View Full Version : Contest combos?

June 1st, 2004, 11:14 PM
Anyone know moves for Contest combos? The only one I know is use psychic first then use Future Sight.

June 2nd, 2004, 5:07 AM
Growth then a grass attack, two horn attacks, water and mud sport, agility and double team.

June 2nd, 2004, 6:29 AM
Contest combos

Belly drum- rest

Calm mind- confusion, dream eater, future sight, light screen, luster purge, meditate, mist ball, psybeam, psychic, psywave, reflect

Charge- spark, thunder, thunder bolt , thunder punch, thunder shock, thunder wave, zap cannon.

Charm- flatter, growl, rest, sweet kiss, tail whip

Confusion- destiny bond, kinesis, psychic, teleport

Curse- destiny bond, grudge, mean look, spite

Defense curl- rollout, tackle

Dive- surf

Double team- agility, quick attack, teleport

Dragon dance- dragon breath, dragon claw, dragon rage

Dragon rage- dragon breath, dragon claw, dragon dance

Dragon breath- dragon claw, dragon dance, dragon rage

Earthquake- eruption, fissure

Endure- flail, reversal

Fake out- arm thrust, faint attack, nock off, seismic toss, vital throw

Fire punch- ice punch, thunder punch

Focus energy- arm thrust, brick break, cross chop, double edge, dynamic punch, focus punch, head butt, karate chop, sky upper cut, take down

Growth- absorb, bullet seed, giga drain, magic leaf, maga drain, petal dance, razor leaf, solar beam

Hail- blizzard, powder snow, weather ball

Harden- double edge, protect, rollout, tackle, take down

Horn attack- furry attack, horn drill

Hypnosis- dream eater

Lock-on- super power, thunder, tri attack, zap cannon

Mean look- destiny bond, perish song

Metal sound- metal claw

Mind reader- dynamic punch, hi jump kick, submission, superpower

Mud sport- mud-slap, water gun, water sport

Mad slap- mud sport, sand attack

Peck- drill peck, furry attack

Pound- double slap, feint attack, slam

Powder snow- blizzard

Psychic- confusion, future sight, kinesis, teleport

Rage- leer, scary face, thrash

Rain dance- bubble, bubble beam, clamp, crab hammer, dive, hydro pump, muddy water, surf, thunder, water gun, water pulse, water spout, water sport, water fall, weather ball, whirl pool

Rest- sleep talk, snore

Rock throw- rock slide, rock tomb

Sand attack- mud slap

Sand storm- mud slap, sand attack, sand tomb, weather ball

Scary ace- bite, crunch, leer

Scratch- furry swipes, slash

Sing- perish song, refresh

Sludge- sludge bomb

Smog- smoke screen

Stock pile- spit up, swallow

Sunny day- blaze kick, ember, eruption, fire blast, fire punch, fire spin, flame thrower, heat wave, moon light, morning sun, over heat, solar beam, synthesis, weather ball, will-o-wisp

Surf- dive

Sweet scent- poison powder, sleep powder, stun spore

Sword dance- crab hammer, crush claw, cut, false swipe, furry cutter, slash

Taunt- counter, detect, mirror coat

Thunder punch- fire punch, ice punch

Vice grip- bind, guillotine

Water sport- water sport, refresh, water gun