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August 7th, 2007, 12:59 PM
In my mind,
In the flow of time, I find,
A friend in need.
I can see their pain indeed.
I rush to aid.
But they said,
Never again.
Then again I find.
I am forsaken.
I have fallen behind.
Behind a line, Out of bounds.
Out of reach.
They no longer allow me to teach.
I'm left on a beach.
I cannot reach.
I dont mean to preach,
But how can they?
Who has taught them that way?
But, It's too late.
My pleas fall silently on deaf ears.
Throughout the years,
Steadily grow their fears,
Until they can't stand it anymore.
Then they wonder why.
And yet, why not? They have forsaken me.
When all I meant to be,
Was the one who would set them free,
From sorrow in it's cruel tyranny.
Maybe now they'll know what it's like to be left Fallen behind.
Maybe now when they see loyalty they'll appreciate it.
Listen once again to my plea.
Then see, my loyalty.
No longer will I have to flee.
I will be free.
To try to be,
The one to set you free,
From sorrow in it's cruel tyranny.

This was inspired by something in my past that had caused the loss of a friend. With this poem I write the closing chapter of the sorrow it caused.
No more! Now only time shall tell if this is simply a trial.

I hope you like it. You may post constructive critisism here as long as you dont insult while doing so.