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Puff Puff! Puuuuuuff!

Posted June 20th, 2011 at 6:45 PM by Maraala

I'm so happy today. I bought one of my favorite PS1 games off of the PSN this morning, which is called Grandia, and I have been playing it all day. My current playtime is 8 hours, 23 minutes, and 39 seconds and I'm currently at the End of the World, which means Gadwin will be joining my party in a little bit. :)

Justin is currently my tank/powerhouse (at least until Gadwin joins) since he has the highest strength and knows spells of every element. Sue is being used as the healer since her Action and Move values are the highest. I usually keep her stocked up with Wound Salves and then pair it with Rah-Rah Cheer or Water-magic, and it goes great in-battle. Feena is in between. I guess you can say she is the spellcaster of the group, even though she only knows Fire spells (I taught Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind magic to Justin; Sue only knows Water magic since it heals.) Her Action is pretty high as well, which is great for casting magic. I hope to make Sue as the main spellcaster, as well as healer, seeing as her Action is the highest. If I don't, then I'll use Feena until Liete joins the party.


I'll end this blog entry with a picture of Puffy now

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