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I wanna be a Hobo in Candyland!

Posted November 8th, 2011 at 7:44 PM by Ash
Updated November 8th, 2011 at 8:06 PM by Ash

Title courtesy of the best sister in the world (who's username here on PC is Raiskit), who helped cheered me up with I felt like complete **** yesterday. Love you! <3

This entry is image heavy under the spoilers, just a fair warning to y'all!

So today I took pictures of my cat Koto because he's adorable and I felt like it and it was the best moment I had this week so far, which overall has been pretty crappy! Now because I love my cat so damn much, I'm gonna show you all pictures. Taken and shown in chronological order.


Him resting between the curtains in my mom's room and a set of doors to the Florida Room

Koto and Cooper (who is female, btw. we got her from the humane society and she came with the name. She already knew her name so we decided just to keep it). Cooper looks like a wet dog because she is. I gave her a bath just moments before this picture, haha. Anyways, this was taken to show someone our dog, as well as how big Koto is!

Taken while he was eating, because I'm such a horrible mother and not letting him be, haha!

In the Living Room, where the rest of the images were taken.

Me petting him while he was either sniffing the floor, or my knee, haha.

He finally stopped walking around and laid down. He's looking to the side because he heard Cooper barking in the Florida Room. I left her there so she would dry some more before letting her back into the house. Otherwise she would rub all over the carpet.

He turned over while I was petting him, so after I took this picture I rubbed his stomach for a little bit. <3

After he turned back over, iirc. Might have been when he laid back down again.

A close up of him. After he he proceeded to pounce on my hair a bit!

Him laying back down after he was done pouncing on my hair. He's so cute I love him. <3

Aaaand, that's it! Again, I love Koto. So much. Always there to make me smile~ <3

And now for the 30 Days 99.9% of you don't care about. Going to do about five of these since I don't have much time left before the episode is released, hurrhurr.
30 Days of Symphonia: "Day 18" - Character you wouldn't mind having as a parent.

Martel Yggdrasil

I had to think about this one. First I thought about Raine, but considering that she can't cook or clean or do laundry, she was kind of out of the picture. I'm sure Kratos would have been a good daddy if y'know... Lloyd didn't fall off a cliff, but tossing Lloyd around during the game like that is kind of 'eh'. Then I took others into consideration, until I thought of Martel. We don't really have much on Martel, but considering that she took care of Mithos since they were kicked out of their village, I would figure that they would be a lot like Genis and Raine, but even closer than they were. Which would mean that Martel wasn't only a sisterly figure to Mithos, but maybe kind of a motherly figure to him as well. And from what we've seen of her personality, I can see it. We'll probably see more in the upcoming episode, as well.

30 Days of Symphonia: "Day" 19 - Character you'd like to go Karaoke with

Colette Brunel (mainly)

I would pick several characters in Symphonia to go Karaoke with, actually. Mithos I would go Karaoking with because fff Minami Takayama has such an amaaaazing voice and I love it. Lloyd and Zelos have pretty good singing voices, and so does Presea and Raine, and I think Yuan as well (all Japanese). But I think Colette just tops them all just slightly, or at least is on par with Mithos (but I don't have an image of him holding a Microphone, haha), because ffff Nana Mizuki.

30 Days of Symphonia: "Day" 20 - Character you wouldn't mind having as your butler/maid


I was tempted to say Colette because she has a maid costume, but I'm going to have to go with Tabatha. She's an amazing "Maid" to so speak when it comes to assisting Altessa, so I don't see why not! Runner-ups would obviously have to be Sebastian (Hello Sir Bud!) and Tokunaga. c:

30 Days of Symphonia: "Day" 21 - Character you'd have in your Party if you were in a RPG

Every Character in this Image, dammit!

Except Noishe, because he's too scare to fight. Poor protozoan. :[

Anyways, there was no way I was just going to pick one character from my favorite RPG game to have on my team if I myself were in an RPG. Every main character from this RPG is simple amazing, and I love them all to death. So much. If I had to narrow it down a little, I would pick Mithos, Martel, or Yuan (sorry Kratos!) You weren't able to play these three in the game for well.. obvious reasons, and I really want a damn Prequel so why the hellz should I not narrow it down to these three, hurrhurr.

30 Days of Symphonia: "Day" 22 - Another OTP of yours

Regal Bryant x Raine Sage

Decided to pick the pairing that I love but has the least fans of my pairings for Symphonia. I love these two together even though I love Regal x Alicia (and hey, I love both Genis x Mithos and Genis x Presea. It's that whole dead person thing, y'know), and if you hate it then good for you! Keep your opinion to yourself, because I don't want to see any hatin'! </3

And that's it! I was about to do a sixth one but decided you guys all suffered long enough. I'll do another five or so the next time as well, so I can hopefully complete this before the episode, haha.

Also guys, go guess for the latest WTP. I'm going to be tossing up a hint there soon for the last few days it'll be up, so take that to your guys' advantage! I wanna see more than eight people guess please. :[ It's riiiiiight here. Go go go!
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    Gosh, that cat is adorable! I also didn't know you had a dog. :o
    And when reading through the newest 30 days, I can't help but wonder how many ToS pictures you actually have, haha. xD;
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