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Almost over :D

Posted April 3rd, 2011 at 3:47 AM by King Gumball

This term has been bad and good. Getting 100% for PDHPE and 80% for English was great but getting an expected 45% for Maths was a bummer with a like 55% year average . My History teacher discovered that in the exam we did when she was away, the dumb-ass relief teacher actually let us use laptops during the exam. I have a conscience and didn't cheat, and missing 20min of the lesson I did really bad. She then found out this after she spent 5hrs [she says[/s]marking it and absolutely screamed her face off biggest rage ever in the 3 years straight i have had her and now we are re sitting it tomorrow yay for me ^.^. I have my string quartet due tomorrow for music which was fun but very confusing to make following all these weird musical formulas.

I went camping on Fri-Sat in the big bad Aussie bush. We got lost in piitch black but made it to the camp after an hour. We then went hiking in the morning, but the two maps we had were different and we got lost again. It was scary because we had to bush bash for around an hour climbing up 10 meter high rock faces and scavenging our way through the horrible bush with sticks and those prickly dry plants scratching us in the legs and face. When we stopped to rest taking a look at all the cuts we got there were spider sized ants up our legs, no joke, spider sized they were seriously going to eat me! We freaked out and climbed up another giant rock cluster praying there were no snakes and found all these giant bush yellow striped leeches slithering towards us. Pretty epic sight actually. We than freaked out again and headed back the way we came sprinting through the giant ant nests. The ants gave me cold shivers and I will be scared of ants for a few moths I suspect.

Today I had a school open day which i was there for three hours. The cleaner lady who was on drinks at the BBQ wouldn't let me have a drink because she is a you-know-what and said I needed non existent vouchers that ran out, even though I had a sauage already =_= Cow. She owed me anyway for spending 2 hrs doing her job the wk before preparing for open day and fertilized about a quarter of the school for her voluntarily with three others. Talk about an ungrateful witch.

And yeah ^.^ A good/bad weekend and my last exams tomorrow. After I finish my exams/assignments tomorrow I have done a total of 17 including the repeat of history. I have a life after this!not
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