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~Rushes~ :: Paranoid Doll

Posted August 12th, 2012 at 5:10 PM by Kurui

"In my left hand is an unforgettable wound."


Wide Open:

Can't stop it.
Can't escape it.
Can't forget it.
Can't erase it.
Can't change it.
In plain view, rushes.


In Stone:

August 18th inches ever closer. Her birthday. But there will be no celebration on this day. What was given will be taken away. The ring won't start his breath again. It may stop HERS. Above water that is much too black.

Denial, fear, desperation, acceptance, numb.

I saw it engraved on your face, that conflict. But you're still just as beautiful as the day we met. In your stone heart, it was already consummated. Then let it end as it began with obliviousness. Inside you it is changes, but you're realizing how it has stayed the same. That same ending, making you what you are, but who is that?

Soon you'll be that doll. You should live life as you want and pay no mind to it. Why does it bleed you? Can' you stop the time with all the moments you have left in your hand? You've already become wooden. I see that in your dull gaze.

Admitting, my feelings for you burn too bright. It would eat you up. So stop looking over your shoulder. It's facing your front. You are headlong into fate, and my quiet longing is carrying you ever there. Make her your bride. Isn't that something you deserve? Or are you still adamant that you never belonged?

Just a piece of the puzzle. That defines you. Like I said, a ripple. Wedge yourself in tight and you won't be blown away. And the blood runs again and again. It won't kill you. It will numb the feeling. And then you'll be something with its surface scratched off. Or maybe you'll be the flakes under the fingernails.

I hate you I love you.

I'm the real puppet here.



I watched with a gentle smile, the result of my heart tugging the corners of my lips, as father and sons slept huddled against each other. This is what completion is. This sense of family.

Toad had fled in a terror when it came time to meet his offspring (afraid of failing as a father, as he had failed in many other things, and not ready to face parenthood having had no guidance of his own) but, with the rest of us tailing him with wisdom, his convictions led him to his sons' feed again. And what happened was amazingly devastating and wonderful all at once. Just as the thought of them being his both disgusted him and overjoyed him. Whirlwind.

The past doesn't always have to repeat itself.

His hands looked massive compared to theirs, their little bodies pressed against his, all three of them breathing with a flawless harmony. "I'm replaceable. I never belonged." Oh, Toad, I now beg to differ........It's true this world is cruel, but this was his purpose. His reason. Right now, in this very moment, and it was all so clear even through my moist eyes.

Who could care at this perfect moment if it would shatter later? I stood and moved towards the door, still watching the sleeping trio. And I closed the door as I let myself out, the last of the light filtering out into a slit. 'Nobody.' I thought, answering my own rhetorical question. 'Nobody.'
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