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Because I Was Bored In Class

Posted March 29th, 2011 at 8:30 PM by Shanghai Alice

Feedback would be appreciated. I want to be an author.
It's sorta based off an odd mix of Murakami, and high fantasy.

Something or Another

I put another foot forward, as I continued down the endless dirt path, having long forsaken the hope of reaching my destination. With every step, the ever-present sun seemed to grow hotter and hotter on my back, as if I was carrying a lit stove. Coming to a stop, I automatically grabbed my canteen, unscrewed the top, and lifted it to my lips. Like the past dozen times I had done so, the vessel was empty, and my thirst only increased. Perhaps the emptiness was a blessing as much of a curse. Should my prayers for water be momentarily answered, it would only increase my suffering in the long run. And so, defying logic, I was thankful for the emptiness of the container, while hoping beyond hope for a sudden rain shower.

A cool wind blows by, offering my overtaxed body momentary relief. Gathering my strength, I raise my eyes to check my surroundings. Around me, I see an endless field of tall grass, stretching in all directions. Had I been in better spirits, I would have laughed at the image of a lone scholar, floating like a shipwrecked sailor in a sea of green. I drew my lips back in a feeble smile, and trudged on, my throat just as dry as it had been when I had started the routine.

I had nobody to blame but myself for my predicament. Yes, I was an outcast, but it was through my own doing. Only a short time ago, I had a luxurious existence, surrounded by my greatest joy in life, books. While living at the Library, my home, I had pushed the boundaries of my very being, transforming myself from an ignorant young child into an arrogant and prideful fool. I had grown much, but matured little. Eager to prove myself, I became frustrated with the stagnant nature of my peers. In my zeal, I began seeking arguments. Far too frequently, I found them. I was too blinded by vanity to see the wisdom in the words of others. I was much too confident in my own knowledge, sealing my self off on my proverbial ivory tower.

I had no regrets. Even as I felt Death bringing its arm around my shoulder, I refused to admit any fault of my own. Even as I felt my strength sap away with every step, my thoughts were focused on the hope that, in my death, I would gain the respect of my superiors. I would much rather cease to exist than to admit my own error.

Taking my eyes off of the path beneath my feet once more, my world began to shake around me, until I brought my gaze level with the horizon. Taking in the sight, I felt the urge to weep with joy as a divine blessing materialized in my sight. Far off in the distance, though I could not tell exactly how far, I saw the unmistakable outline of a large settlement, and the shelter that I had so longed for. Newfound strength surged up inside me, along with the hope gained from the discovery. The blur in my vision disappeared, granting me a clearer look at the destination that lay before me.

Then, as I realized where I was heading, my veins ran cold. Though I did not know the settlement by name, I knew enough of the whispered rumors and fearful stories to identify it. Before me stood the largest gathering of humans in the region, an establishment known by my kind as The Village. Though we had spread our influence far and wide, taking roots in the furthest reaches of the surrounding area, we had always been too fearful to venture near The Village, save for in times of dire emergency. If I continued onwards, I would become another victim, another example to all outsiders.

I steadied my breathing, and focused my mind in careful consideration. I was still young, and I was one of the more ‘normal’ of my kind. I lacked any visible markings to set me apart from others, and I was not blessed with any unusual physical features. I was, in every way, cursed with an abnormal level of normality.

Now, however, as I stood at the gates of my new life, I thanked whatever divine power would listen, grateful for my average appearance. I was just another traveler, just another human emigrating from a nearby village that had been destroyed. I would find a new life in the area that I would least expect it, prospering deep in enemy territory.

Before me, I saw a high risk of capture, and death. Looking back over my shoulder at the long road that I had traveled, I saw a life of safety, and momentary shame.

Taking a deep breath, I made a decision that I would never forget.

I put another foot forward.
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