay, regroup!
I need to know everyone's character's locations before I post again. I know Archsage's characters are at the came as is Mika's, but I'm not sure of Mizuki or Chibi-Chan's locations. Thankies.

August 16th, 2007, 9:08 AM
Last I talked to her, мizuκi said she was at the camp, just not in the same general area as me, and I'm assuming Chibi is with her because they're talking.

August 16th, 2007, 2:21 PM
Well, this is the way I see it.

Porygon-Z's NPC's, are standing with David's characters.

My characters were originally standing a few ways away from David's characters, but his guy character addressed my thief, so I was like "Wtf?".

So I adapted, and just pretended that they weren't far away from them.

Well. Chibi-chan, I guess, didn't really realize what I'd done. So, she placed my characters further away. But I'd already moved toward the other group.

So. Er. I guess people are just confused as to where my characters are. x_x;;

I'm sorry. I hope I've fixed where they are. *shot*

August 16th, 2007, 7:16 PM
Content with what she had learned, Lucine turned around to separate herself a bit from the group, only to walk straight into a wooden pole sticking out of the ground. She stumbled back, landing on her butt, her face a dark red. Sometimes the whole blind thing was more annoying than she would have liked.

Peed myself a little when I read this. Blind Humor rocks. Trying to get the story moving if you can't tell.

August 16th, 2007, 7:20 PM
I won't have a lot to post unless I throw in some random conversation though. XD;

August 16th, 2007, 7:24 PM
The only one who can get it moving now is you Porygon-Z. ^^;; David's group just joined yours. Feel free to herd the.... herd? Whatever. xD; But, I think my characters and Chibi's characters might end up going in a different direction at this rate. x_x;

August 16th, 2007, 7:53 PM
Alright I'll post tomorrow. I'm incredibly tired and I have a tummy ache. =( *Rubs tummy* I have to get shots for school. *Boom* Then I have my grandfather's wake from 4-7 tomorrow. *Katana to Eye* Hooray...

Vanilla Kitsune
August 17th, 2007, 6:56 PM
Ohmigosh. Sorry about your grandfather. *pats*

I'd post my sign up.. but the information got deleted off my computer as well as my sign up. >> If you still have the info.. can you send it to me please? :3

If not.. then I feel bad about making you wait. Stupid computer. ;; I wish your family peace though. <3

August 18th, 2007, 10:10 AM
No, I didn't save it Kitsune. But, we have to change it a little anyway since I forgot we had a Dancer already. IM me again on AIM some time and we can fix it up.

Also, the funeral = done, so my attention can return to the RP. Give me a lil time to think of my next post and we'll be on our way.

August 18th, 2007, 11:08 AM
Lol, sorry I didn't know there was a discussion going on here on location.... .___.;;; Sorry if I threw you off Mizzy >.<;; Sorry about that.

August 18th, 2007, 10:25 PM
xD S'all good. We're all confused, and we're all just awesome like that.

But seriously, somebody should just take command and say "SO-AND-SO IS HERE KTHNXBAI", So we're not all like, "I'm over here, I can't hear your character" Or stuff like that. D:

August 19th, 2007, 4:46 AM
Ahhh... confusion. Nothing smells better in the morning. XD I'll take command because I'm the big bad role play leader thingy-a-mah-jingy. RIGHT!? *cricket sounds* Dang. Oh well. I'll still take the lead.. *sulks off into oblivion*

August 19th, 2007, 7:08 AM
-gives Porygon cookies- You'll get the hang of it! -thumbs up-

X3; All I need is a little direction for Adalynn and she'll follow like a puppy.

August 21st, 2007, 9:58 AM
Massive headache... will post once it goes away.
I realllllly hate three-day headaches. They kill your creativity.

August 21st, 2007, 10:51 AM
I really hate week and a half long hacking coughs. They hurt my throat.

Could I reserve the last Mage/Sage spot pleeeeease? I am almost finished my sign up, but I cant seem to write the history in under about a page and a half, which is a little TL;DR.

August 22nd, 2007, 9:12 AM
You don't need to reserve a spot Partner-in-Crime. I'm accepting spots until every class is full. =)

Battle time babeh!

August 23rd, 2007, 9:04 PM
I just have one question? Who was supposed to be watching Lucine and Aila? Earlier in the post, you assigned Clementina to them, but later on Stephen scolded Emma for not watching them, so I'm a bit confused. ^^;

August 27th, 2007, 9:48 AM
Hey, I'm just waiting for Mika to post because my next post relies on her's. But since she is sick, it might be a while. So, once she posts, we'll be on our way. You can post in the mean time. Kill some bandits.

August 28th, 2007, 4:13 PM
Er... Lucine and Aila aren't unconscious anymore, as shown by the last paragraph or so of my post. XD;;

August 28th, 2007, 4:28 PM
Oh dang. =( *Goes to Edit* Four Classes, including a two hour and a half class on World Religion kills your brain.


Inept Prodigy
August 28th, 2007, 5:15 PM
This is very interesting, I love Fire Emblem. Mind if I join?

It seems that there's one more space for myrmidon, so can you reserve it? It looks like Archsage has myrmidon with wind affinity, would it be okay for me to have wind too?

August 28th, 2007, 9:15 PM
Actually, he doesn't have that. That was what David was going to use originally, but he changed his mind. Just give me a sign-up and I'll let you know about joining. By the way, provide an RP Sample along with your Sign-Up as I have never seen you around before and I don't know what your RPing skills are.

Inept Prodigy
August 29th, 2007, 12:34 AM
Character’s Name: Kodoku Kata

Character’s Age: 20

Character’s Class: Myrmidon

Character’s Affinity: Wind

Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Slim Sword, Katenou, a sword with a very thin and weak blade. Despite being weak, it is very light, allowing for easy maneuverability and speedy strikes. When used, the blade would seem as though it has disappeared because of it's extremely thin blade.

Country of Origin: Ascanth

Allegiance: Drifter

Character’s Appearance: Kata's height is about the same as a normal man, but his weight is lower than most. His hair is an eerie black color and is about shoulders length. His eyes are dark green and have a sharp look to them that never changes. Kata is a person people would usually want to stay away from, because of his death stare and the straight face he keeps most the time. Kata is clothed with clothes of a thief, even though he isn't one. He wears a worn-out cloak around his regular everyday clothing, a satchel at his waist attached to his belt, a locket with a picture of his sister around his neck, and a black scarf around his neck which belonged to his beloved sister. And of course, he always carries the Katenou at his side.

Character’s Personality: Since he was separated from his sister, Kodoku Kaoru, his personality changed. He used to be caring, protective, and kind. Protecting and watching over Kaoru was everything to him, until he failed her. Now that he is alone, he is always serious, cold, quiet, and focused. He doesn't care for much, unless it has to do with him, anything close to him, or involves bandits. He wanders killing bandits where ever he goes, it may seem like he's kind-hearted for getting rid of bandits, but Kata only does it for himself. Kata only wants revenge on Ascanth for what happened.

Character’s History: He and his sister lived is Ascanth as an orphan because he lost his parents at an early age. His parents were killed by bandits that attacked a small village on the outskirts of Ascanth. Back then, he was more joyful and made friends in the orphanage despite how cruel the owners were. He took care of his sister and always stayed by her side until he became about thirteen years old, when she was taken away from him. To keep themselves warm and fed, the two of them decided to steal from local shops. They watched each other’s back, and always stayed together. One night, they decided they wanted to change their lives as soon as possible, the fastest way was to steal from the Ascanth's treasury, unfortunately they were caught. Luckily, Kata escaped, but Kaoru was captured. Only her scarf was left at the scene, and so Kata quickly picked it and fled. He holds it with him everywhere he goes as a memento of Kaoru. Kata, now 20, had already left Ascanth and started teaching himself how to use a sword. He searched for anything that would help him get his revenge on the Ascanth Empire for taking his sister for something as little as thievery. Kata acquired a sword known as the Katenou, and carries it with him at all times. He keeps himself alive the same way he did in the past, but this time he steals from bandits after killing them. Kata is wandering the lands in hopes of finding someone that will help him get revenge on the Ascanth Empire. His wandering led him to the desert region of Haaj.

RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary): "Hey Kata, look at all this gold I found. We're going to be rich!" Kaoru said with a bag full of coins. "Quiet! We could get caught." With a worried face, Kata picked up some gold as well. "Hey, do you hear something? Hide!" Kaoru panicked and dropped coins as she looked for a place to hide.

"Look at that, why are there coins on the floor?" One of the guards examined curiously. "Hey, it's a thief!" The guard grabbed Kaoru's wrist causing her to drop her scarf. "Let her go!" Kata stood up and attacked the guard with a wooden stick, but it was futile. He was knocked away like a fly. "Kata, run, there's nothing you can do, please!" The guard tightened his grip as she yelled. Kata quickly snatched the scarf Kaoru had dropped and ran with tears pouring down his face. "Get that kid!" More guards emerged and tailed Kata, but because of their bulky armor, they couldn't touch him.

"This can't be happening" Kata thought to himself as he moped back and forth in a dark alley. Looking into the streets, he notices many guards searching every house and store. He stares back at the castle, "I'm sorry Kaoru, I've failed as your brother..."

Kata quickly wakes up, with sweat running down his face and on to his drenched pillow. "That dream again...why?" Kata stares at Kaoru's scarf, "Where's all my stuff?! Why did this have to happen?" Anger building up inside, Kata leaves the inn and notices the entire village is strangely empty. It wasn't unusual that people didn't want to come out because he was there, but all the buildings seemed destroyed. Searching through the streets for his items, Kata comes across the innkeeper; he was a nice man who didn't hesitate to let him stay, for free too. But he looked different; he had a weapon with him.

"You!" The innkeeper said with a stunned face. "Why do you have an axe with you? And my sword?" Kata said calmly eyeing the Katenou at the innkeeper's side. The innkeeper suddenly swung his axe horizontally, aiming for Kata's neck. Kata ducked, "Do you have my locket too?" He swung his axe once more, but missed. "Hah, you're nothing against us without a weapon!" More men appeared from the other buildings, they were apparently bandits. Dodging the attack once more, Kata stole his sword back and stared into the eyes of the innkeeper. In an instant, he slashed the man repeatedly. "MY LOCKET! GIVE IT TO ME!" The other bandits charged with their axes, while some attacked from afar with a bow. Kata attacked relentlessly, taking every hit he couldn't dodge and killing many. Luckily, he had regained some vulnararies stolen from him; otherwise he would have serious injuries.

After awhile, he pursued what was left of the bandits, hoping to get his locket back. This chase led him to Haaj, the desert country. The dust in the midst of battle put Kata at a disadvantage, but he killed all except for one, which seemed like the boss. Blood dripping from his blade and his face, Kata continued the battle. "Don't be a fool, you saw what I did to your comrades, give me the locket." Kata glared at the brigand with the eyes of an assassin. "Heh, you're injured; you can't do anything, no vulnararies either” He brandished his axe and swung. Kata easily blocked, and countered. Unfortunately, this guy could block, unlike his idiotic allies. Kata then unleashed a series of slashes, though weak, the damage began to take it's toll. The brigand fell to his knees, "I'm not done yet," he let out a one more slash that put a deep wound in Kata's leg. As if with no emotion at all, Kata just stood as he wiped the blood off the blade of his Katenou and watched it shine in the sunlight. The brigand fell, and just lay on the floor, motionless. Kata picked up his locket, and trekked to the nearest town, Kor. "I won't let you go again, Kaoru..." Kata thought to himself as he entered the town.

I wish I were the Last Scion!

August 29th, 2007, 7:39 AM
Alright, looks good. I would of preferred more from the history and description, but it'll do. If all of your RP posts are as good as that one, we'll be fine.

Inept Prodigy
August 29th, 2007, 2:15 PM
Thank you! I'm sorry I wasn't as detailed in the history, now that I look at it, it does seem a bit undetailed. Well, thanks again, I'll try and work as hard as I did on that last post.

August 30th, 2007, 3:33 PM
Two questions before I make my next post:

1) Do you have other plans for saving Jun, or do you not care who joins in?

2) What's Jun's general distance from the rest of the group. If it's not overly far, Lucine could at least hear her with her outstanding hearing.

If not, I'll just continue on with what I'm doing now. oo;

August 30th, 2007, 7:30 PM
Okay well there's only 3 of us posting now. So I'm going to see where everyone went. Humph. I hate when this happens...

Inept Prodigy
September 1st, 2007, 5:44 PM
When should I enter the story? Should I use the RP Sample I had?

September 3rd, 2007, 11:26 AM
What;s the status as to the location of everyone who joined and isn't posting?

I'll make a post a bit later. School starts tomorrow, and I have a painful writer's block. x.o

September 3rd, 2007, 11:40 AM
Well, in life I've had no response from Mika and VanillaKitsune is working on her sign-up. Lex Rextron is MIA and chomp is being a big ol' jerk. In the RP, Mika was with Lucine and Aila but since they went off to save Jun, she must be with Stephen for the moment. Basically, that's it. I HATE when people disappear.

Solitary Angel, have him run into the desert and find the bodies or something. Right now, I doubt any of your actions will do harm to the storyline.

Vanilla Kitsune
September 5th, 2007, 3:18 PM
OMFG. I'm so freaking sorry. ;; I'm nearly done. Honestly. XD; I just need to work on the history! I would now.. but I have some homework. It should be finished later on today/tomorrow.

Character’s Name: Rene Sabin
Character’s Age: 19 years old
Character’s Class: Pegasus Knight
Character’s Affinity: Light
Character Weapon (No Higher than Steel for Now Please…): Steel Lance
Country of Origin: Ascanth
Allegiance: The Imperial Order of the Ascanthian Pegasus Knights

Character’s Appearance: Rene prefers a dignified look to herself, rather than a simplistic appearance. Her naturally long light blue hair is tied up very tight in a pony tail as for it would "get in her way in battle" if not. Placed upon the top of the pony tail is a golden barrette that claspes her hair together. On either side of her head, she has minature wing barrettes she uses to keep her bangs from falling into her eyes. In each ear lobe, she has golden hope ears rings she allows to dangle freely on her neck. Outside the helix, she has 3 silver studded ear rings that appear so pierced into the skin, they might has well have been born there. Her skin is rather fair, but for a scar she has on her left cheek. Rene is not proud of the scar, and complains about it ever so often. She has an above average build for a woman, mostly due to the fact she attended military school and was from a militart family. Rene's attire is pearl white armor, without a single dent or scratch to be seen. Matching books accompany her armor. She carries her silver lance in her left hand, but sometimes substitutes to her right at will. Inside the armor, is a light pink cloth.

Character’s Personality: Rene's personality isn't well rounded. Since she was from a military family, she tends to act like she is always on the battle field. She's sharp, cunning, and quick to act. This often leads to some mishaps, for she doesn't seem to think things through before acting. Rene has many disadvantages to her personality. One of which, is her most crucial. She's a loud mouth. Never does she stop talking or shut up. Many people have strayed away from her for being quite annoying. Rene enjoys her talkative personality, despite her peers' constant warnings it will get her in trouble. The fact that she has to follow in her mother's foot steps, sometimes adds stress into her life. Her NEED and want to be like her, though, allows her to keep moving on and to acheive what she wants. Rene does, however, have a soft side to herself. She is rather caring towards all her comrads and companions, and will protect them at any cost. Her brother's disappearance also picks away at her mind. Constanly, Rene worries about him, and whether or not he still exists.

Character’s History:
RP Sample (Will Ask If I Feel it’s Necessary):

September 9th, 2007, 7:18 PM
Ugh.... I need help. Seriously. If anyone has suggestions on what direction we should take, let me know. I just want to move on to the juicier stuff...

*Fire Emblem Writer's Block*