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The Catch-22 of Blogging

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The Catch-22 of Blogging

Posted November 15th, 2011 at 6:34 PM by Shanghai Alice

See that title? Unlicensed Stupidity?

I meant it. Basically, I freely admit that anything and everything I say is written off-the-cuff, so I have about zero points of data to back anything up.

That should, more or less, tell the world how seriously I take this blog.

But that doesn't translate well into text. At all.

Basically, I read back and I sound like the average whiny guy with a blog.

The last few sentences, and this sentence, are a perfect example.

So screw that, it's annoying. I want to have my opinions heard (mainly because I like discussing things, not because everyone should care about what I think), but there's this stereotype that people have that "people with blog = egocentric psychopaths".

Now, of course, that's not always true. LPers and people that do fun things with their blog (i.e. not me) get a free pass, because their blogs are entertaining.

So, now, this blog will be entertaining.

Unfortunately, I really have no good grasp of how to entertain people.

So this picture will stare at you until you are amused.

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