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Hey All....

Posted June 21st, 2011 at 7:29 PM by Eternal Nightmare

If you are here then that means you will forfeit your Brawl friend code to me or SUFFER!!!!

Nah im kiddin xD, but in all seriousness I need some new rivals on Brawl so Im getting desperate for friend codes :(. So if you own a copy of the game and would like to do some online battlin one of these days let me know :D. Im always lookin for a good match. Btw I main Sonic yeah ok.....

Annnnnnnnnd one another note....Im currently doing some remodling with my theme, profile, and all that jazz to celebrate me coming back to PC from my long absence. Welp, I think I said all Ive need to say here. Pack your stuff and head to someone elses more interesting blog why dont you? Buh bye nawz :)

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