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GT8 is nearly here...

Posted July 14th, 2011 at 3:08 PM by Kip



So it's that time again, and GT8 is upon us. I've got me two events...

Egg Swap makes a delightful return for it's first official Get-Together with a brand new shiny banner instead of that one I recycled last time (we already have 23 peeps signed up and it hasn't begun yet!) This time Nica is a fully-qualified host instead of a co-host, so it should run more smoothly than it has done in previous incarnations (well, in theory).

Aaaaaanand we're also trying out this Battle Tower Tag Team thing (needs more people since we have a grand total of one at the moment and you can't exactly have a tag team of one ) with DD (Destiny Demon) co-hosting that (he'll keep track of sign-ups and partners when i'm zleeping or at work or, more likely, both, and i'll be doing that and scorings)

Hopefully I'll get time to participate in a few of the others, but there is SO MANY this year. We really do need a bigger boat or something.

Though... I have a feeling this ( ) will start being used again to calm people's nerves and stop them filling IRC with 'WHY IS PC DOWWWWWNNNN?' (what am I saying? that won't stop anyone...)

So yeah - I also have to fit it around work too which is something I didn't have last year. Awesome. I was a little down about it, but then I got my first payslip today and I feel a lot better about it now
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