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Pokémon Adventures

Posted May 6th, 2011 at 3:21 PM by Konekodemon

Summary: Paul's a hot headed guy who normally only cares about himself and doesn't really care much about his Pokemon, but when he meets Kairi, things begin to change for him and the two begin a journey that neither one were expecting. Kairi learns things about her past that she never knew existed. Paul trying to find his meaning in life and Kairi looking for her missing father who she hasn't seen in years. The two are then thrown together into one unbelievable journey after another that they couldn't even dream of. A PaulxOC fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Pokemon anime or the Pokemon Adventures manga. I don't own any characters in this, so if you sue the only thing your getting is a dirty laptop.

Episode 1: Beginnings

[SIZE="2"]Kairi was sitting in her room, watching Professor Oak's lector on TV that night. It was about Pokémon care. He even added a few of his poems that he was well known for. She laughed at his latest one. It was just the funniest thing she had ever heard. She didn't even notice the time though. It was starting to get pretty late.

Just then her mother screamed at her that it was after eleven at night and to get her butt to bed, otherwise she'd be late getting her Pokémon from Professor Oak the next morning. Not wanting to make her mother mad at her, she turned off the TV. She then went and brushed her teeth, and put on her pyjamas, and got ready for bed.

Kairi, climbed into bed, and turned on her radio to listen to while she slept. She was listening to a rerun recording of Professor Oak's radio talk show. On the nightstand, right beside the radio laid an open Journal. The first entry was already written in the Journal. It said:

Today, is my 12th birthday. Two years ago on my 10th birthday, I had begged my mom to let me go on a Pokémon training journey, like she had done, at that age, but seeing as how I didn't take very good care of Glameow back then, she refused to let me go. But, today on my 12th birthday, she finally gave in and decided to let me go.

What a shocker that was. Now maybe I can look for my father, who I don't even know anything about. He disappeared when I was a baby. Do, I have any other family besides my mother? Well, I don't know. Mom hates mentioning them.

Anyway, I start my journey tomorrow. I can't wait. My mom wants me to be a Coordinator like her, but I wanted to be a Trainer, so to make her happy I will be both, if I can do both at one time. Anyway, I have already decided to choose Squirtle, as my starter. It's so cute! Anyway, see ya, Professor Oak's lecture is getting ready to come on TV. He will be talking about the starting Pokémon he's giving away tomorrow.

Our scene then switches back to Kairi who was listening soundlessly to the radio as her eyes begin to drop. It wasn't until after midnight when she fell asleep. The next morning she woke up with the sunlight shinning though her window in her face, and Glameow scratching on her bed. "Ah! Glameow stop that!" She told her mother's Pokémon.
Glameow gave a little, "Meow," as she left the girl's bedroom.

Kairi looked over at her alarm clock, which was still blazing music out of it. "Oh no! It's 11:00, in the morning! I'm late!" And not even bothering to get dressed, pack her things or even bath, she just slipped on her shoes and ran out the door not even brushing her long brown hair, which looked like a mess.

Kairi ran down the street in her pyjamas. "Must get to the lab!" She told herself as she ran. passers-by stared at her strangely as she passed, watching the funny girl run down the road in her pyjamas. They thought this was the funniest thing they ever saw. A few Pidgey in trees chirped at her as she passed.

Kairi then tripped over a rock in the road and fell into the mud. Now besides still being in her pyjamas she was also covered in mud and soaking wet from it. Still Kairi got up and continued running. She could see the lab ahead of her now, "Please! I don't care if it's not Squirtle. But please have something left," she panicked as she ran up to the lab's doors, only stopping to catch her breath.

She then reached up and rang the doorbell, which said, "Ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, ring, Poke, Poke."

A minute later Professor Oak answered the door. He saw Kairi standing there still in her pyjamas, "Well, well, Kairi. Are you here for your Pokémon, or are you here to spend the night?" He asked her. He held his nose as he said this. Kairi did smell very badly from having fallen in the mud on the way here.

"Very funny," Kairi says rolling her eyes, as she entered into the lab.

"I'm afraid all the starters have already been claimed Kairi. Well, there was one that was stolen. The last one..."

Professor Oak was interrupted by a boy, very tall compared to Kairi with short blue hair and an attitude, "Was taken by me," the boy smirked.

"Who are you?" Kairi asked him.

"The name's Paul. And you must be Kairi. Ha! Only a weak person would be late getting their first Pokémon. And look, you didn't even change clothes this morning, and you smell awful," Paul said, insulting Kairi.

"You know you’re not very nice," Kairi told him. She then turned to the Professor, “Please! You have to have one Pokémon at least. I'll take anything," Kairi begged.

The Professor thought for a minute, "Ah! Yes," he snapped his fingers, "I do have one left but it's kinda violent though. Are you sure you want it?" He asked Kairi.

"Yes, yes! Give it to me please!" Kairi begged even more.

"Very well, but don't say I didn't warn you," he said as he went up to the lab table and pressed a button. A Poke Ball rose up out of the center of the table. It had pictured on it the shape of a bolt of lightning. He handed the Poke Ball to Kairi. Then in a flash of golden light out popped a little yellow Pokémon. It looked like a cross between a rabbit and a mouse. It had a lightning bolt tail, just like the picture on the Poke Ball, brown strikes on it's back, it's ears were tipped in black and it had black beady eyes and red circles on each cheek.

"Pikachu," it said as it came out of the Poke Ball.

"Pikachu, that's its name," Professor Oak told her.

"Wow! How cute," she said getting closer.

Pikachu glared at her and sent a Thundershock her way, "Pika pika," he warned her to stay away.

"I see your getting off on a great start Kairi," Paul said, sarcastically.

"Well, excuse me," Kairi said rolling her eyes as she thought, ‘Jerk!' She stuck her tongue out at Paul as he left the lab to begin his journey.

"That was very rude," Kairi sighed. Pikachu glared at Paul's retreating form. How dare he speak to Kairi that way?

"Oh, dear. He left before I could give him, his Pokedex and five Poke Balls," Professor Oak sighed. "Kairi could you take them to him?"

Kairi sighed, "Well, if I have to I have to. I will be heading that way, anyway," she sighed, as she also took her own Pokedex and Poke Balls, "Come on Pikachu let's go," she said as she exited the lab, Pikachu right behind her.

The first thing Kairi did was stop by at her house, so she could change clothes. Pikachu waited for her downstairs, with her mother as Kairi took a bath and changed clothes. She was now in her normal attire, which was a black sleeveless shirt with a blue tank top over top of it. And she wore a red short-short skirt. She wore white shoes with a red lightning bolt design on each side of the shoes, and blue socks. She wore black wristbands and had a white and red hat on her head. Kairi grabbed her yellow bag and after packing her things ran downstairs. All this had taken her a few hours, "I'm ready, Pikachu," she told the mouse type.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu demanded rudely. Kairi had taken a long time up there in her room and Pikachu was pissed off.

"Hey! Don't give me that look, Pikachu. I went as fast as I could," Kairi sighed. She was starting to think, Pikachu didn't like her too good, "Come, we better go and find Paul now before he gets too far."

"Who's Paul?" Her mother asked her.

"Just some stuck up, guy who I met at the lab," said Kairi.

"Oh! I see," her mother giggled.

"What's so funny!?" Kairi demanded.

"My daughter's finally got a boyfriend," her mother grinned.

"MOM! It's not like that. He forgot his Pokedex and five Poke Balls at the lab. And Professor Oak asked me to take them to him. That's all!" Kairi tried, defending herself. She was waving her arms in front of her face, "Really!"

"Sure, honey," her mother let out a few more giggles before she stopped. Well, after all this was how she'd met Kairi's father the first time. The two had met as beginning trainer and coordinator and after getting to know one another went on a journey together, where they fell in love. And eventually they were married, and had Kairi. But then Kairi's father left stating he had a huge company to run and was going to make billions and they've be rich. But Kairi's mother turned him down and even divorced him when she found out how he was treating Pokemon, to reach his goals. It was just so wrong!

"Mother!" Kairi said, all of a sudden, waving her hand in front of her mother's face.

"Oh!" Her mother said snapping out of her daydream, "Well, I guess you better get going then, before he gets too far."

"That's what I've been trying to tell you now for like thirty minutes. You kinda spaced out there. Are you ok?" Kairi asked her mother, this look of concern on her face.

"I'm fine dear. You should be off now," the woman told her daughter.

"Are you sure your ok?" Kairi asked.

"Yes! Yes! I'm fine," said her mother, rushing Kairi and her Pikachu out the door. And then closing the door.

"Ok," Kairi blinked in confusion as she stood there on her porch staring at the closed door. Pikachu shared her look of confusion as well. The girl and her Pikachu then decided they might as well head off now. The two headed for Route 1.

As soon as they got there they heard a voice saying, "Your not what I'm looking for. Be gone."

"That could only be, Paul," said Kairi. Her and Pikachu went up to him, "What do you think your doing!?" She demanded, noticing Paul releasing a Starly he had just caught.

"That's none of your business!" Said Paul.

"It is when your abandoning a Pokemon you just caught," she demanded.

"If you’re so concerned, why don't you take it," said Paul.

"Yes, I think maybe I will. Come on Starly, you don't need him!" Kairi said, as she grabbed the Starly's Poke Ball out of Paul's hand in an angry tone. She returned Starly to her Poke Ball. Paul got ready to turn and walk away when Kairi called out, "Wait!"

"What is it now?" Paul asked her, as he turned around to face her.

"You left your Pokedex and Poke Balls at the lab. I don't know where you found that Poke Ball, but here," Kairi handed Paul his Pokedex and Poke Balls. She realized he must have just found a Poke Ball laying around on the route and used it.

"Thank you," Paul said, putting the stuff into his bag. He then turned and walked away.

'Did...Did he just thank me!?' Kairi wondered, confused. She watched Paul as he walked away, hands on his hips.

"Well, are you coming?" He suddenly asked out of the blue.

"What do you mean?" Kairi asked him.

"Were both heading for Viridian City, right?" Paul told her.

"Yes, I guess we are," Kairi told him.

"Well, we might as well, go together since were both heading there anyway. Just don't slow me down," Paul told her. He then turned and walked away at a fast pace.

"Hey! Wait up!" Kairi called out. She ran to catch up with him.

"Pikachu pika pika," Pikachu said as he ran up catch up to both, Paul and his trainer.
Well, that was part one. Tell me what you thought of it and give me a little feedback, so I can think about what to type next. After five posts I will type up the next part. It is not required for me to write more but I'd like to have at least five posts, if not that's ok.
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