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My White 2 Playthrough Part 3!

Posted November 5th, 2012 at 7:55 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

So, last time we left off, I was on my way to Virbank City's local movie studio. Here, I run into the captain dude from earlier. I get invited to watch his movie, and wow, were there problems. Not only did his character lose to the villainous Brycen-Man, but his character sounded wimpy and not very becoming of a superhero. With his confidence crushed, he returns to town. With me convinced I could make a better hero(ine), I decide to film the same movie script myself. So I don the superheroine outfit, face off angainst Brycen-Man, and my movie... does a lot better than the 'ol captain's did. Okay, I've got time to kill, so I make a couple more movies before heading back to town.

Once there I head to the docks to catch a ship to next town, and... oh crap. It's Rick... and Roxie... and those Team Plasma clowns. And this time I'm sucked into battle. As expected, they're easy as pie to defeat. But they run off, and now Ricky-boy wants me to pursue them. He seems pretty angry about it too... wonder why he's so angry about Team Plasma... did they clean out his 401(k) or something? Oh well, time for a scavenger hunt. It's back to Route 20 for me, to track down and defeat one of Team Plasma's members who apparently isn't so good at hiding.

Well, upon returning to the docks, Roxie and the captain (who's apparently her father) are reconciling, and it looks like I'll finally get a ship to the next town. Of course, I have to tell Rick I'm going to the next city to "look for Team Plasma" though I have other goals in mind...

Well, the ship definitely isn't a Carnival cruise ship, but for what it's worth, it ain't bad. At least it ain't a wooden washtub, lol

We finally dock in Castelia City. Now this is a city! Reminds me of the big cities we have back in the States. Unfortunately, I also get another dubious piece of equipment - a bicycle. Okay, (a) where am I supposed to put this thing... oh wait, I forgot, my bag is a portal to an alternate dimension where the scientific concepts of space and mass don't apply and even large, bulky, and heavy objects can be stored in infinite quantities - which unfortunately makes sorting all this crap a chore.

And (b)... I would really, REALLY rather have a Buick. I mean, c'mon, a bike looks cheap but the Buick Roadmaster is the epitome of class and elegance:

And (c)... confession time, I never learned, nor ever had the desire to learn, how to ride a bike.

With more useless crap to haul around, I begin exploring the city, entering whatever buildings aren't on lockdown and annihilating anyone foolish enough to stand against me. I also take this evening cruise ship, which, while the views of the nighttime sky are magnificent, sadly does not take me to a tropical paradise - it just loops back around. I do however, make some decent additions to my bank account within - several of the trainers inside are loaded!

Back off the ship, I do some more exploring, and get some stuff that's actually useful for a change, like the Amulet Coin and Exp Share. Next stop is the gym. It's blocked off. Seemingly right on cue, a girl walks up to me and introduces herself as Iris. Says she has a hint that the Gym Leader went after that Team Plasma lot, and apparently it's my job to search for the whole crew. So she leads me to...

The sewers? Can I say, EEW, GROSS!!! Yeah, sewer spelunking is NOT what I signed up for, and I blame YOU, MOM! And I encounter Rick again, and it seems that chip on his shoulder is as obvious as ever. Seriously, did Team Plasma really scam him out of that much money? Like, millions? They don't seem intelligent enough to run a sophisticated fraud scheme to me...

Long story short, we find and destroy Plasma, Rick takes off, and I find this little closed off area where I gladly welcome Lawrence the Eevee to my team. After a bit more leveling, it's time to leave the sewers...

... and head toward the equally creepy gym, where they expect me to make my way through giant cocoons to get this badge. Methinks I need to call Orkin or Ecolab after this.

But first things first.

Dear Clyde: Watch this video, replace "Gatorade" with "Lemonade" and try to learn something from it. Thanks.

Now then. The leader here is an equally creepy guy, and I'm pretty sure he's on some sex offender registry somewhere.

Lisa vs. Burgh

Unfortunately, my encounter with the creepiest Gym Leader yet also happens to be the most lengthy, as my team doesn't really have any good counters against combo Grass/Bug types. Dwebble goes down easily, but Leavanny takes a few good whacks from Ashley's Pursuit to finally bring down. Fortunately his "Struggle Bug" move (what a dumb name) is weak, so her Bug-type weakness doesn't really come into play.

Now that that mess is over with, it's time to move on...

My Team:
Vince (Dewott), Lv29
Ashley (Liepard), Lv29
Howard (Flaaffy), Lv29
Lawrence (Eevee), Lv22
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