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Remember The Rain? TheGr8's VGC Nationals 2012 Warstory

Posted July 18th, 2012 at 3:32 PM by TheGr8

TheGr8's VGC US Nationals Warstory

Checking out the place!

whats up everyone, its TheGr8 and to start this off I want to say that going to Nats was an amazing experience and my best in pokemon by far after going to 3 events (Newark,RI,Philly) I felt pretty good about trying to go the next stage which would be nationals.The name of this story is based on how I used Rain in RI and the song by Fort Minor, Remember The Name.

This will be long read and at first not many pictures which I should have done that here.

My story starts with right after Philly, I had gone 6-1 and I was really debating on if I should go to nationals or not. I started to save some money from working and asked for the weekend off anyway, didn’t think I’d get it because inventory was starting and they said no time off. The month before nats was really hectic; I had 3 grads to go to which one was mine from community college, a prom, and to get ready for nationals all at the same time. So in that time, I had started to work with Ashby on a few ideas, but once he couldn’t go to nats, I went back to my old idea and just stuck with it. 3 weeks before nationals, I started to work with Wolfey, to solidify my team since we realized we think similarly when it comes to playing; it helped me get an idea. So I went through a few ideas with wolfe, and then felt really good with my final result which will be posted later in the warstory. After I felt good about my team, I RNG’d what I could and then got two of my mons from other people cuz I couldn’t do them and started playing on GBU. I had a set practice routine, seriously I at least played 30 matches a night if I could with my team so I could feel really solid with it.

Friday June 29th

This is going to start at midnight for me, because I was up till about 1:30 RNGing a last minute mon for wolfe, which I’m glad didn’t take until I had to leave at 3 am to do! So I got about 2 hours of sleep, then had to be up and get ready to head to the Hartford airport! We got to the airport around 5:00 am, cuz we needed to go through security, so we made sure we got there in time! Our flight was boarding at 5:45, so we kinda had to grab a quick bite to eat before we got on the plane to head to Cleveland then connect flight to indy. So we board the plan, and I start listening to my VGC Nationals playlist, when I was allowed to use my electronic devices, I also played a bit of battle subway with my team just to keep playing with it.

Headed to Cleveland

After I started playing for a while, I was getting tired since I was up pretty late and I usually always fall asleep in a vehicle only if I’m not driving. After an hour and half flight from Hartford to Cleveland, we landed and had a layover for about an hour before heading out to Indy. I got some more food to eat, because I really hadn’t eat much and sat down in the terminal, just waiting to board. I was getting so anxious because I just wanted to be in Indy already and see everyone again. It’s about 830 by this time, and we start to board our connect flight to Indy, I’m getting really excited at this point because I know an amazing weekend is about to happen. The flight from Cleveland to Indy was only about 45 minutes, so I tried to take another quick nap, but that didn’t work out too well. Finally around 10:30 I arrived in Indy, I rushed off the plane and was checking out the airport which was pretty huge. I walked around for a while before heading down to catch the shuttle to the Omni hotel. We wait for about 20 minutes for the shuttle, and it was wicked muggy outside worse than it was in Connecticut. Started texting birch and stuff telling him I was here, and that I’d prob chill at my hotel and find my way around for a while. We get to the hotel which was quite nice on the inside, got to the room, I had to finish ev’ing a mon for Wolfe, then I left to find my way around. I headed towards the convention center to get an idea of where to go, and then went to Johnny Rocket’s for lunch. It was pretty good but they were so busy they burnt my burger and I was like ;___; yay burnt

After that meal, I decided to head over to the convention center where I saw biff and his friend pretty much until Birch,Ryuzaki,Human and Enfuego got down there. Once they arrived we waited for wolfe to get off his plane, then we headed over to the hotel where human got us lost, and sent us into Rotom-H lmao also where I gave sixonesix his hitmontop so he would have it for pre-reg. We got back to Wolfes room, and just chilled for a while until Wolfe wanted to get food so we walked back to the mall and he got 3 subs at subway and everyone else ate, since I had already eaten I didn’t lol. On the way back we ran into Unreality and Charzaro who had just gotten there. Anyway after that we walked around, seriously couldn’t find JiveTime all day, we split up and I got into line for pre-registration. I talked to a few people that were behind me, and then called birch and wolfe down even though wolfe didn't have to be in line right away.

The line for registration started to move and I talked to jio,thewolf and charzaro mainly about their trips to Indy. I also saw other people while in line, can't remember exactly who. I get up to the table and get registered for the tournament, After I registered I hung out with Jio, the wolf and Charzaro, Stormfront, and also met Cassie in that time. I went into the Convention center to watch TCG and to just go in there. After seeing Zachdro, Firestorm, Crow and many others. I went into the open gaming room and had a match with my buddy Sevrah, I ended up winning that match and he commented on how he liked my team and his team was pretty cool too. So after that I went to A&W with my mom who loves coming to events and traveling in general. At one point I went to the Crowne with Zachdro, Birch, Crow and Lucien, and we ended up seeing Snake there too, and we talked about how round one we would face explosion… lmao. I passed out so early that night from all of the flying, walking and staying up late to RNG a mon. I had to get some sleep for the big day.

Saturday June 30th,2012

Pikachu Shirt,Skarmbliss Pin, Headphones, Pokeball tag

I woke up at about 7:30 to get ready for the big day, I took a shower of course to follow Huy's rules for nats ;p and then got all my stuff ready to go making sure I didn't forget anything I needed. We stopped at Starbucks where I met tad38, and introduced myself. I had a mocha cookie crumble frappiccino with a danish and oh my gosh was that delicious. After I was done with that I was really anxious to get going to the convention center and meet up with everyone. I get down to the convention center and right away I see the group which was kindergang, birch, wolfe, enfuego, jivetime, and many others. I got a small pep talk from wolfe before everything started. Right as we were about to check our pairings we all got in a huddle and chanted

Strong photo

It was funny because some people thought that's how we relieve stress lol, which I found quite funny to hear. Some more pre game pictures (:

Talking to Jivetime

Wolfe,Amarillo,Human and Birchy talking it up before matches.

Oh my god Ryuzaki's face..... lmao

So we check the pairings for the meeting and I go sit down at my table and I totally forgot his name from here.

So yeah we started talking about different things, and I knew it wasn't our r1 matchups because they do this for most of the events. We sat their listening to the rules which was normal stuff to us, kinda just excited to play already. At this point we get dismissed then the announcement of that pairings are up for round 1 are up, I was so nervous to see who I would be paired up against. But first let's use HM dive and look into my team

Rainworks :]

So after Philly I decided to start working with players like Zachdro,Crow, and Ashby on teams, but always having this idea of rain room which is funny because even after trying other options I kept finding myself coming back to it. I started testing so many different ideas mainly with Wolfey because we have a similar thought process and we were practicing together before nationals. After a lot of hard work, and dropping mons and adding some I finally felt comfortable with this team so here we go

Thundurus (M) @ Flying Gem
Trait: Prankster
EVs: 140 HP / 56 Def / 152 SAtk / 160 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Thunderbolt
- Substitute
- Thunder Wave
- Hidden Power [Flying]

Thundurus, a very viable pokemon in VGC with it's ability Prankster non damaging moves get +1 Priority. Reason I chose Thundurus for this team: A solid electric type pokemon, with prankster twave, making it viable if rain wasn't up that Ludicolo could go through pokemon like paper. Flying Gem Hidden Power Flying OHKOs so many pokemon and I ran modest to go against the meta and everyone using Calm Thundurus, Substitute was good to break peoples Gems like Egem, or even Fire Gem Overheat from Chandy or Rotom-H if rain wasn't up. Thunderbolt for obvious stab, and way better than Thunder, not relying on rain to be up to be 100% accurate can be a make it or break it in VGC. This EV spread I made, and I really liked it, kinda debated the defense evs, but it saved me against some normal damaging moves, and it was able to hit hard, and still have some of that good ole thundurus bulk.

Jivetime the Politoed (M) @ Wacan Berry
Trait: Drizzle
EVs: 240 HP / 128 SAtk / 140 SDef
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Encore
- Protect

Politoed, the reason for rain in rain room. Solid pokemon in general, I've always liked using it with Wacan, which is one of the better items for Politoed. The nickname was for Jivetime, of course! Surf was so I could restore some of Jellicents health, which I made politoed 1 stat point faster than Jellicent, so I could Surf – Water Spout depending on what I was up against or even just to regain some health. Ice Beam for coverage against Landorus, Garchomp, Latios, etc. Encore was my favorite move on this set, in round 2 I encored someone into Sucker Punch, giving me time to set up twaves, sub, and the right chance to take out the mon. Protect for obvious VGC reasons. EV spread was to have a little bit of bulk but still being able to dish out decent damage to the mons I listed before.

Birchy<3 the Jellicent (F) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Water Absorb
EVs: 116 HP / 252 SAtk / 140 SDef
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Water Spout
- Shadow Ball
- Trick Room
- Recover

Offensive TR Jellicent? So strong. Decided this with wolfe, so I could hit decently hard, but have some spD bulk to it. You also might be thinking FOCUS SASH?!!? heck yeah focus sash, with all of the E-gem and even Dark Gem Crunches running around, I couldn't let Jellicent die first turn, mainly also having a fake outter as well helped. Water Spout is obvious if I had high health, I was using it, Shadow Ball for stab, seeing as I had 2 Ice Beam mons already, and I wanted to hit pokemon like Cresselia. Trick Room, so I could set up obviously, and Recover to get that HP back up from taking maybe a critical hit or something. Also being Modest let my politoed be slower by 1 stat point to get the Water Absorb activation before using Water Spout or even Shadow Ball. Nicknamed after Sapphire Birch

Zheng'd! The Ludicolo (F) @ Life Orb
Trait: Swift Swim
EVs: 36 HP / 252 SAtk / 220 Spd
Modest Nature (+SAtk, -Atk)
- Hydro Pump
- Giga Drain
- Ice Beam
- Protect

I used Ludicolo on my first team this season in RI and it's back for a vengeance on a different team, I wanted something that I could use inside and out of trick room, mainly so I didn't have to rely on anything for it. Nicknamed it after our 2 x Nationals Seniors Champion Aaron Zheng, and after playing for good reason. Ludicolo was my MVP, being so clutch in some crazy situations at nationals. At first I had a crazy set for Ludicolo, but then I decided I needed some thing with good coverage to hit hard and Life Orb Ludicolo is it. Hydro Pump with LO OHKOS so many things that don't resist, giga drain does ¾ to Gastrodon through Rindo Berry, and Ice Beam to cover. Protect is obvious for scouting and such.

Wolfe Pack the Scrafty (F) @ Chople Berry
Trait: Moxie
EVs: 212 HP / 156 Atk / 140 SDef
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Fake Out
- Drain Punch
- Crunch
- Detect

Scrafty, what can I say, I love this poke. I decided to use one instead of Hitmontop, which could have been an option. Fake Out to help set up TR, Drain Punch and Crunch for stab and detect for the obvious reasons. I nicknamed this poke after of course the Wolfe Pack <3 and because wolfe used scrafty last year, and I worked with him the most on this team The ev spread was to live dragon gem dracos, like in the battle with Josh (below). Scrafty would be my slowest mon in TR, and it was such a great mon to use. Human, I love you for this lololol.

Scizor (M) @ Bug Gem
Trait: Technician
EVs: 116 HP / 252 Atk / 140 SDef
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Bullet Punch
- Bug Bite
- Feint
- Protect

Ahh Scizor, I barely used it, but still he rocks. Bullet Punch for the stab priority with technician, bug gem bug bite, does so much to Cress, and many other mons. Feint for those who like to stall out Trick Room, or if I want to KO a poke, feint breaks protect then attack, which is always nice to be able to do, protect is needed with the fire mons out.

So this is my version of rain room, i liked how I can be unpredictable with the leads and often be able to change up what I can do. This team was really fun, and it felt solid, if I had some more play with it more than the 2-3 weeks I think I would have been better off but let’s get this started with the battles! Just a fair warning I didn’t really take notes at Nationals, I feel like it would take away from my game play, and I didn’t want that happening so I’m going to do the best I can with this. Also if any of these players have videos saved I can upload them in great quality or if you have the rest of the team you used thatd be nice too.

Match 1: vs Mingot

TheGr8: Jellicent-Scrafty-Poli-Ludi
Mingot: Jelllicent-Metagross-??-??

At first I didn’t realize who I was playing until after, and then I felt dumb because it hit me after the battle but yeah.

So turn one, I faked out his Metagross, so he couldn’t get an attack up, I got shadow balled by his Jellicent, and set up trick room. At this point I protected with Scrafty fearing the Meteor Mash or Iron Head, so then across my screen it says Metagross used Explosion, He didn’t realize that Jellicent didn’t get affected or something? And I had protected so he just KO’d himself .__. It’s kinda funny because Lucien,Birch and I were joking around to losing to Explosion in round one. Then Shadow Ball his Jellicent, I think I took out his Jellicent.


Match 2 vs Anthony Rossano

TheGr8: Thundurus-Scrafty-Politoed-Ludicolo

Once I saw Murkrow, I was like okay Tailwind and Featherdance, but I didn’t end up bringing TR because I wanted to try something different. So I led with Thundurus and Scrafty, I took the risk and faked out Volcarona, and didn’t get burned thank god, and he set up tailwind, and I tbolted with Thundurus to take out Murkrow. All I can remember after that, is I was able to lock his bisharp into sucker punch with encore politoed and that I got rain up and I started twaving everything. Ludicolo pretty much came in late came and cleaned up, the toughest mon on his team was eelektross, really bulky but after a few solid hits it wasn’t too big of a problem.


Match 3 vs Josh Conrad

Battle can be seen here: TheGr8 vs Josh Conrad

This match was wicked tough, his cart was registered somehow in the tournament because I think he changed a poke so he had to reregister so we had to wait while everyone was playing and it was kind of distracting being next to the tv and hearing another battle, but it was like I kinda wanted to watch it while I waited. He was a pretty chill guy, and it was a good battle.


Match 4 vs Tiffany aka Shiloh from Magma


At first I didn’t know what to expect when I saw her team, I saw Arcanine and right away was like wow Arcanine is my favorite, and she commented on how she liked my plushies so that was cool. So basically to sum up this battle was be getting snarled by Arcanine, and it being SUPER bulky, I only was able to take care of one mon, and it was a tough game because Scizor was used differently. I basically couldn’t do anything because of snarl and Arcanine being so bulky which kinda hurt because Arcanine so strong. It was a good game and I wished her good luck!


Match 5 vs DukeTheDevil

TheGr8: Thundurus-scrafty-Politoed-Ludicolo
Duke: Heatran-Gyarados-Abomasnow-Rotom-W

I believe he led with Heatran-Rotom and I led with Thundurus Scrafty, so I faked out his Rotom, and Twaved his Heatran and got the first turn para, I apologized right away because that was early game hax, but that was a foreshadow for the match,.So basically turn 2 I get two turn para and I hit it with Drain Punch, he had chople and I didn’t a little less than half, and I tbolted Rotom, he tbolted scrafty I believe and it didn’t do all that much. Predicting him to switch Heatran for Gyarados I tbolted heatran and it went to low red through wacan on Gyra, and I finished off Rotom but yeah that’s all I can remember really until the end, His abomasnow was paralayzed and we had about the same health if he got parad it was over cuz I was going for Ice beam, but he got the protect and then time stalled to win, I was kinda disappointed but knowing I really played well, even he commented on how I was outplaying him hard at the start, it was a good game, and the closest I had all day. GG duke!


Match 6 vs ??

I don’t remember what his name was but I think he ran standard mons, and I just used TR cuz I knew I would be able to win with that seeing his mons. This is really the only match that I can’t match up correctly, but I ended up winning after a 2 L streak.


Match 7 vs ??

TheGr8: Jellicent-Scrafty-Toed-Ludicolo
Oponnent: Whimsi-Volc-Terrakion-??

This match was big because I needed to keep winning to get into top cut. From the preview I saw Whimsi, Volc, and Terrakion, and I deff misread this team. I was sure I would get taunted turn one, and boy to I regret it. If I had set up TR, the outcome would have been different, instead he set up sunny day, I used Shadow Ball on Whimsi and I think I went balls deep and faked out his Volc which didn’t burn me luckily. It turned out that not setting up trick room would cost me the game because Volc got a critt on scrafty which mattered since mine was super sp.d as you can tell. So after that he just proceeded to take me out, even when I sent in toed he sunny dayd and there was really nothing I could have done about it, he played a great game though. I ended up taking out 2 mons but it wasn’t enough to regain the edge with my turn one mispredict, gg. I sit there for a minute or two realizing that I can’t make top cut now, but just looking into the next round still hoping to finish over .500.


Match 8 vs Stephen

TheGr8: Jellicent-Scrafty-Thundurus-Ludicolo
Stephen: Politoed-Ludicolo-Kingdra-Meta?

I knew after being 4-3 that I was determined to win this match, I didn’t want to break even at Nats, I sat down next to Sapphire Birch who was in the same state as I was. So from the team preview, I see fast rain, similar to the team that I ran in Rhode Island. Right away I have the edge running rain room, because his team is easy to read. I lead with Jellicent Scrafty and he leads with Politoed Ludicolo, so he fakes out Scrafty and I go for TR, I think Politoed protected iirc. So I set up TR and from there I believe I just single targeted each mon. It was like a 2-0 win for me after it was all said and done, mainly because we used some of the same pokes so it was countering that certain mon, and being able to hit with TR up. After the win I shook his hand and said gg, and after that just smiling knowing I went 5-3 at nats. Sitting next to birch was tough though because he had lost and I had said my encouraging statements to him while playing my match, and he kinda watched my battle as well.


Here are some pictures I took between the rounds (:

TR_Jesse and I with our Growlithe's this was so epic :]

CakesofSpan and I with his Foongus!

Kindergang,Chode signs awe yeah

Jio and I

Charzaro and I

Jivetime and I finally got a picture together damn!

Wolfey and I Wolfepack!!

After my final match, I went over to Wolfe, Human, Zheng, Kinderlew, and group how I did and it felt pretty good even to go 5-3. I caught up with a bunch of players really and before seniors started I had to go get food because I was starving after playing all day but before that I got my awesome tshirt lol the raffle tickets and our promo card but then was like god damn im hungry. So I ended up getting a hot dog from the stand at the convention center So while the seniors got ready to play their matches we figured out who would be playing each other in the top cut matches for masters tomorrow it was going to be an interesting day for sure. I ended up getting 34th in my flight, which I kinda knew I had a chance of t64 which I was completely okay with. After I had eaten I had met up with players like werecario, greysong, sixonesix, so many different people that day it’s so hard to keep track of everyone. Even during the rounds I met so many other players I hadn’t met previously such as Evan, tr_jesse, Huy, Mingot who I played r1, got in the video with Kindergang lol, Tyler, just so many people it’s hard to remember exactly when I saw everyone. So anyway after I had eaten I sat down with Birch, Crow, Jivetime,Werecario, and his friends and watched the seniors and needless to say that was a long afternoon to watch teams like mono outrage ;__; We were trying to help Lucien stay on track after dropping game one and seeing how the others from team #seniors were doing.

Zheng getting in the zone

Lucien playing with Birchy Latias on the table

After the rounds were over for both juniors and seniors we heard that babbytron didn’t make top cut and for anyone who saw him after that it was so hard to watch, and other seniors like Maski (Same Rank buddies ) Lucien, JRank, V17 didn’t make the cut for seniors. I talked to them and hung around the convention center with people for quite a while like walking back and forth just hanging out. Soon after the seniors were done I went to the Open Gaming room with Stormfront and had a battle with him, it was kinda haxy and I ended up winning, but it was a really fun battle. After that we met back up with people and again just hung out kinda winding down from the day. Before I left I sat with Jivetime and Ben7000 and showed them my round 3 battle and I battled Ben for fun. So it was like 7 o’clock, and I wanted to go to Hard Rock, cuz well we collect stuff from there, we have so many now including indy, spain, and pretty much anywhere I’ve ever traveled so I ate there, saw some other pokemon players, and team magma was there also and ate which was pretty awesome. I honestly don’t remember what I did after that, I think I went back to the mall for a while saw some people, and called it an early night because after 8 battles it gets exhausting.

Sunday July 1st,2012

Nats shirt, Skarmbliss Pin, dog tags

So I woke up pretty damn early because I wanted to get ready, so I got my Nats shirt on, with my skarmbliss pin (thanks Ryuzaki). Then I proceeded to head down to Starbucks which was connected to my hotel that was awesome. I ordered my cookie crumble again with my Danish, was pretty close to done when Cybertron, Tad, and TTS walked in, so I started talking to Aaron as he was waiting a good 5 minutes for a drink lol.I was done as Aaron finally got his drink, and I walked with them to the Covention Center talking to TTS for a bit about how he did in swiss. So yeah we got to the convention center and I see everyone from Masters, except Zachdro and Crow, come to find out they were almost late thank god for Mama Birch taking over there lol. So they all sat down and got ready for top cut, and I was with Greysong and TR_Jesse in front of the masters screen watching Crow play his first match, and being near the Cassie vs Wolfe match up which was intense.

Cassie vs Wolfe Top 32

After the TV battle, I was kinda with Jio and the wolf asking about Cassie’s battle, which I was right up to the white tables, and I’m just thinking this is a tough match up for me to watch lol.So the first round of Top Cut is over, and we discuss the top 16 pairings with the players who won, and I got a picture with Cassie :before she went back to sleep lol

Cassie and I Gastrodon Buddies

After that I went back with Grey and TR_Jesse, to watch Crow yet again on screen, it was kinda insane how he got on 3 times in a row lol. Anyway we watched some pretty good matches on the tv esp when it came down to game 3 and Harrison needed to have rotom-w and we were all like lets go rotom and it was his virizion which worked out even better for the situation lol. So yeah after that it was crow again on the screen in top 8 but he had lost this one, and I was pretty much socializing most of the time and walking around the CC because we had seen Crow on screen all day. I got some more pictures with people (:

Zachdro and I (SleepOrb!?!?!?!)

Firestorm and I

Dozz and I this guy is so funny, wish you lived here man

So yeah I pretty much watched and cheered on Wolfe, and stuff and we tried to get Wolfe and Human on the screen for T8 which would have been great but they told Crow they couldn’t move him? Anyway so we watch that and I’m just excited to see Top 4, the Wolfe and Human match was a good one from what they told me, and it ended up being Wolfe vs Mangosol and TTS vs Sandman. Seniors was a little bit a head of the masters so grey, tr jesse and I decided to go check out Zhengs match, it was game one, During his matches I got a few pictures in the time we had.

Kenan and I bros! This kid is PrettyBoySwag

Greyson and I this guy is so awesome. *holding sprite bottle* "mhmmhmhmhmhmh SOULS!"

Left to Right: StormFront,Spence,Kinderbro,Kinderlew,Sapphire Birch, Me, Jivetime, Zachdro and TAD creepin'

I ended up recording it even though he lost, which kinda sucked but then masters was going to start so I got a seat with in the second row next to ray, and a few other players and started recording the semis. Which holding up my camera because I forgot my tripod back home in CT really sucked ): We howled when Wolfe won his first match and we saw him do his dance thing it was kinda funny as hell I wish I recorded him doing that lmao.

Kinda like this lol MUMMY

Anyway so watching Wolfe beat Mangosol in the semis it was time for lunch break but before I went over to Wolfe and said good job and then saw the other game on screen which sandman was able to beat TTS to make it in the finals, which I could imagine for the people still playing were so hungry even though they gave us only like 20-25 minutes to do anything before the finals started. Once again a huge group went to the food court to eat, and I just stayed around talking to other players that had stuck around the convention center as well. Just waited for everyone to get back then I met up with Greysong, TR_Jesse, and Jivetime and grabbed chairs and sat kind of in the back but right in the center of the masters tv. I ended up having to delete the semifinal matches and Zheng’s one battle so I could record the finals. I can’t believe I forgot my other memory card at home as well. Anyway we sit there and talk for a little while and I try to get the camera to focus on the screen and I finally ended up getting it in pretty good quality. I was excited to see the first match because I haven’t seen Sandman really play yet, so it was going to be interesting. I was cheering on Wolfe and Zheng, and watching Wolfe take game one was a sigh of relief because I had been working with him, and I knew his hard work would pay off. I get set up for match 2 TR_Jesse grooms my Growlithe plush, because it was really bad lol, we watch wolfe win again and repeat as 2x Nationals Champion right after we all run over to the seniors tv and watch Zheng also repeat. ZHENG DYNASTY LIVES!!! :


Some people had to leave right after the finals were over, so I said good bye to them, and I ran over to Wolfe and Aaron to congratulate them with Jivetime and a few others. We also missed the first group picture ): So we decided to take another picture which started out like this…

Stormfront,Me,Jivetime,Enfuego(Back), Wolfey,Human,Metabou,Ryuzaki,Amarillo,Zachdro

Out of the corner of my eye I see everyone come in and photobomb but really made it a group picture, which was quite awesome!

My group photo since I missed the first one lol

Aftter that picture I went over to Aaron and watched everyone take picutres with him then I got one witth the 2 x Champ!

Zheng and I

After that I’m just walking around talking to players before I was going to leave and I got some more pictures right before I was leaving so here we go.

Unreality,Cybertron, Me.

Unreality,Cybertron, and me again!

Crow and I! Theorymon champs

Ray Rizzo and I! So awesome to see ya again man

Enosh and I!

Enfuego and I ! oh Ryuzaki is in this too.

After all of these fun pictures, I said good bye to everyone so I could get something to eat before my flight to Cleveland. We get to the airport and head up the terminal and I see TTS and CakesofSpan waiting to board their plane, so I head over to the times thing and my flight is delayed 2 hours ): We went over to our gate and sat down, I decided to kill time I would watch some American Dad on Netflix which I love people able to do that. After about an hour or two Josh Conrad, my third round opponent was in the terminal next to mine, and since the delay flight our flights left around the same time. So we had another battle and he had beaten me this time, and I looked through a neat book he had from 4th gen, and by that time it was time for him to board, and we had to as well. I was already a bit frustrated because I wasn’t sure what would happen with our connect flight to Hartford, because they hadn’t told us anything about it. We boarded our plane, which from Indy to Cleveland is only a 40 minute flight if that. We land there and head over to where we can talk to reps for our airline, some dude was arguing for 10 minutes and kept coming back. They told us our flight had left already and we’d have to take the 7:30 am flight in the AM and stay in a hotel for the night. I was like omfg really? I have work at 11 this is going to suck. We got picked up in a shuttle for the hotel and oh my god, there was a snoody ***** who missed her flight that was annoying the whole ride, and legit the van was PACKED with tons of small children and the two parentals. We finally got to the hotel around 10 pm, and I pretty much wanted to sleep because it was a long day and we had to be up really early to get to the airport. I walked around the hotel looking for a food vending and of course they didn’t have anything besides drinks, I was like ugh I haven’t eaten for a while. So yeah this is pretty much the end of the story, besides me calling my manager at 930 am when we landed in CT saying I’d be late and he joked unacceptable tom, jk drive safe and take your time lololol. I couldn’t believe the weekend was over which really hit me when I got to work.


Wolfey: Thank you so much for working with me praacticing, teambuilding, it really boosted my confidence, I owe you greatly
Cybertron: If it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the player I am now. Thanks for working with me all the time, and ya know making me better.
Birchy: Been hanging out with you since RI, never a dull moment my school girl
Jivetime: Finally got to chill with you it was so awesome!
Cassie: Gastrodon buddy it was great to finally meet you after talking on IRC
TR_Jesse: It was awesome to meet and hangout, we both had growlithe plushies it was epic :]
Greysong: SOULS! you're so awesome and it was great to meet you.
Ray: You were mad chill to talk to and glad you remembered me fron Newark regis lolol troll team
Unreality: My NE Bro! It was awesome to see you again and for also helping me
Kindergang: I love you guys, best times ever with the gang.
Zachdro. Ashby, Crow: THEORYMON<3 you guys are the best.
Cakes of Span: DIE FOONGUS, jk it was awesome to meet you bro!
Shii and Biosci: For two of my mons <3 couldn't have done it without you guys
Kenan: Pretty Boy Swag <3
Human: You led us into Rotom-H, it was awesome to chill again man
Enfuego: You're just a boss at Swiss nuff said.
Mac: Always playing VGC with me glad you got into it man.
Blade: Shaymin was the best <3 you gave me support too, and shaymin of course
Dozz: You are hilarious, you and that accent bro, you almost took over the US.
My Mom: for supporting me, and loving the pokemon community as a whole, she loves how sportsmanlike it usually is.

and everyone else, it was so awesome to meet all of you and hanging out with you guys throughout the weekend as well (: you guys made this weekend so amazing thats why there are so many shoutouts :]

If I forgot anyone let me know

  • Getting top 64 5-3 at nats
  • Meeting so many new players from all over the US
  • Hanging with the bros, it was a great time
  • Steak N' Shake sooo awesome
  • Growlithe Plushies
  • Getting so many pictures this time.
  • Not losing to r1 explosion sorry Mingot lmao
  • Got in the Kindergang video
  • Eating a burnt burger at Johnny Rockets
  • Losing to my favorite pokemon was heartbreaking
  • Not making top cut
  • Forgetting my tripod and extra memory card

I was finally here guys :]

I really hope you guys enjoyed reading this, I'll be doing some edits as I need to, Nationals was by far the best event ever and I am so looking foward to next years regionals and nats :] I will not be going to worlds this year, if it was in San Diego I might have, but Hawaii I can't do. It nice to meet everyone and hope to see you all next year Thank you to everyone who made this weekend amazing.
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    should have brought a petilil plushie for extra extra luck!!!
    Posted July 18th, 2012 at 3:42 PM by Sydian Sydian is offline
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    I didn't have one Syd :[ but thank you lol
    Posted July 18th, 2012 at 3:45 PM by TheGr8 TheGr8 is offline
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    great pictures though. :3
    Posted July 18th, 2012 at 6:16 PM by Mew~ Mew~ is offline
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    thank you i had a great time.
    Posted July 18th, 2012 at 9:09 PM by TheGr8 TheGr8 is offline
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    lol vgc
    Posted July 19th, 2012 at 4:56 PM by champagnepapi champagnepapi is offline
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    what about it? lol its awesome.
    Posted July 19th, 2012 at 7:46 PM by TheGr8 TheGr8 is offline

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