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code zerro the deluge
August 7th, 2007, 7:03 PM
People say I'm inconsistent but average 2 a day
In which way am I trash that is not the way I play

Most days come by with rain and struggle
Fall down a couple of stairs and end up in a tumble

A mean lyricist mind focused but people chucking me away in the trash
Do the math add or subtract do something cause your only half

Of my half of talent but I am lost in the world without a map i need guidance
Can't do nothing I need a license so I'm striving 4 success righteous

Content I struggle like I'm under water my content could be over
No ideas something takeover but some kind of another

Could help bail me out 2 shouts undercover lucky not in the south
I am nothing but man a man who pouts

I lost what I once on top reign are you feeling me?
So with these simple melodies this is Poetic Nature and he's real you see