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Mischief Managed

Posted August 15th, 2011 at 5:17 PM by Guy
Updated August 15th, 2011 at 5:35 PM by Guy

Exactly a month ago from today since the release of and the day I saw the final Harry Potter movie, "Deathly Hallows Part II," a few friends of mine here spun out their wands and started casting jinxes at me after I had told them I never did read the entire series other than "The Philosopher's Stone." Which might I add was a quite a few years back.

Due to the fact that I was never the type of kid who found the fun in reading nor did I ever want to take on reading those heavily paged books, I never seized the chance to read the Harry Potter series. I, like some, followed the series through the movies instead.

Through the movies, I grew attached to the story, to the adventure, to the magic, to the characters, and most of all to the friendship of Harry, Ron, and Hermione. When the movies finally concluded, I felt terribly depressed knowing it was the end for days, weeks! Knowing that next year there wouldn't be another movie to follow on. However, the journey wasn't over for me, not yet anyway. I still never read all the books, and my friends made sure that I did right away. So, for the past month now I've been reading book after book, one after the next nonstop. Until, a few moments ago, when I concluded the final chapters of the final book in the Harry Potter series.

My biggest disappointment? The fact that I never read them before. But overall, I feel a sense of accomplishment, a new sense of depression, but also the elated feel of joy. Following the journey of Harry, Ron, and Hermione through the books and getting more insight than the movies had given out, I grew even more close to the series as a whole.

...But the journey doesn't end here, oh no. I look forward to a coming owl whom is to deliver my welcoming letter from the school of Hogwarts. You see, I've been given an early acceptance through Pottermore. I look forward to learning even more than before, because even though I've read all the books and have seen all the movies, there's still so much I don't yet know and am excited to find out over time through Pottermore and the Harry Potter Wiki. The journey has yet to end, and I don't think it ever will.

As I sit here typing this now, I can already see myself reading through the series all over again once I purchase the entire collection (both novels and movies; add in a collector's wand too). Then, one day, reading it along with me own kids, and with that all I can say is, I look forward to it!

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