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Let's play a game of 'Where's the Mudkip?'

Posted November 10th, 2011 at 9:43 AM by Kip

Kip, kip, kipping~

I feel I owe some of you an explanation. Or at least something towards it. Cos here I was, active more or less every day for the best part of three months and all of a sudden I go dark for 3 weeks. Now I'm only online sparingly with sometimes week-long gaps going on. So what happened?

Well the short answer is 'Uni'. University is quite busy, and a hell of a lot busier than last year. If anyone has read my bio, you'd know I do Digital Film Production so that means it's less essay-writing and more filmfilmfiiiilm. Second year has been a lot more demanding than first year already. I've already been roped into running the ScreenProduction Society (don't ask how because I'm not sure myself), and that added to the workload means I can't spend as much time here as I'd like to.

I do miss you guys. Really.

BUT so far this year I've produced stuff like this:

I've got other ideas too (in screenwriting class I'm working on a sort of nerdy-psychological horror known as '#Hashtag'), and I'm also shooting a music video this month as well as something for the local council (got a meeting on Tuesday with them). I also go out a fair bit - we do cinema on Wednesdays and pub quiz on Thursdays, as well as go around the city and stuff. I got a new laptop to replace that one that was reaching it's tenth birthday this year (IT'S SO SHINY!!).

With all that going on it's difficult to come back here, despite really wanting to. I want to give PG Club a proper revival and get Plushie Club going again. Egg Swap is also making a comeback this Christmas to celebrate it's one year anniversary, so no despair over that. But until Christmas holidays I'm sort of drifting here and there on the site, IRC and MSN.

HOWEVER… I've been working on something that you guys will *love*. <3 The question: What do you get if you cross access to professional editing software and a love of Pokémon? If all goes well in the next week or so you'll see the result.

Oh… and anyone whose got me on Facebook would have undoubtedly seen this at Halloween:

See? I haven't forgotten.

(Had the tail and stripes and everything <3)

See you around! ~
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