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The Collab is coming!

Posted November 24th, 2011 at 10:27 AM by Ash

So, I watched the episode last night, and it was GLORIOUS. Just... so many things in that episode made me sooooooo happy. It was like the episode was flippin' made for me alright? <3 There were a few people that heard me squealing when I watched the episode twice last night, and Went actually recorded about half of my squeeing during the second viewing. So when he's done editing and stuff, if anyone wants to listen to it just ask!

If you wanted to join in but wasn't on, no worries! We're going to have another Skype/MSN Event (like was planned) soon! Just tell me when's the best time for ya'll, and hopefully we can decided of a date and a time for everyone!

ANYWAYS, I've started working on the collab. I've gathered all the screenshots that are going to be possible icons/signatures for ya'll, and I'll probably start working on it tonight after Thanksgivings Dinner and everything. It might take a while since there are so many (I'll show the numbers in a moment), and not to mention the quotes. I'm going to try to get stuff from the episode (as someone translated some of the parts) but if they don't translate something good for a character and the subs aren't up by the time I finish, I'll take something from the game for the time being. Hope ya'll don't mind! Now, for the lulz, here are the amount of screenshots I snagged for each character (with me using screenshots that were already uploaded, and me not going through the episode myself, hurrhurr).

Lloyd: 28
Genis: 23
Colette: 14
Raine: 17
Kratos: 14
Sheena: 11
Zelos: 23
Presea: 11
Regal: 10
Yuan: 13
Mithos: 31
Martel: 10

Now, I'm going to tell you guys something about the signature: if there is a blank space between the last [/cd] and the [/center], KEEP IT. For some reason there is a glitch with the scrolling, and if you don't have something like the blank character, or something like [b][/b] a scrollbar will appear, despite the signature not being near 350px in height (my signature, which is basically showing off what the collab will look like, proves that). So yeah, just be careful!

Aaaand... I think that's it! I'll answer any questions ya'll have, and now I'm going to finish up 30 Days of Symphonia. No more after this, which I'm sure some of you guys will be happy about!

"Day" 28 - Character you'd want personified into a dog

EVERYONE (Mithos isn't puppified in this image, but I would also love a Puppy version of him!)

Yeah. Just gonna go with this! Though if I had to choose one or two, I would probably choose Lloyd, Genis ( both from the image) and Mithos (who isn't in the image)!

"Day" 29 - Character you'd want personified into a cat

Genis Sage

He has a Katz costume, so he was basically asking to be a kitten, alright. Though if I had to choose someone else, it would probably be Mithos because Yggdrasil is voiced by the same person who also voices Matamune he would probably look adorable as a Kitty. Lloyd too, considering I've actually drawn him as a cat! I'll uh.. show it later since I don't seem to have it on my laptop right now. :3;

"Day" 30 - Character you'd want to cosplay as


I don't even have to explain this one, do I?
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