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Posted July 5th, 2011 at 4:11 PM by Lady Gaga I saw two movies in the past week. ima review them and stuff.


Pirates 4
I forget what it was called, so had mermaids. Johnny Depp is the only reason this series is still around. He is always great, however I dont think he was as strong as he was in previous alliterations. The writing was awkward and forced, and you could see it. Even with Depp's amazing acting, it still couldnt hide the fact that this was a very cheesy movie. Cruz did exceptionally well as a pirate, and the chemistry between her and Depp was believable enough for me to feel for them at the appropriate moments. Rush reprises his role as Barbossa, however, again I believe the writers were doing something wrong. His new character went against everything Barbossa stands for; being a real badass pirate. It was just weird. This whole movie was weird. The sequence at the end when the three factions arrive at the Fountain of Youth, I believe, was strange and awkward. The movie's highlights was, of course, its selling point: mermaids. They were hot, and the chemistry between Phillip (who, even though started out incredibly cheesy, became much more believable as the movie progressed) and Syrena was tear-jerking (lol movie reference) to say the least. Sure, they replaced good ol' Orlando and the other chick, but am I the only person who thinks they were actually good? The plot, well, is kinda non-exsistent. A couple different groups are looking for a fountain. Thats how deep it gets. Come on. This movie, however long, has great pacing and packs a lot of laughs. Not a must see, but im not one to argue with a good thing (depppppppp <3)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon
Before I wouldnt even dreamed of saying this, but now, ill scream it to the world: THANK GOD MEGAN FOX IS GONE. Really, Rosie is so much better. Even though shes a first time actor, Rosie fit her role perfectly, and shes great too look at as well. Finally, we have got a great Transformers movie. Action-packed and tear-jerking, Dark of the Moon is the must-see summer flick of 2011. Shia gives his best performance to date. He is believable and relateable, and he gives us a nice mix of laughs and jaw-opening transformer-crushing moments. Ohyea, the transformers. One word: Epic Epic Epic. Optimus Prime is FINALLY the badass he was meant to be. Shockwave and his worm monster are scary as hell (and rightfully so), and contribute to the greatest action scenes in the movie (thats going on my bucket list: trying to escape a collapsing skyscraper while a giant mecha-worm is tyring to crush your bones and eat your face). Bumblebee is once again your best friend, and the Camaro is still the most beautiful car in the world. While the movie does get a few laughs, the majority of it leaves the audience silent. I looked around one time while i was watching, and all I saw were faces glued to the screen, mouths wide open, and bodies crunched up or on the edge of their seats from the excitement and anticipation. The plot is amazing as well (yea, thats right, there is actually a plot). You really get a sense of "end of the world" here, and you fear for the lives of millions. You follow Sam, left without contact with the Autobots (who are working for the government), looking for a job, and trying to find purpose. Meanwhile, the government+Autobots are tring to find and protect Sentinel Prime. This movie is filled with surprising turn-arounds, and there are many deaths to many main characters. You never know what will happen in the movie, it keeps you on the tip of your toes. It is an amazing experience that just cannot be missed. Plus, if youre fetish is decapitating heads, then you will be having the time of your life...just saying
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