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Devil May Cry 3: Silent Hill Edition

Posted May 12th, 2012 at 6:14 AM by derozio

Well, I've been playing Silent Hill 2 and 3 lately and I'm loving the soundtrack. The games themselves are quite awesome but the music is just creepy as ****. I love it. Anyway, I love them so MUCH that Imma download almost all those creepy tracks from a site and change almost every piece of soundtrack from Devil May Cry 3 with the ones I've downloaded. That will probably give Devil May Cry 3 the creepy vibe it should have always had. I mean, it is an excellent game and all but the soundtrack got old fast. Except Devils Never Cry. That track is pure gold. Not that it gets used in the main game anyway...

So yeah, gonna swap all those Devil May Cry 3 battle and background soundtracks with the creepy stuff from Silent Hill franchise. Will probably upload the result on youtube...or better still, scrap my old LP of that game and make a new one (with all the creepiness as a bonus)! :D

/dunno why I'm posting about it here but w/e.

Edit: Demonstration:
Might swap this by this.
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