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Scammers. >:(

Posted June 22nd, 2011 at 4:11 PM by Sammi

So yesterday at work, for most of the day it was me and one of the other managers, working open to close. It was a very boring and tiring day, to say the least.

Sometime in the afternoon, we have a bit of a line, and the phone rings. I answer it. It's a guy from the Health Department and he asks for a manager. My first reaction is OH CRAP ARE WE IN TROUBLE?? I hand it over to the manager, and she gets over to talking.

The story goes, this "Adam Smith" wanted to come over on Tuesday morning for some food quality inspection. He then tells my manager to wait for another phone call with a confirmation number. The next call was indeed a confirmation number... from Craigslist.

Now, this situation has actually happened at our store once, about a year ago. Last time, though, it was people claiming to be from cooperate with some sort of advertisement materials or something like that. My boss at the time realized that this was some sort of scam and not actually from cooperate, and the people shut up pretty fast when they asked for numbers from our chain-in-command and she told them that if they're actually cooperate, they already have them.
I did some quick Googling, and what probably happened this time around is that Mr. Scammer wanted to set up an account on Craigslist, so he ended up calling... a restaurant? Of all the places. :/
So, when the manager comments to me about the number being from Craigslist, I tell her that it's probably a scammer and to call our District Manager about it.

The next few minutes got hectic. The guy called back asking for the number. The manager asks what's going on, he wouldn't answer, and she gives him the number anyway (>_>). The good news was, though, that it appeared to be wrong, and the guy got irate about it. He then got around asking for cell phone numbers -- anyone's cell numbers -- which we can't give out. In the end, the manager got him to shut up and give her a number to call them back when our District Manager could get in touch with him.

The number had an area code of 760. The state Health Department would have an area code of 785. I also had my sister Google the full number; it was apparently attached to a Google account of some sort, so totally not any sort of Health Department at all. Or a cell phone, I imagine.

It must not have been that important, because the guy never called back. :)
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    Fun. I get scammers at my work sometimes, too. I have access to a lot of records that include things like Social Security numbers and once a woman came in claiming to be someone's mother and wanted some papers. I asked if she could give me the middle name and birthdate of her "son" so I could check quicker and she said "I don't know." >_>
    Posted June 23rd, 2011 at 10:23 AM by Esper Esper is offline

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