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Secret Santa?

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Secret Santa?

Posted December 21st, 2011 at 7:28 PM by Aizuke

Let me share some past experiences with you all, about some Secrets Santas I had a long time ago. I just kinda wanted to talk about it, since I was thinking about it today.

Anywho, first time I had a Secret Santa event was in... Year 5, Primary school. It had been about a year since I had moved from Sydney to Canberra, and I had never done a Secret Santa before. But it was an idea I liked, because I like giving gifts to people. Or sending letters, or just giving someone something special, you know? I don't really care or mind with what I recieve back; it's not really something I think about. Giving something special to someone else, what matters more to me, is how happy it makes the person feel.

So yeah, year 5 Secret Santa wooo! My secret santa person was a boy and to be honest, he was a kind of trouble maker guy, and I didn't know much about him. But I figured I might get him something that's fun and I guess, prankish like? So I went out and bought this jumping spider thing? Like this.

But well! A couple of days before the actual giving gifts event, there was a bit of dilemna happening around class. Apparently there was somebody was trying to trade their secret santa person away, because they didn't want this person. The teacher found out and everyone was told they were not allowed to trade their secret santa away. I felt kinda bad, for the person who was being traded away. Since, you would really had to dislike a person to trade them away. Even if you didn't know anything about this person, there are generic gifts that suit anyone. But yeah, so the day of the gift giving event had come, and for this secret santa, people had to reveal who they gave their gift to when everyone was given their gift. The boy I gave my gift too, he loved the spider jumping thing. As for my gift, I got a little white Christmas Bear, which was fine for me, because I like plushies and stuff.

As everyone revealed who their secret santa was, turns out my secret santa was a boy I had a crush on, so the little bear that I got, I cherished with all my heart and soul. Because for a little girl to recieve a gift from their crush, well, it's a pretty awesome thing.

So everything was happy and joy, but then one of my friends came up to me the next day and she told me that the boy who was my secret santa, he was the one who was trying to trade me away. I didn't really now how to feel about this to be honest, I suppose sad and rejected would sum it up pretty good. Although I never went to confront the boy about it, I just detached myself from the little white christmas bear, stuffed him in a cupboard to be never seen again. I know I'm not really suppose to care about what gifts I get, but seeing as how this gift had a whole other meaning to it, I felt more.. disgusted and heartbroken touching it, or having anything to do with it. And of course, I stopped having a crush on the boy.

Second secret santa was like year 7, Highschool now. This time my secret santa was a girl, so I bought some nice smelling soap stuff in a pretty box. Generic gift, yeah. Come gift giving event time, everyone had recieved their gifts... Except for me. No one really took notice I was the only one without a gift, as much as I wanted to cry, I held it all in. It wasn't the fact I got nothing, it was the fact I was left out. I don't know if this actually started it, but I hate being left out, I hate being ignored, I'm not an attention seeker, but if I am to be singled out, it upsets me. And I'm pretty sure a lot of people would feel the same.

Home time, as I was walking out of the school, my friend ran up to me and threw this purple bag at me and goes, "here." I looked at her puzzled, and she was like, "Just look inside." Inside the bag, was a little toy husky. And it looked like this. I asked her, what was this for? And she goes, "I was your secret santa, but I didn't want to give it to you in class." I was kinda happy, I wasn't left out after all, but I didn't get why she decided until after school to give it to me. She was my friend and I didn't want to think, oh she was ashamed to give it to me. I feel like such a loser, haha.

But yeah, those are pretty much the only secret santa's I've had, I never bothered to join anymore, and my friends and I just buy gifts for each other anyways. But saying all this, I hope everyone has a very merry christmas, and if you've having secret santas at school or at work, I hope everything goes well with them all! To be honest, I would participate in another secret santa if I ever had one in the future, I still enjoy giving gifts to people, and I always will.
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