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Random Pokemon White Ramblings (HURR DURR)

Posted March 10th, 2011 at 2:34 AM by bobandbill

It's not like anyone else is making blog entries on B/W, right? =D


ANYWAYS I feel like making random comments as I play and they would be way too disjointed for a LP (and I am already doing one anyway of a more amusing game!) so I felt like using this blog again to put random comments in. So yeah - just random ramblings while I play the game. (In english!!!)

So the intro is introy and seems to feature N more than anyone else. Reminds mee of THIS IS YOUR LIFE which is a tv show over here. All it needs is a show host.

Host: 'Yes N, you look fabulous in that crown there. And remember when you were a kid with all those Pokemon?'

The bit after that still feels more like an advertisement than an intro to me. Are Game Freak trying to make us buy another version of the game...? Actually that almost makes too much sense, they probably are. How crafty!

The Mystery Gift version of the music is all right - I sure like the colours in the background while it downloads that gift. Yes, I'm totally doing the mystery gift BEFORE playing the game. Maybe I should try that.

Hello there, Professor. Yes, you do like throwing that pokeball up and down. Over and over. At least you talk by moving your mouth... wait, she just said everyone calls he the Pokemon Professor. GUYS SHE'S TRYING TO REPLACE OAK =(

'Pokemon have mysterious powers. They come in many shapes and...' HEAR THAT GUYS!? THEY COME IN DIFFERENT SHAPES! I WANT A TRIANGLE POKEMON. I do like that she rambles on and doesn't movee a muscl bar her jaw, while the Pokmon she release is dancing about. It's much more interesting. I mean, look at the thing dance!

Pokemon Professors - still unable to determine one's gender. Or remember a name. 'I'd like to know your name. Please tell me.' That sounds more like a demand. Know what I say to demands? I say FEED ME because I am hungry. Seriously I've been standing here all day, I just want to go home and have dinner.

...no my name isn't hungry. No, I'm quite sure. Stop calling me that! No it is not a wonderful name. Damn these professors.

'I'm going to introduce you to your two best friends!' Man, what a forceful prof. Not only does she tell me what my name is she now tells me who my friends are.

...I hope they're rich.


Cheren: Hungry! - no, not you too!

Hello Bianca and your randomly out-of-place theme tune.... and your very extended 'So-oooo-orry!'

Cheren: 'I've known for ten years that you have no sense of time...' - uh buh. I thought they were older then 10 this time around, yet this implies (unless he only knew her for 10 years) that they are 10 years old. Uh buh. So when did these kids hit puberty...? I figure it's more likely that he means '10 years since I met you' but that seems like an odd fact to bring up especially given the previous 'history' of the 10 year --> get a pokemon dealy.

TIME TO PICK A POKEMON IMMA GO WITH THE GREEN ONE wait why is there an out-of-place sound effect for pulling the ribbon ._.

Bianca, Cheren probably has a point about not battling in a house- oh FINE we will do BATTLE why is your animation of pulling the pokeball out of your bag when you just picked it anyway and wanted a battle gosh you are so silly. At any rate VICTORY FOR ME. BTW it is noticeable that the POKEMON NAMES aren't SHOUTED any more. i like that, but I do admit that imagining everyone randomly SHOUTING in the middle OF a sentence was AMUSING- $500 hell yeah I have rich friends! =D

...pity that won't pay for the damages to the room. :< Cheren, battle me so I can win and get your money too. (WHY ARE THERE FOOTPRINTS ON THE WALL SNIVY YOU ARE NOT SPIDEY... yet it makes sense when you look at Tepig. Spiderpig, anyone?)

Another victory = another $500 = more bling. But I do wonder
why people still have to talk and have words randomly
shift to the next line like so. It seems
rather awkward, don't you think? They could have easily
used the full space.

BTW checking the Standard Nintendo Console (TM) after the battle yields 'It's a Wii Console! It's not even scratched!' Yay for humour.

And yay for supermum! She'll even clean your room for you after you trash it! YAY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONE'S OWN ACTIONS

NOOOOO at supermum for USING AMERICAN SPELLINGS IN MY AUSTRALIAN GAME. NO NINTENDO AUSTRALIA WE DO NOT USE MOM WHY CAN'T YOU CHANGE IT FOR ONCE oh well I expected as much. And no American mum, my name isn't hungry either. =(

Why does my cross transciever sparkle.... oh well. Instead of wearing it I will put it in the KEY ITEMS.

And why is the television teaching me Japanese wut. I can only imagine what the standard young child makes of it as they play, shouting at the game WHAT ARE YOU SAYING

Going outside shows Bianca running off as well as some flying Woobat... IS SHE BEING CHASED BY VAMPIRES!?

I was surprised Cherene stopped me from leaving town already, normally it's the tiny yet strangely responsible child standing by the entrance.

'Nuvema Town
The Start of Something Big!' - mmm.....something.

Cheren's dad tells me the wonders of the X button! Yay! What does his tv say though?
...'It's the cartoon "Pokemon Trainer Hungry!" It's the success story of the rookie Pokemon Trainer Hungry, who set out on a journey to become the Champion a year ago!'

...I think I don't like Cheren's house. It began insulting me! '...left 0 Pokemon at the GTS! That's fantastic, Hungry! You are truly a global Trainer!' And then it told me I caught no Pokemon despite throwing pokeballs all day (despite only JUST getting my first Pokemon). Record fail.

Bianca's dad is considerably less cool. I do like that Bianca tells me (if you speak to her before Cheren outside the lab) that 'it's a secret, ok?'.

Yay for cheren half-breaking the fourth wall to remind the prof we already know her name (yet she does not know ours!?).

Gosh Juniper go look at all of the pokemon ever yourself why should we do that ok fine clearly saying no a million times doesn't stop your fail attempts at being inspirational. =(


I like that the demo Pokemon being caught is NOT at level 5 now! I also like the whole 'pokemon catching comp' Cheren and Bianca have, it is a neat thing to have there.

Three insta-catches later and the prof calls again. It is amusing the male protagonist only ever holds his hat. AS IF THE HAT IS THE ONE CONTROLLING HIM

And as I'm in the next town that is enough rambling, I'm going to actually sit down and play this properly now.
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