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It's another 25 random things~! *hides from incoming rocks*

Posted March 29th, 2011 at 1:28 AM by vaporeon7
Updated April 12th, 2011 at 1:04 AM by vaporeon7

Please don't hate me for making one.

I'll put them in a spoiler (maybe they won't notice).
1. My 7 favourite Pokemon in order are: Vaporeon, Beedrill, Tangela, Gorebyss, Gardevoir, Cherrim and Slugma.
2. I love the show Ed, Edd n Eddy~!
3. I am constantly putting ~ before every ! after pairing up with Pokemon Trainer Touko~!
4. Apparently I remind people of Perry the Platypus.
5. I'm the person that everyone goes to for Pokemon help at my school.
6. If someone distracts me I usually forget what I was going to do.
7. I have lots of mood swings.
8. My most prized Pokemon is my Gorebyss in my Pokemon Ruby. It's not Ev'd or anything but it does have like 20 or so ribbons. It was the first Pokemon I raised to Level 100 myself.
9. My favourite colour is orange~!
10. I have the best pair ever~!
11. I swear a lot when one of my Pokemon faints at the Battle Tower/Frontier/Subway.
12. I am really bad with popular slang and often have to look up the meanings when someone uses them.
13. I would support PC if I had a Paypal account or was aloud to use money on the internet. I wish someone would donate for me.
14. I have finished the National Dex on Pokemon Yellow, Ruby, Pearl, Heart Gold and White~!
15. I always have to play as Jigglypuff on Super Smash Bros. If someone else dare choose Jigglypuff I steal their controller and choose someone else for them.
16. I already have a Gold Trainer Card on my White.
17. I find it funny when people patronise me about liking Pokemon.
18. I tend to play Pokemon in class.
19. I despise Shiftry.
20. I play Pokemon every day.
21. My favourite Pokemon move is Fury Swipes.
22. I hate it when people argue with me and don't concede defeat.
23. Lots of people at my school consider me a Pokemon Master~!
24. I hate it that Australia doesn't have any Pokemon tournaments or many other Pokemon related things. (like getting that event Celebi)
25. I have a chicken named Torchic~!

25 thing and not my name. You'd be able to find that out if you trade or battle with me though.

*26. I am also very grateful for Jake letting me keep the blog.
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    Pokemon Trainer Touko's Avatar

    lol @ #4, 10, 12 and 25.

    6. If someone distracts me I usually forget what I was going to do.
    same here~! XD
    Posted March 29th, 2011 at 1:33 AM by Pokemon Trainer Touko Pokemon Trainer Touko is offline

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