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Ehh.. yeeahh..

Posted January 8th, 2012 at 3:02 PM by Kura

Okay.. so three things this time. Vastly different things.

First thing is about my cosplay outfit.. since that'll carry on from my last blog post. Been researching different armor-making techniques.. like how to seal the paint on foam so it doesn't get sucked into the pores of the foam and whatnot.. and just general shaping stuff with heat. How to paint it so it wont crack if flexed.. and other stuff. It's pretty interesting..

Anyways I stumbled across something that I will be doing that will be a MASSIVE help:

I don't know why I never thought of this earlier with my other costumes.. having to sew a bit and try it on is a pain.. and I always have to second guess myself before cutting into the patterns that I make because if I messed up the proportions. I'd have to cut a whole new pattern.
I'm pretty excited for this project. I'll also be helping a friend with an Apollo Justice costume because he can't sew and in return he's gonna help tape me up like a mummy! <3 Yay! Super exciting! Haha!

Anyways secondly.. my step down converter (a device that turns 220-240v to 110-125v) completely blew up today. Like.. sparks and smoke and everything. It was crazy. I just heard this huge BANG from the wall and went "OH SHII-" and scrambled to the wall to take it out. It was attached to my laptop so naturally I was afraid that my laptop charger had blown (but it's fine.) I wanted to take extra precaution with the stepdown and my laptop because I didn't want my laptop to get ruined. It DOES say that I can use it with 240 volts but it has an american plug so I didn't know if just an adapter would be okay. I had been checking it the entire day, too.. and then I was like "Oh I'll play Portal 2 for an hour" and BLAM it decided to crap out on me. It has a fuse in it so it's okay but it was just surprising.

The most surprising part of it was that the plastic in the front (after it had cooled after like a freaking hour) is now a slightly warped and melty-looking. I have no clue if it's okay to use or if it's just the outside or what. I'll probably bring it to IT tomorrow and ask some of the guys there.. I may just need to replace the fuse and it'd be good, but from now on I'm totally only using it to charge my camera's battery (it doesn't work if I just plug it in with an adaptor) : |
If it's not good anymore I'm going to need to find some way of getting something to charge my camera.. or just use my palm pre for photos from now on.. Oh well!

Okay lastly some friends helped pick up my couch for me and they were amazing about it. They saved me £50 ($80) in delivery charge (even though the store is a freaking 5 minute walk yeah crazy) and I was gonna give them £30 for the trouble and for helping me out (because I still save) and they were like "WE DON'T WANT YOUR MONEY GRAH!" and I insisted and they just ran out the door laughing into their car. Man they are seriously way too nice. I'm totally gonna get them something when they least expect it because it was really a great help and I just wanna thank em.
But yeah.. besides that.. today I assembled a couch.. and dis-assembled (is that a word?) my bed.. carried it upstairs and then reassembled it again... so yeah.

All in all.. pretty eventful day. I am pretty tired : |..
Yesterday I didn't talk about though.. but I'll just mention it briefly. :3 Went bowling.. played some DDR.. chilled with some friends. It was a pretty good weekend minus my electrically challenged moment..! <3

Anyways... Peace out!
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    Rogue planet's Avatar
    o already know all this but still super sexy A+ blog <3
    Posted January 9th, 2012 at 11:37 AM by Rogue planet Rogue planet is offline
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    Originally Posted by Vendak View Comment
    o already know all this but still super sexy A+ blog <3
    I told you about my converter blowing up?! ._. LOL I totally forgot.

    Man I should start making comics strips for my blogs here.. it'd be pretty good... and I should post a picture of this warpy converter..
    Posted January 9th, 2012 at 12:53 PM by Kura Kura is offline

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