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The History of PokéCommunity

Posted May 21st, 2011 at 4:40 AM by Shining Raichu
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A funny thing happens when an old member returns to PokéCommunity. Bells ring, songs are sung, cheerful welcomes are posted and blogs are written in their honour. People literally lose it. It's a fantastic time, it makes for a great atmosphere.

I've been following a thread that's been active since last night in the New Users section where ex Super Mod Chairman Kaga returned from the grave. Everybody, each poster says, has heard of the legend of the disappearing Chairman Kaga. It sent a shockwave through the entire community, some had even thought he was dead. He returned to a hero worship so intense that it briefly made me wonder whether five years ago he had gone around the place performing sexual favours.

I've become so addicted to this thread, not necessarily because of Chairman Kaga himself (though he does seem awesome and his novel-length story was really amazing) but because of the responses. It's given me a small glimpse inside what appears to be such a rich mythology, and I've come to a realisation.

I want to know everything.

I've often expressed disgust in myself that I only found this place in February of this year. My complacency has cost me the chance to grow up here with you guys, and I've missed so much. It feels like I've started watching this amazing TV show at the beginning of Season 10 and now I need to go buy the DVDs and start right from the beginning so I don't feel like there's a piece of the experience missing.

I don't even mean just the big things, I want to know all the tiny details. I want to know about every legendary member, resurrected or not. I want to hear about the journey of every staff member, past and present, from their newbie days to how they came to sit atop their watchtowers, saving us from ourselves and each other oh God that was lame. I want to hear about every pairing, every feud, and how they all came to be. I want to unlock the secrets to how PokéCommunity came to be the PokéCommunity I know and love. My dream is to become the PC Encyclopedia.

Please, everybody, introduce yourselves. I want to know you, and I want to hear your stories. I can't wait for the fascination to begin.
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    my history isn't important tbqh
    Posted May 22nd, 2011 at 6:56 AM by Maraala Maraala is offline
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    I joined July 13, 2004, three days before my 11th birthday. I was a not-very-social little child who thought she was the smartest person in the universe. (Check the name.) PC was my introduction to the internet, besides a few Pokemon fanfiction sites. So... I had no idea what I was doing. My first thread can still be found rather easily... it was bad. >__> But I got into Funtime in Pokéland pretty soon, and found all sorts of things to do. Started meeting lots of people... my first pair, shadowman321. My then-best friend, 1313666/NiNGi's Worst Nightmare/Garoug! Bare Your Fangs!. Kiri, the founder of the Nightclub. KARR, a nerdy, cynical sort of person. NiNGi, who liked to start little make-believe wars. Kagome and InuYasha, a cute lovey-dovey couple. Tig/IceKitten, my first PC crush. ~*Silent Tattsu*~, she who was very kind and played with the newbies. And of course the legendary Chairman Kaga, who I rather thought of as a big brother figure. And so many more people! I can hardly remember everyone... I loved the threads in Funtime in Pokéland- The One Above, The Nightclub... and oh! The Wedding Thread, haha. I married shadowman321, but he disappeared shortly afterward... My, my those were fun and strange times.

    My friend Nadan came to PC in early '05, and started causing havoc in my "relationship" with 1313666. This war escalated and branched off into a ton of little forums that we had created, and I fell away from PC gradually. In like May of '05 I got a 6-month ban from the internet, causing me to drop everything. I didn't come back to PC until mid-06? and at that point posted a tiny bit, had a brief conversation with Chairman Kaga, and left.

    I regret leaving for so long. I hate that I don't know what happened here. I hate that I'll never experience so many things I could have. I want to know what happened, like you do. I want to know all the drama, all the events, all the people. Everything.

    July 10, 2010. I returned to PC to find all sorts of changes. VMs! They are wonderful. Profile customization, wow! What? Where did Funtime in Pokéland go? Oh I see, OT and PT. Many new forums- The DS games hadn't been around when I last popped in, and that was just the start. Supporter perks? I didn't even know about supporters before then. I posted my first thread in NU/W ever that day. Got a few welcome backs and such. Started talking to Pikapal642 soon after that because of the avatar he had then. I wandered over to OT, found The One Above and a few other games, got to know Sammyskitty, shot571, The Last One, and others. I started up the old Nightclub once again, and that ran for a long time. I met Akita, Spirit Albarn♫, donovannj, BinaryPeaches, Roswell (as Maka), Reddo, dragonomega, Miss Doronjo, The Corrupt Plague, angel, and so many others. I paired with Akita and Sammyskitty at some point, and acquired a fairly large PC family. BinaryPeaches got modded in PT and OT. I became a supporter at some point. Dark Pulse94 annoyed the hell out of me for a time and eventually left the establishment. 1313666 came back using the account Garouga! Bare Your Fangs! and there was drama which resulted in him leaving. The Nightclub kind of died down and closed in January, with this and then a disclaimer from BinaryPeaches. We... haven't yet gotten around to making a new one, but it shall be done eventually.

    Around November I had started drifting into Pokemon Anime, since I had gotten hooked on Best Wishes!. I started meeting all the Shipping Debates and Anime regulars- AdvancedK47, Mew~, Jorah, Regeneration, AshPikastar, RubyJB88, Shedinjareese, PearlShipper4Life, and others. That became one of the main sections I posted in, competing with Pokemon Groups. I made the Dent Fanclub and the CafeMochaShipping Fanclub, both of which are doing fairly well. I joined a whole bunch of clubs, and had fun during the short Evil Team wars. I met Nutella through my clubs, and she made the Striaton Triplets Fanclub of which I am a part. BlooMilk C. (who I think I met through the IRC) started the N fanclub and appointed me deputy head of that. So Pokemon Groups and Pokemon Anime are still very busy places for me.

    The IRC, oh that is a fun place. On it's relaunch Sammyskitty dragged me into it. Talked to people more through there, met some people, had a blast. I don't go there as much anymore, but it's still fun.

    Let's see... Pokémon General didn't have a mod for a while. For some reason I felt like I should keep an eye on it so it didn't get out of hand. So I did, and Miss Doronjo did too, and soon enough he got modded there. He asked me to start up the Pokémon Claim Thread again, and between us we're managing to keep it up to date.

    Um... that's pretty much all I have. I mean, I'm sure there's other stuff that I'm not remembering, but... eh.
    Posted May 22nd, 2011 at 1:37 PM by Aquacorde Aquacorde is offline
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    Warning; long history......
    I joined September 30th in 2010 although sometimes it'll say October 1st instead of that date. I wanted to join another community site and has been scared to join one since the last two sites I've been on became very strict and I wasn't doing as well as I hopped. I wanted to join an actual Pokemon forum since I started to grow tired of RP sites. I started getting a couple of my friends to join me, KitsuMaru joined with me on the forum. Sooner or later I managed to get three of my RL friends to join, Dragonsfire12, tyranitaronmoutains, and Kiyuki.

    I made my first thread in the Welcome introduction; I was shocked to see a lot of welcomings coming from a lot of members which got me feel even more welcomed. During the time I joined; the 'Ye' Olde Classic Haunt' event had started. This was my first Event that I ever participated in. I started posting in the "Daily Chit Chat" during the event and in the "Other Chat" once I realized that we had a Daily Chit Chat. I started posting there more often; starting to know a bit more about the members as I go along. I still go into that section even now but I was more active in it in the past two DCC. I started looking around a bit more on the site until I came up to the "Pokemon Special fanclub group". I didn't want to join until a few days later I decided to give it a shot. the PSF was my first group I ever joined and wish it didn't get closed down but ever since I joined the group I met RubyJB88, Chamo-Chan, and sassy_blue333.

    It was already time for the Christmas Event that was coming up in December and I had participated in a few events, "The Skype Event", and the "AMV contest". I won my first contest which was the AMV event and had a lot of fun in the Skype Event. I was glad that I was able to spend the New Years with PC at that time. Later on I met Rukario during the event. I started posting in the Avatar the last Airbender club back around in December 2010. I've been wanting to donate money to PC during Christmas but we didn't get the chance to so I had to donate later however; I soon met countryemo and then later on I joined the Team Rocket fanclub and had met Regeneration and Vaporeon7. Both of us became Rocket Excutives in the club.

    It was time for me to join the Anime shipping Debate since I liked to discuss about shippings in the anime and debates can be fun at times. I started meeting all my other friends, Advancedk47, Commanderpigg, Mew, TheSmartOne, and Jorah. The shipping debate became my main thread that I always use to go in whenever I head into the Anime section. Around that time Kirbychu became a moderator in the Anime section. I met Miley810 on my profile. We soon started having a great conversation with each other about Digimon fanclub. I wanted to join until the Digimon fanclub made another fanclub because of something dealing with having a new leader for the club. I joined the club but then I joined the Kirby Club and had became the Co-owner of the club. TheSmartOne had made the 'Dento/Cilan' fanclub before I joined the Digimon fanclub and that's when I started meeting Nutella. TheSmartone, Nutella and I became the trio bothers soon after.

    Yeah this was getting long so I stopped there.
    Posted May 22nd, 2011 at 3:44 PM by AshPikastar AshPikastar is offline
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    In the Summer of 2009, I was bored most of the time, so I browsed Psypokes on the family computer, which was quite old and crashed a lot. It was pretty much rinse and repeat for a while, until, by some grace of God I discovered the Pokecommunity Forums.
    The first section I caught interest in was the game dev section, being that kid who always drew cruddy sketches and wanted to make their own game out of them, I was amazed. I learned of Malachite, Scarlet, Amethyst and Acanthite. The "fakemon" looked great, and I began to wonder if I could make a game like that. I lurked for a while after that, and on Spring 2010, my family having a new computer at this point, I joined the Pokecommunity.

    Well, I got in the game dev section and posted the typical "Guys, I have no idea what I'm doing, but if you help me, my game will be awesome! kthx" thread. I finally read the rules and learned why it didn't show up in the Drawing Board. I decided to go post how much I loved other games. For the longest time, I stalked the game dev section, complimenting the creator on every single update. One day, a flame war had erupted in one of the game's threads and I envied those who argued and won. This would not serve me well. I turned to the black and white section, where I helped contribute, but also did some stupid things that I can't recall.

    Somewhere in between this, I learned "noobspeak" and used it in almost all of my posts and I imagine it was quite annoying. The next section I made my way to was Challenges, where I learned about, and took on the nuzlocke challenge. After a while, I was sitting pretty with the challengers and became somewhat of a regular there. I had merged all the nuzlocke challenges to create the official nuzlocke challenge thread, all was going well, I'd say. This went to the point of joining the nuzlocke forums, however, the Nuzlocke Forum was full of trolls, I learned a bit of trolling myself. I had also met the great Sydian, during this phase of mine, who would have to be one of my favorite people on PC.

    Around October, I had the burning desire to become a moderator. Why? Because I thought they got name changes. So what do I do? I try and play "moderator" in the Halloween Fest to try and clear up all the confusion. My intentions were good, but I got a ton of people mad at me. Sick of people's robotic responses, I yelled at Cilerba, because I was pissed, and wanted to get in a flame war as well. I continued to be a sarcastic, trollish jerk. Then it hit me, I had hit rock bottom.

    I joined Calis Projects after that, a game dev forum. I knew Cilerba was a mod, but the incident had faded a bit. I made friends with an extremely talented developer named Cherrim. Cherrim was friends with Cilerba, so I asked him to ask Cilerba what he thought of me. I got a typical "robot mod" response. Anyhow, I asked him to invite Cilerba to the convo so I could apologize and I did. I talked with Cilerba a bit and we became good friends, chatted about game dev, and the like. He was not like a robot at all. One day we were chatting and I said "I want to be a mod so I can get a name change". My world was pretty much shattered when I found out that they couldn't.

    At PC, I realized that I should just make a new account, wanting the name change, a fresh start, and to cut all strings with the dream of being a moderator. I made much more friends, broadened my horizons, and gained more emblems much faster than I did on my old account. During the moderator-craze, I had also busted my ass joining a forum called Pokemon Mysidia, which wouldn't let me sign up at first. I posted around a bit, this time with proper grammar, actually sounding intelligent to an extent, which would soon become a trend. I had made good friends with one of the Head Admins and Zappyspiker, whom I knew from PC, who was also a staff member there.

    When the tutoring program had come around, I was quite eager to join. My tutor, .aero, had helped me build a stall team, and I went off to battle, and learn from each mistake I had made, after that. I've become a fairly good battler now, and while most consider the Tutoring Program to be a failure, I consider it to be a partial success. I began to frequent the server, as well as the Mysidia server, trying to improve, so that I could proudly walk into S&M, without being told my team sucked, by Syndrome. I met some awesome people there, such as Vrai, .Aero, and Syndrome, all of whom I used to be scared of. Even Syn was a nice guy on the inside (inb4 he kills me for saying that). This was the moment when I had felt that broadening my horizons was worth it.

    The next venture was making friends with Fuyuhiko, a well respected chap and an awesome guy. I managed to get his MSN by saying: "Hey, Roxas (his username on the forum I asked for it on), you seem like a pretty cool guy, would you like it exchange MSN". It may have seemed somewhat bold, and nowhere near what someone that has my self-confidence level would do, but I happened to be a staff member on that site. Anyhow, we talked, and Fer was pretty much the Golden Gate, he introduced me to places, people, and ideas that I had been otherwise oblivious to.

    Funny how all of this happened in less than a year, although I just realized my anniversary is coming in a week or so lol.

    Copy/Paste, my anniversary already happened.
    Posted May 22nd, 2011 at 3:58 PM by champagnepapi champagnepapi is offline
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    Don't worry, Shining Rai, I'm on the same boat as you are; I have no prior knowledge of the history or the going abouts of PC, whatsoever.
    I don't really have any history or stories. xD But it was nice reading everyone else's.
    Posted May 22nd, 2011 at 10:50 PM by Osha_say_wott?! Osha_say_wott?! is offline
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    As I appear to be the inspiration for this post, it’s only right that I provide a reply!

    I didn’t have a particularly auspicious start at PC back when I joined on March 2, 2004. I was 16 then and not particularly interesting. Previous to this, from about 2001-2003, I was a member at a much smaller Pokemon forum that I had since gone into self-imposed exile from. A combination of my own immaturity and antagonistic staff caused me to flee that place forever, and I spent months seeking a new Pokemon forum that I hoped would be friendlier. I can’t even recall what exactly lead me to choose this place over the likes of Serebii and some of the other big names of the time, but I remember finding a link to PC buried in pages of google searches on something related to Pokemon but having nothing to do with my search for a new forum. Somehow my impressions of the place ended up far exceeding those of the other forums I was considering, so after a few days of lurking I joined.

    For most of 2004, I had virtually no profile on PC, which isn’t the worst thing for a relatively new member. I don’t recall a single thread of mine ever having to be locked or moved by a mod, so at least I could understand rules :p Somehow, shortly after joining, the first person I befriended was a member named Blue who joined up within a month or so. This would prove to be fortuitous later on, as I had inadvertently befriended someone who would one day become a very powerful member here. Virtually none of you would remember his original name, or even the name that came afterward—Miharu. However, if you’ve ever heard of Kazuhito or Ryoutarou, you’ll realize that this friend is the former Assistant Admin Jorge. Back then we were just two lowly members who would just sit around on AIM and discuss stuff, with no ambition whatsoever. Some fate we both shared :p I would try to insert myself into the DCC here and there and ended up making a few acquaintances through that, but I was nothing compared to the popular members of those days. Castform, Dizzy, Alex, frostweaver, and others dominated discussion and I could only watch and hope to get as much attention as them someday.

    Where I did eventually find my niche was in the Clubs section (I believe that only one forum was used for Pokemon and non-Pokemon clubs at that time.) I was one of the founding members of the Misty club along MistyLover17, Silent Tattsu, and a few other members, and back then I kind of made my first mark on PC as an obsessive Misty fan. I hope to heaven that all of you here have seen the first seasons of the Pokemon anime, but in case you’re not sure who I’m talking about, Misty was Ash’s female traveling partner from the beginning of the series through the end of Johto. She was a tomboyish girl with orange hair, yellow crop top, suspenders, and denim shorts and specialized in Water-type Pokemon. For whatever reason, in the first season of the series before she acquired a Togepi and it sucked out her soul, she made enough of an impression on me that I had kind of an obsession with her in my teenage years. Yeah, I was a nerd. Still am. Like a lot of Misty fans, I became pretty bitter and defensive about her when she was unceremoniously kicked off the show to introduce May and got into I don’t know how many fierce debates with May fans about why Misty was awesome and May was horrible, so I honestly have no idea how I ended up not being marginalized by all PC members as a creepy fanboy. Either way, I was generally seen sporting a Misty-themed avatar and signature and spent a lot of time scouring Japanese fanart sites for pictures of Misty to post in the Misty fanclub, had ridiculously over-analytical discussions about her in there, you name it, I did it. Even had Serebii Joe, the founder and webmaster of Serebii, invade the thread once to yell at me for teaching people how to save screecaps from his site even though he’d disabled right-clicking, which looking back I find very gratifying. (he was always humorless and would search his own name on PC so he could attack anyone that said anything bad about his site, heh.)

    My memory of PC going through late 2004 is somewhat of a blur. There are a few bad memories from this period as I remember the site being hacked and one of the people from the forum I was a member of before PC tracking me down to here and submitting the site to Something Awful as revenge (I had to notify an admin so that they could prepare for a big influx of spammers and trolls), but and I steadily built up some friendships with now-vets and really just posted around as normal for a while. Not long later, though, I ended up taking a self-imposed exile that lasted seven or eight months. I was unhappy about the introduction of the T-Dome, a forum for adult debate and discussion that I believed would devolve into little more than a hell of flaming and trolling that would ruin everyone’s friendships with each other on PC. I was a conservative firebrand as a teenager (*mostly* not anymore, though) and, considering that even then it was a rare and unpopular thing to be online, a debate forum had the potential to make me a persona non grata here. Admittance into the T-Dome was entirely optional, but just its existence combined with the rise to power of a certain member that I just really really didn’t like or see eye to eye with made me feel unwelcome here, and I left along with a couple of friends including Silent Tattsu from the Misty club. For a while we formed our own little forum together but it only ever gathered a few members and a few dozen posts. Eventually, I found myself cut off from all of my old PC friends for months and couldn’t take it anymore. I made a return post to ask what kind of place PC had become, and to my incredible surprise the current leadership had been usurped and my oldest PC friend had somehow advanced from regular member to AA (then called Praetor) in a matter of months. Elated, I redoubled my efforts to be a productive PC member and managed to accumulate more friends and a decent profile here.

    In July 2005 I became moderator of Other Voting Polls. Like any member I had always secretly hoped for a moderator position, but the way in which I acquired power was unprecedented then and may still be. At that time there was another Praetor called Dakota (renamed John Denver by the time he was *SPOILER ALERT*: banned.) He had an in-your-face style and didn’t mince words, and while an effective Praetor was a bit full of himself. OVP was one of my most common haunts as a member, and I noticed a string of posts by Dakota complaining about the low quality of polls and the inanity of the questions being asked. A while after this, he started posting a series of polls in OVP with low-brow topics like boogers and feces that were an obvious mockery of the other polls in OVP that weren’t up to his personal standards. All of the people replying to these polls, though, took them seriously and were thus tricked into saying embarrassing things about themselves for Dakota’s amusement. After a few of these, I had it and made what would have been an extremely gutsy (and probably stupid) move for a member then or now: I created a thread for everyone to see in OVP to expose what Dakota had been doing and to express my disapproval with the childish behavior he was exhibiting as a Praetor. This, of course, enraged him and I suddenly feared that I would be banned. Amazingly, though, a couple of the Staff Administrators posted in the thread and took my side, asking Dakota to knock it off with his fake polls. I was offered OVP modship and took the position, which I held until November 2005 when I was promoted to S-Mod.

    I still don’t get this “legend” stuff that people kept going on about in my return thread as, to the best of my knowledge, I was just a hardworking staff member and posted like crazy, never really had a leading role in any of PC’s “historic moments” but I suppose what I did meant a lot to everyone back then. I did the whole “PC family” thing and had Hotaru/Kahoshi as my pair, which befuddled everyone as she was smokin’ hot IRL and I was a raging geek, I had various brothers (Morkula, The Hunk, and pokejungle, the first of which is the only one still active here), and various children, cousins, and the like. I ended up just being friends with everyone and had a reputation as an S-Mod who just posted like (and with the frequency of) a normal member and I guess some people remembered that. Ironically I ended up befriending Dakota after our blowup, but he became antagonistic after a while and permabanning him was the last act I did as an S-Mod before my mysterious disappearance. And as for the mysterious disappearance itself, you can read my other essay of a thread on the subject that Shining Raichu linked to in the OP of this blog entry! If any of you read all of this, you get a cookie. P.S. Pachy’s description of me is wildly historically inaccurate and my sarcasm meter is broken so I have no idea what that post is all about :p
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    goddamn I get tl;dr fast if someone asks about my PC history.

    To start off, I'm just gonna link a few things I've already written.

    Blog posted on my 6 year anniversary.
    Another history post I did 3 years ago. It's more in-depth than my blog entry. You might find the thread itself interesting. If you search OC for "PC history" or something like that, you should find a few threads like this. Especially interesting since you'll find members who've long since gone.
    OVP History Lesson -- Kaga already talked about this, but you might find the links handy? :D

    I forgot that Angela and others were all up in-arms about the Misty Fanclub being "copied" from SPPf. I can't remember if there was super damning evidence (the thread is probably long gone from SPPf, and the most I can think of would be that the first post was copied or something), but I somehow doubt it wasn't that big of a deal. In the end, having a fanclub for Misty just makes sense. *shrugs*


    My previous posts go into a lot about how I moved up the ranks, and you said that my yo-yo through them sounded interesting, so I thought I'd babble about what happened when I left staff, because nothing above has talked about it.

    It was the summer of 2009, and my life sucked so much back then. I had dropped out of college due to serious money mismanagement, and had moved back to a small town in Wisconsin at the beginning of the year. This sucked for two major reasons: 1) I couldn't drive so I couldn't really apply for jobs, which meant I didn't, and my parents didn't push me enough to actually do it, and 2) sometime that year we'd gotten my stepbrother's family to move in, and there were 10 people in a 3-bedroom house. I had no room of my own and was sleeping on a couch with two other people. Not only that, money was running short too, as most of us in the house were unemployed. Needless to say I was pretty stressed back then.

    Sometime in May, my stepdad had picked up a pizza place in a Wal-Mart. It wasn't making money; it was a "busy" day when they made $150 (this is absolutely pathetic), and it hardly paid the bills there. My stepdad and both stepbrothers were helping out, and no one in my family was getting paid to work there. Well, I was dragged into it as well. It made things a bit worse for me, as I was waking up at 6AM to be there at 7AM to work at somewhere completely dead all day. It was just another pressure added to the list.

    Around June/July, two big things happened.
    First, my computer was infected with a virus. I didn't know it at the time -- I learned after the fact, when I infected someone else's. It blocked the connectivity of my Ethernet port, and my computer couldn't access the Internet. It wouldn't have been an issue if I had a wireless card, as my parents' one worked on my computer, but I didn't have the money to get one, because the job I had wasn't paying me. It left my only PC access as the work computer, which ran a really old version of Internet Explorer. Not exactly ideal for PC.
    Second, my sister offered to let me stay at her place, because there were too many damn people at our place and I was the easiest to move out. She lived in Kansas, in the city I'd lived in years back. I'd move in August 1st, would find a job, and then would move into another apartment with a friend of my sister's at the beginning of 2010. Only problem was, she didn't have Internet at all -- she couldn't afford it at this point. And even if she did, I'd still be stuck with my computer.

    By July, I was very inactive on PC, at least for my tastes. I was keeping up with my staff duties, but barely. I could only do so much at work and everyone else used the computer instead of me D:. About July 6th or so, I ended up PMing Erica, asking for a Demotion Leave of Absence. Basically, go back to member status until I had Internet again. She agreed, and I was demoted.

    Well, that was my grand plan, anyway. Take DLoA a few months, hopefully have Internet access when I moved to Kansas by some act of God, and then get my spot back like nothing ever happened by September by the latest.

    What really happened was this:
    The move went without a hitch. I ended up back in Kansas, crashing on my sister's couch instead of my parents'. I'd found a job by the 21st of August. However, they still didn't have Internet, and the first paychecks I'd get I needed other things. They had a PS3 and the neighbors had an unsecured network, and so every once in awhile I could mooch off of that, but it wasn't nearly enough to actually get active.
    My sister acquired a laptop in September, and I thought that'd be my big break. A proper computer! However, that wasn't the case. I still didn't use it nearly enough, but I digress.
    I asked an old admin at the time, Mewthree w/Armor, to ask the h-staff if I could get my spot back. He was a friend of mine back then and for some stupid reason I trusted him with PC matters. Anyone who has ever worked with him would know why trusting him with anything was a bad idea: he was such a bad admin. If someone started drama in the h-staff forums, it was probably him. Not the person to ask to deal with your affairs. Long story short, I was not added back. He never explained why, just that he was fighting for me. I couldn't think of a reason why I wasn't, despite the glaring fact that I simply wasn't active enough anyway, and asking to come back that early was a stupid plan. I got really, really bitter about it. (I get bitter pretty easy, tbh.)

    My PC activity was actually pretty spotty until early 2010. For some reason, I stopped using the laptop. At one point, I had a wireless receiver for the desktop, but I ended up breaking it myself, whoops. Once it broke, I wasn't back on until January of 2010, when I'd moved into my new apartment and bought an internal wireless card so I couldn't break it. At that point, I was as active as I was before, and I'd cooled down about the whole leaving staff thing. The only thing that ever bothered me was that no one ever explained what was going on to me.

    Fast forward to August, where Nick was promoted to s-mod. It left OVP without a mod. I was still active there, so I was added back as a mod. Been here since. :D
    I also ended up asking Erica around that time just wtf happened with the stuff back last September, because like I said, Mewthree didn't tell me anything. Her response? "Mewthree didn't tell you?" D: In short, I still wasn't active and they didn't need me, so I wasn't added. Simple as that. I was all like "man that is super obvious, why was I bitter all this time?"

    Next Time: Why DLoAs are totally my fault! TRUE STORY LALALALA *dons tin hat*
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