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Southern Cal 52, Virginia 7. First win of the season.

Posted August 31st, 2008 at 8:12 PM by BeachBoy
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Some of you might know that I lived in Virginia most of my life, but what college football team did I like growing up? University of Southern California. Why? Because they were the first team I ever heard about when I was young. First team, and stuck with it. XD I got barked at daily up in VA being a Southern Cal fan. You can't imagine how many people hated that. Haha, I was called the school's bandwagon fan. :P Couldn't be further from the truth, really.

And yes, I also know there's not many college football fans on PC, I know about three? XD Another thing a few know about me is I used to write a blog for sports, and sports is generally like... my second passion. And I love it to death, so... while I can imagine everyone ignoring this entry completely or saying they hate American football, etc, etc. I'm still going to blog about my favorite teams. Comments or not, I'll enjoy it. Although I hope some of you will too.

Anyway, it was a big game because Virginia has always wanted to take a rip at USC. Tickets sold out about months before as well. And what did Southern Cal do? Thrash them so hard they could barely breathe. >:D Great way to start the season. Erasing most doubt for most of players, as they send pro players to the NFL each year. Just filled in the slots, still the same.

Obviously this win sends a clear message that OSU (Yes, your team Anti) that we're not just a bunch of next year players. :D Everything clicked and the team looks better than last year. Mark Sanchez showed that's he has turned into the Quarterback that the Trojans were waiting in the wings for. Mark threw for 338 yards, three touchdowns, and five running backs ran for touchdowns. The offensive line stood out from the rest, as the Trojan's couldn't rack up 558 yards of offense without the amazing play from that unit.

Southern Cal is a completely different from this time last year, and they look a lot better. (Even if they have huge shoes to fill.) Overall, impressive game in which USC looks like their good ol' powerhouse self. :D

You don't know how badly I want to be in Virginia just to bash all my friends about this win, ahahaha. If only this match happened when I used to live there.

Catch ya next time~
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