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FD's First Unova Adventure

Posted April 27th, 2011 at 10:44 AM by FalconsDrummer
Updated April 27th, 2011 at 3:37 PM by FalconsDrummer

I'm genuinely enjoying my experience with Pokémon Black Version. For the first time since . . . probably Ruby/Sapphire, I am playing a Pokémon game with almost no prior knowledge of aspects like new kinds of Pokémon, new moves, features/mechanics, locations, etc. It's a wonderful experience. I can't even begin to explain all the specific details I like about the new generation, so I won't try.

So far I have five Gym badges, and I just arrived in Mistralton City. It took me a long time to get through Chargestone Cave because I was battling every wild Pokémon I met and seeking out every Trainer battle in order to grind some members of my team to evolution levels. Here's a detailed look at what my team is now:

Serperior, male, level 36
Ability: Overgrow
- Return
- Coil
- Leaf Blade
- Leaf Tornado

Obviously, this guy's been with me for the whole adventure. His highest current stat is Speed, followed by Defense. His Attack is a little higher than Special Attack, but both are good, and he can utilize Physical and Special moves just fine. I'm excited that he's finally fully evolved, and I'm glad to have him by my side.

Simipour, male, level 26
Ability: Gluttony
- Cut
- Work Up
- Bite
- Scald

Since there don't seem to be that many Water-types available, I've kept Simipour with me throughout the adventure so far. He is my Cut user, and Scald was useful when I had nothing else to use against Fire-type Pokémon. However, once I get Surf I'm probably going to send Simipour to the PC in favor of a Frillish to use as the resident Surf user and Water-type Pokémon. Simipour's defenses aren't that great, and mine is Jolly-natured, so Surf won't be as strong of an attack as it could be.

Musharna, female, level 31
Ability: Forewarn
- Psybeam
- Yawn
- Nightmare
- Moonlight

After the event in the Dreamyard with Team Plasma and Munna, I stuck around level grinding while also searching for a rare Munna, and I eventually found one. After a lot of training, I used a Moon Stone to evolve her into Musharna. She has excellent Special Attack and fantastic Bulk (118 HP, currently). The only problem is that she really only has one attacking move, and since I let her evolve, I need to get TMs to teach her another good attacking move - which will replace Nightmare, which isn't as useful as I had hoped.

Victini, level 29
Ability: Victory Star
- Confusion
- Searing Shot
- Flame Charge
- Headbutt

Yes, I am using Victini on my team. It seems to fit well with the storyline, especially with the way people talked about Victini during the Liberty Island event. That, and I wanted a Fire-type Pokémon, and the only other option so far seems to be Darumaka, whose ability (Hustle) I'm not too fond of. So Victini is on my team, and I'm quite fond of it. I accidentally kept one with a nature that hinders Special Attack, unfortunately, but its Attack is still good, and with Searing Shot it can still do plenty of damage with Special Attack power.

Gurdurr, male, level 28
Ability: Guts
- Wake-Up Slap
- Rock Throw
- Dig
- Strength

I'm waiting to have a friend help me evolve Gurdurr, which I expect will hugely boost his power. He's very useful in a variety of ways, which you can see in his current set of moves. I'm hoping he'll learn a stronger Fighting-type move than Wake-Up Slap soon, and I think Rock Slide is on the way as an improvement to Rock Throw. He's my Strength user and a solid team player.

Archeops, male, level 37
Ability: Defeatist
- Acrobatics (with no held item!)
- Crunch
- Bulldoze
- Fly

I made a big journey back to the desert to get the Archen fossil just so I could evolve it and teach it Fly, but I got something even more awesome than I expected. Archeops is a POWERHOUSE! A massive Attack stat and pretty good Speed make my Archeops a fantastic addition to my team, and I'm probably going to keep him for the rest of my adventure. After level-grinding through Chargestone Cave to level 37 to have him evolve, he had become so powerful that I realized I'm probably going to need to keep him in the back of the team for a while, while the others catch up.

So yeah. Things are going well!
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  1. Old Comment
    Maraala's Avatar
    Your team needs more electric
    Posted April 27th, 2011 at 11:02 AM by Maraala Maraala is offline
  2. Old Comment
    FalconsDrummer's Avatar
    Ya know, I was thinking that earlier on. I caught a Blitzle but decided not to use it. So far I haven't really seen any Electric-types that felt very appealing. I think I'm going to teach Musharna Charge Beam when I get the TM for it soon, which should help a little bit. Luckily, I think I have enough experience with Pokémon games that I can probably find ways to cover for my team's weaknesses. After all, there's really no such thing as a perfect team. (As far as typing, that is.)
    Posted April 27th, 2011 at 11:27 AM by FalconsDrummer FalconsDrummer is offline
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    Mr Cat Dog's Avatar
    Just be careful with your Archeops, and make sure you heal it once it goes below 50% HP.
    Posted April 27th, 2011 at 2:39 PM by Mr Cat Dog Mr Cat Dog is offline
  4. Old Comment
    FalconsDrummer's Avatar
    Yep, so far I've been bringing him in when I need him and pulling him right back out again when he's done. That ability does feel like such a rip-off...but I guess it kinda balances things out.
    Posted April 27th, 2011 at 3:36 PM by FalconsDrummer FalconsDrummer is offline

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