View Full Version : Mother ( And FMA Poem)

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
August 8th, 2007, 7:34 PM
I made this poem about two years ago when I was really into Full metal alchemist.

I don't own any Fullmetal alchemist stuff.


My Hair shines like gold
But in reality, I'm not so Bold
My eyes radiant as the sun
But the darkness inside, has already won
I Would die to see you once more
I still remember your body laying on the floor
The winter air, Cold, harsh and Brutal
You thought you could do it all
My mind relives it all
When your frail body took a fall
I was there to see your blood
My mind had been as clear as mud
Me and Al layed you down
Only to exchange each other with a dark frown
The doctor came, you layed in bed
Soon after, he proclaimed you dead
We cried and shed grief at your grave
We tried hard to be brave
All those years you had kept hidden
Your illness which made you sicken
Father had been gone, He's who you wanted
by the face of the grim reaper we felt taunted
when we decided to be brave, we we're but fools
We broke the most important Alchemic rules
We tried to bring you back, and failed
That night our lives sailed
We thought we couldn't lose anymore
But that wasn't true, it was but lore
We lost so much on that Fateful day
It had happened around a such crisp May
and now we sit here in front of your grave
And we realize, We we're never really brave.