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Introductory first post thing.

Posted September 10th, 2011 at 1:39 PM by Star-Lord

So I'm now a blogger on this forum. Which is cool. It's weird, because I've always been so impartial to this forum even after being a member of it for like two years. Well, if you call me logging in every 4 months being a member, at least not an incredibly active one at any rate. So I suppose this is me giving pokecommunity yet another chance to make me addicted. Although, if I don't come around at least more often it'll make that donation ridiculous in hindsight. Whatever. Now to make this first post a bit more interesting, shall we? Also I am coding inept so no fancy blog here. Sorry.

Since I haven't been around here a lot I'll take the time to introduce myself. My username as you can see is Moogles! I used the original nickname 'Moogles4ever' when I originally joined, but soon changed it when I had the option to do so. I often go around the alias Moogles or Moogles4ever online wherever I go. Some people here might know me from Sppf, for instance. And while I have played the Final Fantasy video game series, I can't say that I'm as obsessed with it as I used to. They're alright. Interests change, I mean I made the name around 2008. Long time ago ahaha. However everybody online knows me by the name Moogles, so I just can't change it.

Obviously, I like pokemon. Why else would I be here if I didn't? Although I've never been a huge fan of the anime or the TCG I loved playing the games when I was little. Well, I still love playing them xD. Uh, my first game was Sapphire. So I never got the huge R/B/Y experience like most kids did. I ended up playing them later though. Sapphire is still my favorite in my heart, and the fact that I love Hoenn in general (minus the water). Other things I like tend to be more video games, especially those of the RPG variety. One of my loves will be Fire Emblem. I like tons of games though, and to spare you all I won't list them.

I watch my fair share of anime from time to time. I haven't lately because there isn't anything interesting. Or well, there are some things that are interesting but I just don't have the time or the effort. When I was younger that's all I would do. I grew up a bit in that regard.

I'm just your normal Canadian student that's going to school. I'm actually pretty excited this year. I'm in grade 11 and taking Foundations Math 11, Biology 11, Peer Tutoring and FI French 11. I'm currently enrolled in the French Immersion program, which means that I've been taking all my core subjects in French ever since Kindergarten! I'm completely bilingual, so come at me if you want to talk in English or in French.

Sports wise I like to run. I really need to get myself to the gym and running more often. It's relaxing and fun, and I love the feeling that I get after it. I used to play a lot of volleyball both for the school and for club, but I got tired of the incredibly sneaky and rude way a lot of the athletes handled themselves. It just wasn't something I wanted to associate with, so I quit. Right now I'm competitively training for Badminton with the school.

And as for me off Pokecommunity, nothing important is happening. I finished all my homework. I was asked to coach the grade 8 Volleyball Boys, in which I said yes. So this monday I'm gonna end up meeting a ton of grade 8s interested in a cool sport.

Well that's enough for this. Just hoping I can meet some more friends here really.

Have a cool tune on your way out
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    Shining Raichu's Avatar
    I did French for five years in high school and came at the top of the class every year, I was so boss at it. But it's been nearly three years now since I graduated, so I'm really rusty. I went to start writing this post in French and that's when I realised just how rusty I was lol.

    Anyway, i hope you make some friends here! I'll be the first volunteer!

    (PS omg I thought I sent this like 8 hours ago, but it appears I failed to click "Post Now")
    Posted September 11th, 2011 at 2:22 AM by Shining Raichu Shining Raichu is offline

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