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hi i just woke up

Posted November 24th, 2011 at 12:51 PM by Aizuke

i had a dream, a strange dream, let me try and remember it

sorry for lack of grammar and punctuation, i just woke up and i'm pretty much half asleep still, but this dream was weird, but like my dreams are usually weird so not like it's any different and why am i blogging this? i dunno, cause i feel like it and have no one else to explain my dream too so you better read and enjoy it or ellllsse and i release how long this sentence is but like when i'm half sleep or tired i could keep writing crap for ages and ages, kinda like in real life where i can keep talking for ages and ages when i'm tired... oh man i better start writing my dream now before i forgeeeetttt.

anywho, my dream.. um. so i had this little black pebble thing, that's apparently magical and can make wishes come true, but before i found this pebble thing, i was in a library. for some reason the library was having a book sale and there were a lot of Okami books and I was like omggggg so I wanted to buy some, and out of all the collection, i bought this okami book but it was torn in the pages, but i was like I can fix it with stickytape and it only costed me like $2. anywho, i found the little black pebble thing and i didn't know what it was, and then suddenly i was in harry potter land and my friends looked like ron and hermione and luna which was kinda weird, because they had their own faces but their hear was like the harry potter characters? so yeah, "ron" was telling me to hide the little black pebble because it was magical and could grant wishes so I was like look I can put it in a book case and if i ever wanted to find it, it will magically come to me! and so it did whenever i thought about the little black pebble. SUDDENLYYYY, snape and malfoy and some other lady came into the room and they were like, we want the black pebble give it to us. i was like no, and proceeded to run away. it also dawned on me that because this was harry potter world, i realised i could not use any magic, why? because we were outside of school and for some reason i had obeyed that rule of harry potter. funnily enough, so did snape and malfoy.

okay so i can't remember what happened because i think my mind skipped this bit, because some how snape and malfoy got the black pebble thing and snape wished that there was no more magic in the world, so then things got awkward. he trapped us in a jail and we couldn't escape because we had no magic, not like we were using it in the first place. so snape and malfoy became the rulers of the world. but because dreams are weird, we managed to escape and i told my friends, if we get to this location before the moon rings form into one line, we can make a wish. I have.. no idea where my brain thought of this idea, but we were walking to a forest, covered in fog and in the sky there were these moons that looked like rings and there was 5 of them. Apparently if all of these 5 moons formed a line and you stood in the middle of it, then you could make a wish. which is what we did. but we were standing on each other stacked and as I was making the wish to have everything go back to normal, someone had moved and we weren't in the ring properly so alas, my wish didn't come true. then snape, malfoy and this other crazy lady, who kinda looked like bellatrix but she had blonde hair and was wearing a baby blue dress came and tried to stop us. my chase sequences must get cut out of my mind, since i don't remember what happened, we just ended up being in a room, and cornered but it was like mario looking room, and we were sitting on the blocks that look like the pixel mario blocks.

so as they were cornering us, i started to yell, i hate you snape and i don't want to play this game anymore. Snape started to cry and he was like i did this all for you, everything was for you, because i'm your dad. (i think this happened because i had taken the role of harry potter and yeah, snape's relationship with lily must have triggered this scene) so i was like wtf... and kinda just left and it was like a school again, and all the kids had their parents waiting outside of the school, and snape was there waiting for me, because apparently he was my dad, and funny enough, he started to actually look like my real dad now haha.

and that's all i remember, the end.
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    jsyk, snape has all the rights to use magic outside of school.
    Posted November 25th, 2011 at 5:10 AM by Zeffy Zeffy is offline

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