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Caelis the Grasshopper Pokémon

Posted October 5th, 2012 at 7:53 AM by Bluerang1
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I did this for PCX. The art is a bit lackluster but I thought that wouldn't later, it was the overall concept, I was wrong.

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A little background into this; I like thinking of animals which do no have a Pokémon counterpart, and the grasshopper came to me. The grasshopper came to be because of a recent maths project I had to do based on a mathematician. I was assigned Grace Hopper, who is said to have coined the term "bug" in regards to a malfunction in a computer system. This made me make my project a grasshopper, and then I realised that grasshopper sound s like Grace Hopper. Haha. So this is how I thought up this fakémon.


Name: Caelis {kay-lease} (Caelifera is the scientific name from grasshoppers and I use its second typing, "is" as a suffix which is meant to be similar to "ice". Its name was originally Caelice but Caelis just flows better.)
Bug / Ice
Evolution: Hoicle {from "Hopper" and "Icicle"} > level 25 > Caelice
Ability: Adaptability or Shed Skin
Dream World Ability: Wonder Skin
Gender Ratio: 50/50
Art and Sprites:

Game Data

Egg Group: Bug
Steps to Hatch: 6630
Effort Points Given: 2200
Capture Rate: 40%
Base Happiness: 70
Growth Rate: Medium Fast
Wild Held Item: None
Base Stats: 95/120/90/45/60/90 Total: 500

PokéDex Data

PokéDex Entry: 'Its fur is designed to keep it warm as it saps nutrients from frozen grass. Its durable antennae helps it ward off predators.'
Species: Grasshopper Pokémon
Color: Brown
Height: 4’03”
Weight: 110lbs


Level Up Moves:
Start | Acupressure
Start | Bug Bite
Start | Endeavor
Start | Fury Cutter
Start | Ice Shard
Start | Mist
25 | Horn Attack
31 | Baton Pass
35 | Astonish
39 | Ice Ball
42 | X-Scissor
47 | U-Turn
50 | Horn Leech
56 | Icicle Crash
60 | Megahorn

Egg Moves:
Chip Away
Drill Run
Fake Out
Giga Drain
Wing Attack
Zen Headbutt

Tutor Moves:
Aerial Ace
Hyper Voice
Ice Punch
Ice Fang
Icy Wind
Iron Defense
Steel Wing

Technical and Hidden Machines:
TM01 | Hone Claws
TM02 | Dragon Claw
TM04 | Calm Mind
TM07 | Hail
TM10 | Hidden Power
TM12 | Taunt
TM13 | Ice Beam
TM14 | Blizzard
TM17 | Protect
TM22 | SolarBeam
TM27 | Return
TM32 | Double Team
TM41 | Torment
TM42 | Facade
TM44 | Rest
TM45 | Attract
TM46 | Thief
TM56 | Fling
TM65 | Shadow Claw
TM66 | Payback
TM67 | Retaliate
TM75 | Swords Dance
TM81 | X-Scissor
TM82 | Dragon Tail
TM83 | Work Up
TM86 | Grass Knot
TM89 | U-Turn
TM90 | Substitute
HM01 | Cut
HM02 | Fly
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