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A somewhat frustrating day.

Posted May 24th, 2011 at 8:29 PM by Misheard Whisper

So rather than recap a day at the end of it, I figured I'd start keeping logs as I go along. When I have a relatively interesting or amusing day - like today - I'll throw it up here for you guys to read. That said, here's today's - Wednesday, May 25th.

Period 1 - Spanish (0900-1000)

0952: That was the most confusing not-quite test ever. :/

0953: Of course, this means I only have one more exam to do this week - Classics, which isn't till Friday. I should just skip the rest of the day. No, the week.

0956: Trying to read the tiny text on the top of the whiteboard. The red says 'I lost the game'. Grr. The purple is German. It says 'Ich habe das . . .' and then the rest I can't read.

0958: Why was there German on the top of the whiteboard in Spanish anyway? It must've been there since at least yesterday, because I know some of the guys in German have Spanish too. But it's first period, so it must've been there overnight.

0959: Unless someone did it in tutor group? Don't think so, though.

Period 3 - English (1130-1230)

1132: Well, here I am in English. Am I looking forward to this? Not really. I did the exam yesterday, but it doesn't look like we get marks back yet. Fair enough, I guess. I'm supposed to be reading Henry IV right now . . .

1133: Oh yeah, I need to hand in my essay as well. brb

1136: Homework . . . in! No detention, getto daze!

1139: Found that old Classics assignment for Peter . . . he wanted to know what Perseus' mother's name was. I managed to dig up something from nearly a year ago . . . could only open it because I have 14 free shots left at MS Publisher. Stupid OpenOffice not having a publishing suite. Only thing I don't like about it.

1144: Why the hell will Jonty not shut UP?

1145: I don't even know what he's talking about, but . . . eeergh. Whatever it is, I could hardly care less.

1146: . . . Oh, yay. More handouts.

1149: Aaaaaaaaaagh, so bored. I don't want to read Henry IV in class! I read much better on my own damn time.

1150: Regardless, I am so tempted to get Across The Nightingale Floor out of my bag right now. :x

1155: And now we're talking about stapling people's ears. Whaaaat.

1156: . . . MORE handouts? Are you kidding me? I'm not made of clearfiles!

1158: And the discussion turns to internet memes. This discussion does not include the teacher, by the way. He's still wandering around handing out bits of paper. According to Jonty, our History teacher is a troll.

1159: I finished the Shonen Jump I brought with me to school today x_x That's what you get for being in a mixed Spanish class with a teacher who doesn't know how to multitask.

1200: And of course it turned out that I sat and read manga for twenty minutes, when I was supposed to be doing an exam. Not that anyone told me. But it's fine, because I rounded off both papers by the end of the period.

1201: Across The Nightingale Floor really is a good book. What makes me laugh, though, is the little disclaimer in the front. It essentially says 'THE PEOPLE IN THIS BOOK HAVE JAPANESE NAMES, THEY LIVE IN JAPANESE WAYS, GROW RICE, OBSERVE JAPANESE CUSTOMS AND MAKE WAR LIKE JAPANESE PEOPLE. OH BY THE WAY, IT'S NOT ACTUALLY FEUDAL JAPAN. IT JUST LOOKS THAT WAY.'

1204: In other words, 'I didn't do the research, but because it's not actually Japan you can't call me out on it.'

1205: In all fairness, though, it is remarkably accurate.

1206: And apparently, I was thinking of the wrong Henry. o_o

1207: Lol, no, my English teacher got it wrong. Trying to accuse Henry IV of plotting to kill Richard II. Whaaaaaaaat. I was right! Henry IV (erstwhile Earl of Richmond) killed Richard III!

1211: Oh goddammit. Genealogies of the English monarchs. They're all inbred bastards born out of wedlock anyway, so why don't we just screw them and move on to Streetcar?

1214: And now Jonty's doing his Redneck HAL impression. Thanks, sir, for drawing attention to the fact that Henry's son is named Hal. *facepalm*

1216: King Lear has nothing to do with Henry IV, dammit. And why is Helen of Troy involved in this conversation!?!?

1217: . . . I have totally lost track of this class now. And grrr, I really hate it when people raise their hands and click their fingers to get the teacher's attention. *facekeyboadbjhadb*

1218: 'Defend our honour blah blah blah'. 'Relatively more just'. Yep, it appears we've moved from Tudor England to Heath Ledger, Brad Pitt and Troy.

1220: 'You know who I really hate? George Clooney. Burn in hell, you smug bastard.' WHAT DOES CLOONEY HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING ;A;

1221: I just want to get out of here now. We have nine minutes left . . . gonna pack up everything except my computer and Nightingale.

1222: Stupid German and its stupid capitalised nouns. Why would they DO that?

1223: I get nervous when the teacher hands out something that says 'AS English - Essential Notes'. Almost kinda makes me feel like I should read it.

1225: This class has gone to the dogs. It's not terribly chaotic yet, but everyone's just doing their own thing and I don't think the teacher cares.

1228: All right, everyone's packing up. See you next period - German. Oh boy oh boy. *sigh*

Period 5 - History (1415-1515)

1422: My teacher has just declared her rapper name to be Pippy G. why is this i dont even aaaaa

1423: She's spared us the agony of misspelling the Weimar Republic by abbreviating it to WR.

1424: ...Looks like we won't be going over yesterday's exam after all. Oh, dammit, why is OpenOffice Writer refusing to work?

1425: Yes I know I'm supposed to be writing this down but OPEN OFFICE IS STILL REFUSING TO WORK AGH

1426: Oh, balls. Now Publisher's not working either!

1427: She's having trouble spelling 'economic' now. Oh, and it turns out I couldn't get to my back seat in German class, so I couldn't talk to you guys without being seen.

1428: And now, someone just took what I was going to say. I hate it when that happens.

1429: Why is OpenOffice STILL. NOT. WORKIIIIIING?! D:

1430: brb, restarting. :x

1444: Finally, sheesh. Got it all down. And now she wants me to get my textbook out . . . do I have my textbook? :o

1445: . . . That'd be a no. Now I'm meant to be doing tasks . . . dammit, how do I get out of this one? If I just sit here and type, maybe she'll think I'm doing something constructive.

1446: And besides, she's always saying that really, it's up to us how we take notes or whether we even do at all. It's almost a university lecture mindset, that. Bit scary, to be honest.

1447: So, now I have about twenty-eight minutes of the period to go. It's abundantly clear that there's no textbook on my desk and there hasn't been for the last thirty-two minutes, but I am at the back of the class and I have a great big computer screen in front of me, so maybe she won't notice.

1448: I don't think she notices me unless I actually put my hand up for anything. I already contributed to the discussion twice today, so I should be fine for the rest of the period.

1449: Of course, that means that I have to keep my head down and make it look like I'm studiously doing something. I'll try writing fanfiction and see how that goes. Back in a while.


1455: So far this is working well. I've done more writing (not much) in the last six minutes than I have all week (none) and she hasn't noticed a thing.

1456: Oh god I wanna go home and watch anime so badly.

1457: I've got plenty of internet. I can go home and watch one more episode of TWGOK II, maybe even two!

1458: And then I have badminton! I am so keen.

1459: Badminton is the only sport I like. Well, it depends. Some other sports are fun to play (like netball), but badminton is the only one I enjoy watching. And it's the only one I've stuck with playing for a few years.

1500: Someone in the class just swore loudly just as the class fell into a lull. Everyone heard. :D

1501: Now I'm typing while looking directly at the teacher. She seems confused by my actions.

1502: OK, sweet. Just looks like she's gonna talk for the last ten minutes of the class. She ought to know she can't keep the attention of a class full of teenagers for a full hour in last period, so she won't push it.

1503: please don't ask me anything please don't ask me anything please don't ask me anything.

1504: Of course, that means anything that involves what we've done today. If you're going to ask a general knowledge question, a spelling question (more common than you'd think) or a prior knowledge question, hit me with it. Hard. So hard it hurts. Hurts so much it makes me say 'ouch.'

1505: I hate it when she randomly leaves us with a rhetorical question and then goes all quiet like that. O_x Welp, back to fanfiction.

1506: Aaaaah, now she's asking people what they wrote for particular questions. helphelphelp

1507: Aww, we don't get our marks back until Monday. It's freakin' Wednesday today! D:

1508: Ben Tennyson is Rikku. Found that out yesterday, and my MIND is BLOOOOOOOOOWN.

1509: Oh, apparently she doesn't 'accept' the fact that it's fifth period as an excuse for not working hard enough.

1510: Hahaha, she reckon's she's 'distracting'. That's a good one, Miss. ^_^ And now she's engaging in a hypothetical argument over something someone said with a person who I didn't even think was capable of that level of mental function.

1511: 'Well, not that I did, but if I did say that, Miss, I could totally understand why you'd be offended by that.' Surprisingly coherent. Pity I didn't hear what the original statement was.

1512: Yes, yes, the Germans papered their rooms with marks because it was cheaper than wallpaper, blah de blah de blah. That's her favourite anecdote or something, jeez.

1513: All right, that's me out! I'm done for today. I'll be home by 1545, I shouldn't wonder.

Period X - After School (1515-xxxx)

1524: So here I am in the car. I got picked up for once, yay!

1525: Emma (11) had a teacher-only day, so Dad stayed home to look after her. As a result, they were free to come and get me rather than me having to catch a bus all the way home.

1526: Oh dammit, we're going to see Mum at the hospital. I mean, it's not like it won't be nice, but a) there's no real purpose for visiting as she'll be home in less than two hours anyway, and b) there go my chances of getting home early for ONCE in my miserable life.

1527: I was looking forward to chilling this afternoon! You guys know that. Haha, radio's failing as we go past Garden Place. I always knew there was something funny about that place.

1528: Still, it's my favourite place to be (other than at home) because it'a home to the central city library.

1529: It's been less than fifteen minutes since I unplugged my computer, and the battery is already at 48%. NO WAIT. It went down six per cent in the last thirty seconds. This thing's taking on water like the Titanic.

1530: Lowest power setting, by the way. I should seriously invest in a new battery, even if it means sacrificing some of my convention spending money. 27%

1531: Gonna die in a minute. See you guys at home, I guess. *mumbles* Stupid bloody computer.

Oh, and as for why some periods are missing - I don't always have my laptop out in class. Some days I don't need it, and some classes - like Maths - I just never use it in.
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