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Hall of Fame Challenge #15~!

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Hall of Fame Challenge #15~!

Posted January 3rd, 2012 at 3:30 AM by vaporeon7

For the final part of my challenge, I used some more 'fun' Pokemon. These included ones that weren't on my list. And they made the challenge end pretty easily. Liepard was pretty meh, it could paralyse fast. Simisage is pretty bad, if it weren't for being at an already higher level to begin with, it would've sucked. Vaporeon was amazing, and I'm not just saying that because it's my favourite. It could take hits very well and do lots of good damage too. In fact, it grew the most levels out of any Pokemon I have ever used in this challenge. Swadloon was great also. It was so bulky and survived some really powerful hits. It also owned Grimsley. Dunsparce was pretty good. Serene Grace helped it get boosts and defeat opponents. Aerodactyl was pretty good also. It was a good revenge killer and hit hard and fast.

Garfield (Liepard) Lv61.
Moves: Aerial Ace, Thunder Wave, Night Slash, Sucker Punch.

Broccoli (Simisage) Lv68.
Moves: Shadow Claw, Seed Bomb, Rock Slide, Brick Break.

Vapor (Vaporeon) Lv68.
Moves: Surf, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Wish.

Roswell (Swadloon) Lv62.
Moves: Toxic, Bug Bite, Razor Leaf, Protect.

Rednael (Dunsparce) Lv62.
Moves: Charge Beam, AnceintPower, Flamethrower, Thunder Wave.

CatDog (Aerodactyl) Lv64.
Moves: Aerial Ace, Earthquake, Crunch, Rock Slide.

MVP: Vaporeon

And with that...
And I beat Syd :3
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