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Pokemon Y Nuzlog: Day 1

Posted October 17th, 2013 at 11:34 AM by Koyan

(Warning: Strong language may be used. I apologize for this... I recorded the events as they happened and got REALLY into it.... Yes, I know it's censored, but I still feel apologetic...)

DAY 1:

Aquacorde Town

I chose Froakie as my starter! Woo! I haven't tried Froakie yet, so it should make things interesting.

Species: Froakie
Name: Crepes
Starting Level: 5

I used all my money to buy pokeballs in the second town... Forgot about potions... Craaaaap...

****ing unavoidable battle with pidgey... Thankfully bought pokeballs and caught the bastard...

Forgot to nickname pidgey... Will be referred to as Jester, despite not being it's official name yet...

Species: Pidgey
Name: Jester
Starting Level: 4

Enter: Forest of DEATH

Caught a Fletchling... Good! More new Pokemon!Woo!!!

Species: Fletchling
Name: Specks
Starting level: 3

I can't ****ing believe it...

CREPES!!!!! NO!!!!


Deceased: Crepes
Level 5 - Level 7
Never had a chance to experience greatness.

Trainer battle.... A PIKACHU! No! It's too soon! I only have flying types! Why the hell is this happening to me??? AHHHHH!

Thankfully abused the **** out of Specks' new Quick Attack and massacred this Pikachu... Barely made it out alive, though...

Shauna... You really are adorable, but... I DO NOT ****ING WISH TO RUN INTO A PIKACHU. DO. NOT. JINX. ME.

I am never going back to this forest... Ever... It's a horrible and demented forest with death lurking in every shadow... That, and those stupid looking elemental monkeys...

New route, new Pokemon!!! YEAH!!! WOO!





Another Fletchling?


Species: Fletchling
Name: Crumpet
Starting level: 5

Preschooler Oliver: "Mommy told me that I should battle anyone who greets me!"

... Your mom's a *****, you know that?

"Mommy told me to be polite, especially when I lose!"

Ok, kid... Your mom's cool, I guess...

Preschooler Ella... Prepare yourself for heartbreak. Your Pichu is going to be sacrificed to the Froakie Gods...


Thank you, Jester. You have pleased me.

Santalune city.

Dropped Crepes' body off at the PC... I'm gonna miss 'im...

After healing, I set off to route 22 for another Pokemon and some training...
Species: Azurill
Name: Silas
Starting level: 7

Fought the chick blocking the door, won a pair of slightly used roller skates. Cool, I guess.

Challenging the gym.


Deceased: Jester the Pidgey
Levels: Level 4 - Level 10
He got destroyed... In a bug gym... I'm a failure as a trainer...

Unable to find an exit to the gym, I steeled myself for the inevitable end of this run... And faced Viola, the gym leader.
I took out the first few poked with a little difficulty by spamming peck...

Then, with the reveal of Vivallion (or however you spell this thing's name...)...
I was close to loosing Silas... So... Close... I couldn't withdraw him due to Infestation, and he was taking damage from that and poison. Thankfully, a combination of having full affection (He expelled the poison for me. <3 ) and a spam of tail whip kept Silas from dying and Vivallion too busy upping defense to attack.

Finally, after getting rid of infestation ( 1 hit point remaining... O.o) I switched to Specks and pecked the bastard to death.

Gym 1, defeated.
Losses, 1.
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