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Posted November 25th, 2012 at 9:40 AM by Shiny Celebi

I never really explained a lot about myself so I figure this is the place to do it since I have this blog. Ok so lets get started.

Im Shiny Celebi and Im 25 years old( I dont have my age listed because I was too lazy when I signed up to list it) I am a girl as you can probably tell by my gender icon in my posts. I joined here on June 2nd, 2011 after a conversation on Bulbagarden, a forum I frequent all the time, in their equivalent of the DCC about this forum. I went to have a look, and thinking it looked alright, made an account and an introduction thread. From there I wasnt too active, mostly talking to people who were here that I knew from other forums. My activity rose this year and I even donated over the summer as a nice thing because I enjoyed PC.

My interests arent that much, I enjoy playing Pokemon and Ive tried a few other games as well, such as Paper Mario 64, which I like a lot and will get back to at some point. Im unsure whether I'll buy the newest Paper Mario. I own a 3DS which I only use for Pokemon Dream Radar at this point. Ive caught Tornadus. I also frequent the Dream World and collect female Pokemon there, sometimes at the request of other people. Im kind of a nerd so I have mostly that kind of interest. I love animals and hope to go into a career involving them someday. I volunteer at an animal shelter 2 days a week where I care for the cats. I love kitties and even adopted one. Id get another if I could afford it and was allowed cause I feel she ought to have a friend.

The things I enjoy here are talking to other people I know, being a supporter and posting in my favorite sections, Other Voting Polls and Other Chat and Discussion. If I see something in another section that is interesting, I will post there too. I may or may not change accounts as Im using a different name everywhere and this is the only place I use this name now.

I guess that's all about me, enjoy.
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