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Hikari's Digest - Player Characters of Pokemon

Posted October 28th, 2012 at 2:56 AM by Hikamaru
Updated October 28th, 2012 at 8:40 PM by Hikamaru

Hi guys, and welcome to the first of Hikari's Digest, where I give in-depth details whether it'd be Pokemon or some of my other interests.

The first edition is going to cover the many protagonists we've had over the course of the main series Pokemon games from Red all the way to Rosa.

Red (Red)
Games: Red / Blue / Yellow / FireRed / LeafGreen
To be honest I have never played any of the games that he is the main protagonist in, but despite that he is heavily overrated by fans for being the original protagonist of Pokemon. While some people hate his Pikachu mascot, we do have a fair share of Red fans here (I'm looking at you BinaryPeaches!) he does have a fair share of anti-fans as well. Onto his design, that hat is very iconic given Ash Ketchum from the anime was based on him, but we will always remember the logic that Red is the better Ash cos well, he doesn't battle like a noob, and champions never act noobish.

Ethan (Hibiki)
Games: Gold / Silver / Crystal / HeartGold / SoulSilver
Now if you remember Johto, you'd sure remember this guy. Back when he first appeared, Ethan wasn't even known by his current name but by the nickname "Gold" (which was also his name in Pokemon Adventures). He is one of only two main protagonists to not wear long pants and his bag apparently looks kinda cool, and also his hat facing backwards really sets him apart. However his design isn't as elaborate as other male protagonists so that was a little disappointing but at least he has cool hair.

Kris (Kris)
Games: Crystal
Who could ever remember the blue pigtail-haired Kris, our first ever female protagonist. We went through a whole generation without a female protagonist and she was a great place to start. She also appeared in the anime under the name Marina and had a Feraligatr for a partner. There's something about Kris's hair, it's so "blue" compared to other female protagonists and I guess that's why she's special, cos she's the only protagonist to only appear in a single game.

Brendan (Yuuki)
Games: Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald
When I first saw this guy I remember being one of many to think he had white hair (we eventually found out it was a hat) but I have to say his design is pretty appealing, especially in Emerald (I love the black/orange/green color scheme) and despite his bag being similar to Ethan's HG/SS design it's safe to say Brendan's design really fits in with the advanced designs (no pun intended) of the Hoenn characters really well.

May (Haruka)
Games: Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald
Now, May held the dubious honor for being the first female protagonist to be featured in the first games of her generation and I must say, including her as a main anime character really grew her fanbase well. I like her bandanna, and her beltbag is a nice unique touch compared to the handbags/totes that most female protagonists get. Her Emerald design was also nice since she's wearing what is apparently a dress even though it doesn't fit with the gloves well. She's one of my fave 3rd Gen characters to date because of this.

Leaf (Leaf)
Games: FireRed / LeafGreen
I remember Kanto never initially had a female protagonist due to space limitations, but finally they got one in the form of this cutie. We have a certain member who crushes on her (so much he turned her into a fanfiction character) and that cute skirt really shows her off. I also love how beautiful her hair is and that cute hat as well. She's got really good looks for a girl and we love that.

Lucas (Kouki)
Games: Diamond / Pearl / Platinum
Now there's one thing about his hat, it's a beret. I thought that was probably the worst choice for a male protagonist's hat. Well, I have to say Lucas has a nice cute Poke Ball designed bag, which looks nice in Platinum, and goes with that blue jacket well. I adore him better in his Platinum design rather than Diamond & Pearl, cos it suits the cold weather of Sinnoh.

Dawn (Hikari)
Games: Diamond / Pearl / Platinum
Oh look, here's my namesake (at least by my username) and man I was addicted to her when the 4th Generation initially started. Her hair is such a beautiful blue (my fave color), being included in the anime and quickly became a favorite of mine not to mention her preference for cute Pokemon. Her Diamond & Pearl design really makes her have cute fashion sense, especially those boots. She has way too much pink, red and white on her Platinum design but it still drew a charm. She was the reason I enjoyed 4th Generation a lot.

Lyra (Kotone)
Games: HeartGold / SoulSilver
Oh look, another female protagonist with pigtails that scream cute. I knew how many people who loved Kris started showing hate towards this lovely lass but her appearance in the anime at least made up for it (her Chikorita looked cute too) and I have to say, Lyra's hat is so cute despite many people claiming her to be a "Mario wannabe". I actually adore Lyra more than Kris tbh.

Hilbert (Touya)
Games: Black / White
Now into the 5th Generation, which became the first generation to have two sets of protagonists introduced. I know some people claim Hilbert was the worst male protagonist name but I have to say the origin was kinda interesting (derives from "hild" which is German for battle) but I have to say awesome hat he's got, for having an appearance similar to a Poke Ball. Also, our first male protagonist to not have a backpack for his bag made him good-looking and fun too.

Hilda (Touko)
Games: Black / White
She's one of my fave female protagonists ever, despite the fact she gets so much hatred solely for her name (Hilda being German for "battle woman") but I like the origin behind it. She has a few pink on her, which is standard for female protagonists and that 80's-inspired ponytail and her short shorts really make her look like the most tomboyish girl in the series, and that's what I love about Hilda.

Nate (Kyouhei)
Games: Black 2 / White 2
B2/W2 really went for a sporty look when it came to their new protagonists and Nate is well, looked like he's dressed for the beach with what appears to be a wetsuit worn under his clothes. His shorts also remind me of board shorts and that bag is something I was not expecting for a male protagonist. However, I do love the design of his hair, especially in the Pokestar Studios scenes. And they did a good job with the naming theme of "resonate" cos it's a cute name for him.

Rosa (Mei)
Games: Black 2 / White 2
OMG she is just cute as hell! That Sailor Moon/Princess Leia-inspired hair, her shirt, the bag, the skirt/shorts and tights and the shoes, and those beautiful blue eyes. She has cute written all over her including that beautiful name of hers. To be honest I have to say Rosa is my fave female protagonist as well as main protagonists in general, cos when I first saw her I literally died of cuteness. And I love the name Rosa, it really suits her. There's no cuter female protagonist than her I have to say.

So, who's your fave protagonist and why? Could it be their name appeals to you or maybe you adore their design? Share it in the comments.
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  1. Old Comment
    Totodilesteel99's Avatar
    I am one of the fans of...
    I agree with you about Ash though.
    Red is better then Ash, because Ash does act like a noob indeed.
    I also, like the way that he was the first character of all time.
    He is also the most powerful of all Champions, too.
    My favorite Female would have to be Lyra though.
    Probably because i hate Pink, and love the color Red.
    Dawn annoys me greatly.
    Posted October 28th, 2012 at 4:18 AM by Totodilesteel99 Totodilesteel99 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s Avatar
    You better know who my favorite is, lol

    Though tbh if they gave Rosa a proper skirt instead of those weird short s thingies, she probably would've been my new favorite. I do like the look of black tights/pantyhose but I'm one of those people who believes they look best under a skirt or dress - not shorts.

    Though actually this might be my new favorite trainer design:
    Posted October 29th, 2012 at 1:17 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ Elite Overlord LeSabre™ is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Inverted Typhlosion's Avatar

    Her Japanese name, Kotone, is just so pretty. And I love that design.

    Simple formula:

    Overalls+kneesocks+pigtails= absolute cuteness!
    Posted March 19th, 2013 at 3:31 PM by Inverted Typhlosion Inverted Typhlosion is offline