View Full Version : What do you say?

August 6th, 2007, 2:58 PM
Okay, before anything happens, the saying, "Hey,you, what do you say?" is based off of the lyrics, "Hey you, what do you see?" in Marilyn Manson's song " The Beautiful People". Just wanted you to know that before lots of stupid things happen.

What do you Say?

Hey, you, what do you say?

Hey (hey) you (you) what do you say? (say?)
Advanced battles are the ultimate game
Do you care for a day
What the hell happens to people other than you?

(Hey, hey, hey, hey)

Say's you
Damn the abused
I don't care that I’m overly-used
Hey, what do you say?

(Hey x6)

You say
Kill all the way
I care less about what you will do
That I know
That it’s stupid for people other than you



Hey, Hey

Hey, you, what do say? (say?)
No one dies for a fault in this time
Oh mirror, oh mirror, Mr. mirror
Take it all away
Death comes in the strangest ways

Hey, you
You, what do you say?
Once again I’ve cut a worthless object

You say
What do you say
It’s over for the best and the rest

(The beautiful people, the beautiful people)