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Beat the Elite Four in LeafGreen

Posted July 4th, 2011 at 3:47 PM by Sweet Candace
Updated July 5th, 2011 at 2:19 PM by Sweet Candace

Remember my last blog post when I said I never beat the Elite 4 in LeafGreen? Well, I just beat it this morning. Team is in the spoiler tag and their claim to the Hall of Fame is also included.


"Sparky" the Raichu Lv. 54 (Destroyed all of Loriel's Pokemon [minus Jynx], destroyed Lance's and Gary's Gyarados.)
"Giovanni" the Persian Lv. 52 (Made Agatha's Ghosts a breeze. Managed to slice and dice Lance's Dragonite and Gary's Alakazam.)
"Skydancer" the Pidegot Lv. 52 (Downed all of Bruno's fighters, took out one of Lance's Dragonair and defeated Gary's Venusaur.)
"Hydro" the Blastiose Lv. 54 (Destroyed one Bruno's Onix, Lance's Aerodactyl, Gary's Rhydon, and won the battle against Gary's Arcanine.)
"Mystic" the Dragonair Lv. 52 (Helped smoke Lance's second Dragonair, Agatha's Golbat, Gary's Pidegot and Bruno's second Onix.)
"Dashie" the Rapidash Lv. 40 (Primarily used as a pick to heal my main fighters, did put up a brief fight against Loriel's Jynx and Gary's Venusaur.)

You can critique this team if you like. You're probably going to ask how a Persian got it's way into my team? I can answer you with this simple reply; Pay Day.
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