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It'll wear off quickly.

Posted March 16th, 2011 at 6:33 PM by Mr. X

Yah, right.

I go in a couple days ago for some dental work. Im expecting a root canal for a tooth that has been bothering me the past month but alas... No insurance approval, yet.

So they instead to something else.

So I get a shot of something (Novacane I think.) and wait ten minutes for it to numb me.

Then the dentist walks in, takes a drill/filler thing to one of my teeth for less then twenty seconds and im free to go.

He said that the numbness will wear of in about three hours.

Five hours later, Im still numb. And then i wonder... Why did i even get numbed? It took less then a minute for the dentist to fix up my tooth so why shoot me up with novacane?

Edit - They also gave me laughing gas, or whatever its called. It did absoultely nothing. At all. But then again, they also put the mask thing on upside down. :(

If they can make a simple mistake like that, I think i'd rather live with a slightly messed up tooth.
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